Little Anal Annie #2 ‘Makings of a Masochist’ (Mg,oral,anal,con,bond)

Little Anal Annie #2 ‘Makings of a Masochist’ (Mg,oral,anal,con,bond)

Prologue: In ‘Little Anal Annie #1’ Little Annie’s young body seemed to send her mix messages about anal sex. Her six year old imagination is taking her mind away from the harsh reality of forced anal to the mental pleasure of satisfying her forceful fantasy anal lover she has created. George her maybe father had been prepping her for weeks with adult porn, anal & oral, after a fierce anal session, the only type George can give, Annie thinks she’d like to have her forceful fantasy lover take her orally deep.

Highly freckled light skinned red-haired Annie and her father just had sex, well anal sex, some would say that anal or oral isn’t real sex but to Annie she knew nothing of that. All she really knew is her young pussy seemed to awaken under the harsh type of sodomy her father really liked, her young mind making up a fantasy lover that was amazingly similar in the mind set of her own father. Annie deep inside found she liked the humiliating embarrassment of being forced by her ‘hint hint’ fantasy lover’s to submit to the debasing use of her.

Annie lay in her bed, it was the third time in an hour she went to rubbing over her young pussy. Her rectum still ached and anus burned as a reminder of her first time of having sodomy. But it was the deep fantasy she was absorb in while being sodomized by her father that kept her busy rubbing over her young bare clit. She had to rush to the bathroom more that once to climb onto the toilet, ass-hole burning hotly as only a little liquid would come out, her small hand working her young pussy hard. Still in short order she was back on her bed in the gloom in the night absorb in a fantasy of being forcibly and disgracefully taken. But in this fantasy, like some of the women in the videos she visioned herself being force to take a cock into her throat, one of her hands coming up fingers slipping into her mouth, her other hand rubbing over her pussy in earnest.

“AG-g-g-g” She gagged, her other hand working in a frenzy sending waves of pleasure through her.

She imagined herself a young slave girl having no choice but to submit to her powerful master who after whipping her stuffed his long cock into her throat and then sodomize her too. With her anus still burning she dug her fingers even deeper down her throat gagging harshly her young pussy hitting her hard with pure body shuddering pleasure that left her out of breath. She finely went to sleep her young mind going through the possible twists and turns of her made up fantasy all the outcomes having her debased and harshly humiliated and even whipped for her master’s pleasure. Annie had seen a video where the woman let herself be tied up before the man place his cock into her mouth and throat fucked gagging the poor woman till even some puke came up. Annie fell to sleep with that swimming around in her young head.

George’s balls ached from the intense release he had in Annie’s young insanely snug intestine. He reflected on his first pedo experience with any kid. He was fucking hooked now his devious mind going through all the possibility through the upcoming days. He was keen to pick up on Annie’s almost willingness to let him sodomized her in the only way he really like it. Not that once he had gotten started he’d let her just stop in the middle of it. There was only one woman in his life that had manage to do that, his second try at anal. He was left to finish himself off, but that never happened again that was for sure, as he’d gotten good at pinning a woman in place till he’d been more than just satisfied.

He’d give Annie a couple day’s for her young gut to recover, that’d be the nice thing to do. But more importantly he wanted a full load in his balls cause it always was best when he shot a full load of juice from his cock. He too tried to sleep that night his mind filled with the possibilities of reenacting some of the anal child porn videos he’d seen over the last year or so sense his wife left. His balls ached still from the intense release earlier, even still his cock went stiff as he fantasized about Annie being used in some of the ways he’d viewed from his special file of young kids being sodomized and oralized, some cruelly and wondered if showing them to Annie would help or hinder her in anyway.

Annie woke up in the morning and found her insides were still out of sorts and that lasted most of the day. Toward evening the discomfort was all but forgotten and when she went to bed her daddy coming in to kiss her goodnight she smiled wickedly as he left her. Annie’s young mind slipping into a young girl’s fantasy of being taken by evil men and sold as a sex slave to a strong good looking but cruel master who wanted only to use her in the most humiliating, debasing, and purposely embarrassing ways. She relished the feeling of being watched while being tied tightly and sodomize by her master. Being forced to feel what she’d felt only last night for her fantasy lover’s delight, the urgent need to poop but a million times worse. And Annie’s hand went rubbing hard over that spot on her young pussy that sent her over that edge of just pleasure. She wanted daddy to play that game with her. She slipped quickly into another wishful fantasy dream, her other hand coming up to her mouth again, finger going in to the back of her throat.

In her fantasy Annie’s hands were tied behind her back and she was forced to kneel in front of the naked handsome master, one of his hands balled in a fist in her red hair gripping tightly holding her head up level with his adult long stiffly engorge cock. He was going to throat fuck her but good, her young pussy singing with anticipation of being use for a sex toy. Annie let her hand rubbing her young pussy go behind her, pinned against the bed and her back. And letting her young mind go fully into the fantasy she gagged herself as she imagined her master plunging his long cock into her reluctant mouth and down her throat his loin going through the moves that made his sperm release. Annie’s whole body shuddered up as her young pussy spasmed pleasantly at the thought. She finely fell off to sleep.

George woke up late Annie still asleep or so he thought. He didn’t know she had woken earlier staying in her room under the blanket. She couldn’t get enough of the new type of pleasure her father had help her discover. She knew he’d be going to the computer later in the day, she’d be there too but now she had pleasant business to take care of. George on the other hand was cruising through the day in a festive mood and after lunch had gotten a beer, then another before the mood to view porn had him bee lining to the room where that computer was bring another bottle of beer with him. He was in the mood for some child porn and booted the beast up bringing up his favorite site for such things. In short order and with a raging hard-on he was downloading vids and pictures with practiced ease of almost a full year. It was without thought he opened his arms letting Annie up onto his lap when she quietly came up.

George absentmindedly reached around her for his beer taking a gulp and placing it down. A new child deep-throat anal vid was out and the download complete. Annie had leaned back in his lap biting the nail on one finger watching quietly as he out of habit ignoring her clicked on the vid to watch it. His beer buzzed brain not giving it a though to her there ‘out of sight out of mind’ and unconsciously leaned in his head next to Annie’s which leaned it too to watch.

It was one of those tot boy vid from china. The young boy was tied with his hands behind him and the man managed to to stuff his cock down his young throat a bulge plainly visible where the cock went in deep the sound was up enough to hear his harsh gagging as the man held his young head in place against his pubes for as long as he could. The man did it again with less success and in seeming frustration spun the young boy around onto his belly the man coming up with his stiff still mouth slime coated organ aiming it through the small buttocks of the young boy and driving it home up his young ass. The poor tot’s torso game up tensely off the bed they were on the man giving him no chance to get accustomed to the sudden entry went about pulling the ridge shocked boy by his young muscle tense shoulders back almost fully onto his thick cock.

“Daddy?” Annie said breaking George’s trance.

George jumped realizing Annie was there his heart skipping a beat. Too late now to be worried and he wasn’t sure if some type of damage control was in order, but what?

“Can you tie me up like that so you can do oral on me”

Even though his cock was stiff against Annie’s buttocks it lurched stiffer still.

“You want to suck on my cock honey” he said almost stuttering, feeling guilty that she’s seen his child porn and not sure if she was ready yet.

“Daddy… Do you like men too” Annie asked because before now she hadn’t even crossed her mind that men might have sex with boys too “I mean like you like women”

“Ah… Ah..” George was at a lose now the beer clouding his thoughts “I… Ah, ah like younger…. boys only sometime”

“You mean young like me, but a boy” Annie said still chewing the one finger nail.

“Yes young like you, but I’ve never… ah well been with a boy before Annie” He said “Only girls like you”

“Boys can’t have babies, can they daddy” Annie was thinking “Cause they don’t have pussy’s, right daddy”

“Right Annie.. Right” he went on “But they still have holes”

“Like my butt hole and… mouth hole, but no pussy hole” Annie said then blushed “And only the pussy hole makes babies, that’s why you can’t put your cock in my pussy”

“Right Annie… Right” George struggling with making some kind of sense

Annie chewed some more on her finger nail as George replayed the video of the young boy, both watching as the man tied the boy’s small hand behind his back. Then with the boy setting on his knees the man brought his stiff cock up to his mouth shoving the cock in deep and then as the boy gagged push the wide eyed boy’s small head fully against his hairy loin a bulge forming going down the front on his throat holding him tightly there.

“Daddy.. do you want to do that to me” Annie ask, hopeful “Like that man did to the boy”

“What do you mean Annie”

“I want to be like that boy in the movie, daddy” Annie tried to explain flushing brightly not sure if it was right to want such a thing “My hands like the boy in the movie”

The video played on with the boy being flipped over in shock of being throat fucked and the man stuff the boy’s ass with his thick cock.

“Lets do that daddy” Annie couldn’t help but to ask her young pussy humming, her young mind wanting to be humiliated again and in a hushed unsure voice “Just like that.. okay”

George’s cock lurched fully stiff at passably reenacting this video with Annie. He restarted the video and both watch it several more times. George grabbed his beer and turned it up ‘fuck’ the last bit was warm but he slugged it down. He was at that state where one more would be just perfect.

“I’m going to get another beer”

“OK daddy” Annie said sliding off his lap letting him get up. When daddy needed another beer she’d learn to not get in his way.

Annie watched her dad leave the room, she also noticed the bulge in his shorts and her young pussy tingled with pleasure knowing she’d be getting her way. It was starting to seem that men, even her daddy were easy to control if you only knew the trick. And Annie thought she was figuring out that trick. The movie she’d just seen was just what she wanted to try, her fantasy demanded it. She knew if she could trap daddy into doing it she too would be trapped into doing it. Annie’s clit grew wet and her young mind flashed back to her vivid daydream about being taken and used as a love slave, and if she could get daddy to do it, she would just be in heaven. She remembered there were other movies on the computer maybe she could find one to show daddy of what she wanted.

Annie had a computer of her own, didn’t everyone. And she grabbed the mouse searching through the folder her father had left open. The thumbnails were a big help but she hadn’t seen any of these. She clicked on one. A young girl was tied over something her arms over the front and Annie could see her ankles tied so that her butt was exposed to the man. The man came up quickly placing his cock onto her butt-hole and pressed. The young girls head came up with all the muscles of her body trembling. Annie’s hand went to her pussy rubbing over it as she watched. She realized she wanted to be tied up too, maybe her daddy would like to do it also. To Annie this all seemed normal if not awkward because she wasn’t sure how to really get him to want to try it. But if her father like to watch it surely he liked doing it. Annie swallowed hard doing her best to make that bashful self-conscious feeling go away ‘she’d do it’ cause her pussy was saying she’d like it.

George got his beer and was still clear enough of mind to stay in the kitchen leaving Annie alone with the porn computer. Having recovered from the shock of her seeing him looking at child porn he realized he might be able to use this to his advantage. She surely didn’t know it was wrong and her curiosity would have her checking out the other videos, he was sure of that. His tastes in child porn was even more hard-core than regular adult porn, of course all of it gagging oral and deep sensation racked anal of young kids, young boys and girls. He was very particular on his downloads adult or child-porn for that matter. He’d taken all the steps to keep him safe from being caught, encryption and other almost at first insurmountable things he learned necessary in order to view and download this type of fetish material safely. But all of that to no affect if someone just walks in while he looking at it. He’d lock the door next time. But in a way this might just have worked out for the best.

George beer in hand went to the computer room looking in. Annie, just as he thought was intently watch one, the very one he’d just downloaded of the tied Chinese tot. She was setting on the edge of the chair, mouse in hand watching closely as the boy got deep throated. George must have made a sound because she turned looking at him, her face was flushed.

“Daddy would it be wrong if I wanted you to do that to me” Annie averting her eyes “I mean I think I’d like to… would you, daddy”

George would have to give her the talk about keeping her mouth shut soon, but for right now something like that video he’d just downloaded would set about right. He’d be jacking off to it soon enough but if Annie was a real thing and having something warm and real being abused by his cock was far better than his right hand anyway. And if was taking her meaning right he’d just about get away with murder with Annie. He’d only been with three of four women that were real slave whores but, Annie? If he was reading her right she was wanting to try some bondage, deep throat and some anal action all of it forcefully done. George’s cock stiffen so hard that his shorts stuck out like a tent pole.

“Just like in that movie your watching right now Annie” he ask baiting her. “It might hurt some”

Annie could here the excitement in her daddy’s voice and knew she was on the right track. She could tell he wanted to do it to. Her young pussy had her squirming in the chair.

“It’s okay daddy if it hurts some” she said trying to gauge his reaction “Can you do it just like the man in the movie did with the boy”

Annie saw the gleam in his eye and on his face, even her daddy’s cock was hard. An surge anxious excitement flooded through her knowing that once he started he wouldn’t stop and that too sent a chilling fearful thrill of adrenalin that she was starting something she wasn’t going to be able to stop. Annie jumped up off the chair.

“Daddy, I want to do it now… Okay” Annie said knowing if she thought about it to long she’d chicken out.

George had drank that right amount of beer that ether had you in a good mood or a redneck hate the world mood. He was kind of leaning toward the redneck, always did when he got too drunk. After the other day sodomizing the shit out of Annie he’d had no worries about whether she could take it or not, not that he cared anyway. But it be tough to explain to anyone if he had to rush her to the hospital of something. He was more than ready too. She stood there smiling at half first as he approached but seemed to sensed the serious consequence of her decision. George brought his hand up to the top of her head and grabbed a hand full of her hair. If she wanted to rough he’d start now, his cock lurched stiffer seeing her cringe from the discomforting grip he had.

“Ow… ow” Annie cried out but didn’t raise a hand to fight him off.

George pull her from the computer room toward his bedroom where he was sure things for her were going to get even more severe. He’d get a good throat fucking and finish in her ass. But he was of a mind to give her a good whipping to. Annie had always been a good girl and he’d never had much of a chance to discipline her, but here was a good a time as any to start. If Annie wanted to play rough he was her man and that was for sure too.

Annie hardly had time to wipe the smile off her young face at seeing on her fathers face he wanted to play like that man played with the young boy in the movie. But as he walk suddenly quickly toward her Annie could see the sudden to her a cruel look that seemed to change as if turning a page in a book and finding all the wrong word on it. A wave of freezing fear like she’d maybe done the wrong thing in wanting this took her up. Her young pussy quivered excitedly as if her young brain and her young clit were of to different mind sets. She love the conflict going on inside her as daddy reach up grabbing her red hair at the top of her head pulling her out of the room. It hurt wonderfully. Both her hands coming up grabbing his forearms for support so she wouldn’t fall as he pulled her into his bedroom where a couple nights ago she fantasized about her harsh lover sodomizing her cruelly as her daddy really did it. Annie’s young pussy grew wet with anticipating excitement. Her father kind of flung her into the room releasing his grip as he did.

“Strip naked Annie” He commanded and left the room in a rush.

Both Annie’s hand were at the top of her head the hurt of some of her hair being pulled loose still a shock. Her brain was in conflicted turmoil for a few moments longer. But her daddy was back before she could start to remove her clothing and looking mad. Annie stood dumbly in the center of the room looking up at him at the doorway with a length of rope and his leather belt. She jumped into action but was way to late, her father rushed her in a flash grabbing her up and placing her belly down over the bed. He was over her just as fast snatching up her wrist and bringing them around behind her. The rope he still had being tied almost too tight around her wrists behind her back. Finished her dad slipped off the bed pulling her off too, placing her onto her feet before him still facing away.

Annie was spun facing him now, his hands coming to her elastic banded shorts and pulled them down, panties and all. And with her shorts and panties still at her ankles he picked up the leather belt ‘He was going to whip her’ both her arm tried to come up in defense to ward off an impending blows, his other hand went quickly up to the top of her head gripping into her hair again.

“No, daddy no” she cried out “What did I do”

But secretly Annie knew this was part of what her fantasy demanded and even as she twisted about defensively, held upright by the painful grip of the hand in her hair, her young pussy went about masking the true harshness of what was about to happen. Annie’s young mind slipping also defensively into the fantasy of last night. The belt came up swinging catching her legs with a loud shocking sound. Before she could recover it was swinging again this time she cried out crying like the kid she was, her young pussy doing it’s best to make the sudden abuse bearable and in a conflicting cruel way it did, not that it stopped her from screaming, pleading for daddy to stop, her cruel lover to stop cause it was her fantasy of the night before that she escaped into. In a way she was as clear minded as she ever could be, any panic or pain she felt seemed to heighten her new found sexual urges that she found hard to control or guide. And each landing blow of the belt across her leg and buttocks as she swiveled to and fro under her lovers hand gripping into the hair of her head sent latent waves of pleasure through her.

George had never had a reason to whip Annie, but this gave him a thrill he couldn’t believe was possible. He’d never been a nice man to any woman but whipping his daughter like this had his cock leaking pre-cum profusely. His strong hand gripped into her red hair and he held her in place before him. He was amazed how wonderful it was to see her young arm muscles working to pull free of the rope he’d used to tie her wrist behind her back and he swung the belt landing multiple blows across her buttocks and legs. Tears ran down her freckled wide eyed face, her young eyes watching the swinging belt doing her best to get the belt to land on a part of her that wouldn’t hurt as much as any other.

‘Oh Fuck’ he thought ‘Just look at Annie dance’

George realized after a bit he was getting carried away way too much. And with some effort on his part he landed what was the last blow letting the belt snap solidly over both bare buttocks. He manage to rein in enough restraint to stop although his hand had automatically rose as if to strike again. Annie was balling hysterically still flinching, turning and twisting as if he was going to strike out again. George was amazed on how much the act of flogging Annie turn her into something less than human to his mind. Tears watered over both Annie’s eye and ran down her young face freely. She had the pleasing look of having been treated unfairly and was afraid of more abuse. But George was drawn to her young mouth that her tears ran down and over, his cock stiff still in his short needed to be freed.

In Annie’s young fantasy guided mind she was being beaten by her sadistic lover for his satisfaction alone in preparation for her sexual submission to him. Her bound hands behind her writhed about in the tight knots that held them there. Each blow from the leather strap stung smartly, each adding to the next making her move about under the painful grip of the strong hand in her hair. The sense of being purposely subdued for the demeaning sexual acts to come sent quivers of pleasure that surge from her young pussy making the shocking whipping bearable in a masochistic way. Not that Annie knew the word ‘masochistic’ only that she somehow enjoyed the grownup game her daddy was letting her play with him.

Annie had let herself go deep into that world she created for herself, crying out as each blow landed, unable to get away or ward off the blows she cried out for it to stop dancing about but unable to move away as the leather strap loom foremost in her tear filled eyes. She was suddenly released staggering for balance hands still bound behind her as she balled like the child she was unable to stop it. Her father ‘sadistic lover’ pulled off the remainder of his clothes becoming fully nude. His cock stuck out long and menacing pointing at her, a oozing stream of pre-cum leaking from the pee slit held her attention as her crying slowed to sobs. He stepped closer, intent clear as she stool only a little taller than her cruel lover’s loin.

The movies she’d watched didn’t portray what she now felt ‘disgust’ at seeing the leaking thick pre-cum going down under the adult cock and making the coarse hairs of the seemingly huge testicular sack wet with the liquid. But if the women in those movies could do it so could she. The adult scent coming from the male loin went adding itself to her fantasy and even though she wanted to recoil from what her lover now wanted her young pussy tingled with delight as the prospect of this new adventure. She totally felt the slave now, forced to do thing sexually she found revolting or she’d be whipped or worse. A hand went gripping into her hair again the leaking organ looming in close to her mouth, a conflict going on inside of Annie of maybe wanting to be somewhere else, of maybe making a big mistake. She felt a harsh face jarring slap against one side of her face and opened her young mouth up.

George had liked to use a good throat fuck as a prelude to an ass fuck. He’d found once a woman had been gagged with cock real good the fight for some harsh sodomy was half won. He’d be long finished by the time any woman recovered enough to fend him off. Sure he’d already sodomized Annie but this way seem better as he’d not have to prep her rectum with lube. All that gagging she’d be doing soon took care of all that. Hell he’d throat fuck one woman that shit while gagging hard on his cock. He wasn’t sure if Annie would but it sure be a plus if he could make her lose that kind of control. And the thought of ‘mouth to ass, ass to mouth’ seemed the way to go. He’d almost bet he could disgrace the young bitch that way, cause there wasn’t a woman around that didn’t get horribly embarrassed at having that kind of accident while being fucked.

Annie was at just the right age and just the right height to be standing upright before him her young head just perfect to be face fucked. The beer he’d drank settled his mind set into an aggressively mean state. Whipping Annie only seem to heighten the mean mood. The thought of throat fucking her was playing out in his head, he moved in taking in the way her tear eyes locked onto to the approach of his cock-head. George grabbed into the hair at the top of her head again, she wasn’t going to change her mind at this point late in the game. Her wet mouth seemed to drop open as his cock got almost to her young lips. He paused for a moment feeling her hot breath go over his organ before slipping it into the hot damp oral orifice. His hand in her hair pushing down in order to get Annie to hunch over some knowing that would line up her young throat better for entry. If it worked for an older woman surely it’d work for Annie.

Annie’s legs and buttocks still stung from the whipping and even though she was still crying strangely she was clear headed as she was forced to hunch over her head held so it faced the ridged cock. It felt so dirty to be used for only the man’s pleasure alone. The leaking tip loomed in going toward her mouth. She had to will away her disgust at taking the fluid leaking male organ into her mouth but it was hard to full discard the revolt she felt fully and the look on her face she was sure reflected her sentiment. She couldn’t take her eyes off the stream of clear thick liquid that even now dripped in a long string down toward the floor her wide tear filled light/blue eyes following it. With a wrinkled nose she open her mouth her young mind returning fully back into her fantasy world she had no real control of. She realized that more than anything the thrill of having no control over what was happening to her was the driving force behind the pleasure she was deriving. Annie’s young pussy felt so good she now squirmed in place rubbing her legs tightly together to enhance it farther.

As Annie stared down the long length of the stiff adult organ the blunt thick tip went over her tongue the thick slimy underside of it fill her senses with the unaccustomed taste that was a shocking revolt to her, adding to and heightening the sense of being taken for no pleasure of her own but the vile use of her harsh sadistic lover she’d created in her young mind. Annie fully placed herself into the made up world she created letting herself go to enjoy the harsh use she felt was still to come. She let the mat of coarse pubic hair before her face become the world, her young mind focusing on the feel and shape of the male sex organ being slipped over her tongue on it eager path toward the back of her throat. Everything about the acted that in her fantasy she was being force to take a unwilling part in seemed to be a effort as the blunt tip went against the back of her throat. Her fingers touching her throat were one thing but this was a vastly difference, the added odd taste of the thick pre-cum had her in a sudden fight to keep a urge to gag a lost cause.

Annie’s stomach lurched up harder than she’d ever felt it do ever before, forcing her hunch up even more. To her shock it was as if her lover was anticipating this very involuntary act of her young body. The organ charge forward, a hand going to the back of her head assisting the shocking plunge of the thick male organ. Her arms tugged hard against the tight rope wanting to come up to ward off the approach of the coarse dark mat of hair trying to go against her young face. Another shocking hard retch hit in a suddenness that hurt her body to execute. Her cruel lover’s thick fleshy rod took full advantage of the hunch up gagging retch and forced his cock even deeper. Fantasy or not Annie needed to get off the thick adult cock that was lodged down her throat but both hands seem to gripped around her young head in such away only her young body could twisted, pulled and jerked erratically between the quick hard hitting body consuming gagging retches that had her frozen in place throughout the short but to Annie a long moment of endurance of each harsh gag. The forth harsh belly aching retch hit, her face mashed hard into the mat of hair, her young nose forced into the soft flesh above the male organ.

The strong hands slipped to the side of her head pulling her wide eye shocked head back slowly off the long thick stiff rod. Annie was froze tensely hunch up the feeling of the stiff rod down her throat being pulled out was a lesson in patience. And as it cleared her throat and mouth she found for a few more long seconds she could only remain frozen hunched up mouth open wetly gagging, slime and goo dripping over her young chin. Annie’s damp eyes cleared enough to see the wet adult male organ, slime coated the thing fully to it base. Annie young pussy quivered in a spasm, a thrill of doing what the women on the movies did for their men overwhelmed her scenes, her tummy hurt from the strain of retching so hard. Annie staggered about lightheaded her lover still holding her head in place facing the slime dripping cock which her light/blue eyes remained lock on, more pre-cum oozed from the pee slit along with some white liquid mix with it. Annie’s gasped in getting her lungs to work, her tongue moved about in her slightly open mouth filled with the taste of the pre-cum and thick spittle slime.

George had planted his cock into Annie’s throat ‘FULLY’ his balls lifting and cock flexing toward release. This was much to soon cum and his mind went into the mode all men know of that struggle to keep from coming too soon, all movement having to come to a stop. George grabbed the sides of Annie’s young head staring down. She still had her t-shirt on, hands still tied behind her back the rope George could see biting into the flesh of her wrist from the strain Annie was placing on them. She was hunched up in a more than pleasant looking deep retch and he could see down over the arch of her back onto her young freckled bare buttocks moving to each leg movement she made to remain balanced and standing before him. Even though George’s balls didn’t lurch up into full release he could feel the tight squeeze that happened when he struggle to will the orgasm into submission. George knew from experience sperm had leaked profusely from the end of his cock that was now fully planted into Annie’s young throat.

George grasped Annie’s head in a vice like grip knowing any abrupt movement might set him off and eased his cock back. His eye’s wide staring down taking the sight in wanting to remember it all. His long cock popped from her tight throat through Annie’s hot gagging mouth and out lurch up slightly into the cooler air of the room inches in front of her wide eyed face. Sperm and pre-cum oozed freely from the end of his cock for a few more seconds till he regained a semblance of control. Annie on the other hand staggered about her young head still in his grasp, George was near ready to chance it yet. He took a deep regulating breath, his reprieve working its magic. The ooze of sperm from his balls like a relief valve giving him new life to continue. Some whitish oozing pre-cum still leached from his cock-head. Annie’s young eye’s seemed transfixed on the oozing liquid her slightly open mouth moving as it she could still taste it and couldn’t quite decide if she could handle more or not.

“Open up Annie, one more time” George commanded “I’m going to ass fuck you after this”

Annie young mind was in turmoil of pleasure and demeaning torment combining itself into something she wanted more of. She was still lightheaded and was sure she’d fall to her knees if she wasn’t still being held up by the strong gripping adult hands on the sides of her head. She couldn’t turn her gaze from the oozing pee slit on the cock inches in front of her young face. That was sperm mixed with the clear thick liquid Annie was seeing, she sure of it, the added strange taste of it strong in her mouth. She wasn’t sure she like it at all, the though of her cruel lover really unloading all of it in her mouth or throat making her queasy adding to and enhancing the demeaning feeling of being used against her will. She welcomed the added rush of emotional degradement. And when she was commanded to open her mouth again she did so her young mind believing her fantasy lover giving her no choice. She heard him say she was going to be sodomized after, her young mind remembering the urgent embarrassment of being watched as she was forced to feel like she needed to poop real bad just because her lover enjoyed seeing her endure it. A real spasm of pleasure went as a electrical shock through her.

Engulfed fully in her fantasy world Annie watch the sperm/pre-cum leaking adult organ moving and going toward her open mouth. She was mentally at odds with what she knew was about to happen. The muscles of her abdomen still ached and her throat felt rough like she had the beginnings of a cold, a fear welled up as the taste of the leaking cock head slipped into her mouth forcing her mouth to open up even more to accommodate it. The hands on the side of her head forcing her over hunching her back over, keeping her head up.

“Lower the back of your tongue Annie” She heard “Slide it forward under my cock”

The queasy overwhelming taste of the pre-cum/sperm mix made it hard to comply as thick cock-head was trying to probe over the back of her uplifted tongue much to fast in eagerness to get down her throat as quickly as possible. In a odd way it pleased Annie to think her body, even her throat would hold so much delight for her lover or any man for that mater. But she wasn’t looking forward to choking on it again the event of a only a moment ago still fresh in her young mind. Annie’s head was pulled even more firmly toward the eager organ. She didn’t want the thick rod just charging down her throat, the front of her tongue was flat on the underside of the thick fleshy rod. She could feel through the slime every bump and imperfection there as she the trembling now threatening to cramp muscles of the back of her tongue to ease off slowly mentally preparing herself for the touch of the blunt head on the back of her throat. But as the back of Annie’s tongue eased off the head slipped over. Her thought was she’d be able to regulate the lunge with the pressure of her young tongue pressing under it, she was apparently wrong.

The way Annie’s cruel lover had her held had her young throat lined expertly up with her mouth. Once the thick freely seminal fluid leaking blunt head slipped over her tongue, for her that fight was over and a new one began. This time when Annie gag reflex kicked in her young head with eyes wide open watched as the dark mat of hair went into her young face, her entire world a dark brassily mat of male wiry adult pubic hair. She tried, boy did she try to handle the fully placed thick organ now deep in her young throat. And for a long few seconds with her tummy and abdomen going through tensing stages of indecision she remained frozen held tightly in place. Annie’s young body in harsh suddenness attempted to, like a intense hiccup, gasp in air. Slime in her throat was sucked into her lungs turning her entire world on end in a need to cough up the thick liquid.

She did manage to cough, blowing air out around the thick organ the cheeks of her mouth ballooning out against his loin. Annie’s lungs expecting to inhale to cough again was met with nothing but a bit of thick liquid and nothing more. It was nothing like Annie expected at all and to make matters worse as her lungs worked to cough it up and inhale all at the same time the act of doing so seem to set her harsh lover off, sending him into a lust crazed frenzy of unexpected sexual movement, using her throat as he’d used her rectum days before. Annie had turned up a bottle of soda before with some going into the wrong hole choking her with the bubbly liquid, leaving her coughing for the longest time to get the stuff up. But this was much worse than that, she couldn’t get any air to cough at all and every involuntary in-taking gasp her young body did seemed to find more thick liquid to suck into her lungs.

Annie’s young pussy somehow in a cruel twist found pleasure in her torment. Her arms twisted against the tight rope that held them together behind her wanting to come up to push off the now moving organ off her face. She was strangely mentally disconnected from it, like she was watching it all from a distance, but not. She was as clear headed now as it in any time in her young life, tuned now to the shocking wet sounds of the moving rod forcing its way through her throat. The dark adult mat of coarse pubic hair was being shoved into her wide eyed face over and over as she struggled to choke up the liquid from her lungs. In a cruel act her stomach tensed with the feeling of pushing puke up. Annie didn’t want that at all ‘Oh God’ she thought as involuntary gasps had her sucking more fluid into her lungs.

George was counting out the seconds in his mind trying to gauge Annie’s panicked reactions as he joyfully went about throat fucking the young bitch. This was a throat fucking dream come true. There were few women that would let you tie their hands behind them for a good throat fucking but gullible Annie let him do it. He was engrossed in witnessing her young arms wanting to come up to ward him off, the sight of the rope biting into her flesh had him even more aggressive than he’d normally would be. What man wouldn’t take full advantage of it. And George was fully tuned to the harsh wet sounds that filled his bedroom. George could sense her young body becoming exhausted, weakening her struggles becoming less panicked. Her stomach lurched in that deep way George like feeling with his cock his eyes turned to seeing Annie erupt, then she deeply retched in the way he recognized and George could tell that this was it. Annie puke something up hard, George had already countered by planting his cock fully waiting for it.

Annie could tell the next uncontrolled retch was going to be it. She was going to puke something up. Her young mind seemed to shout out for this to be over, her young pussy had other thoughts and even as her young stomach tightened, muscles of her abdomen locking tight sending a gush of puke up against the blockage in her throat a wave of pleasure shuddered through her. The horrid stuff hesitated in a painful moment against the blockage it found, her young body just gagged harder forcing the puke around the now firmly implanted cock of her lover into her mouth, nose, and even leaving her exasperating on the lung stinging stuff.

The adult cock pulled suddenly free from her throat leaving her in a state of pure exhaustion, choking, gasping and coughing up the throat burning remnants of puke. The strong hands gripping her head were gone leaving her staggering about the floor in a state of mental confusion. Somewhere in the back of her thoughts were ‘He’s going to sodomize me now’ Annie fell to her knees onto the hardwood floor her head held low trying to choke up and get enough air to breathe. Hands grabbed her under her arms picking her up but she was to weak to help or care and she was place over the side of the bed as she went about coughing hoarsely still unable to gasp in a full gratifying breath of air. Annie felt her t-shirt being pushed high up over her back and hands feeling over her as she still hacked up harshly. A slick blunt tip slipped between her buttocks finding her tight anus.

George was on his mission now as he stared down onto Annie’s backside. His cock was now used as a tool he was wielding to open her rectal passage. She was in a hell of a state over the side of the bed, any fight left in her gone. George’s cock was slick from young girl spittle pre-cum and puke as he guided it between her buttocks as the barely visible pink area where Annie’s tight anus was located. He pressed forward his knees working together to open her legs farther to get a better view of the entry. All the gagging had gone its job of loosening her tight backdoor enough for him to shove in on the first try. His sodomy of her just two days ago probably helped too. He went in deep watch her young back arch up high as his cock head went up tight against the tight turn that would have his cock entering into her large intestine. George was in heaven as Annie’s rectal passage milked over his cock from all the deep racking coughing she was still caught up in.

He flexed his thick cock working it as he would a finger feeling for and finding the necessary angle and took full advantage of his vast experience to surge into Annie’s full rectal depths. This time he was rewarded by her entire young body shuddering, a deep guttural grunt like groan come from Annie’s abused throat. George didn’t enter Annie’s deep bowel to fuck her, but for a more selfish and nefarious reason of weakening Annie’s unconscious ability to naturally control her bowel when he stuffed her throat again. He was grinning from ear to ear at the wickedly thought out prospect.

Annie was deep in a state of mental turmoil laying face down over the side of he bed waiting for her cruel lover to farther disgrace her by taking her anally. Through her deep racking coughs she felt his knees eagerly opening her legs to look down upon her backside. A wave of mild embarrassment at knowing her anus would be force open by his baby making sex tool. Her harsh lover she knew wasn’t doing it out of love but a greedy need to feel empowered by Annie’s forced submission. Her anus gave in and the slick thick rod slipped up into her forcing her rectal passage to stretch tightly over the thickness. He eagerly went deep till she felt the blunt tip searching for the way to go even deeper still. Annie young body was hunched up struggling to come to grips with the way her suddenly overstretch rectum felt but she wasn’t going to be given time to fully acclimate to the overbearing thickness. The blunt probing found the pain giving turn into her intestine and move in a rush to finish the job her selfish lover intended.

The deeper entry into her young intestine had all the harsh nasty feelings she remembered from the other day leaving her bowel feeling on edge of cramping up. But as Annie waited for harsh degrading the onslaught to began she felt the slow withdraw of the thick organ. And even before it left her anus a strong hand went into the red hair off her head pulling her up off the bed till she stood on wobbly legs. She was turned facing the ridge cock that now loomed close to her face a smear of thick brown poop lightly coated the head.

“Open!” Annie heard

The hand in her head already gripping in forcing her hunch over her head up facing the glaring rod. Her lovers intentions clear. This was even more humiliation than she could bare, tears came streaming down her face.

“Open!!” was demanded of her again

A stinging slap went against the side of her face jarring her into compliance. Annie young pussy jumped into action with a wave of sexual pleasure of being forced to comply with the unimaginable request. Her face flushed red with shame and dread but she did open her mouth to the horror before her. Annie wanted to hide from this shameful act in some way but couldn’t and with dreaded horrible disgust plainly visible on her young face could only watch the poop coated tip being brought to her opened mouth as if her disdain to having to do it meant nothing to her sadist lover. With nose held winkled up with disgust Annie held her mouth open wide tongue down as if afraid the thick smear of poop coating the blunt tip might accidentally touch something in her mouth. To her horror that was the least of her lovers concerns as it left her throat opened to his deep plunging lunge. Both his hands latching tightly around the back of her head keeping her from surging back off the gag inducing organ.

And gag Annie did a hard hitting retch that sent her hunched up and twisting about in her lovers grip around her small head trying to pull away. Her face went mashing in tightly against his hairy loin her body giving her a few seconds reprieve before snapping up tightly into full fledged deep puke inducing gag. To Annie’s horror she felt her just deeply still stinging penetrated young bowel force out some poop, there seemed no way to stop it. It seemed to slip through her young rectal passage in loud gaseous and humiliating fashion that her mortified. The adult cock wedged tightly in her throat exploded in full release of spraying its sperm out in pumping force. Annie could feel he heavy balls lifting to each deluge of liquid that flooded into her young throat. So much of it that it flooded back into her mouth and nose her entire world consumed by the snot like baby making fluid, not to mention the taste of her own poop still there, no hiding that. Her lover continued holding on to her head in a vice like grip letting till Annie’s aching abdomen gave a final deep heave forcing even more poop out and Annie was sure some pee as well.

George had prepped Annie’s young rectum well cause the moment his cock lodged deep into her tight throat a sharp fart ripped from her back end. Evidence of her disgrace was still flooding over her young wide eyed face as he tugged her open mouth fully onto his awaiting cock which exploded into full release knowing she was still coming to terms with just pooping herself. He’d done this to more that one women and it gave George a sense of sexually demeaning control he really relished. He tugged his wet slimy cock free letting Annie slip to her knees, she was going to need some me time to herself to regain her composure. George took only a few seconds to admire her still gagged up pose as if she was fearful of the taking the next breath. Then the in-taking wet gasp sending Annie into a uncontrolled bout of hoarse wet coughing. He needed to wash himself, Annie would be there for a bit he was sure of that. She was in no shape to go far. He’d be recharged enough to finish her in a short bit, always like to end a good round of sex with deep sodomy.

Annie found herself hunched over on her knees on the wooden floor choking wetly a small puddle of semen thick spittle and a little puke before her. Her young mind playing out the mortifying moment she pooped. Her young pussy plainly telling her it was okay by flooding her with waves of pleasure. In fact every act of humiliation and deeply felt degradation she relived had her young clit on the verge of pleasurable spasms. She felt she’d been used purposely just so her lover could enjoy her mortifying disgrace ‘SPASM’ she tugged on the still tight rope binding her wrist behind her ‘SPASM’ the memory of the other day when Annie was sure her lover only wanted to watch her as he went about making her strain uncontrollably with the embarrassing need to poop ‘SPASM’ and today the unwarranted whipping she took. Her young pussy exploded sending a flood of ecstasy shuddering through her. She wanted more.

George had washed up, his now somewhat soft cock hung half hard as he went for another quick beer. In the kitchen he could still hear Annie coughing wetly in the bedroom but she seemed to be doing much better. His cock swelled up some as he turned up the cold beer finishing half in one try. If this had been a regular woman he’d been spent for the day and kicked her ass on out the door. But the thought of six year old Annie’s hugging tight rectum still in need of a good honing lifted his cock even higher. She’d be useless for a week or more but George would have enough memories to masturbate through till then. His free hand rubbed over his cock firming the damn thing rose up even more as he turn the rest of the beer up, burping loudly before heading back to his bedroom and Annie.

Annie was still kneeling on the floor but looked up when he came in. George went to the bathroom getting a wet rag to run through Annie’s buttocks. He’d be needing more than a little something to get off after so soon a release of his cum. He remember a vid he’d seen of a young girl tied over a chair her feet pulled wide apart with ankles bound to each leg of the chair. He still had plenty of rope and reached down grabbing Annie by the hair in the top of her head pulling her up.

“Ow-w” Annie cried out. But her young pussy said something else

Annie was unceremoniously pulled by her hair to the foot of the bed and placed belly first over the side. A cool wet rag went through the cheeks of her buttocks a couple times.

“Time for that butt fucking” she heard “But I’m going to tie you down real good this time”

Annie was thrilled at the prospect, something new to try, the excitement of it renewing exhausted young body. In her young mind her sick sadist fantasy lover was back with a vengeance of demeaning sexual satisfaction for himself. She was to be used again. Only this time Annie had the the presence of foresight of knowing what was in store for her. Her young face flushed red anticipating the humiliating embarrassment she’d be feeling. Her young pussy hummed expectantly as her one ankle was pulled over close to the leg of one side of the bed and tied tightly in place. Then the other ankle was grabbed and rope place around it. Annie felt it being pulled out her legs going wide, real wide till it almost hurt before her ankle was tied off. Another rope was tied around her already bound wrists behind her back the end of the long rope pulled up over her back forcing her arms to slid up with it high up her back. She watch as the long end was tied going over one side of her head to the head board. Annie tested the bonds of her ankles finding she wasn’t going anywhere. The rope holding her arms high up her back kept her tucked up tight against the side of the bed.

The cool air from the room could be felt by Annie on her exposed anus. She felt pleasantly vulnerable and watch her ‘father’ her now eager heartless fantasy lover open the night stand getting the same lube he used on her before. Annie watch him scoop out and apply it to his long cock that would be forced up into her rectum soon. Annie flush bright red remembering that just a moment ago she’d pooped from the very place he was going to put his sex organ and was going to purposely going to make that her feel that very same feeling, only a million time worse with him alone able to end it. Her young pussy was already tingling, the way she was tied up adding to the effect her deep fantasy demanded. Annie’s role in the act laid out before her as if in a play, her young mind making it real so she could derive a masochistic pleasure as it unfolded. Her harsh demanding lover moved up behind her a smearing of lube going quickly over her exposed anus.

In Annie’s young mind she became this cruel mans child lover with no choice but to submit to his debasing abuse. The blunt tip of the adult cock pressed firmly in place against her anus. Annie’s head came up the rope going over it slipping over one of her ears along her neck on its way up to the head board. Her young forehead furrowed up as her eyes open wide, blankly staring, her mind turning inward onto the slow opening of her anus. Then all to soon the thick organ was filling her rectum again on it’s way she was sure to the tighter turn into that deep place inside her young bowel that her sadistic lover seemed drawn to but held nothing but vile nasty sensations for her.

The thick cock pressed firmly into place filling her young tightly stretched rectal passage. If this was all he wanted from his use of her it would still be a challenge but she knew her degradement was far from complete. And right on cue came the pushing pressure of her abuser’s lust to fully enter into her bottom. The thick blunt knot deep inside her rectal passage started slipping deeper till she did feel the now expected sensation of a possible bowel movement forming, one she’d not easily suppress by just will power alone. Annie’s young body gave out shudder that had her collapsing into the mattress as she felt the wiry mat of pubic hair touch against her bottom then in a final harsh eager lunge seat firmly against her. Annie’s large intestine protested the deeper intrusion by sending a urgent demand for her to be running off the the bathroom, like right now!!…

To emphasize the point an audible deep rumble came from Annie’s abdomen and the all to real feeling of a building movement going across her, that area of her insides that triggered the sudden rush to get onto the toilet rapidly. Her young pussy surged waves of pleasure through her even in the mist of her present blight. The thick male organ flex inside her exasperating everything. Annie groan gutturally her young mind fantasizing that she could feel her sick abuser’s eyes watching her present struggle with keen intent. Annie could sense his readiness to sodomize her in the most vilest debasing way imaginable. The urge to defecate surge to the point of Annie giving in to all hope of will alone impeding the movement that had started deep inside her. She let the horror of it take her up as the deep movement of stool inside her came to a real and sickening halt against the thick blockage of adult cock.

Annie’s pussy sent shuddering waves of sexual release threw her body, her young mind filled with the reality of what was being expected of her body by her sick abuser. Strong adult male hand went feeling over her quivering young sweat drenched torso slipping under her t-shirt over her back and seemingly everywhere. His stance behind her changing, becoming more aggressive in nature. Annie deep bowel wasn’t idle and her sick lover readied himself. The pressure inside her large intestine plainly able to force her deep poop around the thick flexing organ and into her rectum blending cock and poop into what felt as one. Annie’s young mind seemed conflicted at the thought of what was plainly taking place, her young pussy though surged ahead of her making her want to be debase this way. The thick turd like feeling inside her tugged back, her rectal passage barely able to loosen its hold around the the organ on its backward path before it was forced back up into her again the last little bit to much side to side movement from her abuser.

It was the most horrid thing Annie had been ever put through. Her entire rectum had that slight nasty warm feeling of her poop along side of the shaft of the thick cock. Her anus burned slightly as if proof of the vile act. But if she thought that was it she was wrong indeed, the adult cock tugged back through the resistance repeating the insanity of it all leaving her young body tugging and pulling against the tight holding bonds on her ankles and wrists. If there ever was a total and complete way to debase and humiliate a young girl then this was it. Annie’s body shot up into a embarrassing pose of taking a poop, she couldn’t stop it if she even wanted to cause that is what it actually felt like. Only the thick moving turd was being forced back up into her, over and over the sensation of it ballooning out of her tedious hold.

“Huh-h-h..” escaped from somewhere deep inside Annie her entire young bowel straining to poop… then gutturally again “Huh-h-h…”

The adult cock seemingly becoming even more aggressive as her entire bowel struggle to poop the thick turd like organ from her rectal passage. “Huh-h-h-g…”

Annie was in a hell of a state, this was becoming a type rape and she need for it to stop.

“Huh-h-h…” Annie’s entire young body snapping tensely up into full straining “Huh-h-h-h…”

Her rectum stung and anus burn hotly being forced to slip along with her poop reluctantly over the overly thick male sex organ. The horrid sounds of the moving organ starting to be picked up even by her ears. In her fantasy world Annie was being forced to endure this for her abusers pleasure alone, the tempo of his vile lust tipping the scale into a real burning rectal pain Annie couldn’t handle and she screamed out incoherently for it to stop.

George was locked into the best anal sex he ever had. Never in his wildest dreams he’d thought of having a tied bound young girl for this kind of anal action. Annie was tied in such a way that had his cock at full stiffness. He stared down taking it all in as Annie’s young body lost all semblance of dignity before his very eyes. Her young deep bowel strained up stool around his cock in a vile uncontrolled act of protest of him planting it deep into her tight large intestine. The last beer he’d drunk left him in a mean mood of wanting to debase Annie in anyway. The entire act played out before him just as he’d imagined but a hundred times better. And when Annie body grunted up out of her control it only added fuel to the fire. He was literally fucking the shit out of the young bitch making him move at a fevered pitch to see just what Annie could take.

Annie’s sudden scream lurched his almost fully spent balls into action and he rammed his cock fully home letting it spit what it could into her hugging young large intestine that milked in spasms over his fully implanted cock-head. He leaned in over Annie kissing her on the side of her face. She turned her red flush shocked face toward his kissing him back before turning facing forward as if expecting more.

Maybe she was his daughter after all. She had the all the mental traits he’d expect of a daughter of his. The heightened deviant sexual taste too.