Judy Makes Three (kidnap,Mg,Mb,anal,oral)

Judy Makes Three (kidnap,Mg,Mb,anal,oral)

Prologue: Judy finds out that you need to pick your friends carefully.

Author: Lone Dog

Judy was woken by her mother, it was time to get ready for school. She was in the second grade, school had just began for the year and she had met a new friend Ella. She was eager to meet up with her just down the block. School wasn’t that far and they were going to walk there. Her mother had breakfast made she could smell the eggs, bacon, toast filling the house. She ate quickly then placing the dishes in the sink. Judy’s mother was getting ready also to go to work and she handed Judy her already made lunch as her mother headed out the door. Judy saw it was time for her also to be heading out to meet up with Ella and left her house heading up the street to where Ella said she would be.

Singing to herself she went skipping down the sidewalk, Ella came into view down the street waving at Judy. Judy wave back picking up her pace. A dark van was parked close to Ella and as she walked toward Judy a man reached out grabbing her suddenly. Judy heard a cut off scream, the man placing a hand over Ella’s mouth. Judy stopped in her tracks watching Ella kicking arms swinging wildly as he pulled her over to the side door of the van. Judy had to help her friend and without thinking she took off running toward the man and her friend.

The man had placed Ella forcibly face down into the opened side door of the large van and was quickly rapping wide tape around her arms behind her when Judy came up. She started hitting on him to get him release her, to stop what he was doing. Judy could see Ella’s terrified face and she seemed to be in shock not a sound from her. The man turned on Judy. She found he was much to strong to be dealt with by her, and suddenly she was in a fierce struggle to get free herself. She was quickly turned onto her tummy on the cold painted metal floor. Arms grasps, pulled behind her, the wide tape going around her own folded arms then shoved forward. The door slammed shut. Judy screamed out the sound echoing around in the bare metal box of the back of the van.

A cage was just behind the front seats and Judy watch the man climb into the drivers seat, starting it up, the van lurching forward leaving Ella and Judy sliding around in the bare cold floor as the van turned this way and that. Ella looked scared making Judy scared too the van slowed backing into a garage the light of the morning vanishing into the one bulb that lit the building. The side door opened with him looking in then grabbing Ella and Judy by a leg pulling them both to the edge of the door. Judy looked into his face and saw only a cold determined look. He grabbed her by the back of the neck with a large strong hand, doing the same with Ella with his other ruff strong hand. They had no choice but to be guided into a side door from the garage into the house.

Both were crying openly now, the man’s hand biting cruelly into their small necks. Tears flowed down Judy’s face and she found she was scared, terrified as being bound and the now ruff treatment, nothing like this she had ever experienced before. And the strange man had the feeling of fear escalating inside her. Ella And Judy were brought down a short hall to the end, leaving them standing there trapped between the man and the end of the hall, her reached into a pocket. Pulling out a ring of keys, unlocking the closed door.

Ella’s had her head bowed low her long dark black hair covering her young face. Judy could just make out her large brown eyes staring in panic out through the veil dark hair. Judy’s lighter brown hair was kept much shorter and her blue-green eyes stared wide into the dimly lit room. A bar was bolted about three feet up going all around the walls of the room. A bare chested boy a little younger than Judy sat on the floor in the far corner clad in only shorts, he looked up with the same terror on his face that Judy felt right now. Hand-cuffs were on one of his wrists going to the metal bar. Both Ella and Judy were pushed reluctantly into the room, standing there in the middle of the room their arms bound by the tape behind them both.

“What are you going to do to us” Ella asked the man, her voice shaking as she kept her eye averted form the man.

The man knelt down in front of Ella lifting her chin with his hand the other hand parting the stranded of long dark hair covering his face.

“I’m going to rape all of you” he whispered close to her face “And there is nothing anybody can do to stop me”

Judy flinched at the mans words, she had heard of men that liked to do bad things to little kids and some of the kids joked about it sometimes. There were even rumors of kids in school that had been raped even by their own dads, but Judy never believed that people did those things to kids. It was just made up by others to scare you. But now her mother’s words echoed in his head ‘There are bad men out there that like to hurt young girls’ and Judy’s body starting trembling as she realized she was looking at one of those evil men.

“I’m going to throat fuck you, little bitch” He leaned in kissing Ella on the forehead. He turned to Judy.

Judy flinched under his cold gaze making her shake even harder, his eyes held a odd gleam that scared her deeply.

“And you… You sweat brave young thing” His eye’s played over Judy “You.. I’m going to fuck in the ass”

That too Judy had heard about that once at a pajama party with other girls her age. One of the girls there had claimed her uncle had held her down and put his adult penis in to her butt, she said it hurt real bad and wouldn’t say anymore about it. Judy had only seen her father naked once but his penis was soft hanging over his big testicles and even then didn’t believe that the story was true, why would anyone want to do that. People poop from there. Fucking was for making babies, right..

She jumped at his touch, his hand grabbing her pulling her around and removing the tape binding her arms up. Then ruffly started pulling Judy’s blouse off, tossing it into a corner of the room. She stood bare chested suddenly, the cooler air of the room playing across her young skin. Judy tried pulling away, but he had a firm grip on her arm with one strong hand the other pulling at her pants and panties till they were down over her shoes. She stood naked suddenly self conscious of the face before everyone in the room. The man pulled her over to the bar, hand-cuffs hung there one side clipped around the bar. He forced her arm up snapping it closed around her wrist. Judy stood there face flushing unable to hide her nakedness. The man turned to Ella.

Ella turned quickly her long shiny black hair flaring out as she took off running around the room. The door had been lock so she ran about trying to stay out of reach of the man. The man had her before long and started peeling the wide tape off her arms. Ella also struggled in vain as her top was removed then pants, undies, her small slit coming into view. She to was brought over to the bar and hand-cuffed to it. The man stepped back looking them over one of his hands going to a bulge in his pants rubbing over it. Judy’s heart sunk, she could feel the tears going down her face, she was in deep trouble.

The man turned and unlocking the room left turning up the hall leaving the door open. Judy’s mind raced and her heart pounded, she was going to be raped and that scared her. She had seen people on the computer having sex and it didn’t seem too bad but it would her first time and she could feel her mind struggling to come to terms. The world seemed surreal. Through the surreal haze she could hear Ella crying and the panicked breathing to the boy a few feet from her. But all she could do was stand there numb to the world, disconnected. The man came back and he was naked.

The room went quiet as all three of them stared at the naked man. Judy barely noticed the roll of tape three dog collars and leashes. Judy’s eyes were locked on his manhood, the mans groin. It was the first time she had see a fully hard adult penis in real life, it stuck out in front of the man arching up stiffly. The words of the man playing back echoing in her head ‘ You.. I’m going to fuck in the ass’ and the words of the girl who said her uncle put his in her butt ‘it hurt real bad’.

Judy could see how too. The penis was much thicker than any poop she done. She could see no way it could go into her butt. The man went to Ella unlocked her cuff turning her around facing away from him, pulling her small arms around folding them into the small of her back, he used the wide tape rapping it around her arms snuggly then placed the collar around her neck, and clipping the leash into place. He led her from the room tugging on the leash when she slowed her scared wide dark eyes looking back at Judy. She disappeared around the corner.

“Ella… Ella!…” Judy called out, but was met with only silents.

A few minutes passed before the nude man came back his penis still stiff and he went to the terrified boy pulling his shorts down and off. Judy couldn’t help but to stared at the differences between the adult stiff penis of the man and the small soft penis of the young boy, and in short order the boy was uncuffed his arms taped bound folded behind him in the small of his back. The collar and leash in place, the now wide eyed boy was led off too. The man came back a few minutes later looking at Judy and she could feel the full weight of that menacing gaze. He came toward her his bobbing stiff cock pointing the way.

All Judy could see it that seemingly huge penis of the man ‘Was he really going to put it her butt?’. The whole thing seem surreal and she dumbly let him uncuff her then bind her arms with the tape. The collar and leash clicked loudly in place. And she too was led out of the room down the hall and through a door with steps going down. He urge her naked body down the steps, and she came to a stop at what she saw, the naked man bumped into her. Judy hardly noticed the long adult penis pressing against her.

Ella was tied down over a homemade thing a metal ring was wedged into her mouth with leather straps going around her head holding it in place. Spittle ran down her small chin. Her head hung out over it some and a bucket had been placed on the floor under her head. Ella head was up her dark eyes looking wildly about in terror. The boy was tied belly down over another homemade piece with his leg held spread, ankles placed into loops of snugged down rope. Judy found the man guiding her toward the boy to a place beside of him. The same empty loops of rope were waiting for her beside the boy. She looked at the mans thick adult penis so close now and found herself shaking in fear.

“Please… please mister don’t fuck me in my ass” Judy’s heart pounding.

He said nothing and she looked up into his face and was met with a intense gleam. Judy’s could feel the world closing in about her sensing there was no way out of it. He lifted her up next to the boy his strong hand holding her firmly down belly first as a strap went over her back under her bound arms snugging her tightly down. She felt her leg pulled over the rope going around her ankle, the other leg pulled over till her buttocks opened to the cool air and ankle placed into the other loop. Judy turned her head looking back. The man had stepped back looking into the upturned cleft of her buttocks leaving her feeling self conscious of her exposed flesh rubbing a hand over his stiff penis. He moved over to the boy looking down pumping his penis even harder still. Then looked up to Ella.

Ella was almost in front of Judy as the man came around to the dark haired girl. He stood close in front of her, his penis inches from her oval wide eyed face. Her large brown eyes locked onto the bulbous head. A growing drop of thick precum oozing out. Judy and the boy both stared on only able to watch. The man reached into Ella’s beautiful long black hair getting a fist full of it from the back of her head. Judy watch the pain expression on Ella’s young face as the grip tightened, strands of long dark hair being pull free from her scalp. The other hand of the man going around the shaft of his stiff penis guiding it with purpose toward the round metal ring holding Ella’s mouth open wide. He never hesitated plunging the stiff rod of flesh through the metal ring into Ella’s mouth.

The sound was horrid, Ella gagged wetly her dark brown eye opened in shock as the mans loin came in close to her face. Judy could plainly see the bulge of the penis head half way down the front of Ella’s slender throat. Judy had never witnessed such cruelty before and found herself squirming to get free but unable to turn her head from watching poor Ella’s harsh treatment. The man released his penis quickly adjusting himself in front of Ella’s face. And started humping his hips into her surprised face. The bulging knot moving back and forth along the front of Ella’s throat. All of poor Ella’s body lurched up gagging uncontrollably the intense sounds echoing through the basement for almost a full minute before he pulled it from her throat.

Puke followed the thick stiffness and he angled her head toward the bucket on the floor. He lifted her head up, tears ran down her young face, snot from her nose and thick strands of thick liquid hung from her chin. Ella coughed wetly a spray of thick liquid going out over the close penis. The thick penis looked fiercely stiff and it bobbed the the mans excited heartbeat. Slime had run down the length over the mans heavy scrotum dripping to the floor. Judy just stared in shock of witnessing such an act done so cruelly to her friend. She looked up an found the man looking intently at her now, a mischievous grin on his face. The man released his grip in Ella’s hair leaving her still choking up heavy thick flem into the bucket below and moved hurriedly behind Judy. She recoiled as his hands touched her buttocks.

Feeling his course large fingers going over her ass cheeks, Judy could feel his eyes on her and she wanted to hide, she didn’t want to be here, this couldn’t be happening, not to her. The slick thickness of the mans stiff penis ran up through the open cleft of her buttock, going over Judy’s anus, the ring of mussels involuntarily clenching tighter. His hands trembling in excitement went feeling over her body young body, toughing her hair, face, gripping much to tightly over her neck, going over her torso as he pressed up against her. The thick penis pressed up through the cleft her ass, Judy could even feel the mans excited heartbeat from the thick cock slipping slowly through there. Then he moved away.

Judy turn her head seeing the man moving up behind the boy. Panic was showing on the young boy as the mans hands started caressing over him too, the mans adult penis slipping up through the cleft of his small buttocks. Judy could see the mans full attention was on the boy now, his breathing deep, strong, steady as if ready for a marathon. He pulled back slightly reaching quickly over to a small table picking up a small jar of petroleum jelly. The boy and Judy jumped at the loud sound of the top of the jar being opened. The boy’s head swiveled about trying to see what the man was doing behind him. Judy watch the man scoop two finger into the jar scooping out a goodly glop, placing the jar down he grabbed the thick penis shaft with his free hand holding the stiff throbbing shaft in place. He spread the thick goo quickly over it making sure to add a extra bit to the bulbous tip. Giving the thing a menacing greasy gloss, with some of the goo still left on his fingers he reached into the cleft of the boy’s buttocks.

The boy lurched a look of panicked bewilderment went over the now squirming boy beside Judy. Judy raised up as much as she could looking back seeing the man working his long finger up into the boys rectum, feeling around with it without regards to the comfort of the young boy. The hand pulled away, the intensely throbbing stiff goo coated penis already being quickly guided toward the slightly open buttocks of the boy. The tip guided through the two boy ass cheeks, with the man looking excitingly down the adult penis now pressing hard as he worm it around against the poor boys butt-hole.

A look of pained wide eyed fear froze on the boys face his eyes moving wildly about. The boy gasp in, grimacing, teeth clenched together, his whole body trembling tensely. Judy look back, the mans stiff penis had moved into the boys rectum and the man had grabbed onto the poor boys hips pressing, worming even harder to get more up into him. The boy screamed out catching Judy by surprise, even Ella’s head was up drool still dripping from her ring opened mouth staring in shock at the boy’s tortured pain racked panicked face. Over half the thick rod was up into the boy.

The mans excited trembling hands played over the boy. He stared down onto the young boy his adult face racked with vile pleasure mixed with a sadistic gleam. He was plainly enjoying the poor boys intense discomfort. The young boy buttocks had come up as far as he could the rope snug around his ankles now keeping him from rising any farther from the following rod that remained pressing firmly into rectum. Judy could see that it was really hurting the boy, a lot. His small bound arms behind him held in tight shaking fists with the tape biting into the his flesh of his arm. The man leaned over the boy gripping his head with both hands burying his face into his hair breathing in deeply moaning with pleasure as he did. He raised up pulling his ridged adult cock slowly from the boys bottom whom went sobbing in racking waves.

Judy’s eyes locked onto the long stiffly arched rod a light dome of poop shown on the circumcise tip. The man was already in front of Ella a hand gripping into her hair tightly pulling her face upright. Ella’s wide disbelieving eyes were locked also onto the mans penis as his other hand grip the shaft guiding it toward her metal ringed mouth, poop and all. The penis plunged harshly deep through the ring, Ella’s body flaring up, his hips worked forward the shaft disappearing as her nose went into the mans course pubes. His now large free hand slipping around to the back Ella’s small dark head holding her opened mouth face firmly against his loin. Her body swelled in waves of wet sounding racking heaves, the man riding each one out, the same sadistic pleasure look washing over his adult face as he stared down at Ella. He pulled out with a powerful gush of puke most missing the bucket. The man still held Ella tightly by the hair a slight stream of thick white stuff ran down from the tip of the throbbing rod. Close to her still gagging face.

“Whoa… almost came” the man breathed out watching the stream of cum.

He looked over at Judy, and she felt the weight of his attention, sending a shiver through her. Picking up a rag he wiped his long stiff penis off moving in close in front of Judy. She found herself looking closely at the adult rod.

“I’m wanting to gut fuck honey” his voice ringing with devilish mischief “Thank goodness you showed up… what an unexpected treat your going to be”

He leaned down hands going to each side of Judy’s face, then pressing his lips onto Judy’s lips kissed her, She kept her mouth closed but could feel his tongue trying to go between her pressed lips. He pulled back grinning broadly.

“Will see if your tight ass can do that… little slut”

He picked up the the jar of thick jelly, scooping out a huge glop. He stood in front of her letting her watch him smear the stuff over his raging stiffness. Judy could see it all coming together quickly, much to quickly for her mind to grasp that it was her he was prepping his penis for. Judy’s heart quickened and the reality of it was taking hold of her, panic welling up, taking hold.

“Please.. no… no…” Her voice sounding disembodied to Judy.

“Your the only one left, dear” He said moving on around her, his hand going along her trembling body.

Judy didn’t want that penis she had just seen inside of her, wasn’t ready for it. She realized she wasn’t ready for sex of any kind. And not rape. A thick fleshy bluntness went through her spread buttock directly onto her anus. It felt much to thick to enter her at all, the blunt hard knot pressed adding pressure.

Judy’s head came up struggling with the mounting force to enter into her butt. Ella was smiling at Judy oddly and Judy was surprised to see one of her hands pulling free from the tape and stepping off the device standing before Judy. The boy joined Ella a mischievous grin on his face. The thick tip forced Judy’s anus to open up some ‘she was losing the fight’.

“Do you like her daddy” Ella said still grinning to the man behind Judy.

“She perfect Ella dear.. Just perfect” his breathing deep and regular.

“Happy birthday” Both Ella and the boy said together,, then braking out in song “Happy Birthday To You… Happy Birthday to you…..”

The stiff blunt headed rod forced its way into Judy’s rectum and she screamed out adding to the choir. The world went surreal, except for the sharp stab of gripping pain that held her in its grip. Large hands gripped her hips hooking strongly in. The blunt thickness pressed aggressively onward, filling her virginal rectum much to quickly for Judy to handle lodging deep up into her. She was held wide eyed and frozen stiffly trembling from the intense thickness of the adult penis. Ella leaned over kissing Judy on the forehead.

“Daddy’s going to enjoy you, I just knew he would” she said to Judy before her dark eyes looked up to her father, her arm raising handing the metal ring thing that was in her mouth to him.

“Run on off to school kids, I got your late excuses made up on the table”

“OK daddy… see you when we get home” Ella replied to her dad.

Judy watch in horror as he leaned over kissing them both in order as they skipped humming ‘Happy birthday’ out of the room, leaving Judy with the fiercely stiff thick rod holding her rectum open around it. His large strong hands went feeling over her tense trembling body for a long moment.

“I’ve got the best kid in the world, Judy dear” he leaned in over her some close to her up turned head. “Can’t be hurting them too much…. Might attract the wrong crowd”

The metal ring with the leather straps appeared in his hand in front of her, a hand gripped strongly into her hair pulling her head back harshly. The large metal ring being forced through her lips cruelly.

“Open up little bitch”

Judy had no choice but to open her mouth or have a tooth broken. It was twisted into place leaving her jaw aching, her mouth forced open so much. ‘He was going to put his adult penis into my throat’ she thought, and it sent a rush of gripping fear through her. Judy mind reeled wanting to escape, to be somewhere else, the thick blunt tip started worming harshly at the end of her rectum. It was making headway deeper into her bowel and felt awful.

He had already raised up away from her, she could feel his eyes looking down onto her. Turning her head Judy looked back, his face was twisted up in intense pleasure, his eyes roaming over her intently relishing what he saw before him. Judy could feel her own face contorted with discomfort and embarrassment as the feeling of the deeply probing rod sent a flood of the nastiness of it through her. The tip seemed to find its way through the deep resistance and slipping in fully, her body shuddering as his loin press against her bottom. The strong hands gripped tightly onto each side of her hips the stiff thick rod started moving back a couple inches and in, over and over through the tube of her large intestine.

At first Judy could just handle the odd gross feeling, her mind almost coming to terms with the harsh reality of it. But the never ending movement through the tube of her gut had the feeling escalating, morphing into something far worse and harshly embarrassing. A gross feeling of a impending bowl-movement came onto her with a fierce vengefulness starting deeper than the long penis was probing. It was the same feeling you get before the runs but even worse, that loss of control hoping you can just make it to the toilet.

“H-aa-ggg..!” Judy grunted out suddenly.

Her gut seemed to lurch abruptly, uncontrollably against the humping thickness as if to poop the thing from her bowel, she couldn’t even think of stopping it. The man seemed to go wild behind her, his hip moving in a rush of ever lengthening lunges through the tight tube of her straining bowel. Then in horror the thick plunging blunt head of the adult penis met Judy’s deep rush of exiting stool forcing the rod almost to a stop as it thickly clung to the ridged shaft.

“Oh… dear young Judy” the man groan, with him leaning in over her again.

His face went into her sweat damp hair, she could hear him breathing in deeply through his nose, taking in her youthful scent. His hips still churned to get the last bit of his long penis back up into her intestine, it was horrible in the extreme as her poop urgently kept pushing on around the throbbing stiff man rod. His hands were on the strap holding her down, it came loose with him raising up pulling her up against his chest. A hand gripped into the hair in the back of her head, tilting her face up at his. He planted a open mouth kiss over her metal ringed mouth, his tongue going through her mouth feverishly. Judy had no way to stop it, his grip in her hair so tight she could feel strands being pulled out painfully. Moments passed this way as he groaned with pleasure before pulling way looking down into her deeply flushed face.

“Time to gag fuck you dear” he lick his lip with anticipation “Breathe deeply while you can”

Judy could feel the long stiff penis being pulled from poop inside her intestine then from her rectum altogether. His hand remained gripping into her hair as he walked into view. A sadistic devilish grin on his face. Judy’s eyes went too the stiff rod of man flesh, it was horrendous, poop coated fully half the throbbing tool. The sounds of the penis going into Ella’s throat flooded her mind, and she must have been willing to do it, her mind reeled in confusion. The poop coated penis came closer.

Judy’s head tugged vainly in the tight gripping hand in her hair more strands being pulled loose. She wasn’t ready for this ‘please not this’ the ghastly stool coated tip went quickly through the metal ring, her head was jerked toward his lunging hairy loin. The cock drove into her throat giving her no reprieve. The strong hand forcing her open mouth down over the long shaft toward where penis rose out of the mans densely haired loin. Judy’s throat was forced suddenly open around the plunge of the stiff rod and came up back arching gagging, more strands of hair pulling smartly free. The other hand came up behind her head pulling her down against the mans loin, her face mash deeply into the course thick male loin hair.

The shock of it gripped Judy and with bile lurching up the man started pumping her head over the length of the thick gagging thing. Puke lurched with force up and over the thickness as still he went on. She was going to die this way, her face plain showing her terrorized panic she felt. The wet sloshing sound of the penis’s movement ringing loud through her. The cock pulled out leaving her gasping in wetly, choking on slime and puke. The tip held inches from her face. Tears and snot went down her face dripping off her chin in thick slimy strands. Dazed she never saw the mans next lunge. The stiff rod went in fully, her face held firmly against the hairy loin. She went through two long wet heaves her stomach lurch dryly till it hurt before the fleshy rod swelled up even more.

Judy could plainly feel the large gush of sperm from the adult penis going in great flooding surges deep into her abused gagging throat. That to held her mind in the moment at what he was doing. The thickness pulled out a rush of thick sperm getting into her lungs choking her with it, the thick lumpy stuff filling her mouth with the heavy male taste. That too had her gagging from the thought alone. The man kissed her on the forehead and unstrapped the mouth ring.

“C-can I go home now” Judy struggled to get out through her abused throat.

“This Is home now dear, your my birthday present…. Remember”

She was brought back to the room and hand-cuffed to the bar.