Little Anal Annie #1 ‘Makings of a Masochist’ (Mg,con,anal)

Little Anal Annie #1 ‘Makings of a Masochist’ (Mg,con,anal)

Prologue: Six year old Annie didn’t know anything about sex only what her father showed her as she sat on his lap looking at the computer screen but today is the day of her sexual awakening.

Annie knew nothing about the ways of adult men. She didn’t know her father was a pervert, so much so her own mother had left to escape his abuse. She didn’t know that he was addicted to anal sex and deep fellatio. Annie didn’t know as time went on he grew more jaded, his age preference grew younger as each month went by. And how could she possibly know that at six years old she had reached that age her father’s taste had lowered down to. As she sat on his lap watching the adult sex videos with him she definitely didn’t know he was prepping her to be his anal sex toy.

George’s wife had left over a year ago now and it was a relief to have her gone. He had his uses for women and bedded them any chance he had. He’d taken a liking to sodomy in his teens and most girls he dated learned he wasn’t going to be told no to. Most never came back for a second date but that was just fine with him as there were plenty more where they came from. And to tell the truth he wasn’t sure Annie was his, cause he could only remember ass fucking her mother till she grew tired of it and bugged out, maybe Annie was a product of anal leakage, a contact baby. The last couple years had him looking at younger and younger flesh even finding child porn sites till he came to notice his red haired freckled faced daughter was reaching the age he’d taken a liking to. And that gave him a hell of an idea that he couldn’t pass up.

Annie setting on her daddy’s lap chewed on one finger nail as she watched a woman on the computer open her mouth wide as a man placed his ‘cock’ she’d learned to call a mans penis when they were having sex into her mouth.

“Did mommy do that with you daddy” she asked around her finger she was still nibbling the nail on.

“She sure did honey” George replied

The woman let the man push it into her throat Annie able to see the bulge of the man’s organ as it went deep. The woman gagged really hard making all kinds of scary sounds and when the man pulled it out there was thick slime and stuff that Annie was shocked to see. But it was the second time that she opened her mouth the woman gagged up some puke coming around the man’s stiff cock. He didn’t seem to care though and started humping while holding her head. This went on for a short bit with him pulling out abruptly. The poor woman almost collapsing clear down onto the floor.

“Did mommy like doing that daddy” Annie asked concerned about the woman’s well being.

“Mommy didn’t always like it honey” George said “But she let me do it cause she knew I liked doing it”

Annie ran her small hand along her young throat wondering what it felt like, what that man on the monitor did to that woman. The woman still seemed weak unable to get up on her own. The man reached down grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up to a bed. He laid her over the side on her belly and moved up behind the woman. The woman still seemed out of it as the man spread her legs wide exposing the woman’s private parts, her adult vagina and anus to Annie’s view. She had never see an adult woman’s vagina before and leaned in her light/blue eyes looking intently out of courtesy, the woman having all the parts she herself had but with some dark hair around everything.

She squirmed in her daddy’s lap as an odd pleasant sensation she sometimes got went tingling through her own young almost hairless vagina that had the type of real fine hairs one would find anywhere on a younger redhead child’s body. The man guided his slimy stiff adult cock toward her bottom and Annie watched her light skinned face flushing as the male organ landed square on the woman’s anus. The man pushing on it till the thick tip popped into the woman’s butt-hole, the woman lurching with apparent pain grunting gutturally deep. Annie stopped chewing her finger nail her hand going over her mouth as a odd type of shock of seeing something that felt somehow wrong to be watching went through her.

“Daddy!!.. That man put his cock in the lady’s butt” Annie young mind not able to fine any reason to explain why the man would do that.

“Yes he did honey”

Annie was left in confusion as the man grabbed the woman’s arms placing them on her back and pressing deeper still, forcing his stiff organ to move farther into the older woman’s rectum. Annie could see she was in pain and empathy for her flooded through her young mind for the woman.

“Daddy.. He’s hurting her” She said but still continued watching.

“She’ll be okay.. honey” George brought his hand up stroking the red hair of her head “Woman are made to have babies and can take it”

Annie young pussy did tingle more intensely making her squirm about even more and she somehow seem intrigue by the way the man seemed to dominate the woman. Annie’s eyes taking in the man’s stance and the way he held the poor woman arms behind her. She also felt ashamed of those same thoughtful feelings unable to give them voice. Her young face flushed even more brightly.

“Daddy did you do that to mommy too” Annie blurted out

“Every chance I could, Annie” George said “Every chance I could”

Annie glanced up at her father her young mind imagining him on the video, the woman there her long gone mother as she watched on. The man seemed to have gotten most all of it up into the woman and started humping the woman seeming to at first to take an issue with the sudden movement but settled down for a little bit. Annie had a sudden thought she just had to had the answer to.

“Daddy… what if the woman has to poop” Annie struggled with what she meant “I mean would the man get mad with her, I mean if he had to stop while she went”

“He’s not going to stop, honey” George explained his only view to her “Once a man starts he’ll need to finish”

The woman grunted even more gutturally her adult body tensing the man seemingly becoming more aggressive behind the poor woman pinning her arms even more tightly against the woman’s back and forcing his cock into her oddly straining body.

“What’s happening to her, Daddy” Annie asked

“She feels like she needs to poop real bad Annie”

“Why would he want to make her feel that way” she asked, but her young tingling clit was giving her all the answers to her question that somehow the woman liked being held down and the man doing something she really didn’t like to her.

Then in a flurry of harsh movement the man rammed his cock deeply the woman crying out in discomfort her head coming up off the bed, her flushed adult face a mixed mask of horror and delight. The man pulled his cock from her and Annie saw it spit a huge wad of white liquid from the tip a few times.

“What he doing daddy” she asked

“That’s sperm Annie” George said “That’s what happens when the woman has pleased her man”

The video almost over George let Annie slip from his lap standing there as the woman lurched up from the bed twisting out of the holding grip of the man and ran with buttocks clenched toward the bathroom the camera following. The woman went onto the seat her arms clenching around her abdomen. All the while Annie watching the end of the video her face flushing brightly.

George, a hand still in caressing through her bright red hair let it slip down along her back to her perky bottom feeling her twin buttocks through her blue shorts she had on, his own cock raging in the confines of his own shorts. Annie having felt the feeling touch of his hands there turned toward him.

Her young mind was in turmoil. On one hand she somehow in a deep secretive level enjoyed and craved the thought of being forced the way she saw the woman being used, but scared too, afraid of what anyone would think of her if they knew. Daddy’s hand on her bottom sent a surge of sexual tingling through her in a shudder she couldn’t ignore. Annie’s six year old mind was unable to grasp the moral implications of society only what her body was saying to her young mind. She remained in place letting him feel over her bottom the naughty feeling it gave her adding to the affect, influencing her dissension making.

“Daddy..” She stared blankly unable to look directly at him “Do you like my bottom, my butt”

George had been admiring her perky bottom for darn near a year now. Making sure the type of clothes she wore around the home were more revealing than probably she should be wearing. Annie seemed more than receptive to what he was doing his heart beating quicker and he wasn’t the type to ignore an opportunity.

“You have a nice one Annie” he said trying not to grin to greedily “Probably better than any I’ve seen”

“Have you see a lot of naked butts daddy” Annie said trying to phrase it the way she meant it “I mean real butts daddy not on the computer”

“I’ve see a few dear” George said “But yours looks better than most, do you want to pull your short down and show me”

Annie stood thinking about that for a few moments trying to gain the courage, even though her young body tingled excitedly with doing something naughty there was something that seemed wrong about showing her bottom to her daddy. But the strange mix of sensations flooding through her, flooding her mind with a strange mix of emotions. She wanted more. Annie swallowed excitedly and brought her young hands up to the elastic of her blue shorts slipping them down.

George watched as her perfect milky white freckled buttocks were displayed to his full view. His hand going to them instantly feeling over the warm young flesh, tempted beyond endurance his other hand came up to spread them so he could see her virgin anus. His cock went lifting to full erection a bulge showing plainly through his own pants.

“I want to fuck you in the ass like the women in the movies on the computer” George was not one to hold something like that back. “Bend over a little more for me”

Annie obliged him her tingling young pussy over riding the embarrassment that had her face flushing bright red. It felt weird to her facing away from him, her father’s hands hot on her buttocks. Her young mind for some reason making it all seem the right thing to do, an inter vision of her father humping into her butt-hole lustfully like the men did in the videos with his adult cock sent a rapturous quiver through her she’d never felt before. She had a similar feeling when she was being disciplined by her father, he would pull her pants down and slap his bare hands on he bottom. It hurt and the loud sound a shock to the senses but it left her with a strange pleasant tingle coming from her young pussy here of late. There were times she did bad things just so she could feel that and in Annie’s young mind she saw no wrong in getting what felt so good, she was too embarrassed to say anything and anyway still didn’t want her daddy to know she kind of liked what was suppose to be a discipline for her. She had a little of her daddy in her that she knew for sure.

George rubbed a forefinger over her tight young pink anus testing the virgin tightness watching Annie flinch as he pressed on to the tightly closed ring of guarding muscle. He had slipped off his chair onto his knees to eye closer. Annie had just earlier taken a bath and her clean youthful sent filled his nostrils like a spell his hands slipping to and grabbing for her young age full hips using his free thumbs to spread her, keeping Annie’s pink anus in full view.

“I think we should try out that back passage of yours honey” George said his voice almost a command”

Annie was still held in the sway of the embarrassing but strangely pleasant feeling her young mind going a mile a minute with conflicting indecision, kind of wishing he would just place her over his knees and whip her and at the same time kind of wanting to him to go farther, wanting him to him to take the decision from her. She suddenly had an idea.

“Daddy” she breathed out flushing even brighter “I was a bad girl maybe you should make sure I don’t do it again”

George had fuck a lot of women in the ass in his life but never one as young as his daughter. His long gone wife was a redhead, full blown Irish on both sides even had that old country accent. Redheads always had been a personal fetish of his, that is along with his love of a good butt-fuck. And his wife had been the best, she hated being sodomized, not that it stopped George from taking her that way anyway. He love humping her till her rectal passage seized up, listening to her guttural grunt of distress. That to him was a good ass fuck and she was all of that. Annie as she got older started looking a lot like her mother down to her lushes milky freckled adolescent buttocks. Even Annie’s deep set green eyes reminded George of his missing wife. It had been over a year now sense the last time he forced himself up her tight rectum, the other women he’s taken in the last year were okay but Annie filled a niche in his sex life like no other but his missing wife could fill. He was going to do this and Annie was like his wife was going to have no choice but to submit.

“Okay Annie, get to my room now and strip down to bare skin” George demanded his mind already sinking into the mindset of the task at hand.

Annie felt a sharp slap land against her exposed bottom her young pussy flashing another pleasant wave of pressing need of more. Her young mind snapping like flipping a switch, she suddenly wanted to be led, guided, and something else her brain tried to grasp, the need to be used in a instinctual base animal way that nature had placed into play to keep life going with no thought of the individual, Darwin in the purest sense. She took off to another glancing blow to her exposed buttocks obeying her father’s wishes doing her best to grab her falling shorts before she tripped over them on her way toward his bedroom. Annie too had let her young mind slip deep into submissiveness, her young youthful pussy overwhelming her sense of right and wrong, natures age of heighten sexual need nearing her young mind still not fully mature enough to know about the social values we all are raised with. Annie face still flushed bright red though, as a sense of naughtiness flooded over her, the one thing nature hadn’t evolved into the large brained primates but we all enjoy.

George’s cock was at full attention and his mind already sinking into the semi-surreal state that most women found distressing. That state of mind that he couldn’t just shut down that left him blinded to the word ‘no’ from his current lover. Suddenly in his minds eye all he could see was Annie posed up in a gripping wave of forced abusive sodomy with him needing it to become a reality. His entire body trembled with anticipating excitement and any concern for his daughter’s possible future emotional distress slipped from his self centered greedy mind. He’d looked at pictures on-line and seen a lot of video of kids getting sodomized and now it was his turn to come into his own. All of this went through his brain as he rose following Annie on her rush to his room, his own eyes taking in her back side like it was the first time he’d really seen her. Flashes of various wild fantasies making the short trip impossibly long when in reality he knew how he’d take he the first time. Over the side of the bed where he could look down and enjoy the view, also to better control her movements.

Annie entered her father’s dimly lit room her young mind still filled with shameless girlish naughtiness. But there she hesitated not sure what really to do next but her own young mind like her father taking her into a dreamlike submissive state needing guidance, she looked up at her father at a loss as what to do next. She could see his commanding posture and knew with his experience in such things that he was going to take control of what need to be done, her young pussy tingled with anticipation of being guided through these first steps of the act of sex. Her father reached down pulling her blouse up over her head Annie’s arms the last to come out. Still looking up Annie took it up on herself to grab the elastic of her shorts and slip them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She stood before the demanding presence of her father as he looking down at her started pulling off his clothes.

She stood clad only in her panties watching him undress, watching as his adult body became fully nude. Annie watched as he pulled his underwear off his adult cock flipping out stiffly in front of him a mere two feet in front of her. The dim light of the bedroom adding to the dreamlike affect her young pussy growing a little wet making her squirm in place to enhance the effect of her tingling pussy. Her young eyes had gone down to his stiff penis that now arched stiffly into the air. Some of the men in the videos she’d seen had no hair around their organs but her father did, and at first she was kinda grossed out. Her hands came up but stopped short of touching the long organ before her, her eye’s looking questioningly up at her father’s face.

“Go ahead and touch it” George grinned down. “You can feel my balls too”

Annie remembered the women she’d seen in the videos, their hands on the mans cock too and she grabbed it with both hands feeling it lurch stiffer still at her touch, her own pussy sent a quiver through her young body. She instinctively pumped her small hands over the thick stiff rod finger not able to go fully around the male sex tool. She studied the organ intently following the thing down to the base seeing the seemingly huge full testicular sack. One of her hands going to it feeling over it.

“Is this where babies come from daddy?” Annie ask out loud looking up again.

“Uh huh” George moaned out “That’s why were going to sodomize you Annie”

“So I can’t get pregnant if you put it in my butt, daddy?” Annie asked looking back at the huge sack with bristly hair lightly cover the covering of skin there.

George was wanting to get this started. He’d only fucked a few real redheads in his life, his x-wife being one of the few, his redhead fetish turning toward toward his daughter. George’s whole world going to just seeing Annie’s youthful body as a sexual object to be used, her light skin and erratically placed freckles over bare young skin.

“You need to get out of those panties girl” he commanded.

Annie went to work pulling her panties down her full buttocks and pussy coming fully into view. George was already guiding Annie around guiding her over to the side of the bed. Her young pussy surged making her quiver with the pleasure of the sensation. She had seen the way some of the men in the video’s controlled the women and had wondered why the women let them use them like that, now she knew. It felt naughty to be guided about with an intent to be sexually use by a controlling man like her father. And she relished the latent fear of it all. Annie’s whole body trembled with the fearful anticipation of something new her young body could do and she kept looking up at her father’s face seeing the same focused lust crazed look plastered there as was on some of the most abusive of the men in the videos. She realized then that right now he wasn’t her father at all, at least not the one she’s ever known and her anxiety level rose trying to over power her sense of reasoning.

George’s cock lurched at the sudden fearful look that micro-flashed over Annie’s upturned freckled face. He felt he should feel some kind of empathy for her being his daughter and all. But he didn’t. He was already sexually moved beyond reason of what he was able to control. His goal was to have her anally affixed to his cock very soon. He need the debase her, to see the shame of the act on her young face as he sodomized the shit out of her young body. She didn’t have to like it, in fact he’d enjoy it more if she didn’t. George despised a bitch that just laid there while taking his cock up their rectum, he’d slapped a few boring women around the back of their heads forcing them to try to fight him off as he went about finishing the nasty deed.

He lifted Annie’s nude body over the side of the bed a hand on her back forcing her belly down onto the bed. His other hand going to the nightstand for the petroleum jelly there. George’s mind was moving a mile a minute taking everything in as he scanned his eyes over her young backside. Annie was the classic ideal of a Irish redhead youth in every way, not too pretty but had that rustic tomboyish ‘I’d love to sodomize that’ look that sent George over that edge of control. George still had present of mind to know he better lube Annie’s rectum real good before getting started and popped the top of the jar off with eager delight seeing the finger scoops of last weeks encounter with his now x-date still frozen there in the jelly.

Things were moving fast and Annie was pressed down into the mattress her legs over the side of the bed. She was at odds as her youthful mind sent wave of conflicting urges through her. She had her head turned enough to see her dad standing there behind her going through the mysterious motions of getting ready to fuck her anally. She squeezed her anal muscles wondering if the same sensation now going through her pussy would come from her young rectum too. She could see her dad’s odd animal like stance, his adult cock stiffly throbbing to each rapid heart beat going through him. He had a jar of petroleum jelly which he had scooped out a glop onto two fingers. His sexual excitement was shocking to see but contagious too. He was apparently pleased with her naked body and that sent a quivering wave of delight through Annie and she teasingly opened her legs slowly till she felt the cool air of the room on her exposed anus, another quivering tingle flooded through her. Annie flushed with the shame of what she did deeply feeling it was somehow wrong but in some base way she relished the embarrassing feeling of exposing her privates to the full view of her father.

George enjoyed seeing Annie watching as he spread the thick jelly over his cock her legs opening wide enough for him to look down onto her pink tight looking anus. Annie’s young tomboyish face flushing pleasingly red from seeing him staring down onto her now opened backside. Finished he scooped out more jelly out of the jar moving in to lube up that snug looking pink orifice her young buttocks taking up his entire world. George placed the glob of thick jelly over her tight anus then went to work working the jelly in deep. His cock lurched stiffly as Annie went tense the moment his finger pushed into her clenching rectal passage. Her young red haired head came up facing forward staring with a look of concentration that could only come from an unaccustomed sensation of George’s finger feeling through her tight rectum. Spreading the lube became secondary as his own world became Annie’s two ends, her intense red faced concentration of the unfamiliar act and the gripping tightness of her rectal wall. George’s cock flashed to throbbing stiffness as he intentionally started pumping his finger like he planned to be doing his cock soon enough.

Annie felt his finger start pumping her mind locking on to the sensation and a vision in her young mind of a man behind her having his way with her. In her forming fantasy the man was forcing himself onto her giving her no choice but to submit to being taken his way and as the sensation built up her father’s finger started moving, pumping quicker still. It felt pleasurably dirty to be used by her imaginary lover that was giving her no choice in the mater. She felt her face flush bright red, the vision in her young mind seeing the way one of the men in a video took his woman up the ass. Holding her in place tightly and now she knew why as the building sensation in her virginal bowel went over some edge she didn’t know existed. Annie’s young body went tense in a surprising surge to poop out the pummeling adult finger. A straining guttural grunt came from her that added reality to her embarrassment.

And still her young mind hung onto the fantasy dream, her father’s free arm had come up and went over her back pinning her down into place, her legs working to get farther up onto the bed an act she couldn’t stop as the sensations of another straining bowel movement, but a million times worse took her up. Her father’s unforgiving finger never stopping or easing back. Her imaginary lover now lust crazed forcing himself against her will, her young six year old mind filling with the made up scene, Annie’s young pussy going wet at the thought of being ‘raped was the word’ by her made up lover. She could see the rapture on her imaginary lovers face as she was being forced to submit against her will to the degradation of being used this way, not for her pleasure in any way but only for his vile use. Her young mind relished the degrading feeling that swept through her even as she fought now to free herself from the now pummeling finger.

George was enthralled with the entire scene playing out before him. Annie’s tight rectum and anus hugged tightly over his moving finger. He stared, eyes locked onto the tight ring of pink muscle as it was pulled along his finger as if in protest of having the finger shoved through in. Annie’s rectum fared no better as the tightness of the passage remained refusing to loosen up it’s hugging grip. But the thick jelly he used worked it’s magic and he was rewarded with the sight of Annie’s glorious bowel surging up in protest with him having to hold her in place, his ears and eyes taking in it all as she grunted strained up and flushed brightly her whole young light skinned body turning red. With Annie surged up tightly her young rectum straining against his pummeling finger he pulled it out with a pleasing sounding ‘POP’ leaving a ring of thick lube around her pink puckered anus that suddenly clenched up tightly before his eyes, his thoughts now on having that tight ring around his own cock, that tight rectal passage hugging over his organ. He was far from finished his need for release only heighten to a point of no return, he needed this vile form of release ‘Now’.

When the pummeling finger of her father pulled from her ass she collapsed down letting the after glow of the embarrassing act of degradation wash through her, a spastic shudder took her up for a moment that originated from her wet pussy. When she recovered enough to touch bases with the real world again Annie raised her head up looking back to her dad. With her young mind still flush with the fantasy she’d just had she saw him in a new light. His adult nude body the body of her fantasy love that wanted only to degrade her some more. She could see his huge cock arching stiffly up shining slickly in the dim light of the room. An image of one of the women that was getting sodomize in one of the videos came to her. How the man pinned her arms behind her holding her down as he forced his thick long cock up into the back side. Annie remembered how she grunted as squirmed under his abusive movements. She wanted to be that woman, to feel that kind of embarrassing submissive nasty degradation. Her daddy was already moving up close behind her making her heart beat faster with a mixed felling of anticipation and dread of something new and yet untried.

Annie laid flat down letting her young six year old mind slipping back into it’s fantasy world again. Her young arms slipping around her hips onto the small of her back hoping her father would grab them tightly like the woman she’d seen in the video. A shuddering thrill flooded through her when one of his large adult hands came down grasping her forearms together behind her. Annie’s rectum still hummed with the after sensation from the finger fucking she’d just taken. The thick greasy jell her father had used felt odd around her anus adding to the effect, heightening the intensity of her deepening dream like fantasy.

George was already much to far along to even think straight now, this most always happened to him. Once totally engrossed he was never able to hold back his lust in any way. Any restraint he might have given thought to of this being Annie his possible daughter had all but been driven from his thought. He saw only a young six year old girl exposed for his perverted type of pleasure. Not only that but his own fantasy fetish type, light of skin, red hair, and those freckles everywhere over her young body. George’s senses rapidly becoming fully attuned to take in everything, to save what ever he glean from this first experience with flesh this young. Hell, his cock throbbed harder still his balls even leaked cum from the head of his cock. He’d hadn’t had a premature ejaculation sense he was fourteen years old, but found himself on the edge of one now.

“Spread your legs wider Annie” He said needing to see more.

George grabbed Annie’s arms that were behind her with one hand and with the other guided his well lube cock down toward Annie’s well lubed pink anus. His balls lurch tight sending a glop of cum with force over his hand onto Annie’s back between her shoulder blades. Using all his will he suppressed another sudden outburst from his cock but even still cum flowed freely down over his guiding hand. His whole body trembled with the excitement of a teenagers first encounter.

Annie could feel her daddy’s excitement as something tangible. His hand holding her forearms tightly together trembled with it. She for some reason felt pleased that she could make him so vulnerably excited by just her young nude body. It gave her a sense of power over him she didn’t expect to feel combined with a feeling of fearful submissiveness that kept her young pussy tingling, on an edge of something wonderful she couldn’t pin down. Something warmly wet hit her back making her rise up looking back the best she could. Her father was gripping his stiff cock tightly white stuff she had seen in the videos was leaking out of the tip ‘sperm’ the stuff that made babies. He seemed to be struggling with difficulty to keep the stream of sperm at bay even as he angled the arching long stiffness down toward her back side. The thickness of his cock reminded her of her own poop she’d seen in the toilet, maybe a little thicker though. It felt strange to think of it in those terms and felt naughty even deeply nasty that he would even want to place his baby making organ into that place she poop from.

She heard him ask her to open her legs farther and with her young mind fully overcome by the deep submissiveness she automatically complied thrusting her legs out wide her feet coming off the floor onto the ledge of the mattress brace her head going back facing forward her mind sinking back into her ongoing fantasy of being taken vilely by her lust crazed forceful lover. The warm blunt tip of her father’s cock went against her anus.

“Make like your pooping Annie” she heard behind her “It’ll make it go in easier”

It felt weird to push like she was pooping and naughty too. But her imagined lover asked it of her, she flushed brightly as the embarrassment of being seen doing it took her up. Annie lowered her head with the feeling of shame as the blunt tip press harder against her tight uninviting ring of muscle guarding her young rectal passage. She had pooped out some to her big ones but this was something very different as it was going the wrong way. Annie’s small hands formed tight fist as she willed her bowel to push even harder still the thick tip slowly opening her anus up. Annie’s head came up her world focused on the unaccustomed feeling of the slow entry of the blunt tip thickness into her rectal passage. Nothing about it felt right to her, there was nothing sexual about the world encompassing feeling of her rectum being forced to stretch enough to allow the adult male organ to move farther in. Deep inside she had a feeling it wasn’t meant to feel sexual, at least to her. This kind of sex was for some reason for the man to enjoy.

“Relax Annie” She heard then lustfully “Fuck your so tight”

Hearing her father say that left her somehow pleased that she was letting him try this with her. She hunkered down keeping her panicking mind at bay the best she could trying to sink back into the fantasy dream of being taken by a overpowering willful lover. Till she felt his thick blunt cock head lodge to a stop deep up inside her rectal passage. Annie collapsed down panting her entire world the almost unbearable thickness of her fathers cock seemingly filling her young rectum. Her dad’s free hand coming up to the back of her neck his long strong fingers going around her there. His stance changing. Annie’s young mind was held by the feeling she was stuck in the middle of pooping out a really thick turd, her anus muscles squeezing in an involuntary effort to clamp through the thickness somehow.

“Oh-h…. God that feels good” her father groaned.

A nervous strained chuckle escaped from Annie her whole young body shuddering as her young pussy surprised her by sending an electrifying intense tingling sensation through her. She tentatively tested her father’s grip around her forearms behind her, another pleasant wave shot through her young body when she found she couldn’t pull them free. The thick cock deep in her ass flexed thicker still as if reminding her that it was something alive there. She came up held tensely for a few long seconds by the sensation of her rectum being stretch a little more than it should. Annie had seen all those videos and knew just what was coming next but deep inside wasn’t really sure if she was ready just now.

George was in heaven or as close to it as one could get here on earth. His cock had pushed with some effort into Annie’s young rectum and he stared down at her widely opened anus hugging tightly around the shaft of his cock creating a slight crease there he’d never seen before with any adult woman he’d ass fucked. Once he had gotten this far there wasn’t a woman yet he hadn’t finish with. Yes, when finished he’d been slapped real good and most never to be seen again, but all worth the effort of the act. His grip on Annie becoming more firm as he was all to aware of what he was going to do next. George was a anal expert in the purest sense knowing just what sent most women over that bowel straining edge he like so much. The rest he just fucked the shit out of, literally. Most of those never came back for seconds ether. There wasn’t here lately a woman that tried to escape he couldn’t counter by holding her down till he finished in the way he enjoyed the most.

He was already settling into the mind set of self centered fulfillment he was notoriously noted for by a lot of women. Any thought of his young daughter’s well-being lost in his quest for self gratification he was hell bent knowing was his just deserves. Fully two thirds of his cock was up in Annie’s backside. He’s seen more cock up kids asses in child porn videos she’d surely be fine. He readied himself for a hunky-dory time.

Annie felt like she was impaled anally by the thick male organ in her young rectum and could almost feel her father’s eyes staring at her like the men did to the women in the movies. She felt like she might need to really poop sometime soon adding to the harsh fantasy in her young mind of being taken against her will. Her daddy’s words while she sat on his lap of the woman feeling like she needed to shit real bad sinking in as she too felt an increasing urge to do so herself. She felt her father’s grip on her tighten the finger around the back of her neck latching in tightly and in a controlling way. With her held in place she plainly felt the thick cock being pulled back her rectal walls protesting by wanting to follow the thick organ along its short withdraw and all too soon it was being pushed forcefully back up into her till it pressed somewhere deep lodging to a stop forming a dull ache where the blunt tip still eagerly pressed. She cried out when it became too much.

But the thickness was already being pulled back and a rhythmic humping started seeming timed to keep her off guard unable to brace herself in anyway, each time pressing till she groan out from the discomfort at the end of her rectal passage. She’d seen the men in the videos taking the women deeply, their massive adult balls slapping against the women’s cunts. Daddy was wanting this from her and each time the blunt tip press hard up into her she could feel it going deeper into the dull ache. A surprisingly uncontrollable real feeling bowel movement swept over Annie in a sudden rush leaving her grunting out loud under the harsh strain. She’d never in her life felt something so intense lasting for so long that she was out of breath collapsing down panting like a dog left in the heat of the day. But none of that had any affect on her father humping away as if nothing had happened at all. In fact he seemed even more eager in his movements his cock nosing deeply up into that dull ache at the end of her rectal passage. That gave in suddenly sending a vile nasty feeling shudder through her.

Annie’s father seemed to be set off by the deeper entry into her, grabbing at her hips, fingers locking tightly around the bone on each side as if handles pulling her firmly back against him. Where ever his long cock and gone it had definitely found her deep poop, that feeling was shockingly real. Bringing her head up sharply, her eyes moving blankly about at the sudden implication of what the real act of sodomy was all about. Annie was plainly aware of the bristly pubic hair up in the crack of her ass and of the two adult balls pressing now only for a moment against her young hairless pussy before being tugged back a wave of weakness having her body sagging almost collapsing fully. Her young imagination taking her up in the vile moment letting the feeling of being purposely forced to feel like she had to poop real bad for her forceful lovers enjoyment.

Annie father started humping staying deep moving no more than a inch or to but the effect on Annie’s young intestine was profound. She’d never had to go so bad in her life and her fantasy deepened she flushed with embarrassment feeling her deep stool being plainly moved about by the ever moving humping action of the long male organ. This is what the women in the video must have been feeling. Annie’s young pussy sent a full body shudder of gripping exciting sensation that when over left her wanting more.

George probed the end of Annie’s rectum with his cock head eagerly at the end of each animal like hump. His lust fill brain tuned to each give he felt as he angle his cock expertly to get it to slip into Annie large intestine. That was where the fun really began, at least in his perverted mind. His cock was more than long enough to probe into most adult women’s intestine and from what he could see right now There would be fully three inches of cock for Annie to take. With a trembling tightening grip on her young hips he went to work. Each pressing worming probe brought out a pleasing pitiful sounding whine from Annie. Her arm had going out to each side hands balled up in fists that tightened up on each deepening press of his humping cock. She was a sight to behold and he was sure his cock was leaking more cum as his balls were tight and tinglingly on edge of a release barely under control. But he was eagerly going to finish this one way or another, he’d be taking her again, that he was sure of now. He took in the sight of her taking on all the mannerism of a cock up her young ass and that had his cock going even more firmer in final preparation toward a session of uncontrolled buggery.

George’s sexual self-centered mindset had already lock in tightly around him the world outside of his tunneled vision focus all but gone. Any concern he may have for his young redheaded daughter’s well-being was placed deep into a dark recesses of his brain his immediate need for self fulfillment demanding his entire attention. He’d never sodomized a girl this young but selfishly he was going to cash in all of his vast experience on older women to make this the vilest visually of them all. With that he seated his cock to the hilt Annie’s tight anal ring hugging tightly at the base of his long cock and re-positioned her farther up onto the bed, her leg out to each side of him over the edge of the bed as he came in over her back side. His own face coming down the hair of her upturn head taking in her youthful scent, hearing her groaning pleasingly in a manner that only a deep cock in her young ass could muster up. His mind tune to the seeming right for the moment that he would began.

Annie had reached a mental point inside her that balanced the insane sensation coming from her young bowel and the building fantasy all girl her age found so easy to indulged in. She was selfishly enjoying the self degrading almost too harsh to handle vile sensation of being force to be made too go through her fantasy man’s use of her. Her deep intestine was sending an almost sickening sensation of urgent need to defecate, the type of thing one would get when you might be getting sick. Annie’s rectum having been held open around the thick male organ for longer than any poop she’d ever taken wondered if she could squeeze those muscles. She felt herself being scooted farther up onto the bed her father’s loin planted firmly up into her backside. A second later his face went into the hair of her head, his hot moist breath going through onto her scalp with each plainly lust filled breath he took. Annie’s father faded in her mind into her fierce greedy lover taking her in his need. She with flushing face embarrassingly willed her rectal muscles into as least the attempt to tighten up. Till finely deeply engrossed in the lusty breath going through her red hair and the strong male body of her fantasy lover over her backside she got those muscle to tighten around the warm thick fleshy of shaft of cock that ran through her rectum into her intestine.

“Oh-h-h…” Breathed hotly through her hair.

Annie’s young pussy flooded her body again with another shudder of pleasing sensation she now craved. She wasn’t able to squeeze on it long, the shear thickness made that all but impossible to do. But she was going to try again ‘for her lover’ you know. She felt the long male organ flex excitedly inside her sending a dirty feeling of doing something nasty. Annie tried harder this time the act taking a few seconds to will those muscles into action, but she did it feeling pleased with herself. But her rectal passage seemed to go over board, she couldn’t turn it off feeling the muscles of her entire bowel clamp up a horrid sharp pain took her up for a few much to long seconds. Her entire young body locked tensely up as she was suddenly in a fight to willfully relaxed those very muscle she so diligently had tried to use moments before. Through her entire fight she was aware of hands feeling over her naked flesh, the breathing through her hair taking on an even more lusty tone. The sharp pain vanished even before she had managed to regain a tentative hold of control.

Annie was out of breath at the end of it all, the hands still caressed feelingly over her flesh and she was froze in place, the cock flexing wildly inside her threatened to make the muscles of her bowel cramp up again. She was still awash in the aftermath of the sudden shock event, her pussy flooded her again with pure pleasure making her entire young body shudder till it subsided. She could sense her fantasy lover escalating pure sexual lust building to a end point. She was going to be fucked very soon and her young pussy went wet tingling in a bizarre sense of degrading anticipation as a vision of a woman she’d seen being sodomized this very way flashed into her young mind. Annie felt needed to poop real bad, but dad said that was normal. She braced herself feeling the surprisingly to short of time for her to prepare was not enough. The thick male organ pulled back aggressively, just like in the videos. Annie wasn’t as fully unprepared as she’d thought the vile nasty on-slot began.

George with his nose still sunk fully into Annie’s full head of read hair felt her very snug young rectal passage tighten around his cock shaft. He grinned broadly groaning out, secretively knowing Annie had done it on her own out of child like curiosity. George’s cock swelled eagerly countering the hugging grip. He could tell she was just curious enough to do it again and felt with his cock the muscles of her poop chute snugging up then going full clench Annie’s entire bowel hugging tightly over his ragingly stiff adult cock the muscles of her young body going tremblingly tense. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat now his own mind in a struggle not to unload here and now. Annie groaned out in apparent pain for a few seconds but even though her bowel remain locked fiercely hugging his cock for a long moment more she just panted as if she couldn’t quite catch her breath. Her rectal cramp eased off and George found himself ready, tune for and move she’d probably try to make once he started fucking her in earnest.

He’d scooted her far enough onto the bed he himself laid over her now supporting himself somewhat on his knees and forearms, enough of his weight on her to keep her in place, her leg wide to each side Annie’s young hot body warmly touching his. The scent of her red hair still filling his nostrils. But his mind was tuned to his cock embedded full up her hugging ass. He pulled back to start. Her tight rectal passage tried to follow for a quick moment put had no choice but to relent as he pulled back to the turn into slight turn from her rectum into her deeper intestine. A pleasing nasty sound came from Annie gut and with her whole young body quivering under him he pressed back through the restraining resistance to the even nastier sound of his cock being return to it’s rightful place.

George was on the move now and nothing was going to stop him till he released his seed. Annie’s gut rumbled and even though George’s ears couldn’t pick it up his hard cock in her deep intestine could feel it. He was tugging back again relishing the shudder that took Annie up again as a deep louder sucking noise blessed his ears. Annie gasped out in apparent shock but from experience George knew he could get in a few more lust crazed strokes before the fight began.

Still absorbed in her fantasy Annie’s fierce selfish lover now close in over her back pulled his loin back. The almost unbearable thick male organ like a large constipated turd moved with gripping reluctance at first feeling all the world her poop tube was being pulled out with it. Deeper inside of her was a shocking feeling of her deep intestinal poop being brought along with the rigid cock some being pulled into her rectum. Annie sank down her body sagging under the debasing new sensation and the almost horrid realization of how this was really going to feel. But her lover was not going to be turn off by what he had to know was happening ‘or did he’ did her fantasy lover even know?

The thick organ was already being reversed and Annie’s felt her body shuddering out of control a guttural straining groan coming from her and her own ears pick up the deeply embarrassing almost wet gurgling sounds of the organ making its way back in through her fluttering gut. The hairy adult loin being tucked tightly up into the open crack of her spread legs. Annie’s mind reeled almost losing the grip on her childish fantasy she had set for herself. But as the loin pressed tightly against her giving her the needed reprieve to at least try to believe she was doing this for her lovers sake, because she loved him so much, and because this was what he wanted from her.

The organ pulled back again this time there was no doubt about the poop being pulled along with the thick adult cock. Annie’s eye bugged out looking blankly about, her young forehead furrowing up the entire thick cock feeling like a huge turd uncontrollably on the move inside of her, she swallowed hard willing herself to continue to submit to her lovers wishes. Strangely her young pussy sent a wave of encouraging pleasure through her at the thought of submitting to this really vile act for his sake, her fantasy lover’s sake. She forced her young mind to sink deeper into the dream like debasing fantasy. Annie’s young senses tuned to the sounds around her incorporating into her made up dream world.

In her young mind she thought ‘If this is what my lover wants I’ll give it to him’ and Annie swallowing her pride at knowing she was being watch closely by her lover while she felt like she was taking an uncontrolled shit. Her young face flushed bright red from the embarrassment of what she was doing, Annie gripped the covers of the bed in the clenched fist of her hands that had come up in front of her. She rose her hips up slightly easing the path the moving thick cock now took through her straining back passage. The sounds of the forced movement though her rectum matched the nastiness of the slightly stinging poop being pulled back through her young hugging rectum the pungent smell adding to the debasement she felt. To make matters worse her young body would surge up straining on it own as if to poop the thick movement from her bowel at sudden odd moment her harsh lover seemingly being driven into a more abusive state, her young pussy countering with just as harsh waves of pleasure that had her doing her best to endure what was becoming almost too much to handle.

George was totally engrossed in everything taking place. Annie was fed faced straining, the red flush going over her entire youthful body. Her open butt coming up in a pose of a perfect bowel movement he couldn’t ignore, it had him striving in earnest to overcome the straining fight her young bowel was putting up to eject his cock from her rectal passage. He been at this point on many a woman but Annie was sending him over the edge rapidly, her never used young rectal passage almost able to achieve what older women were unable to ever to do. George was fully encompassed by Annie’s loud straining guttural child grunts, the enjoyable sounds of for him unabashed sodomy of a young girl and even the sent of the act driving him over the edge. His movement move out of his control as he strove towards release his heavy adult balls lifting. Annie screamed out her small fist digging in deeper into the blankets. It two more rapid stroke before he planted his cock fully letting his seed fly from his cock in a type of release he hadn’t had in years.

Annie wasn’t sure if she was in heaven or hell. Her rectal passage stung from the slushy poop being pulled through it and she felt she was stuck, posed in an eternal need to shit real bad. But her young pussy kept flooding her with a type pleasure that left her craving more, the feeling of being purposely debase also left her with mixed feeling of liking it and deeply embarrassed at being a vilely use toy. Her imaginary lover movements became erratic for a bit then took on a flurry of movement her young bowel was unprepared for. This too she’d seen in the videos but the blank staring faces of the older women belied the fact of what was really happening inside of them. Annie’s rectal passage burned suddenly hot, too hot, and an ache that surge into a sharp intestinal pain. She screamed incoherently out for it to stop.

Then suddenly it was over with the adult loins planted hard up into her spread buttocks. Annie’s still burning rectal passage tentatively gripping the swelling shaft of adult cock. She stared out still in shock of it all across the bed at the other side of the room her entire focus on the deep swell of the male organ. The organ swelled unbelievably thick and a large gush of liquid flooded into her gut. Annie found herself giggling to herself hysterically her young body opening her legs farther her young mind tuned to the orgasmic release of her fantasy lover that she herself had satisfied with just the naked use of her young body alone. Her pussy went wet, the organ deep inside her swell in a flash spitting another flood of the adult sperm into her, so much so that it felt like an enema the, resurgence of the need to be running to the toilet having her fist going back tight into the blanket. And still she giggled embarrassingly please with herself at what she had achieved for her fantasy lover.

George pulled his still hard cock from Annie still hugging rectal passage watch as she jumped up running out of the room her young buttock clenched tight. A brown stain showing that lead in to where her abused anus was. He just had to follow, his half hard poop stained cock leading the way. He saw her scurrying into the bathroom and went to the door. Annie looked up blushing bright red under his gaze his cock lurching stiff at the sight if her on the toilet. He wondered if he’d be able to fuck her again today but thought better of it. She’d be in hell of a state tonight the way he shit fuck her, for sure. He’d try again in a couple days. George smiled down at Annie, she smiled back shyly her face flushing even brighter still. He turned on the shower and climbed in. Annie came it a moment later.

They were both clean in a short bit under the soap and warm spray of falling water. Her young wet head barely came above his waist and he was surprised when her small hands came up grabbing his half hard cock leaning slightly over and taking it into her perfect hot mouth.

When her lover pulled his thick cock from her ass Annie found the feeling of the impending bowel movement was still there. And as her lover rose the fantasy dissolved leaving her jumping up clenching her buttock together to keep from pooping right there on the spot. She was shocked that she couldn’t get her anus to close enough to stop the embarrassing leakage, she could even feel some vile liquid running down one leg. Annie took off toward the bathroom having to clench her buttocks real tight to keep the accident at bay.

She had to stop and start a couple times going down the hall, willing her buttock tighter before waddling into the bathroom and jumping into the toilet with the loud sputter of release going into the water below. She flush looking up at the smiling face of her father standing in the doorway looking at her as she went, she smile shyly back. Annie’s eye fell to his adult cock and the staining of her poop over it and in the dark hair of his loin. She flush even more brightly turning her gaze away letting him go past to the shower. Annie’s anus burn some and wiping didn’t help. She rose looking into the toilet at the churned poop that came from her and the sperm her father had filled her with. Annie’s pussy tingled pleasantly ‘she’d made him do that’ it was her body alone that could do that to him. She felt please with herself and pulled the shower curtain open and stepped in with her father.

Finely clean Annie’s mind slipped back into her fantasy world as she looked at the adult semi-hard cock in front of her. The very one that had been a short time ago deep up inside her ass. The very one that had spit all of its sperm deep inside her gut. She could still remember the sensation of it all. Her hands came up lifting the organ, her young mouth taking it in. Annie had seen some of her fathers videos of women taking the cock deep into their throats, the men pulling out and shooting the sperm into their faces. Her fantasy lover released his sperm deep inside her gut and she wondered if she could make him do the same in her own throat. But her lovers hands came up pulling her off.

“Not not honey, not now” It was her father “We do that another day”

George was as spent as he’d ever been, and even though his cock rose he wanted a full load of cum to work with. And if his daughter was still will he’d be more than willing to throat fuck the silly young bitch. And get some more of that tight anal too. Life was starting to look up, yes indeed starting to look up real good.

That night Annie went to bed, her bowel rumbled and churned making her feel almost like she was sick. But her young pussy begged her for it full attention, her hand going under the covers rubbing over just the right spot her young mind playing over her fantasy, playing out each memorized moment her young body was forced to embarrassingly endure from his lust crazed passion. She went through shudder after pleasant shudder reliving the event. She wanted more and knew now just how to get it. The thought of taking her fantasy lover cock into her throat, taking his spitting sperm into her throat, her small hand working over her pussy in a frenzy of pleasant sensation Annie couldn’t get enough of and wondered if she, her throat could make that happen too.

‘But that’s another story yet to be told’ in Little Anal Annie #2 ‘Makings of a Masochist’