Just Another Slave of Rome (Mg,slave,bond,sodomy)

Just Another Slave of Rome (Mg,slave,bond,sodomy)

Prologue: Frida a Germanic child sold into slavery after a raid on their village. Funny how people treat us just because of our looks.

Author: Lone Dog

Frida stood nude and scared with the other young slaves. Her long light brown hair blowing about in the morning breezes, her blue-green eyes scanned out over the crowd of men bidding on the child slaves. Weeks earlier she was in her village far from here enjoying her six year sense birth. It was then her whole world fell apart as a Roman army destroyed the village and took her as a slave. Her people had come under the wrath of Rome and she was now paying the price. She felt all out of place here in the big city of Rome and could understand none of what she saw. But here with all the men staring and bidding on all of the nude children she was with, had her flushing with embarrassment at being seen naked under the gaze of so many adult men.

Her own bidding went by quickly with a tall Roman man now owning her. She was led away numbly with six other kids all about her own age to a wheeled cart and forced to climb up onto it. Still it was a half a days ride out of the city before they arrived, three boys and three other girls at the most beautiful place she had ever seen. She was washed by a house slave in scented water given a clean robe, and ate the first good meal in days. The room they were brought to was cleaner than any place she had ever been and finding a place she dropped off to sleep almost at once.

Titus Lartius’s 10 inch Roman cock bulged in his robe as he looked over the newly acquired slaves at the slave market. It had been many months sense a shipment of young Germanic slaves had been seen in Rome proper. He was in need for a party coming up soon as his elite acquaintances liked and expected such treats. He only needed six but it had been many month sense his last taste of untouched youthful flesh and he was more than willing to fork up the extra cost for a before party foretaste. The long ride home in the country left him time to look over the mass of young flesh in the following cart, his imagination running wild with hardly restrained anticipation. Titus’s eyes and mind kept going to the light brown haired girl. He would need release, and soon.

His well kept villa was a welcome sight, he need a bath and a meal. But after he would have his release he sought before settling in for the night. His house slaves were efficient and knew his fetishes well. He let his wishes known and knew in short order things would be ready. He was clean and fed, it was getting dark outside when the house slave said the room was ready. Titus’s cock went fully stiff as he rose going quickly to the play room.

Frida was shook awake with a start not knowing for a long moment where she was. A strange adult woman gripped her arm firmly.

“Hurry girl the Dominus is needing you to attend to him”

The woman was giving her no choice and Frida was pulled along rubbing the sleep from her eyes. They went hurriedly into a well lit room the flames from the lanterns playing shadows everywhere, the woman pulling Frida’s robe from her young body. Another woman came in grabbing her other arm both pulling her toward a odd looking thing. A smooth wooden beam went across the in front of it and she was brought up to it having to step up onto a ledge. One women knelt down placing one of her feet into straps and tying in in place. She pulled her other foot over a couple feet to more straps tying her foot there Frida’s abdomen resting against the smooth wood a cool breeze blowing through the crack of her young buttocks. Her arms were pulled to both sides of the beam to each side. Straps there were placed tightly around her wrists against the beam. One of the woman leaned in and placed a kiss on the top of her head a sorrowful look on her face as she hurried from the room.

Frida stood there looking into a highly polished metal in front of her seeing her only slightly distorted reflection there. A noise having her turn her head seeing the tall Roman Dominus entering the room. The other adult house slave bowed and backed from the room. The robe of the tall Roman man dropped to the floor, Frida seeing, eyes locking onto the stiff penis arching up in front of him. She knew about sex as it was common to see parents in their one room hut engage in the act. She knew with a start what he was wanting from her and having never engaged in the act of sex herself she grew scared.

Titus Lartius stepped into the room the young slave had been readied for him in. The house slave bowed and back out from the room leaving him alone with the bound young girl slave. He always like Germanic Deliciae and went out of his way to acquire a fresh supply whenever he could. It had been months sense his last use of a young Germanic slave and his need to abuse one had grown to the point of focused purpose. His taste for their youthful flesh was acquired some years ago in his days in the legions of Rome fighting the rouge Germanic tribes. He remembered his first rape of a Germanic child, that excited rush of pleasure as he fiercely sodomized the child. He still craved that first feeling and reenacted it at every opportunity. And this girl looked uncannily like his first child rape, his cock stiffened even more as his robe slipped onto the floor. He was going to enjoy this.

Frida’s body surged with body shaking adrenalin and ‘fight or flight’ swept through her. She had seen enough animals and people having sex and knew she was still to young for the act. A image of her once seeing a male tom cat biting hard the back of the female cats neck as he growled froze in her mind and her wrist writhed about as she tried to pull them free from the straps on the smooth wooden beam. Even the large room seemed to close in about her as her head swiveled about keeping her gaze on the naked moving adult male Roman slave master.

He move quickly up behind her a strong hand gripping into her long light brown hair pulling her head back. Wide eyed she stared as his head came in placing a wet kiss on her lips. He pulled back hands still gripping hard in her hair and with his head still close.

“I’m going to stick my Roman cock in your ass and fuck you like a stallion” his hot breath playing over her face “It’s okay to be scared, you should be”

Frida was scared as he was hurting her his hand tight in her hair. She stared into his face seeing nothing but focused purposeful intent, what ever he had planned for her she was not going to like and that was what he wanted.

“No… Please” she groaned.

“Now thats more like it” Another ruff kiss was placed over her young lips “Cry out all you need”

The hand in her hair slipped to the back of her neck grasping tightly forcing her over the smooth beam. The Roman moving squarely up behind her and she felt his cock slip up through the crack of her small buttock and along her back, even felt his heavy balls as they came to rest against her bottom. In the reflective metal she could see him looking intently down on to her, studying her. She could see how scared she herself looked and panic overtook her. She went tugging against the bonds that held her and tried pulled her neck free from his tight grip. She was trapped real good. And the Roman was was now grinning devilishly his eyes gleaming with sadistic delight.

Titus Lartius rested his thick cock over her smooth warm back his balls pressed against her small buttocks. He had gained a few years of experience of sodomizing child deliciae slaves and knew full well how to take a young backside without the child expiring in the processes. But back then…. his first time during that raid with his adrenalin still surging he tore into the poor girl child, the image and feel of that moment, of the convulsing kid on his cock still fresh in his mind to this day. His controlling grip on the back of her neck tightened. He reach over to the small bowl of lube with his free hand scooping out a small amount. He rubbed his cock slick with the stuff and looking down he could see his target through her open buttocks.

He was needing this after the long day in town bidding on the new deliciae slaves letting his mind slip as closely into the state he remembered years ago and he drove his stiff Roman slick cock head against the small pink orifice.

Frida felt the hot blunt tip of his stiff cock slam hard against her anus worming hard in an effort to open her up quickly. The blunt hard pressure escalated quickly into a piercing sharp pain that made her lurch around in the grip of his strong hand around the back of her small neck. She went hard her waist against the smooth wooden beam, then trying to rise up away from the horrid painful pressure working into her anus. Her shocked reflection in the polished metal hammered home the panicked pain flooding through her entire being. She cried out for mercy all the while struggling to lurch free, to move her bottom away from the horrible sharpness of the pain.

The young girl slave made all the right moves he would expect from an inexpedience virgin and he was easily able to anticipate and enjoy every panicked move she was making, his cock staying pressed hard onto her youthful resisting back passage. His cock popped in through the once tightly clench ring of mussel that went hugging tight just around his cock head. There was no need to hold her down anymore but he like the feeling of control it gave him and he dug in his fingers around the back of her neck even deeper holding her in place enjoying the tense trembling that was taking her.

He had been raped himself when he was but a boy of seven years and remembered well the first penetration, that intense stab of pain. Now he relished every opportunity to do the same, return the favor so to speak, and he lunged deeper forcing his thick cock farther through the quivering tight rectal passage. Her youthful grunts and pained groaning was a pleasure to be heard and he stared down studying her closely taking everything in as she went oblivious to her surroundings, her young mind focused only on his thick cock.

Frida’s rectum was a riot of sharp burning pain she couldn’t believe she could bare at all. The world went all out of focus as she thrashed around in the strong Roman adult male controlling grip just before the thick stiffness wedged deeper, filling her even farther. She froze up all her mussels held tight from the world encompassing sharp pain that went with the deepening thickness, her once fair face a frozen contorted mask. It took a bit to pull herself back from the discomforting hurt the world coming back into view. The young girl in the reflecting metal hardly recognizable as her.

She could see the adult Roman male looking down onto her with intent interest. The thick male organ was on the move again and making more progress as Frida ground her teeth together the world fading into a blur of white hot pain. He was giving her no chance to come to terms with the horribly thick thing till it lodged to a stop pressing hard at the end of her rectum. She was pulled upright and her legs would have failed altogether if not for the stiff cock she was embedded on. Frida’s legs trembled weakly as she somehow remained upright afraid at the thought of collapsing, her full weight going onto the upright stiff adult male organ.

Titus Lartius’s cock fill the young slave’s tight hugging rectum, he relished the feel of the warm hugging trembling rectal tube. But he was after a deeper penetration of her and was not going to be denied. Pulling her upright onto her wobbly legs he pressed his loin up knowing from experience it wouldn’t take long, and waited impatiently. He could see the panic building in the face of the young female slave as his cock head slowly move into that deeper area of her youthful bowel he sought so purposely, she gasped sucking in air sharply his cock head slipping into the deepness of the child’s bowel. ‘Heaven’ He let his animal lust drive his need for full entry take him.

Frida was at the end of holding out against the upturned thick cock up in her ass. She could rise up no farther and could feel the slow deeper movement of the thick knot of adult cock head at the end of her rectum. The harsh pain had almost vanished but this was something different, something worse, she could feel that as a fact. Then with a shock the blunt knot slipped deeper bringing her whole body flaring up in a loud uncontrolled sharp gasp. A intense sensation flooded through her gut like she had never felt before and she didn’t like it at all. She wanted it all to end, she want only to be back home like it was before the Romans came and changed everything. She didn’t want to be a slave anymore.

She felt the warm hairy loin of the adult Roman work up into the cleft of her opened buttocks her head was jerked back forcing her to look up into his lust filled face. Never had an adult looked at her this way, like she herself wasn’t even there, like he wanted to hurt her more.

“Open your mouth child, I want to kiss you”

She was having a riot of problems going on inside her abdomen where the thick Roman cock was still embedded deep in her revolting intestine, her full attention was focused fully on that horrid feeling going on inside her there. His other now free hand came up slapping her hard across the face.

“Open child, kiss me” his face moved down toward hers.

Her jaw dropped open more from shock of his thickly flexing stiff cock than from his command or slap which still stung. The adult Roman male head fill her view, adult lip mashing over hers and a adult tongue moving everywhere inside her mouth. She couldn’t even pull away he held her there so tightly. The cock tugged back not quite leaving her large intestine, her world dropped away as a flood of intense never before felt sensations flooded through her. This was worse than she could even imagine making her gasp harshly her legs giving out, if not for him supporting her she would have fell to the floor. But that changed as the thick cock quickly felt its way back through the tight tube of her gut only to be pulled back again ‘horror’ as she was suddenly like a puppet on a string lurching to each sensation racked move of the thick Roman cock. And it kept moving, unpredictably through her bowel.

Titus Lartius was in heaven, he love this escape from the pressures of real life, his mind sinking into the role he set out for himself. His Roman cock was held tightly by the hot intestinal tube of the child slave, he could see her wonderful distress, her now strained contorted face making his cock flex in the tight gripping passage. His tongue worked through her wet young mouth as his body surged toward losing himself in the act of sodomizing her deeply. Moments later his loin was on the move, his cock feeling through her hot virginal rectal tube, his mind taking in the sights and sounds of her distress. And he fell into a rhythm of escalating harshness watching the Germanic female child slave being overcome by the act and enjoying what he was seeing, needing more.

Watching closely as she twisted about, this was why he had her bound to the beam so he could consecrate more on his need for release than controlling her wild uncontrolled lurching reflexes. He raised up to better take in her distress watching her strained mussels ungulate pleasingly to his probing feeling cock moving through her hugging trembling young gut. His need took him, both large strong hands slapping down taking her now into full control, molding her to this moment of need and strove toward his release, hammering up into her, going only for the pleasure of this moment. A piercing howling young girl scream filled the lantern lit room that went on till the air left her small lungs.

Frida’s young body seem to have taken full control of her the moment the adult Roman man went on the move using her bowel for his sexual release. She gasped, grunted and made other sounds her world out of her control. Never had her intestine felt the need to expel in such urgent necessity, she couldn’t suppress it and it consumed her till she cried, wailing out in a piercing scream. Seconds later the Roman male loin went pressing hard against her bottom cock swelling. He was releasing male seed in great splashing surges deep into her gut. That panicked her even more her eyes moving wildly about her mind turned inward on the way it felt, each hot cock swelling splash of sperm.

Titus Lartius release into the young slave was most gratifying leaving his balls aching dryly cock still stiff, his mind still coming down from his forced fantasy. He pulled his cock from her still snug rectum the use of her slowly revealing itself. There was very little blood ‘good’ he thought the girl he raped long ago had died from the abuse he force upon her. This slave he would use again after having her to be made to look even more like that long ago child. It would be awhile before she’d be ready for another go and she would be even more in fear of him ‘good’ he thought, wanting to delve farther into this dark side of his fantasy planning to be even more harsh with his next encounter. He called his house slaves in to care for the child Germanic Deliciae and washed up for the night. He would sleep well tonight.

Frida had collapsed over the smooth wooden beam. The two house slaves came in removing the bounds from her limbs having to both help her from the room. They cleaned her placing soothing kisses on her forehead, one of them staying with her as sobs rack over her well into the night, her rectum and deep bowel burn and ached something awful. It was a few days before her session with the Dominus stopped flashing with panicked anxiety through her young mind, her insides all out of sorts. The food was good and with the other children about she soon put the moment behind her.

Weeks later she was readying herself for sleep when the now familiar female house slave came in a sorrowful look on her face.

“The Dominus needs you to attend to him”

It took two adult female house slaves to pull her to the Dominus attendance and bind her in place. Head swiveling about she saw him enter the room, robe dropping to the floor, stiff cock arch thickly into the air, striding up behind her a sadistic gleam in his eyes. She screamed out.