My  Story (g,M,pedo,dog)

My Story (g,M,pedo,dog)

Introduction: A twelve year old girl narrates all of her sex adventures since she was four year old until now. Warning, contains little girl and dog sex!  Chapter one deals with the little girl having sex with the dog, on chapter two the little girl has sex with a man.

Author: Jennifer  P.

Chapter ONE

People who count with me tell me I’m exceptionally bright for a twelve year old so I take that at face value, although if it were true I probably wouldn’t be writing this, let alone sharing it with strangers – even under an assumed name. I started linking about on the net a few years back – when I was eight, encouraged by my parents to use the web as an educational tool to supplement conversations they have with us (I’m NOT an only child!) regularly enough.

My motivation here, cutting to the chase as they say, is to dispel some common and general misconceptions prevailing in American society with regard to that evil bane to childhood misnamed ‘the Paedophile’ (I like Greek stuff!”).

Got your attention, huh!

I first started fooling about on a computer when I was four, sitting on Dad’s lap while he ‘took care of business’ in the evening. He’s a CPA and does a good deal of his research level stuff here at home so he can have a life, as he puts it. As we each had our eighth birthday, we got our own computer and were told if we had school work to do, it was okay to search the web for answers. I was ten when I started doing my research leading up to this thesis. That’s what Dad calls it.

Well, actually, I was probably four because that’s when I first introduced myself to hardcore sex. I was probably even younger because I’ve always been aware of the good feelings to be had from those so-called erogenous zones. I’ve also always had an awareness of the sensations derived from the senses; the little start-up charge from certain smells or sights, like a dog getting a woody or another person relieving themselves, or the insuppressible curiosity inspired by various magazines or web sights. That takes us back to when I was probably four, because it was only later that I had my fifth birthday.

I’m going to give as much factual detail and speculation as I can because I’ve read some pretty raunchy bits of literature and I’ll bet I can outdo at least some of it. When I’m done I plan to post this to some news groups I know about and hopefully, anyone reading it will post their opinion so I can determine how far out in left field I might be headed!

We live on the outskirts of town on about an acre of land bordering a forested area. The area around the house is naturally landscaped with a nice lawn and some flowerbeds inside a large fenced area to keep the wildlife at bay.

Another, larger area where the garden is also has a tall wire kind of fence and there is a smaller area also accessible from the back porch where the Willie sleeps. He’s one of those Aussie Shepherd types with a bright pale eye and a deep brown one.

He’s about ten years old now, but still full of life. There’s cats and a family of ferrets, too, that mostly hang out together under the small barn where we keep a few goats. Going on back perhaps fifty feet is some unkempt yard and then some woods that go on for quite a ways.

We only have maybe a hundred feet of trees and the rest Dad says belongs to the National Forest (not gonna tell which one!). Dad says the nearest neighbor is about two acres away and he likes it that way. Mom says we can run around naked whenever we want to and her and Dad spend a lot of time that way. So do the rest of us when nobody disapproving is going to be around. Both Mom and Dad have friends over sometimes who feel the same way, but us kids have friends from school who just don’t seem to understand. All that got sorted out years ago to the conclusion that we are the Strangers in a Strange Land. Mostly, we just don’t have people over that might compromise us! Anyway, now you have the lay of the land sufficient to the rest of this story.

The day in question must have been in the summer because I got up early and it seemed like forever before the warm sun went behind the trees signalling bath and bedtime. I had done breakfast and fooled around on a play set at one end of the garden area and gone back in the house to watch some more television.

After falling asleep on the carpet for a spell, Mom fixed me a sandwich and I took it outside at her insistence to avoid making a mess inside and there I was, wandering about in the grass near the back porch near the parking area
where our small fleet of vehicles were strung out. Willie came out of nowhere all wagging of body and tail, his intent obviously motivated by food.

He’s not a big dog, actually, but back then I was only a head above his shoulders, or so it seemed. That put my ham sandwich well in his reach and after a friendly swipe at my face with his tongue, he took an aggressive snap at the food. He seemed a bit disappointed that my reflexes were almost as good as his! Circling around me with a look of determination, he stopped abruptly near my left side, settled with folded front legs and raised butt, nose close to the ground, and gave out a demanding woof that got him nothing.

Another woof and, since I’d already eaten half the treat, I tore off a handful and held it out. Being well mannered otherwise, he carefully accepted it with his front teeth and then stepped back to chomp it a few times and it was gone. While taking another bite myself, I pushed up against his front shoulder and dropped an arm about his neck to give him a nice hug. His nose came about to bump me square in my puffy vulva, his wet nose sliding quickly over me, sending a brief shiver through me and making my cheeks feel warm.

Oh, I forgot to point out that I was naked save for a pair of sandals. As I mentioned, clothing is optional! As my mind tried to grasp the meaning of this new sensation rushing over me, Willie cleverly snapped at the lowered sandwich, narrowly missing my small hand while acquiring all but a small piece of the lunch, leaving me mostly the bread and trimmings. He chomped and swallowed and that was the end of that.

I frowned at the remains, felt comfortably filled anyway, and cavalierly tossed him the remains, saying with a frown, “Here, you pig!” or something to that effect.

He swallowed this bit whole and pranced around me a couple of times as I made my way to the garden gate, thinking to crawl about on the plastic gym designed for climbing about through a collection of pipes that stood maybe six feet high.

Once I opened the gate, he brushed past me and then turned to crouch down as I approached him. I remember his eyes glittered and his tongue lolled out one side of his mouth. I turned toward the play set and he sprang past me only turn and crouch again before unexpectedly pouncing forward to drive his wet muzzle into my vulva again, this time lapping his salivating tongue in between my thighs and up through the thin channel of my labia, leaving a slick wet trail behind it and filling me once again with that odd sensation I had come to associate with pleasure along with the flushed heat normally thought of as embarrassment.

The unexpectedness of his playful attack sent a shudder through me and I squealed sharply at the combination of things, darting awkwardly away from him. We were close to the play area in recently mowed grass and he pranced around me again, this time sitting several feet away on his right hip, twisting around to lick rapidly at his thoroughly unsheathed penis. I had seen him do this in the past, but never felt the way I did at this moment.

Suddenly, I was curious to see his penis and what he was doing. I came up close to him, but he didn’t seem to notice as he licked himself intently. My memory of this is that his unsheathed penis was about five inches long and maybe an inch thick, all glistening in a coat of something that appeared slippery even before he began licking at it. There was a thick ball just inside his furry black sheath and the pink and rose penis throbbed gently in a long spline curve, ending with a long pointed tip dripping what looked like mucous.

I had an overwhelming impulse to know what it felt like! The hot flush had spread from my cheeks down my neck and out across the top of my shoulders while several small butterflies had now been loosed in my tummy and Willie’s thick saliva still ran down the inside of my right thigh.

A tiny hard piece of flesh now protruded from its’ own little sheath at the top of my vulva. Only later did I learn it was called a clitoris! I pinched it between thumb and index finger, startled by a small electric shock this seemed to produce. I rubbed the heel of my hand at it a few times as I dropped to my knees beside Willie. He glanced up at me, slapped his tongue across my left cheek and went back to licking his now pulsing penis. Back then, I thought of it as his pisser.

As his tongue slapped me I exclaimed, “Willie! Yuck! Nacky!” He left a trail that was slimy and the smell left me feeling at once nauseous somehow excited inside, stirring up the butterflies. I decided I liked that sensation beginning to wash over me completely.

Even my thighs and forearms were taking on a soft glow! Not sure how he would take to it, I reached out a bit shakily with my right hand until the tip of my forefinger just touched his pisser before I jerked it back. His eyes rolled toward me and he seemed to snap at my hand, but only slapped it with his tongue, leaving a slimy wet imprint across the back and knuckles. I brought it up under my nose and again there was the sense of nausea, but less overwhelming this time. The butterflies increased, however. I brought both hands up behind his ears and gave him a tight hug, to which he responded as I pulled his muzzle down by lapping along the inside of my left thigh. That really got the butterflies to fluttering and something else. Where his tongue had left a trail, the skin was all tingly. I sucked in a deep breath and that’s when my eye caught the large bay window of the dining room. That inspired a need for more privacy!

I stumbled to my feet and moved off quickly, patting my leg. “Come, Willie!” I urged. “Come a Jen!” I hustled off down the garden to another gate in the back fence, Willie bouncing playfully along to one side or in front, seeming to know where I was going.

As I opened the gate, he gave a short bark and dashed through into the field. There was a large circular growth of Quince off to one side at the edge of the wood. My brothers, five and six years older, had, at some time in the past carved out a fort there and lined it with discard blankets and a large plastic tarp. It was a perfect ‘secret place’, although everyone probably knew about it. Still, I thought of it as undiscovered country because nobody had ever found me there. Once inside under the canopy of thick leaves and thick walls of thin close vertical branches, I encouraged Willie to lay on his right side and knelt down to reach out with my right hand to feel his furry sheath.

It was warm and soft in my hand, moving back and forth slowly with the motion of my arm. Almost at once, the pointy tip of his pisser appeared! He raised his head to look at me, but otherwise lay still, almost expectantly. My heart suddenly was running wild! It never occurred to me I was doing something other folks might think of as nasty or unnatural.

Although he had not been licking at it, this pink tip was gleaming in the dull light, apparently coming with it’s own slippery lubricant. As I slowly moved the sheath back and forth as far as it would move without forcing it, the length of pink and burgundy hardness continued to grow and without lifting his head, Willie began to breath more heavily and pant softly, his mouth open
slightly and his eyes locked on mine. My small hand held the sheath back as far as it would go and I could feel the larger knot inside.

“You likin’ this, Willie?” I asked him solemnly, holding the sheath back as I stared at the gleaming slimy hard penis. His back jerked a few times and he made a soft whimpering sound as if in positive response. I let go of him for a moment and the penis stayed well exposed, beginning to throb slightly. I leaned down, carefully gripping the surprisingly slippery redness in wild curiosity and then pulling at it gently. It seemed to slip through my clenched little fist wilfully as I moved my hand back and forth a few times before releasing it to bring my hand up under my nose where I was assailed by an incredibly strong musky odor the caused me to gag a few times from the intensity of it. At the same time, all the exciting sensations washed over me. My heart raced. I breathed in sharply several times uncontrollably and each time the smell intensified, became almost desirable! I stared at my hand for a long time it seemed before resolving to taste the cooling fluid coating it. The tip of my tongue just touched it and then I impulsively pushed my mouth into my palm, coating my lips.

The nausea soared, my stomach knotting violently as the urge to throw up surged through me with an urgency that hit my throat and caused me to gag several times. Mindlessly, a wiped my soaked hand across my mouth in an effort to quell that desire, only to feel an increased renewal of that strong sense of pleasure that caused me to fall back in confusion at the feelings rolling through my mind. I licked my lips in confusion and the heat rushed over me as if I were sitting uncomfortably close to an open fire.

I was resting back on my elbows, the wet hand again covering my mouth as my tongue experimented with the changing flavors in my palm and between my fingers. My right leg was slightly bent and the foot pressed against Willie’s still hard gleaming penis. My left knee was drawn up awkwardly the foot against his wet nose. I felt him move sharply and then he was pushing his muzzle in between my thighs, lapping rapidly at my inner thighs and then slapping his tongue in through my labia as before, only this time with a vengeance.

I couldn’t help myself from giggling hysterically at the sensations rushing through me as my hips began to buck up at him and I unconsciously spread my knees farther apart to give him even more access. The taste from my hand was suddenly very good as my tummy rippled uncontrollably and I could feel my clitty getting harder and harder as he lapped away. He was standing over me now in his obvious efforts to turn me on, his back and hips moving oddly in a jerking manner I’d never seen before at my young age. I had no clue what was going on other than something I was liking very much even though it frightened me because I didn’t understand it. I tried to quell the jerking of my hips and then his forepaws were up alongside my ribs and he was washing my face recklessly with his tongue, covering my cheeks with saliva that foamed along the length of is mouth. Mucous dripped from his nostrils and I had to close my eyes, hearing my voice squealing and giggling inanely and then muffled as he pushed his tongue into my mouth. Irrationally, I began to suck at it!

The knot of nausea struck me again and then the gagging and then I was nursing his tongue harder as new sensations played through me. My heart was wildly pounding and I felt I couldn’t breath and then he was gone. I
knuckled my eyes after a few moments and pushed up onto my elbows to see him wandering about the close quarters of the hideaway. He stared at me sideways and finally fell down in front of me, curling over to began licking his penis again. Now and then his hips would jerk a little.

I giggled erratically, saying, “That fun, Willie! Wanna do again!” At that rolled back onto my knees and compulsively pushed my face in beside his to run my own tongue over his penis, collecting a greedy mouthful of the pungent stuff coating it, a mix of lubricant mucous and saliva and god knows what else. He moved his head and his tongue washed over my shoulder and along my neck and jaw and cheek.

With his face away from his penis, I said hysterically, “Gonna suck a pisser!” At that, I grasped it back near the sheath and pulled it toward my mouth, pushing it in until the pointy tip was in my throat, causing me to gag a little as I swallowed the pungency and nursed the length of it all the way to my hand. It filled my mouth and pushed at my throat as he moved his hips, whimpering.

Irrationally, I found myself savoring the harsh flavors and overwhelming sensations as my hard little clitty cried for attention and the doggy smell of him became outrageously desirable. I held him now with both hands and suddenly I felt his pisser swell and collapse several times as a new flavor and fluid filled my mouth to flow out around my clenched lips to run over my cheeks and chin. It rushed into my throat until I couldn’t hold any more or swallow fast enough and after what seemed a long time, I found myself lying on my side, staring at him as he again cleaned himself before stretching his muzzle toward me, staring lazily.

Still wired and remembering only good things about the taste of him, his tongue, his saliva, I bellied over the old blankets like a snake, hands ahead to slip behind his ears, until I could lick him across the nose in a loving kiss, trying to emulate his way. His tongue slipped out to wash under my chin and across my mouth. I opened it wide, caught at the end of his tongue as it passed, sucked off a layer of saliva with a sense of excitement.

Filled with desire for more of this new thing, I scuffled around until I was in a position where I could play with his penis and my vulva was in front of his face. I really had a need now for that sensation derived from his licking deep through my labia and over the pinhole sphincter of my vagina.

I knew instinctively from the feelings there that I was putting off my own lubricants and juices that he found attractive. I squeezed myself with my left hand, spreading my thighs wide. “Lick, Willie! Lick me good. Lick, Willie.” Sniffing at me, his tongue came into play obligingly and in the same breath my right hand pulled at his penis. I watched it firm out and lengthen and then slipped it into my mouth, still coated with his recent orgasm. The smell of him was overwhelming. Sitting here eight years later, I can smell him! I have a hard clitty! We still get it on! He’s laying here at the foot of the bed, eyeing me soulfully.

Ok. I’m back. This next part is really over the line!

I suddenly felt this overwhelming urge to pee so I raised up on my hands and knees to start crawling toward the opening of the hideaway, not wanting to foul the nest, so to speak. Willie didn’t understand that, or perhaps, he simply saw an opportunity! Suddenly, I was aware of him slapping his tongue up my thighs from behind. I frowned back, giggling. “No, Willie! Needa pee. Needa pee, Willie!”

The next thing I knew, his forelegs were tight against the sides of my waist, holding me by the hips, and his paws were between my knees, his stance spreading them wide as I felt his deep chest pushing into my back, pushing my shoulders into the quilt under us as he bumped against me. Thinking he was somehow playing with me, I started to laugh, rolling my hips against his legs in a playful effort to get free of his hold on me. I felt the wetness of his penis slapping rapidly at my buttocks, randomly getting between them a few times. That sent a little thrill up my spine as he quickly slopped his lubricant all over my small buttocks and the back of my thighs and then between them. He paused a moment, repositioning his front feet back a little, forcing my knees more widely apart as I laughed at him again. “I gonna pee, Willie!”

There was a sharp pain as he nipped me on the back of the neck, sending a real thrill of fear through me and bringing tears to my eyes. “Ow, Willie! That hurt!” He did it again as I now tried frantically to get free of him and I began to blubber out loud, tears flowing down both cheeks. “No bites, Willie!” I cried out, also feeling his penis rapidly slamming at my buttocks and occasionally through my labia, sending yet a newer set of frightening sensations through me, making my clitty ache as it hardened out again. His weight had my shoulders pinned solidly to the quilt and his stance splayed my thighs to their limits. He moved his hind legs against my buttocks, causing me to raise my hips spontaneously as he arched over me, all the while pumping at me.

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in my anus as the tip of his penis slammed firmly against it and the hot juice he was spraying about coated it. I began to blubber hysterically now, not having a clue what was going on. One part of my mind was frightened hysterically while another, more dominant part was liking what was happening. The heat rushing over me, particularly where his penis was pounding against my thighs and buttocks, was turning much of my skin a bright red with the blush. Again, that sharp pain at my anus, only this time it felt as though his penis had pushed inside, greasily sliding through my rectum with a startling new burning sensation inside there as, with a machine gun rapidity, he drove it deeper and deeper, his equally burning lubricant pouring inside me. Me being so small, he undoubtedly penetrated my lower colon, and, still blubbering into the blanket, I felt myself pushing back onto him erratically. As before, I felt his penis swell and deflate quickly several times as he pumped his load into my baby girl ass and then awkwardly let go his hold on me, stumbling away on weakened legs to finally fall down and clean himself with a glassy look in his bright shiny eye and a satisfied fulfilled gleam in the dark brown one.

I sprawled there blubbering until my ass turned numb from the shock of that fucking and the loud whimpering became a soft moaning and subsided, my mind trying to digest what had just happened.

After awhile, I became aware that Willie was no longer in the hideaway. I struggled to me feet. The entire area around my buttocks and inner thighs and particularly my little asshole were sore. The big muscles ached as if someone had tried to rip my legs off. My asshole felt stretched and burned oddly.

By the time I reached the gate to the back porch, my mind was actually telling me I felt pretty good except for the ache in my legs. The burning in my butthole had a certain pleasurable quality although it was also unpleasant as well. By the following day I was contemplating a repeat performance, although that didn’t happen for probably a month or so. It took that long for the negative sensations to completely melt away.

Willie was lying in the grass by the play set and when he saw me, he bounced up to prance toward me, tail wagging, as if nothing had happened. I shied away from him, starting to cry again, mostly because he had hurt me unexpectedly. Oddly, what I was angry with him about were the nips to my shoulders and the back of my neck.

He taught me rather quickly that he wouldn’t do that if I were submissive enough! Now, however, he was no longer horny and I wasn’t about to turn him on at the moment. He licked me across the shoulder and I forgivingly patted him between the ears and all was forgiven. He was, after all, a very nice dog and it was my own innate curiosity that brought about the events of the day. Mom was very angry with me when I made it into the house, saying I smelled like a kennel. I told her I’d been playing in the doghouse with Willie and she hustled me into the bathtub, where life became considerably more relaxing.

Still, it took me all of a week to get over the physical stresses. Emotionally, it evolved into one of the little pleasures in life. In retrospect, it’s probably a small miracle that I survived the affair!

That was my first hardcore encounter. I should probably call this running monologue ‘My Chronological Conquests’ or something. After all, it’s a collection of my more interesting adventures and related observations.

Some readers may be horrified by such an animalist encounter, but it happens to some degree more often than most folks will admit to. In all honesty, I would not stand up in public, as it were, and make a case for it. If you’re reading this, it’s only because it got wherever you found it by devious routes.

Consider this: Children share adventures with each other that would never be told to an adult in most cases. There’s a world of shit out there.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve made a sort of game out of suckering things out of other kids. With regard to fucking the dog, I’ve cajoled stories out of twenty-six grade-schoolers and secondary types. Here’s the stats.

Nineteen girls and seven boys.
Of the seven boys (interesting):
Two Fucked a dog
Two let a dog fuck them
Three adamantly denied any such action
although one thought about doing a sheep

Of the nineteen girls: (20, if I include myself!)
Three denied any such action.
Four jacked a dog on multiple occasions
Four allowed a dog to lick them on multiple occasions
Two allowed a dog to fuck them once
Six allowed a dog to fuck them on multiple occasions
(plus me)

Okay, twenty-seven people do not represent a national statistical base, however, none of these kids would ever tell their stories to an adult under any circumstances, including psychiatric enquiry; not willingly.

That means any large scale professional enquiry, even one numbering hundreds of thousands of children or millions of people in general would also be radically skewed in favor of social expectations rather than truth. Such is the case for most sensitive studies of this sort.

Truth or Dare is an interesting game! Of course, most kids also would choose to shock and impress other kids with a flagrant lie, but they would also be inclined to tell the truth in order to avoid an unknown dare that might be related to the question. The quirks are that the truth often is perceived as solidifying relationships; the dare is often perceived as something beyond acceptability, as in the scene from The Two Jakes where a cop says there was a whore who had no problem with pissing in a client’s face, but she refused to shit on his chest; lastly, to refuse to participate under pressure could lead
to ostracism from a group you need desperately to be a part of.

What that means is, more often than not, the best of kids are the worst of kids.

So. If you have nothing better to do and have read this far, post a reply with your thoughts to whatever news group you find this in.

Meanwhile, I’m moving along to another arena.

Chapter TWO

Okay. I’m still basing time relative to events and this next neat trip happens sometime after my fifth birthday because the days seem shorter. The sun is just appearing when I decide to get up and nobody seems inclined to put me to bed until well after dark. I vaguely remember talk about Hallowe’en so mid- to late October would be a good bet. Still, the days are mostly warm, although I was wearing a dress; one of those thin shapeless print things you toss in the air and try to duck into as it settles because doing that is fun. I think the hem came to just above me knees, but allowed me to run unhampered.

I wore heavy cotton underpants only because Dad insisted on it.

He would say my butt felt cold if I didn’t, but I never noticed. I recall either he or Mom would test me regarding coldness several times a day and I always looked forward to it. Everyone else had quit wandering about naked because of the weather as well, so it must have been chilly outside most of the time, although the house always seemed comfortable enough. We have two fireplaces; actually, one with both sides open.

Dad calls it a split hearth. We also have central heating and air conditioning, but I don’t think we use it much other than during the coldest and hottest times of the year. The ocean (not telling which one!) is only about twenty miles away and we go there often enough, no matter what time of year it is.

It was probably a weekend because the folks had some friends and their families over; four different groups, three with kids, but there were only two girls and a boy close to my age and size. Half a dozen fit in with my older brothers. A few were even older, but I could tell they were still going to high school, a place I had no real perception of back then. Even though I got bumped ahead, skipping the fifth grade, and am now in the seventh grade where most kids are two or three years older than me, high school still sounds like a better place to be because I already know most of the stuff they’re trying to teach me! I’m not making many friends where I am, probably because I’m younger, but I’ve got a few I can relate to.

Anyway, with the time in question, I wasn’t going to school. I wasn’t aware then of kindergarten or pre-school and in fact, at five I could read pretty well thanks to Mom’s teaching and Dad contributing his interest as well.

I even had some pretty basic maths skills. The people at school when I started the first grade seemed more excited about that than I could relate to. Reading and adding or subtracting numbers seemed to come naturally by then. One of the things I perceived back then had to do with the fact the two girls visiting were both in kindergarten at the time and had implied they had also been going to a preschool, probably since they were three years old.

The point here is that, during a previous visit I had naively tried to introduce them to the thrilling little game I’d since refined with Willie. They were not the least bit interested in participating, although their innate curiosity was thoroughly piqued.

The long and short is that, based on conversation, preschool had thoroughly indoctrinated them regarding the unacceptability of such behaviour and kindergarten had righteously confirmed the preschool indoctrinations. Playing with the dog in such a way was dysfunctional.

Suggesting it only got me ostracised from this little group. On the bright side, I didn’t get any feedback from the adults, so they had evidently been unwilling to mention the incident. What I learned from that was to be more reserved with regard to my own adventures in the realm of curiosity fulfilment.

That brings us around to my getting better acquainted with one of Dad’s business associates. He was probably in his thirties and on this occasion, he was the sole single person visiting. I was attracted to him primarily because he seemed attracted to me. That’s always a good reason to take an interest in someone. I remember his name was Mike (not really).

The place seemed to be swarming with people. Willie was being restricted to his small piece of the property, I was feeling unwanted regarding the various activities going on in both the adult groups and with regards to the other kids queuing together (mostly I was bored!), and I wasn’t dreaming up any activities of interest.

I had settled myself into a plastic chair in a collection of lawn furniture near a big black ball called a barbecue. Mom was scuttling back and forth to the house, supplying the long table with condiments and other picnic type of stuff, but I wasn’t being encouraged to help, so I sat there with my legs bent up, feet against my butt and chin on my knees when Mike strolled over with a glass full of amber liquid in one hand.

He approached me from the front as I gave him a going over and I wondered why he was staring at me with an odd little smile. I still remember thinking there was something about him I liked, but couldn’t particularly define what it was. His free hand came down on my head lightly to tousle my hair. “Hello, baby girl,” he leered quietly, as if not wanting to be heard by anyone but me. “Haven’t seen you for a spell. Why so morose?”

I gave him a weak smile, not wanting to seem too interested, although I was open to anything that might prove a distraction from my sense of boredom. “What’s a ‘morose’?”

“Hmm. How about ‘down at the mouth’? Bored?” He took a casual swallow from his glass and made an expansive gesture with his arms.

“Looks to me like lots of places to go and things to do.”

“Morose” – I mulled. – “Nice sound.”

“You like that one, huh” -he grinned loosely, grasping the back of a chair and swinging it back so he could sit directly in front of me and a few feet away. He glanced around casually, seeming to satisfy himself about something.

-“It’s kind of nice out here away from all that business talk in the house. Besides, I like you.” – He paused for several seconds, staring at me in a vague sort of way as I continued to look him over.

He was wearing one of those tee shirts with a pocket and a pair of tan shorts with baggy legs that ended about half way between his hips and knees. There was a light coat of thin short hair over the back of his calves, but almost none on his bared thighs.

I could see up his shorts a little where it got dark and blurry and suddenly felt a curiosity about what was there.

I had seen lots of other people naked and not thought much about that, but for some reason I was curious about him. I dropped my eyes to his feet, not wanting to embarrass him or cause him to go away. I heard him add:

– “I thought you might like me back just a little.” – when I said nothing, continuing to stare at his feet and wondering why he was rhythmically wriggling his toes, he ventured to say:

– “You’re sure a pretty little girl. I have a daughter like you, but she couldn’t come today. You remember her from last spring?” – I shook my head after a thoughtful moment, somewhat perturbed that I couldn’t recall his even being here last spring, with or without someone else. I have a most excellent memory.

Another pause of length and then he said softly:

– “I just noticed you have underpants just like hers.” – as I pulled my dress back off my knees and spread them so I could see what was so spectacular about my underpants, he went on, sounding just a little bit excited.

– “You like wearing those nice cotton underpants? You like the way they feel?”

– “I don’t wear ’em much ‘cept when it gets cold” – I said easily.

After all, it was true and we were now having an interesting conversation. I pushed the hem farther along my thighs, wondering if these were the pair Dad had bought me with the butterfly near the waist in front.

Wrong. They were the pair Mom had bought with a small yellow smiley face. They had probably come from a cheap supermarket, but I only thought that because of the commercial association. “Smiley” I grinned up at him.

He was staring hard at Smiley, then tilted his head back as he took a long drink from his glass, looking around slowly before focusing back under my dress and casually reaching out with a long finger of his free hand.

– “Could I touch your smiley face?” -he asked carefully, pausing to stare as our eyes met.

His tongue darted slowly along his lips as I nodded indifferently and he glanced about again, obvious now to ascertain that we were still alone. As his fingertip traced over the design, that warm flush began to settle in my cheeks and that meant I was beginning to feel good inside! I spread my knees even farther so I could watch his moving finger as it deliberately slid slowly straight down until it was pressing gently into my rising clitty.

As he spoke, he held it there rather firmly, stroking along one side and then the other of that gristly little piece of excitable flesh. “You like what this old finger is doing?” he asked hoarsely.

-“You look like it feels kind of good to you.”

I could feel as well as see the long muscles of my inner thighs tighten spontaneously as the cotton moved persistently. Nodding, I stared up at him solemnly. “I do that sometimes, but it feel gooder when you do it.” It felt lots better when he did it! My sense of boredom had vanished the instant his finger touched my smiley face!

Abruptly he pulled his hand away and settled back a little, elbows on his knees.

-“Put your legs down, lovey!” – he exclaimed under his breath.

– “Here comes your Mom!”

I automatically dropped the back of my knees to the seat of the chair, but said easily:

– “Mama knows smiley! She helped put ’em on!”

-“She might be jealous if you share them with me!” he persisted. “You won’t say anything?”

I shook my head, grinning at him conspiratorially as Mom said cheerfully:

– “There you are, Mike! I see you’ve been captured by Jen! Bob said you weren’t the most social of people.” – she had a nearly full glass of the same amber colored drink looking wet in her grasp.

-“He thought you might like a replacement that’s still cold. Bourbon, right?” – the glass was sweating as she handed it to him, taking the warmer one with her other hand.

I slipped spontaneously out of the chair, grinning knowingly at Mike and chirping to Mom as I danced away,

– “I gonna find my squirrel! Bye, bye!” – with that, I headed around the Play set and along the garden toward the back gate to the trees.

After getting through the gate and turning to pull it into place, I stood there for awhile until I saw Mike glance my way and did a little dance in place for him before sauntering toward the Quince fort.

I peered inside, sniffing the pungent air and reminiscing about the many times of late spent here with Willie. As my eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, I was distracted to discover both of my brothers and at least three other people.

Two of them were girls, both considerably older than me.

– “Watcha doin’?” – I scowled in disappointment, but made no move to enter.

– “She’s cool” – I heard the younger of my brothers remark to the hideaway in general.

– “Go play somewhere else, Jen. We’re doin’ our own thing.” – I pushed out my lower lip.

– “Don’t wanna play here, no how.” – I stepped back enough to stare through the wire fence to where it looked like Mike had a hand in the small of Mom’s back and was saying something close to her ear.

I could tell, having excellent vision, that she smiled at whatever was said, then leaned in to give him a quick peck on the mouth and stride away. He watched her for a few moments, then turned toward me and began walking as he waved. I in turn made a furtive gesture toward the far side of the field where the cars were parked and then darted off into the taller grass along a narrow trail that was the province of some local deer as well as most of us when we wanted to be in the woods. The grass came high up my chest, but I could see over it well enough.

As I stood by a tree at the edge of the wood impatiently waiting for him to figure out just exactly where I went, I decided to be tricksy and hide behind it until he found me out. All the while I wondered if I could get him to make my clitty feel good again without upsetting him.

I had read several articles in newspapers about grownups getting in trouble with other grownups for making little girls feel good. I didn’t understand some of the words, but the idea that people got in trouble for doing what felt good was clear enough. Back then, it was beyond my comprehension, but I knew I had to be careful not to upset grownups when it came to feeling good.

After what seemed way to long a time I could hear the grass in the field moving and then the soft rustling of the small brown needles that covered the ground under the tree and through most of the woods.

The woods looked like a solid wall from the house, but here inside, it reminded me of a large cool building I had been in once, only this went on forever it seemed. Suddenly, I heard Mike say:

– “Shit. She gives me such a hard-on! What the hell am I doing, anyway. Bob’s the most remarkable CPA I’ve ever worked with.” – he was talking to
himself! He made a grunting sound, then called out hesitantly:

-“Jen, you in here?” Jen?” – I suppressed an urge to laugh along with another to pee! I liked him a lot, but the thought that he might be mad at me for wanting to feel good bothered me.

I suddenly wondered what his penis looked and felt like as well. I wondered also if doing things to it would make him feel good the way Willie did. I could feel my underpants getting wet along where the cotton pulled into my labia and my butthole puckered excitedly.

-“Jen?” -he called a bit more loudly.

Childishly, I suddenly jumped out from behind the tree with a sharp squeal of delight at his presence.

Terminally startled, he jumped back, slamming into a smaller tree with his shoulder and making an odd noise in his throat best described as a gasp, followed by a loud “Fuck!” I knew that word because lots of kids used it when no adults were around, but I didn’t really know then what it really meant.

I had kept in motion, throwing myself the several feet to where he stood disoriented and grasping the elastic waist of his shorts where it crossed his hips well above my head.

I buried my face against his legs where the legs of the shorts ended, feeling something odd there, but not taking real notice as I squealed,

– “Found me! Found me!” – something wet and cold splashed down the back of my neck and soaked into my dress.

He laughed nervously, saying,:

– “You scared the piss out of me, lovey!”- his left leg shook a little and that seemed interesting in that I thought he might be angry.

Letting go of his waistband, I stumbled back a couple of steps, pouting. “I sorry. I go back home.” I felt really bad, sure he wasn’t going to like me much now.

He stepped toward me quickly, his left hand holding the glass and his right settling along the back of my head and neck, urging me back against his right leg.

-“I’m sorry” -he said, his voice treating me like an adult- “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing right now. I’ve probably been drinking too much. If I had any sense, I wouldn’t have touched you like I did and I wouldn’t be standing here wanting to do it again. Frankly, I love making little girls feel good. Hopefully, nobody else knows that!”

His hand was caressing firmly down the back of my neck and around my shoulder blades as I instinctively wrapped my arms around the thickness of his thigh, pressing my cheek against the bare muscle above his knee. He felt warm and comforting.

I could smell something that excited me because it was vaguely like Willie, only very different. He took another drink from the glass, saying:

– “You can’t go back right away, now. You smell like bourbon.” – I let go of his leg and stepped back to stare up at him solemnly.

-“I thirsty. Mama let me have sips sometimes.”

He stared down at me, then at the glass.

-“I really shouldn’t. It’s against the law. Hell, everything’s against the law!”- He made a face and lowered the glass to my reaching hands.

I took it carefully and sipped off maybe a teaspoon full, thrilling to the chill liquid that left a burning trail down my throat and sent a deep heat through my insides.

A moment later, my mind began to spin around through a world of strange and dizzying sensations and thoughts again revolving around the smell of his legs while I was hugging them.

-“Whoa!” – I grinned, handing him the glass and grasping his right hand for balance while urging him to come with me.

-“Come on! I know a place where there’s squirrels and grass! We can lay inna grass and not be so dizzy. Booze sure makes you feel light!” – I moved off as fast as I could, dragging him along. He stumbled with me at a reasonable pace and soon we were in my not so secret little grove where the ground under the thick grass felt almost spongy, although it was dry enough. The place was egg shaped and probably only a dozen yards long, but to me back then, it seemed like a cathedral.

I let go of his hand, scrambling out to the middle and sprawling on my back, completely relaxed.

-“This place sure nice! It already getting warm out again.” – that was clearly the booze, but I didn’t know that.

Mike stared at the glass for a spell, then abruptly tossed it several feet away into the grass and took the few steps to drop down on his knees within reach of me.

– “This is a great place” – he grinned loosely, his eyes taking in as much of me as he could.

– “Hell, I can’t help myself. Are you gonna let me make you feel good some?”- I felt myself grinning and nodding, but the lightness of head still danced through me along with the warmth.

I stared up into the canopy as his hand played over my bare feet caressingly, working their way over my ankles and up and down my calves as the heat increased and the butterflies began to flutter inside. My arms felt heavy and relaxed as he gripped my knees and carefully urged me to roll over as he spread them apart just a little. His long fingers wrapped around my thighs, stroking up and down along them, all the while pushing my dress ahead of them until it piled up around my shoulders and his hands encircled my waist. His thumbs massaged firmly into the small of my back as he moved me around until I was comfortably straddling one of his large hard thighs, his hard smooth muscles spreading my thighs as his hands gripped at my waist, slowly moving me back and forth on his thigh, sending a nice ache through my vulva and hardened clitty. I just went with the flow, starting to whimper softly at the sensations building in my mind and body.

I was loving the way he droned things to me as his hands moved lovingly over my ribs and fingers scrubbed excitingly over my baby nipples, making them hard like my clitty.

– “Oh, Jen, you’re so much like my own baby girl. I like the way you feel, so smooth and firm; such nice buttocks and sides and back; your little shoulders and warm neck and fat little thighs. I’d sure love to lick your sweet little pussy and tongue your asshole.” – he sighed heavily, moving me up onto the leg of his shorts where something nestled firmly against my vulva through the layers of material. I could feel myself getting wet and warm down there.

– “Would you like me to put my tongue on your asshole and pussy? You know what I mean?”

I scrubbed myself against him willfully, increasing my sensations exponentially as I nodded into the grass and the dizziness increased with my heartbeat.

– “Willie do that sometimes” – I squeaked back.

– “That feel sooo good!”

His thumbs were inside the back of my underpants now, pulling at the sides of my buttocks with a nice slow insistence. There was an odd sound in his voice.

-“Isn’t Willie your dog?” – My underpants were slipping over my hips.

– “Uh, huh.”

– “Willie licks your pussy and asshole? God, that’s a turn-on!” – he
breathed heavily.

His thumbs tugged at my underpants, stretching them widely. My dress was now piled into my armpits.

-“Would you like me to take these off since it’s nice and warm now?”

-“Uh, huh.”

I felt a hand saddle under my tummy as he lifted me up easily and his other hand slowly worked the underpants off my buttocks and down my thighs and then my dangling calves and feet.

– “God. So sweet. Smells so good here.” – I could feel his breath on my ass and the back of my thighs.

– “Spread your legs, baby. God, you’re such a fuck-toy! That’s it. Raise your knees, too. Oh, God!” – I felt a hand inside my thighs and as it took the place of the other under my tummy, it too slipped between my thighs and then abruptly, he was lifting me at the waist and my legs flopped over his shoulders and I could feel his saliva and mouth covering my vulva as my thighs clamped at his face.

This was even better than Willie! He had so much more control as he slavered his tongue through my taut thin baby labia, still only flaps along the muscles of my vulva.

I could feel it rasping over the sensitive membranes inside, prodding firmly at the small holes of my urethra and vagina as I whimpered excitedly in a high quiet squeal, sounding almost like crying or whining. Everything seemed to tremble; my tummy and thighs; feet flapping about along with my arms as the feeling kept growing and his tongue kept moving about ever faster until I felt myself peeing and a sense of fearfulness at his reaction swept over me, causing me to start crying for real. He startled me by licking harder and beginning to suckle at my labia and then my clitty as my muscles jumped about sporadically against my will!

I vaguely realized that he was laying on his back now with me sitting on his face and sprawled down his chest, my hands digging frantically at his ribs and my dress piled into my armpits and taut above my shoulder blades. I was naked from there down now, a cool breeze feeling good, chilling the sweat on my back and trickling in between twitching buttocks. My brain was busy to the limit soaking up the sensations I have never been able to find words that describe and come to the conclusion it’s indescribable!

After what seemed a long time during which I could vaguely hear myself making high pitched squeals and mewling sounds as he almost viciously filled his sucking mouth with my vulva while forcing his firm rasping tongue about deep inside between my labia, his hands moved over my hips, his thumbs digging between my buttocks to spread them open, stretching at my already pulsing anus. I could feel the ring of tiny muscles burn a little as his tongue prodded it’s way inside, soaking the membranes and stretching the long tiny muscles of my anus as I clamped at it uncontrollably as if trying to take a shit.

His tongue ploughed in and out slowly, unable to reach the tightness of my colon where the muscles of my tummy jerked sporadically above those trying to force poop down and out. At least, that was the sensation, multiplied several times. I felt and heard the soft staccato riffle as a long fart rushed around his tongue and he pulled abruptly away, making a disgusted sound followed by a few long intakes of breath. As hysterical laughing mingled with my sudden crying, I heard him say hoarsely:

– “Son of a bitch! That was a rush.” – a few more breaths and he added, his hands sliding over my ribs, thumbs along my spine, and back to grasp my buttocks firmly:

– “To think you’ve always been here! Having you is like owning a gold mine, Jen!” – another long breath and then

– “You won’t tell anyone, will you, baby girl?”

I was still overwhelmed with the magnitude of my childish sexual responses, thinking in terms of excitement and learning new feelings, having no intellectual distinction of sex and pleasure at that age.

Back then, it was a more simplified matter of what I liked or did not like when it came to feeling stuff. I knew I liked this a lot so far. I liked the way my heart raced and my muscles trembled and my breathing became erratic. I liked being wanted and touched good, like how his hands on my back and butt were soothing and relaxing.

I liked the feel of my hands grasping about his ribs and the heat of his belly above the navel against my face. I also had a vague awareness that what we were doing was somehow wrong and that nobody else should ever know about it.

I said simply:

-“I love you, Daddy’s Mister Mike” -my mouth making wet kissing movements where it rested against his hot skin in a thin line of hair that tasted at once sweaty and desirable.

-“I love you, too” -he replied softly, his hands still massaging and caressing.

-“I need to know you won’t tell and get us in trouble.”

-“Never tell things what get me troubles” -I said solemnly, suddenly wanting to prove my sincerity as well as having a renewed need to compare his penis to the many others I’d encountered under various mostly innocent circumstances.

As I said that I struggled down his chest enough to be able to thrust my hands under the elastic waist of his shorts below the hem of his shirt, already pushed well up onto his expansive chest.

He gave a sharp little gasp as I wrapped both hands around what I found there and began tugging it out where I could see it.

-“Daddy says for me not to do this in public and we real private here!”

-“You do that to your Dad?” -he gasped with a sense of shocked surprise.

I shook my head, grinning back at him and wincing a little as his fingers curled more firmly into my buttocks, not understanding why he should react so startled.

-“Grabbed him accidental through his pants once in town and he got all barrassed.”

After a brief pause as I stared at his penis, taking in the differences between his and Willie’s and others I’d seen, he asked quietly:

– “Does he ever touch and kiss you like I just have?”

I shook my head sharply, grinning back at him over my shoulder.

“I try a make him, but he say he don’t wanna so I stop.” – scooting down his abdomen and out of his immediate grasp, I sat up on his belly. My hands tightened their grip on the smooth hard shaft, slowly moving the loose skin up and down as I bent it straight up against the stretched waistband.

I wondered why people penises were so much different from doggy penises. For instance, they didn’t seem to come permanently pre-coated with the lubricant I thought of simply as ‘slippy stuff’. People didn’t have built-in fat spots and pointy tips that slipped nicely into butts and mouths and so on. Willie had fucked me lots since that first time and even though he did it pretty much the same way by grabbing my hips and wildly stabbing at me until he got it into my butt and dropped his load (he would painfully hit my pussy now and then, but never scored!), the initial entry hurt less and less each time and felt better and better when all was said and done. As the
pain lessened the pleasure increased.

At least, that was my perception and my starry-eyed friend must have felt the same because he was always looking for an opportunity! I wasn’t. I had lots of other interests and sex was and still is a nice relief from boredom.

Mike’s cock was probably an inch and a half thick and maybe seven inches long, but that seemed awfully large to my five year old mind.

If I squeezed it real hard, I could almost touch finger to my thumb! Still, it seemed to pleasure him considerably, regardless what I did. What looked like a long scar ran down the underside of the shaft from a wide ring just below the flared head almost to the base where his scrotum hung invitingly. I liked handling balls, too, and discovered early that I had to be real gentle with them.

They always seemed very hot and rolled around interestingly in their drooping sack scattered with long hairs. I liked the furry thatch of hair covering the bony hump of grownups. Another of my favorite games when I’d wake up in the wee hours of the morning with a need to pee was to sneak into my brothers’ room and play with the older one while he slept.

I liked the way he would slowly get real hard and grow long in the process and then spit stuff everywhere. It smelled and tasted different than Willie’s cock-spit.

As I worked leisurely at keeping Mike’s cock erect, I grinned back at

-“This sure a nice pisser! You gonna come visit more?”

His hands were back around my waist, his thumbs working firmly into the small of my back and a finger of each hand massaging down alongside my hard little clitty as if he knew I liked all the butterflies and worms doing that was making in my tummy.

-“I think I just might!” -he exclaimed under his breath, squeezing especially hard at my clitty, causing me to squeak excitedly and bounce a little on his firm belly as I worked his cock somewhat erratically.

-“How long you been playing with cocks?”

-“Long time” – I said, bobbing my head about, not having any real perception of time.

-”Willie showed me how fun pissers be!” – Impulsively, I leaned forward and rolled my tongue around the speckled head covered now with the clear fluid leaking heavily from the small open hole in the center.

Straightening up to grin back over my shoulder as he awkwardly worked his shirt off, I shivered a little at the way his muscles rippled around his chest and shoulders and arms.

-“You stuff sure taste good! It lots different than Willie!”

He dropped his shirt to the grass, leaning back on his left elbow and tousling my hair with his right hand, his hips jumping slightly a few times, pumping his cock through my grip. There was a sound of amazement in his thick soft voice.

-“I can’t believe this. You sound like you really love sex play. I’ve been wanting a little girl like you for a couple of years! My baby girl was the same way. She liked to satisfy her curiosity and make me happy. You’re just like her, but different.”

-“She sound fun to play wif” -I stated intensely, staring down again at his cock while considering the novel idea of doing sex things with another girl, adding:

-“I bet she like Willie, too, if she knower him! Doggies don’t tell!” – at that, I spread my mouth onto the head, trying to work the fat flaring part inside the tightening ring of my stretching lips while sucking the clear juice along my tongue to trickle interestingly into my throat.

I realized I might bite him, but wanted to get my teeth over the knob so I could more effectively suck his juice out of that little hole.

Spreading my jaws until they ached up under my ears, I pushed my face down and he gave out a sharp gasp as my teeth raked past the mottled surface and settled comfortably where the pale wide scar ringed the shaft. I settled into the process of sucking in as much juice as would come out the hole until my jaw began to ache more and I suddenly needed some breath.

I spread my jaws again and quickly straightened up, gasping as I filled my lungs several times rapidly.

– “Sorry! I keep forgetting a breathe!”

He had made a sharp squawk as his right hand shot around me to tighten about the cock, pointing it toward his knees. He stared critically at his cock, satisfying himself that all was reasonably well.

-“Don’t wanna cum yet” – he explained pointlessly, although it reassured me that he wasn’t mad about my teeth. He seemed to really like what had just happened and that made me feel all warm inside, not to mention how I really liked the sweet musky flavor of the juice I was still licking off my lips. He stated firmly in that same amazed tone,

-“Shit! Fuck! You’re just a little gold mine. God, I’m in love!” – that made me feel even warmer inside.

-“I thought you be mad ’cause I gots sharp teeth” – I remarked apologetically.

-“Dinna mean to hurt a pisser.”

– “I’ll get over it” – he said, taking another critical look at the underside of his cock. I stared with him and could see four tiny red marks in the pale scar tissue that looked suspiciously like where teeth had been.

I pushed a tiny fingertip at the marks.

– “I sorry! I see bites!” – for some reason I felt like crying as the burning of tears came to the inside corners of my eyes.

Pushing his cock back toward his thighs, I saw two similar red places on the top side.

-“Hey, don’t cry, baby girl” -he smiled ruefully, probably detecting the tremor in my voice.

-“I know you didn’t mean to. I’m surprised you got it in your mouth. That felt so good I almost fed you. Don’t wanna do that just yet!”

His big hand stood his cock up and slowly stroked a few times, then settled at the base so he could slowly shake it about deliberately.

-“Maybe you should just be happy to suck at it and lick the shaft some until you get a little older. I’d sure like to try putting it up your pretty little ass, though. Would you like that? Anna-Marie sure liked trying, but I could only just get it in. She looked a lot smaller than you and said it hurt a lot. I didn’t want to hurt her. Don’t want to hurt you neither” -he added abruptly, tousling my hair again.

His cock was sure looking big now as my mind compared it mentally to Willie and the rest of the young database. I didn’t think it was as fat as Dad’s, but it was for sure longer.

-“That her name?” – I asked as his hands came up to massage my thighs, the palms gliding over the fronts as his fingers pulled lightly at the insides, pressing into the fatty front of my vulva on the upstrokes.

-“Sounds nice. How come you don’t bring her here?”

– “I brought her a few years ago, but you probably don’t remember her. She’s with her mother, now. They’ve been gone for over a year.” – there was a sadness in his voice and a certain resignation.

– “Where they go?” – his hands were making me almost sleepy as theycontinued to play over my thighs. My dress had slipped back down over my chest, feeling like a thin warm blanket. I stared up into the canopy through lazy narrowing eyes.

– “They went away. Her mother found someone she wanted to be with more than me and wouldn’t let me keep Anna.” – he moved a little under me.

-“Grass is getting itchy. Here. Let’s roll you over and move you up a little. Wanna try some grownup kissing?”

I nodded quickly as I rolled with his manipulations and scooted up his chest, revealing in the feel of my clitty sliding over his warmth through the sparse hair.

-“I heared big kids say ‘swapping spit!'”

I giggled, relating to what I did sometimes with Willie, although my brothers put their tongues in my mouth sometimes to tease me. I’d get mad at them because I knew that’s why they did it. They would just do it once and never go past my teeth, fearing I would bite them! I never shared how it really made me feel because I feared they’d tell.

Nothing has changed about that, although I know the older one is aware of what I used to do to him at night when I thought he was asleep. That’s another story.

As I buried my small knees down into his armpits, I pushed my mouth between Mike’s lips and started washing his teeth with my tongue, tasting the hot saliva filling his mouth and mixing with my own.

It was clear by the way he suckled my mouth and pushed his tongue back against the top of my throat that he was having as much pleasure as I was. My heart began to race again and so did the butterflies, the heat becoming more intense as his hands crawled up my baby thighs and began kneading my buttocks apart with a slow insistent rhythm that made my little anus tighten and relax to it. I wanted his finger in there! I felt one start making a circular motion over it and pushing gently in the process. As the blood pounded in my temples and my tummy seemed to roll with that exciting nausea, I could feel it stretching the sphincter and then slipping just inside my tightly clenching rectum. I raised off his mouth abruptly, my head rolling back and to one side as my hips pumped back at him, sliding over the finger sharply and sending a sharp pleasant pain through the sphincter and off into the buttocks as the burning started.

-“That good, Mister Mike! Good! Do more!”

-“You like this, huh! I’m glad. Ah, that’s it! Choke my old finger. Squeeze down good.” – I could feel his finger working slowly by increments through my rectum and every time a knuckle stretched my anus more, I couldn’t help but grunt loudly, the nice burning pain feeling so good.

It was like shitting a big one and lasting forever! For a long time, the end of his finger seemed to plunger slowly at my colon and then it felt liked it ripped it’s way inside, causing a lasting sharp burning pain that brought tears to my eyes and a sharp high squeal from my throat. He paused, his fist firm against my ass depressing my buttocks and the back of my thighs.

-“Is that too much, baby? You want Uncle Mike to stop?”

Tears spilling off my chin from both sides as I shook my head violently, I pushed hard against his fist, reeling a little as the fingertip slipped into my colon a little and the fire was stirred.

-“Do more!” – I grabbed at words aimlessly.

– “Stick a finger hard! Pump the butt! Pump the butt!” – he obliged me and as I cried, he seemed to be muttering something to himself.

When he finally rested for a few moments and I gasped for breath, quietly pumping back at his still finger and dribbling tears and mucous from my nose and saliva from my mouth, he simply stared up at me with a look of mild awe in his eyes; that, and what I came to decide was unbridled lust!

-“Think we could get that old prick in there, honey?” -he seemed to leer.

– “The youngest sweet ass I ever done was twice as old as you!”

I giggled through my tears as he curled his finger ever so lightly. The perception that he loved me so much was very easy to grasp, giving me a sense of being much older and prettier than I probably was. I’ve never been overweight of too skinny, but I don’t think of myself as a beauty queen, either.

I’ve been wearing glasses for distance since I was ten. At five, though, the perception that making me feel good made me lovable to him was easy to grasp and it only followed that I would love anyone back who was nice to me or made me feel good.

I could feel what seemed like another finger carefully, almost stealthily, trying to get in beside the first one. It just played at one side of my sphincter for what seemed quite awhile, feeling soothing and comforting. His other hand let go of my buttock and then returned all covered with slipperiness from somewhere that he spread around my little doughnut.

He closed his palm over the buttock and pulled a little, stretching my anus until I felt the new finger pulling steadily at the side. The stretching felt good.

-“You gonna try two finners now!” -I blurted knowingly.

-“Sure wish I had something to numb you up, but we’ll just have to see what we see” -he sort of chortled.

I had not a clue what that meant, but the finger kept sliding down along it’s partner and the stretching started to feel different until another knuckle popped in and the new, sharper pain wasn’t nice any more as I yelped loudly. It was probably a good thing we were maybe a hundred yards into the woods where the trees were closer together and the brush had started to thicken. Nobody would probably hear me unless I really did a banshee scream! His finger moved again and I yelped again, renewing the cascade of tears and stuff running off my chin and cheeks.

I could feel a trail of mucous from my nose oozing down across my lips to hang for a moment on my chin before growing too large and dropping away to begin again, even though my tongue would swipe at it. As I blubbered, saliva would also trickle from my loose mouth.

I felt him shudder a little under me and then his muscles tightened and after a bit, he began to ease his fingers out of me until a great since of relief flowed through me with the empty sensation from my colon and rectum. I hear a plopping sound somewhere and my ass felt completely empty. I collapsed, exhausted, along his chest and felt him hugging me with his big arms. I felt extremely comforted and also relieved that his fingers were gone, although the good feeling was still there. Underlying my relief was a need to have him back in my ass!

-“You not gonna stop” – I finally mumbled in disappointment.

-“I’m going to stop” -he assured me.

I sniffled at that. “Don’t wanna stop.”

-“This isn’t good” -he explained almost sadly

-“I’m hurting you too much. Next time I see you, I’ll have some nice cream that will make it feel lots better.” – he was raising me carefully to a sitting position.

-“I think you can take it if you really been letting your dog fuck you.”

-“I have! Honest!” -I cut him off hopefully, peering back and reaching down to check out the cool sticky stuff I was now sitting in.

I brought my hand up covered in white lumpy goo that looked a lot like Willie’s pisser spit. I scowled knowingly.

– “Looks like pisser spit!” -I licked at it hopefully.

– “Very perceptive” -he laughed.

-“You could lick it all up since you seem to like it so much. Wash my cock with your mouth. Call it a cock from now on. Can you say ‘cock’?”

– “Cock, cock, cock!” – I repeated several times, sliding off to one side and beginning to tongue my way around on his belly as the long horizontal muscles rippled against me. I knew what a cock was, but it’s hard sometimes to overcome old speech patterns.

The rest of the day was very interesting to me, but not worth telling here. I spent some time obediently cleaning him off as best I could and enjoyed every minute of it, but finally I was feeling tired for all the effort.

When he hugged and stroked me approvingly, I snuggled up to him as he coached me for a bit regarding what we two had been doing in the woods for so long; that, of course, being an adventure in pursuit of squirrels at my suggestion. We found the discarded glass and trekked back to the house, arriving as the shadows from the wood grew long. Nobody seemed to notice the remnant leftovers from our day in the forest and the same held true for my brothers and their girlfriends when they wandered in a little later. Mike settled into some after-dinner conversation with the adults, winking at me surreptitiously now and then, and I finally went contentedly off to bath and bed.

The day had been most eventful, it would seem, all the way around.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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