Like Mama Like Daughters (Mg,pedo)

Like Mama Like Daughters (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Mum remembers who her dad and her mummy took away her virginity while she was little girl. She makes the same plans for her 9 year old girl and prepares her to be fucked by her husband.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

“Like mother, like daughter,” thought Maria as she sat on her daughter, Elisa’s bed. She was looking her daughter up and down, seeing a young girl, who’s body was just beginning to develop into the young lady that Maria knew she would slowly grow up to be.

“Yes, like mother, like daughter,” she thought as she remembered how she herself had been laying in her parents bed, just like Elisa was doing. Laying there naked with her young legs spread wide, her hairless pussy fully exposed.

Maria remembered how she lay there with her own mother, sitting on the bed beside her and then how her daddy, had come in, also naked and lay down on the bed. She remembered how her mama had then leaned down and sucked on her little nipples one then the other, even biting them a little just to stimulate them.

She remembered the slight pain of her mothers teeth on her nipples then how her mother had sucked on her tiny titties as her father watched. Her mama had taken her hand and wrapped it around her daddy’s big stiff cock, then told her it was time for her to learn how to suck her daddy’s cock until he cum in her mouth and she swallowed it.

Maria had done as her mama had told her, she held her daddy’s big cock as she licked her tongue around and around her daddy’s big cock head, then her mama had told her to suck it into her mouth. Once she had daddy’s big cock head in her mouth, she found she kind of liked the taste of it. Her mama had her suck her daddy’s cock in and out of her mouth telling her that eventually she would even learn how to suck it all down her throat. She hadn’t believed her mama but found out later that her mama was right.

Maria remembered how she had sucked on her daddy’s big cock head sliding it in and out of her mouth, sucking it until it pressed against the back of her throat.

Suddenly she had felt her daddy’s cock grow even larger and he cried out he was cumming. Yes, he did, he filled Maria’s mouth with his hot cum. Mama made her open her mouth and show them her daddy’s cum filling her mouth then had her swallow it. Maria didn’t have a hard time swallowing daddy’s hot cum. She found it exciting knowing that she was doing what grown up girls do. Then her mama moved between Maria’s legs and began licking and sucking her little virgin pussy. As it felt better and better to Maria, she also found her pussy begin flowing her young virginal juices which her mama licked and sucked up.

Maria remembered how suddenly she cried out with a feeling of pleasure like she had never had before and with her mama licking her pussy and sticking her tongue up into her little hole, it went on and on, until Maria didn’t think she could take anymore, her little body wiggling and squirming and her pussy muscles spasming on mama’s tongue.

Then her daddy had moved between her legs and like mama, he licked and sucked and pushed his tongue up into her tight little hole until once again she felt that same terrific, exciting, pleasurable feeling sweeping over her once again.

This time though her daddy moved up and mama had rubbed his big stiff cock up and down her tight pussy, already wet and slick from her own juices, and coated her little cunt with daddy’s precum, as mama called it.

Then mama pushed daddy’s cock down to her tiny opening and mama told her it was going to hurt for just a minute then it would begin to feel really good. Well mama had been right. Mama held daddy’s cock as he pushed it up inside of her tiny pussy. She felt like he was pushing a great big bat up into her his big cock stretched her tiny virgin cunt so wide.

Maria remembered how she had screamed with the pain as daddy pushed his big stiff cock up into her. The pain had shot through her when daddy’s cock tore her hymen and slipped all of the way up inside of her.

Her little body quickly recovered from the pain of her lost virginity and began feeling pleasure as her daddy’s big stiff cock slowly slipped in and out of her sending those feeling of pleasure coursing through her.

It wasn’t long before mama began softly telling her how to fuck her daddy back and she had learned quickly. Even before her daddy finished fucking her and started cumming in her young cunt, she had began fucking him back with her tight little nine year old cunt,

It was something out of this world when she had suddenly felt her own body again orgasm, this time from her own daddy’s big cock. Her orgasm, her squeezing of his cock with her cunt muscles, finally pumped daddy’s hot fertile sperm out of him and up into her young cunt and womb.

She loved the feeling and after that, she made sure that daddy fucked her as much as she could. She loved having his cock up inside of her little body, spewing his hot sperm up into her womb.

Mama and daddy even had Maria sleep with them after that. Mama would lick and suck her pussy then help daddy plunge his big cock up inside of her and then after he cum in her, her mama would lick and suck her just fucked cunt clean of daddy’s juices.

Of course Maria remembered how she also learned to lick and suck mama’s pussy getting it ready for daddy’s cock, then she would lick and suck daddy’s sperm out of it after he fucked mama and made her cum and he pumped his sperm up into her.

Daddy had fucked her up until she had met, Elisa’s daddy and he had begin fucking her. Even then daddy would fuck her once in a while with mama licking and sucking his sperm from there.

She still fucked her daddy once in a while, but now Her husband, Elisa’s daddy would watch her and fuck Maria’s mama, while her daddy was fucking her. Now Elisa was to give her virginity to her daddy just like her mama had done to her daddy. There was one thing that was going to be different though.

Marie knew their little girl would be having her own daddy’s baby. That was actually her own idea, it was what she wanted. Now she was going to have it happen, even though she was only nine years old.

She knew she could not tell anyone that her baby was ‘her daddy’s or tell anyone who had fucked her. She would just tell them that some stranger had mad her let him fuck her and she didn’t know who it was.

“Yes, like mama, like daughter,” Maria thought as she Elisa’s daddy came into the bedroom and lay down on the bed, beside their little girl, and she began to move between Elisa’s wide spread legs to lick and suck her little nine year old cunt getting it ready for her daddy. As she did she thought of her own older daughter Kindra, now, thirteen, that was now fucking her daddy, Maria’s daddy and her other daddy, Elisa’s daddy too.

She was in her own bedroom right then with her own little daughter who was now two years old. Her daddy/grandpa’s baby who would be feeling her daddy/grandpa’s cock plunge up into her taking her virginity when she turned nine years old, the both her daddy/grandpa’s cock and her papa, Elisa’s daddy would both fuck her too. But it would be Elisa’s daddy that would be making a baby in her and then making a baby in that baby when she was nine if her baby turned out to be a girl too.

Yes, Maria thought like mama liked daughters as she licked little Elisa’s nine year old cunt starting to get it ready for her daddy’s big stiff cock to take her virginity.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.