Peach Fuzz (Mg,pedo)

Peach Fuzz (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A man chats with his 10yo little neighbour and she tells him her stepdad likes to rub her pussy. He gets his first taste of preteen pussy too.

Author: Anonymous

I was sitting in my lawn chair around the pool that day. I had on my swim suit and was catching a little sunshine. My wife had gone for a few hours to do some shopping and I thought I was all alone. Laid back with my sunglasses on, I did not notice the girl as she approached me. I was smoking a cigarette, which I do sometimes as I heard a voice.

“Can I have a cigarette?” she asked.

I turned to look at her as she smiled at me. It was Suzy from across the street. She was a cute girl about 10 or 11 years old and had her swim suit on also. I noticed her chubby thighs and rounded hips as I sat up, her small perky breasts just starting to develop as the rounded swells began to show.

“Aren’t you a little young to be smoking?” I asked.

“I do smoke sometimes,” she replied, “That is when I can get one from my step dad.”

“Does your Mom know you smoke?” I asked.

“Oh, no. Only my step dad. He gives them to me when we play,” she said.

“When you play,” I replied. “What do you play?”

I moved over and let her sit down on the lawn chair as I took a second glance at little body. She was not fat but was a little chubby and had the cutest smile. Her blond hair was down to her shoulders as I noticed the area between her thighs. I could see the outline of her predominate pussy lips as they showed through her swim suit as she squirmed a little. I could tell it was from the question I had asked.

“What kind of games do you play with him?” I asked again as I handed her a cigarette.

“You know, he likes to touch me and rub me down there,” she replied as she pointed to her pussy area.

“What else does he do with you?” I queried her.

“We like to play that I am his special girlfriend and sometimes he will take my clothes off and kisses and licks me there.” She answered as I saw her smile.

“Does anyone know about him doing that to you?”

“No, it is our secret. I like it and he said we could do it all the time if we kept it between us.” She said, “You are the only one I have told. I guess I should not
have told you.”

“That’s Ok. You can tell me anything. I promise not to tell anyone else.” I replied as I lit her cigarette as she took a puff.

“Do you like it when he kisses you down there?”

“Oh, Yes! I love it. It makes me want to rub my thingy all over with my fingers when he does that.” She smiled.

“So you like to rub your thingy with your fingers too?”

“Yes. It makes it feel so good and I love the feeling it gives me as I tremble. My dad said I was cumin when I do that,” she said. “My mom sometimes joins in with us. She likes for us to lick her too.”

My cock was rock hard by now as she looked at the bulge in my swim suit. I was trying to cover it up as best I could. This little girl had just told me all her secrets and I wanted to know more.

“Your mom likes to kiss you down there too?” I asked.

“She loves doing it to me and then she lets me do it to her. Sometimes when my dad is away, we will sleep together, but she told me not to tell anyone about us.” She replied, “She likes to keep her pussy shaven smooth like mine too.”

By now there was no hiding of my hard cock. It was starting to ease its way out of the bottom of my swimsuit. I saw her as she kept trying to look at it
without me noticing her prying eyes.

“I saw your wife when she left. That is the reason I came over to get a cigarette. I knew you have been noticing me and I kind of like you.” She said as her thighs parted a little wider, giving me a good view of her puffy lips poking against that small swimsuit.

She was starting to tease me! Little Suzy was teasing me with her body and her conversation. She was a hot little girl and she was wanting lots of attention. I was wondering exactly what she thinking when she turned
to me.

“Do you think I have a nice figure?” she asked as she stood up and turned around slowly. “Am I too fat?”

“Oh, No! You are not fat at all. In fact, your have a perfect body for your age.” I answered as I took her hand into mine and drew her towards me.

“Am I sexy to you? Does my thingy poke out too much?”

“No. Your thingy has a perfect shape and you are so sexy. Would you like for me to kiss your thingy like your dad does?” I asked as she settled down on my knee.

‘I think so. Will you make it feel good like my dad does, please?” she asked as she sat down into my lap, “Would you like to taste small pussy?”

Her plump little ass was nestled against my throbbing cock as she took my hand and placed it on her little cunt. I could feel the heat from her pussy through the swimsuit as I touched her little slit through her suit. I eased her swimsuit to one side as my finger found its target, her moist pussy.

“Why don’t we go into the house where no one can see us?” I asked as I felt her hips raise up against my finger. She was shifting her weight as her little ass rubbed against my cock, as I found the small opening to her moist treasure.

“Yes. I would like that. Maybe we can even play with each other.” She said as I lifted her up off my lap, leaving my bulging cock sticking straight out against
my swimsuit as I saw the material of her suit in the crease of that beautiful little ass.

I knew it would be several hours before my wife came back and this would give us lots of time. I was in no hurry and I wanted to make sure she enjoyed everything that we were about to do as I reached down for her.

I took her into my arms and carried her to our bedroom, placing her on the big king sized bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to kiss me as I watched her hot little body started to move. I reached down and slipped her swimsuit bottoms off, exposing the prettiest little pussy I had ever seen. It was almost smooth and the tiny fuzz was beginning to form around her slit. The puffy lips of her mound was swollen and the little clit was just starting to protrude.

I told her that she had the prettiest little pussy I have ever saw, that I loved the peach fuzz on her tiny twat. I then told her that I was going to call her Peaches, short for peach fuzz as I pulled her on top of me.

I put her on top of me, facing towards my feet, her plump little ass even with my nose as she began to slide along the length of my tongue. Her swollen pussy lips was so inviting as I spread her lovely thighs, taking time to kiss each one as I licked my way towards her moist fountain.

I was rubbing her little slit as I licked the swollen lips from bottom to the top, her breath becoming faster as I slowly worked on her small pussy. I could tell that my cock was too big to enter her small opening as bad as I wanted to slide it to her. I did not want to hurt her but wanted her to enjoy this moment as I took her rounded ass cheeks into my hands, pulling her to me
as she lay there.

I opened her flower with my two thumbs as I slowly licked her tiny slit. She was riding me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco, her smooth little pussy fucking my tongue as she moved. I was pulling her up and down the length of my tongue as she went wild, tossing about and pulling my head to her even harder as she humped her tight pussy against my probing tongue. I would dip my tongue to her tiny puckered ass and lick it as I made my way upwards to her perfect little pussy. This drove her crazy as she slammed her hot pussy to me, trying to force my tongue into her. I was able to get the tip into her tiny slit as she squirmed under my touches.

Then I felt her as she started to cum, her entire body trembling as she bucked her hips to my tongue. She was so hot as her tiny body began to shake, her moaning out loudly as she came. The wetness of her bare pussy was so tasty as it leaked out onto my probing tongue.

She was rocking and bucking back and forth as her climax spread all over her tiny body as she moaned in pleasure. She was slamming her tiny pussy to me as I gently licked and sucked on her smooth twat. She came over and over again as I lapped at her sweetness, taking time to play with her little ass as she came.

Damn, I wanted to fuck her little pussy so bad! But I knew she was too small down there for my big cock. I would give anything to slide it to her plump baby ass too. If only she was a little older.

She was exhausted as her body slowed down, her tight pussy not jamming to me any longer as she pulled back from my tongue. I let her sit there on top of me for a minute or two before she rolled off.

“That was so good!” You did it a lots better than both my mom and dad.” She said. “You made me cum so much. Did you like the way my pussy tasted?”

“Honey, I loved the taste of your hot little pussy. It is so sweet.” I replied as I played with my cock as she stared at it.

“Can I play with your thingy too?” she asked as she reached for it.

I felt her tiny hand close around my shaft as I helped her stroke it. She was getting the hang of it as she started to play with her own twat.

“My cousin, Patty, likes to lick me too. She is only 8 years old but she loves to do it with me.” She said, “Maybe one day I can bring her over to meet you. Would you like for me to do that?”

“I would have to make sure she would not tell anyone if you brought her here.”

“She won’t tell anyone. My mom and dad plays with her too when she comes to spend the night at my house.” Suzy said, ” She likes it better than I do, I think.”

“You know my mom has been watching you for a while. I have seen her as she watched you out of her window and played with herself as she looked at you. I was a little jealous of her playing with her pussy as she thought about you.” She said.

“Maybe we can all get together soon and she and us can all play together,” I answered. “Do you think she would like that?”

“I know she would like that. If you made her feel as good as you made me feel, I know she would love to. Do you want me to ask her to invite you over sometime?”

“Sure, I would love that! Just be sure your dad is out of town when she does.”

My cock was throbbing as she continued to jack it up and down, her small fingers not going all the way around it as she stroked it. I laid her on her back and took my cock and put it against her smooth little pussy as I felt my own climax building deep within my sack.

I took the thick head and rubbed it up and down her tiny slit, letting the just the thick head touch her tiny pussy as I started to erupt. I started to shoot my hot load of cum onto her slick pussy as she reached down to open her puffy lips for me. My cum was flooding her pussy lips as I shot a huge load over her perfect little pussy.

“Peaches, that was so good! I wish I could have put my dick in you and let you feel it as it pumped its hot juices.” I said as she smiled at me.

“We will try again sometime soon and maybe you can put it in me next time. I can’t wait for you to fuck me with that big dick. I want you to be the first to have my pussy. Can we try it again?” she asked.

To be continued…

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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