Ian Visits The Local Community Pool (Mg,pedo)

Ian Visits The Local Community Pool (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: A preteen girl named Ellie is left alone naked in the pool changing rooms and a man invites her to touch his big dick.

Author: PeachKisser2004

Waiting patiently in the stall, Ian felt his heart rate quicken at the sound of the little girl’s voice as she asked innocent questions of her Daddy, who led her into the dressing room. “When’s mommy coming?” asked the little cherub. Ian pictured her in his mind, as he’d spent half an hour watching the father-daughter pair playing out in the pool, the tiny five-year-old girl in a tight one-piece swimsuit, babyfat bulging out around her hips and tummy. Now… it was almost time for him to step out of the stall.

“Okay princess, off with the swimsuit,” said the father cheerfully. Ian stood up from the toilet and tugged his loose shorts up and turned to flush the toilet. Suddenly the father spoke again, “Oh damn, Ellie, I forgot your clothes, wait here, I’ll be right back…”

“Okay Daddy, hurry…” said the little girl.

Ian’s blood ran cold. Could it be? He heard the father turn and his footsteps faded. Without a moment’s hesitation Ian dropped his shorts and gripped them in one hand, unlocked the stall and stepped out. The tiny girl was standing on the changing bench, stark naked, water droplets still glistening on her pale skin.

“Hi!” she said brightly, waving innocently at Ian. Ian smiled a big smile and said “Hello sweetie, did your daddy forget your clothes?” The little cherub nodded and put one hand to her mouth, looking down at Ian’s cock as he walked towards her.

“Do you want to touch my penis?” said Ian, his voice almost catching in his throat as he came near the little girl. She looked down at the funny appendage and back up at Ian, then shrugged and said “Okay…” She put one
hand out tentatively and touched just the tip of Ian’s cock, making it jerk upwards, blood rushing into the thick shaft.

“Use both hands,” whispered Ian. “One on each side, hold it carefully…” leaning forward and concentrating squatting just slightly, Ellie put her two tiny hands on either side of Ian’s stiffening member. He felt his testicles draw up close to his body at the five-year-old’s velvet touch. “It’s hot!” she said with surprise.

“Oh yes, it’s hot, and squeeze it… feel how hard it is?” The little girl’s fingers flexed and her fingertips dug lightly into the turgid core of Ian’s cock, making him groan. “Are you okay?” said Ellie, looking up at the strange man with a concerned look in her eyes.

“Yes, try rub it back and forth, just like a good girl…” he hissed. Ellie turned her face back to what she was doing and slid her wet hands along Ian’s overheated cockflesh. “Back and forth, there’s a girl…” he grunted, knowing he was getting close.

“Oh Ellie, you’re making my penis feel so good!” said Ian, smiling down at the little cherub. Ellie grinned proudly and said “Rubba, rub-rub!” cheerfully.

That was all it took for poor Ian, and suddenly he felt the intense cramp of orgasm seize his body. “UNGH!!!!” he grunted suddenly, making Ellie look up at him with surprise, her hands still on either side of his cock. The first two jets of white-hot cum splattered wetly and powerfully from the bloated cockhead, splashing onto Ellie’s front. She looked down to see why the cock in her hand was jerking and drew both her hands back in surprise as she saw the white liquid jetting from the tip.

“What’s dat!?!” she said, looking down at her babyfat front, where droplets of Ian’s fertile sperm now dribbled down, mixing with the chlorine and water already on her smooth skin.

Pushing his hips closer to the child Ian reached down and held her shoulders, stabbing the tip of his spurting cock against her tiny bald pussy, grunting and pushing just the hyper-sensitive head of his cock in between Ellie’s legs, capturing the last few dribbles of thick sperm that burbled out of his tingling balls.

“Okay Ellie, very good sweetie… thank you so much, you made Uncle Ian’s penis feel much better!” Ian withdrew his hips and quickly put his shorts back on, still smiling at the naked little sperm-splattered waif before him.

“Bye Ellie, see you next time!” said Ian cheerfully, waving with a bright smile.

For a moment Ellie forgot the incident that just happened and a huge smile came to her face and she waved. “Bye-bye ee-yan!” she said, squirming as she stood on the changing bench.

As Ian turned the corner from the shadows of the men’s room and walked into the bright sunlight, Ellie’s father walked past, a knowing smirk on his face. He caught Ian’s eye and winked. “See you next weekend!”

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.