Scared Stiff (Mg)

Scared Stiff (Mg)

James swallowed hard hands still on the wheel of his mini-van. He had done it… ‘He Had Done It’. Adrenalin still surged through his body, he shook from the rush. He swiveled his head, eyes scanning around the now familiar road in front of him. He had the music up loud but wasn’t listening to any of it, his mind a mix of thoughts. It was hard not speeding down the last part of the road, even though his body was ramp up fully, he eyed the speedometer constantly unable to set still in his set. Turning down the last street, no neighbors were about ‘Good’.

Pulling in to the drive he will himself calm getting out of the small van going swiftly to the garage door pulling it up. He climbed back into the van pulling froward the last few feet turning off the engine. He climbed out hurried to the garage door sliding in firmly down, locking it. Breathing out, realizing he had been holding his breath the whole time. He went over to a small slit of light on the edge of the wide garage door placing his eye to it looking out over his yard for a long moment and realize ‘This is stupid’ and pulled away. He was home behind its sheltering walls now, and willed himself to calm down. ‘The hard part over with’

He took a deep breath and unlocked the small van back door opened it looking in. His hands were already fiddling for the much smaller cuff key that would release the slender girl young girl that was bound and cuff to a hold in the back. She looked at him wide eyed her mouth gagged by duct tape. As he reached in she kicked at him, muffled words were shot at him. He was forced to grab at her kicking legs till he had them both. The duck tape was still on the floor of the van and he quickly rapped it around her legs taping them together. Her gray-blue eyes moved wildly about and she still fought her bonds as he uncuffed her from the inside of the van.

James mind was moving a mile a minute, his body growing excited with a boner growing in his pants. Being in close proximity to her helplessness had him needing to get her to the next step. He grabbed her smaller form pulling her out and dragging into the house. In short order he had her into the basement. He had spent a lot of money modifying the room, and a lot of thought and time went into it. The basement was split into Two rooms, a small very secure bedroom, bathroom in one. And the ‘Rape Room’ as he thought of it, well more of a torture slash rape room.

Alice had just call her friend Ava and was heading over there now. She wanted to show off her new phone her father had gotten her for her seventh birthday yesterday. She took off almost running the few blocks to her friend’s home. She never gave a thought to the van as she trotted by. She was grabbed in a rush of adrenalin ruffly by some man she had never seen before. A hand went over her face and she went kicking and swinging into the back of the van. The door shut, she screamed swinging wildly with hands and feet, but he was strong, very strong, and with seemingly little effort on his part rapped wide strong tape around her forearms and with cuffs placed one end on a wrist the other was clamped around a part of the inside of back of the van. A wide piece of the thick tape the sticky was placed over her mouth, leaving her helpless to do anything as he felt over pockets pulling out her phone. He popped it open taking out the battery before tossing into a old box then slid out closing the door, shutting her in.

She could tell when he climbed into the driver seat by the rocking of the vehicle. Motor started and the van lurched into motions with Alice soon losing all track of time. She was scared, and terrified, as the ride went on, till a final stop, the motor going off. The door opened with him climbing in the back, she kick at him over and over, but he managed to grab a leg, then the other running wide gray tape around them. Then Alice was being pulled his arms hooked in her armpits with legs dragging through a strange house and down into a basement. More like a dungeon of horror the unfamiliar place filled with strange smells and odd strange looking devices. He bound her wrists in a thick rope after removing the wide thick tape and placed the rope over a hook that ran to a pulley overhead.

She was pulled abruptly up till swinging free from the floor her arms over her head, rope biting painfully into her wrists from her full weight on them. All she could do was watch fear welling up as he grabbed a large pair of scissors, cutting off the tape rapping her legs.

James looked at her swinging there. Bound up by the tape. He needed more than anything to see her naked and picked up the large scissors he had. After clipping the tape he placed the scissors back on the table and moved in front of her. Placing his finger in the waistband of her short pants he worked them down, panties and all. Her young hairless slit came into view along with the rest of her now bare legs. He pulled everything free, tossing them to a corner. She kicked at him again this time her foot connecting. He was going to have to do something about that. He had placed some anchors into the floor a few feet apart under the hanging rope and grabbed the ankle chains he had coiled there. He snatched one of her ankles pulling it over to one clasp ‘click’ the other ‘click’. Standing he looked over his work. She hung by her wrist from the ceiling nude from the waist down her legs held more than slightly open from the chains on her ankles.

The pink of her bald young pussy showed and he slowly walked around her check out her young tomboy backside also. She had perfect buttocks, the spread of her legs was more than enough to see her back passage and his eyes locked onto the enticingly tight looking pink-brown target. He had never in his life fucked a girl of any age in the ass, his last girlfriend wouldn’t even think about it and the taboo of it drove him nuts. He tried a few times with his girlfriend getting mad, calling him a pervert. Well maybe he was. This girl wasn’t going to complain whether she like it or not and couldn’t complain anyway. James pulled down his pants and underwear in one move letting his stiffened cock free. His adult cock looked big compared to her young adolescent backside. And he stared down enjoying the sight for a long moment before walking over to the table picking up the petroleum jelly in trembling excitement smearing some over the head of his cock. All of his pent up anger of being rejected by his ex-girlfriend urging him on.

Alice’s wrist hurt from hanging over the floor and was shocked to the core when the man came over and suddenly pulled down her shorts and panties all at once leaving her pussy embarrassingly exposed to his view. And he ‘was’ looking at her nakedness. She kicked at him mad that he could do this to her. Her foot just bounced off him leaving her swinging wildly about, the rope biting deep into her wrists. He knelt down grabbing one of her ankles clamping a cold ring of metal around it then grabbed the other leg. Her ankle pulled over and another cold ring clamped in place. She felt exposed and the cool air of the room moved between her wide open legs. The man vanished behind her his eyes never leaving her nakedness as he moved. All she could do was stare at the room in front of her now, each sound of movement behind her brought on a pangs of fear gripping adrenalin leaving her shaking all over.

A hand went around her waist pulling her back some and she jumped feeling a blunt thickness press between her spread ass cheeks firmly against her butt hole. Her legs brought tight against the chains holding her legs open as she instinctively tried clamping her firm adolescent buttocks shut the spread of her leg preventing the reflex. The blunt pressure mounted against her resisting ring of anal mussel forcing it to open painfully around the huge blunt thing till she couldn’t stand the mounting pain anymore and cried out through the wide tape over mouth.

James moved up behind her reaching around her small tomboy waist as he lined his cock up to the target now lock in his sight . He looked down between the open crack of her buttocks watching his cock go against her unprepared anus his whole body trembling hard with the excitement of it. Her warm flesh tensed in his grip as if her had goosed her and he couldn’t help but to grin broadly at the thought, pressing now hard against the resistance of the tight opening. He manage to forced the protecting ring of mussel to open letting the tip of his cock go up into her backside. A pleasing muffled scream came from her making his cock firm up even harder, she wasn’t liking it at all and he found that excited him even more. Suddenly he needed to feel the tube of her rectum hugging over his cock and pressed up into her back passage with sudden enthusiasm and hurtful meanness. As if hurting this girl would somehow make everything right. He forced his cock up into the resisting quivering tube engrossed by the intense warm snugness. He could tell he wouldn’t last long but he would have her here for some time and surge ahead trying to plant as much cock up into her rectum as he could before he came.

Alice was engulfed by the sharpness of the pain, nothing in her life prepared her for this. The blunt tipped rod was being forced up into her rectum, each shove a new lesson in pain she couldn’t imagine, stretching burning a path up into her rectum. Why would he do this anyway. Then out of the blue a sudden adrenalin rushed realization of what he was doing flooded through her. Her mind could hardly take it in, but she knew for sure he was using her butt as if it was a pussy. That was his adult penis being force up into her rectum.

She struggled to get a handle on every erratic gripping sharp stab of pain as the penis would press hard suddenly forcing her rectum wall to tightly stretch over the blunt thickness, leaving her no way to prepare herself mentally. Then suddenly the lunging stopped and she hung there frozen in place, her rectum feeling stretched, really stretched. The fullness overwhelming. A mind gripping bout of degrading humiliation, flooded through her and she hung her head, letting her hair drop over her shame flushed face. She could feel his eyes on her and wanted to hide somehow knowing deep in her soul he was getting some kind of vile pleasure from forcing her to endure this.

James let his own pleasure guide his movement as he stared down through the crack of her small buttocks. Her muffled cries and groans, background, echoing around the room. His cock seated filling her rectum, half his cock up into her fiercely tight hole. His whole being focused on his tingling balls that were on edge of a gripping release. He looked up eyes going over the young girl studying her, he had full control and liked it. Her head sagged down, chin on her chest. The hair of her head almost covering her flushed face. His grip around her waist tightened, his senses now tuned to her to the full degeneration of young body and more that hoped she could feel the vileness of the abuse. He could feel her strained breathing and the trembling that racked her. Her tight rectum almost almost to warm as the deep mussels gripped tentatively around his cock shaft. Her face flushing brighter with each spasm her rectum made through and he watched her face intently through the strands of her hair. He had to hear her without the duct tape gag covering her mouth and reached around with his free hand feeling for the tape and slowly pealing it off.

He held the still sticky tape the imprint of her lips clearly visible, a few strands of her silky hair came off with it. His hand was wet with her face sweat as he placed the tape sticking it on a close support post and turned his attention back to her. He enjoyed the look of her sweat dampened strands of hair that stuck to her panic stricken flushed face. She suck in a deep breath through her now freed mouth and her tongue went over her still sticky lips, the sight made his cock flex involuntarily in her ass as the image of his cock slipping into that warm wet mouth flashed through his mind. Her rectum went through a slow steady tensing hugging till his cock was in a gripping hot death grip.

“Uh-h-H-h-a…..” Came wavering out of her now freed mouth at the height of her grasping, involuntary clinching rectal mussels.

James hung on trying not to cum, really wanting more of this spontaneous action. His free hand gripped around the back of her neck tightly finger digging into her small narrow neck, the other still around her waist pulling her toward him keeping her in place. Her wide eyed shocked flushed face flashed through the gaps in her moving sweat damp hair. James tugged his cock back his entire being focused on sodomize her, but good.

Alice could feel the mussels of her stretched rectum tense up some and could tell by the mans breathing he was deriving pleasure from the involuntary act. She wanted none of it and struggled to keep her body relaxed through the panicked terror she felt, but her rectum clenched, and clenched again making her flush brightly hearing him groan in apparent ecstasy from the unwilled unwanted reflex. His large hand came around through her hair pulling the tape from her mouth almost pulling the skin from her lips. She suck in the first deep lungful of air she had in a while.

She could feel her rectum clenching up and tried to will it to stop with all her being. A deep pain in her bowel went with the involuntary clenching from her rectum and this time it wouldn’t die back, mussel gripping ever tightening till she cried out from the deep pain in a long shameful and humiliating moan. A strong hand slapped around the back of her neck, fingers reaching around, digging in, almost cutting off the blood to her head. The pull of the arm around her abdomen had her bottom pulled back as the leg chains went taunt. Her rectal mussels finely relaxed its shameful hold on the thick rod of flesh, the blunt tipped thickness pulled back almost at once, the walls of her rectum feeling like it was following the thick stiff penis out before letting the thickness reluctantly through its grip.

Just as suddenly it was pressing back, worming crudely, her body flaring out in a spasm against the bonds that held her. ‘NO!’ her mind cried out, as a image of two dogs she had seen once rapidly humping flashed into her mind.

James pulled his cock back feeling her rectum not willing to release its hold over his cock for a moment, her anus flared being pulled back along the shaft of his cock. Even a inch of her rectum still hugging his cock came out past her anus toward the end. He shoved back in feeling his way through the tightness to lodge to the end of her rectum. Her young body lurched from his sudden pressing thrust and he grasped her automatically more tightly in a even more controlled way. Watching her pained panic sent a fleeting wave of gilt through him but he shook it off. ‘Fucking girlfriend’ It was all her fault for any gilt he felt anyway. And suddenly he felt in compete control, wanting to degrade this young girl against her will fully, watching her intently with wide eyes and with the hate he felt started humping, ignoring the resistance her rectum put up against his movements.

Alice felt the change in the man from the way he took control, as if he were mad at the world. His grip on her changed holding her now in a way that left her no room to doubt what was to come. And still she wasn’t prepared, gasping in sharply as he started with warning pummeling the stiff thickness through the tube of her pained rectum, she couldn’t catch her breath at all.

She was gasping loudly both in and out to the movement of the thick rod, her bowel a rush of spasms each one a intense surprise of sensation, all out of her control leaving her tugging at her bonds erratically, legs working on their own against the chains as mussels flexed, as if she could run away from the abuse going on in her rectum. Just as suddenly the rod jammed up into her tortured rectum pressing painfully hard, swelling, spitting out a flood of liquid. Her body was still being gripped by spasms even though his movement had stopped, her shrill voice loud even in her own ears as she gasped sharply for each breath. The thickness pulled back, then out, a rush of sensation in her now suddenly empty bowel sent a harsh shudder through her. And a warm liquid ran from her sore anus down one leg. He release her letting her swing freely as sharp wet fart slipped from her stinging rectum sputtering more warm liquid from her abused passage.

The man walked slowly around her looking down onto his penis. She looked too unable to avert her gaze. She had never seen an adult penis, let alone a stiff one. And she was shock to see evidence of his abuse of her ass on his thick penis. A wet shine a little over half way down the length of it show how far up into her he had gotten. A brown smear that could only be her poop covered most all of the blunt head, and white? ‘Sperm’ went through her head. He has used her butt as if it were a girls pussy and she wondered if she could get pregnant that way. He looked up into her face.

“Whats your name” He commanded then grabbed a handful of hair asking again “Whats your fucking name”

“A-Alice” she meekly got out.

She watched him picked up a small box, writing on the outside with a marker ‘Alice’ and placed the tape used on her mouth into it. He pick up a small rag writing in the corner ‘First Anal’ and wiped off the head of his penis with it placing it into the box beside the tape. The words ‘First Anal’ rung through her mind like a loud bell. ‘First Anal’ he was going to do her it again, she was sure of it. He picked up his pants fishing through the pockets pulling out her new phone and removed battery also placing it into the box before turning back to her.

James set his jaw and let his anger take him, he strongly tugging his cock back aggressively and started savagely humping up into her young rectum. He held her in place pulled back against the holding bonds. She gave out a high pitched gasp the moment he started and he gave her no chance to recover humping wildly, planing his moves to keep her off balance and was surprised to find he was good at it. She lurched in his grip to his lunges gasping in sharp exciting sounding chirps, her limbs moving tugging wildly as she pulled erratically against the bonds. The entire scene too much for his mind, for his balls to endure. He didn’t bother to try hold back letting his need guide his movements as he lunged in. Never had release been so intense, so encompassing. The image burnt into his mind of him holding her in place, cock planted up into her rectum, hard, as she twitched and gasped in spasms under his dominant control.

His balls emptied its load and more, aching as they dry pumped. He pulled out still hard balls aching and completely spent looking down as his cock cleared her wet cum leaking anus. His cum followed his cock in a rush and ran out of her butthole and down one leg. Over half his cock slick from being up in her tight rectum. And a dark looking smear of her deep butt poop on the head of his cock. He was surprised to find out he wasn’t disgusted at all, in fact it was as if the humiliation of her was complete. Proof of her degradation, he would want more, he was sure.

He looked at the trophy box then at the girl and after finding out her name was Alice he labeled the box and placed the gag tape in there, got a small rag labeled it and wiped his cock clean and placed it there also. The phone was next. He would get more trophies before long, but he needed to recharge his balls aching to much for anything right now, her was spent. He lowered her down onto her wobbly legs and bended down unlatching the ankle chains and was rewarded with a hard kick from her freed foot. He stood pissed that she would kick him and slapped her hard across the face. He unhooked her bound wrist and half drug her to the lock room. After loosening the rope around her wrist he shoved her into the room and locked it.

Alice found herself in a small room with no way out. She was still naked from the waist down her rectum hurt and anus burned from being held stretched open all the while that he had raped her, a deep soreness at the end of her rectum held her attention where the blunt tip hammered to a stop with each lung he took. There was a toilet and a shower in a the corner of the small room. She went to the toilet climb onto it straining to rid herself of the male sperm she was sure was still there. Finely she slide off walking over to the shower and turned it on she needed to rinse his filth off her, there was even soap and she stripped off the rest of her clothes and stepped in doing her best to wash away the shame and hurt. She went still wet to the small bed and fell into it sobbing till she fell into a restless asleep.

James sat on the couch TV on sucking down a beer, rehashing the events of the day. His mind always going to the image of her young mouth, sweet tongue going over her young lips and daydreamed of his cock going into her hot moist mouth, and lay plans for tomorrow.

He woke the next morning making coffee, making breakfast for himself and the girl. He ate and brought hers down the stair. Unlocking the door to the lock room he placed the food on the little table, she was still asleep. He look onto her young face knowing today he would have his cock in her oral orifice. Leaving he relocked the door leaving her to sleep a while longer, she’d need it, he was sure.

Going through the main basement room he gathered up the things he would need placing everything within easy reach, checking the special kneeling post he even thought to design that he would have her place her knees… and straps to hold her kneeling against the uncomfortable piece. The only thing now was a choice, the dental gag, or ring gag. His cock was already stiff in his pants and he pulled it out. Slipping the metal ring of the ring gag over his cock thinking if her hot mouth, then picking up the dental gag checking out the mechanism, admiring how it worked. James went back upstairs for a quick beer and added stimuli. He booted up the PC and opened the beer. A swift but deep swig and a click of the mouse, he opened the folder he stored his porn. He needed some ideas and settled in for a while watching his collection of blowjob flicks.

He was starting his third beer the buzz kicking in good. The vids he was watching more than enough to have him geared up and the last flick of a young lovely lady with her arms bound behind her getting deep throated. She gagged up slime and bile, damn he was ready. James got up rubbing the bulge of his cock, beer in hand went directly to the basement. Setting down the beer he stripped his clothes off, his cock anticipating the days activity was throbbing with blistering eagerness. The half roll of duct tape was in his hands and he unlatched the lock room door entering quickly.

Alice was sore when she woke, wrist still showed the bruising marks where the rope bit in. Her rectum sore and anus burned so much she could barely stand to wide over it after using the toilet. There was food and she mindless ate it her mind spinning with images of yesterday and flashed of feeling how her body betrayed her as the cruel man had his vile way. And his face…. his face watching her intently enjoying her debasement leaving her flushing hotly as the memory kept sweeping her. She had almost eaten the food when the door swung open in a rush. Adrenalin spiked panic flooded through her, had her frozen in place as the naked man shot through the door moving toward her in a flash. She had wrapped herself in the blanket from the bed and he pulled it from her making her almost fall as she clenched it, her only protection she had. He tossed it back toward the bed. Grabbing her upper arm in a bruising hold pulling her out of the room. She looked up in terror at him seeing only purpose on his face.

“Please…. Please… you don’t have to do this” She sob looking up at him her tear stained face clenched with pleading terror.

James strongly pulled her arms behind the trembling girl the tape a blur of movement as he ran it around her wrist and up her forearms. Her arms pulled tight behind her back fingers writhing close to the buttocks. He forced her to the knees onto the square lightly padded wooden block and snugged the leather straps down holding her knees together snugly in place on the slightly elevated piece. Her head and face now at the proper height. James picked the ring gag.

“If you don’t want me to hurt you’ll open your hot mouth wide”

A sob went shuddering through her a dazed expression as she looked into space. He placed the ring up to her mouth pressing it between her lips finding it surprisingly easy to push it into her mouth. He turned it into place watch her mouth open, her jaws cranked open wide. Taking the straps he fastened them snugly in place. He pulled the camera from the table having to take a picture of her to remember the moment.

He move up in front of her the enticing ring showing the wet pink of the inside of her adolescent mouth. James slid the small puke pan in place with his foot, and pulled her soft hair into a bunch to the top of her head. Sinking a large hand gripping tightly into her silky hair he held her head in place.

Alice couldn’t possibly resist, he was much to strong. She shook from the adrenalin being pumped into her, head swimming in helpless terror she felt. And with her world hazed over she dumbly watched as if from a distance as she was bound by the tide tape, shoulders being pulled back as the tape ran up her arms behind her. She was shoved down kneeling, knees together a strap holding her there. He said something and shoved something into her mouth. Her jaw hurt from being force open as the ring was twisted behind her front teeth.

A hand gripped painfully into her hair on top of her head her eyes focused some seeing him holding his stiff penis in front of her. Alice weakly tried pulling her head away from the approaching rod as it moved toward her open mouth. The grip in her hair tightened. She could now see down the length of it the bulbous tip going under her nose. The male taste of it fill her mouth till it touched the back of her throat. The automatic reflex to gag suddenly swept her, the penis pulling out, she remained gagging for a long moment. Her spittle going thick eyes watering over. The fleshy rod stabbed back with her head pulled toward it a hand going to the back of her head preventing her lunging off.

She looked awful cute gagging as his cock went to the back of her throat. James pulled out enjoying the show of the contorted gagging features of her young face. Her worm moist breath playing over his close cock. He adjusted her head better making her hunch over some and stabbed his cock through the ring toward that hole in the back of her mouth. The tip slipped in deep. He had just got his hand around her head holding her there when she went full gag, retching in earnest, he hung on watching enjoying the view. All the while curious if her snug throat could take all of his cock or even if his cock could stand up to the gagging pressure.

Her hunched body seemed to swell up as puke forced in a gush around his cock from her mouth nose, hell she even defalcated herself. He pulled out letting her puke freely down into the pan as he stepped back still holding her up by the hair of her head. Her young face wet a show of slime, spittle, and puke with her contorting still in the throws of gripping retches. James could see the puddling of piss at her knees. Lining his cock back up to her retching mouth hole she never even saw his cock coming her eyes flooded heavily watered up from heaving so hard. His cock went almost fully into the choking throat hole. Her button nose just touching his loin hair.

Alice’s stomach heaved everything she had just eaten and more over the penis jammed into the throat. It burn a path out her nose and mouth her throat. Her body heaving up in a strain retch too much to bare. Her tortured anus couldn’t hold back her stool her legs became wet with her own warm piss and still she heaved. The thick penis popped from her mouth leaving her still puking till her tummy was empty. Heaving dryly gasping for vainly for air. The thick rod plugged back suddenly her wet watered blinking eyes close to the thick dark mat of his pubes.

Her body spasmed vainly for air, the penis lunged placing her face fully against him the penis pumping suddenly the sloshing sucking wet sounds ringing through her senses. She went light headed as he pummelled her face against his loin. The cock swelling pumping a heavy loads of sperm down her throat.

James felt his cock swelling out of control as he pump her head over his cock. The wet sucking sounds that accompanied his plunging cock in her throat sending him over the edge into ecstasy. Finished he pulled his cock from her slimy throat having to hole her still by the hair to keep her from collapsing over. She wasn’t breathing!

He shook her head…. nothing. His mind spinning till suddenly she gasp in a jagged wet breath choking weakly at first. Then choking up thick phlegm from her lungs, he quickly removed the ring gag patting her back till she recovered some. James undid her knees and pulled her from the piss and shit she had released there. Cut the tape off and placed her back into the lock room in the shower. He’d check on her later, still had to clean up the ‘Rape Room’.

As he cleaned up the room his mind wondered about her tight pussy but that seem way too mundane, he’d give her ass another go. And a plan started to develop, if she thought he would be letting her go what would she let him do without the need to tie her down.

It was the next day and Alice felt sick her tummy hurt bad from the violent retching she was put through. Her throat burned bad leaving her voice rasping and her lungs felt like she had almost drowned and still she choked up liquid. The man had left food and she only could get a little down her aching throat hole, she could hardly swallow now after the penis finished with it. She wanted to go home so bad. She stayed rapped in the blanket feeling trapped. So when the naked man show up this time not coming at her in a rush she just back up against the wall facing him.

“Lesion Alice, would you like to go home TODAY” he said still standing back.

She shook her head ‘yes’. Fear welling just being this close to him.

“Do one last thing for me and I’ll take you right home”

“W-what-t..” she rasped out wanting to believe him.

“Let me fuck you in the ass Balls Deep you’ll go home right after”

Alice wanted to go home bad, but could she really trust him. Her mind churned wildly, she could be home and all this nightmare would be over if only she let him put his penis in her butt one last time. ‘One last time’ echoed through her mind.

“O-o-kay…” Her sore throat almost unable to croak the word out.

He motioned for her to follow him out of the room and showed her a solid plank to step up on and pulled the comforting blanket from around her. She was struggling to come to term with her decision as she watched him rubbing his his penis hard seeing as he slowly, deliberately opened the jar of petroleum jelly making his thick now throbbing rod shine. He moved up behind her leaning in close using his foot scoot her feet wider apart.

“Stay in place the best you can and you’ll be home before you know it”

The blunt tip pressed onto her anus. She relaxed the best she could feeling it opening her up, going in. The thickness slowly filled her rectum her mind a rush of mixed emotions as it eased in. His hands came around gripping her hips the stuff penis worming more urgently the farther into her it got. She looked back at him as it seated filling her rectum. He smiled broadly at her.

“Half way there hon….. Relax now and you’ll be going home”

To James it felt good to be back into her young rectum. He was surprised she went for it and he was going to go for it. He wasn’t sure if she could even take it into her intestine on her own but he was going to get there one way or the other. He instinctively grabbed her narrow waist amazed she let him continue worming his cock up into her. His cock seated filling her rectum with her head dipping face flushing red. Damn he love it. She looked back at him and he smiled back.

He pulled her toward him pressing his cock head firmly at the end of her moving his hip as he felt around for a deeper passage. And she was letting him her face flushing redder with each passing moment. He could feel the flutter of trembling tenseness with his cock deep inside her. His cock slipped deeper, finding the elusive passage into her large intestine. She raised up onto her toes, her follower her.

“A-a-H-h-h-a..” Her groan filling his senses. As her young torso conforming uncomfortably to his stiff ridged cock.

He eased in more letting his cock head move through her large intestine slowly engrossed in the feeling, watching the shaft of his cock going deeper his loin closing in to beautiful cleft of her bottom.

Alice had made up her mind to see the vile act through as she was held in the sensation of gripping fullness from the adult male penis pressing harshly at the end of her rectum. The movement of the fleshy stiff thing brought sensations from her bowel she didn’t think she had, all of them disgusting in nature her mind oblivious to all else. She felt it slip deeper cramping her intestine forcing her to contort her body over the stiff thing in a almost failing effort. Still it eased pressing through her intestinal tube even deeper into her. Her abdomen trembled as a deep growing need to poop seemed suddenly urgent. She felt the course mat of man pubes press up into her open bottom. ‘He is there’ flooding through her mind.

Alice’s world now a rush of intestinal sensations, all vile degrading in full. She couldn’t stand her legs to trembling weak. She found herself held firmly against the man penis remained planted as he half carried her placing her bent over a padded thing legs gangling down. A strap went quickly over her strapping her down with him adjusting himself in the cleft of her ass. She remained fully absorbed by the rod in her gut unable to react.

James caught her as her legs gave out wrapping a arm around her abdomen pulling her tight to him. He had a device he made just for this and quickly pick her up keeping his cock up into the crack of her ass. And flopped her over the padded top pulling a hold down strap over her latching it snugly down. Moment later he was adjusting himself for action. He looked over the top of her sweat covered back taking the scene in then eased his cock back enjoying the feel of her intestine slipping over it. A pitiful groan came from her as he eased back pressing fully into place. Sweet…

He started humping deep at first picking up speed till she came alive. A escalating groan came from her as crude sounds churned from her gut where James cock head now pummeled. A planned well placed mirror plainly showed the vile degrading horror on her young face. Her legs coming up as if she had to shit or was shitting. Her hands clenched in tight trembling fists. He eased up on his rapid humping for a moment giving her a slight reprieve her eyes moving wildly about her young mind collapsing into its own world.

Alice’s gut held her full attention as the man’s penis jumped into action. Accompanied by a sweeping rush of sensation that her insides were building to a uncontrolled bowel movement. Her knees came up against the side of the thing she laid over, legs to each side of the man with vile intent behind her. His humping into her intensified throwing her over the edge of any control of her bowel she had. The feeling intensified to a deep nauseous wave growing in her gut like a impending case of the runs. And that swept her in a fit of uncontrolled sudden intestinal and bowel strains. Never had the urge been so sudden and strong to poop. His movement slackened some, she now fully focused her mind on her sensitive intestine, feeling a deep warning of moving stool in her gut closing with the moving head of the mans penis.

The deep wet audible rumble the moving cock made changed, the penis and her deep stool had collided. The penis tugged harshly through the the surge of thick poop. Her head came up face flushing hotly at the embarrassing gross sensation. The man just kept sadistically humping deep pressing always through the building pressure behind the moving stool. She could feel it being pulled along with his stiff penis into her rectum till everything just felt like a huge turd she couldn’t push from her straining butt. Through it all his large hands felt over her body, in her hair, touching her face.

James could feel her lose of bowel control and relished in it. Relished the display of panicked embarrassing disgust moving over her cute face. His hands automatically went feeling over her young tense sweat wet torso letting his own need guide his sodomizing of her. She was warm to the touch her adolescent mussels writhing under her skin. Every part of her young body trembling, tense, her movements enticingly erratic. Till going suddenly head up ridged body contorted as if having a gripping bowel movement, ‘beautiful’. His hands locked over her sweat damp shoulders and he humped purposely toward release. Her creamy well churned poop the only lube left in her bowel. He came pulling himself tightly up into her ass cleft as if he could put more cock into her bottom and let the gripping release take him. He came till his balls ached his hands roaming over her, his eyes taking in the horror, the degrading disgust she plainly felt.

Pulling out reviled the abuse she had taken. Her poop coated his spent cock and matted wetly into his pubes. Her bottom show thick evidence where he had hump on in through her bowel movement, even a little blood on his cock head. Well… it was time to retire her anyway and he needed a break to tweak the ‘Rape Room’. He grabbed her by the hair looking into her shocked flushed face.

“You get your wish bitch, time to go home”

It was the first test run of his ‘Rape Room’ and so far so good, but it still needed some work, some fine tuning. He gave her clothes back placing the underwear into the special ‘Alice’ trophy box. He’d remember her for ever, she was after all his first. And drove the sobbing brat far away before letting her go. James took a deep breath exhaling slowly as he drove off, the last few days a rush of adrenaline fill excitement.

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