Mirror Image (Mg,kidnapped,oral,anal,bond,rape)

Mirror Image (Mg,kidnapped,oral,anal,bond,rape)

Prologue: Kidnapped Kathy’s six year old mind takes in memories she’ll never be able to relive, to a place she’ll never hope find again.

The strong adult hand of the man gripped hard around the back of Kathy’s neck pinning her down into the mattress. Her arms tried to thrashed about. Strangely all she could see was the image in her mind of two cats the other day outside of her bedroom window. The male cat had the female cat by the back of her neck, his teeth sunk in as they both growling and yowling loudly as they copulated. The female cat looking mad like she had no choice as the male cat humped away. Kathy felt a wave of anger and fear sweep through her and struggled harder to get free. She was already adrenalin filled afraid of what had just happened to her.

She had just walked past a nondescript car a man lunged quickly grabbing her and before she could even scream lifted her and placing her ruffly into the trunk of the same car she’d just passed. Closing it leaving her suddenly in the dark, the car lurched full speed down the road as the dark closed in around her, that was when she finely scream hysterically, the carpeted car trunk swallowing the would be ear piercing sounds.

Kathy’s clothes had been pulled ruffly from her and as she fled to a corner of the small room she watched as the man pulled his pants and underwear off revealing his adult male organ to her view. There was no doubt now of his intent even to her young pre-teen mind…

Ever sense his wife left taking his beloved daughter with her George had been with out sex. It wasn’t his ex wife he missed but his glorious daughter. Since she was barely five years old he’d been abusing her, and loved every minute of it. She had been well trained indeed by the time of the breakup with his wife and he had been taking the young brat in every way almost daily. And toward the end, was even getting into mild bondage as the newness of the previous seemingly now normal sex wore off. But he’d become hooked on young flesh and found after some time without his daughter around he needed a fix, desperately. His only course of action in his own mind, in the end was to kidnapping another persons child ‘you know’ just to take the edge off. Once George had made his decision to go down that route his life changed, with every minute taken up with how to go about it with not getting caught. Another thing George realized was that with his own daughter he’d always show some restraint but that he’d not have to do with someone else’s brat kid. And his mind reeled with creative possibility.

Kathy peered through her tangled long brown hair through her piercing blue-green eyes at the now naked strange man. Panic had her wanting to run somewhere, anywhere but the room was too small and sparse. She felt embarrassed being seen naked in front of the stranger, more so as his dark brown inquisitive eyes never left looking at her. One of his hands went to his groin his adult organ rubbing over the large stiffness, a frightening look of barely contained eagerness showing on his face. She was in bad, bad trouble and her young mind threatened to close down under his fiendish studious gaze.

“Been something I’ve been wanting to try little girl” George said breaking the silence of the room suddenly.

“You.. you.. going to rape me?” Kathy barely got out, still hiding behind her long hair half covering her face.

“That too” a devilish grin forming as George reached over to a small dresser top picking up two sets of hand-cuffs. “Was wanting to try this with another young girl but you’ll do just fine”

Kathy saw and strange excited shiver run through the man his massive looking adult penis seeming to flex even stiffer in full display before her, leaking a clear thick looking liquid from the bulbous head. A rush of panic surge through Kathy that she couldn’t hope to contain and she took off, running, slipping past him and lunged for the door knob. It turned freely sending a wave of thankfulness through her as she jerk on door to open it. It barely budged remaining in place, a higher latch lock still firmly in place out of her young reach. A strong adult male hand landed on her small bare shoulder another grabbing her much smaller arm, an end of a metal cuff clipping around her small wrist ratcheting tightly around her wrist as she was pulled reluctantly toward the high standing bed. She went to kicking, screaming and even tried biting the man. That is until a large open handed hard slap caught her upside the head sending her reeling literally seeing stars.

“Try to bite me will you bitch” Kathy heard still shaking off the harsh stinging on one side of her head.

A cold metal ring clamped tightly around her ankle she realized her wrist on the same side was pulled close to her ankle also. She was on her back on top of the bed and as her eyes cleared she saw him clamping the other handcuff on her free wrist forcing it closed with a loud ratcheting sound till the cold metal bit hard into her flesh, pulling the other end and her wrist firmly toward her ankle on the same side. Before Kathy could even react the metal went snapping tight around her ankle the cold metal going then being forced tight into the flesh of her ankle before the clicking stopped.

“Try to bite me…” She heard again, more clearly as she tried to pull her arms up and couldn’t from her ankles.

Kathy was starting to become frantic trying to wring her wrists out of the tight clasps of the metal rings, her young arms tugging the short chains going to her ankles. She felt like a upside down turtle with no coordination, arms and ankles being tugged this way and that as she struggled.

George was kinda peeved, the girls teeth had clamped momentary on his arm before he nailed the side of her head with a hard slap sending the young bitch staggering. But he had just the thing for that. He quickly grabbed her placing her fully nude young body on the bed snapping the end of the cuff in place on her small wrist then clamping the other end around her bare ankle. He opened the drawer to the small side table pulling out a ring-gag he’d wisely bought. Setting beside the ring-gag in the drawer was the loaded bowl of smoke (pot) (Marijuana) he kept there the metal pipe still somewhat new gleaming brightly, he grabbed it feeling the need for a good buzz going right now. He’d never would have had the heart to use the ring-gag on his own daughter, he’d always showed more than just a little restraint on his own flesh and blood. But sexual deprivation was driving him now and this young cute wild bitch would get none of that restraint he’d reserved for his own daughter. He was going to take everything he always knew he deserved from this young girl before letting her go her way.

‘First thing first’ He set the pipe and lighter down within easy reach on top of the small table. Holding up the ring-gag George eyed the large metal ring with the two leather strap on each side. He’d gotten the better one with rubber teeth guards covering the metal where the teeth would hit. He had tested it more than a few times while masturbation making sure his fully stiff cock would fit through the large ring but it had never seen real oral service. He was determined to change that and eyed the young girl naked on the bed still struggling seductively trying to pull her wrists free of the tightly clasped metal cuffs. Her piercing blue-green eyes flashing fearful panicked fire at him. Looking at her George was having his doubt if the ring would fit in her young perfect small mouth but he was going to give it the old collage try and with driven purpose move onto the small bed getting her small head in a tight hold in his arms pushing the edge of the wide ring through her now tightly clamped lips.

Kathy was seemingly suddenly attacked by the man, he had a strange odd looking thing like a dogs collar with a metal ring in the middle of it. Her head was grabbed by the man and suddenly pinned in one of his arms as he tried forcing the ring in the center of the straps into her mouth. She defiantly clamped her mouth closed wanting none of it as she strained to pull her head free. He dropped the ring thing and Kathy watched him raise his strong hand ready to strike her again. Kathy cringed preparing herself for another hard blow.

“Open your fucking mouth girl” he demanded of her the hand still at the ready filling her gaze.

“No..” Kathy gritted out through her tightly clamped teeth.

The hand holding her gaze moved quickly in a strong flash sending stars through her spinning world again.

George took full advantage of the dazed young girl after he struck her, grabbing the ring-gag up pushing it between her now slightly opened mouth and twisting it, having to more than just force it to get it to fit. Then going quickly to fasten the clasps behind her head making sure her long brown hair was on the outside of the leather straps. His mind imagining how he want to grip her young head by that long silky hair as a guide for her desirable cute face. She moaned out as her blue-green eyes slowly cleared and then went wide as George couldn’t help but to watch her spittle wet tongue went feeling around the wedged wide ring. His cock went insanely stiff looking into her shocked dazed young face, he even could see to the back of her child throat, the restricting hole leading down.

He eyed the dope pipe on the night stand, the buzz he wanted calling him but there was no reason the young girl should remain straight while he was all buzzed out. And by the time he was finished she’d be well buzzed indeed. George reached over and grabbed the lighter and the pre-topped-off pipe leaving the young girl leaning, cupped still in the crease of his arm on the small bed. The lighter was struck and fire set to the deep bowl as George drew in a heavy lung full of the excellent strong weed. He held it in for a long moment before letting it out watching it go across the room feeling the affects almost immediately ‘damn good stuff indeed’. He took another draw watching the smoke fill the air even more when he finely exhaled.

Kathy’s jaw hurt, the ring had her mouth forced open really, really wide. It took almost all her will to keep from sobbing. She was still in the mans arm and could only watch as he reached over and picked up the strange looking pipe. She recognized immediately the smell as marijuana as she had tried in once not liking the feeling it gave her. A second huge puff of smoke went across the room before the man turned the pipe around cupping it in his hand and blowing down through the bowl sent a heavy harsh amount of the smoke into her face forcing her to breath in the harsh smoke then choke coughing uncontrollably on the heavy smoke till her head went light and the world more than just surreal. Kathy’s mouth went suddenly dry and she choked out several lung fulls of the thick smoke before she got air again.

The man rose leaving her laying spread open to his view on the bed, her eyes locked on to his adult stiff penis her young buzzed mind now taking in the shape and form of the male organ her young pussy oddly tingling at what she knew a mans penis was used for. She knew deep inside it was wrong to think that way she was but couldn’t stop it as her young brain seem to remain transfixed at the sight. She should be scared and flashes of fear seem to come and go as she continued to study the naked adult male groin a mere three feet in front of her. Kathy’s world was heavily surreal as he reach down and spun her still on her back around on the bed till her head facing him, then scooted her toward him till her head slipped over the side of the bed. One of his hands went around to the back of her head rapping her long hair that was now dangling down over the side in a tight grip as he stepped in closer pulling her head farther down over the edge of the bed. Kathy’s eyes looking under the long stiff adult penis going toward the opening ring holding her jaw and mouth open painfully wide. See was now staring wide eyed down the underside of the seeming long arching thick male organ. The heavy fleshy adult testicles catching her view her young mind churning wildly just knowing that was where the baby making sperm stuff was stored.

Kathy’s hands tried coming up defensively to ward off the approach of the bulbous blunt thick tip but the metal cuffs by her ankles kept that from happening, still though that didn’t stop her from trying as the thought of the adult male organ in her mouth sent mixed feeling through her. And it was abundantly clear to her now the purpose of the jaw hurting ring, the man wanted to put his penis into her mouth. That thought sent a wave of more odd tingling through Kathy’s young clit making her feel ashamed of herself. He was after all forcing this on to her, raping her. She willed herself to resist trying to jerk her head away as the huge blunt tip male organ loomed closer. Close enough for her to clearly see a thick clear drop of liquid oozing from the pee slit on the end of the bulbous head, some of it running down the underside along the stiff shaft of flesh. Several strands of her hair was pulled from her scalp as his hand gripped tighter keeping her head firmly in place over the edge of the bed facing the approaching thick fleshy stiffness till it did go into her opened mouth, the taste of the adult male thick leakage filling her young dry mouth.

George relished the pleasant buzzed that settled in over him. He’d wasted blowing a goodly amount of the good dope into the face of the young girl watching her choke on the heavy smoke. And still he kept it up till the bowl went empty. ‘What a waste’ he thought but yet he still couldn’t hold back a fiendish buzz grin that formed just watching the whites of the young girl’s once clear eyes go bloodshot. She was stoned-to-the-bone. And George was more than ready to partake in her charms as the need for sexual release swept him up. Pre-cum leaked freely from his stiff cock as he rose looking back at the young cute girl on the bed, her eyes following his movements staring wide eyed at his adult cock.

George’s own eyes fell on to her face, at the wide opened ring now locking her mouth open. His cock lurched, flexing eagerly as need drove him. Spinning the young girl over the bed on her back till the top of her head faced him her eyes looking up never leaving the stoned studying of his stiff cock. He tugged scooting her till her head slipped over the side letting her long silky brown hair dangle down, just brushing the bare floor. Reaching down George wrapped her long hair around fist of his hand tightly tugging her head down over the side till he could look down along her smooth young neck and down over her nude chest to her hairless bare girl clit. His other hand went to the top of his arched stiff cock pushing it down, lining it up to the open ring holding the girl’s mouth wide open. And as he closed in closer could even feel her youthful hot breath playing over his cock, it lurched stiffer still in anticipation. He slipped his cock head through the ring, the warmth of her young mouth sending a wave of intense pleasure through George.

“Oh… God that feels good girl” He blurted out staring down taking the sight of it in.

Not needing to guide his cock anymore he let his free hand feel over her young chin and slip, feeling, caressing slowly down along her young throat his mind spinning, knowing it had to bulge out if he could get his cock down her tight restricting throat hole and his fingers lingered there playing over the passage just under his fingertips his loins already moving his cock farther in, the pre-cum leaking head of his cock eagerly feeling for the back of her throat. The back of her tongue clamped up blocking his cock somewhat as groans of protest flooded up from her. The girl’s head jerking in his grip in her hair, more strands of her silky hair were pulled free. George was taken it all in watching her young arms now tugging harder to pull free as more and more panic swept through the cute adolescent girl.

Kathy watched the heavy testicular sack lift the two testicles, seemingly coming alive as the thick male organ filling her open mouth moved, trying to go farther, deeper. She felt his hand feel down along her throat and in a panicked flash she realized what his immediate intent was. Kathy lifted the back of her tongue blocking the pressing slick bulbous blunt tip from going any farther into her mouth. The mussels of the back her tongue quickly grew tired, the thick leaking fleshy head of the male organ nosing in deeper till all her resistance gave out and in sudden shock the stiff adult rod drove into her throat hole revengefully with a harsh forceful lunge. Her natural instinct was to swallow but cause of the shear thickness of the male adult organ that wouldn’t even start to work, the rod of flesh lunged again forcing more of her throat to open painfully around the stiff male organ, her wide panicked eyes seeing the heavy swing of the huge testicles come in closer to her face. Kathy’s tummy heaved slightly then in a sudden uncontrollable snap heaved full tilt that bent her whole body up in half as her legs came off the bed. The heavy testicular sack went slowly to, then tightly pressed over her young face with Kathy staring wide eyed in shock through the bristled wiry hair of the mans testicular sack between his legs. Her throat tried to swallow over and over and throw-up all at the same time. All the while the thick penis flexing wildly acerbating everything beyond her control.

George’s cock slipped deep as soon as the back of her young tongue gave out and he felt his cock head pop into the girl warm tight throat passage. His own eyes wide now looking down at the beginnings of the bulge. His loins lunged without thought and the bulge went farther down along the front her smooth young throat. He could feel her involuntary swallowing reflex milking tightly all along the throat embedded part of his cock and he even see the mussels of her young neck working ‘Oh God’ he thought lunging again in response. His balls mashing tightly against her young face as the young girl body surged up tightly straining in a glorious fierce gag of the likes he had never seen a child do before. His cock lurch even stiffer as his balls lifted tightly in their sacks. He didn’t want to cum so soon and fought the overpowering urge till in the end he had to pull his sperm leaking cock free in a spray of the young girls puke.

A stream of white sperm ran down his cock as he fought to contain his release, the girl not helping one little bit as she gagged and wetly hacked up phlegm, the sounds and sight threatening to send him over that raggedy edge anyway. It was a full thirty seconds before he regain his composure with a trail of leaking sperm coming from his cock head.

‘Well…’ George thought ‘That was one thing he could knock off his bucket list’

He’d mouth fucked his own daughter more than once but never had the nerve to force it into her throat. He picked up a towel and wiped his cock clean then ran it over the still choking girls face quickly. Before lifting her up placing her on her shaky knees facing away from him looking down over her bare back down onto her beautiful slightly spread buttocks. Her pink young anus just barely showing. He shoved her over letting her fall forward onto her face and adjusted her legs opened wider still and till he had her ankles and bottom just over the edge of the bed facing him. Time to take one more thing off the bucket list.

The thick painfully choking rod pulled from Kathy’s throat in a flash. Her stomach still straining full tilt sent a spray of vomit following violently behind it. But that wasn’t the worse of it as she was left choking, gasping to take in desperately needed wet jagged breaths of air. Through the blur of her eyes she could see the man’s adult stiff penis leaking some white stuff, some of which was running out of the head of the male organ and leaking in heavy strands to the floor. Instinctively Kathy recognized the stuff as sperm and knew the man had to be deriving baby making pleasure from what he’d just done to her. The shocking surreal scene before Kathy sending a odd spasms of pleasant feeling through her young clit off setting the hurting of her throat.

He wiped a towel over the lurching adult organ then across her dazed face. She found herself lifted by his strong hands and turned faced weakly away from him as he went about placing her bent legs in place where he seemed to want them. She flushed red as her legs were spread wide opening her bottom to his view her arms still cuffed down by her ankles. A firm shove in the center of her back sent her over face first down into the mattress. Her throat ached where the thick adult penis had lodged and she still struggled to get her swallowing mussels to work again without hurting too much in the process. A rustling sound in front of her had her lifting her head up seeing him place a pillow a couple feet in front of her on the bed then propped a fair sized mirror against it. She could see herself and him reflected in it behind her.

“I going to deep fuck that ass of yours little girl” Kathy heard behind her.

She tried to rise up but a strong hand went against her back stopping the movement. Her head twisted around with her having to turn slightly to see what he was up to. He reached into still opened the drawer of the small side table pulling out a small jar Kathy recognized as petroleum jelly. He opened the top two fingers going in scooping out some then moved up behind her. Kathy jump as a slick finger touched her anus then pushed through the clenching ring of tight mussel into her rectum. Her head shot up facing forward across the bed engrossed for a long moment in the shocking feeling of the finger worming deep up into her bottom. Her bottom had risen up as high as she could away from the long deeply probing digit. Kathy could feel slick jelly being spread deep up into her. She felt another finger slipping along side the other and she groaned out in discomfort as her young anus did its best to resist opening any more.

With legs shaking and butt high into the air the extra finger went up into her rectum alongside the other moving ruffly about making her grunt out with pain to each shocking unaccustomed movement going through her young rectum. The long fingers pulled free replaced by a warm huge blunt thickness that pressed instantly hard against her still smarting back hole.

‘It’s his penis’ flooded into her young mind looking into the mirror at him standing behind her. ‘He’s going to put in my butt’

A hand slapped down onto the back of her neck pinning her down forcing the side of her face down deep into the mattress, the huge blunt tipped pressure mounted harshly against her slick young anus the pain of it escalating horribly. She tried twisting away as best as she could but it wasn’t enough as the man stayed unerringly with her despite her erratic movements, her anus started giving in to the horrible thickness till finely it popping up into her suddenly pain-filled clamped up hugging rectum the sharp gripping hurt flooding through her senses, holding her in its mind consuming grip for the longest time.

George couldn’t believe how tight her warm adolescent rectum was, a full three inches of his cock had gone up into the trembling girl’s bottom before her rectal mussels clamped tight stopping his cock cold. He stared down held captivated by her intense discomfort, completely enjoying the scene playing out. The ring of her anus seemed to be quivering with pain spasms in-sink with her perfect trembling buttocks. His hand pinning her down at the back of her neck went to winding her silky hair up around his fist again. He yanked her head up by her hair till she faced the mirror and was rewarded with seeing her pained racked sweating red flushed shocked face. His other hand fiddling with the clasp at the back of her young head on the ring-gag, unbuckling it then pulling it free from her mouth. Dropping the ring-gag George stared through the well placed mirror into the pained racked face of the young girl and eased his cock forward till it overcame the hugging resistance of her young rectal tube.

Kathy’s head was jerked up facing the mirror, she could see through the blur of tears his strong gripping fist with her hair rapped around it at the top of her head the man looking back at her intently, a look of sadistic amusement plastered on his broadly smiling face. The harsh sharp pain had died back replace with a intense rectal stretching discomfort. She felt a consuming shame to be looked at right now and wanted desperately to hide her face somewhere, somehow, anywhere just get away from the mans intense studious gaze. Kathy felt him fiddling with the tight leather strap around her head and felt it come loose. The jaw stretching ring was pulled from her spittle dripping mouth. But no sooner than it landed on the bedding she felt a harsh press from the man behind her and gasped in sharply feeling the thick male organ move deeper still, forcing a fresh area of her rectal passage to stretch over the blunt tip.

“Oh god… Stop!!” Kathy cried out “It hurts too bad…. AAAHEEee!!…”

The man gripped tightly into the hair of her head pulling her back toward him as he urged his thick penis to go even deeper still, till it seem to fill her rectum fully before he finely let up. She was in wide eyed shock as her vision cleared and she finely saw herself clearly in the reflection of the mirror. Her face was wrinkled up in a face locked grimace and sweat ran from her forehead into her stinging bloodshot eyes. Her breathing coming in strained body racking pantings, the stretched fullness of the thick adult penis way too much to handle her young body trembling harshly from the consuming discomfort. The mans free hand started feeling over her nude tense trembling torso, seemingly going everywhere at once over her nakedness, a look of gleeful pleasure showing on his face as he stared back at her reflection in the mirror.

Kathy was shocked to realize that the man was really able to enjoy making her endure such a horrid thing as this. And her young mind struggled to somehow dampen the overwhelming discomfort that her stinging rectum was going through. Her jaw still ached badly and his tight fist gripping into her hair hurt even as more strand of hair were pulled free. The consuming hurt in her rectal tube died back some replaced by a dull disconcerting ache, and a now rapidly escalating dull pain deep up inside her where the bulbous blunt thick tip of the adult penis still press harshly. Her still marijuana buzzed brain locked onto the deep ache bringing it to the fore of her toughts. Her entire world becoming that one thing. Till after a short time she realized the man was still urging his penis to go deeper still. ‘Was that even possible’ echoed through her young mind.

As the deep hurt grew Kathy could feel and see the man in the mirror looking, staring down onto her backside where his stiff adult penis went into her bottom his loin working this way then abruptly that way as the deep pressure mounted the blunt tip of the stiff arched penis seemingly feeling around at the end of her tight poop tube. Kathy felt a slight give deep up inside her, the man plainly feeling it too and eagerly exploited the opportunity by pressing harder, taking up the giving space immediately. The ache turned into something more. Panic took full control of Kathy as she knew this was something she’d couldn’t let happen.

George felt a give at the end of the young girl rectum with the head of his cock and pushed into it before the opportunity to go deeper vanished. Fully half his cock was up into her young backside the tight ring of her tightly stretched anal mussel hugging the middle of his stiff cock tight enough to slightly overcome his fierce hard-on and he imagined that flexing ring of mussel hugging him at the base of his cock and press onward with renewed vigor sensing his goal near. He continued angling his stiff cock around all the while urging it to go deeper still. Panic seemed to flood through the young girl and she suddenly went to jerking and twisting about. He gripped tighter into her hair keeping her head in place. The way she was handcuffed kept her from getting too much out of his control, his cock suddenly slipped past the angled resistance at the end of her young tight rectum. George felt for the first time in his life the gripping pleasure of entering into a young girl’s large intestine and eagerly sought to fill as much of that tight tube as he could before he came.

Kathy freaked out going into a state of overwhelming panic she never felt before. She tried lurching forward but the cuffs held her in place. She tried twisting away some how but the grip in her hair tightened and couldn’t move anyway enough to escape the press of thick adult penis from going farther up into her rectum. Then in a sudden stab of consuming blinding pain the blunt bulbous tip opened a deep path farther into her bowel. Kathy went stiffly frozen in place from the shocking feeling, her young body shuddering harshly within the hair grip the man retained on her as the adult stiff penis fill a part of her that was never meant to be stretch open in such a manner. A convulsing gasp went through her then as the thick stiff fleshy rod pushed eagerly onward again she gasped in sharply the sound like a squeal as the man’s loin went fully against her buttock his heavy testicular sack pressing tight against her bare young pussy.

Kathy’s gut went into a full fledged revolt of the intrusion into it. And a rush of harsh sensations, some she had only felt when she was deathly sick flooded through her intestine. Her wide blue-green eyes caught sight of the man’s tongue licking over his lips eagerly and leaning in over her. She felt the suddenly shocking thick movement go through the resistance of her young gut as the man starting humping at once, each move becoming becoming longer and each never stopping till he was fully pressed up against her again. Kathy’s large intestine went wild with a harsh revolt as an urgent urge to defaecate swept over her leaving her squirming in a vain effort to somehow contain the horrid impulse through shear will power alone.

“You gotta stop” Kathy, panting, screamed out “You gotta stop… I’m going to poop”

She was met with a almost insane sounding laugher behind her.

“Oh… God.. Please stop” she cried out again “I can’t stop it… I can’t stop it at all…”

To her shock the thick rod planted firmly up into her flexing even more stiffer acerbating the shocking urgent feeling even more. She looked pleadingly into the mirror at the man, his face was a mask of intense sexual rapture. The adult penis flexed stiffly again and she his grip went even tighter her hair. The memory of the cats in her yard flooded her mind, the man was going to have intercourse with her anyway. She could plainly see that, feel that in his movements. And as he readied himself Kathy felt to her dread her deep intestinal moving stool press with an unpleasant sickening building pressure against the thick blunt blockage. She felt nauseous like the onset of some stomach virus, like she might have the bad runs coming on real strong.

“UUGGGg..” Kathy grunted out gutturally as the stiff rod tugged back, then “Ummmffgg…”

Kathy’s shocked face showing the shameful disgust she felt as the male organ lunged back up through her gut, mashing without a care to what she might be going through into her deep onrush of intestinal stool, the uncaring man having to force his thick penis onward to fully enter her again. His face gleaming in apparent devilish ecstasy, his eyes staying locked on Kathy’s own face in the mirror. A wave of hot deep humiliating embarrassment went through her, turning her face beet red as her gut rumbled audibly in protest urging more of her intestinal content to pressing with much discomfort against the blunt blockage again. The pressure in her gut building harshly again the urge to go to the bathroom hitting her so hard Kathy rose up the in the mans gripping hand in her hair her whole body going into a bowel strain she couldn’t control. The man pulled back strongly on her hair forcing her to remain hard up against him throughout the entire body straining urge. Kathy found herself out of breath breathing rapidly deep at the end of the uncontrolled urge. But if Kathy thought she was going to be given a reprieve she was dead wrong. And felt him reading himself again behind her.

George was in heaven and his cock flexed wildly in the confiding grip of the young girls intestine. He could only imagine how it felt to the young girl never himself ever had anything force into his gut before, that along sending a wave of sadistic pleasure through him. Her young face flushed redder still, urging him into movement. He started short humping feeling his way through her intestinal tube till she cried out pleading with him to stop. Her now over sensitive young bowel sending the young girl over the edge of control and he felt her deep intestinal stool move into the path of his fully implanted cock. He greedily tugged his cock back not quite leaving her large intestine and lunged back knowing full well what he find.

‘Fucking Heaven’ he thought as his cock mashed into her deep moving hot thick stool.

He wormed his cock cruelly and harshly back into place throughly enjoying the young girl’s distress. His eyes never leaving the look of horror and disgust plastered all over the young girl’s young face. Her young blood shot blue-green eye met his and he was rewarded with seeing her flush beet red with degrading embarrassment. ‘Fucking Heaven’ he thought his cock flexing even stiffer as the girl’s bowel surge into a full blown straining effort to defaecate somehow and he tugged back hard on the hair of her head keeping her in pleasingly in place against his loin till it was almost over, and with a audible rumble of protest coming from the abdomen of the young girl, a need to fulfill his need for release took control over of his actions.

‘If only I’d known how great this was’ George thought ‘I’ll be filling for custody of my daughter ASAP’

He knew if he did get custody of his daughter he’d no longer be holding back, flesh-and-blood would no longer be a force of restraint. He deserved to take his daughter completely too, just like he was doing now to this young bitch here. And with animal lust George went back to work his eyes and mind taking everything in as he strongly and aggressively started feverishly working to achieve his goal of release.

The man was a strong full two long strokes of his long stiff adult penis up into her bowel before Kathy’s young body reacted lurching to attention, arm mussels straining hard against the chains of the handcuffs.

‘Oh God… Oh God..’ was her only thought over and over as the man took control. Her mind collapsed sinking only into the vileness of the act as her young body strained up time and again in a uncontrolled effort to expel the thick rod from her gut and bowel. The gross escalating sounds filled her youthful senses with deep degrading humiliation and mind flashes of the mans raptured face staring at her in the mirror as his loin work feverishly behind her made Kathy want to some how hide her face from his intense gaze. But his strong hand in her hair kept her head upright facing the mirror her total and complete degrading shame for him to see. Uncontrolled guttural grunts and sharp intaking gasps seemed to be all Kathy could do in response. Ever few harsh strokes a loud escape of wet nasty sounding gas would resound loudly seeming driving him to a more fevered pace. Till locked in a sudden violent upwelling of straining herself the man lunge his loin up against her buttocks tugging hard back on the hair of Kathy’s head holding her bottom against him tightly. She could even in her misery feel his huge male testicles lifting as they pressed against her pussy just before his penis swelled thick spitting a gush of liquid into her large intestine.

Kathy knew instantly it was the man’s baby making sperm, the rod of stiff flesh swelled rapidly again spitting even a larger gush of the hot spermal liquid deep into her, then another. Her mind reeling at the thought of the primal liquid deep inside her now. ‘Would it make her pregnant’ The flood of ejected sperm died away as the mans testicles emptied. She could feel the fleshy stiffness softening some and the man pulled it back and out abruptly Kathy’s bowel suddenly empty cramped up harshly for a long moment. The man released his holding painful grip in her hair, she felt warm spermal liquid running down one leg as she collapsed face first into the mattress, her ass still high in the air as her bowel remained lock in a long harsh cramp.

“Now thats how its suppose to done” Kathy heard from behind her from the man, bragging out loud.

To her surprise Kathy’s young pussy seem to spasm with intense pleasure. Even as her rectum and intestine threatened to cramp up again. She was still scared and horrified, a feeling she had been purposely degraded vilely for his pleasure consumed her mentally. She couldn’t shake the feeling of shameful degeneration as she watch the man, calm now go about wiping his penis clean of her use. She felt as dirtily as his poop smeared organ. Then he wiped the towel through her butt crack. Then going to the small night stand he reached in taking out a small bag reach into it and got a little of it content then crumbled it into the pipe that he had used to blow the harsh smoke into her face. He picked it up placing fire to it taking in a deep lungful. She smelt it as he blew it out over her his dark eyes glued onto her backside. Kathy realized she too was still heavily under the affects of the stuff, her head still spinning oddly. She saw one of his hands idly go to his adult organ rubbing over it as he place the piped to his lips taking another deep draw off it.

“Think I’m going to give you another go little bitch” George said as his buzz deepened.

George had gone to all the trouble to kidnap the young girl and even though he’d just gotten off already his cock was rising again going fully stiff in his hand as he idly rubbed over it. He bet her once virginal shitter was still hyper-sensitive. He’d watched an adult video once of a guy choking a women out while he fucked her, his own cock quickly back to full readiness as his stoned mind played out the scene in his head. He’d never done it before but then again he’d never had his cock up in a kid’s ass so deep ether, this was going to a a day of firsts. His cock started throbbing stiffly again, he picked up the petroleum jelly and the soiled towel.

George knew he didn’t need to prep her abused still moist anus, she was more than stretch enough for now and he spread some fresh lube over the head of his cock. The girl was still on her knees her rump elevated and she had turn her head enough to be warily watching him. Her young scared fearful piercing blue-green eyes egging him on.

Kathy couldn’t help turning her head about enough to keep an eye on the man as he seemed to be growing excited again his organ going fully stiff. Her insides still felt horribly odd. She just couldn’t handle again what he had just done to her. She saw him pick up the jar of thick lube his fingers going digging in and spreading it over the head of his long stiffly arching penis.

“Pleaa…se” Kathy’s throat wouldn’t hardly work, still harshly sore from where his stiff organ had probed in to it. She tried pleading again, “Plaa.ese Noo..”

A sob racked over Kathy as he moved up behind her. A deep guttural grunt escaped from her as his penis without pause slipped opening her anus suddenly wide then going deep into her tight rectal passage, the walls of her abused rectal tube being forcibly re-stretched around the adult thickness. The stained long towel went slipping over her head and thickly around her young neck, pulling, lifting her up into a kneeling position on the bed her nude back lightly against the hairy chest the man. The blunt knot at the end of the mans stiff penis pushed hard to the end of Kathy’s rectum threatening to slip deeper, the towel suddenly tighten uncomfortably around her neck, the blood in her head starting to pound in her ears. The man now so close behind her his hot breath kept blowing excitedly through her long tangled of brown sweat damp hair.

Kathy sensed, or better yet knew deep inside her what he was planing to do. A wave of intense fear she’d to this point had never felt flooded through her. Kathy’s arms tugged strongly at the cuffs on each side by her ankles, her head twisting in the circle of thick towel around her neck trying to pull it out of its tightening grip. The thick blunt knot at the end of her rectal tube lunged up into her hyper-sensitive large intestine, her whole body flaring up in a wild shudder… Kathy screamed out with panicked frustration…

George’s loin went up into the young girl slightly open quivering buttocks, her young warm body pulled up against him shuddering pleasingly. An ear piercing squeal came from her, he simply pulled strongly out on both ends of the towel cutting the loud squeal off, his loin instinctively started humping feverishly slapping hard up into the young girl’s small bottom. She went wild with panic as George continued lunging moving as quickly as her snug bowel would allow he strove toward release. He could see and feel her small arms tugging hard against the restraining cuffs, and he leaned in his dark eyes taking in the panicked twisting of her young terrified head in the loop of the tight towel around her neck. George’s loin now moving in a blur of forced action.

Kathy was in full panic, he was trying to kill her, she was sure of it. And she didn’t want to die this way, not this way, her intestine was in full blown revolt to expel the pummeling thickness moving much too rapidly to handle through it. It was like having a bad case of the runs she couldn’t control. Her vision was dimming, like looking down a narrow tunnel. She surged up, she felt for one last time trying to get free.

George was in heaven as the young girl’s gut seemed to come alive around his hammering cock. The panicked young girl went wild in a flurry of erratic panicked movements of the like George was more than just please to witness for the first time. But what set him off, sending him over the edge into another fierce orgasm was the sudden strong stream of light yellow piss that gushed wildly out onto the bed in front of the young girl just as she went wide eyed limp. His loin hammered up between her opened butt crack, his balls lurching tight as a huge wad of sperm left the end of his cock deep inside her tight still convulsing intestine, then painfully dry pumped till the strong stream of piss coming from the young girl died back. He released his hold on the towel letting her fall forward off his still stiff lurching cock.

Kathy woke to the smell of her own strong pee and poop. She was confused as to where she was till her hazed, still heavily buzzed mind watch the man as he removed the hand-cuffs from her wrist and ankles. She groaned from the discomfort what seemed to be coming from her whole body. Her wrists hurt and throat burned horribly. But worse of all was the stinging ache coming her rectum and anus she had the feeling she needed to get to a toilet soon. The man pulled her up by an arm off the bed. Her legs were almost too wobbly to hold Kathy up as he pulled her into a small bathroom and into a shower stall. The cold water came before being adjusted warmer by the man. All Kathy could do was stand there on weak legs as the man cleaned himself first then her. As he cleaned over her a intense urge to expel something from her bowel had her straining, a bit of discolored liquid running down her legs.

Kathy was tossed her clothes and was forced back into the trunk of the car. A little bit later she found herself on the side of a road. Looking around she knew where she was, just a short walk from home. She got home late and being too embarrassed to tell her parents what had happened was grounded for two weeks. She spent the two long week masturbating nightly dreaming she was a captive slave girl, bound, raped, and vilely use by her forceful master.

POST SCRIPT: Kathy spent the next few years trying to relive the submissive degradation she’d felt that day she was raped by George but was never able to achieve what she now craved daily. Turning to drugs and unscrupulous men she didn’t live long.

POST POST SCRIPT: George on the other hand filed for custody of his daughter and got it. He lived his dream for a few years till the first signs of dark hair appeared on her young pussy. He then sent her packing back to her mother. Soon after he married a gullible women with two kids, a girl of six and a boy of five. George discovered his attraction to young boys and never looked back. But that another story yet to be told.