Sandy and Sherry (M,g,doll)

Sandy and Sherry (M,g,doll)

Prologue: A young man gets fired from his job for trying to date a girl at work. His friend offered him a better alternative

Autor: Uncle Tony

I had a couple of really bad experiences with girls. When I was ten, one of the girls at my school, Sylvia, gave me a blow job in exchange for a couple of cigarettes. A few days later, I offered her a pack of twenty of her favorite brand if she would let me fuck her. I knew she was pretty experienced, because several of the other lads had fucked her too. Sylvia was my first, like me she was just past ten years old. I fucked her several more times before she suddenly left the area.

After I finished school, I started a job. There was a pretty young girl working in the office. I tried to chat her up and date her, but she reported me to the boss for sexual harassment and I got fired. I soon got another job, but I was very careful not to chat up the girls. One of them actually started chatting to me. I was scared to ask her out, so she latched on to one of the other guys. A week or two later, I was in the pub having a few beers, when she came in with the same bloke. She was tippling them back and she was all over him. I thought “that lucky bastard will get some nooky tonight” a couple of days later the cops arrested him. He was charged with raping her. I went to the cops and told them that I’d seen then getting real hot in the pub that same night. The cops didn’t want to know. According to the fellow she had taken him to her flat and they had fucked. Next day, she went to the police and told them that she had only wanted to give him coffee. She agreed that she’d had a few to drink, but that he had taken advantage and forced her. From that day, I avoided women like the plague. My only sex was by my own hand.

It was a cold winter night when one of my friends came around to see me. Jim is twenty-six, just a year older than me. He has a small farm, just outside of he town. Like me, Jim is pretty much a loner. Like me he has an eye for, well let’s just say, ‘younger girls’. Having an eye for younger girls is very dangerous these days. The old taboo has turned into a complete witch hunt. I live alone in a big old house, set in its own grounds. It was my grandfather’s, but when he died, he left it to me.

Jim seemed quite excited. “Come round to my house tomorrow, Phil.” He said, I’ve got something you must see, it’s bloody fantastic.” We had some beers and talked a bit, but he wouldn’t let on what it was all about. The next day, after lunch, I drove around to his farm and rang the bell. Imagine my surprise when a little girl opened the door. She was incredibly beautiful. It was difficult to judge her age. She had quite perky breasts and a body to die for, jet black hair done up in a pony tail. She had on a pair of white hot pants and a skimpy top.

“Hello.” She said. “You must be daddy’s friend Philip.” What the hell was going on, Jim a father? I couldn’t believe it. “Come in.” She said and led me into the sitting room. Jim jumped up. The little girl ran to him and stood at his side.

“So how do you like my Tammy?” He asked. I was stunned.

“I never knew that you were a dad.” I told him. He gave his little girl a hug.

“Go to your room Tammy, just for a while. I want to talk to my friend. Just go to sleep for a bit, I’ll call you.” Tammy gave him a hug.

“Alright, daddy.” She ran off. Jim waited until she had gone.

“So what do you think?” He asked again.

“She’s beautiful, Jim. I never knew you were a father, where’s her mother?”

“Actually, she isn’t my daughter, I bought her, not cheap I can tell you, but worth every penny. I’ve never been so happy.”

“Bought her?” If they catch you, they’ll kill you.” Jim started laughing.

“She isn’t real, she’s what they are calling an android. She cost me five thousand Pounds. I can fuck her whenever I like and as often as I like, it’s fucking marvelous.”

“But it can’t compare to a real girl, Jim nothing can compare to a real girl.” Jim laughed.

“That’s why I invited you here, Phil.i know that you are going to want one yourself. She’s fantastic. She learns, she doesn’t eat, she drinks water and some milk and I have a supply of pills. I give her one per week. She kisses like a real girl and when you’ve fucked her, you’ll know it’s as good, actually it’s better than fucking a real girl. The people making these have to be careful for now. When you get them, they truly believe you are their daddy. They have a good vocabulary. It’s amazing Phil. You know what women are like. It’s only by personal introduction that you can get one. That’s why you’re here. I’m going to let you try her out.”

“Where is she now?” I asked.

“I just tell her to go to her room and sleep and she does just that, turns off. When I want her, I just call her and she’s back online.”

“Does she have batteries.” I asked. Jim looked horrified.

“Don’t be daft, of course she doesn’t, you can examine her and from the outside, she’s a real girl. There are no components.” He said “She believes she’s my daughter, but she does as I ask, so if I ask her to let you fuck her, she will. I wouldn’t let anyone else.”

“What happens to your semen if you come inside her?” I asked him.

“I have no idea. I think they absorb it or use it as fuel or whatever. She’ll give you a fucking fantastic blow job as well and she swallows every drop. You can have her programmed to do anal as well, but I’m not interested in that. Best of all is that she never gets older and never gets pregnant. Want to try?”

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” I asked “Do babies crap yellow? Of course I do.”

“Tammy.” He called. “Wake up sweetie.” A few minutes later she came down. “Did you have a nice sleep, sweetheart?”

“Yes, thank you, daddy.”

“Now my sweet, uncle Phil is a very special friend of mine. He likes you a lot. He’s a really nice man. Will you do me a big favour, Tammy?” She looked up at him with big innocent brown eyes.

“Of course I will daddy, I’ll do anything for you.”

“Well I would like you to take him to our room and make him happy like you do me. He hasn’t been with a little girl for a very long time. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” Tammy looked a me and then him.

“If you’re sure that you don’t mind, daddy.”

“Just this once, please love.” She came over to me and took my hand.

“Come on, uncle Phil. Tammy will try to make you happy.” Her hand felt real. We went up to the big bedroom. We sat on the bed. I kissed her. She kissed back. This wasn’t a child’s kiss. This was full of passion and promise, her mouth and tongue and lips felt like the real thing. My hand went to her breasts. “Let me take my top off for you, uncle Phil. She took off her top. Her breasts were small but perfect. I’d felt silicone ones and real ones. These were the real thing. She pushed up my T-shirt. “Let’s take it off.” I didn’t need another invitation. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my erection. “Oh, uncle Phil. It’s nice. Can I kiss it?” Christ this was unreal.

“Yes please.” I whispered. She got down and took my entire shaft into her mouth. There was no gagging or choking. This felt better than the real thing. “Stop, Tammy, or you’ll make me come.”

“You can come in my mouth if it makes you happy.” She murmured. “It tastes yummy.” I unfastened her hot pants, she had nothing underneath except for a bald pouting pussy. She had a clitoris as well and she was wet and ready. “How do you want to do it?” She asked. “You can teach me if I don’t know it.” I opened her legs, she opened them wide and guided me to her pussy. She rubbed it along her slit a few times and then guided me into her. God it was warm and wet, she was already starting to milk me. I wasn’t going to last long. “Why not come quickly?” She asked. “Then we can have a rest and then do it again and take your time. Daddy won’t mind. He wants me to make you happy.” That did it, I had a massive orgasm, the semen seemed to have an endless supply. “Poor uncle Phil.” She whispered. “It must have been a long time. Do you feel better now? Just rest for a while and Tammy will make you ready again. Then I can really make uncle Phil happy.” I hugged her, then for the next ten or fifteen minutes, she licked and sucked me, rubbed my penis on her breasts, ground her pussy on my leg and within fifteen minutes I was rock hard again.

I got her on her knees, we did it doggy, cowgirl, missionary and finally face to face. I started to tense. My balls were getting ready to explode again. As I got ready to unload, she beat me to it. “Oh, uncle Phil, I’m coming, I”m coming.” My prick got squeezed shudders ran through her body. I joined her and pumped another load of my sticky semen deep inside her. I just couldn’t believe that this wasn’t the real thing. I fell out of her. She kissed me. “Was that good for you, uncle Phil?” She asked. “Did I make you happy?”

“Yes, Tammy, you made me very happy.”

“Oh goodie. Daddy will be pleased. I hate to disappoint my daddy.” We went back down. She ran to Jim and threw her arms around him. “I made uncle Phil happy daddy. Are you happy now?”

“Yes Tammy, love. I’m very happy. You must be tired after that. Why not go to your room and have a little sleep. Daddy will call you.”

“OK daddy.” And she ran off

“Well, do you want one now?” Jim asked.

“That is fucking amazing, Jim. I still can’t believe she’s a machine. How do I get one? How long must I wait?” Jim took out his phone.

“I’ll call him now and give him your address.” When the phone was picked up, he said. “My friend Phil that I mentioned to you is very interested. When can you get to see him.” There was a pause. Jim turned to me. “How about six this evening?” I nodded. He gave the person on the other end my address.

I went back home and waited for the doorbell, it seemed like an eternity. At exactly six, the doorbell rang. Opened it and a young man came in. I sat him down and offered him a beer. He produced a tablet, turned it on and handed it to me. As I turned the pages I saw that there were full length pictures of young girls.

“These girls are from about 8 years to twelve years old. If you press the minus sign at the bottom, it will reduce the age by one year to a minimum of 6 . The plus will increase the age up to a maximum of 15. If you look on the side panel, you’ll see that you have icons to change the hair color, eye color, shade of skin color. You also have items of dress, you can dress your model in whatever you like for delivery and you can add extra outfits at a small extra charge. You can also change size of breasts, the lips, the genitals, legs, whatever you like. I suggest I leave this with you for some time until you select exactly what you are looking for. Remember, the girls have no maintenance other than water which they will drink as necessary. Because of the fluids that you will also give them, we they can get necessary things from that, but once weekly, if they are in use, they will need a special pill which can be given orally and we supply you with enough for your lifetime. If you run out, which is unlikely, we can supply more. It’s important to pick your ideal playmate. We hope she will be your companion and pleasure for the rest of your life. The models are given a good vocabulary. They will believe that you are their father. They don’t know that they aren’t human. They will have a birthday at your choosing. Whatever name you wish to call them and they will possess all the skills needed to give you maximum pleasure and you can teach then new things as well. They will also learn tasks like cooking, cleaning, washing and other household tasks, you will be able to teach them. Here is my card. When you have chosen, give me a call and I’ll come back and collect my tablet. Payment is cash in advance, delivery depends on the number of modifications, usually within three days.”

After he had left, I spent hours poring over the pictures. Finally I decided on not one, but two girls. One of nine and one of twelve. After I had made all the adjustments, I was going crazy. I must have jerked off a dozen times, just building them and imagining what they would be like. Eventually after two days, I called him. He came over an hour or two later. I had several questionaries that I had to complete. Most of them were about the kind of sex I enjoyed. He wanted the length and girth of my erect penis. He was surprised that I ordered two.

“Are you going to have intercourse with them separately? Should they know what you are doing to the other? Do you plan threesomes? Are you all going to sleep in one bed?” Afterwards I handed over almost eleven thousand Pounds for the two girls and extra outfits.

“When can I expect delivery?” I asked. He studied my choices.

“Not too many modifications. Let me see, today is Tuesday, let us say Thursday evening at around eight o’clock. Will that be in order? For your own pleasure, may I suggest that you treat your daughters to a day or two getting to know each other before you initiate intercourse with one or both of them. Personally, I would put one to sleep whilst I pleasure the other a few times, then do the same to the other, and finally, both together. Stress you love both of them equally. The software responds better to lots of loving words. As you have indicated, once sexual activity begins, after a few days, both of the girls will randomly initiate sex with you.”

I can’t tell you how I felt for the next two was difficult not to jerk off several times daily, but I fought the urge. On Thursday the time seemed to pass so slowly. At eight, the doorbell rang. A very pretty young woman stood there with my two girls, one on each side of her, holding her hand. In real life they were even more beautiful than I had seen them on the tablet.

“Good evening sir.” She said, smiling. “I’ve brought your two daughter back from the school.”

“Daddy, daddy.” They both yelled and rushed at me I hugged them both. Welcome home Sherry, welcome home Sandy. I’ve missed you so much.”

“Sit down girls and sleep for a little while, it’s been a long journey”. The two girls sat on the settee, hugging each other and became still. “We don’t like to think that the girls get to know that they are different. We only deliver to recommended customers. If you have friends, unmarried or divorced who have an inclination for the younger female, you will get a commission of one hundred Pounds per girl sold. They don’t eat, but they think that only older people eat and drink. They will only drink milk or water. There are two tins of their nutrients in the vehicle that I brought them in. Please help me to bring them into your garage. You might like to put some into bottles we have provided and put them into their room or medicine cabinet. If they know where they are, they will take them when needed.” I helped her with two drums of tablets, about 10 gallon size, each filled with pills. The blue ones are for the blonde girl, Sandy and the red ones for the brunette, Sherry. They know which needs which. They have different minerals for the hair and skin shade. I hope the girls give you a lot of pleasure, sir. Goodnight.” And she drove away.

I went back into the room. I looked at my two new daughters. I wanted to fuck both of them, but I knew the salesman was right, anticipation is great. “Wake up Sherry, wake up Sandy. Come and let me hug you both., the girls came running over and one sat on each knee. They felt so completely real. I tickled them and they giggled and squirmed. I had made a room up for both of them. I took them to their room. “You need to decide who sleeps where.” I told them. They each picked a bed. “Now lie down and go to sleep Sandy you can sleep too Sherry. Daddy will wake you in the morning.”

I didn’t get much sleep. My dick was demanding attention, but I fought the urge. I decided to stick it out until the afternoon and then I would have to fuck one of them, but I still hadn’t decided which one would be first. They were equally desirable.

Next morning, I woke them. They played Chess together and then some board game that I had bought for them. Then they started a really big jigsaw puzzle. At about two o’clock. I decided it was time. I had decided that the younger one, Sherry would be my first. I had her dress in the same outfit that Jim’s girl had worn, little white hot pants and a white little top.

“Sandy, you look tired.” I told her. “Why don’t you go to your room and sleep for a little while.?”

“OK daddy.” She ran off. I went and sat on the settee with Sherry. God she was gorgeous.

“Let’s play a game, sweetie. I want to play doctors. Can I be your doctor?” She looked at me with her big innocent brown eyes.

“I’d like that, daddy.”

“First I have to check your mouth.” I told her. “The best way to check your pretty mouth is to kiss it. May I kiss your mouth, Sherry. She tilted her head and our lips met. It wasn’t long before the kiss got demanding. I pulled away. And gently rubbed her nipples through her top.

“That feels nice daddy.” She murmured.

“May I take your top off, so I can examine you better?” She nodded. I unfastened her to. Her breasts were even better in the flesh than on the pictures. I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom and put her onto the bed. I licked, kissed and sucked her boobs for a long time, my dick was bursting. “I want to examine your pussy next.” I told her. I pulled off her panties. I could see that the pouting lips of her pussy were already wet. I took of my shirt and pants. She took hold of my rock hard penis.

“Are you going to examine me with this, my daddy? It’s very big. I’m only a little girl daddy. I’m only nine. Do you think it will fit? Please be gentle daddy, I’m only little and it will be my first time, but I think that would be nice don’t you?” She spread her legs for me and guided me inside. I had hardly got inside before I pumped a massive load inside her.

“Sorry, Sherry. You are so lovely.”

“Don’t worry daddy, we can do it again as soon as you’re ready. It fits in me nicely. I love my daddy. Would you like me to suck it for you, daddy?” I shook my head.

“No, Sherry, let’s just lie together and enjoy being together. Just for a while, then we can do it again.”

“I’d like that very much, daddy. It was starting to feel real good.” She got her little hand around my shaft. My penis wasn’t completely flaccid. She gently and rhythmically squeezed it. “Suck my titties again, daddy, please. It feels good when you do that.” It didn’t take long before I was hard again. She gently massaged my penis. “I can come on top if daddy feels tired.” She suggested. I lay back.

“I’d like that very much.” She straddled me and sank onto my hardness. They had taught her well. She rocked on me gently, stopping whenever she felt me close to coming. “Get on your knees, Sherry.” I rode her doggy style. Finally I rolled her onto her side and entered her from behind. I was starting to feel the urgency now. I started moving faster. “Get ready, my love.” I told her.

“I’ll always be ready for you daddeeeeee, and she stiffened and her body shuddered as I pumped my load into her. We relaxed. I was still inside her, holding her breasts. “Wow, daddy, that was so good. I’d like to do that a lot with my daddy, but what about Sandy?” I hugged her.

“I love both of you, so much, but I can’t have fun with both of you at the same time.”

“Why not, daddy. I’m sure Sandy wants to have fun with her daddy as well. Can I tell her what we did?”

“No, please don’t, let me tell her myself.” She gave me a cheeky grin.

“I know. Daddy wants to have some fun with my sister whilst I’m asleep. Will it be her first time as well?” I laughed.

“You’re reading my mind. I’m not telling you, that’s a secret, I would like to make sure that she loves me like you do and likes doing it with me as much as you do. Then we can all know. Is that cool?”

“Of course it is daddy, we both love you very much. I know she’ll love doing it with you.”

“Right, get dressed and let’s go downstairs and I’ll wake Sandy.” We spent the rest of the afternoon playing hide and seek then I showed them how to tidy up and wash the dishes. I made myself some food and the girls played together while I ate. At ten o’clock we all went upstairs. I put both girls into the room and then told Sherry to have a nice sleep until the morning. Sandy went to get into bed, but I stopped her.

“I get very lonely at night.” I told her. “Would you come and sleep with me?”

“I’d love to sleep in my daddy’s bed.” I held her little hand and led her to my bedroom. I put on the small bedside lamp “I’m just going into the bathroom for a minute.” I told her. You can get into bed, I won’t be long.” I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I got undressed apart from my shorts and went to the bedside. Sandy was lying waiting for me. I dropped my shorts and climbed into bed. Sandy was naked. She snuggled up to me and ‘accidentally’ rubbed against my erection.

“Oh, daddy is all hard.” She whispered. I kissed her and as with Sherry, the kisses got hotter and hotter. I moved my attention to those gorgeous breasts. She moaned and groaned and squirmed. “Oh daddy, I’m getting all wet, please daddy, play with my pussy, please daddy.” As I had arranged with the salesman she had a good sized very sensitive clitoris. I got my head down between her legs. Also as arranged, she had just a bit of soft golden down on her mound. There was also a subtle hint of perfume and no smell of urine whatsoever. Eating her out had never tasted or smelled so good. I worked on her until she climaxed. It didn’t take very long. She moaned and groaned and her orgasm was massive, Christ, these people really knew what a man wanted.

“Oh daddy, that was nice. Now it’s daddy’s turn.” She got down and started to give me a blowjob. It was fucking incredible, talk about deep throating. She stroked and licked my balls and it wasn’t long before I unloaded into her throat. She swallowed every drop, well, I say swallowed. It all went inside. I laid back spent. Her hand continued to stroke my balls and gently squeeze my dick as her tongue gently licked the head. Although I was soft, I was slowly starting to get hard again. She rubbed her nipples on my penis and put my softish length between her breasts. How can a man stay soft, with treatment like that? It didn’t take very long before I was ready again. Her cunt was fantastic. I fucked her in every position I knew. We must have been at it for twenty minutes before I just couldn’t wait. I pushed in very hard. My prick swelled.

“Oh daddy, I’m coming.” She cried. It was almost a shriek. Her cunt muscles squeezed me as I shot my load inside her. Her orgasm seemed to go on for ever. She clung to me and huge shudders racked her perfect body. With each spurt of my spunk, she cried out. “More daddy, more.” She milked my prick of every single drop of my sperms. It was the best fuck ever. I knew that within a few days, Sherry would be doing the same. We hugged and kissed for a while and then I told her “time for little girls to have a nice snooze.

I had arranged with the salesman that the word sleep would take them offline, but snooze meant that they behaved like any little girl asleep after a good fucking. I lay in my bed, thinking about life in the future. I had two little girls that I could fuck whenever and however I wanted. They would never say “no” or pretend to have a headache. Fuck, this was what every man wanted. The world had become so fucked up that men were regarded with contempt by women. Men were scared to even ask them for a date, because it would be sexual harassment and if they did go on a date, there was a chance that they would cry rape whenever they felt like it. I knew quite a few men who would pay anything to get a playmate like mine.

I didn’t like allowing either of my sweeties to get fucked by another prick, but it was the only way to show people that they were actually better than the real thing. I decided to buy a third girl. I got a big discount. I called her Vicky. She was blonde and beautiful. I used her to sell the girls to others. I fucked her myself from time to time. I also let a few selected boys fuck her. I charge them a fiver for a fuck. Well, let’s face it, getting young guys hooked on sex was preferable to drugs and it kept them away from diseases, being charged with rape or sexual harassment. So far, I’ve sold more than fifty, to guys I know. My sex life is incredible. Women are fast becoming obsolete. I wonder how long it will be before they wake up and realize that men are necessary and not to be treated like shit.

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