Look What Happened At Camp – Part 2 (M/g, g/g, M/gg, oral)

Look What Happened At Camp – Part 2 (M/g, g/g, M/gg, oral)

Prologue: An 11yo preteen girl and her 9yo sister get initiated by daddy.

Author: TitBudMan

Julie had been home from camp for over three weeks now. In that time, school had started back, but more importantly, John had watched the feed from the hidden cameras in the girls’ room, as the girls had five more preteen lesbian incest encounters. Three had been initiated by 11 year old Julie, but to John’s total surprise, two had been started by her little 9 year old sister Amy.

John wanted Julie so badly he didn’t know what to do. The last thing he wanted to do was force her to have sex with him. She clearly was enjoying sex with Amy, and he hoped that somehow, he would be able to create a situation that would open the door for him to start something with her, and that she would accept. His dick hardened, as he thought about the possibility of getting his hands and mouth on her precious little budding titties. Not many people would understand his need for her fresh, young, developing body, but he was hoping desperately that somehow, Julie would.

Thursday, Amy came home and told John that she had been invited to go camping over the weekend with her friend Cindy and her family. John’s heart jumped as he contemplated the possibilities. John of course gladly gave Amy permission, and began thinking.

Despite jacking off two and three times a day as he watched his growing collection of HD Video from the girl’s room, John was desperate to get his hands, (and mouth), on Julie somehow. He hoped it would be a completely mutual situation, but if worst came to worst, he thought he might even stoop to blackmailing the child by showing her the video, and then threatening to tweet it to all her friends if she didn’t comply with his demands. It was a passing thought that John didn’t think he could ever go through with. He truly loved Julie, and didn’t want to hurt her. On the other hand, he desperately wanted to enjoy her perfect little body.

Friday slowly came, and Cindy and her mom came by to pick Amy up. “I can’t wait to get to the campground. The first thing I want to do is go swimming!” Cindy told Amy, excitedly. John smiled, and made some small talk with Cindy’s mom as the girls rushed to her room to get her bag and sleeping bag. John couldn’t help but check out Amy’s little friend. She was a little doll. Medium length dark hair, pulled back into a pony tail, and a perfect little body. Having just turned 10, she was slightly taller than Amy, and was just beginning to sprout. Luckily, she was wearing a tee shirt, and John could see that there was just a hint of swell under it. ‘Dammed training bra.’ John thought to himself, as he examined the child, and was unable to tell any detail of her little buds because of the device.

John kissed Amy goodbye as she headed out the door. “Love you daddy.” Amy chirped, as she headed off the porch. John went back inside, and a went into his study and locked the door. Turning on the surveillance system, he saw Julie laying on her bed, finishing her homework. She was such a good girl. He almost never had to tell her to do her homework or chores. Just then, she finished, and started putting her books away. John had an idea. He thought he’d take her out to dinner, sort of like a date, and just spend some time talking with her, and then rent a movie, and come home and see what might happen.
He turned off the system, and went upstairs to Julie’s room and knocked on the door. “Hey honey. How about I take you out to dinner, and you get to choose?” he said through the door.

“Sounds great daddy.” Julie said, after opening the door.

The dinner was fun for both of them, and Julie especially liked how John talked with her and paid so much close attention to her. She thought she was really going to miss Amy being gone all weekend, but things we looking pretty good so far.
They went to the movie rental store, and John let her pick the movie. Julie was laughing and chatting away as they pulled into the driveway.

As they went inside, Julie hugged John and kissed him lightly, and said, “Thank you daddy.”

“You’re quite welcome honey”. John replied as he felt his dick harden from the embrace.

“Why don’t you change clothes, and I’ll get the movie ready.”

Julie agreed and dashed up the stairs.

She soon returned into the den, where John was waiting. John was slightly disappointed when he saw she was wearing her pajamas, which didn’t reveal anything. But he quickly forgot that, as she plopped down right against him on the couch and laid her head on his shoulder. He started the movie, and put his arm around her.

After some time, John started lightly rubbing her arm, and she snuggled even closer to him, which allowed his hand to naturally fall onto her stomach. Touching her like this was nothing new. He had read all he could get his hands on about grooming children in preparation for molestation, and had been grooming both girls for about the last year.

John carefully rubbed around her stomach, up her arm and back down, and occasionally down her legs. The rubbing was very slow, and subtle, and Julie appeared to be very relaxed, as she lay against him, giggling every now and then at the movie.
John’s brain was burning with one thought. And as he stroked her body, his passion became overwhelming. He just had to try something…anything!

Slowly he began to rub in a large, wandering circle, up towards her chest. Across her lower ribs twice, then on the third pass, he extended his thumb and slid it across one of her little bumps.

“Oooh!” She whimpered, as her little body jerked.

“I’m sorry honey.” John said as he pulled his hand back away from her.

“It’s ok daddy. I just…you surprised me. I mean…touching me there.” She answered.

“I know honey, and I’m so sorry. You know I love you, and I would never want to do anything to hurt you.” He replied, with an apologetic tone. There was a long silence, and John held his breath, wondering what to do or say next, then Julie finally spoke.

“No dad, it’s ok. You didn’t hurt me. Just surprised me. See, I never thought you wanted to touch me like that.”

“I know I scared you honey. I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.” John responded in the same regretful tone.

“I’m ok daddy, really. I’m not mad at you.” She said reassuringly.

John was still turned away from her, hiding his face from her. Then she took a deep breath and put her hand on his shoulder. “Daddy…I didn’t mind what you did. I jumped because they’re pretty sensitive and…well…”

“I understand honey. Thank you for not being mad. I shouldn’t have done it. I promise I won’t do it ever again.” John said, as he turned and looked into her eyes, looking like he was on the verge of tears.

“But daddy…I…well…it’s ok if you touch them. I mean…I w-want you to.” She muttered, as she looked down.

John’s heart skipped a beat or two at her words. “Oh Julie. Are you sure? I mean are you really sure honey? I wouldn’t ever want you to do anything you didn’t really want to do.” He said as he put his finger under her chin, and lifted up.

“I’m sure daddy. I…I want you to feel ‘em. If you want to.” She mumbled.

“Oh God Julie. I want to. You can’t imagine how much I want to. You won’t think bad of me if I do?”

“Never daddy.” She answered with a smile, then laid back against the back of the couch with her arms at her sides, and looked up at him, smiling, offering herself to him.

John’s hand was trembling as he brought it to her tiny breast. Julie smiled, and moaned lightly, and closed her eyes, as his hand closed down on the tiny mound, and began to caress it.

“Are you ok honey? Is this alright?” He asked, as he gently squeezed the hard little titbud.

“I’m fine daddy. Fine.” She dribbled off, as she savored the felling of his big strong hand on her sensitive little breast. Then John realized that he had a free hand, and she had two little titties.

She moaned again as his other hand went to work. He could feel her puffy little nipples swell and harden as he ran his thumb over them. After a few minutes he was more turned on than he had ever been in his life, and he could tell she was truly enjoying what he was doing to her. So he decided to try to take her to the next step.

“Would you mind if I unbuttoned your top, so I could see them honey?” He asked timidly.

“Sure daddy. Go ahead.” She replied, with a smile.

John’s fingers began to fumble with the little buttons and she could tell he was having a hard time. “Here daddy. Let me help you.” She said with a smile, and reached up and began undoing her buttons. When the last button was done, she took hold of the top in the middle and said, “For you daddy.” She smiled again, and pulled her pajama top open, exposing her perfect little preteen breasts to his gaze.

“Oh my God honey. They are truly beautiful.” He sighed.

“Thank you daddy.” She replied proudly, as she pushed her chest up ever so slightly.

John reached down and touched the little puffy nipples, then slid his fingers down the tiny, walnut sized mound underneath. Julie watched his fingers, and sighed as they fondled her little treasures.

John was in ecstasy, as he continued feeling the forbidden flesh. “Does that feel good honey?” He said softly, as he gently squeezed the tiny mounds, and pulled up lightly.

“MMMMmmmm yes daddy. It feels fine.” She replied dreamily.

After a few minutes, John slid down onto the couch next to Julie and kissed her neck. “I want to try something else honey. Now if I do anything you don’t like, you just tell me, and I’ll stop. Ok?” He whispered into her ear.

“Ok daddy. Go ahead.” She mumbled.

He began kissing her neck, and then started kissing his way down her chest until his lips came to the base of her little mound. He placed several wet kisses around the tiny cone, and then up to the puffy areola and nipple. Julie was breathing hard, and had began running her fingers through John’s hair. Then he opened his mouth, and took the entire nipple and mound into his mouth. At first he just slowly swiped his tongue over and around, but then he began a light suction, and Julie moaned as she felt her little child tittie being drawn up into her daddy’s warm, hungry mouth.

He stopped, and removed his mouth and asked her if he had hurt her.

“Oh noooo daddy. It felt good.” She replied.

John smiled, and leaned back down, and began sucking again. After several minutes, he moved to the other one and repeated the treatment. By now he had discovered that she liked them sucked easy for a while, and then hard for a little bit, then back to easy. Julie was getting very turned on now, and her little hips began to move around. John knew he was getting her hot, and reached down, and rubbed around her stomach a few times, lower each time, until he passed over her swollen little pussy mound. Julie pushed her hips up a little, and moaned. John cupped her little pussy, and squeezed, and she moaned again.

Then he began to slide his hand down between her legs and was pleased when she automatically spread her legs open for him. He switched back to the first tittie, and started sucking again, and then he brought his hand up to her stomach, and pushed his fingers under her pajamas waistband and then under the waistband of her panties, and down over her hairless little mound.

Julie moaned again, and pulled her daddy’s mouth tight against her chest. He sucked hard as he slid his finger into her little crack.

“Oh daddy. …..good. Ooohhh.” She whimpered.

John’s finger was soon wet with Julie’s slick juices, and he began to slide his finger down to her little hole, then back up to her sensitive little clit. After a minute of this, Julie was on fire. Her hips were lifting off the couch, and she was moaning a lot.

She was disappointed when he removed his mouth from her tiny breast, and took his hand from her pussy. But he quickly slid down onto the floor and started pulling her pajama bottoms down and her panties with them. To Julie’s delight, they were off in a flash, and he daddy was between her legs, looking at her naked little hairless pussy.

He smiled at her, and then without a word, he lowered his mouth, and locked it over her entire pussy.

“Oh God daddy.” Julie cried out, as she felt him suck hard, and ram his tongue into her slit. Soon, she began to twist and pant, and pull on his head. She cried out when his big rough tongue that had just been pleasuring her sensitive nipples, began to flick back and forth across her clit. She took one hand and reached up and began to squeeze and pull at her tiny breasts, and John began to lash her clit with his tongue, and suck even harder.

“OOOOOOooooooohhhhhhhh ddddddaaaaaddddddddeeeeeeeee!” She cried out, as her orgasm began to rip through her barely 11 year old body. She bucked her little hips a couple of times, but John held fast, and kept his mouth locked onto his daughter’s cumming pussy.

As her orgasm subsided, John stopped sucking and just kept his mouth on her and licked gently. Then, knowing she would probably become very sensitive, he stopped, and climbed up next to her and held her.

“Thank you for letting me make you feel good honey.” He said softly.

“No daddy. Thank you. I never felt that good before. It was wonderful.”
“I’m so happy to hear you say that. I’ve wanted to do this with you for a long time, but I didn’t know how you’d feel about it.”

“I loved it daddy. You can do it anytime you want to.”

“Oh honey. You don’t know how happy it makes me to hear you say that. By the way, you taste wonderful honey.” He replied, as he pulled her against him. She could feel his dick pressing through his jeans, against her leg.

“Thank you daddy. But you need to feel good too daddy. You want me to make you feel good now?” She said, reaching down, and rubbing her little hand on the lump in his pants.

“That’s a really big step honey. But if you’re sure you want to honey…” He said with a smile.

“I want to daddy.” She answered, and gave him a kiss.

He rolled onto his back, and she crawled onto the floor and began unfastening his pants. She giggled as she tried to tug the zipper down and her fingers slipped off. Then she reached up and grabbed the waist, and pulled down as John lifted his butt up. The jeans slid down, and she pulled them off and tossed them in the pile with her own clothes. Then she reached up and grasped the waistband of his underwear, and pulled down. Her eyes were glued to his crotch, as first his hair, then the base of his dick began to come into view. Her eyes got big, and her mouth dropped open slightly as she pulled down, and the stiff dick popped free, and sprang to attention.

“Do you like it honey?”

“Oh yes daddy. It’s beautiful.” She answered, staring at her first dick.

She finished pulling off his underwear, and kneeled between his legs.

“Just take hold of it like this, and slide the skin up and down slowly.” John instructed, as he guided her little hand to the shaft and placed it midway.

She closed her hand around it, and began to move very slowly up and down. She smiled as she slid the skin up over the shiny purple head, and then back down, making it reappear. Soon she was working to a steady rhythm, and John knew it wouldn’t take much more to make him cum.

He was going to just let her jack him off, and was about to tell her about what was going to happen when she stopped, and leaned forward and licked the tip. After pulling her tongue back into her mouth to evaluate the taste, she leaned forward again, and opened her mouth and took the head inside. John was overwhelmed by the intense feeling of his preteen daughter’s mouth on his dick.

“Oh God honey. Stop for a second. I need to tell you about what’s going to happen when I cum.” He gasped, using every ounce of mental strength to control himself, and not just blast his daughter’s little mouth with cum without warning.

“It’s ok daddy. Your sperm stuff is going to squirt out, and you want me to swallow it, right.” She asked, innocently.

“How do you know about that honey?”

“I know about sperm from sex ed class. And well, I heard these two girls talking on the bus. They were saying how boys always want to squirt in their mouth. One girl said she hated it, because it was like swallowing snot, but the other girl said she kind of liked it. So I figured you wanted to squirt in my mouth too. I just hope I like it.”

“Oh honey. I love you so much. You are wonderful to be so understanding about this. I would love more than anything, to squirt in your mouth if you don’t mind trying it. And I think if you do it, wanting it to taste good, it probably will. Some girls hate it right from the beginning, before they even taste it, because of what they’ve heard from someone else.”

“Well, I’ve liked everything else about sex so far, so I think I’ll probably like that too.”

“That’s my girl. Well then, if you’re ready. Go ahead, and take my dick back in your mouth, and start sucking. I’m so turned on, it should only take a minute or so for me to cum.”

Julie smiled, and opened her mouth and lowered her head, and took the head in, and began sucking. John placed his hand over her hand that was holding his dick at the base, and started jacking slowly. He could feel several surges of precum oozing into her mouth, and he was delighted to hear her moan lightly and swallow.

“Ok honey. Here it comes. Just relax and let it shoot into your mouth, then when you’re ready, start  swallowing it as best you can.” John said softly, as he felt his orgasm rapidly approaching.

“Oh God honey. UUUUUUUUugggggggggghhhhhhhh.” He grunted out, as his gut tightened, and the powerful orgasm started. He felt his balls draw up, and a surge of blood rush up into his dick.

Julie knew his orgasm was starting, but wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen. She felt the head swell slightly, and then the first shot of cum blasted into her little mouth and hit the back of her throat, making her flinch. But she stayed put as her mouth began to fill with semen.

“Ooooohhhhh that’s my good girl.” John said. Praising Julie, as he realized she wasn’t going to resist, or come off, but instead was accepting his cum without any distress. Julie looked up at him, with her mouth full of his cum, and he could swear he saw her smile in response. Then he felt her take her first swallow. His cum was down to a trickle now, and she swallowed again. John took her finger on the underside of his dick at the base, and pressed it against his tube, and slid it upwards until it touched her lips, sending one last little bit of cum into Julie’s mouth.

Julie swallowed a couple more times, as she felt his dick beginning to soften. Then John pulled her off it, and up next to him, and held her and stroked her slowly, for several minutes. Then he finally spoke.

“Thank you honey. That the most wonderful sex I’ve ever had.” He said softly.

“Thanks daddy. Me too. I hope I did it ok.”

“You did it just fine honey. How did you like the taste?”

“It was fine. I mean, it’s different. Kind of salty, but sweet at the same time. But it doesn’t taste bad. And it was easy to swallow. I don’t see why some girls make such a big deal out of it. It’s easy.”

“I’m so proud of you honey. You have a better attitude about sex than a lot of adult women. I love you so much.”

“I love you too daddy. You made me feel so good. I’m glad I could make you feel good too.”

“Oh, you did honey. You sure did. This was so much more than I had even hoped for. I admit, I had been hoping to just get to maybe see, and maybe play with your beautiful little breasts. But to also be able to love you like this…it’s just wonderful.”

“Well daddy. You can see ‘em anytime you want, and play with ‘em, suck ‘em, whatever you want. Course, they’re not much, but they’re yours anytime you want. And anything else you want to do.” She said with a big smile.

“Oh honey, you don’t understand. I think they’re perfect. See, I’m one of those people that likes the way a little girl’s body looks, better than a grown up woman that’s fully developed.”

“I know, we learned about that in sex-ed class too. You’re a ‘Pet-e-file’, right?”

“That’s what most people call anyone who has sexual desires for children honey. But the thing is, only some ‘Pedophiles’ are bad people. I would never force anyone, (child or adult), to do anything they didn’t want to do. I prefer the term ‘Child Lover’. There’s a big difference between the kind of person they described to you in class, and people like me. I hope you can understand that.”

“Oh I do daddy. I know you’re not the kind of guy that would like, force a kid to have sex or anything. I know you’re a good man, and I don’t think it’s bad that you’re a ‘Ped-a… I mean a ‘Child Lover’.”

“Thank you honey. I figured you’d understand. You’re so smart. But there is something else we need to discuss.” He said as he kissed her on the forehead.

“You mean how we have to keep this a secret?”

“Yes, that’s part of it. We have to never tell anyone about this, no matter how much you think you can trust them. You know that most people think what we did is very wrong. I think you know what would happen if anyone ever found out right?”

“I know. You’d go to jail, and Amy and I would go to foster homes. Trust me daddy, I’ll never tell, I promise.”

“That’s my girl. Now one more thing. What we just did, can never be undone. I hope with all my heart that you won’t ever regret it, or even get mad at me for doing it when you get older.”

“No! I would never do that. I wanted to do it too remember?” She countered.

“Ok honey, please remember what you just said. Now like I said, we can’t undo what’s done. But, you can choose right now to never do it again, and I’ll understand. I won’t be mad, I promise. I love you and I don’t want to hurt you, ever.”

“But I loved what we did. And I want to do it some more.” She whined.

“Ok. I just had to be really sure. You know, most people (and the law), says that you’re not old enough to make that decision. And I just want to give you every chance to stop if you want to.”

“Daddy. I want to do it with you. I know what I’m doing, and I AM old enough to decide. I don’t care what anybody else says!” She declared.

“Alright then honey. I just had to make sure. But if you ever change your mind. You just tell me no or stop, and I will, ok?”

“Ok daddy. Now what?” She said with a naughty smile.

“Well, I think we should go to my bed. And if you want to, you can sleep with me tonight. We’ll make love some more, and I’ll teach you some more, and then we can make love again in the morning if you want to.”

“YES!” She chirped, as she clapped her hands together.
John picked up his naked daughter, and carried her to his bed, and tossed her in it, making her laugh, and giggle.

“Now honey, if we’re going to be lovers, (like boyfriend and girlfriend lovers), there’s something I’d like to teach you, but only if you want to.”

“What is it daddy?”

“I want to teach you how to kiss like lovers kiss. Would you like to try that?” He asked as he put his arms around her.
She nodded her head and smiled, biting her lower lip slightly. John smiled back and told her to just follow his lead, and do what felt right, and leaned over, and pressed his lips to hers. After a few seconds, he slowly eased his tongue forward. A few seconds later, she pressed her little tongue to his, and within half a minute, they were French-kissing each other.

She learned quickly, and soon was sending her tongue as deep into his big mouth as it would go.  She was also getting turned on by this new activity, and John sensed it, and brought a hand up to one of her little titbuds, and began to fondle it. She breathed deeply, and rammed her tongue against his, as she felt her sensitive little breast being caressed.

“How do you like kissing honey?” He asked, as he gently broke off their first kiss and looked deep into her eyes.

“I love it.” She breathed.

“I’m so glad. You know, you’ll never forget your first kiss. I’m so glad it was me.” He said with a smile.

“Me too.” She said, as she reached up and rubbed his hand that was rubbing her little titbud.

John leaned back down and kissed her again, and she kissed him back deeply. He then reached down and put his hand on her pussy, and she automatically spread her little legs for him.

After a minute or so, he broke off their kiss, and started kissing his way slowly, down her neck, and onto her chest, to her little buds. Just as he took one into his mouth, he pushed his finger into her already wet crack. She cooed, as he sucked her tiny tittie, and began to slide his finger up and down between the folds of her hot little pussy.

He switched to her other breast bud, and sucked it in, and pushed his finger just slightly into the entrance of her virgin hole.

“Oh daddy. Oh…yeeeeeesss.” She whimpered.

Then he slid down between her legs, kissing his way as he went down.

“This time, we can both take our time, and spend some time just making each other feel good for a while before we cum.” He spoke softly, as he looked up at her from just above her hairless little mound. Julie nodded her head and smiled, and watched her daddy lower his mouth to her pussy.

He was immediately rewarded with an abundance of the sweet little-girl nectar that was oozing from her forbidden fruit. He sucked and slurped, and gratefully drank it down. “I’m the luckiest man in the world. You’re not only incredibly beautiful, and loving, but you taste so good I can’t describe it. And being here with you like this, is the most wonderful, exciting thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.” He said softly, as he slid back up next to Julie and then kissed her deeply.

She could taste her own juices as they kissed, and it just made her hotter. She hugged John tight against her naked body, and pushed her tongue as far as she could into his mouth.

Finally, he broke off their kiss, and started kissing his way back down. The slow journey included extended stops for kissing, licking, and sucking at her neck, titbuds, and pussy, with a lot of wet kisses everywhere in between. He continued down one leg to her foot, and then back up the other, finally ending up at her hot, wet, little-girl pussy again.

For over an hour John worked her over with his mouth. Several times, he brought her close to orgasm, then backed off. Then he made his final assault, taking her entire mound into his mouth and sucking hard, as he lashed her swollen clit with his tongue. Then he gently slid his finger in her little virgin hole a bit, and after a few seconds, and she began crying out, as the strongest orgasm of her young life crashed through her body.

John kissed her little pussy lightly as she began calming down. Then he crawled back up next to her, and held her, and nuzzled her neck, kissing it lightly.

“Oh daddy. That was the best!” She breathed. “I’m so glad you liked it baby, because I sure loved doing it to you.” He replied.

“I can tell.” She said, as she took hold of his stiff dick. “Looks like he needs some more lovin’.” She added, as she smiled, and slid down between John’s legs.
Without another word, she licked around the head and then slid it into her little mouth. “Oh God baby. That feels wonderful.” John moaned, as he felt her wonderful 11 year-old mouth.

She looked up at him, and slid up and off. “Tastes wonderful too daddy.” She said with a smile, and then went down on him again. This time, she kept going down, deeper and deeper into her mouth until over half was inside, and she gagged a little as the head hit the back of her throat.

“Easy honey. When the tip hits the back of your throat, try swallowing.” He coached. She eased her mouth down again, and this time when she started to gag, she swallowed, once, twice, and then the gagging sensation went away, and she had all but the last inch or so in her mouth.

John showed her how to hold his dick just below her lips and move it up and down with her mouth as she sucked. Julie learned fast, and soon had John close. “If you want me to cum, just keep doing that honey. But of you want to make it last a little while. Slide your mouth off, and go down and lick and suck my balls.” He said softly.
Julie did want it to last a while, like he had done her, and slowly came up, and then licked and kissed down the shaft to his ball sack. She licked each ball a couple of times, and then looked up at him, and took one into her mouth. She bathed it with her little tongue as she sucked gently. Then she switched to the other one and continued for several minutes.

“No one has ever done that as nice as you honey.” He praised her as he took his dick and rubbed it against her little face as she continued with his balls.

Julie continued for almost half an hour, sucking his dick, and then down to his balls, and back again. “I guess I should make you cum now, ‘cause my mouth’s gettin’ kinda’ tired.” She said. Sure honey, anything you say. Do you want to drink it again like before?” He replied. Julie smiled and nodded her head, and sank her mouth down onto his dick.

It didn’t take long and John felt his orgasm looming. He decide not to tell her it was cumming, and without warning, Julie felt John’s sperm blasting into her mouth for the second time. She moaned, as her mouth began to fill. She continued to jack him as he had told her, as his cum continued to gush out. She didn’t realize how much he cum he was unloading into her preteen mouth, and it began to leak out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. She felt that, and realized her mouth was overflowing, and she began to swallow. John was in heaven as he looked at Julie’s mouth with this cum oozing out, and he heard and felt her begin to gulp down his seed.

When he finally finished squirting, it took Julie two or three more swallows finish getting it all down. Then he showed her how to press her thumb against his urethra at the base, and pull up, milking every last drop of cum into her mouth.

“That’s cool. I thought it was all gone, but I got a little more when I milked it.” She said as she licked her lips. “You are truly magnificent sweetheart.” He said, as he licked his cum from her chin, and then kissed her deeply.

They kissed and cuddled for a little while, and both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, John woke first, and just layed there, basking in the wonder of his dream realized. He pulled back the covers, and studied the naked preteen body next to him. How he had dreamed of this, and now here she was. He lightly stroked his hands across her perfect skin. Across her tiny, perfect little breast buds, down to her hairless little pussy. Julie began to stir. And he stopped rubbing her and layed by her as she opened her eyes.

“Good morning sweetheart.” John said with a smile. “Good morning Daddy.” She replied with a smile.

She layed there, motionless, just looking around. John got worried she might be having second thoughts about what they did. He took a deep breath. “Honey, if you’re feeling bad about last night, about what I did, about what we did, well, I want you to know, I understand. I love you, and if you don’t want to do those things anymore, I promise, I won’t be mad, and I’ll still love you just as much as I always have.” He stammered.

“Oh no Daddy. I don’t feel bad about it at all. In fact, I feel good. I know you love me, and I love you too. That’s why it’s ok for us to do it.” She responded.

John hugged her, and kissed her neck, then sat up. “Fantastic honey. You know what I’d like to do?” He said. “I think I have a pretty good idea.” She said.

“No. Well, yes, that too. But later. First I’d like to take you out for breakfast to your favorite place.” He answered.
“Yippeee!” She squealed. “How ‘bout we take a shower together and then we’ll go?” He said. She smiled, and they headed into the bathroom. Once they were under the warm spray, he started to soap her chest, and they quickly both began to get turned on. He turned her around and held her against him as he reached down and began to fondle her pussy. “Reach up and play with your titties baby.” He whispered in her ear. She took one in each hand and began to rub and twist and pull at her stiff little points. Soon Julie was moaning, and John slipped his finger inside her little virgin hole to the first knuckle and started to pump it in and out. She humped her little pussy against his hand. Figuring she was close to cumming, he took his thumb and rubbed her clit, and that sent her over the edge. She squealed, and whimpered, as she pulled her puffy nipples and areolas hard. John was surprised she wasn’t hurting herself as far out as she was stretching them. She bucked against his hand several more times, and then went quiet. John bent down, and kissed her neck and cheek.

After a minute, she turned to John and kissed him, and thanked him. Then she backed up and sat on the seat in the corner of the shower. She reached out and took hold of his dick and pulled it to her. She began jacking it slowly, watching it carefully as she did. Then a little faster, as she leaned forward and took it into her mouth. “Oh God baby.” John moaned as she began to suck.

“Soon John was ready to explode, and he cried out. “Oh Julie honey. Daddy’s cumming.”

A moment before the first blast shot out, he felt her mouth leave his dick. He looked down, just as the first blast erupted and shot a long white rope of cum across her sweet face. She kept jacking, and two more blasts decorated her beautiful little face. She was giggling as she jacked the cumming dick which was painting her face with fresh sperm. John could barely stand as he finally stopped shooting, and he looked at the mind-blowing sight of the 11 year-old’s face splattered with his cum. She put his dick back into her mouth and sucked, as she milked up the last few drops as he had taught her.

Then she let the shrinking dick slip from her mouth and stood up. “Was it ok Daddy? I hadn’t got to see your cum squirt out yet, and I wanted to see what it looked like.” She said, as the cum ran down her face and dripped down onto her chest.
“Ok? No honey. It wasn’t ok. It was unbelievable!” He replied.

“Do you know what you just did baby?” He asked. She looked at him quizzically. “You just gave yourself a facial. That’s what it’s called when a woman lets a man cum on her face. With most couples, it’s a sign of complete love and trust, and honor. Most grown women won’t do it. And you did it without me even asking.” He explained.

She smiled, and hugged John. He grabbed the shampoo, and began to wash her hair. Then he soaped her from head to toe, and then she did him.

They laughed and talked as they finished their first shower together. “I hope we can shower together a lot Daddy.” She said as they were drying each other off. “Me too honey. But we’ll have to be careful that Amy doesn’t catch us, and find out what we’re doing.” He replied. “Oh yeah. I almost forgot.” She said with some disappointment.

“Well, we’ll figure it out.” He said, and they finished getting ready and headed out. In the car, as they drove to breakfast. John put his arm around Julie, and when they weren’t around any cars, he let his hand slip down and fondle her little titbud through her shirt. After a bit, he tried to reach inside the top, but the collar was too restrictive. “I just decided, I hate that shirt baby.” He laughed. Julie smiled back, and made a mental note to go through all her tops, and get rid of all the ones that had a tight collar.

They pulled into the parking lot, and went in and got a table in the corner, far away from the other patrons. “I thought we’d sit over here so we could talk about, you know…if you wanted to.” He said. Julie smiled back, and looked at the menu.
The waitress came, and they ordered. While they were waiting on their food, John could tell something was bothering Julie.
“Honey. Is something the matter?” He asked.

There was a long pause, then she spoke. “Daddy, I want to tell you about something, but you have to promise not to get mad ok?” She said. “Of course honey. You can tell me anything, and I promise, I won’t get mad.” He replied.

“Ok. Here goes… When I was at camp, I was in a cabin with three other girls. Two of ‘em were sisters, and they pretty much hung together all the time, and that left me and Donna to talk to each other and do activities together and stuff. You know, buddying for swimming, and canoeing and stuff like that. She’s 12, and really cool, and anyway, we got to be really good friends About a week, after we got there, the two sisters had to go home because of some family emergency, so that left just me and Donna in the cabin. Then, the next night while we were in the cabin about to go to bed, Donna asked me if
I knew anything about sex. I told her, just stuff I heard other girls saying in the bathroom at school, which wasn’t much.
So she asked me if I wanted her to teach me about it. I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to seem like a baby, so I said yes.
She must have known I was nervous ‘cause she said that we didn’t have to, but she thought I was old enough to. I was afraid if I didn’t, she’d think I was immature and wouldn’t like me, so I told her I wanted her to show me. She said the first thing we had to do was to get naked, so we both got up and stripped. Her body was really pretty, and I told her. She said I was too, and that she liked how I was just startin’ to get my titties. She said they were called buds at this stage, and asked me if they bothered me sometimes. I said yes, that they itched a lot, and sometimes they even hurt. She said she knew, because hers did too when they first started growing, plus she had seen me rubbing and pulling at ‘em a few times. Then she said she could make ‘em feel a lot better if I’d let her. I agreed, and she reached out with both hands and started rubbing ‘em.

It felt weird at first, but the more she did it, the better it felt. Then she asked if it felt good, and I said yes, and she said I would like this even better. And she bent down and put her mouth on one and started to suck. That felt weird too at first, but then it started to feel really good. She sucked and played with ‘em for a few minutes, and then asked if I wanted to try hers’. I said ok, and she stood there waiting for me to touch them. She smiled and said it was ok, and to just put my hands on ‘em and start feelin’ around, so I did. They felt really cool in my hands, and I… Are you sure you’re not mad Daddy?” She asked.

“Goodness no honey. I think it’s wonderful. She sounds really nice. Please continue baby. Were her titties big?”

“Well, not compared to older girls, but they’re bigger than mine. She said they were AA cup? They were about this big around and stuck out about this much, and her nipples were kind of puffed up if you know what I mean.” She explained, as she held her fingers out to John indicating the approximate dimensions of her new friend’s preteen breasts. “Yeah, they’re called puffies, and about half of all little girls nipples do that as they grow, then most flatten out as the girl reaches maturity.” John explained.

“Wow, you know so much about sex stuff. Well anyway, I was rubbin’ ‘em and squeezin’ ‘em and stuff, and she said I should take one in my mouth. I was kind of scared, and she put her hand on the back of my neck, and pulled me to her real slow.
She said to just give it a try, and so I did. It felt funny at first, havin’ it in my mouth, but then I could feel her nipple puff up even more in my mouth, and it was real warm. So I started to suck a little like she did to me, and she really liked that because she started kinda moaning a little. I sucked a little harder and she moaned more. After a little while, she said I could stop, and asked if I wanted to learn how to kiss. I wasn’t sure, kissin’ another girl and all. But she said she was sure I’d like it, so I agreed, and before I knew it, she was kissing me.

I could feel her trying to stick her tongue into my mouth, and so I opened my mouth a little and she stuck it in. I pulled back, and she said to trust her, and do what she did, and kissed me again. This time when her tongue came in, I put mine out and she started to move her tongue around against mine. It was strange, but nice too. I started to move my tongue too, and she kissed me even harder. She had her arms around me and then she took one hand and slid it between us onto my nipple. I was starting to get a funny feeling inside me. Now I know I was gettin’ turned on, but I didn’t know what it was then. But the more we kissed, the more I wanted to do it, and I put one of my hands on her tittie. We kissed and rubbed each other’s titties for a while, and then we stopped kissing. She was breathing kind of hard, and asked if I liked how I was feeling. I said yes, and she said if I would get into bed with her, she would show me something else that would make me feel even better.

We layed down, and she bent over me and started suckin’ my nipples again, then she kissed back up to my neck and then kissed me again, and while she was kissing me, she put her hand on my pussy. I jumped, and she said to relax, and trust her, and to spread my legs for her, so I did. She started kissing me again, and put her hand back on my pussy. Pretty soon, I felt her finger go in my crack, and she started rubbing around. She told me she could tell I was feeling good because I was getting wet. I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I could feel her finger sliding around my pussy and I could feel I was wet like she said. She explained about how a girl gets wet when she gets sexually excited. ‘Turned on’, she called it. I’m not sure how long it took, but after she rubbed me for a while, while she kissed me and sucked my titties, I started to cum. I didn’t know what was happening to me, and it was a little scary, but she said to just trust her, that I was supposed to feel like that, and that in a minute, I would feel like I was floating. She was right, I came, and it was the best feeling. She stopped rubbing me and sucking my titties, and just held me. It felt so nice.

We talked for a few minutes, and she asked if I wanted to help her feel good too. I said sure, and she layed back, and told me what to do, where to rub, and how. She really liked it when I sucked her tittie real hard, and rubbed my finger real fast on her clit, because she came so hard, she was bucking up off the bed and almost crying. When she finished cumming, she thanked me, and said I was her best friend in the whole world.”

“That’s beautiful baby. It sounds like you really liked it. Did you do it again?” He said.

“Oh yeah! A lot more. A few nights later, she taught me oral sex, and we did that every night until it was time to come home. Oh daddy, she really is my best friend. I hope I can see her again.” She added. “I’m sure we can work it out honey. Where does she live?” He asked.

“She lives with her dad in Sharpstown.” She replied.

“Well, that’s only about an hour away. If her dad doesn’t mind, she can come for a visit one weekend. But I think it would be best if she came here. That way, the two of you can be together if you know what I mean, and it’ll be ok, because I know about it, and of course you know I don’t mind.” He said. “Oh Daddy, thank you! But I’m sure her dad probably knows about us. See, Donna and her dad are lovers.” She announced. “They are? Are you sure honey?” He asked with a shocked look on his face.

“I’m sure Daddy. She told me all about it. She said he started playin’ around with her when she was 7, and then he taught her oral when she turned 8. Then he took her virginity when she turned 9. Her mom left them when she was 6, and they are very happy. They sleep together, and live like they’re married. She says when she turns 16, they’re going to move to South America, and get married and live there.” She explained.

“That’s wonderful baby. I’ll bet they’ll be together forever.” He replied.

They finished their meal, and then got in the car to go home. But he drove to the mall. “Why are we going to the mall?”
She asked. “Because young lady, we need to get you something for these.” He said with a laugh as he lightly pinched her little titbuds. “Oh.” She replied, and they went inside. He searched until he found a large store, where there was no one working in the ladies department. They went to the rack and he selected 6 different training bras of different sizes and brands. Then, when no one was looking, he ducked into the fitting room and Julie followed.

She quickly peeled her top off over her head, and before it hit the floor, John’s mouth was on one of her little buds.
“Daddy! You can’t do that here!” She whispered. He switched to the other one and sucked a little bit and then stood up.
“Sorry baby. Couldn’t help myself. They’re irresistible.” He replied. She smiled and took the first training bra off its hanger and wrapped it around her. It was too small. And she tried the next one. The third one was just right, and he helped her adjust the straps, and center the cups over her little buds. “You are so beautiful honey. Seeing you in a training bra is such a turn on.” He whispered as he ran his fingers over the bumps in the soft, thin material. She took that one off and he placed it aside to keep and she tried another one. It was too big and then she tried the next. It was white, with light blue lace, and had the clasp in the front. She pulled it into position and presented herself to John. He drank in the sight and began to fondle her bumps again as he noticed the name printed along the edge if the cups. ‘My First Bra’ it said. “I like this one Daddy, and I think you do too, as she noticed the bulge in his pants and reached out and squeezed it. “Try that last one baby, and let’s get out of here. I want to get you home and have some more fun,” He whispered. “If you want to.” He added. “I want to Daddy.” She smiled as she squeezed his dick again. The last one didn’t fit, and they took the two that did and went to the rack and got another one of each and headed for the checkout. When they got home, John began to strip as soon as they were in the door, and he picked Julie up and carried her to his bed and tossed her in. She screamed with laughter as she flew through the air and bounced. John finished undressing and fell onto the bed and began pawing at his 11 year-old lover.

He almost ripped her top getting it off and his mouth went straight down and locked onto her right breast bud. She helped him get her pants off and she quickly spread her legs wide as his hand went to her hairless little pussy, and began to rub. “I love you so much baby.” He said as he kissed her and went down to eat her out.
Julie was as very turned on by then, and soon after John’s mouth started working on her she exploded. As he licked and sucked her, she cried and twisted as she bucked her little pussy up into his sucking mouth. When she finished, she fell limp for several minutes.

Then she rolled over and kissed John deeply, tasting her pussy in his mouth, then she went down between his legs and began licking his stiff dick. “I want you to cum in my mouth Daddy.” She said, and then sank her mouth down on him. It didn’t take long before John felt his orgasm approaching. “Here you go baby. Daddy’s cuuuuuummmmming!” He roared. Julie flinched as he erupted in her mouth. The first blast was the strongest she had felt so far, and soon her little mouth was flooded with sperm. She started swallowing as it continued to splash out against her tongue. Finally it stopped squirting, and she sucked hard, and milked him several times until she was sure she had gotten every precious drop.
John almost passed out, but managed to heap lots of praise on his cocksucking 11 year-old stepdaughter. “I like making you feel good Daddy. Oh yeah, I’ll have to tell Donna she was right.” She said. “Right about what baby?” He asked.

“She said she loved the taste of her Daddy’s sperm. But when she first told me how she sucked him and then drank his sperm, I thought it sounded totally gross. But she said she thought it was too when he first started teaching her how to suck him. It wasn’t until the third time she sucked him that she worked up the nerve to let him cum in her mouth, and she found out she liked it and she said I’d probably like yours too. And I can’t believe it. I really do like it. It tastes really good!” She answered.

“You continue to amaze me sweetheart. It took her ‘till the third time sucking her dad before she tried his cum, and you took mine on your very first go.” He replied. “Yeah, of course, she was only 8 so maybe she was more scared to try it. And
I just decided I wanted to go on and find out what it was like.” She replied.

“You’ve made me so happy Julie. I want you to know that. Why don’t you relax, and I’ll go get us something to drink. What would you like?” He added.

“A Coke.” She replied with a smile as she stretched her perfect naked preteen body across the bed, watching him look her over intently as she did. “Perfect.” He said as he smiled, and shook his head, then slipped on his robe and walked to the kitchen.

When he returned, she took the Coke and thanked him and took a big drink, then stared across the room at nothing and sighed.

“Daaaaady…” She started. “Yes honey.”

“Ahhhhh… there is one more thing I need to tell you about. You’ve been so understanding about everything so far, I hope you’ll be ok with this too.” She continued.

“Honey. You know how much I love you, and on top of that we’re lovers now too. We’ll each carry that secret in our hearts forever. So you see honey, there isn’t anything you can’t tell me, and I promise I won’t get mad.” He replied.

“Ok… It’s about me and Amy… See when I got home from camp… Well… We sort of started doin’ stuff. You know, like me and Donna did at camp.” She labored to say, and finally finished. “I didn’t mean for it to happen, honest! It just kinda’…”

“Shhhhh, it’s ok honey. I know all about it.” He said with a reassuring smile. Her eyes got big, and she started to ask how he knew.

“Now it’s time for me to tell you something. And I hope you won’t get mad at me.” He said. “Oh daddy, never!” She responded.

“Ok, you know how I said before that I had hoped and dreamed of just getting to see your beautiful body, and watch it as it developed? Well, while you and Amy were both away at your camps, I installed some hidden cameras in your room. Now I promise honey, I only installed them so I could see you naked and watch your titties develop. I wasn’t trying to spy on you and your sister, or catch you doing anything. I just wanted to see you. I hope you can understand that. I was watching on the system, the day you and Amy first made love. It was so beautiful, I just couldn’t turn it off. Like I said, I wasn’t trying to spy on you, I just…”

“Shhhhhh, it’s ok Daddy.” She said, just as he had done to her. “I understand. I love that you wanted to see my body bad enough to go to all that trouble. In fact, it turns me on to think about it. I know you weren’t spying on us.” She replied.

John heaved a huge sigh of relief, and then threw his arms around her and hugged her. She hugged him back, and after a minute or so she spoke. “So you saw the whole thing?” She asked. “Um hum.” He replied. “Did you like it?” She asked. “Yes honey. I thought it was very beautiful.” He answered. “And the cameras… Can you record what they see?” She asked. “Yeah.
They go straight to a Hi Def recording system. And everything you and Amy did is saved on disk, but I’ll get rid of it if you want me to.” He explained.

“No. I don’t want you to do that. I was wondering if I could see it.” She revealed. “Are you kidding? Of course you can honey. I just didn’t think you’d want to.” He replied. “Come on, I’ll show you.” He finished, as he got off the bed, and she followed. “Oh wait. Let’s go to your room first, and get you a robe.” He said. They went down the hall, and when they got to her room, she grabbed her long, pink flannel robe and started to put it on. “Wait honey. Would you do me a favor?
Would you mind putting on one of your new training bras first?” He asked. She smiled, and took one from the store bag and slipped it on. John reached out and slowly positioned the flat cup areas over each titbud, and then stepped back. “My God that’s sexy!” He said. She smiled and reached down and gripped his swelling dick. “Gosh Daddy. You really love little girls titties a lot more than grown ones huh? What are you going to do when mine grow up?” She asked. “I’ll miss ‘em the way they are now honey. I’ll still love you with all my heart, but I will miss ‘em.” He answered. She smiled and hugged him, and then put on her robe.

They went into his study, and he locked the door, and typed a code into the computer. Julie heard some latches click and the bookcase slid open, revealing the secret video suite. There were 4, 21 inch monitors across in a row above the editing console, and above that was a 60 inch HD monitor. He entered another code, and the system came to life. A message came up on the screen, ‘link to off-site storage established, system ready’.
Julie settled in between John’s legs with him in his big swivel chair, and watched as he moved the mouse, and clicked on an icon that said Julie’s Room. Several sub-folders came up, and he clicked on one titled, Julie and Amy. Then he clicked on the first file and the big screen came to life. Julie recognized her room, and the camera was looking from her dresser to her bed, where she and Amy were seated, talking about camp, and then Amy asked her about her buds. As the scene progressed, Julie could feel herself getting turned on by watching herself seduce her little sister all over again. John sensed it, and slowly slid his hand inside her robe, and began to fondle her little titbuds through her training bra. She pressed her body back against him, and he brought his other hand up between her legs and found her wet little pussy.

“When I watched you two do this, I was so turned on I came so hard, I thought my balls were going to explode.” He said softly into her ear, as he fondled her, and she continued watching. She was eating Amy’s pussy now, and she could feel
John’s dick hard against her back. “Did she taste good honey?” John whispered. “Mmm hummm.” She mumbled, as she nodded.
“I’ll bet she did. I’ve always heard how perfectly sweet and pure the juice from a little girl that young is. I’ll bet it was delicious.” He continued.

“Oh Daddy. I see what you mean. I’m so hot. It’s almost like I’m there with her again.” She whimpered, as she continued to massage her buds, and crack. When the scene changed to her teaching Amy to eat her, Julie started moaning softly. John slid his hand up and inside the training bra, and began to knead the tiny bump, as he circled his finger around her clit several times. “Ohhhh Daddddddeeee.” She cried. John knew she was very close, so he pinched and pulled more on her little bud, and slid his finger down, and into her hole. Julie’s body went rigid for a moment, then began to twist as she came hard. Julie was cumming in little Amy’s mouth on the screen, as John pumped his finger in and out as she came around it.

When her orgasm ended, she went limp in his lap, panting. “Oh God Daddy. That was so good! I can’t believe it.” She said.
“I’m glad you liked it honey. I was hoping you would feel the same way as me about it.” He replied.

As her strength returned, she sat up and took drink of her Coke. “Do you have other videos? You know, sex videos?” She asked. “Sure honey. What would you like to see?” He asked. “I don’t know. A girl sucking a guy I think. Do you have, you know Kiddie Porn?” She asked. “Just see how you like this one. It’s one of my favorites.” He said, as he clicked the mouse on a file called “Vicki1” and the screen came to life again.

“Her name is Vicki, and she’s about 9 or 10 years-old here.” He said as the little dark haired girl layed between a man’s legs, and began to suck him. There was what sounded like Jamaican music playing in the background. Julie watched the little girl, who obviously knew what she was doing, and was enjoying it too. The man she was sucking began to ask her about how she liked doing it, and what she thought of the taste.

“Salty milk? I would say warm ice cream with a little salt in it. But she’s right it sure doesn’t taste bad. I think it tastes good.” Julie said, referring to Vicki’s description of the taste of cum.

She continued watching as Vicki moved around next to the man and told him with a bit of a giggle that she wanted him to cum in her mouth, then held her mouth open while he shot a big load of cum into her mouth and all over her lips and chin.

“That was cool Daddy. I want to do you just like that.” She said. “Sounds wonderful honey.” He replied. “But first, do you have one of a little girl getting fucked?” She asked. He clicked a file called “Robyn’s Deflowering” and up came a scene of a naked little blonde girl about 9 or 10 years-old laying down on a bed. “You want to lube us up honey, and so Daddy can take your virginity?” The man asked. The little girl smiled and took a tube of something and flipped the cap open and squeezed out the clear gel into her hand. Then she spread her legs wide, and smeared the stuff all around her pussy lips and hole. “That’s lubricant honey. See, a little girls’ pussy is so tight, that the lube helps the man’s dick slide in easier, otherwise it would be very painful to both of them.” He explained, as the little girl squeezed more out onto her fingers and held the man’s dick at the base with one hand, and applied the lube to the head and shaft with the other.

“All ready Daddy.” The little girl said, as she layed back and raised up the man and slid a pillow under her butt, and she spread her legs very wide. “Great baby, First let’s get a shot of your Hymen.” He said as he took the camera and brought it down close to her spread open little pussy. He shined a light straight into her tiny hole, and you could just make out the Hymen inside. He put the camera back on the mount and adjusted it, and then knelt down between her legs, and the little girl took hold of his stiff dick and guided the head to her tiny hole. The man kissed her, and then raised up and pushed forward. Julie watched intently as the little girl’s pussy stretched incredibly to admit the big shiny purple head.
“Wow. The head is almost as big as her whole pussy. Is it going to fit?” Julie asked. “It’ll fit honey. It won’t be easy, but it’ll fit.” He replied. The little girl grunted as he shoved forward, and his dick bent slightly under the strain, and then the head disappeared inside. “Ouch.” The little girl squeaked. She was breathing fast, and it was obvious she was in some pain, but she didn’t try to stop her daddy. Instead, she held her legs open wide for him and even smiled a little.

“Now that was the first step baby… getting the head in. Next, he has to push in and bust through that thin little piece of skin inside called the Hymen.” They watched as the man asked the little girl if she was ready. She nodded, and closed her eyes, and he shoved forward. The little girl screamed, as the man’s dick slid in another couple of inches. He stopped there, and reached down and stroked her little tear-streaked face, until she began to calm down. He told her it was almost over, and shoved forward again until all but about the last two inches of his dick were inside. She was sobbing steadily now, as he withdrew to the base of his head and then shoved back in. He tried to push all of it in, but she screamed when he tried to press the last couple of inches in. He knew he had hit her immature cervix, and so he stopped and then withdrew again. Then he slowly began to fuck his dick in and out of the severely stretched little vagina. After only about a dozen strokes he stiffened, and held still with his dick still as deep as he could go, and began to grunt.

“He’s cumming inside her now honey. It’s all over. Now she’ll be able to enjoy her daddy fucking her.” He said. “So it only hurts the first time, and then it doesn’t hurt anymore?” She asked. “Well, it’ll hurt a little bit at first the next couple of times. But each time it gets better as the pussy stretches to fit the dick.” He explained. Finally the man withdrew his softening dick and grabbed the camera and brought it back close to her pussy, which was now gaping open, and very red and irritated. He shined the light inside again, and it was very clear to see that her Hymen was gone. Then his cum began to ooze out. “Why is his cum pink Daddy?” Julie asked. “Because honey, when he tore through her Hymen, she bled a little bit and the blood got mixed with his cum and turned it pink.” He explained. The screen went blank and Julie slid out of the chair and onto her knees between John’s legs and pushed his robe open and took hold of is now very stiff dick and began to stroke it as she looked up at him.

“Wow. That was awesome. I wondered what it was like. A man fucking a little girl, I mean. It looked like it really hurt bad though.” She remarked. “Yes, it hurt honey. But there’s no way around that. It actually hurts all girls the first time. No matter how old they are, their pussies have to stretch the first time a dick goes inside. It’s just that it hurts girls that young a little more, because their pussies are so small they have to stretch more than an older girls’ does.

“So that little girl, Robyn, she must have been about the same age as Donna when her daddy and her first did it. Donna said it hurt. But she said she was glad they went ahead and did it, because she loves the feeling of her daddy inside her.” She said. “That’s probably what most girls would say. It’s a wonderful feeling for both the girl and the guy. There’s really nothing quite like it.” He replied.

“Well since I’m two years older than them, do you think it would hurt as much if you did me?” She asked. John almost fell out of the chair as he heard Julie ask him how much it would hurt for him to fuck her. “No, probably not quite as much. But there’s no way to be sure honey. You’re kind of small for your age so I really don’t know. But if you wanted to. I mean REALLY wanted to. I promise I’d be as gentle as I could.” He answered.

“I know you would, and I want you to do it Daddy.” She announced. “Honey, there’s nothing I’d love better. But that is a really big decision. You need to take some time and think about it ok?” He responded.

“Ok. Can we go in my bed and play, while I think about it?” She asked, with a sexy smile. “Why your bed honey?” He asked, hoping he knew the answer. He was hoping she wanted their sex to be captured on video. “Well… I wanted to suck you and do like that girl Vicki. And if we do it in my bed…you could record it.” She explained. “So we could watch it again later honey?” He asked with a knowing smile. She nodded her head and smiled as she licked the head of his dick and then kissed it. “Well…ok. You talked me into it.” He laughed. “That music they had playing was pretty lame Daddy, could we put on some Hanna Montana for ours’?” She asked. “Sure honey. But we don’t need to do it now. We can dub it in later.” He explained.
“Cool.” She said, and he set the recorders and they were in her bed in a flash with her in the same position as Vicki in the video.

Then she thought for a moment, recalling what Vicki had done and said, and they began. When he asked her like the man in the video, what she thought about the taste of cum, she said very honestly that she liked the taste a lot. “You’d think it would be gross, but it’s not at all. It’s really good. I mean, I thought it was a little weird the first time, but I was only 8 then. And after I did it a couple more times, I decided I liked it.” She said, laughing a little to herself about the little lie she had thrown in to make it sound like he had been having sex with her since she was much younger, like her friend Donna. She continued to lick and suck him for several minutes, twice stopping and milking a large glob of pre-cum to the tip and slowly licking it off and making a comment about how good it tasted. Then, just like Vicki, she climbed to his side, and got into the same position, and told John she wanted him to cum in her mouth. She rubbed his balls as he jacked his dick, and he soon erupted into her open mouth and all over her lips and outstretched tongue. Then she took hold of his dick and smeared the cum around on her lips and chin, and began to lick it all up and swallow it all.

After she’d licked and swallowed every drop, and John’s dick began to soften. She smiled, kissed the head, and laid her head down on his crotch, pressing her face against his dick. “My God honey. That was truly incredible. You’re the best.” John panted.

“Thanks Daddy.” She replied as she gave the head another kiss and then moved up and hugged him.

After several minutes, John got up and went into their bathroom to pee. When he finished, Julie was standing at the doorway watching him. “That was cool. Can I hold it while you pee next time?” She asked. “Sure honey, if you want to.” He answered.

“How long do I have to think about it?” She asked. “What… Oh. Yeah. Well That’s really up to you honey. I just really wanted you to think about it for a while. It’s a really big decision you know. So I just want you to be really sure.” He answered.

“Well, I’m sure Daddy. I want you to fuck me. I want to be able to feel you inside me.” She said.

“Then that’s what we’ll do honey. Tell you what. How ‘bout we go have some lunch and go shopping, and then we’ll come back home, and get dressed up some, and I’ll take you out for a movie, and a nice dinner, just like a real date that grown-ups go on. And then I’ll bring you home, and take your virginity?” He explained.

“Oh goody! Can we go to the mall?”

“Sure honey. This is a very special night, and I’m going to buy you a nice new dress for tonight.” He answered. They went and checked the recording and then got dressed and headed for the mall. On the way, Julie sat next to John, and he put his arm around her with his hand on her shoulder and upper arm. When there weren’t any cars around them, he slid his hand to her neck, and then down. He was pleased that she had worn a shirt that had a very loose collar, and on top of that, she had purposely left the top two buttons undone. She looked up at him with a smile as his fingers found her little titbud and began to fondle it. “This shirt works a lot better hunh Daddy?” She said. It sure does for me honey. Does that feel good? You like Daddy rubbin’ ‘em huh.” He said. She mumbled yes, and nodded her head and then laid her head back against his arm and closed her eyes.

“Here we are honey. Better button that next button. He said as he removed his hand and pulled into the lot. As they walked through the mall, it being a Saturday, there were lots of kids. “Daddy, how many of these kids do you think are having sex like us?” She asked quietly. “Oh, it’s hard to say honey. The best data says that about ten percent of the population are child lovers, so I would say about one out of every ten kids maybe.” He answered.

“That’s cool. I wonder if they are.” She said, as she looked at a little girl about 9 or 10 walking hand in hand with a man. “Maybe, but remember, the other 9 out of ten of these people would want to see me in prison for what you and I are doing.” He reminded her. “I know Daddy. But you know I won’t ever tell.” She said with a serious look at him and then a smile.

They went to the food court and got lunch, then they started going to some stores that had nice dresses. After trying on a dozen or more, Julie found the one she wanted. They paid for it and headed out. “I want to make one more stop honey. How would you like to have your hair done?” He asked. She excitedly agreed and he dropped her off at the salon. Then he went to the store where he’d bought the cameras and things for the girl’s room. He returned almost an hour later and she was just getting finished.

“How you like it.” She chirped. “Dazzling honey!” He remarked. Her long blonde hair was layered and feathered. She was truly breathtaking. He couldn’t believe she wanted him to take her virginity, and he was actually going to do get to do it tonight.

When they got home, he told her to pick what movie she wanted to see. She did, and he looked at the time, and told her she needed to start getting ready soon. She headed for her room. “Sweetheart, please wear that ‘My First Bra’ for me.” He said. “Sure Daddy.” She answered and headed down the hall.

John went and got ready, and then waited in the kitchen. A few minutes later she came out. “My God Julie! You look absolutely breathtaking.” He said, as he drank in the sight of her perfect little body in the beautiful dress, with her hair flowing gracefully over her shoulders. They headed out, to the movies, and it was all he could do to keep his hands off her during the Disney picture. Julie and he both laughed, and had a great time anyway, and when the movie was over and they got in the car, he looked around to see if anybody was watching, and pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. “I love you so much honey.” He said as he broke the kiss. “I love you too Daddy.” She answered back as she slid her little hand to his crotch and squeezed.

They pulled up to the restaurant, and used the valet parking. Julie was feeling very special as the man opened her door and helped her out. Then they went inside, and were soon seated. “This is so nice Daddy.” She said softly. The waiter came, and they ordered, and they talked about the movie as Julie looked around wide-eyed at the luxurious surroundings.
There were about twenty other tables she guessed, and at almost every one, there was a man and a woman, seemingly on a date. The food soon arrived, and they started eating. “This is so good. It’s the best Spaghetti I’ve ever had. Thank you for this Daddy… all of this.” She said. “Anything for you honey. I wanted you to really enjoy yourself. You deserve it.”
He replied.

They finished and left and were on the way home in the car. John had slipped his hand under her dress and was fingering her little pussy, sliding his finger up and down her wet slit. “Oh damm!” He said. “What Daddy. What’s wrong?” She asked, startled. “I forgot to get Lube.” He said. “Can’t we go buy some?” She replied. “Sure. I just didn’t want to interrupt our evening. I meant to get it earlier.” He said.

They pulled into the pharmacy, and got out and went in. They found the section where it was and Julie began looking at the different brands. “This is the one.” He said. Julie looked at the box. ‘Odorless, and tasteless.’ It said. Julie looked at
John and smiled. Then they went to the counter to pay. The man behind the counter looked at the box of Lubricant, then at
Julie, then at John, then back down at Julie. “Will that be all then?” He asked as he began to turn red. “Yep. This is all we need.” Julie said with a grin. The man’s eyes burned at the two of them as they paid,  and walked out.

They got back into the car and both broke out laughing. “I thought that guy was going to shit himself.” John said laughing. “I know. He looked like he was about to freak out.” She giggled. They drove home and pulled into the garage.
“Well, here we are. Home sweet home.” He said. Julie smiled and they got out and went into the house. Once in the kitchen,
John turned and bent down and wrapped his arms around Julie and kissed her long and deep.

“If you don’t want to do it honey. Please just say so, and we won’t. We can still have plenty of fun doing other stuff, without doing that.” He said, as he looked into her eyes. “Oh Daddy. That’s so sweet. But I do still want to. In fact, I want to more than ever!” She said. He nodded his head, and reached in the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine and poured a large glass and handed it to her. “Drink this honey. It’ll help you relax and make it a little easier for me to get inside you without it hurting too much.” He explained. She turned up the glass and drank about half.

“I have to tell you something honey. I’ve never been with a little girl before you. I’ve always wanted to, but I never have. And there’s something else. See…I’ve never taken a girl’s virginity. I’ve read a lot about it. And I’ve watched a lot of videos like the one we watched before…” Julie stopped him by putting her fingers to his lips. “So you’ll be my first, and I’ll be your first. What could be better?” She said. “You’re right honey, but I just want to do it right and not hurt you.” He explained. “You love me Daddy, and I love you. That’s all we need.” She added.

Then she smiled at him and he smiled back at her, and took her hand and led her towards his bedroom. “Wait Daddy. Can we do it in my bed?” She asked. “Sure honey. Anything you want. How come?” He asked. “Well…I mmm…I… I wanted to record it.” She said, blushing a little bit. “I totally understand honey. Let’s go to my room though and get a couple of things.” He a said. They went down the hall to his room, and got a large pillow, and a white towel.

When they reached her room, she finished the glass of wine, and John just stood there, looking at her. “You are so beautiful honey. I don’t just mean that in a sexual way, I mean you are a beautiful person. I just want you to know that.”
He said softly. “Thank you Daddy.” She answered.

He moved to her, and kissed her deeply for a minute. Then he began to slowly undress her. When he got her dress off, he began to kiss her neck and shoulder, then work his way down to her little girl training bra. He kissed the tiny bumps that stuck out the centers of the flat little fabric cups, and then he slowly slid the thin little straps off her shoulders and one by one, peeled the cups downward. Julie smiled and moaned softly as her titbuds were exposed and he lowered his head down and took first one and then the other into his mouth and sucked them.

He stood up and she took his shirt off. Then she reached for his belt, but he stopped her, and picked her up and laid her on the bed, and reached down and started to take her panties off. She lifted up her butt to help him, and then she was completely naked. John laid down next to her and began kissing her again. Then he worked his way down and finally was between her legs eating her perfect little hairless, virgin pussy. In no time at all, she was moaning and twisting as she became very aroused.

Then John stopped, and looked up at her. “Are you ready honey? Do you want Daddy to take your virginity now?” He asked.
“Yes Daddy. I’m ready.” She answered, breathlessly. She watched as John got up, and stood at the foot of the bed.

“Lift up your butt honey. We need to put this pillow under you so your pussy will be at the right angle for my dick to go in.” He said, as she lifted up and he slid the pillow in place. “Now one more thing, we need to put this towel under us, because you will bleed a little when I bust your cherry.” He explained, and she lifted up again and he pulled the towel in place.

He then reached over and picked up the tube of lube and handed it to her. She smiled, as she opened it and spread her legs wide, and squeezed out a large glob onto her fingers and applied it to her little pussy, just like the little girl in the video. As she was lubing herself, John finished undressing, and she then squeezed out more lube and took hold of his dick and held it as she coated the head and upper shaft.

“All ready Daddy.” She said, as she wiped her hand on the towel and laid back. John leaned forward onto the bed between Julie’s legs. His dick was throbbing, anticipating something it had wanted for, for a very long time. It was already sticking straight toward it’s goal, as John moved forward into position. He brought the tip to her spread crack, and rubbed it up and down a little. “Here we go honey. First, I’ll just try to get the head in. You’ll feel some pressure, and then it might hurt some.” He announced. She smiled and nodded, and John began to press forward. He looked down and watched as her tiny pussy lips stretched and finally began to slide around the large purple head. He looked at Julie’s face as he continued pressing in, and she was still smiling at him.

Then, he felt his head slip forward slightly as the 11 year old virgin pussy finally surrendered to the invader. Julie whimpered and flinched from the pain. “Are you ok honey?” He asked. “Ok Daddy!” She whined. “You’re doing great sweetheart. The head’s in now, and I’m just going to stop here for a minute, while you get used to it.” He said, as he reached up and stroked and caressed her face. After a minute or so, Julie seemed to relax some, and John decided it was time to move on.

“Are you ready to go ahead honey?” He asked.

“I think so Daddy. Is it going to hurt bad?” She asked.

“I hope not honey. I think the best thing will be for me to just push in real quick and break through your hymen. Kind of like jerking off a band-aid. It’s always better to just get it over with in one quick go, rather than going slow and having it hurt longer. What do you think?”

“Yeah. Quick.” She replied nervously.

“That’s my brave girl! Here we go then.” He said, as she took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. John steadied himself, and then rammed his dick forward. “Oooooowwweeee!” Julie screamed as she felt a tearing pain inside her pussy. John held perfectly still. He could feel Julie’s pussy spasming around his dick. He looked down between them and saw that his dick was a little over half way inside her. Then, he looked back up at Julie. “I’m so sorry that hurt you honey. I’ll stop and pull it out if you want me to.” He said.

“No. It’s ok Daddy. The worst is over right?” She cried, through tear-filled eyes.

“Yes baby. The worst part is over. I still have to get all the way in though. That will probably hurt a little as your vagina stretches to fit my dick.” He explained.

“Well. It can’t hurt as bad as that did huh?”

“No. It shouldn’t. And I’ll go real easy. You can stop me if it starts to hurt too much.” He said, as he wiped the tears off her face.

“Go ahead then.” She said, and readied herself.
John applied forward pressure slowly, and felt his dick begin to creep forward. He couldn’t believe how tight her little pussy actually was. In the past, he had tried to imagine how tight a little girl’s pussy would feel on his dick, by squeezing his hand tightly around it as hard as he could. But that didn’t come close. It was almost painful, but incredibly erotic.

He could tell by Julie’s facial expressions, that she was still in pain, but he continued the slow, steady pressure.

Finally, he felt the tip of his dick start to press against something. Julie cried out, and he stopped. “Ok honey. That’s your cervix. We can’t go any deeper. But it’s almost all inside anyway.” He said, as he looked between them and saw that only about the last inch was visible.

“Such a brave girl! I’m so proud of you honey.” He said.

She managed a forced smile, but could really only think of the burning inside her hurting little pussy.

“Now honey. When you’re ready, I just need to fuck in and out of you a few times, and I’ll cum. So you let me know when you’re ready, and I promise I’ll go real easy.” He explained, as he leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

“I’m ready Daddy. Go ahead.” She said softly.

John slowly withdrew his dick until only the head was inside, and then carefully pushed it back in. He watched Julie’s face, and could tell she was in some pain, but she never showed it outwardly. He stopped as soon as he felt her cervix, and then continued out and back in.

It only took five strokes in the incredibly tight preteen pussy, to trigger John’s orgasm. As he felt it approaching, he fought the primal urge to ram his dick forward and bury it as deep as possible to plant his seed. Instead, he slid in carefully, as far as it was safe and held there. Julie saw him stiffen and from the look on his face, and the deep guttural sound he made, she knew he was cumming.

“I feel it Daddy! I feel your cum squirting in me!” She exclaimed.

John smiled down at her, as he pumped her 11 year old pussy full of his sperm for the very first time.

“I love you so much Julie.” He said as he finished pumping his seed.

“I love you too Daddy.”

He held still for a few more seconds, then laid his head down next to hers’ and rested, breathing hard against her neck and shoulder. Soon, his dick began to soften, and the tight little-girl pussy began to force it out. When it finally popped out, he laid down beside her, and hugged her to him. He began kissing her and she squeezed him tight as she kissed him back.

“Are you ok honey? Does it still hurt?” He asked. “I’m all right Daddy. It only hurts a little bit.”

They laid there for a while, kissing, and petting softly.

“Why don’t you let Daddy take you into the shower and we’ll have a nice hot shower together?” He said. Julie smiled and nodded and he got up, and picked her up and carried her into the shower. John soaped and rubbed her body and when he came to her pussy, he very gently spread the lips and directed the soft spray against the bruised area. He soaped the area and gently rubbed his fingers around.

“Does that feel good honey? I’m not hurting you am I?” He asked.

“No Daddy. It feels good.” She replied. He continued to rub gently, and then rinsed it.

The warm water relaxed her, and she soon became very tired and sleepy. He finished, and led her out, and dried her off, and then himself.

“You’ve had a very big day sweetheart. I think it’s time for bed.” He said.

“Yeah. Can we sleep together?” She asked, sounding drained.

“There’s nothing I’d love better.” He answered, and took her hand and headed for his bedroom.

They climbed in and she snuggled her naked body up to his. He kissed her, and she was asleep in less than a minute.

The next morning, Julie awoke to her little-girl titties being sucked. She opened her eyes, and saw John nursing, and she rubbed his head. “MMMmmmmm. That’s a nice way to wake up.” She purred. “It sure is.” John stopped just long enough to say, then continued for about fifteen minutes. Julie was getting pretty turned on, and was starting to twist and arch her hips.

I want to rub and suck you, and make you cum honey. But I need to check your pussy real close first, to see if everything’s alright.” He said. She spread her legs, and he crawled between them, and pulled the lips wide open. Her little hole looked very different than it had before. He could now see up inside her, and it was clear to see that her hymen was gone. The inner lips were slightly bruised looking, but otherwise her little pussy looked fine.

“It looks fine honey. I’ll start now, but if you start to hurt, just let me know… ok?

“Ok Daddy.” She answered, as she laid her head back, and closed her eyes, waiting to feel John’s mouth on her. Moments later, she felt the warmth of his mouth as it closed over her entire mound, and he began to slide his tongue up and down her little crack. She moaned, as he began to suck, and he was rewarded with a surge of sweet little-girl pussy juice. John was careful not to stick his tongue into her wounded little hole as he was sure it would be very sore. So he slowly moved up and centered his mouth over her clit, and began to lash it with his tongue as he sucked. He continued for several minutes, and before long, Julie started to cum.

“OOOOOoooooooooohhhh Daddddddddeeeeee!” She cried, as a very powerful orgasm rippled through her. She bucked her hips, driving her pussy up against John’s sucking mouth.
John was surprised how long her orgasm continued. When it did end, she went limp, and almost passed out. He kissed her pussy a few times, and then worked his way up her body and kissed her. She was very out of it, and could barely push her tongue out to meet his. He held her for a while, until she recovered.

“That was so wonderful Daddy. Thank you.” She breathed.

“You’re very welcome. And believe me, it was my pleasure.” He replied with a big smile.

“This is so nice. I wish I could sleep with you all the time.”

“Me too sweetheart. But as we talked about before. We’re going to have to be careful that Amy doesn’t find out what we’re doing.” He replied.

Julie reached down and found John’s dick which was fully hard, and she fondled him for a couple of minutes. Then she looked at him and kissed him, and then started kissing her way down his chest. She stopped to suck his nipples some, and then continued down. John spread his legs and she crawled between them. She smiled at him, as she kissed the head, and licked the large drop of juice off the tip. Then she opened her mouth and engulfed him.

John groaned, as he felt her sweet mouth close around his dick. She began to suck and slide her mouth up and down. Then she came off and licked her way down the side to his ball-sack and began to kiss it. Then she licked it, having to stop once to get a hair out of her mouth, then she lifted one up with her fingers and took it into her mouth and started to suck. John was in heaven as he watched his 11 year old lover happily servicing him.

After several minutes, she returned to the head, and after licking it several times, she pointed it towards her lips and lowered her head. John groaned again, as he felt his dick slowly slide once again into her soft preteen mouth. Then she grasped his dick and began to jack it slow and steady as she sucked and bobbed her head up and down. In less than a minute, John felt his orgasm approaching.

“Oh yes! Here you go honey. AAAAhhhhhh!” He cried, as he erupted in her mouth. Julie jacked harder, and sucked hard as John’s sperm began to gush into her mouth. After the strongest blasts were done, she began to swallow his tasty seed. She didn’t stop until she had milked his dick several times, and was sure she had gotten every drop.

She came back up and they kissed and then they got up and got cleaned up and John drove them back to her favorite breakfast place. They again picked a table far away from everyone else, and after they ordered they food, they talked. And then John pulled out a small box from his pocket, which he had secretly bought the day before while she was having her hair done.

“Sweetheart, I want to give you something. This is for being the most beautiful, wonderful, brave, smart, and sexy girl in the world.” He said, as he handed her the little box. She opened it and her eyes got big and she smiled. “Oh Daddy, it’s beautiful… thank you!” She said, as she came around the table and hugged him. “I’ll thank you better when we get home.”
She whispered into his ear. “You don’t have to honey. You’ve already made me the happiest man in the world.” He replied, as he took the diamond pendant necklace out, and put it around her neck. Julie beamed with pride and joy as she felt it.
Then their food arrived and Julie dove in.

“Daddy, I have an idea.” She said. “What’s that honey?” He responded.

“Well… You know how it was so nice to sleep together, and wake up together? And you know how Amy and me have been doing stuff together?” She started. “Sure honey.” He replied, with a tone of curiosity.

“Well, I was thinking, that maybe I could talk to Amy, and see how she would feel about doing stuff with both of us.” She explained, with the simplicity of preteen mentality.

“God sweetheart! Do you know what you’re saying? I mean… Sure, I would love to have both of you that way. But she’s only nine. I’m not sure she would want to, first of all, and even if she did, I’m not sure she could handle the whole thing psychologically and emotionally.” He explained.

“But if I talked to her. And like, told her about Donna, and what she does with her dad. Then I could see how she feels about it, and we could know if she might want to do it with you.” She added.

“It sounds great honey. I guess if you want to just tell her about Donna, and what she does with her dad, and then see how she reacts. Then we could talk about sitting her down and talking to her about us, and MAYBE having sex with me. Maybe!
But we have to be very careful, understood?.” He said.

“Cool! Can I do it when she gets home?” She asked.

“Sure honey. But remember, not a word about us, ok?”

“Ok Daddy. I know she’ll want to do stuff with me, so I’ll talk to her about it while we do it.” She casually explained, that she intended to seduce her kid-sister and lay the groundwork for making her available for sex with her step-father.

They left, and drove home. On the way, Julie asked to see the video of John taking her virginity the night before. When they got there, they went to the study and got comfortable and John started the playback. Julie watched, mesmerized as she watched the close up view of her little pussy being stretched and then John’s dick squeeze it’s way into her. John was gently fondling her little titbuds as she watched.

“How long do we have to wait before we can do it again?” She asked. “I’m not sure honey. We need to make sure your pussy has time to heal. From what I’ve read, we probably should wait at least a week.” He answered.

“Ok. But that means we can do it next weekend.” She said firmly.

The video ended, and Julie turned and kissed John and thanked him for being so gentle. “I’m sorry it had to hurt at all.”
He replied. She smiled and asked if they could see another video. “Do you have one of like, two little girls doing stuff?” She asked. John smiled and opened another folder, then clicked on a file called ‘Jenny and Laura’. The screen came to life as two little girls, about 8 and 10 walked into a bedroom and started kissing. Soon the kids were naked, and on the bed with the older one eating the younger one’s pussy.

Julie was clearly enjoying the video, and was getting turned on by the action on the screen. She kept spreading her legs, then squeezing them together again. John reached a hand down to her hot little pussy and pressed his finger into the crack, and Julie moaned, spreading her legs wide for him. “I’ll bet she tastes good, huh baby?” He asked, breathing into her ear and kissing it.

“Oh yeah.” Julie moaned back as he rubbed her pussy.

“Did Donna taste good?”

“Mmmmm hummmm.”

“Who tastes better? Donna, or Amy?” He asked, pulling out on her little titbud.

“Ohhh… They both taste really good, but Amy’s is the best.” She breathed.

The little girls switched, and now the 8 year old was eating the 10 year old. John kept rubbing gently, but not enough to make Julie cum. “Ohhhh Daddy. I need….” She trailed off.

“I know you need to cum honey. I’m sorry I didn’t make you cum, but I thought it would be better if you were real good and horny when Amy got home. But if you really want me to, I’ll get you off now.” He explained.

“No. You’re right. She likes it when I’m real juicy and she makes me cum. So I’ll wait.” She answered.

They got up and Julie looked at John’s dick standing out hard, and pulsing.

“And I know you’d like to squirt in my mouth, but you need to wait too, so you can squirt lots and lots for Amy.” She said to his dick, and then bent down and kissed the head.

“Maybe!” John added, with a smile.

“You know what else I bought yesterday while you were at the salon?”

Julie shook her head. “I bought cameras for my bedroom. If you want to help me, we could install them before Amy gets home.” He explained.

“Sure!” Julie chirped. John got out the equipment, and his tools, and they went to work. They installed 5 cameras in the bedroom allowing detailed views from every angle, and one in the big shower. The job was finished by 2 o’clock, and they went into the kitchen for a snack while they waited for Amy to get home.

They had just finished when the front door opened. “I’m home!” Amy’s high-pitched voice echoed. “Hi sweetie. We missed you.” John said, as he hugged her, lifting her into the air. “Hi squirt! Did you have fun?” Julie asked as she bent down slightly and hugged her.

“It was great! We went swimming, and tubing, and roasted marshmallows.” She explained.

“That’s great sweetie. Sounds like a fun camping trip, but we’re sure glad you’re home.” John said.

“C’mon squirt. I’ll help you unpack. See you in a little while Daddy.” Julie said, and took Amy’s bag and headed for their room.

John went straight to the study and started the recorders and sat back and watched. They unpacked a few things out of the first bag, and Amy told her about the highlight of her camping trip.

“Oh I almost forgot, there was this big rope that was tied way up in a tree, and there were these older kids that were swinging out over the water on it, and then dropping into the water. It looked pretty scary, and Cindy and the other girls were scared to try it. But they looked like they were having so much fun, I decided to try it. It was really scary at first, but after I did it, I found out it was fun and I did it again and again.”

“That’s so cool sis.” I’m proud of you for being brave.

Julie said she really had missed Amy, and looked at her, and Amy dropped the clothes in her hands and threw her arms around Julie and they kissed. Amy reached up and started fondling Julie’s buds, and Julie reached down between Amy’s legs and started rubbing her.

Before long, they were starting to remove each other’s clothes. “Wow, you got a bra!” Amy said, as she got Julie’s top off.

“Yeah. Daddy bought it for me yesterday. You like it?”

“It’s so cool.” She said as she began to examine the training bra, stopping to rub the bumps sticking out against the soft fabric.

“It’s a Training Bra. The clasp is right here in the middle.” She explained, as she pointed to the plastic catch between the two cup areas. Amy smiled, and began to fiddle with the catch, and after a couple of tries, it popped open. She giggled and pulled the two parts apart, revealing her sister’s little titbuds.

“Go for it.” Julie said, as Amy looked up at her, and then back down to her chest.

Amy leaned forward, and sealed her mouth over one, and began to suck. Julie moaned, and arched her back slightly, while reaching around behind her little sister’s head and pulling her mouth tight against her. “Man that feels good.” Julie said as she looked over at one of the hidden cameras and winked. John’s dick was throbbing, but he was determined not to take it out because he wanted to be fully regenerated if he did end up doing something with Amy that evening.

The girls were now getting the rest of their clothes off, and Amy quickly had her mouth back on her sister’s other little tittie, and her hand between her legs.

“Wow, you’re really wet.” Amy took her mouth off just long enough to say.

John continued to watch, as the girls continued. Amy sucked Julie to a big orgasm, and happily drank the excess juice Julie gave her.

Then he watched as Julie ate Amy to a body shaking orgasm. Then, as the girls laid there, Julie started to talk to Amy.

“You know how you were asking me last week, how I learned how to do this stuff?”

“Yeah.” Amy replied. “Well, I decided I can tell you now.” She began, as Amy smiled, and perked up with curiosity. Then Julie explained about meeting Donna, and all the stuff they had done together.

“Wooooow!” Amy exclaimed.

“And you know how Donna learned it?”

“How?” Amy asked, wide eyed.

“Her dad taught her.” She answered. Amy’s eyes got even bigger, and she sucked in a breath and brought her hand to her gaping mouth.

“You mean her dad’s a pervert?”

“NO! I mean her dad’s a Child-Lover. He loves her very much, and she loves him, and they do it with each other because they both want to.” She scolded, with a very serious look.

“I’m sorry. I just thought that… I mean, they taught us in school…”

“I know what they taught in school. But not all guys are like that.” Julie stopped her, and explained. “Look. Some men are attracted to girls more than grown up women. But that doesn’t mean they are perverts. It’s just the way they feel inside.
The thing is, most people don’t feel that way, and they think it’s wrong because they don’t feel the same way. It’s true, there are men out there who hurt kids and force them to do stuff, but there’s men who hurt and rape grown women too.
Understand?” She explained.

“I think so. I just… I mean, it just seems so weird. I mean, he’s her dad.” Amy replied.

“Yeah. Well, there’s a lot of people who would say what you and me do together is weird and wrong too. But do you think it’s weird, or wrong?”


“Okay. So, how can you say that what Donna and her dad are doing is weird, or wrong? Here’s what I think. There is one thing they taught us in school that was right… Our bodies are private. They belong to us, and I think that means we have the right to share our bodies with whoever we want to. And it’s nobody’s business but ours’. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah. So her and her dad do like, everything… you know…”

“Yep. They started playing with each other when she was seven, and then he taught her to do oral sex when she was eight, and they went all the way when she was nine.”

“Wooooow! And she really likes it?”

“Yeah she really likes it. Like I said, they love each other, and they are really happy. She told me that when they first started doing stuff, it seemed kind of weird at first. But the more they did it, the more she liked it.”

“That’s sort of the way I felt about what we did. Weird at first, and now I love it.” Amy said.

“See. So now you understand right?”


“I think she’s lucky. I think it’d be cool to have a dad that was like that.” She stated, and watched Amy’s face for her response.

“You mean… You’d like it if daddy was that way?”

“Sure, why not? Just think of all the fun we could have.” Julie replied, trying her best to bait Amy further.

“I guess so. But… he’s not like that… is he?”

“What if he was? Would you want to do stuff with him? I know I would.”

“I… I guess so… maybe. But he’s not is he?”

“Why don’t we talk to him about it? You know daddy always says we can always come and talk to him about anything.” Julie stated very confidently.

“Right! We’ll just go ask him if he wants to do sex stuff with us.” Amy answered sarcastically.

“Well, not just like that, but I’m sure we could talk with him and find out how he feels.”

“I don’t know. I’d be scared.”

“Yeah, you said you were scared of the rope swing too. But then you did it, and you really liked it. You know, this might be the same way, you might find out you really like it. Tell you what. Let’s try it at dinner. What do you say?”

“I guess so. But YOU ask him, not me.” Amy said.

“Deal!” Julie replied with a big smile.

John felt a hot rush of lust sweep through his body as he heard Amy agree, and realized that he might very likely be having sex with her. He began to think carefully about what he would say when they all three sat down to discuss it.

The girls started getting dressed, and he shut down the system, and waited for them to come out. When they did, he asked them if they wanted to go out for pizza, and they both squealed ‘YES!’

They got to the restaurant and sat down in a booth in the corner. They ordered, and Julie started to talk. “Daddy, you know how you said we could ask you anything?”

“Sure honey.” He answered.

“Well, we were wondering… what you think about men doing sex stuff with young girls.”

“I think it depends on the man and the girl. If they both want to do it, and the girl is really sure, then I would say it’s their business. Of course, they would have to be careful that no one found out, because the man could get into a lot of trouble. How young of a girl are we talking about anyway?” He said, watching Amy’s reaction as he talked.

“Oh, about my age, or Amy’s maybe.” Julie answered.

“Okay, like I said, I personally think it’s alright, depending on the circumstances. If the girl is sure she wants to do it, and I think they should care about each other. And of course, as I said before, they would have to be very careful not to ever let anyone find out what they did. The little girl would have to understand how important it was that she promise never to tell anyone, and for her to keep that secret forever.” He finished.

“I was telling Amy how there’s a difference between those pedo guys, and Child Lovers.”

“That’s right honey. There’s a big difference.” He replied.

“So… are you a Child Lover Daddy?” Amy asked.

“Yes baby, I am. Does that bother you?”

“I guess not. I just never thought that you were like that. So… does that mean you’d like to do stuff with me and Julie?” She struggled to ask.

“I think you are both, wonderful, and beautiful. And if you wanted to, I mean really wanted to, then yes, I would love to.” He answered softly, smiling, and reaching across the table and taking Amy’s hand in his.

Just then the Pizza arrived, and they started eating. Amy kept looking at John through the meal. Julie started some small talk about school, and they ate without mentioning sex again.

After they got into the car to drive home, Julie whispered into Amy’s ear, asking her if she wanted to do sex stuff with John when they got home. Amy took a deep breath, and nodded.

“Daddy… If you want to, me and Amy would like to try some sex stuff with you if you want to.” Julie said.

“I’d love to honey, but it doesn’t look like Amy is really all that sure about it.” He said.

Julie nudged her little sister, and mouthed for her to say something to John. Amy thought for a minute, and then spoke. “I want to try it Daddy. I’m just scared, that’s all. I just wonder what if I don’t like it.” She stammered.

“I promise you baby, if I don’t like it, we can stop, and I won’t ever ask you to do it anymore.” He said, reassuringly.

When they got home and went inside, John asked the girls if they wanted to go to his room and give it a try. Julie of course said yes instantly, and Amy agreed nervously.

John took Amy’s hand and led her down the hall into his bedroom.

“Before we get started baby, there’s something I think you should know.” John said as he looked at Julie. She nodded, and he sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Amy onto his lap.

“You see Amy, your sister and I have been having sex already.” He said, and Amy’s eyes got big, and she looked at Julie.

“It just kind of happened Friday night while we were watching a movie on the couch. I loved it so much, I wanted you to be able to enjoy it too, but we were afraid you might think it was gross, or that Daddy was a pervert or something.” Julie explained, as she sat and looked into Amy’s eyes.

“Amy, I love you with all my heart. And both of us would love for you to share this special way we like to express our love for each other. But only of you want to.” He said.

“I should tell you something too sis, he knows about the stuff we’ve been doing together. I know you might not understand it, but I told him because when you start loving each other the way we are, you don’t want to have any secrets from each other.”

“And because we love you, we don’t want to have any secrets from you either.” John added with a smile, and Amy smiled back.

“So what do you say squirt? Want to give it a try?” Julie asked.

“Okay.” Amy said nervously.

“That’s our brave big girl!” John said. “You know what, I happen to know that you really like playing with, and sucking Julie’s wonderful little titties. How would you like for you and me to love on ‘em together?” He finished. Amy mumbled okay, and nodded her head a little.

“Julie honey, would you stand here in front of us, and pull your top off please?”

“Sure daddy.” Julie chirped, and did as he asked.

“Now Amy, this might not make sense to you, but I think a little girl with titties that are just starting to develop, in a training bra, is very, very sexy.” He said, as he reached up and began to fondle Julie’s little bump, through the cup fabric. Amy watched him for a moment, then did the same. Julie smiled, and placed a hand on each one’s shoulder as they fondled her.

“Now try this.” John said softly, and reached up and pulled out slightly on the thin strap just above the cup area, then slid his hand down inside to her tiny mound. Amy watched his fingers moving under the soft fabric and reached up and pulled the strap out and slid her little hand in. They massaged Julie’s little tender buds for a couple of minutes, then John spoke again.

“You ready to get ‘em out?” He asked with a smile. Amy nodded. “Let’s do it together.” He added, and he reached up and took hold of the strap at the top of her shoulder. Amy copied him, and then he slid the strap down off her shoulder, and down her arm. Amy pulled her’s down, and John said, “now just pull down with me and watch.”

As John started pulling down on his strap, Amy did too, and the little soft fabric cups slowly peeled down, revealing Julie’s precious points. John noticed Amy smile as her sister’s little-girl breasts came into view.

“Now I don’t care what anybody says. I think that is one of the most beautiful sights in the universe!” John declared.
“And the only thing better than looking at ‘em, is sucking ‘em.” He added, and leaned forward and sealed his mouth over it. Amy watched her stepfather take her sister’s titbud into his mouth, and smiled as she saw his cheeks hollow in. Not to be left out, she leaned forward opening her mouth and fastened it over the other one.
Julie moaned and rubbed the back of both their heads as she savored the incredible feeling of both her sensitive little breasts being sucked at the same time. Her lust grew as she looked down at the erotic sight of her stepfather and her little sister nursing at her chest.

After several minutes, John could tell Julie was very turned on, and he decided it was time for the next step. He reached up and slid Julie’s shorts and panties down in one smooth motion. Then he took Amy’s hand and guided it to her sister’s pussy, and with his hand over hers, began to rub Julie’s wet little mound. Julie stepped out of her shorts, and spread her legs apart and Amy began to rub her clit on her own. John slid his hand further down and pressed his fingers against her wet lips, and began to rub in a slow circle over her hole.

Julie was soon moaning and twisting, and then she pulled their heads to her, smashing their mouths against her chest.
“OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh Dadeeeeeeeeee, Ameeeeeee.” She cried, as she came hard. Her little body jerked, as they sucked hard, and rubbed her soaking wet little pussy.

Finally, her orgasm ended, and Julie fell forward. John leaned backward and the three of then fell back onto the bed with naked little Julie between then, in a state of bliss. They laid there for several minutes, and then Julie turned and thanked John and French-kissed him deeply. Amy watched in amazement as Julie and her stepdad performed their adult kiss.

Then Julie turned to Amy and asked her if she would like to learn to kiss like that, and Amy said yes. Julie told her what to do and John watched, as their lips met, and he saw Julie open her mouth, and insert her tongue into her little sister’s mouth. Amy was very turned on, and quickly responded, by putting her little tongue out to meet Julie’s.

“God, you two are incredible!” John said, when they ended their kiss. “Thanks daddy.” Julie replied.

“Hey squirt. I think daddy would really like to see your titties now.” Julie said, and sat up and stood up, pulling Amy up with her. “Can I take your top off so he can see?” She asked, as she kissed Amy’s neck. “Okay, but I don’t have any.” Amy said. “Well they might not have started growing yet baby, but I’ll bet they’re really nice anyway.” John replied with a smile, and Julie grasped the shirt at the bottom, and began to lift up. Amy lifted her arms and looked away, as she felt the shirt come up above her nipples. Then the shirt was gone, and she put her arms down, and blushed, as John gazed at her naked chest.

“Truly beautiful.” John said, as he smiled at Amy. “Can I feel them baby?” He asked.

Amy nodded, and John reached out and tenderly touched each one. Soon, he was expertly rubbing, and massaging her flat little nipples, and she was beginning to relax and enjoy it.

“You want him to suck ‘em, don’t you?” Julie whispered in her ear. Amy nodded. “Well, tell him.” She urged.

“You want to suck ‘em daddy?” She mumbled. “I sure do baby. Do you want me to?”

“Uh huh.” She muttered, and closed her eyes. Then she felt John’s big, warm mouth close down over her left nipple and begin to suck. It was very different from the feeling of Julie’s mouth, but she soon realized she liked it. She especially liked the feeling of his big rough tongue sweeping across her nipple and then stabbing into it.

John feasted on her left nipple for several minutes, then switched to the other one, and pulled down on Julie’s hand.
Julie knew what he wanted, and she bent down and took the other nipple, still wet with her stepfather’s saliva, into her mouth and began to suck. After several minutes, Julie reached down, and pulled Amy’s shorts and panties down. Amy was getting quite turned on and didn’t care anymore what John saw or did to her, and she stepped out of them and spread her legs as she felt his hand touch her bare little pussy.

He rubbed her mound for a minute, then slid his finger into her crack, and it was quickly coated with her juices. She was looking down at them sucking her nipples together, when John pulled his finger out of her crack, took his mouth off her nipple, and stuck his finger into his mouth and sucked her juices off. He moaned as he tasted her sweet juice for the very first time.

“Your little pussy tastes even better then I imagined it would baby. Would it be ok if you laid back on the bed ate your sweet little pussy some?” He spoke softly.

“Uh huh.” Amy answered, and he turned her around and laid her on the bed with her legs hanging off the edge. He got onto his knees and placed his hands on her spread legs. Her little pussy lips were slightly parted, and he leaned in and kissed it, than licked her crack slowly making her moan lightly.

Julie watched the show, as she climbed onto the bed next to her little sister, and began sucking her nipples again. She watched out the corner of her eye as John pulled Amy’s pussy open, and sealed his mouth over it. John’s mouth was instantly awarded with the wonderful, sweet taste of little-girl pussy juice.

He began to slide his tongue up and down her little crack, and when he started to suck, his mouth was flooded with her forbidden nectar. As he joyfully feasted on her perfect little pussy, he looked up and all he could see was Julie hungrily nursing at her little sister’s immature breast, with her beautiful, long blonde hair strewn across Amy’s naked torso. In less than five minutes, Amy began to emit a high-pitched grunt, and her body started to tremble. John sucked hard, and swiped his tongue fast across her swollen little clit as she came. He swallowed one mouthful of her sweet juice, and still more was oozing out. Julie sucked hard and lashed her little sister’s nipple that was stretched up into her sucking mouth.

Little Amy was in a joyful rapture, as she slowly came down from the strongest orgasm of her young life. John kissed her hairless little mound over and over, as he gently stroked her smooth belly, while Julie went up and nuzzled her neck. Then John kissed his way up, and placed his lips against Amy’s and opened his mouth and gently sent his tongue forward. She realized what he was doing, and responded by opening her little mouth and pushing her tongue out to meet his. John loved the unique feel of her small 9 year-old mouth. It was very different from kissing an adult woman, and even somewhat different from kissing Julie. Amy was deeply moved by his big strong, masculine mouth and tongue, and she also liked tasting her own juices as they kissed.

He finally broke their kiss, and turned to Julie and kissed her right above Amy’s face. Then Julie turned and kissed Amy.
After laying together for several minutes, Julie spoke.

“So squirt… how do you like it?”

“It was awesome! I mean, I never thought it would be so nice.” Amy exclaimed.

“I’m so glad to hear you say that baby. You don’t know how happy it makes me to know I could love you like that, and have you really enjoy it.” John said. “I can’t describe how wonderful it is to be with you like this… for you to share yourself with me… and Julie.” He finished.

“Thanks daddy… me too. I’m glad I decided to try it. Can we do it again?”

“We sure can baby. Anytime you want to.” John answered.

“Wait a minute squirt. We’re not finished yet. I got to cum, and you got to cum, but what about daddy? Don’t you want to make him feel good too?” Julie interjected.

“Oh!” Amy said, and thought for a few seconds. “Sure… but I don’t know how.”

That’s okay… I’ll teach you!” Julie quipped. “It’s almost as much fun as what he did to you.”

“Okay, I’ll try… what do I do?”

“Well, first he needs to be naked.” Julie said, and John climbed off the bed and stood facing them. “You want to see daddy naked squirt?” Julie asked, as she moved to sit on the edge of the bed, and led Amy to sit beside her, facing John who was only about two feet away. Amy nodded her head and John began removing his shirt. After he got his shirt off, Julie stopped him. “Wait Daddy… we’ll do this part. Amy, reach up and undo his belt.” She said, and Amy reached up and cautiously unbuckled it. Then Julie unfastened his pants, and while she held the two parts, she told Amy to unzip him. Amy did, and Julie pushed his pants down and he stepped out of them. Amy could see the large bulge in his underwear. “That’s his dick, and it wants to come out and play”. Julie said as she ran her fingers over the bulge.

She reached up and slipped her fingers inside the waistband and pulled out. Then she told Amy to reach in, and take his dick out. Amy looked at her and then at John, and then back to his crotch, then warily reached her little hand up and in.
She worked her fingers around the swollen shaft, and carefully pulled it out. As Amy lifted his dick out, she pulled down on his underwear, and slid them down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. Amy just sat there, holding his dick, and starting at it.

“Isn’t it cool?” Julie asked her.

“Yeahhhhh. It’s so warm, and big!” She sighed.

“It’s big because it likes you touching it, and looking at it.” John said.

“And watch this.” Julie said, as she placed her hand on Amy’s and pushed her hand back slowly, pulling his foreskin back, and slowly revealing the large shiny purple head. Amy smiled in wonder as she watched it.

“Beautiful huh?” Julie said.

“Uh huh. It’s so hard, but it feels nice too.” Amy remarked.

Julie guided Amy’s hand forward and then all the way back again, and a large drop of pre-cum appeared. “What’s that?” Amy asked.

“That’s his juice. It’s pretty much the same as the stuff our pussies make.” Julie explained.


“And… it tastes real good. Go ahead and lick it off and see.” Julie urged.

Amy swallowed, and summoned her courage, then she leaned forward and cautiously licked the tip, and sat back up. They both watched Amy’s face as she evaluated her first taste of pre-cum.

“Good huh?’ Julie asked.

“Uh huh. It tastes almost the same as you, but it’s more salty.” Amy answered.

“I’m knew you’d like it baby. And there’s lots more where that came from.” John said, as he contracted his muscles in his groin and made another large drop appear. This time, Amy leaned forward and licked it off, without being told.

“That’s a good girl.” John praised. “Yeah, here squirt put your tongue right under the tip and I’ll get you some more.” Julie said, as she pressed her thumb against the tube, and milked up another big glob which oozed out right onto the 9 year-olds’ tongue. After she received it, Amy sat back up straight and smiled.

“Okay baby. What I want you to do now is, take some time getting to know my dick. You can play with it, move it around and look at it from all different angles, lick it, kiss it, just do whatever you want to, so you can get to know it better.” John said.

Amy started to do what John said. Julie took her hand away and Amy pushed it up against his stomach, and studied the underside, than she pulled it down and examined the top. She pulled the skin out and then back again and some more pre-cum oozed out, which she quickly licked off without a word from either John or Julie.

“Here, let me tell you about it.” Julie started, as she leaned in and started pointing at the various parts. “This is called the head, I just love how it’s all smooth and shiny. And this is called the shaft. This lose skin is called the foreskin. It feels real good to him when you slide this back and forth, kind of like when we rub our pussies. And this is the tube that the juice and his cum goes through to come out here. Then, under here are his balls. They are what makes his cum. He likes for them to be played with, but you have to be gentle with them.” Julie explained.

“So baby, how do you like it?” John asked.

“It’s really neat daddy.” She replied.

“Now sweetie, you have got me so turned on, I really need to cum pretty soon, so if you’re ready, I’d like you to let Julie teach you how to suck me. Would that be ok?”

“I guess so.” She answered timidly.

“Okay squirt. It’s real easy. Just start by licking all around the head, and then open your mouth and slide it down over the head real slow, until the head is all the way inside your mouth.” Julie said, as she began to instruct her little sister on how to suck their stepfather’s dick.

Amy stuck out her tongue, and licked the head as Julie said, and then she took one last look at it, and open her little mouth and moved it forward. Julie smiled, as she watched her stepfather’s dick go into Amy’s mouth for the first time.
“That’s it. Now just close your mouth and try to suck a little.” She continued. Amy closed her mouth and John let out a groan as he felt the hot little 9 year-old mouth envelop him. Julie watched Amy’s cheeks draw in a little, and then she continued her instruction, showing Amy how to move her mouth and make the dick move in and out, and then how to hold it and jack it in sync with her mouth. John soon tapped Julie on the shoulder, and when she looked up at him he mouthed that he was getting close. She smiled and nodded, and turned her attention back to Amy, who was happily sucking away, and getting used to her new activity.

“Ok squirt. Stop for a minute, so I can tell you about what’s going to happen next.” She said, and Amy slid her mouth off and looked at her. Julie smiled as she noticed that there was a line of a mixture of dick juice and spit stretching from the tip, to Amy’s mouth. “Okay. Now daddy’s going to cum soon. I know you’re used to how when I cum when you’re sucking my pussy, a little extra juice comes out, but this is going to be different. When he gets his orgasm, this thick, creamy stuff squirts out the tip. There’ll be a few real big squirts, and then it’ll just kind of run out a little more and then stop. When it starts to squirt, it’s really important that you don’t stop sucking or jacking until he finishes cumming. And as soon as it stops squirting, you can start swallowing, but don’t try to swallow until then.” Julie explained.

“You mean you want me to drink it? But what is it? What does it taste like?” Amy asked.

“Sure you drink it. Girls and boys drink it all the time. It’s his cum, it’s kind of like the juice, but it’s thicker, and it has a stronger taste. Kind of like, warm ice cream with a little salt in it. But I promise, it tastes good.” Julie answered.

“Now baby, it’s going to taste different from anything you’ve ever tasted before. But most girls, even if they don’t like it right at the first, end up liking the taste of cum.” John said with a smile as he stroked the side of her head and face.

“So, you ready to do it?” Julie chirped.

“Yeah… I think so. How much is gonna’ squirt out?”

“About a spoonful maybe a little more.” John answered.

“Okay. I’ll try it.” She said hesitantly.

“Look sis. Just let it squirt out into your mouth. And start swallowing after it stops shooting out. And I know you’ll do great. Whatever you do, don’t take it out of your mouth, ok?” Julie added.

“Okay.” Amy said. She took a deep breath and leaned forward and took the rock hard dick back into her mouth and started sucking as before. It didn’t take long for John to start to stiffen up and start to breathe fast and shallow. Julie knew he was about to cum. “Ok squirt, her it comes, it’s going to start squirt out in just a few seconds. When it does, stop moving your mouth back and forth, and just keep the head in your mouth while it squirts.” Julie said quickly, and then John cried out.

Amy felt his dick twitch against her tongue, and a second later his cum began to gush into her virgin mouth. She jerked, as the first blast hit the back of her throat, but she held her place. She kept the head in her mouth, but also stopped jacking as she was overwhelmed by the powerful taste of semen flooding her little mouth. She felt Julie’s hand close over hers’, and begin to jack it back and forth from her lips to the base. “OOOOooohhhhh Yeeessss Amieeeeeeeeee!” John howled.
Amy was proud she was making John feel so good, but she wasn’t sure she could take much more of the stuff in her mouth, and it was still squirting.

But it finally slowed to a trickle, and she remembered she was supposed to swallow now. So she took a deep breath, and gulped. It was hot going down her throat, but it wasn’t too bad, so she swallowed again, then again, and before long, it was all gone from her mouth.

“Good job squirt.” Julie praised, as she pulled the dick from Amy’s mouth and stuck out her tongue and milked a large glob of the pearly-white cum onto her tongue and took it into her mouth and swallowed with a ‘mmmmmmmmm’.

John stumbled around Amy to the bed and fell onto it, making Julie chuckle. “You wiped him out.” She said with a laugh.

Amy smiled, as she realized that it was praise.

“Come here baby.” John said, as he pulled Amy down to him, and kissed her and hugged her. “That was incredible baby. You made daddy feel so good. Thank you so much sweetheart.” John said as he kissed her.

“Yeah squirt. You did really, really good for your first suck. You didn’t spill a drop, and you drank it all. Tell me, how’d you like it.” Julie said, as she sat next to her little sister, and stroked her nipples.

“It was okay. I mean… it was really fun suckin’ it. But that cum stuff. It’s really strong. But I don’t mind, because it made daddy feel so good.” She explained.

“I know. But don’t worry. The more you drink his cum, the more you’ll get used to it. Donna said she sucked her dad about five or six times before she started to like the taste of his cum. But I don’t think it’ll take you that long, because I think daddy’s probably tastes better than his, because I started liking it after just the second time I drank it.” Julie added.

“Thank you honey. I hope she gets to liking it quick too.” John said, as he reached down and rubbed Amy’s little pussy. As his finger pushed into the crack, he found she was soaking wet. So he kissed her deeply, and moved down to her nipples and started sucking them. She had rolled onto her back, and spread her legs, and John noticed out the corner of his eye, Julie crawling between Amy’s legs, and take her entire mound into her mouth and start sucking. Amy moaned, and John sucked harder on the flat little nipple, drawing it up into his mouth.
Within a minute, Amy started crying out, and bucking her hips. He couldn’t believe Amy would cum again so soon, and as he thought about the direction his relationship had taken with his stepdaughters, he reckoned himself to be the luckiest man in the world.

Amy finished cumming in her sister’s mouth, and Julie came up and kissed John deeply. “Wow! That was the sweetest kiss I ever had.” He said. “And there’s more where that came from daddy.” Julie said with a devilish grin, and reached down and took hold of his dick, which was hard again from watching Julie eat her little sister’s pussy right in front of him.

“Hey squirt, you want to help me take care of this?” She said as she waved his stiff dick at Amy. Amy smiled, and crawled down against John’s leg facing his dick next to Julie.

Julie Licked the head, then sank her mouth down on it, sucking and jacking slowly for a minute, then she came off, and pointed it at Amy, and she opened her mouth and took it in, copying what Julie had done. John watched in awe, as they continued passing his dick back and forth several times, then Julie Amy to start sucking his left ball while she sucked his right one, and then lick and kiss her way up the side of his dick, while she did the same on the other side. They met at the tip, and French-kissed with the tip of his dick against their lips, and Julie would occasionally slip her tongue out between their mouths, and lick his dick.

The incredibly erotic scene brought John to the brink of orgasm quickly. “Get ready girls, here it cums.” He panted. The first blast shot out, and splashed against the girls’ mouths. Julie opened her mouth a little more, creating a gap between hers’ and Amy’s  lips, and the next shot flew right into Amy’s mouth, and when she pushed her tongue out to Julie’s it carried the large glob of cum into Julie’s mouth. The next blast flew just past their mouths, and landed as a long rope across Amy’s little face, from her forehead, down her nose, and across her cheek. The next one hit Julie across her face, and the last two smaller ones went into Julie’s mouth.

John moaned and grunted as he watched the awesome sight. “Oh my god girls! You are both incredible!” John panted. As his cum slowed to a trickle, they began French-kissing, and Julie started licking the cum off Amy’s face, and when she had got it all, Amy slowly licked it all off Julie. “Suck the head real hard.” Julie said, and as Amy took the head in and sucked hard, Julie milked his dick several times, sending the last drops of cum into her little sisters mouth. Amy swallowed and then let the softening dick slip from her mouth.

“Come here to daddy sweetheart.” John said, as he pulled her up and kissed her. Then he kissed Julie. “I am the luckiest man in the world, to have the best two daughters in the whole world.” He said praisingly.

They all three laid down and held and stroked each other and drifted off to sleep, naked, in each other’s arms. They all three slept peacefully, happily, and content. Each, part of a unique family that many would say was sick, and criminal.

But perhaps the world would be a much better place if more families could be like theirs’.


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The exact details and names in this story are fictitious. No actual children were used, harmed, loved, or sexually awakened in the making of this story.


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