Scared Stiff 2 (Mg,abducted,anal,oral,hanging)

Scared Stiff 2 (Mg,abducted,anal,oral,hanging)

Prologue: White knuckled James tackles his fear of being caught kidnapping a young girl Megan with a second wide eyed rape room run. James is moving more out of control with his abuse of five year old kidnapped Irish ancestry girl Megan.

Author: Lone Dog

James was gearing up for a second run. He’d had time to rethink the rape room down stairs and his mind had been working overtime as he visited porn sites browsing every fetish he could find. But at the end he always ended up looking at child porn, his cock in his hand taking care of business. The room was all set as far as he knew he had everything in place, at the ready. James had found a web site that had leather and metal items used in bondage sex and went on a spending rampage using up almost all of his savings, but he felt it was worth it.

For the last couple weeks he had been in the basement looking at the items he had acquired, masturbating as he pick up an item as a fantasy of how he would use it flooded through his mind. He looked up at the trophy box ‘Alice’ written on the outside, he’d needed some real action soon. Anxiety welled up at the thought of having to kidnap another brat, the thought of getting caught sending a shiver through him. But he had spent the time making the trophy shelf the empty wooden boxes each in their slots needed filled with names and memories he could use later. He felt obligated to himself and he swallowed hard trying to bury the welling fear, his cock grew stiff at the though of having a new young subject to try out his new toys with.

Adrenalin rush through his veins his heart pounding hard as he went about getting his van ready. Making sure he had all he needed for the terrifying trip he had planned for himself. He checked the time as that would let him know where to best chance a contact with a young victim. James had been taking to driving around a lot over the last few months and knew the times and places kids of the age he was looking for were at and unattended. The garage door now open he jumped in with the keys in his shaking hands taking a few seconds to slip the key into the ignition switch, the van started engine humming not missing a beat. Both shaking hands on the steering wheel he backed out leaving the garage door open, at the ready for his return.

It was Friday, preschool was long finished and five year old Megan shot out of the door yelling goodbye to her mommy. Her almost red hair getting wind blown into her young face. Her family was more Irish than anything else and her green eyes flashed brightly at the though of the weekend to come. Her friend Dara was having birthday tomorrow, there would be cake, ice cream, even a clown. She was heading to the playground just around the corner to meet up with Dara and talk about the fun to come.

James drove out from his house over fifty miles, most people were still at work but this place he had sat at before noting a fair amount of young kids coming and going from a playground. He was parked on a small side road that no one but the young kid seemed to use. He was a nervous wreck now that he had made up his mind to really do it again. He nervously laid out the paper work he would use as an excuse it someone were to ask why he was there and waited, his head moving this way and that for any sign of an adult or kids. He was there less than five heart pounding minutes when a young girl skipped around the corner. Her medium long hair almost red in color a showing of freckles showing under her green eyes. James looked about seeing no one else anywhere, this was his chance.

She drew close, her skin was light in color her blue shorts showing off her creamy skinned legs. James cock leap to full attention but he still had to will his fear down, had to will his tightly gripping trembling hands off the steering wheel, she was skipping past the van. He opened the drivers door and now on the move his senses seemed heightened as he scanned for anyone else around and quickly moved around the the drivers side toward the back. The young girl came skipping by the back of the van her shoes loud on the old sidewalk, he grabbed her picking her up turning and opening the doors in back of the van shoving her in and climbing in after. The doors slamming shut behind him.

Megan turned down the side road she’d taken to using as a short cut to the playground, all the kids did. She didn’t think twice about the van there, sometime there were cars parked here, and Megan went on intent on the path she’d be taking a few more yards up the narrow side road. Dara would be there at the play ground she couldn’t wait to taunt her into trying to guess what Megan had gotten her as a birthday present. Megan had just past the van, two strong arms grabbed her wheeling dizzily around with her being pushed into the carpeted bare floor, the surprise leaving her mute for a few seconds but when she saw the strange man climbing in after her she let out a scream just as the back doors closed. She went scooting away from the man as he lunged at her stopping only as her back hit the back of the front seat.

Megan’s arms came up warding him off but he simply grabbed her arm pulling her toward him placing her in a choke hold, fingers pinching into the side of her jaws making her open her mouth to an waiting rag which he stuffed in muffing her scream. Another was rapped around her head and tied quickly, she reached up to pull it free but he grabbed her arms turning her over onto her tummy rapping a wide gray strong tape around her folded arms behind her. Holding her down the tape went quickly around her legs before the man raise up away from her. Megan staring wide eyed in terror as the man climbed up into the drivers seat the motor coming to life, she felt the lurch as the van took off leaving her testing the tide tape around her bound arms and legs.

Megan found herself having to brace herself the best she could as the man turn this way then that, before settling in to a seemingly long drive. The turns came again her fear rising as the man in the drivers seat seemed anxious to get where he was going looking back at her every now and again. Till the van pulled into an enclosure, a garage.

James was surprised how fast this time he had the girl contained. He was in the drivers seat trying his best to remain calm as he pulled away the rear wheels squealing more than he liked. With his head on a swivel he kept an eye on his speed till he finely hit the freeway for the long ride back to the area he lived. He looked back at the girl every few moments seeing her struggling to pull her arms and legs free. Her wide green eye showing anger and fear. His cock grew stiff in his pants the closer he got home and he was having problems keeping his speed down, he’d slow till close the the speed limit but in a few seconds he’s be speeding again. And all the while looking for signs of the police. But the trip was coming to its end his house now close, he turned onto his street seeing his garage door open. Jame pulled nervously into his driveway and eased into the confines of the garage. He leap out going to the pull cord of the garage door sliding the wide door into place, locking it quickly.

James let out a long breath his whole body shaking with relief at making it this far and found himself at the same crack in the garage door as before looking out across his yard for a long moment. The wind rustled the leaves gently in the tree in front of his house and a songbird went chirping without a care, he turned his attention to the back door of the van.

Megan lay on the rear floor of the now quiet van, her young arms working to pull free from the tightly rapped tape. She was more scared than she had ever been in her life. She had heard all the stories some of her friends had said even made up some of her own caught up in the heat of the moment, but never did really believe any of then till now. Her young mind raced hearing each story as plain as day, one of being sold as slaved to work hard in factories all day long, another of bad men whom liked to put their penises in young girl holes, even torture. She was shaking with fear of the unknown, scared that they all might be true. The back door of the van opened the man reaching in grabbing her by the legs pulling her toward the opening.

James picked up the squirming young girl carrying her into the house, she was shaking from fright and struggling in his grasp, his raging cock bulging in his pants leading the way down into the basement. His mind was already escaping into what his fantasies had been drifting toward the last couple weeks and he knew exactly where in the basement he needed to be. James needed something now to relieve the adrenalin rush that still surge through him and dropped her onto a square of carpet by the new made device he conceived for this second test of his rape room.

The girl still seemed full of fight as he knelt down removing the tape from her legs then gleefully fighting her loosened legs as he removed her shorts and panties revealing her young hairless pussy slit the pink flashing enticingly into view as she tried kicking about at him. He picked the young girl up placing her back down onto the table grabbing one leg. He had built in stirrups like you’d see a a doctors office for women. He placed her leg onto the one stirrup rapping the built in ties around her young white skin leg the other kicking at him till he finished and grabbing it also. James pulled the other leg over into the empty stirrup and quickly had it securely in place.

He was now looking down onto the most beautiful young pussy he’d seen for real. He shot around the table lifting her torso up taking off the tape binding her arms behind her, then going through the same gleeful fight to remove her ornate t-shirt with her swing her arms wildly about as he grabbed pulling one arm across the device to some well placed straps there fastening the arm down then grabbing her other arm. He had her in place now, arms stuck out to each side her cute head face up over the side of the device. Stepping back James took it all in, his hands working at his own belt. Letting his pants drop he stepped out of his pants and underwear. His cock arching up stiffly into the air, the girl staring, her green eyes wide locking onto his stiff adult male organ.

Megan tried fending off the man but found him way too strong, her feet and now her balled up fists just bounce off him with out affect. To her horror she found herself strapped into this strange device her legs opened wide to the man’s view. Her head had no rest hanging over the side of the device her neck beginning to ache under the strain of holding her head up in order to watch the man. His hands went to his belt loosening it, she watch him let them drop. His adult penis came into view fully stiff arching up and throbbing to the mans heartbeat. She couldn’t imagine anything like that going into one of her holes. The gag was still tight around her head as she watch the man walk around looking at her one of his hands rubbing over his long stiff organ. He stopped between her opened legs looking down onto her exposed nakedness pumping his hand over the arching adult male rod in earnest her face turning shades of red with embarrassment.

He came back around looking down into Megan’s face then reached down with both hands removing the gag, pulling the rag from her mouth. He went to a shelf that had wooden boxes setting side by side pulling one off opening the top placing the rags that had been around and in her mouth into it.

“Whats your name” he asked.

When Megan didn’t respond he asked again.

“What is your name” he came around grabbing her hair painfully shaking her head.

“Megan” she grimaced out.

He released her going back to the box and with a marker she watched as he wrote ‘MEGAN’ on the front and slide it back into it’s spot beside one labeled ‘ALICE’. Megan realized she wasn’t the first to be here.

“W-what you g-going to do to m-me” Megan stuttered out.

The man smiled wickedly sending a chill through Megan.

“You let me worry about that” he said coming around in front of her.

She had to look at him upside down as he stood in close looking down at her face his hand pumping over his long adult penis again his hairy heavy sack swinging to the movement of his hand. He reached over with his free hand picking up a odd looking thing, a metal ring with two strap on each side. He slipped the metal ring over his thick penis head then pulled it off.

“Don’t want to get bit”

Megan knew instantly what he had planned and tried to avoid his grasping hands as they went for her dodging head.

“No.. no.. no” she pleaded “Please-e-e… no”

James knelt down with the ring gag grasping her young head pinching in again on each side of her jaw forcing the girl to open her mouth, slipping the metal ring in and locking it behind her front teeth. He strapped it around her head more than snug enough then pressing her head back to a padding he placed on the side pulling leather straps over her forehead and snugging it down. He pulled out the wide metal bowel underneath centering it under her head. Stepping back he looked over his handy work his cock throbbing for action, and soon. He looked out over the girl making sure the mirror he had on the other side was adjusted right.

James could see her open young cunt free of a hint of peach fuzz. Even her pretty pink anus was fully exposed to view. He stepped up aiming his cock head at the open ring that held her young mouth open. Her hot moist breath played over his cock as it grew near to the wet opening. He stared down onto her throat wondering how big the bulge would be. He let his cock slip over her chin till his balls lay draped over her mouth and nose. He made a mental note on what he hoped to witness.

Megan’s jaw ached at being opened so wide around the metal ring, her head was forced back against the side of the device she was bound to. She found herself looking out upside down from the device unable to move her head in any direction, her green eyes moving about watching the man move in closer taking aim at her opened mouth with his long adult penis. The long organ past over her chin his heavy hairy sack resting on her face for a moment, she could see up between his male legs at his hair circled anus. His adult oder filling her young nose, he pulled back the underside of the long fleshy shaft coming into view, then the bulbous tip being lowered, aimed into the metal ring in her young mouth. She saw the precum oozing head for only a second before it slipped into her ring opened mouth.

The thick male tip went into Megan’s mouth, she raise the back of her tongue just in time to stop the tip from going to the back of her throat. But the thing kept pressing worming about as her young tongue starting to cramp from the effort of holding back the thick bulbous tip that still managed to edging deeper into her young mouth.

James was in heaven the moment his cock enter through the ringed gateway. The girl Megan’s mouth was wetly hot on his cock head. He could feel her struggling tongue keeping his cock at bay, but for how long he wondered, he kept pressing urging his cock to find a way past the blockage and slowly he could feel that happening. Her tongue gave way his cock head slipping to and probing into the tight passage of Megan’s young throat, he could plainly see the shape of his cock head as her throat was forced to bulge out. It was even more than he had hoped for and he drove forward forcing another inch in. He was rewarded with her welling up into a body retching gag. James cock flexing stiffer at the sight. His loins jabbed in on their own accord the last of his cock forcing a path into the tight gagging orifice. He witnessed young Megan’s stomach loosen some of it content, his thick implanted bulbous cock head stopping the sudden release in its track her young throat working to reswallow the harsh stuff. A stream of hot yellow piss shot up from her open pussy in a sudden powerful release that James full balls couldn’t take. They lifted in their confining sacks shooting a powerful blast of sperm deep into the Megan’s throat. James could see each swelling blast displayed on the outside of her young throat as his cock thickened in the constraints of that tight oral tube. He remained pressed to her face his balls emptying till they hurt dry pumping at the end not stopping until the stream of piss from her pussy died away. He pulled out watching a gout of his sperm mixed with puke follow splashing down into the pan in long strands along with her thick stringy spittle, the young girl going into a fit of gasps and wet choking that sprayed even more thick slime out toward James making him have to dodging the stringy stuff.

Megan’s tongue gave way the probing tip went charging into her throat forcing it to stretch open around the thickness. It seemed to go deep blocking off her air holding her in a state of frozen shock. The thickness press deep in a sudden lunge her young body welling up as her gag reflex went full swing. She open her eyes just in time to see the next lunge from the man the huge ball sacks mashing tightly against her face covering her nose, leaving her peering wide eyed through the bristling coarse hair from the heavy sacks. A fierce body gripping heave force something up from her tummy against the lodged knot deep in her throat making her gasp for air but nothing worked. Panic flooded through her like she had never felt before in her life. In her wild panic Megan’s bladder gave the hot liquid going over her legs and tummy, the thick rod of flesh in her throat seem to come alive swelling thicker, the heavy sack across her young face going tight a huge gush of warm liquid spraying from the bulbous penis tip deep in her throat, another huge gush had her choking on the stuff as it found its way somehow past the bulbous blockage making her feel like she was going to drown in the stuff.

The long shaft pulled from her throat seeming just in time, with her sucking in air madly the massive release of man seed still residing in her opened throat being cruelly sucked into her lungs with her choking on the thick stuff. Her world turning into a desperate need for air as she choked up the wet thick sperm the taste filling her senses overwhelming her making her gag even more.

The sight of the young girls pussy spraying piss high into the air was something now frozen into James memory. He remembered something he’s read somewhere about bladder control and ‘yes’ hanging, that was it. He needed to get things ready but for now he went about cleaning things up. He removed the ring gag and unstrapped her from the device. She was still coughing up thick cum flem from her lungs and he easily guided her into the lock room. He wiped her down till she was clean enough for tomorrow and left the small lock room knowing there was no way out of there, or the basement for that matter.

Megan sat on the small bed crying, every once and a while a fit of wet coughing would sweep over her the taste of the mans sperm coming back strong. The door swung open making her move back onto the bed against the wall. The man handed her a bottle of water.

“Drink.. It’ll make you feel better”

She was thirsty and twisted the top off and took a sip struggle to swallow as her throat mussel refused to work.

“Come on you can do it” he said “Keep at it cause I’m staying here till you do”

Megan just wanted him gone and tried again, this time willing her sore throat mussel to react till she got the whole bottle down. He took the empty bottle from her smiling oddly she turn her head away.

“Thats a good girl” he said as he left.

James went about setting up the rape room for tomorrow morning he’d need the brake as his balls still ached from the most gratifying release he’d had sense Alice. He picked up Megan’s panties reaching up and getting the trophy box. He folded the panties up placing them beside the gag he had use on her. Tomorrow he would most definitely have another souvenir to remember her by. Finished he went upstairs for the night.

He woke his cock stiff with the memory of seeing young Megan’s pee hole sending a flood of piss streaming forth. James knew she was scared half to death when it happened, it had dawned on him in the middle of the night. If he want to enjoy that sight again she’d had to be afraid for her life. That he was sure he could do again with what he had planned. He went to the kitchen and made a big breakfast starved after his marathon last night. He’d wanted a on buzz too so he got his stash and took a couple good hit form his old pipe letting the weed take affect before heading down into the basement the ‘Rape Room’ locking the door behind him. He was only wearing his underwear and that came off as soon as he cleared the last step. He grabbed the duct-tape and opened the door to the lock room looking in he found her fast asleep huddled in the corner of the bed by the wall.

Megan woke to the sharp sound of the wide tape being pulled from the roll and found her arms being bound behind her by the man she screamed out but her abused throat made the sound weak and jagged. He was pulling her upright placing her feet onto the floor urging her through the open door. She could see that his adult penis was as stiff as it was yesterday. She was ushered still fully nude out the door into the light of the next room. She was brought up to a box a mere two feet from a tall mirror he picked her up placing her feet on top of the wobbly wooden box. It was then she saw the loop of rope hanging from the unfinished ceiling. In a flash it was over her head the man snugging it down around her neck. The rope tighten her eyes seeing him pulling on the other end that ran over a pulley making her have to rise up onto the balls of her feet or be choked.

“W-what are you going to do to me” Megan asked her toes barely able to keep her in place “Y-you going to kill me?”

“Not if you stay in place and let me sodomize you” James said a broad evil grin he couldn’t contain on his face.

“W-whats that” Megan asked.

“Thats where I put my stiff cock up your virgin ass and fuck you like no tomorrow”

James stood in front of Megan letting her see him as he picked up the jar of thick lube and started spreading it over his throbbing cock.

“If you let me do that I’ll not only let you live you can go home today” James already knew what her answer would be, but needed her to say it.

Hope well up in Megan at the prospect of going home and it didn’t take her long to make up her mind to let the man do his sodomy on her. All she needed to do was just get through it.

“Okay…..” she blurted out the balls of her feet shuffling about on the unstable wooden box.

The weed buzz had kicked in full swing James brain slipping into the mind set needed to let this real life fantasy run its course. James walked around five year old Megan eying her full young buttock, touching her almost red hair the image of her pink anus he saw yesterday vivid in his mind. He turned Megan till she faced the mirror her feet moving rapidly to keep the rope around her neck at bay, he wanted to miss nothing this cute girl had to offer and stepped up looking over her shoulder at her reflection in the full length mirror.

“Now Megan dear, I’m going to want you to kiss me after I get my cock up into your asshole, you think you can do that” he paused for affect “You do want to go home”

“O-okay” Megan stuttered out. Seeing the man up close behind her in the mirror, feeling his hot breath going through her hair.

Megan felt panic terror well up inside her, the feeling showing on her young face in reflecting back in the mirror. Megan felt his slick fingers go through her ass cheek rubbing something slick and greasy feeling on her anus which clench up tight in protest to the touch of the rubbing finger. She knew he was going to put his penis into her butt for sure now as tip of his finger wormed into her anus the ring of mussel biting down in protest. Her face cheeks flushed red just knowing she pooped from there and wondered if it would feel something like that. He pulled the tip of his finger from her anus leaving it slick with the greasy stuff. The tip of the thick adult penis quickly touching the crack of her buttocks making her flinch as it slipped through her young butt crack onto her anus. The terror of it revealing itself in the reflection of her in the mirror, her hands tugged against the wide tight tape, The fingers of her hand writhed about behind her nervously.

“Try to relax your butt hole Megan dear” the man breathed hotly through her hair, she heard and saw in the mirror him smelling her hair, taking in her sent “It might help if you make like your pooping till my cock gets up into you”

The thick tip adding more pressure on to her anus. It was all happening too fast she did want to go home but she wasn’t ready for this at all. The pressure mounted the tip worming as if to dig a path into her rectum.

“Make like your pooping, Megan” she heard again.

Megan felt as if she had no choice and willed her rectum to push like she was pooping, it felt all wrong, her panicked contorted face now flush bright red as the man stared back at her in the mirror. She could see nothing but all consuming delight on his face that scared her, even so she push like she was pooping and felt the blunt tip edge deeper as her anus opened allowing the bulbous tip to press in. Her young mind turn inward feeling it all happen. The thick tip push in she could feel the ridge of the tip go passed her anal mussel which then clamped down in a effort to pinch it off like a real poop, but couldn’t being forced to remain uncomfortably held opened around the thick shaft that followed.

Megan fought to make her anus stop trying to squeeze the stiff fleshy rod and as her vision cleared she saw in the mirror the man in some kind of scary lust filled ecstasy she had never seen on any adult before. His strong hands were feeling over her nude flesh both hands coming around to her expose pussy slit, a finger rubbing in over her pee hole before spreading her pussy to his view in the mirror his fingers touching and rubbing ruffly over her pee hole making it sensitive to the ruff treatment.

James felt his cock head ease up into Megan’s rectum her anus clamping down just behind his bulbous gland and her tight mussel seemed to be trying to milk the sperm from his balls the ring of stretch mussel clenching with force before relaxing the doing it again. In the mirror he could see Megan looking dazed her eyes unfocused an realized she was fighting for control. He watched intently taking everything in letting his hands roam over her hot young naked flesh, enjoying every bit of her struggle. Her eyes cleared and face flushed bright red when she saw him watching her.

He looked at her hairless cunt slit and the image of her pissing so strongly into the air had him reaching around spreading the flesh that cover her pee hole letting his hand explore the area of young girls urethra. He was going to sodomize her real good and was hoping he could witness that same uncontrolled release of piss as before, his cock flex thicker at the thought of seeing her hot piss streaming out.

Megan felt the adult penis flex thicker making her moan out loud, the man’s hands slipped to her hips as the thick blunt adult penis press up.

“You’ll need to make like your pooping again” his voice lust fill.

Megan didn’t want to do this any more wishing he would just stop, the pleading despair showing on her face, the man still pressing his thick penis trying to make it go up into her farther.

“I-I can’t” she groaned her voice shaking.

“Just make like your pooping girl… Now, just do it” he commanded of her and with her forehead furrowing she eased into pushing again as if pooping.

“A-a-H-h-ag-A-a” Wavered out from Megan as the thick adult penis eased up into her rectum deeper.

Once the adult penis started moving she didn’t have to try to poop any more and couldn’t anyway as the discomforting thickness filled her rectum her feet barely able to keep her upright on the unstable box, the man’s hands at her hips keeping her from moving away from the horrid rectum stretching intrusion. Megan’s entire rectum felt tightly stretched over the intense thickness and as if to add to her degeneration her anus started clenching again, squeezing tightly as if trying to pinch off a thick turd, she could stop it at all as the man behind her groan out loudly with pleasure each time her anus locked tightly down over the thick fleshy rectum stretching adult penis shaft.

“I want you to kiss me now” he breathed lustfully into her hair.

Megan was in total disbelief at what she heard her green eye moving wildly about, the thick penis flexed making her gasp as her rectal walls were force to stretch even more. The thick blunt tip of his cock press hard somewhere deep inside her. Megan’s entire world focusing on that disconcerting discomfort. But he was persistent a hand urging her head to turn slightly.

“Open your mouth dear”

He moved in his head coming down, and his lips went against hers. His mouth opened over hers and his adult tongue probed in passed her lips, the penis flexed stiffly in her rectum again bring out another loud groan of discomfort from Megan as his tongue went searching madly throughout her young mouth. She could hear him moaning with pleasure the pressure at the end of her rectum turning into a growing ache she couldn’t ignore. She pulled her head away.

“You gotta stop” she cried out her toes rising up farther in a effort to ease the deep rectal ache at the end of her rectum, her feet dancing with high steps in place, the deep blunt pressure followed her as she danced about.

“I’ve only half my cock up your ass Megan” the blunt pressure mounting horribly “You can’t be sodomize proper till it all in, make like your pooping”

The now harsh ache absorb Megan’s thoughts as her mind grasped at anything that might ease the escalating hurtful discomfort. She gathered herself the best she could and forced her young bowel to push, the adult penis was starting feeling like a real thick turd she was trying to push out if not for it being forced the wrong way up inside her stretched sensitive rectal passage. The blunt tip move then slipped passed where it had been lodged. She gasped in sharply at the sensation of it finding a place inside of her that it was never meant to be. Her body convulsed with a mind of it own in a involuntary response to the now deepening penis leaving her gasping sharply in with short sharp intakes of air. The thick penis was on the move with seemly nothing to stop it.

“Thank you Megan” the man moaned “I’ll take it from here”

James held onto Megan as she danced and twisted about almost hanging herself in an effort to relieve the discomfort of his cock pushing into her large intestine. His cock seemed to stiffen up even more from his heightened excitement. James was by no means weak in the cock department having almost ten full inched to use. He looked down at the three inches to her young buttock and at least another inch it he worked his loin up into her lovely ass crack.

With the end of her rectum out of the way he knew slipping his cock through her large intestinal track would be easily sweet. She had already lost control and James meant to keep it that way. His grip tightened on her hips as he urged his cock up watching wide eye as it moved deeper still. She screamed out incoherently and she twisted in his grip her feet leaving the box. James kicked it to the side deeming it unnecessary now his loin went against her perky soft buttock with him using his thumbs to spread her crack open, hoping to get that last inch into place before he really began sodomizing the young bitch.

James seated his loin fully up into her now opened crack as Megan twisted about her legs flailed about wildly. He let her full weight go onto the rope seeing the panic on her face, the horror of what was happening. He tugged his cock back, lunging back up into her bottom feeling her young intestinal track resist slipping over his adult cock. An audible rumble of protest came from young Megan’s abdomen that James could feel with his fully implanted adult cock. He repeated the move relishing the even louder rumble for a few pleasant seconds. The next aggressive lunge had her whole body give out a sudden violent moment of fierce open legged straining with her looking for all the world she was really pooping.

Megan entire body was in a state of shock as the thick penis move deeply into her intestine, not slowing or stopping. She was unaware her feet had left the wooden box till the man’s coarse hairy loin press against her buttock. The robe bit cruelly into her neck her legs swung down feet feeling for the top of the wooden box, again and again, it was gone, the man behind her not helping at all. In fact his only concern seem to be getting more of his thick penis into her sharply cramping intestine. The long penis tugged back Megan’s intestine seemed to try to follow the thick shaft back, her whole body shuddered from the horrid sensation, the adult penis pushed back up into her leaving her swinging momentary limply impaled on the long rod, her intestine rumbling in complaint of the sudden assault through it. The man tugged back again without warning her entire body flaring up in protest as an intense need to use the bathroom swept over her, the full length of the stiff rod was forced back up into her quivering gut.

To her horror her intestine in a sudden surprisingly powerful sudden surge went full tilt in a horribly too real effort to poop, the whole thing vividly felt inside her, the thick bulbous penis head the only thing keeping her from pooping the stuff out right here and now.

‘Oh God’ Megan thought ‘I’m going to die like this’

The thick rod tugged back again her deep intestinal poop following the rock hard shaft back just as quickly. Her neck burned where the rope bit in and her head pounded, the blood struggling to get into her young head. The mirror reflected back the sadistic gleam in the man’s eyes as he stared back at her. The ghastly horror of it all frozen on Megan’s young face, the dreadfully stiff penis shoved up into her with out regard.

James was thoroughly caught up in the scene unfolding, his cock turning rock hard with the excitement of it all. He plainly felt Megan’s deep stool go against his fully implanted cock under the sudden rush of her violent upwelling. He braced himself for taking her this way and tugged his cock back the thick warm stool hugging his cock all the way back. He stare into the mirror wanting to remember this moment forever and shove his cock in striving to fully enter intestine again. Even though she was hanging by her neck her eyes went wide from the effect of having her stool plowed into with such force, his cock lodged in, not quite all the way though, he shoved again planting his cock fully back into place, triumph of it gleaming sadistically in his eyes. A strong stream of piss flooded out from young Megan’s hairless pussy slit. James felt his balls loosen going full tilt into release as he watched the spectacle unfold in the mirror, his eyes glued onto the forceful flow of yellow piss flooding from Megan’s young pussy, his current fantasy being blissfully fulfilled.

“Oh.. FUCK!!” James cried out as his balls unloaded his sperm with a fierce blast that clear a path inside the young girl’s intestine through the thick foulness in readiness for the next leg weakening load that was already rushing out. “OH FUCK….!!”

The yellow stream of Megan’s hot piss died down but his balls still pumping full force as if more sperm could to be found in his now dry aching balls. He pulled his cock from her ass, quickly lifting her and removing the noose. Her small neck had a showing of rope burn where he let her hanging for a long bit. She was unmoving but still alive. He pick up a clean rag and wiped his almost limp cock clean and with another clean rag wiped it through Megan’s soiled butt crack. Reaching up he grabbed the ‘Megan’ trophy box and placed the soiled rags in by her underwear. James placed a kiss on the box before placing it beside ‘Alice’. He looked down at the used up young girl kind of wishing he could do it all over again. James balls ached pleasantly. He knelt down by the girl turning her dazed face toward him.

“You ready to go home now little bitch”

Megan could only blink back but James took it as a yes. He got her outer clothes together, her undies were now his and got her ready to leave. To a drop off place nowhere close to her real home. That would be pushing fate too far.


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