Me and Cousin Jenny (M,g)

Me and Cousin Jenny (M,g)

Author: Uncle Tony

Prologue: A shy boy looks after his cousin and she rewards him by punishing him.

I was just turned ten when dad died and we had to move. It was a pretty tense time. Mom got one of her sister-in-laws to find us a small house, but it was a long way by train from my current home and everything was a turmoil.

Mom was very religious, so I remember the tears, having to wear black, visiting the grave, church, praying and food was also scarce, without dad’s income, things were tough. Mom refused to stay with her sister-in-law near where we were moving to until we could move into the new house. Instead we had to stay in a dingy hotel “to protect me”. This was the thing. According to mom, all girls were tools of Satan. They would lure boys and men and once they had lured them, they would infect the boy with a disease which was incurable and when he died the boy would be cast into the burning pit. Mom used to read me the story of Eve and the garden of Eden, almost every day. As I grew up, I was very shy, I wasn’t allowed to talk to girls and according to mom, most boys and men were evil and diseased as well. She would boast how lucky she was to find a man who was “pure” to be my father.

After a few days we moved into a new house. It was very small. I had to start at a new school. Mom had a bible meeting on my first day at the new school. I had to find it on my own. When I got there I saw my aunt Gladys. She was waiting for me. With her was a little angel. I had never seen such a beautiful girl.

“Hello, Jerry, this is your cousin Jenny. It’s her first day at school today,meshes just turned six. Please look after her for me. Best not tell your mom, though. Jenny, cousin Jerry will help you if you need anything, won’t you Jerry?” I just nodded. My face was bright red and I couldn’t speak. My heart was racing. To my horror, the little girl hugged me. I thought I was going to faint. I didn’t know anyone here at all apart from Jenny. She hung around me at break and lunch. She was full of life and absolutely gorgeous. For some reason, my dick would start to get hard when I was near her. On the second day, three of the bigger boys got her in a corner and they were pinching and teasing her” I wasn’t brave, I just felt outraged that anyone could torment an angel, so I rushed to her aid. There was a scuffle. I came out on top, but I had a big bruise on my face and a cut lip. Jenny was all over me, thanking me. It was horrible. There was this uncomfortable bulge in my pants and I was sure that everyone could see it.

For a few weeks she hung around me at breaks and lunch, then she started to have friends so her nearness to me drifted away. I made friends with one of the boys. His dad owned a gym and a karate club, so I persuaded my mother to let me go to karate. She was far too busy with her bible studies and ‘The Work’, to bother too much about what I did.. I started working out several evening every week. Every so often I would see Jenny. Usually with a crowd of boys and girls, every time I saw her she got more beautiful. At weekends, I started fishing. I would take my fishing tackle on my bicycle and spend afternoons by the lakes and rivers.

In spite of being warned that ‘playing with myself would be a sin before God and sure eternal damnation, at night, alone in my room, I would jerk off thinking about Jenny, my friend George, lent me his camera one afternoon and as luck would have it, I got a picture of Jenny in very short white pants and a tight tank top sort of thing which showed two small boobs, her gorgeous long muscular, golden brown tanned legs, her long wavy hair which cascaded over her shoulders like spun gold. Pity the pic was only on black and white, but from that day on, I would keep it week hidden and look at it whilst I jerked off.

Nineteen sixty one arrived. I would be fifteen in February, Jenny would be eleven in the summer. I was still very shy with girls. I didn’t know what to say to them. Several times I had chances to make friends with girls. It wasn’t what my mom had told me. I knew that it was all bullshit, but first I didn’t know how to talk to them and the only girl I ever thought about was Jenny. In May that year, I was walking home through the park one Friday evening. I heard noises and a girl cry ‘no stop that and leave me alone!’ It sounded like Jenny’s voice so I hurried up. There was one of these big wooden shelters with seats it was dark. A lot of the kids used to hang around there. When I got there, I saw three black youngsters. They were trying to push her down onto the bench. I saw one was pawing at her breasts and the other two were trying to pull off her jeans. Without hesitation I climbed into the three of them. This time they had no chance. I already had a blue belt in karate and I did weight training three times every week. They soon ran off. Jenny was crying. She hugged me.

“Thank God you were around, Jerry. They were going to rape me. I was so scared. That’s the second time you’ve saved me.” I wanted to hug her and comfort her, but the bulge in my pants held me back.

“You shouldn’t be out here on your own at night Jenny. I’m glad I came by. Next time you might not be so lucky.” I walked with her to the bus stop and saw her onto the bus before I went home.

The next day, I went fishing as usual. It was a nice warm day. I’d been by the river for about an hour when a bicycle bell sounded. There was Jenny on her bicycle. She jumped off and took a box from her saddlebag. She came over and sat down very close to me and handed me the box. It was wrapped in fancy paper.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s for saving me last night. It’s not much, but I couldn’t think of anything else. I know you don’t smoke. I hope you like it.” I opened the wrapper it was a box of Black Magic chocolates. I was lost for words. I went bright red and mumbled something like

“Oh you shouldn’t have.” She fidgeted for a while. Then she made a decision.

“Jerry, Can I please talk to you? Talk like grown ups. You seem very nervous and you blush when I want to talk to you. I know your mom is a bit of a nut job, but I don’t bite, honest. Please let’s talk.” I went even redder.

“What do you want me to say, Jenny?”

“Well, don’t you like me even a little bit. I’ve never seen you with a girl. You don’t seem to have a girl friend. You aren’t you know, – into other boys or something like that, are you?” Funny thing is, once you get started talking to a girl, the flood gates seem to open.

“It’s not that I don’t like girls, but I’m a bit shy. I never know what to say. Besides, I haven’t really found any that I really like. Of course I like you. You’re my cousin.”

“But Jerry, that’s real silly. You say you like me. Well I like you. I like you a lot. Why can’t I be your girl friend? We could have a lot of fun.” I gulped. I was almost in tears. I tried hard to think of something else but I couldn’t. Here was the most beautiful little girl in the world and she wanted to be my girl friend, but I knew it wasn’t possible. I was quiet for some time. Then I burst out.

“That would be fantastic Jenny, but there are two problems. I’m fifteen, sixteen next year and you are only ten and on top of that you’re my cousin.”

“That’s rubbish Jerry. I’ll be eleven next month. There’s only five years between us and I’m not really your cousin, because your uncle isn’t my real dad. I saw my birth certificate and I asked my mom straight out, some other boy got her preggies and then your dad’s brother married her.” She held my arm. “Please Jerry. I was going out with Sam, he was with me last night. His brother was with him. When those black boys came along they both got scared and ran away. I never want to see either of them again. Fucking cowards. If it hadn’t been for you.” She went silent for a while. Then she went on. “After last night I realized, I was being stupid. I’ve always liked you. I want to come with you to karate. I want to learn how to defend myself. If you’re my boyfriend, no one will bother me. Everyone is scared of you, but I’m not. I could come fishing with you. We could play games. What do you say?” What could I say? My angel wanted to be my girl friend. I was overcome.

“I’d like that very much.” I stammered. She threw her arms around me and hugged me. Then she kissed me on the mouth. I was so overcome with emotion that I crushed her to me and burst into tears. The shame of it. She hugged and patted me.

“What ever is the matter, Jerry?” She took a hankie and wiped my tears. “Why are you crying?” Her voice was trembling. She was almost in tears herself. I hugged her.

“Sorry I’m being a baby. I’m just so happy. You are the most beautiful girl in the world. I think I must be dreaming.” We hung on to each other. Then out lips met. Her kiss was like a fire. I thought I would burst. I kissed her back. We were soon both panting.

From that day on, we saw each other almost every day. I persuaded my Sensei, to let her join the Karate. She started working out with weights as well. We went fishing, we went to the cinema. We were inseparable. Jenny’s mom was a bit concerned at first, but she soon warmed to the idea.

“You look after my Jenny.” She told me. “You make a lovely couple.” Being with Jenny drew me out of my shell. I got into a couple of fights with other boys who tried to take her from me. When it was rainy at the weekend, we sometimes played cards or Monopoly. In September, my mom went up north to see someone. Jenny came round to my house one afternoon, it was raining cats and dogs. She had a small case with her. She pulled out some sort of board game.

“OK, I’ve got a good game.” She told me. “It’s a crime and punishment game.” I forget now exactly how we played but after half an hour or so, I was found guilty. “Now you have to be punished.” She told me. “The sentence is twenty lashes. She opened her case and pulled out the whip. It was a short wooden handle with a few strips of velvet attached. It wouldn’t hurt a fly.

“Oh, please don’t whip me too hard.” I begged. She led me upstairs to my bedroom. I had one of these old fashioned brass beds. She took it more strips of velvet and tied my wrists to the top bedposts. Then she went to my feet and tied then to the bottom bedposts. She really had tied me. I couldn’t move. She unfastened the buttons of my shirt so my chest was bare. In the spirit of the game I begged her to stop. She placed the whip on the bed and then peeled off her white angora sweater. She had nothing underneath. Her breasts were tanned like the rest of her. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I gasped in amazement. It was really embarrassing, the bulge in my pants would have been visible from the moon. I gulped, but then she unbuttoned her jeans dropped them to the ground and wiggled out of her lacy panties. She stood looking down at me with a grin on her face. I my mouth moved but no words came out, I was awestruck by her perfect body.

“Jenny, for Gods sake what. . .” I started.

“Silence, criminal, I don’t want the blood stains on my clothes you fool. Now take your punishment like a man.” She unbuttoned my pants. My bulge was now only concealed by my underpants. she hauled out my rock hard penis. Then put it in her mouth and made it wet. Then she straddled me and holding my swollen member, gently rubbed it on her almost bald mound. She inserted It into her vagina and in one movement sank down until my entire length was buried inside her. It was the most amazing thing ever. I had never even seen a girl naked, now suddenly, the feeling of my penis sliding into that hot slippery tunnel, and watching my erection vanish inside her was just too much. I was overcome with emotion’ the sensation was incredible. I recall yelling out her name, over and over. Tears of sheer joy ran down my face. I was lost in time and then suddenly I realized that I was pumping load after load of my sperms inside her. There was a look of amazement on her beautiful face as she ground herself against me. Her inner muscles rhythmically squeezed my dick. It was starting to soften and I could feel liquid escaping from her, it was running down between my legs on my pants and onto the bed. She pushed herself down deeper and continued to gently grind herself against me. My dick started to harden again. I couldn’t move my arms or jets but I could move my hips up and down.

“Your punishment isn’t over yet.” She whispered in my ear. “Try to hold on this time Jerry please, it’s my turn now.”I started to move my hips. “Keep still and let me do the work.” She whispered. “Just concentrate on holding on for me.” Loud squelching sounds were coming from us as she pounded up and down on my cock.I was trying desperately to think of other things. Thank God it didn’t take long before her movements got faster.

“Jerry, oh Jerry, I’m coming, oh my God. Yes, yes, yes.” She thrust herself onto me. She squeezed my cock like a vice. Wave after wave after wave of shudders racked her lovely body. My cock seemed to get even bigger and I pumped more of my sperms inside her. She collapsed on top of me. I wanted to hug and caress her but my arms were tied. The area where we were joined was soaking wet. After a few minutes she reared up. She looked absolutely radiant.

“Jerry, you have no idea how long or how much I’ve waited for this to happen. I was hoping that you would make a move, but I just gave up. Are you mad at me?” I grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

“What do you think? Now get these ropes off me and I’ll punish you a bit later.” She took some scissors and cut the velvet from my wrists and ankles. Then I took off my soaking wet pants and the rest of my clothes and we just got under the blankets and lay in each other’s arms. We soon fell asleep.

When we awoke, I had recovered my senses. I wasn’t sorry that this had happened, but Jenny was very young to be doing this kind of thing and I felt guilty although there was nothing that I could have done to stop it.

“Jenny, you’re not even twelve yet. I can’t say that I’m sorry we did this, but I still feel a bit guilty. Didn’t it hurt you?” I had read that virgins experienced pain when they first had intercourse. She looked a bit hurt

“Jerry, please forgive me but you aren’t the first. I went out with Greg. You know the one I mean. One day we were alone and he wanted to. . . You know, do it. I wanted to try, but in any case, he got rough and he did me anyway. It hurt like hell and like you, he only lasted a few seconds, but he was only nine at the time, so nothing came out. I heard that stuff comes out of a man’s dick when he comes, but I didn’t know it would be as much as that stuff you pumped into me. I slapped him and told him I never wanted to see him again and I never went out with him again. Then there was that older guy, Mark. He talked me into having sex with him. I wanted to try, but he had such a tiny thingy and it didn’t get very hard. He struggled to get it in and I got nothing out of that either. The last one was Sam. I was going to let him, but when he ran away from those black guys, I came to my senses. I had the hots for you in a way ever since you fought those bullies at school to protect me, but I never thought that I could ever have you. It was only when you saved me the second time from being raped that I realized that it’s you I want. I want to spend the rest of my life with you Jerry. I promise, I’ll never, ever let anyone else touch me. I’m yours.” I have to say, I was a bit shocked that my little angel that I had worshipped from afar and put on a pedestal, had been fucked by three other guys already and she wasn’t even twelve.

“OK,, but we have to be careful. I don’t want you knock you up, and it’s illegal, so just be careful. I’ve worshipped you since I met you. I don’t ever want to lose you Jenny.” We kissed and hugged and in spite of everything, we made love again. This time it was even better.

Everything worked out. We now have three children of our own. Two girls and a boy. Jenny is proposing that I should be the one to teach the girls about sex. I have to be honest, I’m not protesting too much!