Sally’s Selfless Gift 2 (Mg,inc,anal,bond)

Sally’s Selfless Gift 2 (Mg,inc,anal,bond)

Prologue: Frank continues nursing Sally’s naive views on sex to his liking, and Sally’s love for her father has her still eager to learn from porn vids she has found on his computer how to lift her father’s spirit after her mother left them.

Author: Lone Dog

After his first intense encounter of butt sex with his step daughter Frank mind had been spinning with ideas how to focus her, guide her thinking into doing some of the perverse thing he’d always wanted to do but was afraid to even voice out loud to anyone. His x-wife had left him bitter, and her daughter looking so much like her kept the bitter feeling in the front of his mind. Getting his dick up her tight ass the other day how ever short of time seemed sweet revenge and he wanted more. He really wanted to sodomize Sally real good and balls deep, he needed to see her struggling just to take it. But he wanted it to be her idea, and he want to use the apparent fact that she was so gullible so trusting. The gears turned in his mind.

And so setting at his computer he reorganized his porn, knowing Sally would be slipping up to view them, to use them as a guide to please him. He had some old ‘Hog Tied’ videos and ‘Balls Deep’ anal, he’d really love to have her hands tied behind her when he took her in the ass next time, the fantasy of it driving him nuts.

Sally’s anus was sore for a while but it was worth it. Daddy seem so much happier now. The night after she let him put his penis into her butt she lay in her bed rubbing her young pleasurably tingling clit thinking about it. He didn’t move like the men in the movies did, she didn’t know why but he did release his seed as the other men did. She wanted to sneak in to her daddy’s computer and look at the movies again to see what more she could do for him. She bet she could do better and make him even happier even than her mother. The thought of her mother leaving her daddy so unhappy made her mad. She would make up for it and if doing grown up sex for daddy she would. There was a little pain with daddy penis in her butt, but she got through it and felt real good about it now that she did. She would do it again even it hurt some.

She saw the door cracked from daddy’s computer room. Creeping quieting to the door she looked in seeing him looking at the sex movies. Her heart went out, he need sex again, and soon. She woulds wait for him to leave the room and sneak in. She needed ideas to make him happy, something she could do. She knew she was young and adult sex was still a mystery in a lot of ways. She was too scare to admit to her daddy about not knowing anything she thought she she should know already. The movies showing her everything she felt she needed to know.

Frank finely had the computer set up and need to run to the store for the right kind of rope, just in case everything came together just right. And he needed to give Sally opportunity and time to view the content of videos he setup in the desktop folder. It could be a few days wait but he felt it would be worth it. He’s been walking around with a half hard cock since the other day but the though of really raping her went against his very being, this way seemed the way to go. At least she’d be reluctant to say anything to anyone he’d have to think on that too making sure it didn’t happen, the gears turning in his mind again.

Sally saw daddy leave to the store, she knew he would be gone a while ‘it was her chance’ she ran up the computer still on she clicked on the folder there ‘click’ and she was off watching getting ideas she would need to make him happy. The one she liked was a woman letting her man tie her up, arms bound tightly behind her, the man flipping her ruffly over a bed and putting his stiff penis into her butt. She found the sound turning it up enough to hear. And by the time this movie and others were over she had learned word adults used for their parts, words like ‘cock’ ‘cunt’ ‘balls’ ‘cum’ she even now knew what ‘sodomy’ was. Her mind a buzz of strange words that had meaning now.

She left the computer room going to hers. All she could think about was pleasing daddy, she loved him a lot, the movie she had chosen for her guide played out in her mind. Sally kinda liked the helpless looked of the woman, the man seemed to really like it too. She could just imagine herself being tied like that, her daddy being ruff with her. Sally’s pussy tingled with pleasure. She could even imagine how happy he would be, the same happy look as the man in the video. Maybe he would even move the same way as the man in the video did this time and she would let him.

Daddy came in from the store, she went down seeing what he had bought. Among the stuff was some rope. She waited around watching him put up the stuff and noted where the rope was kept. Sally couldn’t help believe her luck and when he left the room she grabbed it just knowing that when she showed him why she took it he would be happy indeed. She brought it to her room hiding it for now.

Frank checked the computer and could tell Sally had been there, even checked the video player log locating the video she seemed to favor. He checked it out the sound turned up louder that he expected. ‘Bet she got an earful’ he thought.

Going back downstairs he found she was gone, so was the rope. A ear to ear grin went over his face and his cock stiffened. Damn how was he going to wait, he hurried to his room masturbating hard and quickly into a towel. He wondered how long or if she would get the nerve to approach him. He was hoping soon, really needing more of what he had experienced the other day. The thought of her being sodomized while tied was too much to dwell on for long and his cock hurt from being stiff much too long of time. He grabbed a beer sucking it down till he mellowed out some. Another beer had him in front of the TV watching a ball game. It was her move now.

Sally was ready having thought about it carefully. She knew it would be uncomfortable remembering before. But she was a big girl and would do it anyway. She would handle it like the women in the video did. If they could do it for their man ‘So could she’. She realized she needed to show daddy what she wanted to do for him. She got the rope out and brought it to his room laying it out on the bed. A deep breath later and she strode confidently down stairs finding daddy watching TV and drinking a beer.

“Daddy I want to show you something” she said suddenly insecure.

“What is it honey”

Sally came clean telling him about looking at more movies on his computer hoping he wasn’t going to be to mad. But he wasn’t getting up without his beer and letting her pull him by his hand to the room to show him the movie she liked. The movie she wanted to act out for him. She just knew he would be happy ‘just knew it’.

“So you were the one that took my rope” Frank looking at her sternly.

“Yes..” Sally said meekly but shaking her head too eagerly.

“Well go get it and get to my room”

Sally took off at a run a big grin on her face. Frank watched her go to get the rope a rush of sexual excitement washing over him, the couple beers lending a good buzz to it all. He lifted the bottle finishing the last of it and went on to his room. He was just pulling off the last of his clothes when Sally came bursting in and seeing him almost nude she placed the rope onto the bed and pulled all her clothes off in a flash.

“Tie me just like the lady in that movie, daddy” She stood naked turning her back, folding her arms in back of her like the woman’s arm were tied.

Frank went right to work, rapping her arms with the rope, even had enough to run a loop up her back and around her neck, a glorious sight. Her nude buttocks a beacon through the entire job. His cock was already fiercely hard. The woman in the video had a ball gag but he didn’t have one. But the though of her gagged also had him going through his dresser drawer, he grabbed a rolled up pair of clean socks pulling them apart.

“I’m going to gag you Sally” he asked “Open up.. okay”

Sally remembered seeing the gag thing in her mouth and shook her head ‘yes’ opening her mouth wide. She let daddy stuff the one sock into her mouth then tie the other around her head. She kinda felt oddly excited and scared at the same time. Daddy’s cock was real stiff and she remembered the bit of discomfort from last time. Her pussy was humming pleasurably at the thought of being tied and gagged. She felt helpless and realized she liked the feeling. Now she knew why the women did this for their man, it gave them pleasure too. And for some reason she also couldn’t pin down, she wanted it to hurt some, at least a little. She could handle that, her small clit tingled even more with pleasure.

It was like something snapped in Frank’s mind, the sight of Sally tied and gagged sent him full swing into a fantasy world that took full control of his movements. Her wide eye innocents and exposed flesh gave him absolute tunnel vision, focus of intent. He was wanting to be just as ruff with her as the man in the video was to the adult women. And he was going to be, there was nothing to stop him now. He didn’t remember getting the jar of petroleum jelly but his throbbing cock was thick with the stuff. Tossing the jar onto the bed reaching down grabbing Sally roughly.

Sally was surprised at the change in daddy as he spread the thick jelly over his long adult penis. She realized he was caught up in the game, and she could see he took on the same look the man in the video had. The jar of jelly just missed her head bouncing across the bed. His hands grabbed her, lifting her up and flopped her over the side of the bed. And the tip of his thick jelly slick penis went feeling through her buttocks coming to rest against her anus. A strong controlling hand went onto her rope bound arms holding her in place, the blunt tip stabbed strongly against her back hole.

Her anus resisted the hard press a discomfort growing into a sharp pain before she remember to make like she was pooping. She willed her pooping mussels to work, the thick penis tip popped in. She screamed out through the gag consumed by a unbelievably sharp stab of pain, the penis tip working even deeper. She would have clawed her way off the digging thickness if she could, as it was her knees went trying to climb up onto the bed and away, finding no perches on the edge of the bed. His hand on her back still pressing hard down onto her keeping her in place. The adult penis lodge finely to a stop her rectum stretched horridly too much to really handle. Her whole body trembling out of control in the harsh grip of it.

And yet her daddy was on the move, his stance changing, his strong controlling grip pulling her back farther over the edge of the bed her torso and shocked face coming up off the bed slightly, an adult arm going around her tummy the stiff penis worming, flexing inside her for a bit the harsh pain thankfully dieing back some. Daddy came in over her placing a kiss on her head. She let the wash of daddy’s loving kiss go through her, she could feel his hot breath in her hair. She knew this time he was going to move his penis in her butt like she’d seen the other men do in the movies.

Frank had no plans to be easy on her. He was wanting to really enjoy this. Sally’s muffled scream stiffened his cock all the more, and the way her legs move as if trying to climb away from him had him eagerly going on about his business of planting his cock full up into her perfect bottom. Her open working legs had him more than wide eyed looking down at where his cock entered her tightly stretched milking anal mussel. He wormed his cock in with enthusiasm engulf in the tight way her warm rectal passage hugged his cock and all to soon his cock head was tight against the end of her rectum. Pulling her light youthful body back toward him he lifted her up planting a kiss on her top of her head and taking in her scent. Over half his cock was up into her hot hugging rectum with him having a sudden insatiable need to fuck that hot young tube his cock was stuck into. He pulled his stiff cock back the hugging young girl rectum fighting to retain his cock and started an strong steady humping his mind rapped up in the wonderful feeling going over his cock, oblivious to and discomfort Sally was having.

All the movies she had watch had left Sally woefully unprepared for adult anal sex. Her entire body took on a life of its own, guided entirely by the movement of the controlled stiff penis going forcefully through the tight tube of her young rectum. Daddy’s strong controlling arms were more than adequate to the task of keeping her in place though. It took the longest time before she was able to regain a tedious grasp on any control, by that time his penis was slipping through her tight rectum hindered by only tense waves of erratic rectal spasms she had never experienced before in her life. She realized if not for the gag she would have yelled for him to have stopped by now.

The worse she felt was over with and she was happy she got this far. Yes there was a lingering soreness but it didn’t really hurt like it did. The moving thickness of daddy’s penis felt a lot like she was taking a poop that wasn’t ending. She found she couldn’t get it out of her mind at all and wondered if the women in the movies had the same feeling or if it was just her. Daddy wasn’t getting tired at all, if fact it felt like the blunt tip of his penis was seating up into her rectum even harder, staying deep longer and longer. She was sure of it now that it was getting sore where the penis head lingered, pressing in place.

Frank fucked her rectum overwhelmed in the entirety of the scene till she regained some semblance of control and the tube of her rectum loosened some. But a mad desire to have his loin firmly against her buttocks had him working toward that goal, the end of her tight rectum now a hindrance he needed to circumvent. His own hips took on a life of their own, angling this way and that, trying to work his cock head through what seemed to be a mystery path into her large intestine. His stiff cock a pleasurable extension of his scenes feeling through every imperfection of Sally’s young girl rectum.

Sally let her self, her mind sink into being submissive, finding she like being use like her daddy was using her. The horrid pain in the beginning was mostly gone replaced by a rush of different ones that kept her young bowel busy. She wasn’t sure if she really needed to poop or if it was the continuously moving thick penis of her father. At any rate her brain was working over time in keeping the feeling from escalating too far out of control. Her daddy’s long penis suddenly changed in the way it moved feeling more like a long thick finger feeling its way through her rectum and poking hard deep inside her. The now harshly nosing blunt penis tip was in fact finding a path to push farther into her, she could feel that plainly and her body move twisting involuntarily in a vain effort to relieve the growing deep odd feeling discomfort.

It was one thing to have her sensitive rectum filled with moving adult cock, sometime she pooped from there but something felt oddly wrong about where the stiff rod was trying to move into now. She was squirming to conform her body within the confines of her daddy’s strong arms to the unyielding stiffness, twisting into odd positions involuntarily. Sally’s head turned eyes moving wildly around locking onto daddy’s face, he had move over her enough to now be looking down at her own face. She could see he was caught up in pure ecstasy as he look down onto her. The blunt probing tip of his penis went even deeper making her freeze by the rush of an urgent feeling that felt like she was really going to need to find a bathroom, and it was getting worse ‘rapidly’. She flushed hotly at what seemed to her a horrid thing to be happening ‘what would daddy think’.

Sally tried groaning out through the gag, but her daddy only kept looking at her intently the penis now having moving past a tight place inside her into a place of even more heightened sensitivity. Her whole body going through uncontrolled shudders with each reluctant slip of her intestinal wall over the thick fleshy blunt tip. Through it all the horrid and now real feeling urge to poop, her mind loosing even that tenuous control from her grasp. Sally flushed even hotter as her body started welling up well out of her control to ‘really’ poop. She was so… so… embarrassed.

Frank was caught up in worming his cock past the end of Sally’s rectum and into her large intestine. Half his cock was already being hugged by her tight rectum mussels, his mind relishing the feel of the mussels milking his excited organ in random waves. He pulled Sally up against him enjoying her warm flesh against him. He looked down watching her squirm in the throws of his cock head getting pushed slowly past the end of her rectum and feeling it finely slipping into her youthful virginal large intestine. That thought held him and he couldn’t turn his gaze from her face watching it turn beet red, taking this all in his cock seemed to stiffen even more with excitement. Her young sweat dampened forehead wrinkled with a shocked worry that heightened his lust for even more.

In his mind he could imagine his cock in her gut, and he eased forward, worming in more, her whole body going through rushes of pleasing harsh body gripping shudders. The feel of Sally’s hot intestine quivering over his cock being imprinted forever into his long term memory along with the image of her hot flushing red young girl face. His loin touched her buttocks, his knees automatically working her legs open wider in an animal need to get every inch up into her. His loin wormed up into the open clef of her small buttocks, his mind taking in the feel of her tight anus hugging tight at the base of his cock. Frank felt he was in heaven and to top everything off he watched Sally’s body welling up, her young body making all the moves of having an intense bowl movement, her young now sweat covered face bright red as she averted her gaze gripped with apparent deep embarrassment. Frank was loving every bit and leaned in again placing his face into her soft sweat damp hair to take in her pre-teen sent, leaving a lustful kiss there before pulling away. Her scent and taste fresh in his mind.

Sally’s body, against her will was hard at work trying to ‘poop’ and it was more embarrassing to her than anything to have happen to her ‘ever’. It was so much that she was straining, she wasn’t really that much, but she could feel it all happening in real time, the pressure building against the thick blockage in her intestine unable to progress farther. She was starting to freak-out just wanting right now to relieve herself and tried speaking out again through the gag hoping daddy would somehow hear her concerns. She would be willing to continue pleasing her daddy, if she could just relieve herself first.

Daddy leaned over her his face in the hair of the top of her head and moaning lustfully he kissed her there before pulling away. Strong hands pushing guided her back belly down onto the bed, her trembling legs still over the edge. She could feel his adult penis flexing thickly stiff filling her intestine with a horrid rush of urgent sensations. She tested her bound arms and found them still held tightly in place, a feeling of embarrassment and helplessness panic welled up as his strong hands became even more controlling of her small body. The pressure that had built up against the thick knot in her large intestine seemed to have reached a pivotal point her deep poop winning only by moving around the deep thick fleshy blunt blockage, she felt it all happening, her mind in shock from not now being able to tell the differences between stiff penis and poop ‘it all felt like poop!’ to her now. The thick penis flexed stiffer still and staying that way. Daddy’s stance changed behind her, she knew exactly where this was all going, having seen it before in the movies on daddies computer.

Sally was really freaking out now and she felt daddy needed to know about her pooping, she screamed out through the gag, her wide eyed head turning looking back the best she could to get his attention. She could see his face, he was looking at her but showed nothing in the way of even understanding her. She tried to cry out ‘DADDY’ but the sound was ineligible even to her. His gaze went scanning down over her back-side locking onto her bottom, she cried out again in vain hope. The thick stiff rod of adult penis pulled back not quite leaving her deep intestine and went on the move back in. A mix of enhanced sensations Sally never could believe could be blended together flooded through her bowel making her go blind to everything but the grossness of how it felt. And her body did well suddenly up, the urge to poop foremost in the violent sudden uncontrolled reflex, the moving penis seemly unaffected, in fact becoming more aggressive in its movement. Sally became hopelessly lost in the act, her mind escaping deep away from the thrashing movements of her body.

Looking down Frank could see his loin pressed up into the clef of her prefect spread buttocks. His mind had taken in everything while watching Sally intently. He couldn’t even conceive how it felt to her, but he was loving every second of it. He could feel her gut working in overtime, even feel the pressure of her deep stool against his cock. His arms went pressing her down back onto the bed to get a better view at the action he was ready to partake in. She turned looking at him a pleading look on her face as she tried saying something through the gag. She may never let him near her after this but there was no way he was going to stop now. Frank thought he might be turned off by poop on his cock but he found that this was not so, his cock stiffen even more in his heightened excitement. His sight pulled back taking in the entirety of the scene and tugged his cock back.

It was fucking wonderful how she went wild, his hands kept busy keeping her under any form of control, his cock feeling everything as it moved through the tube of her hugging intestine. Each move he made had her visually reacting and Frank quickly became expert in action and reaction his world a lust fill dream become realty of unbelievable pleasure. Sally he could see was lost in the act plainly feeling everything from it but the pleasure, making his movements all the more harsh as he move rapidly toward release. Sounds of this vile lust making filling his ears along with her high pitched moans muffled by the gag moving him rapidly toward release.

Sally’s world was blown up out of proportion of uncontrolled movement that was being forced though her intestine. Crying out through the gag for it to stop had no effect but she continued anyway. Her thick poop being spread through her bowel, and rectum was warm and lightly burned in that way it does when a person poops sometimes. All of the sensations new to her in a way that panicked her to the core. She let her mind escape into the panic, she was only vaguely aware of her daddy’s controlling strong hands and the thick penis like a thing alive, purposely escalating the harshness of her pooping around the thick stiff movement beyond what she thought of as bearable. The escalating much to rapid movements became erratic ‘he’s getting ready to cum’ went through her young mind. She felt daddy’s penis swelling then plunge in deep his hands gripping her hips, fingers digging around the wide bone of her young hips pulling her back against his lunge.

Her head lifted staring wide eye straight ahead, all her senses on the thick penis swelling deep in her gut. ‘Daddy really did like it this way’ she was thankful in a surprised way even though she still felt an uncontrolled need to keep pooping. She felt a forceful spray of sperm from the head of his blunt penis go off deep in her intestine. Her young pussy went off in a spasm wave of pleasure at just knowing her daddy was finding the relief he needed. She remained engrossed in daddy’s release, each forceful spray of man seed making her giddy. She still felt embarrassed, a feeling of being wrongly use, and yet a feeling of satisfaction of making daddy happy. Sally realized she like all the mix of feelings, she felt naughty as if doing something dirty only her and her daddy knew about.

Daddy had been ruff with her, like the men were in the movies. She ached all over, her rectum burned a little and her large intestine felt sore. But daddy pulled his penis out when it started to go soft and he removed the now spittle wet sock gag. Sally’s hands had gone numb and tingled in pain as the blood flowed back into them. After kissing him she rushed off buttocks clenched to the bathroom. Her pussy tingled as she sputtered out sperm and poop into the toilet, the slight burning a reminder of his needful lust. Daddy came in turning on the shower, the evidence of their love making still on his penis. He climbed in, she follow quickly both getting clean.

Frank lay in bed that night, his head a buzz of ideas of what he might get away with. Sally seemed none the worse for wear, his cock going through periods of going stiff just thinking about sodomizing her again. Damn he was going to get more of that. The image of her bound up like that had him reaching over to his masturbating kit, settling in to cum one more time tonight.

Sally went to bed she too laying there, her body still aching from daddy’s loving her. She had been up twice to try to poop, but very little coming out. Still her youthful clit hummed with need she couldn’t ignore and she rubbed over her pussy wishing she was as good at it as daddy was. Her mind reliving everything she had felt today and she was soon quivering in pleasure around in her small bed. She was going to look at daddy’s computer again to see what else she could find to please him with. Till then she was sure of the fact he liked her butt real good. She could do that again if he wanted. And she was still mad that her mommy left her and daddy, a pleasant warmth of being able to really help daddy be happier made her feel useful ‘she love daddy so much’.