Look What Happened at Summer Camp – Part 1 (M,gg)

Look What Happened at Summer Camp – Part 1 (M,gg)

Prologue: Daddy spies his 9yo and 11yo preteen daughters as they undress and later on asks them for more…

Author: TitBudMan

“I can’t wait for Julie to get back”. Amy said.

“Me too sweetheart.” John agreed.

The 9 year-old bounded up the stairs to change clothes and John headed into his study and locked the door. He then unlocked and opened the closet where the new video system was and switched it on. As the monitors came on, John saw little Amy pulling her shirt over her head and then reaching down and pushing her shorts down and off. He marveled at the beauty of the almost naked (except for panties), child. Her little chest was pretty with its adorable little pink nipples, but completely undeveloped.

John studied her naked body as she picked out her clothes and got dressed. He certainly enjoyed watching the naked child but he had installed the very expensive, state-of-the-art system so he could watch and study the impending development of Amy’s 11 year-old sister Julie. She had been away at an extended summer camp for 6 weeks and Amy had been gone to a different camp the first two weeks of that time. That was when John had installed the video system. He had hoped it would bring him many hours of enjoyment as he got to watch her little titbuds swell and grow, and her pussy lips puff and thicken too. He had installed 4 cameras, and microphones. One was in the shower/tub. One was behind the bathroom mirror. One in the headboard of Julie’s bed. And one in the new ceiling fan he had installed in the girl’s room. All had Pan and Zoom capability, and of course each went to a digital hard drive recorder. But he could never have dreamed how much pleasure he would end up receiving because of it.

John was actually the girl’s stepfather. He had married Jennifer 6 years ago and the girls had fallen in love with him and he with them, and a year later, he adopted them both. Then, 2 years ago, Jennifer had run off with a co-worker, and divorced John. She also had gladly signed over full and permanent custody of the girls to John and said he was welcome to them. The girls were naturally devastated, but they also knew that their mother had never really loved them the way John did and so the threesome became closer than ever and were very happy.

In a way John felt bad about his secret desires of the girls, but he also knew how much he truly loved them and that he was a good father to them, and that what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. He just planned to look and not touch.

John shut down the system and locked the door back and went out to the kitchen to help Amy finish cleaning up after lunch. “Almost done daddy.” Amy said over her shoulder.

“Good job baby. Thank you.” John replied as he reached around and covered her small chest with his big hand and kissed her on the cheek.

When they finished, it was time to go meet Julie’s bus, so they got in the car and headed out.

John wondered if Julie’s little titties had started to bud while she was gone. One night before she left, he had caught a glimpse of them and it looked like the nipples were puffed out just a little and possibly swollen slightly as well. He would soon find out. He only hoped that if they had started, he hadn’t missed much of their development. He planned to record, and document every step of her development, and then do the same with little Amy as she developed later.

They pulled into the parking lot and waited for about ten minutes and then saw the bus approaching.

They got out and stood at the front of the car as the bus pulled up and stopped. The door opened and kids began piling off.

“Julie!” Amy yelled as she ran towards the bus.

“Hey squirt!” Julie yelled back with a smile.

They ran to each other and hugged, then came towards John.

“Hi daddy.” Julie chirped as she ran to John.

“Welcome home sweetheart.” John said as he hugged her. He was glad Julie was back safe but he was also glad, in another way as he felt two small bumps pressing into his stomach. He guessed they were about the size of a golf-ball, and they were very hard, like something of his was getting!

“Thanks daddy, I missed you both.” She said as she looked into John’s eyes, and then to Amy.

They loaded her bags and drove home. John tried not to look too much at Julie’s chest but snuck a glance every time she looked away. He couldn’t tell much through the loose, camp-shirt, but there were definitely two little budding titties under there. John felt his dick begin to harden again as he thought about them. The three of them talked all the way home, with Julie telling several funny stories about things that had happened at camp.

They pulled into the driveway and into the garage, and unloaded the car and went in. John helped carry Julie’s stuff up to the bedroom, and then said he thought he would let them catch up on sister talk, and he would go do a little work before dinner.

He went into his study and locked the door and fired up the video system, and put his headphones on so he could hear them as well as watch them. They talked for a few minutes about mundane girl things, then things got interesting.

“Hey. You’re getting’ ’em aren’t cha?” Amy said after Julie leaned back against her headboard and her tiny bumps vaguely pushed out on the white cotton tee shirt.

Julie turned to her little sister and smiled, and nodded happily.

“That’s so cool. Can I see ’em?” She asked.

“Can you what?” Julie snapped.

“Nothing. Forget it.” Amy replied quietly, embarrassed by her sister’s reaction.

“Hey squirt, I’m just kidding!” Julie said quickly.

“Really? You mean…?” Amy responded. The smile returning to her cute little face.

“Sure. I’ll show ’em to you. But you can’t ever tell anybody ever!” She warned.

“I swear I wouldn’t ever!” She replied.

“Ok then go lock the door.” Julie said.

Amy went over and clicked the lock on the bedroom door.

“Now sit here on the edge of your bed facing me.” She instructed.

Amy sat on the edge of her own bed, facing Julie who was sitting on the edge of her bed facing Amy, about three feet away.

“Are you sure you want to see ’em?” Julie asked.

“Oh Julie, you know I do. Please don’t tease me.” Any whined.

“Ok, ok. Here you go squirt.” Julie laughed and then grabbed the bottom of the tee shirt and slowly pulled it up and over her head and off.

“Wow! They’re so cool.” Amy said as her big sister’s 11 year-old titbuds came into her view.

“You like ’em?” Julie asked, as she arched her back slightly, presenting her budding titties to her little sister for inspection.

“I love ’em! They’re really beautiful.” Amy replied as she stared at the tiny mounds and the swollen, puffy little nipples that capped them, like a strawberry on top of a vanilla ice cream sundae.

John was going crazy, he hadn’t thought for a minute that anything like this would happen. He had his 7-inch dick out and was jacking off slowly as he watched.

“You want to touch ’em?” Julie offered.

“You don’t care?” Amy asked.

“If you want to, I want you to.” Julie explained.

Amy slowly reached out and touched one of the puffy nipples.

Julie moaned lightly as her sister’s fingers touched her forbidden treasure, and Amy drew back.

“It’s ok. Go ahead. It felt good when you touched me. Do some more if you want to.” Julie reassured her.

Amy reached out and lightly ran her fingertips up and down the tiny mound and then over the swollen nipple and areola. Julie slowly took her sister’s other hand and guided it to her other kid tit, and showed her how to cup her hand around it and caress it. Amy was lost in the moment as she just stared at her sister’s chest and fondled the wonderful little buds.

“That feel’s real good squirt. Do you like playing with ’em?” Julie spoke softly.

“Yeah.” Is all little Amy said back as she continued to explore and fondle the preteen mounds.

“How ’bout taking of your shirt and lettin’ me see yours?” Julie suggested.

“But I don’t have any.” Amy replied.

“That’s ok. I just want to check ’em out anyway. Like you’re doing mine.” She explained.

“Ok.” Amy said as she sat up and peeled off her shirt.

“There, that’s better.” Julie said as she reached out and began to toy with the 9 year-old’s flat little nipples. Amy resumed feeling up her Julie’s little titties and soon noticed that since Julie had started playing with her nipples, she had a strange feeling down in her gut somewhere. A kind of pressure or ache, but it was a good feeling not bad one.

“Hey squirt. Close your eyes, and I’m going to give you a surprise.” Julie said.

“Ok.” Amy said and closed her eyes.

Julie knelt on the floor in front of her little sister and leaned forward and took one of the child’s nipples into her mouth and began to suck lightly.

“What are you doing?” Amy said as she felt her sister’s warm mouth engulf her nipple and her hot tongue sweep across the sensitive point.

“I’ll stop if you want me to, but if you’ll give it a minute, I think you’ll like it.” Julie removed her mouth just long enough to say, then took the pink morsel into her hungry mouth again and began to suck the best she could. Part of Amy wanted to stop her, but that feeling down there, that good feeling, it was getting stronger with each moment her sister sucked, and she wanted it to continue. Julie realized Amy wasn’t going to stop her and she switched to the other nipple and sucked it a little more aggressively than the first one. She wasn’t sure if Amy was getting aroused yet. She wanted to slip her finger down the 9 year-old’s pants and find out but she knew she had to wait on that.

After sucking the tiny treasures for several minutes, Julie straightened up and asked Amy if she would like to try doing her’s.

Amy wasn’t sure, but she loved touching them, so maybe she would like sucking them too.

Julie sat back up on the edge of her bed and little Amy knelt before her.

“Just take it slow and easy squirt. And whatever you do, don’t bite down. Keep your mouth open and just stretch your lips around it to make a seal so you can suck.” Julie instructed, then she laced her hands on either side of Amy’s head and guided her little mouth to her right titbud.

Amy opened her mouth wide and leaned forward, taking the entire little mound into her mouth. Julie body jerked as Amy’s hot little mouth enveloped the sensitive mound of preteen tit flesh. Amy pulled off but Julie quickly explained that she shook because it felt so good and asked her to continue.

The little 9 year-old leaned back in and took her big sister’s budding tittie into her mouth again and began to suckle. Julie’s hot little pussy was oozing out hot, preteen, virgin pussy juice so that her little pussy, ass, and everything around it was soaked. She reached down and pulled and played with Amy’s nipples as Amy continued to suck.

“Move over to the other one now, and don’t stop ’till I tell you.”

Amy moved to her sister’s other bud, and began sucking. She was liking all this more by the minute as she felt her sister’s fat little nipple swell even more as she sucked, and she smelled something sweet, something that seemed to make her want more. That feeling down there was getting stronger too, and she loved Julie’s pulling and playing with her little nipples.

“Oh God yes Amy. Suck my tittie. Oh yes. OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh.” Julie gasped as she grabbed her little sister’s head and pulled it into her chest. Amy kept sucking as her sister’s body shook and Julie moaned and pulled her other little tittie over and over. John blew one of the biggest loads of cum in his life as he watched little Amy suck her big sister’s budding titties and make her come.

Then Julie began to settle down and she let go of the back of Amy’s head and told her she could stop sucking. She pulled Amy to her and hugged her for several minutes and told her she loved her.

Amy asked what happened to Julie and Julie explained all about orgasms and how it all worked.

She asked Amy if she had been having a good feeling down deep inside while they were playing, and Amy said she did. Then Julie explained that if Amy would trust her, they could do something that would make that feeling so strong and so good, that Amy would end up feeling like she was floating on a cloud. Amy said she wanted to try it, whatever it was, and Julie explained that they would first take a shower together and then they would get in bed together totally naked.

Amy agreed and they undressed and headed for the bathroom. John panned and followed the naked preteens into the shower with the well placed cameras. He watched as Julie began by soaping Amy’s little body down and then having her spread her slender legs so she could wash her beautiful little hairless pussy. Julie spread the 9 year-old’s lips wide and very gently rubbed the soapy washcloth in the pink crack. Amy jumped and squealed as the cloth drug across her sensitive little clit. Then Julie rinsed her and handed her the soap. Amy smiled as she started soaping her sister’s golf-ball sized titbuds. Finally Julie guided her little hands down to her swollen, hairless 11 year-old pussy.

“Here, I’ll help you.” Julie said to the innocent child, as she pulled her pussy lips apart and held them.

“Now get the washcloth good and soapy and then real gently rub it back and forth in my crack.” Julie said softly and little Amy did as she was told.

“Now take the spray and rinse it out real good.” She said, and Amy complied.

“Ok. Now let’s get into bed.” Julie said, as they stepped out and finished drying off.

Amy, a miniature version of Julie, tall for their respective ages, skinny, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, followed her sex-charged big sister to the bed.

Julie climbed in and Amy lay next to her.

She rolled Amy onto her back and began to suckle her little nipples again and Amy felt that feeling quickly returning. Then Julie reached a hand down and began to stroke and massage Amy’s little pussy mound. Amy was shocked at first bus soon realized that the feeling was getting stronger, and there was no doubt that what Julie was doing to her down there was the reason. Julie switched nipples and pressed her middle finger ever so slightly into her little sister’s slit. Amy instinctively spread her legs to give better access to her child pussy.

Then Julie took her mouth off the nipple it was sucking and she began to kiss Amy’s stomach. Lower, and lower she went, until she felt Julie’s breath on her mound. She looked down there, just as her big sister pulled her pussy lips open and opened her mouth and licked it twice slowly, then opened wide and put her mouth right down on it and started sucking and flicking her tongue slowly up and down her crack. Amy couldn’t believe it. Her sister had her mouth on her pussy and seemed to like doing it. And she was beginning to like her doing it too. That feeling was stronger than ever and she could feel her muscles down in her pussy tightening and then relaxing over and over. And it felt sort of like she needed to pee but different somehow. Meanwhile Julie was in heaven as she started to receive her first taste of her little sister’s pure, virgin, little girl pussy juice. Julie began to suck harder as the sweet nectar began to ooze from the 9 year-old’s preteen pussy. Julie’s ow!

n pussy was quite wet now with her own savory juices. She pulled Amy’s nipples with both hands as she sucked and tongued the child’s pussy closer to it’s first orgasm.

“Think about sucking my titties Amy while you watch me eat you. And just let the feelings take you. Just let go.” Julie stopped just long enough to say and then locked her hungry young mouth back onto her 9 year-old sister’s pussy and resumed sucking and swallowing all the wonderful sweet juice she could coax out. Then Amy cried out and bucked her little pussy up hard against her sister’s mouth. Julie let go of the nipples and grabbed the child’s hips and hung on. Amy bucked again as Julie sucked hard, making the little girl’s first cum even stronger. Amy’s little pussy was almost pumping out it’s juice reward and Julie drank most with some leaking out the bottom of Amy’s little crack and dripping down Julie’s chin. As the orgasm subsided and Amy lay still, except for her panting, Julie crawled up next to her satisfied kid sister and held her naked, sweaty body to her’s.

“Did I orgasm?” Amy asked a few minutes later.

“Yes. You had an orgasm.” Julie corrected with her answer.

“That was awesome. I never knew anything could feel so good.” She said.

“I know. And  I’m glad I could make you feel that way.” Julie commented.

“But isn’t that weird, I mean, licking me down there?” She asked.

“Honey, I wasn’t just licking you, I was sucking you, and no, it’s great, and the taste is really excellent.” Julie explained.

“So, do you want me to do that to you now?” Amy asked nervously.

“Only if you want to squirt. You don’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Julie replied with a smile, as she lightly stroked Amy’s little nipples.

“I want to, but the taste.” Amy said.

“I tell you what. Why don’t you try a sample, and if you don’t like it, don’t do it?” Julie suggested.

“Ok. I’ll try a sample.” Amy said.

“That’s great. I’ve got an idea. You like to suck my titties right?” Julie asked.

“Yeah.” Amy replied.

“Ok then. Here’s what we’ll do. You close your eyes, and I’m going to rub some of my pussy juice on one of my titties. Then you suck each one and see what you think, ok?” Julie offered.

“Ok that sounds good.” Amy said.

“Ok close your eyes.” Julie said. Amy closed her eyes, and Julie rubbed her index finger in her wet little slit and coated it with her sweet juice, then brought it up and rubbed it all over her puffy nipple and tiny mound. She repeated the process twice until the little titbud was slick with her fresh preteen pussy juice.

Then she took Amy’s head in her hands and guided her little mouth to the cream covered bud.

“Open wide squirt.” She commanded and the child opened her little mouth wide and Julie pulled her to her. The 9 year-old’s mouth went over the 11 year-old titbud and she closed around it and began to suck. She immediately tasted her sister’s pussy juice and although it was somewhat salty, she quickly realized that it tasted good and not at all like she expected. She sucked the tiny child tit for a minute or so and Julie knew that that meant the liked the taste of her pussy and she would soon be eating it.

“Ok squirt, what ‘cha think?” She asked.

“It’s pretty good.” Amy answered, blushing slightly.

“So you want to do me or not squirt?” She asked, as she reached down and cupped Amy’s little pussy and squeezed it.

“I want to.” She replied.

Julie lay back against her pillows and gently guided Amy to her budding little titties again and let the child suck them both fro a while. But finally she had to have her sister’s mouth on her pussy.

“Ok squirt. Just kind of kiss your way down there and crawl between my legs so you’re facing me.” Julie spoke softly. The muscles inside her hot little pussy were slowly contracting, pumping out more fresh juice for the virgin mouth it knew was on the way down. Amy was now in position over her big sister’s pussy.

“This is your first time so I’m going to help you. I’ll spread it open and hold it for you at first, and you just lick it some and then when you’re ready put your mouth down on it and start sucking it real easy at first and then you do it harder as you get used to it. While you suck, move your tongue kind of loosely back and forth on this, it’s my clit and just like yours, it’s real sensitive. Oh yeah, be sure to keep your lips kind of out past your teeth so you don’t bite me. It would hurt even worse than biting my tittie.” Julie explained as she spread her hairless little pussy for her little sister. Amy took a deep breath and lowered her head and licked the beautiful pink flesh of the inner walls of her sister’s virgin pussy.

She drew her little tongue back into her mouth and was surprised to find that the taste was even better than before. She licked a few more times, and then looked at the splayed open pussy, and lowered her little mouth onto it. Julie tensed and froze as she stared down at the sight of her little sister eating her pussy for the very first time, eating her very first pussy for that matter too. Amy slowly began to suck and was instantly rewarded with a gush of wonderful, 11 year-old pussy juice, which she drank down gladly. Soon the child was sucking her sister’s delicious pussy and licking the clit just right. Julie let the lips go and told Amy that she could pull them apart as she wanted. Then Julie brought her hands up to her developing chest and began to work her hard little kid-tits over. Amy was suckling harder now and from time to time as Julie would twist her tiny body in ecstasy, Amy’s little mouth would loose suction and there would be a slurping sound come for the pussy eating 9 year-old.

This was too much for John and he came into a rag again watching his little preteen daughters in their lesbian/incestual sex act.

He watched as Julie bucked her little pussy up into Amy’s tiny mouth again and again, but the child hung on and stayed with her bucking sister.

“Oh Amy. Oh I’m there. Oh eat my pussy. AAAAAaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Julie cried as she came hard into the 9 year-old’s mouth. Amy kept sucking and tonguing her big sister’s hot pussy, which was now flooding out it’s hot, forbidden nectar. The little girl drank every drop she could like a hungry baby for it’s milk.

Julie twisted and pulled her tiny titties as the orgasm racked her preteen body. Amy kept sucking hard and grinding her hot little tongue onto her sister’s swollen clit and suddenly, another orgasm slammed through Julie’s skinny body causing her to fuck her pussy hard up into her kid sister’s mouth again and again. Amy was lost in her lustful duty to her sister. She knew it was her mouth that was bringing her sister all this pleasure and right now, it was her sole purpose for existing. The wonderful juice that was flowing into her sucking mouth was a bonus beyond compare.

Finally, Julie’s orgasm subsided, and she collapsed, and pusher Amy away from her now over sensitive little pussy. Amy crawled up and asked if she could suck Julie’s titties and Julie said yes but to suck easy. For the next little while Julie reveled in the pleasure her sister and she had given each other and enjoyed her sister’s loving, gentle sucking and licking of her tiny treasure mounds.

The two girls drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, naked, satisfied, and happy.

Little do they know, their daddy has plans, oh what plans!

The End

Look for part two from: TitBudMan

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