My first local pool success (Mgggg,pedo)

My first local pool success (Mgggg,pedo)

Introduction: A male swimming instructor stays behind in the changing rooms with four little girls and helps them showering.

Author: PeachKisser2004

As some of you had heard, I took a job at the local pool as an assistant swim instructor. The pay sucks and the adult customers here seem to be all white trash and treat you as if you are scum.

But pay and the adult customers weren’t my reasons for taking the job. I took the job in order to teach children how to swim, and more importantly to spend as much time with my hands touching their smooth bodies as I instructed them in the various swim techniques.

The first month so far has been a wet dream, literally and figuratively. By the end of a four-hour shift, which covers several different classes, my hands are wrinkled like raisins and I’ve touched dozens of smooth little bodies, cupped their bottoms, rubbed their tummies, held their thighs and calves as I taught them the right way to kick or move. Without fail, after a shift at the Y, I cannot even start driving home without relieving myself, so I always park off in the far corner of the lot, so I can climb back into my car with the sensations of little bodies fresh in my mind and jerk myself off before those feelings fade. And of course I usually have to relieve myself once more before bed and then once in the morning, as this job touching all the children has increased my sperm count or something: my balls tingle almost all day long it seems.

Well, finally today all that changed, and I found I didn’t need relief in the parking lot. Today I managed to get relief actually with the children. It’s a Friday before a long weekend and a lot of the staff actually made plans to take half the day off, and others were leaving early. Since I was the junior guy it fell to me to teach the final lessons of the day, a group of four little girls, age six to eight, and then make sure they changed and showered and got dressed in time for their parents to pick them up.

Standing in the pool with the girls I taught them the strokes of today’s lessons, and then decided to cut the lesson short in order to have extra time in the locker room with them. I waved to the other staff members as they took off for their weekend and as I heard them peel out of the YMCA driveway, my heart leapt in my throat: I was all alone in the swimming pool with four little girls, and it was my job to help them shower and get dressed!

Checking the clock on the gymnasium building I decided to go ahead and cut the lesson short, in order to give myself extra time with the girls. It was a chilly day anyway so the girls didn’t mind getting out early, especially when I told they could go get in the warm showers.

As I climbed out of the pool and put away the last of the swim boards and floatation rings I watched the four girls running into the building, their asses bobbing as they left little wet footprints on the cold concrete. “Go get in the shower girls, get all the chlorine out!” I reminded them. “Yes Mr Skinner,” they said, their voices fading into the locker room.

I waited two full minutes, just enough time to let the girls strip and get the showers started, and then I entered the locker room. My timing was perfect. Four little one-piece swimsuits lay in a wet pile beside the cubbyholes where each of the girls kept their clothes. Wet footprints disappeared into the showers and I heard giggles and shrieks within. My cock thickened as I anticipated what lay ahead!!

Walking into the shower room I looked around and my four little girls were standing underneath the steaming jets of water, shivering and giggling as the warm water washed over their smooth bodies. One girl had already begun soaping up her front and I watched mesmerized for a moment as her hands rubbed the suds all over her tummy, her rubbery chest cones, between her legs.

“Girls, girls, listen up!” I said. Turning around I beckoned to them. “Shut off the showers for just a moment, I need you over here.” Being a non-parental adult in charge of kids is great: they tend to immediately jump when you tell them to. “Shut off the shower,” I reminded and returned to the cubbyhole area, where I sat down on the bench and waited.

Four little wet girls appeared from the steamy shower area and stood dripping before me. “Girls,” I said, surveying the treasure I had before me. Eight tiny little pink nipples atop babyfat cones on their chests, four tight little slits, deliciously tucked between their legs, water droplets still drizzling down their bodies.

“How many of you have little brothers?” Two of the girls raised their hands. “Big brothers?” One of the girls kept her hand raised and a third girl raised her hand. So it was two big brothers, two little brothers, and one little girl who had none. I turned to her. “Do you have a sister?” She shook her head. “Does your daddy help you take your bath?” She shook her head but two of the other girls spoke up. “Mine does!”

“Really? That’s great!!” I stood up. ” I have a problem girls, and I need your help.” Turning to them I smiled and asked “Which one of you wants to help me?”

Four hands went up and the little girls all jumped eagerly in place. “Me, me, me! Me Mr Skinner!” they said eagerly. If they only knew…

Untying the drawstring on my swim trunks I whisked them off in one quick motion, leaving them on the floor in a wet pile, right beside the four little swimsuits in their wet piles..

“This is my problem,” I said as I stood before the girls, my erect penis thrusting and throbbing out towards them. They were absolutely fascinated by my nakedness and I felt their eyes travel all around my body. One on
them said “Neat!” and all of them smiled to see Mr Skinner naked like this, something they had never seen before.

Gripping my stiff cock with one hand I jerked it just slightly and looked right at the four little naked girls. I felt my balls surge at the sight and I had to concentrate to focus my speech and make sense. “I got very dirty today before swimming, and the swimming didn’t make me clean.”

They seemed to accept this. “In fact, my penis is really dirty,” I gestured at my cock and continued tugging it. “And I need you girls to help me clean it up in the shower. Who wants to help me first?” There was just a moment pause as the girls looked from one to the other, and then their hands shot up again. “Me!!!”

“Okay, Susie first, come on, let’s get the soap.” I led the way into the steamy shower area and we flipped the water back on. Handing Susie the bar of soap I slid my hand down the base of my penis and gripped it firmly,
which made the end of it throb a deeper purple.

“Hey, maybe you can all take turns helping me,” I offered. “Susie, you start by putting soap right on the end part here, that part gets really dirty.” Susie stared at the bulbous end of my cock and rubbed the soap bar in her hands. Presently she reached out and as her fingers wrapped around my ultra-sensitive cock I grunted at the wild, electric sensations that shot up my body.

“Oh very good sweetie, very good…” I stood there going out of my mind while Susie carefully rubbed her tiny soapy hands around my shaft. Letting go of the base of it I turned towards her now and she used both hands to slide the soap bubbles up and down my cock.

“Can I try too?” asked another girl. “Sure Jenny, take the soap, here,” I handed her the bar. “Just keep doing it Susie, don’t stop yet, it’s really dirty,” I grunted. Jenny stood next to me as well and soaped her hands up.

“I’m going to kneel down girls, here, make some room. Susie, Jenny, kneel down beside me.” I knelt down on the rubber anti-skid mat and the two girls knelt at each of my knees. “Come closer, put your legs around mine,” I said, and the two little girls parted their chubby thighs and straddled my own thighs. “Closer girls, closer.” I reached around the outside of their bottoms on each side and drew them even closer, until their puffy pussies bumped into the tops of my thighs. “There, now start washing again,” I said. My cock jutted up angrily from my crotch, the bulbous head looking even darker beside the pale flesh of the girls tummies.

The two other girls were standing a few feet away now, and as Susie and Jenny began lathering my cock up again, I motioned to the others to step closer. “Becky, Kendall, come stand closer, come here,” I said, pointing at the ground on either side of me. “One girl on either side, come on…”

Becky came to stand on my left and peered down into my lap to see what Susie and Jenny were doing, and I picked up the soap and lathered up my hands. Kendall came over to the right side and watched the action in my lap too. It was she who spoke up first. “Are you going to make sperms soon?” she asked earnestly. I groaned and my balls almost cut loose right then, but I concentrated on the soap bar in my hands and held off.

“So you know about sperms, huh?” I said to Kendall, looking up at her. Her wet chest was only inches from my eyes and she nodded and kept watching my cock being cleaned.

I put the soap bar down and reached my right arm around her narrow hips, my forearm brushing against her bubble butt as my hand reached around her front. My hand angled slightly around and down and my fingers settled into place over her tiny hairless pussy. Almost instinctively Kendall moved her feet apart, which parted her chubby thighs slightly and let my hand reach down further and under her pussy, cupping the entire length of her vulva slit, all the way back to almost her anus, the knot of which I could feel against my middle finger.

“So tell me how you know about sperms?” I said to Kendall, and she pointed at my penis. “Sometimes my big brother washes his penis like this, and when he does it makes the sperms shoot out.”

“I see,” I said, turning to Becky on my left and drawing her closer to me. “How about you Becky, have you ever seen sperms?” She shook her head, returning her eyes to what Susie and Jenny were doing to my cock.

“Is it clean yet?” asked Susie suddenly, pausing her hands at the head of my cock. Jenny kept rubbing her hands along the base of my shaft and I groaned. “Almost, just another minute, keep rubbing Susie, don’t stop…”

Reaching my left hand out and around and under between Becky’s legs, just as I had done to Kendall with my right hand, I was surprised when Becky pinched her thighs together protectively and put both her hands down on my wrist. “Nooo…” she whined. “Nooo…”

But I was close now and this only drove me wilder. On my right Kendall parted her legs further and steadied herself against my shoulder as I fingered her slit in long stroking motions from her clit down to her anus, but Becky didn’t like it.

“Nooo!!!” whined Becky, twisting her hips and trying to get away now, but my hand was much stronger and I kept it jammed up between her soft wet thighs, feeling her babyfat cunny slit and prodding my finger into her.

When my cock became too sensitive I let go of Kendall and Becky and grabbed Jenny and Susie’s wrists. “Okay, good, very good girls, it’s all clean now…” With shaky knees I got up and told the girls to finish their showers and get dressed, and then I stepped over to a shower to rinse, then left them in the showers and put my own dry clothing on.

As I stepped out of the locker room the first parents were just pulling up outside to pick up their little girls and I waved to them cheerfully. “The girls are just showering and dressing, they’ll be right out!” and I went into the office to collapse.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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