Nude child modelling 2045 (Mgg,pedo)

Nude child modelling 2045 (Mgg,pedo)

Introduction: It is the year 2045, nude child modelling, child striptease clubs, child erotica DVDs and child eroticism magazines have all been made legal. This is the story of Andrew, a man living on those times and under those laws.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

It is the year 2045, the World has changed a lot, some things have changed for good, others for worse.

Child erotica has finally been made legal, the Government has compensated all the victims of the child erotica witch hunt that went on during less civilised times, most parents now dream with their children landing a big paid erotic modelling contract, child erotica consumers don’t have to hide any more and they can freely talk this subject without being called evil names.

Strip Club:

Andrew McKenzy has finished working at the building site, his body is all sweated and in pain, there are things that never change, working at the building site can’t still be done by robots. Andrew and his workmates take a shower in the company changing rooms, they get dressed in smart clothes and presentable, New Age Builders Corporation has just won a big contract and the male workers have all been promised a free all expenses paid to the local strip club.

The strip club is named Nymphets for Dreams, the guys get in and take a sit , as soon as they do a little 9yo girl dressed in miniskirt and a pink revealing top approaches them, giggling lifts up her short skirt and flashes her smooth pussy at the builders, they all drool over her, Andrew gathers some tokens and hires the little girl for a private dance.

In the private room the little 9yo girl, blonde long hair, blue eyed and smooth soft legs, starts to dance at the sound of the techno beat, her movements are quick, she is fit, her top comes off, the little girl throws it on Andrew’s face, her chest is flat but appetising, the little girl’s chest smoothness is a big turn on, unfortunately the rules of the house do not allow touching the little girls.

Andrew unzips his trousers and takes out his big erected cock instead, the little girl does not get surprised, she gets to see big cocks every weekend, that is the only time little girls are legally allowed to work at strip clubs, school holidays and weekends.

The little lolita shakes her nude body sexily, her hands caress Andrew’s arms as he holds his cock tight, she knows what he wants, the little girl steps back and pulls up her skirt holding it up, her childish bald pussy stays on display for Andrew to look at, he starts to stroke his dick, the little girl turns around and bends down showing off her smooth pussy lips from behind, she looks at Andrew straight on his eyes and smiling, she feels sorry about him not having girlfriend, this lolita loves helping out men like Andrew to be happy, he is masturbating once more watching at her naked body.

The little 9yo girl carries on dancing topless, flashing her childish pussy at times until finally all of her clothes come off and she stands up fully naked for Andrew, he wanks harder now that the little nymphet can be watched from all angles, the little girl makes sure Andrew does not miss a bit of her nude body and she fakes some obscene moves with her minuscule hands rubbing her own body and simulating sexual pleasure lasciviously sticking her tongue out to him, Andrew loves loves this little professionalism, he is about to cum hard, he shakes and feels a real hard orgasm shooting his white cream on the little girl’s chest, she smiles at him grabs some tissue and cleans the cum off her flat chest.

The little nymphet gets a tip from Andrew, she thanks him and asks if he has enjoyed the dance, to which Andrew quickly asserts, she kisses Andrew on his cheek and leaves outside the private room to find another customer and make him happy.

When Andrew goes back to the bar all of his mates have already had a little girl private strip dance, they all seem relaxed watching the main stage where two nude little girls aged 8 and 12 are erotically dancing, only wearing high heels and heavy make up on them.

The builders spend some time talking about the little girl each other has picked up for the private dance. Barry explains that he has just cummed on the 12yo girl on stage and he says she has also allowed him to caress her pussy in the private room.

That goes against the rules but the preteen girl felt pity for him when he told her that he lives alone with no much money in a run down bedroom, he gave her a big tip.

Andrew starts to think about the next party, he has his eyes fixed on the prepubescent 12yo girl, she has some fuzzy pussy hair and small tits, he hopes the next time they come back to the strip club she will on the shift, he will try and get to touch her little pussy too, but only if she agrees to it.

Time to go, the men drink their last round, thank their boss for the nice evening and head home tired from the day, but relaxed and ready for another week at the building site.

Cable TV:

Andrew does not have much money, maybe that is the reason why he has no girlfriend and he is still single at 39, he does not know, he does not care, he is happy that at least the Government allows him to enjoy little girls beauty.

He subscribed yesterday to a new TV channel, it has cost him lots of credits, Andrew really hopes it is worth it.

The channel is called Beautiful Nymphets, it only operates at night after 8pm and its main audience are men and some paedophile lesbians, Andrew gets home from the work at 7pm, the timing is perfect for him, Andrew is very excited, today is when Beautiful Nymphets will connect his holographic terminal to the channel for the first time.

Andrew has something to eat then gets naked in his small one bedroom flat and lies down on the sofa shouting “TV on”, the wide screen high definition holographic TV comes to light, Andrew calls “Beautiful Nymphets”, a sleepy music plays on the background and a bunch of little girls appear on a tropical beach, the sand appears to be bright and the water blue as the sky and clean.

There must be around ten little girls, aged from 3yo to 12yo, all of them fully naked, the camera follows a little brunette cutie aged 4yo walking on her fours on the sand, the camera focus on the little girl pussy slit, Andrew uses the holographic terminal control to zoom it in, the little 4yo girl has no pussy lips yet and looking at her bald slit so close up gives him a big hard on, the holographic control allows Andrew to zoom in and out of any girl he likes.

Zooming out Andrew gets the whole picture, the little girls are on the shore of the blue sea playing with sand and water, the oldest of the girls, aged 12yo, have some fuzzy pussy hair and peach sized boobs, Andrew focus the camera on them as they play with an inflatable ball, he likes watching the little lolitas boobies bouncing as they run around.

Andrew focus the camera on the pussy of the 12yo on the left, the girl has brown hair and brown eyes, pretty average, that increases her sex appeal, Andrew strokes his cock slowly watching her developing pussy and fine pussy hair covering it, he want this orgasm to last.

With the TV automatic on, the camera follows a naked 8yo girl lying down on the sand, she is brunette with long hair and blue eyes, flat chest, bald pussy, Andrew loves to focus on the little girls pussies.

Trying his best not to rub his hard erected cock yet, Andrew spends thirty minutes watching the tiny little girl bare cunt, ass and flat chest, his cock is wet, the longer he watches the nude preteen girl on the sand the harder he finds not to touch himself, he leaks some precum before the scene finishes.

The next program on the schedule is called “Dare or Truth”, four little girls are introduced by a middle aged woman, they are asked to choose “Truth” where they must answer and embarrassing question or “Dare” where they must do and embarrassing act.

The girls are all aged 8yo to 11yo, it is not for nothing that the channel is called Beautiful Nymphets, three of little girls wear a dress and the 11yo jeans and t-shirt.

The 11yo name is called Trisha, she chooses “Truth” and is asked if she masturbates, Trisha blushes a lot and finally replies that she has a collection of pictures with men and boys and on Sundays she gets naked in her bedroom and fingers her preteen pussy looking at the pics until a dry orgasm comes, Trisha says it relaxes her a lot and allows her to concentrate before an exam.

The next contestant, a cute 8yo girl, blonde short hair, blue eyes, wearing some shiny earrings, chooses “Dare”, she is asked to kiss Trisha’s pussy, the earlier 11yo girl who said she masturbated her pussy. The 8yo lolita face turns sour but she knows it’s the game, the little girl kneels down undoes Trisha’s jeans and rolls down her white knickers, around her knees.

Andrew zooms in, Trisha’s pussy lips are mildly pronounced, she has some flimsy pussy hair already, at slow motion the 8yo girl gives the cunt a big kiss right in the middle leaving her saliva all over the 11yo girl pussy slit, the camera focus on that, the girls giggle.

Next contestant, Juliet, the 9yo chooses “Dare” too, she is asked to take off her knickers and flash her bald pussy to the audience for one minute, little Juliet takes off her sexy pink knickers and holds up her dress, she has a beautiful bald pussy, all smooth and soft, Andrew strokes himself thinking about fucking this little girl while zooming in on her childish pussy.

Next contestant, Misha, is 9yo too, she chooses “Truth”, Misha is asked to describe the most embarrassing moment of her life, and she says it was when she went to a Beautiful Nymphets auction (the little girls strip club chain) and was asked to fully undress in front of three strangers who looked at her from head to toes while taking photographs of her pussy and ass, Misha says she could notice the men hard ons under their trousers and that embarrassed her a lot.

Trisha’s turn again, this time the 11yo girl chooses “Dare”, she is asked to fully undress for the audience, Trisha does as told, Andrew is happy he can now appreciate this angelic lolita flat chest as well as her little pussy.

After some more “Truth” and “Dare” questions all of the four little girls end up fully naked for the camera and are asked to innocently kiss and lick each other’s nude body, Andrew is about to exploit he can’t stop zooming in and out of the lesbian lolitas, before he realise the program is over.

Already 10pm, next on the program list is a film called “Trisha goes to Thailand”, the 11yo girl he has just seen before in “Dare or Truth” is the main actress, the film has a boring plot and just gets entertaining towards the middle when Trisha flies to Thailand with her parents and the little 11yo girl mixes up with some little Thai girls, Trisha and four more girls of Thai origin aged in between 8yo to 11yo all end up in a communal shower being filmed by Trisha’s daddy.

The Thai little girls have brown skin, flat chest and bald pussies, Andrew loves the contrast against Trisha’s pale white body, he keeps zooming in and out of the prepubescent girls rubbing their wet bodies with a sponge, he wishes he was Trisha’s daddy.

Trisha seems a very pleasant and obedient girl, Andrew switches on the TV automatic and strokes his dick, his orgasm is one of the hardest ever.

That night Andrew falls asleep naked on the sofa with the TV on. His alarm clock wakes him up at 6am, “Beautiful Nymphets” is still broadcasting a breakfast with little nude preteen playing with the cereals and throwing milk at each others angelic bodies.

That cheers up Andrew, he gets ready for work thinking the TV channel was definitely worth the money and he will probably keep the subscription.


Andrew goes shopping, it is his day off and he does not want to stay at home all day on his own, after buying himself a new pair of trainers he sees a sex-shop on the main street and decides to go in to have a look.

Some very realistic dolls pick his attention, they depict little girls of all ages, from a naked baby girl with a very well defined slit. This is a latest model doll, it will move and say “Go Gu” when the pussy slit is touched.

To more of Andrew liking, preteen dolls depicting 10yo girls with flat chest and smooth pussy are also on display.

Andrew tests a preteen doll pussy by introducing a finger inside the slit, it feels very soft and warm and he can feel a switch inside the tight vagina, Andrew touches it with the tip of his finger which is meant to act as his cock, and the preteen doll starts to vibrate, even the doll flat chest made of very soft textile, vibrates.

Andrew loves it, he holds the price tag and it says 1.200credits. He is disappointed with the price, he can’t afford it, after taking up the subscription to Beautiful Nymphets TV Channel, his bank account is near red, maybe if he works some overtime and saves it for a year at some point he thinks he may come back to get the cool preteen sex doll.

Andrew heads towards the magazines section, the typical selection of little boys only, little boys and little girls together, and his favourite, little girls only.

He browses a few of the tittles, “Lol Dreams”, made up of mainly East European little girls aged 7yo to 13yo, full of make up proudly showing their flat chest and bald pussy, the little girls at “Lol Dreams” dress as whores with very skimpy sexy clothes and they do a strip show.

The magazine starts with the youngest girl, a 7yo brunette dark eyed called Peaches wearing high heel boots and cute pink panties, she does not have much to many clothes on, the little girl is already topless and shows her bald pussy off on the third page, her photographs consist mainly of her nude wearing white high heel boots on.

Its sexy, but Andrew has masturbated looking at better little girls really. The last pages include the oldest girls with small breasts and fuzzy pussy hair, they are mostly blonde and blue eyed, around 13 models in total with the typical pages full of advertisements selling little girls images and advertising child erotica websites.

Another tittle called “Tiny Lolitas Cunnies”, just a bunch of amateur little girls stripping, they pay the parents of the winning girl one year school fees and award her a modelling contract for the same length of time.

Andrew guesses it is quite a good prize, the top modelling little girls can earn up to 500 credits for one hour photo shoot, that is what he earns in a week at the building site, it is not surprising so many little girls are taking part on it, however Andrew does not find them specially attractive.

They also have two pages with toddlers running around naked on their fours and the like, the kids are aged 3yo and 4yo. Submitting these amateur pictures of their nude kids, the parents are taking part on the “Free one year kinder garden” competition.

Andrew is a bit tired of all the conventional stuff and decides to buy some import magazine instead “Indian Lolas”, nice to see other cultures nymphets for a change, this is the Special Summer Issue full of nude Indian little girls aged 6yo to 12yo.

Andrew loves the prepubescent girls brown bodies showing their whitey pussy slits and the fact that most photo shoots have been done outdoors, the brown preteen Indian girls running around naked outdoors give Andrew a big hard on, it only costs twenty credits, its a reasonable price.

Before heading towards the check out Andrew sees a special offer on the child erotica DVD section, buy one get one free, just eighty credits, usually one DVD costs fifty or sixty credits Andrew can’t resist the bargain and the tittles on display.

He gets a little girls Indian DVD, he thinks it will be go great together with his child erotica magazine magazine, Andrew makes sure it is not the same girls that appear on his magazine, he picks up a DVD featuring a solo 9yo preteen girl called Samira, titled “The 9yo loli star”, the prepubescent girl looks very cute on the front of the case, she is all naked with her legs spread wide, the DVD description says the film lasts one hour and a camera man will follow Samira around her house naked, filming her while she dresses and bathes with special attention and zooms of the little girl ass, flat chest and smooth pussy.

The other DVD Andrew chooses it’s called “Schoolgirl’s day 7-10”, a full classroom of western schoolgirls stripping naked for the camera, it is a fund raising DVD to collect money for their school, the United Kingdom has changed a lot in all these years, some schools can’t even pay for the heating, Andrew does not think the girls on the cover are too hot, but it is for a good cause after all, he picks it up.

He can’t believe he has just spent one hundred credits on little girls erotica! He is saving money not having girlfriend but his job isn’t really that well paid, Andrew promises himself not to enter again in a sex shop until his bank account holds some real savings and not just the day to day money, he hopes to have enough jack off material to last that long.

Trading child erotica:

It’s been one month since Andrew bought child erotica in the sex shop, the DVD’s he bought are starting to bore him, Andrew takes his child erotica DVD’s to his building site at work and trades both of them with Matthew, one of his workmates who has been telling him for the last two months about his favourite child erotica DVD called “Itchy pubis”.

The authorities don’t allow children to take part in child porn hardcore films, and Andrew is happy with it, but this DVD has managed to pass the censors, little girls aren’t allowed to masturbate on camera because it fuels the trade in hardcore child porn, “Itchy pubis” gets around this with a plot where one little girl aged 8yo gets upset and throws pepper to her school friends, they all have to take off their clothes and scratch their pussies, it is not really hard stuff, just some little pussy rubbing to take off the pepper, in the end the teacher, a male man aged 49yo gets to shower all the little girls with a hose in a communal shower.

The teacher jacks off his cock looking at all the little girls while he is hosing them with water and embarrassing them, it is one of the most expensive ever made child erotica DVDs. The producers have put lots of money hiring all the biggest child erotica stars, the film has already been nominated to the best “Child erotica DVD of the year”.

Andrew is sure he will love watching it if only because all his main idols appear on it, all the nude little girls photoshoots he has been wanking at for the last years at last together in a film.

Andre exchange DVDs with his mate and hangs a poster of Olivia in the office, Olivia is 10yo, she is the latest hottie in “Child Model Promises”, a very softcore magazine for men where preteen girls pose in skimpy clothes, “Child Model Promises” sells over 3 million issues every month, she is only wearing miniskirt and a tight t-shirt on the poster but her nipples are clearly shaped, a sexy 10yo girl whom he believe will cheer up those at the office.

At lunch time Andrew and his workmates see two preteen girl cuties on their school uniform crossing the road, they all whistle at the little girls, the girls turn around and blow a kiss on the air for the men, the little girls are the talk of the day at the building site.

Andrew’s bones really hurt after the hard work, but his mind is more focused on the DVD he has in his locker and he can’t wait to get home to watch it to check out if it is really as hot as the reviews he has read say and if Martha another of her 11yo av girls, really looks as pretty nude on video as she does on magazines.

Child Erotica Week:

This week the country celebrates Child Erotica Week, it was first commemorated when the Child Erotica Freedom Party took over the power in the South of England, the celebrations quickly spread to the whole of the British Islands. Some countries also adopted it with more or less success.

Everyone gets one day off work during Child Erotica Week, Andrew has been given Monday off and he has decided to visit the Child Eroticism Museum. The museum holds quite a few celebrations and best of all they are all free, tax payer funded.

There are hundreds of people around the museum, mostly men but also some families with kids and single women, in the main corridor sixteen huge portraits salute the people, they depict a nude girl since age 1yo until aged 16yo, the portraits are full body and all her erotic bits can be seen clearly.

The baby pussy slit aged 1yo, the peach sized boobs at 11yo and her first pussy hair at 12yo. This is meant to represent all the ages during which used to be illegal looking at child nudity.

The exhibition follows with a sample of child erotica magazines from 1960, they can’t be touched because their state isn’t too good, but its pages can be seen on a big screen as a female voice explains that this kind of child erotica was legally sold in sex shops in many European countries during those times until the eighties when fanatic religious cults made it illegal and hid this information as well as anything to do with a nude body from the public domain.

The next exhibit is a dark room and represents the eighties and nineties when child erotica was illegal nearly everywhere. There is a big screen showing the contraband magazines sold under the counter, bad quality pictures of smiling nude girls and boys, some of the pictures look like kids forced to do them and are very disturbing, the female voice explains that this occurred because by making child erotica illegal the authorities handed the business to the Mafia and stripped the kids from any protection they could have got otherwise.

The exhibit of the year 2000 explains the growth of child erotica and the internet and how it helped to spread children’s beauty all over the World, the female voice relates how child erotica consumers at the time used a combination of Usenet, encryption and proxies to get around the prohibition, while the screen shows some beautiful little girls and boys posing naked.

After that it is all about how the first election of a Child Erotica Freedom Party councillor quickly gathered supporters and its politics spread around the country, the firs elected councillor was physically assaulted by a deranged individual who got locked up and died shortly afterwards executed in prison.

The female voice explains through the speakers that when finally the legalisation of child eroticism came, Russia had already taken over most of the photo and video child erotica industry, its growth was spectacular and all the other countries in the World attempted to play catch up with them, for most of them it would be too late to attract the necessary investments to create the jobs.

A big sculpture made of bronze of a little naked boy and a little naked girl holding hands is located at the end of the corridor, it holds a plaque that reads “To all those who suffered the child erotica witch hunt. Never Again”.

Andrew likes learning about history but he prefers much more enjoying child eroticism in itself, he passes through the exhibition quick and enters the child erotica live show room expecting better.

There are twenty little girls behind a red cord, they are all aged 6yo to 13yo standing up naked for everyone to see them, Andrew gets a bit of a hard on, takes out his digital camera and snaps pics of all of the girls, he zooms in on the girls pussies and chest and gets a shot of it close up.

The girls are real kind not only with their erotic nude poses for the crowd but also attending personal requests to strike a certain pose.

These little girls have volunteered at school to do this job, with their parents consent and look very cute, but there are far too many people around to enjoy their nude modelling.

Andrew skips the little boys live show and enters a photo studio where they are producing child erotica, he loves being able to see how it is done, a little nude girl aged 10yo stands in front of a headlight holding a pair of sexy knickers on her hand, she is told what position to take while the camera shoots her, the little girl mum awaits for her outside the platoon with a big towel, Andrew spends some time watching her, the little girl is real gorgeous probably a professional child erotica model but he has never seen her before at any magazine or DVD.

The last part of the exhibition is an staged play about five little girls who want to become famous child erotica starlets, the theatre can hold up to 500 people and its packed, Andrew has managed to get a sit on the first row.

Five little girls aged 8yo ,8yo ,9yo, 10yo and 12yo all sit around a table and talk about their fantasies, they soon are all nude showing off their lolita pussies to the audience, none of the little girls has any pussy hair or tits yet.

The little girls spend two hours in the nude on the stage under the watch of the audience, the play ends with a big loud applause from the public, the little girls have to come out three times to bow, red roses are throw at them.

Andrew heads towards the way out and is handed a bag with goodies at the exit, it contains some child erotica pamphlets explaining parents how to get their kids to become erotic models, a poster with Olivia Lawson, a 10yo big preteen star, all naked, some advertisements about other child erotica exhibitions in the country and a DVD with artistic child erotica images on it.

Not a big deal, but it is free after all. Andrew can’t wait to get home and masturbate at Olivia Lawson poster and thinking about all the little kind girls he has seen nude on the live show.


Andrew is going on holidays, just a weekend, he has managed to get together some credits for cheapo holidays in the countryside, out of the noise and pollution of the big urbe.

Andrew has booked a child erotica hostel in a small town called Eros, the town is a well known tourist resort catering mostly for child erotica consumers, it has taken Andrew fifty credits and eight hours on the coach to get there.

Andrew enters the small hostel where he has booked accommodation, a dressed middle aged woman with a naked little girl aged 8yo behind the counter greet him.

Andrew gets a good look at the cute naked prepubescent pussy of the little girl, the woman smiles and informs him that she is her daughter, Jessica, and she will serve him breakfast tomorrow morning.

Andrew is too tired even to masturbate thinking about the cute little girl he has just seen downstairs, he goes straight to bed.

Nine o’clock in the morning, someone knocks the door Andrew opens it, Jessica the 8yo girl from the night before stands there all nude except by her shoes, wearing a tray with croissants and orange juice, he lets her in and orders her to leave the tray on the table.

Andrew sits down to eat as Jessica stands there all naked looking at him, Andrew likes it because this way he can also get to see the little girl bald pussy, he pulls down his pyjama bottoms and shows his big erected cock to the little girl, she smiles at him, Andrew feels his cock is driving him crazy, he does not want to cum this early into the holidays and orders Jessica to leave the room, but only after he has taken some pictures of her standing up naked in the bedroom.

Andrew gets out of his room and two little blonde girls aged around 9yo wearing just their socks on cross his way running naked.

Andrew goes to the basement where there is a small inflatable swimming pool and a sauna, it is a mixed sauna with little girls and customers, little girls are there put by the hostel and they aren’t allowed clothes on, customers can choose whether they want to wear a towel around or be nude, there are only one more customer inside the pool and six preteen girls naked with him playing with rubber ducks, Andrews greets the man but he is too busy looking at the prepubescent girls bald pussies and masturbating inside the pool, the little girls smile and giggle.

Andrew takes off his robe, he has a hard on, the other man is now ejaculating inside the water and gets out of the pool, a cute 8yo naked little girl hands him a towel to clean himself.

Andrew engages in a heated argument with the man for cumming inside the water, to much of the men amazement the little girls put peace at it by emptying the pool and filling it up again with a hose, Andrew tries to relax and forget the whole incident inside the pool, he is determined not to masturbate yet for now he just wants to watch at the little prepubescent girls playing around naked, some more customers come, one more masturbates looking at a 12yo nude girl close up, he then leaves, the other two chat with Andrew and exchange child erotica tips and experiences, the three men and the little girls are all naked.

Still with a hard on, Andrew goes to the sauna, there are two nude preteen girls there, aged around 10yo, both of them are blonde and blue eyed with a flat chest and a delicious looking bald pussy, they seem fit, both little girls are sitting down on the bench on top of a soft towel with their legs spread wide, Andrew stares at the little girls pussy slit opening and closing as the little girls giggle.

Andrew can’t resist it any more, he has his first wank looking at the cute lolitas flat chest and hairless pussy, he cums inside the sauna, he spits his cream on the blonde little girl at his left hand side he spills it right on her pussy slit.

Customers aren’t allowed to touch the child erotica models but cumming on them does not go against the rules.

Trying to be kind to Andrew, the little girl giggles and tells him that her pussy is the part of her body where most men spill their cum she grabs the towel and cleans herself asking Andrew if he has enjoyed it, Andrew asserts.

The little girl smiles and invites Andrew to masturbate again watching her but his dick can’t stand erected so soon even thought the nude preteen girls are some of the prettiest he has ever seen.

Andrew gets out of the sauna and sees Jessica, the 8yo girl is standing up outside the door naked, she hands him a towel.

Andrew goes for a cold shower trying not too look at more little pussies, this proves difficult, one little brunette girl aged 6yo is washing herself and rinsing her prepubescent pussy in the shower but she finishes this quickly and Andrew gets a break.

Lunch time, main dinning room, three little preteen girls aged 9yo,11yo and 11yo, naked except by white aprons, serve him and the other guests food, some guests have fun at the table lifting up the little girls aprons to see their bald pussies but nobody touches them, child erotica hostels do not allow guests to fondle the models pussy due to tough child protection laws passed by the Moralist party.

Afternoon, Andrew gets dressed and walks towards the town centre, little preteen girls, all naked, riding a bike pass him, two twin sisters aged 6yo are playing naked on the floor outside a house, a man is there masturbating himself watching them.

Andrew finds the playground for kids in town, thirty preteen kids, boys and girls, all nude, play there as the tourist take pictures of them, the parents stand by dressed on one side, they know their town livehood is all about attracting tourism interested in child erotica, most parents find it an easy way to earn money, they expose their kids bodies and they get a nice earning out of it.

Andrew sometimes wishes he had some little girl himself so he would not have to use other lolitas to masturbate and he could try and put her to do modelling work and maybe even give up the building site.

Andrew spends thirty minutes looking at the little prepubescent nude kids in the playground, mostly the little girls group, he smiles to some mums as a thanks and heads to the local pub, no kids are allowed inside because they serve alcohol but all the walls are full of naked pictures of modelling children, mostly well know child erotica kids.

Andrew has a glass of red wine and walks back to his hostel, he stops a few times to observe naked preteen girls on the street and even to watch them naked through the window inside their house with their families, this is part of the town attractions too, none of the houses has curtains and the kids always go naked inside and outside the house, this way the tourists can enjoy the children’s erotic beauty and masturbate whenever they please.

The hostel is holding a karaoke this evening, little girls sing wearing flimsy panties then strip nude while singing, some men take pictures of them others simply masturbate.

Today Andrew orders the dinner private in his room, as expected Jessica the 8yo brings it in nude, Andrew instructs her to clean the dust of the room and he masturbates observing the little preteen girl naked doing house cores, he cums on her ass, Jessica smiles at him and as usual asks if he is happy, Andrew asserts and lets her go, that night he sleeps like a log.

Morning next day, again Jessica the 8yo, all nude brings in his breakfast, Andrew’s penis is hard again, he masturbates looking at her once more, this time he makes her to stand up on one corner, and easy pose, Jessica seems flattered, she makes sure Andrew is happy with her and bends down showing her bald pussy a few times from behind, Jessica knows men like to see her hairless pussy from all angles.

Swimming pool, Andrews cock is dry he can’t get an erection, even with the little preteen girls there naked playing with the water, must be one of the few times he can’t masturbate having little girls so close to him, Andrew films the lolitas instead.

He has a sauna, again the two little blonde blue eyed preteen girls are there nude with their smooth pussy slits spread over the towel, Andrew asks them to pose for a few pictures, he will probably show them to his workmates, those two little girls are one of the prettiest he has ever wanked to, the little prepubescent honeys are happy to help him out by posing erotically for his pictures.

Evening, Andrew must pack up everything and get on the coach soon, another day of hard work awaits for him tomorrow morning carrying bricks and cement, the journey by coach back to his run down flat in the city will be long and tiring.

He thanks Jessica’s mums downstairs in reception for the great fun he has had and he promises to recommend Eros town and the hostel to his friends, 8yo Jessica comes out nude to say good bye, only wearing a pair of yellow socks on, she hands Andrew a very nice colourful picture of herself naked at the front door of the hostel and tells him that he will always be welcome to masturbate with her bald pussy.

Andrew thanks the little girl for the picture, her kind words and the excellent erotic poses she has done for him upstairs earlier, he pays the bill to her mum and leaves with a big smile on his face.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.