Little Shannon at the Family Swingers Club (Mg,pedo)

Little Shannon at the Family Swingers Club (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A 4yo little girl shamelessly masturbates her childish pussy while looking at cocks at the family swingers club.

Author: PeachKisser2004

This story is set in the “Family Swingers Club” setting, another adult story by this author. This story will be told through the eyes of a child attending the Family Swingers Club, as opposed to the original story, which was told from the perspective of this male attendee.

Part 1

Little Shannon was only four years old, but already the pretty little girl loved going to the family swingers club with her pretty mommy. Shannon’s own father had passed away just a few months earlier but she still remembered him, and missed him dearly.

That’s what she liked so much about the club! There were always many handsome men, always walking around all naked, and they always let her play with their thingys, just like her own father used to. Shannon knew that their thingys were actually called “penises” but saying “penis” often made the little four-year-old giggle, so she usually just said “thingy” instead.

Shannon loved all the attention that the men gave her. Shannon loved how they told her she was beautiful, loved how they kissed her little body all over, especially down between her legs, which made her feel all gushy and special inside.

Shannon also liked when the men let her play with their bodies too. Her favorite part was of course their thingy, but she liked playing with other parts too, like their tushies, or even their balls, even though she couldn’t say the right word for those yet. It came out something like “tessicles” when she said it, and that made her giggle even more than saying the word “penis!” So usually she just said “balls” when she talked about them and tried not to giggle too much.

Like always, this particular visit Shannon and her pretty mommy walked into the club hand in hand. Before they even got as far as the changing rooms, a tall redhead man noticed them and came over. He introduced himself as Kurt, and they stopped to talk with him. Shannon liked Kurt right away, because he smiled really nicely and his voice sounded really gentle. Shannon could see that her mommy liked him too, because they talked for quite a while.

For her part Shannon was mostly just standing there holding her mommy’s hand, not really talking with the adults, but that let her admire Kurt’s body. Unlike Shannon and her mommy, Kurt was already completely naked, as he had come out of the main part of the club area. When Kurt had first walked up to them his thingy had been short, almost short enough to fit in Shannon’s tiny hands, or so she thought.

But now after they had been talking a while, she noticed that Kurt’s thingy was slowly growing longer. It wasn’t growing super-fast, like when she put her mouth or her hands on a man’s thingy, but it was definitely growing. It made little Shannon excited inside to watch it all happening. While her mommy and Kurt talked, Shannon just watched, Kurt’s slowly- growing thingy, positioned precisely at her eye level.

Shannon also noticed that Kurt had very pale skin, and her mommy explained that it was because of his red hair. Shannon could see that the red hair around Kurt’s thingy was the same color as the hair on his head, and this
made her giggle too.

At first Shannon saw Kurt’s thingy mostly growing downwards, but now as it thickened up more she saw it standing away from his body a little bit, kind of resting on his ball things underneath it. She tightened her grip on her mommy’s hand, feeling her own excitement rise as she watched.

It wasn’t long before Kurt’s thing wasn’t even resting on his balls anymore, and now stood proudly away from his body, bobbing around as he talked and laughed with Shannon’s mommy. Shannon was fixated on it. She’d never seen such a pretty thingy in all her young life. She had seen bigger thingys in her young life, but Kurt’s thingy looked different. It looked really pale and pink and clean. For one thing, Shannon noticed that the tip of Kurt’s thingy looked dry and clean, not all sticky and wet like some men’s thingys seemed to be all the time.

Finally Shannon could stay silent no longer. “Mommy, look!” she pointed eagerly at Kurt’s erection jutting away from his body, as if her Mommy couldn’t have already noticed it herself.

“Yes dear, I see,” the mother assured her child, squeezing her hand back and continuing what she was saying to Kurt.

Without even realizing what she was doing, little Shannon had slipped her free hand down into her shorts elastic, worked her stubby little fingers into her white cotton panties, and had found and cupped her tiny hairless pussy, something that she always loved to do, especially when she first saw a man’s thingy. For some reason, the sight of a man’s thingy always made Shannon’s coochie (her mommy had told her to call it a coochie) all ticklish and warm, not quite like when someone kissed her there, but kinda sort of like it a little bit. When it was all nice and warm like this, Shannon really liked to cup it with her little hand and squeeze the warm little mound of flesh gently.

Very privately and quietly Shannon ran her fingers up and down the outer puffy lips of her tiny little cleft, which made her shiver inside, and Kurt and her mommy didn’t even notice at all, just kept on talking.

Shannon was starting to feel really good from touching her coochie too, and soon the child’s entire world was the jutting penis before her and the spreading warmth down in her crotch. She moved her hand faster now and
felt her knees weaken and wobble slightly.

As she twisted to try and regain her footing, her hand jerked against her sensitive little girlie parts and she let out a soft little moan, nothing much, just a plaintive little “oh!” of surprise at the flash of sensations shooting up from her hairless pussy.

Kurt and her mommy both looked down at her now, and Shannon looked up at them sheepishly.

“Shannon Marie!” her mommy began with a great big smile. “Have you been touching your little coochie while we’ve been talking?” she said accusingly. Shannon knew her mommy wasn’t actually mad, but she felt a little bit self-conscious about having her hand jammed down between her babyfat thighs, but she didn’t really want to stop because it felt so good, especially with handsome Kurt’s big thingy right there before her eyes. Shannon could only nod a meek ‘yes’ back at the adults, her finger still stuck inside her warm little pussy crack.

Shannon’s mommy turned back to Kurt to explain. “My daughter really loves men’s penises, and I think she’s been admiring yours and got carried away!” Shannon blushed because she knew that was exactly what had

“Oh my, what a sweetie-pie!” said Kurt, turning to face the little cherub.

Stooping down to eye level with Shannon, he beamed at her and reached out one hand to rest on her barely-curved hip, right at her waistband. “Do you like looking at my penis Shannon?” asked Kurt.

The little girl nodded sheepishly, her eyes casting towards the floor. Kurt noticed she still had one hand in her shorts, inside and rubbing herself gently, so she was no stranger to self-stimulation.

“Well, I think you’re a very pretty little girl,” continued Kurt. “Can I take off your shorts and see just what you’re doing inside here?” he asked her, brushing the backs of his fingers against the child’s hidden wrist and hand. Shannon just nodded shyly.

Using both hands Kurt gripped the little clingy play-shorts at the hips and tugged them down to Shannon’s knees. Kurt drew in his breath sharply at the sight of how skimpy Shannon’s little panties were. These weren’t normal four-year-old girl panties! These were special-made.

“Oh my!” said Kurt enthusiastically. “You have some very pretty little panties there!” Shannon giggled and her mom explained. “Yes, I work up at the Hanes underwear factory, so I get to make her special custom panties.”

“Well those are the prettiest little panties I’ve ever seen on a little girl,” said Kurt with a big grin. “They look wonderful on you sweetie!”

A little tiny “Thank you,” was all that came out of Shannon’s mouth, but she kept gently rubbing her coochie inside the skimpy garment.

“How about I take a look inside your panties?” said Kurt with a smile.

“Okay.” said Shannon. She was used to all the attention her skimpy G- string like undies always drew from the men she met here at the club.

Kurt looped his fingers in the single narrow elastic band, which cut deeply into the child’s babyfat hips, and eased the garment down, lifting it over Shannon’s pudgy little wrist and knuckles. “Wow, these panties are great!” exclaimed the horny man.

Shannon just blushed more, and now that her hand was exposed, Shannon withdrew her finger from her pussy slit, just standing there now. Kurt didn’t pull the panties town very far, and Shannon’s shorts were still bunched around her thighs, so Shannon couldn’t really move her legs very much, and instead she just sort of squirmed in place while Kurt drank in the sight of her bald little vulva slit.

“My oh my, you have the prettiest little coochie ever!” gushed Kurt. “Here, I’m going to take a closer look,” he said, kneeling forward and angling his face down to the child’s hairless crotch. Not a hair in sight, just two puffy pale plump lips wrapped tightly around her deep cleft. Up near the top of Shannon’s cleft there was a little dimple where the slit ended, kind of like the corner of her mouth, a little indentation where the skin folded back down around itself.

“Can I touch your coochie a little bit?” asked Kurt.

“Sure,” said Shannon, pleased at the attention she was getting.

Kurt grazed his fingers over the warm skin, tracing the outline of the child’s outer genitals. Without even realizing it Kurt let out a long low groan of arousal as he did this, and Shannon’s mother spoke up. “Oh dear! Looks like another man has fallen in love with you Shannon,” she said, laughing gaily.

Shannon just giggled and now it was Kurt’s turn to blush. “Here, I bet this would help you feel better,” said Shannon’s mommy, letting go of her daughter’s hand and sitting on the ground next to Kurt.

“Yep, just as I thought,” she said, reaching under Kurt’s tummy and wrapping her fingers around his swollen distended penis, causing another groan and a grunt of pleasure. Turning to her daughter again she said in a teasing voice, “Shannon, you are such a little heartbreaker!”

More giggles at this, and Shannon’s mommy continued. “Shannon darling, you have made Kurt’s penis so hard!” she said. “I’ve almost never felt a penis this hard inside before!” the mother murmured.

Kurt resumed his tracing of the child’s pussy, reaching down further between her legs, down to where the two delicious little halves of her pussy pressed together and disappeared ever so tightly. He could feel Shannon’s mother tugging on the base of his erection and knew it wouldn’t be long, so he soaked in all he could of the child’s privates.

“Can I maybe kiss your coochie?” he asked tentatively, looking up at the pretty little cherub. She just nodded and smiled a bit.

Nestling his nose down to the very top of her pussy, Kurt brushed his nose over her mound, making Shannon squirm and recoil a little bit, so he put his hands on her pale hips and held her in place as Shannon’s mommy started stroking faster between his legs.

Opening his mouth slightly, Kurt turned his head to line his lips up with Shannon’s hairless pussy slit and pressed his lips delicately against the little girl’s mound. Shannon loved this feeling, the feeling of adult lips wrapping around her genitals. She watched as her mommy reached behind Kurt’s legs and squeezed his balls firmly, and this made Kurt groan loudly right into Shannon’s bald pussy, making the child jump and shriek because of the tickling. Kurt held her hips close to his face as she swayed around, her hands flying to his head and his shoulders as she tried to stay upright.

Now Kurt slid his tongue out, eagerly lapping inside the child’s puffy slit, pressing his way in towards her hidden clitoris, sliding his tongue up and down the slit as he pushed gently inward. Suddenly the tip of his tongue bottomed out on her warm little love bead and the child let out a soft little high-pitched whimpering sound, and Kurt felt her clutching at the sides of his head. That’s all he could take, as the sound of the child’s arousal sent him over the edge.

Down in Shannon’s mommy’s hand, Kurt’s enormously-erect penis began ejaculating, spraying thick salty fluids through her fingers, and she kept up her pace and murmured approval and encouragement, all the while Kurt kept licking her daughter’s bare genitals for all he was worth, slurping at the soft spongy skin, drawing her babyfat hips into his face, groaning and gasping as waves of pleasure coursed through his groin, Shannon’s mother stroking and tugging on his shaft, squeezing his balls to drain him completely.

Finally Kurt let go of Shannon and fell limply to one side on the floor, groaning and sighing, falling away from Shannon’s mother, who still gripped his withering penis. Sprayed out in a wide arc on the floor was all of Kurt’s milky fluids, and Shannon’s mommy pointed and said “Look sweetie, look how much sperm Kurt made while he was kissing your coochie!” The darling little girl just beamed, proud of what she had accomplished.

Kurt lay there on the floor staring up at the child, her pouting tummy overhanging her fat little pussy cleft, her panties and shorts still gathered around her stubby thighs, her outer vulva still wet with his saliva. He let out another long groan and smiled.

“Oh my God, thank you SO much Shannon sweetie!”

End of Part 1

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.