Play Time ‘Cowboy & Indians’ (Mg,inc,anal,play sex)

Play Time ‘Cowboy & Indians’ (Mg,inc,anal,play sex)

Angela woke early rubbing the sleep from her eyes. It had been over a year sense her mother left them. She still wasn’t sure why, daddy just said ‘She didn’t love them anymore’ and she figured it had to be right because her mother had never even visited them, her. She passed by a large dresser mirror slowing to view her youthful image like she always did. She was just a little over six now with school starting in another month. Her dark medium long hair in disarray from just getting up. She shook her hair only making it worse but she had to pee and scurried on to the bathroom. She hiked up her warm long pajamas, not wearing any panties she hoisted herself onto the cool open seat of the toilet her piss loud as it streamed into the water…

Her still groggy mind, thoughts going back to the first time after her mother left, to the first time Angela’s father touched her little clit. She was scared alone in her room it was dark and she got up, she and went climbing into her father’s bed nuzzling up close under the warm covers. That was when she learned that men like her father, penis’s got stiff when they slept. Her hand accidentally touched the fleshy stiff thing. At first she was shocked to have done so but he remained asleep and her curiosity got the best of her. She couldn’t help herself and carefully felt with one small hand the odd shaped adult organ of her sleeping father under the covers.

He groaned making her pull her hand away and she peeked up in the dim of the night seeing him still deeply asleep. Angela felt naughty and something else, her young pussy tingled in a pleasant way, her small hand creeping back to feeling her fathers adult organ. She remembered her racing mind trying in wonderment to figure out at what all she was feeling was used for, her other hand slipped into the play. Her father groaned even more loudly then stopped.

Both her small hands remained gripped around his stiff penis, she could feel his heart pumping blood through it. The thing felt like a thing alive and her own heart raced feeling it jerk suddenly squirting something wet out of the tip? It squirted again and she looked up into the dimly lit surprised face of her awake father.

“What.. what.. What are you going” He cried out looking scared.

Angela was scared too, she did something wrong and knew it. But her heart raced with a strange excitement she had never felt, with just her head peering out from the covers she stared wide eyed back, tears welling up. Her hands squeezed involuntarily the still stiff penis jerked again. Her father looked confused, terrified, then seemed to gather himself.

“What are you doing here” He ask, his voice shaking.

“I was scared, daddy” Angela strained out, her voice shaking too “I-I came in here to sleep”

“Sleep….?” He seemed dazed, confused…

He looked long at Angela and she realized she still was gripping his now soft organ. She pulled her damp hands away sure she was in trouble, bad trouble. But he only brushed her hair from her face still looking at her closely. He seemed to come to a decision reaching down pulling her up. One of his hands slipping under her pajamas touching her still tingling clit, then rubbing her there like she did sometime here lately. Angela eyes rolled back, her father’s movement much better than her unpracticed fingers. She writhed about letting him do it, letting the still new sensations take her away……

She had learned a lot sense then, she knew now what a mans penis was for ‘making babies’ and fun. Angela had started taking to slipping into his room a lot at night. Till finely there was no longer any pretense between them any more. She love to slip into his room before he went to sleep after they both bathed. Angela would now suck on his penis growing use to the taste of his sperm, letting him play with her clit, letting him mouth over her small tingling pussy… She finished peeing and got dressed for the day.

She went out to play with her friend next door but her mind kept going to tonight because her father and her were going to play sex. She love it, the made up games they had taken to doing once or twice a week. She would make up a game telling him how it was played, then he would.. it was great fun. She like to tie him up and play with his big adult penis ‘cock’ she had learned to call it in private. But tonight was his turn and some of his games were exciting, he was so smart and knew a lot. Each game he made up excited her in some way or another, all she knew about the game tonight was the game was called ‘Horsey’ a tie up game. He said it would make him happy and she liked to see him that way cause her turn would be next.

Sometimes he could be ruff in the games but in the end she always found her pussy wet with excitement. Angela found she liked the ruff treatment and through out the entire day would be rubbing over her clit when no one was looking in anticipation of play tonight with her father. She was hoping he would be more controlling than normal, she liked that. She liked that a lot. Then it was time to go home, eat and….

Angela went scurrying into her father’s room already stripped down to her panties. She had washed up just as he liked. He was humming to the music playing having gathered up already the things he needed for the sex game. He was only wearing his shorts, she knew with no underwear. A slight bulge showing he was already excited, wanting to start the game he had made up. He pick up a bottle of beer taking a long swig off it before setting it down. ‘Good’ Angela thought. He was always a little rougher with her after drinking a few of them. She had been wanting to feel used and helpless, her small pussy sending tingling signals through her young body.

Angela had never told him, too embarrassed to admit to the liking the feeling of helplessness. But had urged him more than once to escalate things, then having to use her imagination when he wasn’t near as ruff as she’d like. Beside the beer she saw the familiar jar of petroleum jelly, he was going to sodomize her in this game, she was sure. It was something she let him do more than a few times but wasn’t sure if she liked the way it felt. She did like the feeling of having been used it gave her afterwards and she would rub over her small clit well into the night afterwards thinking about being taken against her will by a strange strong man.

“Ready to play dear” He said picking up and finishing off the rest of the beer.

She shook her head eagerly wanting to be engulfed in the sensations of the game. Eager to know how this new game would play out. Hoping he wouldn’t be to lenient on her, hoping somehow he would understand without her having to try to explain something she herself didn’t quite understand. Angela’s young pussy hummed with sensation as she jumped onto the bed slipping her panties off.

“Do you want to know what I’m going to do” He asked.

Angela shook her head ‘no’ she wanted everything to be a surprise, letting her imagination run wild. Letting her father be that strange strong man that was going to take her against her will.

“I’m going to fight a little daddy” she said with a mischievous grin “But don’t stop”

“You got it honey” he said grinning too.

She was already letting her young mind escape into her imagination as her father grabbed a wide roll of duct-tape he like to use sometimes then lunged at her his grin turning devilish. Angela fought him but not too hard letting him just barely pull her arm and leg on one side of her together, taping her forearm to the outside of her lower leg. She fought as did the same to the other side leaving her spread out missionary on the bed, forearms arms taped against her lower legs. She watched as he pulled off his shorts then picked up a homemade thing, a one inch round piece of wood that could be a sawed of broom handle about six inches long. Two long leather strips had been attached on the very ends and two in farther, much shorter straps were attached. He approached her eyes gleaming in excitement of the game, his adult cock stiffly arched into the air.

“Open up” her father said bring it close to her mouth.

Angela realized he wanted to place it into her mouth, bringing the middle of it to her lips pressing till she had no choice but to open her mouth as the wood touched her teeth. The wood rod was worked sideways forcing the sides of her lips to stretch around the wood. Then her father went about tying off the short straps behind her head making the wood in her mouth almost too tightly wedged in there. A bit of spittle came out warmly running down over her chin. She could feel his eagerness, his heightened sexuality as his made up game was coming together. Her young pussy was growing wet in her own excitement, the feeling of helplessness and anticipation of being used just what she was really wanting.

Her father’s strong arms turned her over onto her knees, rump up in the air facing away from him feet over the edge of the bed, her face down into the mattress. The exposed helpless feeling letting her imagination run wild with excitement. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the longer straps of leather being picked up, feeling them going taunt against the wooden stick wedged across her mouth tightly, urging her to lift her head. The wood bit into the sides her stretched lips leaving her no choice but to lift her head up by his persistent strong urgings. Her excitement grew at being controlled this way and she let herself be taken up by the excitement surging through her. Letting him guide her small young up raised head this way and that for a bit.

The sides of Angela’s lips hurt smartly on each guiding tug of the straps attached to the long wooden peg. Her young mind reeled with pleasure and anticipation knowing her father had also planed to sodomize her. She tugged at the tape holding her bound limbs, she felt how securely it held her, another surge of pleasure surged and strangely a little fear at knowing she was now bound by the unknown rules of her fathers game. Another surge of odd feeling apprehensive excitement…

The long leather straps were passed to one of her father’s hand, she could plainly feel that. His strong grip kept her head well up off the mattress as the other hand she knew worked at opening the plastic jar of petroleum jelly ‘pop’ the top was off. And she felt a slick long adult finger press then worm into her young rectum. She could feel the long slick digit moving through her rectum, feeling it’s way around as it lubed up her young rectal passage. She remembered how he was so careful afraid he would hurt her the first time he pushed his penis into her but-hole.

Angela remember plainly how it felt whenever she let her father wormed his cock into her butt-hole. And her mind reeled not really wanting it to happen but also liking the the helplessness of how it felt, how she now felt. Her whole world seemed to slow as both excitement and dread had her young clit buzzing. She found she liked the mixed feelings, sort of wishing her father would hurry things along and wondering if she would really like this new game, another rush of fearful excitement left her shuddering with anticipation…

The finger moving in her rectum had her squirming now bringing her full attention to the growing sensation, her arms tugged involuntarily at the well rapped wide tape her father had applied. She writhed in near ecstasy till feeling the finger slip finely out, she knew he was ready to enter into her back passage.

She watch as he placed a small flat-screen TV in full view in front of her, plugging in the necessary wires. Then wedging it with pillows so it wouldn’t fall over. The green ‘on’ TV light lit up with a old black and white western set on pause.

“Angie, I’m a cowboy in the wild west who is going for a ride” His voice shook with excitement “You are my faithful horse taking me through it’s dangers.. Lets ride!”

The long leather straps tugged back tighter her dark haired head tilted up farther and back just as she felt the thick blunt tip she knew was his cock head go firmly against her lubed anus. Angela again tested her bonds finding them more than adequate for they’re intended job. Fear, appreciation, lustful excitement coursed through her young veins. The TV came off pause with a cowboy getting his horse ready, saddle thrown up onto the back of the fidgety horse, straps tightened the reins placed into the horse’s mouth. The press of her father’s cock-head mounted against her tight anus making her involuntarily try to pull away. But couldn’t as the tautly held leather straps in her fathers grip made that impossible.

“Relax sweetie….” she heard just as her anus gave in.

Angela’s mind sunk instantly into the feeling of the thick cock holding her anus stretched wide open. Her father must have passed one of the long straps to his other hand because she felt purposeful guiding tugs from each side of the reins almost at once, pulling her firmly back toward him, and onto the thickness of his just entered stiff stationary adult cock… Much too quickly for comfort. She realized to her horror she had gotten her wish, she had no control of any of it. The wooden rod in her mouth bit harshly into each side of her lips making her move backwards from the mounting discomfort coming from her mouth, he was working the wooden rod, pressure on one side then the other forcing her… no guiding her back onto the fiercely stiff thick adult penis.

Her mind turned quickly inward, focused only on two things. Her young rectal tube being stretched over the rigid fleshy rod and reacting to each painful guiding tugs from the wooden rod in her mouth. The old western played on showing the cowboy almost finished readying the anxious horse. The thick adult cock press hard to the end of her rectum, her father holding the reins keeping her uncomfortably in place, any squirming move she made to alleviate the over stretched feeling from her rectal passage was met by more and more precise guiding control of the leather straps on the ends of the wooden rod in her mouth.

The old western showed the cowboy now mounted in the saddle, waving goodbye to someone then shook the straps of the reins taking off at a brisk pace. Angela felt her leather straps shake just like in the old movie. The thick penis of her father pulled back through her still tightly stretch rectum and came to life.

“Ah-h-e-e-a..!” Chirped out from Angela, then “Uh… uh.. uh” in tune to her father’s moving thickness.

The ‘black and white’ cowboy and horse move down the dusty road a little faster than Angela liked seeing, her father doing his best to keep up the pace behind her. She couldn’t quite catch her breath, her rectal passage revolting to being tugged along with the thick blunt tip penis. Her young body instinctively doing it’s best to lurch off the sudden continuous movement, her eyes wide glued to the TV in hope the cowboy would slow his pace as her father seem much to gleeful in working the controlling leather straps. The scene changed as the cowboy disappeared down the dusty road showing now that the horse’s pace had slowed ‘thankfully’ down her father following suit.

Pre-cum mixed with the heavy lube helped a lot in relieving the ghastly tugging of the moving cock. And she slowly regained a margin of control, the sensations flooding through her no worse than any other time he had sodomized her. And she fell into a familiar rhythm, her mind focused only on containing the accustom feeling that she was going to need to use the bathroom soon. The horse and cowboy in the movie rode slowly on through the desolate landscape. A scene flashed showing Indians on a hill top eying the cowboy slowing riding down in a sun dried valley. The Indians jumped onto their own horses galloping around the ridge toward the slowly moving cowboy.

Angela watched as the implication of the scene sunk into her young mind. The TV paused just as the cowboy turned in his saddle the horse rearing up as the cowboy struggled to keep control, the wildly approaching Indians moving in closer. The leather straps pulled back tight in her mouth, the thick cock seated fully worming hard at the end off her tight rectum, she knew posed to enter into her large intestine.

She in more that one occasions had let him slip his penis deeply into her bottom, and knew this was his intent now. If only he wasn’t just too eager, the deep turn into her gut resisted, making her instinctively buck away, tugging at her bound arms against her legs as she squirmed, twisting in an effort to ease the blunt tipped penis’s passage. The blunt tip slipped wedging through the resisting turn, a full body shudder went through her continuing until she felt the press of his course pubic hair against her small bottom, leaving her panting in an intense ‘on edge’ feeling that always held her in it’s sway whenever he penetrated her this deeply.

She groaned out as his cock flex even more ridge inside her bottom, her deeply penetrated intestine revolting to the movement. Her eyes refocusing onto the small TV in front of her the cowboy posed to gallop off at full tilt away from the charging Indians. The penis flexed even stiffer leaving her blinking almost terrified to see when the movie would be taken off pause.

“The Indians are coming Angela, we’ve got to get away” The penis flexed again “Ready…”

A movement to one side of her head had her glancing over seeing his shaking hand gripping the remote, finger hovering over the ‘play’ button. The long leather straps pulled tautly back in one of his strong hands kept her bottom firmly in place against his loin. The finger pressed down, the remote dropping onto the mattress. Her eyes flashed to the TV just as the horse leaped away at full gallop, just as a sharp slap landed against her thigh. The cowboy rode hard slapping the horse with his hand to get it to move faster.

Angela collapsed down in a body gripping shudder as the thick blunt tip tugged back not quite leaving her large intestine, shooting forward the hairy loins slapping hard against her stationary young bottom. Unprepared for the sudden abrupt movement was an understatement. The sounds of the hard galloping horse from the TV filled her ears. Her eyes clouded over, her body now seemingly had a mind of its own, working violently to lurch off the deep rapidly humping penis. She could plainly feel the reins being worked with precise precision against the wooden rod strapped tightly in her mouth, countering her wildly lurching movements. Her insides blossomed up in a sudden sharp effort to expel the rapidly moving thickness from her deep bowel.

The reins pulled back tight, the penis lodge in deep, his loin press tight to her, the movie paused again. Angela’s entire rectal tube seemed stuck in a effort to poop the thickness from her bottom. She couldn’t stop it, even when she felt the urge become harshly real deep inside her intestine. Panic filled her as the perceived outcome became reality ‘she could feel the whole horrid thing happening’ inside her. This had never happened before, what would her father think. The stiff penis flexed more ridged than she had ever felt before.

“Oh… Oh.. Angela.. Angela…” he repeated one of his hands feeling along her straining torso.

His loin ground firmly up into the cleft of her ass, cock flexing, acerbating the urgency of her bowel’s release. Her young mind reeled, and surprisingly her pussy tingled as if on the verge of some sort of release. She was being forced to endure this debasement and her young mind wanted her to endure more. She was shocked at the insight. The grossness of what was happening held her firmly in it’s sway. The remote came into view again pointing at the TV. Angela faced forward eyes locked onto the TV screen the cock flex thickly one more time. The movie sprung into action, the cowboy at full gallop.

Her whole world erupted into a rush of vile, pleasurable grossness of sensations she had never endured in her young life. Angela let her father take full control, letting the feeling of vile debasement fill her mind finding she loved it, the uncontrolled lose of control of her bodily functions. Her father yelled out in pleasure pulling hard on the reins as if bring a horse to an abrupt stop. His cock fully implanted deeply into her gut, swelling thick, spewing huge amounts of hot sperm. Angela’s mind taking it all in, needing to remember everything, the vileness, the debasement, and ‘yes’ an odd pleasure she couldn’t quite pin down. She wanted more.

Next time it would be her turn to make up a game, she’d have to think hard to beat daddy’s game though. But she didn’t care if her game beat daddy’s or not because she was sure his next game would be better than this one. Her young clit tingled pleasurably at the thought.