My loving little sister (Mg,pedo,inc,cons)

My loving little sister (Mg,pedo,inc,cons)

Introduction: A teen boy realises he wants to fuck his preteen sister and she happily accepts it.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

I never knew just how much my little sister loved me until that night that she came to me when the girl I had been dating for several months, having regular sex with her told me to go to hell, that she had found someone more exciting than me.

We had had a date scheduled but when I went to pick her up she had another man there, one older than me. She was already topless when I knocked on the door and she came to the door. Hell I could even see the fresh sperm on her lips. Then I heard a male voice yelling from the living room.

“Hurry up bitch, get back here and finish fucking me, damn it I want to fill your cunt with my hot fertile sperm and knock you up.”

She blushed but told me that it was over, to go to hell and leave her alone. Then she hurriedly slammed the door shut.

The hell of it was, I happened to glance in the window and there was not only a naked man on the floor, laying on the rug, with her already straddling him his cock buried deep in her tight cunt, but there also was her mother and father both naked with another man, sitting on the couch and her mother was straddling him fucking his cock in and out of her. Her father was between his wife’s legs licking his wife’s juices up every time the man’s cock plunged up into her and came back out coated with her juices again.

I couldn’t help it, I stood there peeking in the window for some time. They had not completely closed the curtain when they had closed it.

After my former girl friend fucked the man until he cum in her, she went to her own father and had him lay on the rug and she with them all watching straddled him and sank down on his stiff cock, then she fucked her daddy until he added his cum to that of the other man in her cunt.

Oh I knew who the other two men were too, I had met them when I was dating her. Both of the men fucking her and her mother were her mothers two younger brothers, my former girl friends uncles.

I walked away shaking my head, actually hoping she did get pregnant from them or he own daddy and that every one found out about it.

Suddenly I remembered my cell phone camera and pulled it out and through the window, snapped several pictures of her with her own daddy’s cock buried in her and her mother with her own brothers fucking her.

I did stay until I got pictures of her with her uncles cocks buried in her cunt also. It was great. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but I would keep them.

Well, That very night I told my little sister, Tarissa, eleven years old all about it. Tarissa and I had a good relationship. I loved my little sister more than I should have. I knew that I could talk to her though and tell her things that I couldn’t even talk to mom and dad about.

Of course she knew the same thing and was always asking me about things, even about sex and I answered her honestly if I could.

Well this night after I came home, mom and dad left to go out. They hadn’t planned on it, but when I came home early they decided too, seeing as how it was a Friday night and it was one of those four day weekends. Mom had ask me if I could watch Tarissa and naturally I had told her I would be glad too.

When mom and dad left, dad told us that they may or may not be home that night, as they were going to a club in the next town and it depended on how much they drank. He told us not to plan on their coming home until the next day.

Hell I didn’t mind at all, I had my little sister there to keep me company.

It wasn’t long after they left that Tarissa came out wearing a short almost transparent nightie, Hell I could even see her developing little titties and her darker nipples. I could also see that she wasn’t wearing any panties under the nightie either, Hell I could see her little slit.

She came over and set next to me on the couch. After sitting there for a few minutes, she suddenly turned to me and ask me what happened between my girl friend and me.

Well I told her, even about my ex-girlfriend sucking and fucking her uncles and her father and her mother fucking her two younger brothers and her father licking their cocks every time they pulled them out of my ex girls mother.

She giggled and told me that must have been quite a sight and she wished she could have watched them. With that I took my cell phone out and showed her the pictures I had taken.

“Boy, that must have been exciting watching her fuck her own daddy and her mama’s brothers and watch them both fuck her mama, and them her mama’s brothers. Do you think their going to get her pregnant like they said? I’ll bet they do, but they’ll try to blame it on someone else, maybe you because you know you’ve been fucking her too.”

Then I knew why I had taken those photo’s and saved them, just in case she did try to blame it on me and say it was my baby.

Yes, my little sister also has quite a head on her shoulders, a damn pretty one attached to that fantastic young body of hers.

Well we set there watch a racy movie on TV that she had picked out. She scooted over next to me and taking hold of my hand put my arm around
her shoulders and held my hand, snuggling up against me. Damn she felt good to me.

Then in just a couple of minutes she had my hand cupped on her braless little titties, holding it there, even squeezing my hand making me squeeze her titties.

I was amazed at how great she felt to me, how good her little titties felt in the palm of my hand. Almost with out thinking, I began squeezing and enjoying her small firm tits and nipples on my own. She cuddle up against me even tighter.

Her hand laying on my thigh, slowly rubbing it. I felt her hand slowly move higher and higher up my thigh getting closer and closer to my stiff cock. The thoughts flashing through my mind was not thoughts a brother should have about his little sister I told my self, but I just couldn’t push her hand away or move my hand from her firm small petite breast and nipple.

I suddenly realized that I wanted my own little sister. I wanted to make love to my own little sister and her so young but I still wanted her.

I looked at her and she looked at me, then she raised her lips up to mine and kissed me, her small tongue flicking between my lips to caress my tongue.

At the same time, she squeezed my hand on her small breast and her other hand found my stiff cock and squeezed it.

I couldn’t stop myself and I kissed her back passionately and fondled her breast on my own and let her keep squeezing my stiff cock.

As I kissed her I finally pulled her up onto my lap and held her close just like I would do to any other girl that I wanted to make out with and fuck.

With our lips locked against each other, my hand went to her bare thigh and I began to caress and knead it softly and slowly, slowly slipping it up higher and higher between her legs on her bare inner thigh. She spread her legs letting me have all of the room I wanted.

We said nothing, just set their hugging and kissing and caressing each other.

Suddenly she pulled away and looked at me. “I, I want you to make love to me.” She whispered almost to low for me to hear.

“Please make love to me, I want you to, I love you and want you to take me to bed with you.” She almost moaned in a whisper, then she again kissed
me in the most passionate kiss she knew how.

Suddenly she again pulled away and in almost one motion she pulled her nightie up and off leaving herself completely naked on my lap.

“Do, do what you want with me, please I want you to make love to me and fuck me.” She moaned as my hand played with her bare little titties and nipples.

I just stared at her, her titties, her pussy, her naked body. I kissed her then whispered to her, “Lets go to bed.” Was all I said, She moved off of my lap and picking up her nightie she took my hand and we walked into my bedroom.

Once in the room, with only the night light on, she lay on my bed and watched me as I hurriedly undressed. She stared at my stiff good sized cock. I was even then seven inches long and two inches thick my cock head two and a half inches thick. Hell I had measured it.

As soon as I lay down beside her she came into my arms pressing her beautiful naked body against my own. The more I held my little sister and she held me kissing me pressing her small breasts against my bare chest and her body against mine, the more I loved her.

I felt her hand slip down and grasp my stiff cock with her small hand. Well I began licking and sucking her petite titties and her small nipples, even biting them lightly. She pressed her breasts against my mouth harder trying to get even more of them in my mouth for me to suck. At the same time her hand was messaging my stiff cock, her finger sliding around my sensitive cock head slicked by my precum.

Suddenly she pulled away, looked at me, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and with a smile moved down and began licking my sensitive cock head.

I returned the favor. As she licked my cock head I pulled her small body on top of me and put my head between her legs. I stared and her beautiful still thin lipped virgin pussy then I kissed it several times. I felt her shiver with the feelings sweeping her young body. Then I tasted the most delicious little pussy, that I had ever tasted as I licked my tongue up and down her pussy lips and her extremely sensitive clitoris.

I could feel her young body shiver and shake and jerk each time my tongue flicked her young clit. She fucked her cunt opening back at my tongue when I slipped it up into her opening and tongue fucked her.

As I returned the favor, she opened her mouth and slipped it down over my cock head. My little sister, never having sucked a cock before sucked my cock better than my ex-girlfriend did and I knew she had sucked several cocks. At least I was sure she had after seeing her sucking her own daddy and her uncles.

After licking here pussy for some time sending waves of pleasure over her small young body, and she sucked my cock giving me more pleasure than my ex girl friend ever had, I finally moved her off of me and lay her down spreading her legs wide as I moved between them.

As I rubbed my cock up and down my own little sisters virginal pussy lips, she kissed me and then told me.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me.”

She even tried to raise her little hips up and my cock when she felt me press it against her tight virginal opening.

I leaned down and kissed her and as I did, I lunged and drove my entire cock all of the way up inside of my little virgin sister. I felt her hymen tear when my cock head drove against it. Her pussy was so tight on my cock shaft it almost hurt as I held it deep inside of her.

She had uttered a cry of pain when I plunged my cock up inside of her, but it was muffled by my lips and tongue probing her sweet mouth.

When she finally relaxed, I slowly began to enjoy my little sisters tight no longer virginal pussy. She stiffened when I first began to slipped my cock in and out of her but she quickly relaxed as it slipped in and out of her smoother and smoother as she lubricated more and more.

In a very short time, she had her legs around my waist, pulling her tight little cunt up at my cock, her own brothers big cock, as I fucked her slowly, wanting to enjoy my first time fuck of my little sister to its full extent.

We were soon fucking like a couple who had been fucking for a long time.

Damn she felt wonderful on my cock as I fucked her. Yes, even her first time of fucking she was twice as good as my ex girl friend who was that very night fucking her own daddy and her uncles along with her mother.

Well at this time my little sister was my own. Mine to enjoy over and over. I knew eventually she would find her own boy friend but I would enjoy my little sister up until then.

Believe me we fucked almost all night. I didn’t want to take my cock out of her sweet pussy. Finally we were both fucked out, and she had a womb and cunt full of her own brothers hot fertile sperm.

We finally relaxed in each others arms, telling each other how much we loved each other. No my cock wasn’t buried in her, it was deflated from her attentions and having pumped so much hot sperm up inside of her.

We just lay there with our naked bodies pressed together, enjoying the warmth of love flooding us. We both knew that from then on we would be enjoying each other and would take care of each other even when we did start dating someone else. We wouldn’t have to fuck them, we knew that we could come home and we would take care of each others building passion, the way we knew we loved to do, in each others arms.

Sleep came to our exhausted bodies quickly. I was thinking about how much I loved my little sister as sleep over took me.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.