Love Chain (Mg,oral,anal,bond,kidnap)

Love Chain (Mg,oral,anal,bond,kidnap)

Prologue: Khanh a young seven year old Vietnamese girl taken from her village facing the unknown as she is brought to a strange place. An Asian child sex brothel.

Khanh a seven year old adolescent Asian girl with long black shiny hair ran the forested hills and dirt paths around her village from the moment she was able to walk. But things were changing as workmen appeared one day on a side of a hill in the far side of the valley building a black odd small road that snaked ever closer to their village. She would go and watch as they worked with big machines she’d never seen till the road made it to the village and in short order had gone clear through the center leaving the hard hot road as the men slowly vanished around the next ridge and out of sight.

Some people complained and others said this was a good thing and more money would pass through the village. But it was the cars with strange people she noticed never realizing there were really people other that what was around her village. Some of them stopping looking for food or cloth that the people of her village made.

Khanh woke early as she did most every day and feeling adventurous she kissed he mother and took off for a run along the road to see how far she could go before having to come back. She had some water and a bit of last night meal she carried as she walked and trotted along the hard road. Not many cars were on it but people said that over time there would be more. She’d been more than a hour on her trek having already gone out of sight on her village the jungle of the countryside closing in on the sides of the road. That really didn’t bother her having been raised with the trees all around. She heard a car coming from behind her and stopped getting to the side to watch contraption as it went by.

But as it started by the rubber wheels screeched with smoke starling her at the loud sound and it came to a stop a little in front of her. The drivers door and a door on the back side opened with two men both strangers to Khanh getting quickly out. Her heart quickened as a feeling she was in danger flooded her young body and Khanh turned to dart into the thick wooded area on the side of the road. As fate would have it the mat of vegetation there was too thick, her dark eye searched in vain for any opening she could slip through readily. The men were upon her and she rushed into the brush hoping it was thin enough where she hit to let her through. She went on to the tangle of vegetation and it seemed as she might make it through but it slowed her enough for the large strong hands of one of the men to grab her trailing arm pulling her back onto the hard road.

“I got her Phuoc” the man that had caught her said to the other.

“Good fucking job Tuan” The other replied.

Khanh tried pulling free spying a clear path of escape on the other side of the road. She kicked the man Phuoc’s chin real hard as her mouth went over his arm as she bit down. She was suddenly free and darted toward the small dark opening at the other side of the road. She pass to closely to Tuan, one of his leg came out tripping her and as she staggered to retain her footing still moving toward the path to her freedom a hand from him smacked her hard on the head in the same direction the sharp blow disrupting her from regaining her balance and she went down face first into the path she’d hope to be running down. A strong hand of Tuan latched onto her leg pulling back out into the road.

Khanh’s was dazed from the blow to her head and found her arm’s had been pulled around to her back and rope now held them together. She was laying in the back of the vehicle on a padded seat looking up at two other bound scared looking kids about her own age, Phouc was tying her ankles together tightly.

“Got a feisty one here” Phuoc said to Tuan. “She’ll bring top dollar at the betrothals. Know just the the one in Quy Nhơn that looking for a girl like this”

“This new road is making us rich Phuoc” Tuan said his voice giddy “but this better be the last run for a bit, hear their building a new road up near Đông Hà the road is already passing through quite a few small villages”

“Let’s get this cashed in and plan that route for next week” Phuoc suggested with Tuan’s head nodding his approval.

Khanh was brought to a seating position her head still smarting from the blow she watched Tuan get into the drivers seat and start the engine, the door was shut beside her and Phuoc opened the front door on the other side as got in. The lurched froward scaring Khanh as this was the first time she’d been in one of these things. She stared out wide eyed at the passing vegetation till she came to a place that was the farthest she’d ever been. And her head turned looking back as everything familiar slipped away. She turned back facing Phuoc in the front seat that was turn slightly his back against the door keeping his eyes on Khanh and the others.

“Where you taking me” Khanh asked speaking boldly as she always did, the two other kids beside her shaking their heads stiffly with terrorized fear ‘no’ to her.

Phuoc seemed to go crazy coming up from his seat a hard slap landing on her face another on her head as she tried to pull away. And still he kept slapping the other kids getting it too, till finely it was over all three of them sniffling cringing to any move Phouc made. Khanh too kept silent even though a sniffle would sneak through for a long while. She looked over at the other kids, one was a boy maybe just a little younger than her the other the same age or so as Khanh her attire was of the village close to hers even though she’d never met the girl herself. The young boy was from somewhere else, all scared to even move and all tied the way she was.

The scenery changed thinning out with buildings Khanh had never believed possible went flashing by. They pulled up to a building Taun got out going in, moments later he came back with another person, a well dressed lady, whom looked in and pointed to a larger opening that after Taun got back in he drove through. A large door closing being pulled down into place behind the vehicle. Khanh and the other kids looking about as the men that had brought them here got out. Two ladies, the one that was outside and another came through a door talking to the men for a short time Khanh unable to make out what was being said through the closed door. The door was open beside the other girl on the far side and she was pulled out a stood in front of the ladies her leg rope cut free.

Both ladies shook their head in affirmation of approval, the boy was next brought out before the ladies. His leg rope was cut one of the ladies pointing motioning down, Taun pulled his trousers down. The ladies looked the boy over then had Taun turn him around which he did obediently. Both women nodding their approval. Khanh was grabbed and pulled out her eyes showing the defiance she felt.

“This one’s got fire inside her still… Madam” he bowed slightly to her.

The ladies looked at Khanh long and hard then turned to the men.

“We will take them all, double for the fiery one” the one seeming in charge said “There will be more.. of course.. soon”

“Yes Madam.. We have a unlimited source” Taun said, both men respectfully bowing slightly to her “Next week will be fine?”

Both women nodded their heads once in approval. The lady beside the one seeming to be in charge pulled out a large amount of money counting out the agreed upon amount. The men took the money and climbed back into the vehicle, the wide metal door was pulled up a strong looking man standing there, the bright light from outside making all three of them standing there arms still tied behind them. The door slid down quickly with Khanh wondering why she didn’t even try running through it. But it was to late now as a hand on her shoulder guided her and the others through the smaller swinging door into the building.

Some where in the building Khanh could hear a muffled sound of a child crying out in pain possibly a young boy. Fear welled up into her all three of them looking around their young eyes wide as if trying to locate the direction it was coming from. In short order they were placed into a small room together the ropes removed from them and all of them stared as the door closed and the sound of the lock being turned.

Khanh ran to the door turning the knob pulling pushing at it before turning looking around the room for anyway out at all. Her heart sank as there was none anywhere at all she could see. There was a small pot for relieving ones self and a vase filled with water. She looked at the girl.

“Whats your name” Khanh asked her tone demanding an answer.

“Ly” the girl said shyly still scared to say anything at all.

“You” Khanh asked of the boy looking strait at him.

“Danh” he whispered shuffling his feet looking almost too scared to reply.

The door lock click and the door opened with the lady the man called ‘Madam’ coming in looking in full control Khanh automatically falling silent under her harsh gaze.

“Your going to be a trouble maker young lady” the Madam said smiling oddly, her tone a warning, a double meaning “We have uses for your type, people pay extra”

“Listen up, all of you. Your first week here will be your worse” The ‘Madam’ talking to them all now “I own you now, you are mine. You will be servicing clients willing or not. Don’t think you can not because all of you being new will be popular for some time”

“And you” her authoritative eyes going straight on to Khanh “There is a big difference between trouble maker and a defiance little girl. One will keep you alive the other will not. Either way I’ll make my money back, they’re clients for both”

The Madam left the door locking again Khanh’s ears keen to note the sound in case now they would forget. She didn’t like this place and felt if she couldn’t get free soon something bat was going to happen. They sat in silence Khanh feeling the others with her were too cowed to know when the time was right and would bulk when time to run. So she waited quietly. A sound at the door had her rising up at the ready, the click of the lock she moved forward, the door opened but there were three ladies the one shaking a finger at Khanh.

“We’re told to keep an eye on you little girl” She had a smirk on her face as if she knew something Khanh didn’t “We are here to take you for bathes and your new clothes”

Khanh looked for an opening to bolt through but the way the women were space out was as if they knew her intent. So keeping her resolve she let them take her and the other two kids through the door to a room only a couple doors down. A large bath was set warm and ready the steam coming up. Khanh could see the clothes the lady had mentioned, ornate and flimsy they would never hold up in the jungled countryside where Khanh grew up.

“Off with your clothes kids and get in the bath” the lady that had talked to them before said “You will be give baths daily unless you are sick or hurt by a client. I am to be called ‘Mam’ by you all. Discipline will be harsh, harsher than not pleasing the client you are assigned to”

Khanh had her clothes pulled off by the same lady talking to them, the other kids were being stripped by the other women and quickly they were all nude the younger boy blushing hotly adverting his gaze from everyone.

“We will show you this one time how you must clean yourselves from here on out” the ‘Mam’ seemed to be talking to Khanh directly “Today in a very short time you will have your first client. Do as he wants or you will find out how harshly your discipline will be. Now pay attention.”

The water was warm but not over so and the lady had a bar of scented soap she used on Khanh. Her hands washing her cleaner than she’d ever been and soaping up on places of her body that shocked Khanh to have someone running their hand through.

“These are the places you will keep very clean.. daily” The ‘Mam looked sternly at Khanh “We will check before you see a client and if you fail to do a good job ‘You Will Be Disciplined’ harshly”

Khanh’s clit and bottom were almost raw from the cleaning she had just received from the ‘Mam’. Her hair was wetted and dried with a towel.

“Now you all know what to do, you are now finished”

They climbed from the tub into awaiting towels the other two kids handed the ornate clothes and helped into them. Khanh was held back as the others were led off.

“I can see the fire in your eyes young lady” the ‘Mam’ said to her lifting up a leather collar “You will be wearing this”

Khanh stood there her defiance smoldering ready to bolt. The Mam’s hand came up Khanh flinched having been hit by the man Phuoc earlier in the car.

“You will wear this till we trust you, the others are sheep but you we’ll have to break.. won’t we” she placed the collar around Khamh’s neck strapping in into place. “Your first day may be hard for you”

Another lady one that had been with them during the bath came back as they went about getting Khanh ready for her first client. Khanh wanted shout out but was afraid it would lead to another beating like in the car and remained quiet. Her arms were pulled around and folded behind her a cloth like thing went over her folded arm and hanging straps put into place. Once finished she couldn’t pull her arms out of the strange device. A drawer was opened with the ‘Mam’ pulling out another strange thing a ring with leather straps on each side.

“Open your mouth oh you defiant one”

Fingers pinched in on the side of her jaw from the other woman now behind her one arm around her waist the other hand pinching hard till she had no choice but to open her mouth. The ‘Mam’ slipped the padded hard ring into her mouth turning it behind her front teeth till her jaw was forced to open even wider to accommodate it the leather straps were pulled around and tightly snugged down. She was released staggering from the shock of being handled in this way. She always had the freedom of running the hill around her village when ever she’d like and anger well up ‘How Dare They’ and she stood back fuming inside her defiant dark Asian eyes looking from women to women. She was left naked as a chain was clipped onto the leather collar and tugged pulling her forward through the door.

“You will be seen by the other children before meeting with your client… As a warning to them to behave” The ‘Mam’ said sternly. Pulling her onward down the hall.

They entered into a well lit area with fifteen or more kids male and female all around Khanh’s own age, some playing quietly with toy’s some looking dazed as having been through a ordeal like Khanh’s. All looked up wide eyed and staring as Khanh was pulled through, one girl reaching out a sympathetic hand her eyes looking both sad and relieved.

“That girl was once you” The ‘Mam’ stated flatly. “She’s going to be happy you are here, you’ll be good friends”

Spittle dripped down onto Khanh’s bare flat chest from off her chin. They went through a padded door, her senses were assaulted with muffled sounds of a child crying out from somewhere behind one of the few closed doors of the hall she was being pulled down. They stopped at a door Khanh placed before the ‘Mam’, she knock on it before reaching down and opening it up swinging inward. There were two men setting in two well padded lounge chairs, the boy ‘Danh’ of earlier that was with Khanh was standing beside one of the men his young face beet red a disconserting look of discomfort going through him. His ornate pants were pulled down one of the men was touching his small organ the man’s other hand seem to be tucked up into the boys buttocks, Khanh realized with shock the man had one of his fingers as far as he could get it up into the young boy’s bottom.

“Ahh.. This must be another one of the new one’s you just got” the man alone got up “I like..”

The Mam placed her hands on Khanh’s shoulders turning her till her backside face the man. Khanh’s face flushed at being place on display, feeling the man’s eyes on her she turned back facing him.

“Yes…. Yes.. I will pay full price” his voice taking on a excited tone “I can do anything for this price?”

“Snuff is more” the Mam said “Much more now, come back later the price may be less”

“Can I bring her close” he asked.

“For that you must pay the extra first just in case… we will refund if all goes well”

“Agreed” he gleefully said “I will give you that deposit in cash to take that chance”

The Mam handed the leash to the man and fiddled in her pocket for a key, she went over to a locked drawer and unlocked it.

“You will find things in there that will assist your pleasure” the Mam took the money handed to her quickly counting it and bowed slightly before leaving.

The door closed and Khanh’s eyes scanned over the room. The man over with the boy was forcing kisses onto his mouth a hand on his young face urging the red faced boy to open his mouth farther still. Khanh could see the man’s tongue trying to push through the boy’s lips. She felt a tug and was pulled brought over to a small bed. The man pulled down his pants his adult penis filling the air almost 25 centimeters ‘ten inches’ long fully stiff. She’d never seen such a sight the people in her community more conservative in their display of affection. She had never conceived a sexual act of anything other than a display of love from on to another. This was something shocking her mind reeling with the shear crudeness of a act she thought of a display of love could be so corrupted, one sided as she wanted no part of what this man had planned for her.

Khanh shook her head ‘no’ as she was pinned between the bed and the man stepping up his organ moving in close to her face. One of his hands swooped in behind her head gripping into her hair tightly forcing her to face the approaching adult stiff organ. It loomed it looking thick his other hand guiding it down toward the jaw aching ring holding her mouth open. She’d never in her life had even conceive of such a thing and her she jerked her head in a effort to keep what she saw was going to happen at bay. Her young eyes could see a thick clear liquid leaking out from the pee hole slit at the top of the adult male organ. Khanh’s world was going surreal as the thick clear liquid ran down under the bulbous gland then dripped in a long strand down as she struggled to lean back away from the thing.

The thick liquid landed on her bare chest, she looked down the length of it as it passed under her nose entering quickly through the jaw stretching ring into her mouth. She was frozen in place staring blankly into the thick tuft of dark wiry hair at the man’s loin. She could see his sack that held the baby making sperm use in lovemaking, the two heavy looking lumps inside the sack seemed to move lifting as if they had a life of their own. The taste of the clear thick liquid filled her mouth as the blunt thick tip went fully in her tongue pinned down under the fleshy thing. Then to her surprise the blunt thick tip dug deeper still she couldn’t stop it as the hand gripping into her hair pushed her face toward his hairy loin her struggle to pull away all but useless. Khanh’s gag reflex had her welling up her throat lining up as she hunched up her back arch over going into a uncontrollable harsh retch. The cruel man taking full advantage of her sudden vulnerability and push her toward his loin as his loin seemed to surge toward her face.

She’d placed her fingers to the back of her throat before learning of the gag reflex she had. But this was horribly different every way. Khanh was frozen in shock hunch up over the madly flexing thick stiff rod wedged into her throat. It hurt, she was afraid to even move, each swelling move the adult organ made had her stomach teetering on lurching hard doing something she wouldn’t be able to keep under control once started. Her eyes watered over, her mind pulling her aware enough to see the man’s tuft of dark pubic hair close to her face, her nose close to touching the fluffed out coarse wiry hair.

The hand in her hair gripped tighter she could feel the man’s readying movement ‘Oh God’ she thought not daring to move herself but sensing it wasn’t going to be her choice. The man’s loin and hand at the back of her head surged together, wide eyed she found her face mashed hard into the man’s loin her nose deep into his flesh under the dark coarse hair. Khanh’s tedious balance was broken her stomach lurched hard her young body going fully tense. She would have thrown up right there if she could the stuff coming up into her throat only to be blocked by the thick organ deeply placed in it. Her young body tried swallowing the mussels unable to work being stretched so much. Her body lurch hard to puke again the sound loud hurting, burning as her throat as it swelled with the stuff her body trying to swallow and throw up a few more times in rapid succession. The stiff organ pulled free with a loud wet pop the man stepping back leaving her staggering forward still hunched and frozen gagged, her legs wobbling weakly.

Through her blurred wet eyes she could see the man still a little in front of her one of his hands pumping over his still stiff but now wet organ. Strands of thick liquid dripped from his heavy testicles to the floor. She heard the boy cry out her eyes frantically looking over seeing the boy pushed over the chair the man up behind him his loin moving in what look to Khanh as reproduction. The young boy ‘Danh’ arms were flailing back as if to ward off the man. Harsh guttural grunts would come from Danh every few pressing lunges of the man’s hips.

Khanh’s still staggering felt her hair around the back of her head grabbed again strands of them being painfully pulled loose as his finger gripped in tightly. Her dark tear soaked brown eyes swung back seeing the man stepping back up his stiffly arched adult male organ being guided by his free hand toward her still hunched over coughing face. She barely had time to draw in a deep jagged breath as the thick fleshy rod charged through the hard ring her entire body surging up as it was shoved with out a care to how it felt to her at all. Khanh’s young throat was forced to stretch painfully over the thick length her face contorting up as her body heaved all of her bodily muscles inside her straining as he forced it fully into place her small head press tight against his loin. Both his hands went gripping around her head his loin starting to hump into her face as harsh wet gagging sounds rang through her senses coming from her throat as her body went through hard hits of body gripping intense retches with some of her deep puke making it around the moving thick rod.

Khanh’s legs gave out but she wasn’t allowed to fall, the man following her down still humping madly the puke stinging her throat nose with her aspirating on the harsh stuff. The organ tugged out as she settled on her knees her torso falling over close to the floor as she struggle to get her lungs to suck in much needed air. Khanh’s lungs gave an involuntary gasping spasm sucking in wetly leaving her choking for each breath her head swimming, blood pounding hard from the lack of air. Still choking up the deep burning wetness in her lungs she rose up seeing the man at the drawer reaching in pulling out something.

He reached down a hand gripping her hair pulling her, dragging her over and up over the side of the bed her legs over the side. She was too weak to resist. The man with Danh in tow appeared at the other side of the bed. His young face was flush bright red looking up at the man rushing him to the bed. He’d been fully stripped naked his much smaller boy organ bouncing about as he was brought up. The man’s adult organ that brought Danh up to the other side of the bed was arched up and fully stiff. Khanh was shocked to see a dark smear of poop on the head of his long thick adult penis. Danh’s eyes going to it too his face flushing even brighter still as the man pushed him over the side of the bed facing Khanh herself.

Their eyes met with Danh looking at her as the man moved up behind him. His young dark eyes went wide his young body flaring up and then collapsing in a body shudder into the mattress. But he wasn’t there long as the man behind Danh started moving aggressively His young head coming up in with straining guttural sounds coming from him, waves of color coming and going over his terrified filled contorting young face.

Khanh felt a blunt pressure slip through her own buttocks accurately placed onto her anus which lunged hard against it before she realized what was really happening. A surge of defiance went through her. The her village had no people like this in it and she grew up with freedom to roam the hills, strangers were rare and couldn’t remember ever seeing one until the road came through. She had to get away some how and in a rush of angry adrenalin she twisted suddenly catching the man behind her by surprise and slipped to the side landing on her bare feet. Ignoring her still stinging throat and coughing as she ran she rush toward the door, it was still closed. She turned her eyes flashing the anger defiance she felt. Both men were looking at her, the man with young Danh was still humping up into his back side, was pulling his attention back to the young squirming boy as Danh strained up again.

“Please stop… Please” he cried out his small hands clenched in small fist “I need to use th bathroom”

The man brought a hand up grabbing the back of his neck, his stance changing becoming more aggressive and started humping with strong enthusiasm”

“No……!!” Danh strained out his young slight body tensely flaring up for a harsh moment “A-A-H-hhgg”

The man that had just abused Khanh was coming toward her, his adult male organ hardly bobbing it was so stiff. He had a devilish demoniac grin on his face something in his hand with wooden handles and a short length of rope connecting them. Khanh scanned the room, there was no escape to be seen but she wasn’t going to make it easy for him and her young athletic legs lunched her zig zagging past him her bound arms working hard in the strange cloth harness that held them in place behind her. But what ever was in his hand went over her head as she rushed past. Khanh’s feet went out in front of her as a rope snapped tight at her neck stopping her forward movement. She went down hard onto her back the wind being knock out of her.

It had only happen once before and she gasped her young body overwhelmed by the harsh feeling unable to move, her lungs struggling to take the next breath. Strong hands reached down picking her up and ruffly placing her back over the side of the bed. The loop of rope with the two wooden handles still loosely hanging around her neck. A spasm grasp her lungs lurched finely sucking in air. A blunt pressure went back onto her anus a harsh lunge had her chirping out loudly as a sharp gripping pain had her buttock tucking up her whole body going tense muscles held tightly in an effort to stay off the gripping anal hurting.

“She’s a fucking virgin Ngải” he breathed out lustfully “The Madam wasn’t fooling”

Khanh felt his hand fumbling for and finding the wooden handles of the rope. The rope still looped around her neck snapped tight the force of it lifting her torso slightly off the bed cutting off her breath with that sudden move. Even her young mind realized, knew what this man was doing. He was sick, somehow his mind had gotten twisted into thinking this was sexual pleasure. Khanh was it trouble, bad trouble her young mind working to find a way out. Back home when she was running the jungled hills getting out of trouble with wildlife was second nature to Khanh. Her mind stayed focused through the terror and shocking painful degenerating feeling she new the man was wanting her to feel. The blunt stiff excited male organ surged suddenly pushing deeper into her rectum.

Khanh struggled to ignore the horribly stretching pain that filled her, her arms working in the cloth restraint binding her arms to find a weakness there. She needed to find a flaw soon, a weakness she knew… had to…. just had be there somewhere. The male organ surged again Khanh’s rectum was filled, the hard knot at the end of the organ pushing as if seeking to go farther still up inside her. Her young mind was having a hard time dealing with the shear girth of the male organ now stretching the walls of her virginal rectal passage. The blood started pounding in her head Khanh’s vision was narrowing as if looking down a long tunnel till all she could see was the horrified look on Danh’s young face as he looked up at her being choked by the rope. The rope went slack the man’s arms going around her keeping from sagging onto the bed as she sucked in gasp what air she could her head aching as blood rush pounding back. She was too spent to resist farther as the huge feeling blunt knot at the end of her rectum wedged even deeper.

The discomforting thick intestinal stretching pain had her unconsciously angling her young body, twisting about in a failing effort to find a less distressful position. Her mind cleared but now a disconcerting painful fullness had her like Danh tensely held in place afraid to move in fear her bowel might cramp up as it was feeling it might do anyway. Khanh could feel the wiry tuff of hair at the base of the man thick adult penis firmly up into the clef of her buttocks. Her head turning up her eyes looking into the pleasure racked face of the man. His eyes looking back as if she was a toy, a play thing he could do as he pleased with.

Right now she was, her arms writhed about in the containment of the cloth that bound her arms in place behind her. Her run around the room showed there was no escape as she had looked hard for anything. And defiance has got her choked by the cord still loose around her neck. Her options had run out her young mind reeling with despair and mad at herself for not being more leery of all the strange people. The man’s thick organ flexed stiffer swelling some as it did sending her through another surge of squirming reorientations to quickly attempt to hold back a impending strong deep cramping of her young rectal passage. The man moaning out pleasurably through out her sudden distress.

In Khanh’s village there were customs set hard a fast in the minds of the people, she wouldn’t be ready for marriage for another eight years longer if her father held out for a bigger dowry. She never heard of any people that did it any other way. Clearly these people had no such customs in place. She wasn’t even to be married, this was something from people whom had no morals living each day lost, godless.

A hand slipped up to the back of her slender neck, finger slipping around in a controlling grip forcing her to face forward, pushing her down. The ridged male adult organ deep inside her changing placement as her body was move reluctantly down into the mattress. Khanh’s bowel slipped over an unknown edge, the muscles inside clenching up moving out of what control she had till her legs went out ridge to each side of the man that had move up over her on the side of the bed.

“Thats it little girl” The man moaned out “Bet your liking this now”

Khanh was completely overcome by the horrid uncontrollable reflex. The thick organ inside her felt like a hard rod keeping her rectal passage from conforming to it’s natural placement inside of her. And as the intense unnatural reflex finely relinquished it hold, she was able to with almost inhuman mental effort to gain a tedious stand off again. She again could feel the man’s wiry tuff of pubic hair from his loin up in the clef of her buttock. His stance was already changing behind her, her mind racing knowing now just what he was readying himself for. She’d lived around farm animals all her life and had seen the way nature worked through the act of reproduction. But what this man was about to do with her had little to do with that. It was like the man hated her for some reason and this was some sort of sick revenge.

She was being held tightly in place now on the top of the bed, her legs slightly over the side to each side of the man. One of his hand around the back of her neck gripping tightly holding her in place the other had gripping over the cloth that contained her arms. His hand gripped strongly both her arms through the cloth behind her. There was going to be no struggle she could do to resist and the man wasted no time. His organ tugged back cruelly going fully into the animal like movement she’d seen from the farm animals around her village.

Khanh endured several long strokes from the thick male organ before her mental focus dissolved, her young bowel going into full revolt of something so sudden. She had nothing mentally left strong enough to put into play and screamed through the ring still holding her mouth opened wide her young body overwhelmed by the shear consuming nasty sensation that flooded through her young horribly stretch deeply penetrated rectal passage. This she realize in a shocking revelation was exactly what the man wanted her to feel, in fact she realized that was what this all was about, her and the other kids abduction. They were slaves now, slave to be debased, made do horrid things that sick men couldn’t get real women to do willingly.

Her face flushed bright red when Khanh felt the man’s stiff working organ find some deep intestinal stool. Her young eye widening some more from the debasing mental effect that swept over her and she brought her head down to hide her face. A hand gripped into her dark jet black hair lifting her head back up into view.

“No you don’t” the man behind her said “I want to enjoy all you have to give, paying too much money not to”

This was ghastly horrible, she could feel both the men’s eyes on her now. The boy still on the other side of the bed was allowed to hide his head into the mattress as the man behind him seemed to be building to a frenzied pace, all the while looking intently at her as the intense mind consuming nastiness was sweeping her mind into a surreal state. Her young face wrinkled up a reflection of the discussing shock consuming her entire world. The man’s movements took on a more rapid focused intent she’d seen the male farm animals perform before releasing their baby making seed.

He was going to do this to her, but making babies was not his intent at all. That she knew for sure. It was to revel in her debasement, his goal was to make it feel as degrading as he could to her. And it was working Khanh flush bright red in the shame of being watched as her bowel sent waves of urgent gross need to have a bowel movement flooding harshly through her abdomen. Her hair was released and she was jerked up off the bed by the loop of rope as his hips took on the a stabbing ferocity up into her. Her insides swung into full urgent effort to expel the hard jabbing organ as her neck rested against held rope. Kharh knew and could do nothing to stop what she saw in her young mind was about to happen.

Her deep need for a bowel movement became all to real, the hateful jabbing male organ never slowed as she was overcome by the continued abuse. The rope around her neck snapped tight her air cut off, blood pounding in her head. The organ jabbed up locking in place firmly in the clef her buttocks, swelling releasing its seed in a flood of hot spitting gushes. Her young arms strongly tugged about in the containing restraints of the cloth. She was going to die like this, she was sure of that one fact. And didn’t want to. Not in the mist of being overwhelmingly defiled in such a disgraceful manner. The rope tighten more, a loud wet sputter of gas escaped around the man’s fully planted penis as panic took Khanh, her body welling up in panicked fight, with her thrashing wildly about wildly. The male organ just seemed to swell thicker as it went through its spasms of release the hot liquid being squirted into her large intestine with enough force she could actually feel it even though in a state of full fight for life panic. The man’s loin staying unerringly against her bottom as she moved erratically about with a ease that had to have come from repeated familiarity. This wasn’t his first time doing this to a child.

That realization sent a wave of disheartening dread through Khanh as she felt her hold on life slipping. She would have sagged down already if not for the man’s strong tugging grip on the rope looped around her neck holding her up. Khanh mind still hadn’t totally given in though with her able every couple seconds to motivated her body muscles to shudder into a fit of movement till in the end her world went dark.

Khanh woke with a start her young arms coming up swinging about as if to fend off an attacker, she was screaming wildly through her terribly sore throat. One of the women ‘Mam’ was there trying to calm her down, stroking her hair. Khanh realized she wasn’t bound and lurched from the woman and getting to her feet. The door of the room was open and she charged through. She was still naked and her abdomen ached, her rectum burned hotly and she felt slightly nauseous but she pushed on through the large to her building looking wildly for an exit to the outside. Khanh saw a drying long blouse hanging on a line and she grabbed it on the run some kids about looking up as she flew by. Then a brighter natural light under a door ‘the outside’ she opened it rushing through as she slipped on the blouse.

She stopped cold as the door closed. She wasn’t prepared for the city. She was lost by what she saw. People everywhere, streets, cars….. a hand rested on her shoulder, the Madam.

“Where do you live girl” she asked.

Khanh thought for a bit. It had always been just ‘The Village’ to her. She didn’t know where her village even was. Khanh looked up lost…..

“I don’t know” she finely said.

“There’s food here and a place to sleep” The Madam said “Give yourself time maybe you will remember and you can return”

Khanh was at a lose, she wanted to run ‘but to where’. She turned with the Madam’s hand still on her shoulder and reentered the building she just came from. The door closing loudly. There were two of the adult ladies there close at hand. The calming hand on her shoulder shoved her toward the two women.

“Take her, beat her well and keep her chained till needed” the Madam taking full charge “One of you will pay for this error”

“And you girl” the Madam looking at Khanh “The next client may not treat you so well”

Khanh was ruffly led off and whipped for all the other kids to see as an example, then found herself chained to the wall in a small room with just enough room to get to the bed and pot. Much to soon she was readied again for a client, bound, ring-gagged and led to the room.

“They paid full price for you girl” the women ‘Mam’ whom she escaped from said “I may not have to worry about you any more”

A mean looking nude man rose just as the woman left, the door closing and lock snapping in place. She knew she’d not be surviving this time and with legs wobbling slipped to her knees shaking in terror. The man’s cock snapped to ridged fullness as he came up and grabbed her.