Love potion No 141 (Mgg)

Love potion No 141 (Mgg)

Author : Uncle Tony

Prologue: Tammy’s little sister wants to experiment with sex, but is too afraid, shy and embarrassed to actually do it. Paul decides that she needs a little something to help conquer her fears.

In January, Tammy went back to school. I had a couple of interviews, but no luck. It seemed that migrants were getting most of the jobs, because they demanded less pay. Mom got a part time job doing the books for a local hotel. Everything was fine until the middle of February. Then Tammy called me aside. She looked very serious.

“We have a bit of a problem that we need to talk about, Paul. Well actually there are two problems. First, mom is getting very worried. The money is starting to run out, she says that even with the money she is earning, we’ll be in the shit before autumn.”

“I’m trying, Tammy, I’ll take just about anything, but the market is flooded with immigrants who are getting preference. What’s the other problem. Have you found someone else?”

“No, silly , of course not. I’m just a bit worried about Janice, I think she is starting to masturbate.”

“Just leave the poor kid alone. I’m sure that you did it as well. When she’s ready to go further, I’m sure we’ll know about it.”

A few weeks later, we got a visit from a guy who represented a firm of lawyers in London. From what he told us, dad had a brother. Neither mom nor I knew that dad had a brother. It appears that he had emigrated to Australia when he was eighteen. He had just died so as dad was his only living relative, his estate was to go to him, but, as dad was dead, the money would be shared equally with his children. It took several weeks but we found that all three of us had inherited about two hundred and fifty thousand pound each. Janice’s money was in a trust fund as was Tammy’s until they reached eighteen. But mine was available so it took a lot of the pressure off us.

Summer holidays came and mom took Tammy and I aside.
“I need to talk to both of you. Yesterday, a walked past Janice’s door and I heard her mumbling what sounded like Paul. She was lying on the bed, playing with herself if you get my drift. I talked to her and she was imagining that it was Paul. I told her to talk to you, but you know how shy she is. Eventually she told me that she could never get between Paul and Tammy. Where do you both stand on this?”

The thought of fucking little Janice almost gave me an orgasm in my pants, but I tried to look cool.

“I thought that we had agreed that if she wanted to experiment, she would approach me, and I would make myself available.” I said. Tammy, I could see was a bit reluctant, but she eventually agreed.

“As long as she doesn’t want to monopolize him, I don’t mind. I think Paul and I love each other enough for me to trust him with my baby sister.”

The next day, mom took Tammy and Janice aside.

“Janice is too shy and scared to talk to you, so I decided to do it for her. Tammy, how would you feel if Paul taught Janice about sex?”

“As long as she doesn’t want him all the time and she doesn’t try to take him away from me, it’s fine by me. Janice, just talk to Paul, tell him how you feel and I’m sure he’ll help you.” Mom shook her head.

“Janice is far too scared and shy to do that. Please go and call Paul, Tammy.” Janice tried to protest but Tammy came and called me in. Janice’s face was bright red. She couldn’t look at me. Mom took over.

“Paul, Tammy has reached that age where she wants to know about sex. Now I don’t want some spotty boy or a perverted one to hurt her, give her a social disease or make her pregnant. I know that she has the hots for you, so will you let her sleep with you, one or two nights every week for a while. Tammy says she doesn’t mind.” My dick wanted to do a dance. Little Janice was absolutely gorgeous and the thought of her little body, with those big innocent brown eyes lying naked under me almost did it. I took a deep breath.

“I could never disappoint my little sister.” I smiled at her. “Any time she wants to sleep with me, I agree.” Mom smiled.

“Tonight seems as good as any to me.”

“OK. No problem.” Poor little Janice was so embarrassed I’m sure she was hoping the ground would open up and swallow her. She ran out of the room.

That evening after supper and watching a TV show, I got up, walked over to Janice and took her hand.

“Come on, time for beddy byes.” Red faced and close to tears, she followed me to my room. I closed the door and led her to the bed.

“Look, I took the liberty of getting your pajamas from your room.” I handed them to her. She looked around wildly.

“But the lights are on. Er can I get changed in the bathroom?”

“Sure you can, but hurry up, there’s a good girl.” I quickly got into my pajamas. Always slept naked, but tonight was different. About ten minutes later she emerged from the bathroom. I switched on the bedside lamp and patted the bed.

“Come on, jump in.” She sat on the edge of the bed. She looked terrified.

“I’m sorry, Paul, I’m just a bit scared. I want to do, you won’t hurt me will you?”

“I would never hurt my baby sister, Janice. You don’t have to sleep here if you don’t want to do but I thought you wanted to.”

“I do want to Paul, but I’m just scared, that’s all.” I pulled back the duvet.

“Come on sis, you shouldn’t be scared of me.” She was actually trembling as she climbed into bed. “Just relax, lie back and go to sleep, sweetie. You don’t have to do anything.”

“That’s the problem Paul, part of me wants to be with you and find things out, but I’m shy and I’m scared that I do something wrong and you stop liking me.” I wanted to put my arms around her and hug her, but it would have made her even more scared. She inched a bit closer to me. Her face was bright red and the were tears in her eyes.

“Cani just hug you a bit tonight, Paul?” She got close enough to put her little arms around me. I so badly wanted to hug her, but I was scared my erection would scare her if she felt it.

“It’s alright, Janice. You are only here because you said that you wanted to be. I’m not forcing you to stay or do anything that you don’t want. If you want to stay, let’s go to sleep, but if you want to go back to your own room it’s also OK. I won’t be cross, honest” she put her head on my arm.

“But Paul, I really do want to stay. I want to find out about sex and things, but I’m just a silly scared girl. Try to be patient with me. I’m so sorry that I’m being silly, I just can’t help it.” Oh what the hell. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. As soon as I did, I regretted it. My erection was pressing into her. When she felt it, she recoiled for a moment and then pretended to ignore it. I wasn’t prepared to scare her away. Better to wait a bit and then enjoy her fully when she was ready, rather than to satisfy myself now and make it a one time thing. I kissed her forehead.

“Time to sleep now. I know you are a bit shy. Just relax, there’s no hurry.” I could feel the relief as she relaxed. I lay awake, my erection was still there. I waited until her breathing became regular and I knew she was asleep. I carefully got out of bed, went into rather bathroom and got some blessed relief.

Every week, she spent a night in my bed, but she always had some excuse. She wasn’t feeling very well. She was shy, she felt a bit nauseous. There was always something and I was starting to get impatient, but I was careful not to show it.

Then I had an idea. I got hold of some Bremolanotide or PT-141 from an underground lab. When it arrived, I told Tammy what it was and asked her to try it, just to make sure it worked. It most certainly did. I only made a tiny dose 0.5 mg We both tried one and had a pretty much sleepless night as we fucked the night away. I told Tammy that I planned to give one to Janice to try to warm her up a bit. The question was, how. It had to be injected subcutaneously. I had bought some insulin needles, but I needed an excuse to stick it into her. Mom and I came up with a plan. Once mixed, the injections had to be drawn into syringes and frozen, so Tammy and I had made all the syringes and put them into a container in the freezer along with three syringes of just sterile water.

On the afternoon of the next sleeping-with-Janice night, mom came home, and took the syringe of bremolanotide and the three syringes of water.

“Paul, Tammy, Janice. I got some anti-flu vaccines from the chemist for all of us. It might give you a hot flush but it will pass quickly.” I went first and she gave me a shot of sterile water in the loose skin on my tummy. She gave herself a shot, then Tammy and finally Janice, but Janice got the ‘live’ shot. We all pretended that we felt hot. Janice actually was hot for a while. I looked at the clock. It was six in the evening. The injection was supposed to take about three to five hours before it kicked in.

At nine o’clock I took little Janice’s hand as I always did. And led her into the bedroom. She went into the bathroom as she always did and came out in her pajamas. As usual, I just held the duvet open for her and she climbed in. I was reading a magazine as I had been doing for several weeks. Usually she would carefully lie with her back to me and go to sleep. I hadn’t even suggested that we do anything for about three weeks already. This time it was different. She lay still for about fifteen minutes. She kept putting her hand down to her crotch and wriggling. She was sweating.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked innocently

“I’m not sure, Paul. I feel sorta funny. I’m all wet and sort of itchy.” I put my arm around her and kissed her on the lips. For the first time she didn’t tense up. With my free hand I traced little circles around her nipples through the cloth of her pajamas.

“What are you doing?” She asked. “It sort of feels nice.” Her hand went down between her legs. I got hold of her arm.

“Maybe you should let me help you with that?” I suggested.

“Oh Paul, I don’t know. I’ve never felt like this before.” I slipped my hand under her pajama top and played with her budding titties and her nipples. She started to rub herself.

“Stop that, Janice. Let me help you.” I took her hand away.

“Oh Paul, I don’t know.” I unbuttoned her top and started to lick her nipples and suck her tiny breasts. She didn’t protest, but I had to grab her hand several times. I moved my kisses down her body, past her little belly button until I got to the top of her pajama bottoms. I unfastened them and started to push them down. For a few moments she tried to resist, but her body was betraying her.

“Don’t be scared.” I told her. “You know that you need this.” She gave a muffled cry of desperation and then helped me to get her pajama bottoms off. I got to work with my tongue and it only took a few seconds before her orgasm hit. She crushed my head between her legs and almost pulled a handful of my hair out. She was gasping like she had just won a hundred meter sprint. She never made a sound. Her hips were moving like they were possessed.

“Please don’t stop, Paul. Please.” I stopped and moved back up the bed, getting positioned between her open legs.

“You really need this Janice. I promise that I’ll be very careful and gentle. Please don’t fight it. We both need this.” For a moment she looked afraid and then it was over.

“OK. What must I do?” I rubbed my swollen penis against her pussy. It was soaking wet. Very gently I pushed inside. She was tense.

“Try to relax and help me sis. I love you so much. I don’t want to hurt you. Just be a brave girl for a few seconds and then, the hurt will go away. Please sis. We both need this.”

“OK.” I gave a hard push but I broke through very easily. Only for a moment she gasped and a look of pain shot across her face. Her fingers dug into my skin.

“That’s it, all over now. It will never hurt like that again.” I kissed her lips.

“It wasn’t so bad. I thought that it would hurt a lot more.” Slowly, very slowly I pushed and my penis gradually disappeared inside her body..she was staring into my face with those wonderful big, brown eyes. She was very tight. When I was completely inside her, I forced myself to stop moving. I wanted to give her body time to stretch to accommodate the girth of my swollen organ. Her hand went down to her clit.

“That’s it, sweetie, help me to make you happy.” I started to slowly fuck her. I was desperately trying to think of other things, rather than this little angel, lying underneath me with my dick buried inside her. It wasn’t long before her body tensed.

“Oh Paul, oh yes, yes, yes. I looked into those big, beautiful, brown eyes and just lost it completely. As my first jet of sperms shot into her, she gave a scream and her orgasm shook her body. I though I would never stop spurting spunk into her angelic little body. She was wide-eyed as I flooded her with my love juice. Her fingers dug into me painfully. As she slowly relaxed after milking my still swollen penis of every last drop of my semen. This was incredible. My erection had softened, but it wasn’t going right down. Just looking down at this little angel was hardening me again. Ropes and globs of semen were leaking out of our union. I started moving again. I was churning the load that I had already pumped into her and as we fucked, we made obscene farting like noises.

“Oh Paul, don’t stop, don’t ever stop, this is so good.” I actually felt sorry for her, because for the next twenty minutes or so, we fucked like animals until we reached another massive orgasm. I was pretty sure that she must be as sore as all hell after that. Eventually, my dick, milked of every last tiny drop of semen, fell out of her. She clung to me. I took a hankie and started to clean her up, but she was already fast asleep, with a smile on her lovely face. I was awoken by Janice shaking my shoulder.

“Wake up, Paul, please, wake up.”

“Wassamatter?” I mumbled. Her little hand grabbed my limp penis.

“Make it wake up, Paul, please. I’m all wet again. I want you to do it to me again. Please Paul. It’s not the same when I do it myself.” I was wide awake very quickly my erection was growing in her hand. “Please Paul, put it inside me.” Who was I to refuse. We must have fucked for the best part of half an hour. I lost count of her orgasms. When she was finally satisfied. She kissed me. “Thank you, Paul. That was nice”

When we woke up in the morning, she cuddled up close to me. She was a little bit embarrassed as she blushed.

“I’ve been awake for a long time Paul. I didn’t want to wake you.” Her hand went down to my penis and she started to stroke it. It had the usual reaction.

“Oooh, that’s nice, it’s getting all big and hard again. Put it inside me Paul. It feels so good.” I got her onto her knees and fucked her doggie style. She liked it like that. “It’s sore Paul, but it’s still good, please fill me with your juice again now.” I did as she asked. Her little pussy was all red and swollen. “I’m sorry Paul. Are you sore as well? I don’t know what happened. It must have been that ‘flu injection. Poor Tammy. If she felt like me, she must have wanted you badly.” For the first time she wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed to be completely naked with me. She lay completely spent by my side.

“Thank you for being so patient with me for all this time, Paul. I’m so sorry and thank you for a lovely night. I’m very sore this morning. But I hope we can do that again real soon.”

“That, you can count on one, hundred per cent.” I told her. “You are incredible. It was fantastic. I hope we can do this a lot.”

We did and we didn’t need injections either.