Happy Video Day (Mg,anal,rape,kidnap)

Happy Video Day (Mg,anal,rape,kidnap)

Prologue: Five year old Kate was waking home from a friends home.

I got into the car with the man, “Where’s my dad” I ask him.

“He’s just up the road, didn’t I tell you” he said as he started the car up. “Buckle up”

I heard the door lock as I buckled the seat belt. He drove a short way down the road without saying anything then pulled down a side road. He reached down and pick up a roll of wide gray duct tape.

“Give me your hands” he said gruffly.

“Where’s my dad” I asked, starting to feel afraid of this man.

“I’m afraid he’s not coming” he stated as he held my hands together and ran the tape around my wrists. “If you don’t want to be hurt you’ll set still”

He drove swiftly onto the road and before long I was lost as to where we were. My mind raced, I wondered what I had gotten in to. My parents had warned me about bad people in the world and I had a feeling he was one of them. A half an hour later he pulled over and slipped a pillow case over my head “Take it off and your dead” he said with meaning.

It was another long drive before we stopped. He opened the door and help me from the car. I was led as he told me when to step up or down then we stopped. He removed the tape from my wrists then pulled the pillow case off. We were in a big bathroom but it was different in some ways. Almost like a doctor office. He went over and grabbed a leather strap and before I could react he swung it snapping in against my leg smartly with a crack.

“Now you are going to do what I say without question….. Understand” He raised the strap again. I quickly nodded my head ‘yes’ rubbing my leg where the strap had struck.

“Take off your cloths and hand them to me”

I stood there a little to long and the thick strap went across my leg again. My face went flush as I had no choice if I didn’t want hit again with the strap. My leg hurt where the strap had struck and tears fill my eyes as I pulled my blouse off then pulled down my shorts.

“Everything” he said sternly. The strap slapping in the same place as before.

Trembling I pulled my panties down then stepped out of them. I picked up everything and handed them to him. He took them leaving the room for a moment then returned without them. I felt naked and vulnerable, my face flushing hotly from embarrassment as he looked me over. My hands went instinctively to cover my bare pussy. I had heard tails from friends about evil men who would steal little girls and put their big penis’s in their holes. That started to seem all to real.

I looked up at the man “You going to r-rape me mister” I asked.

“Honey, I’m going to sodomize you and record it so I can watch it again”

I didn’t know what sodomize meant and it must have shown on my face because he leaned in closer and said. “I’m going to put my cock into your tight little ass hole and fuck it till I cum”

“Is… is it going to hurt” I ask, not sure, but it sounded awful.

“I would think so, at least at first” he said. “But first a bath”

He brought me to the small bathroom and ran some warm water in the tub and had me climb in. He washed me clean all over. I blushed as he had me kneel and soaped up my pussy and butt, then rinsing it off. He towel dried me afterward all the while looking me over intently.

“OK honey, now it time” He said more seriously rubbing his crouch. It was then I noticed the bulge in his pants. And it was then the reality of it started to sink in. His hand went to my bare shoulder pushing me ahead of him out the bathroom door. A door down the hall loomed darkly and I was pushed through into the darkness. He switch on the light there were video cameras located around a bed in the room in different places. The room looked like a place of horror. And I froze standing there half way into the room looking about in sudden fear. The door closed loudly making me flinch as I heard him lock the door.

He went through the room turning on the various cameras, their red or green light glowing ominously and he went checking them till he seemed satisfied. He pointed at me and said “Come here”

He led me to the bottom of the small bed and pushed me facing it against the mattress. There was loops of rope tied to the legs of the bed with slip knots. He pulled one leg over and place the loop around my ankle and snugging it down. He then pulled my other leg over toward the other leg and slipped the loop of rope there around that ankle adjusting the rope enough to leave my legs spread open enough for me to feel the cool air on my anus.

A strong hands grabbed my arms, he had the gray duct tape. My arms were folded behind me and taped together. He went to the head of the bed and started undressing. He pulled down his pants and underwear in one move, his penis springing free. I couldn’t believe the size of it, never before seeing a mans hard cock before. It was much longer than I could have imagined and thicker. He stepped out of his cloths rubbing his penis with his hand. The thing look menacingly dangerous with his two huge hairy adult testicles. There was no way he could put that big thing into my ass.

He picked up a rubber nipple looking thing with straps on each side and came over to me.

“Open your mouth” he said as he guided toward my lips.

He pushed the nipple end in into my half open mouth, the thing going far enough into my mouth that it just touched the back of my throat, and I had to struggle to keep from gagging as he strapped it tightly around my head the flat rubber part at the end covering my mouth forcing me to breathe mostly through my nose. My eyes kept locking on to his stiff cock as he moved about. And I realized with a start he was really going to try to put in into my butt. I looked nervously about at his every move. He pick up a jar of petroleum jelly, opened it, and got a heavy glob on his fingers. He strode behind me his stiff adult cock pointing the way. I was pushed over onto the bed and held there as the fingers with the jelly went feeling through the cleft of my buttocks onto my anus.

One of his thick fingers pushed through the tight mussels my anus suddenly, probing harshly as my rectum clamp down against the sharp stabbing intrusion, he started pumping it harshly, my anus and rectum getting tugged along for the ride. The feeling was awful and hurt some but then I felt his other finger squeezing in along side the other.

“A-m-M-m-m……” I cried through the gag in my mouth trying in vain to pull my legs free. Never had I ever had anything hurt so bad, and it was my ass hole. But both his fingers had gone into my rectum and now wormed about painfully. I sagged down into the bed when his fingers finely pulled from my ass. Looking back I saw he was spreading some petroleum jelly thickly onto his stiff cock head as he looked intently down at my buttocks. Putting the jar down he guided the blunt tip through the cleft of my ass onto my anus.

One of his hands went to the back of my neck forcing me down onto the bed and I felt the blunt warm tip pressing hard between my buttock onto my anus. I raised up onto my toes in a vain effort to lift off the hard pressing bluntness on my anal opening. My hip were press against the bed tightly, there was no escape there. As the pressure mounted and the bluntness worming now painfully against my small back hole. My anal mussel smartly trembled slowly giving in Giving in painful steps as he held me strongly by the back of the neck pinned down into the bed.

The head of his cock popped past my anus surging deeper. He removed his hand from the back my neck the moment he gain entry and I rose up off the bed body tense against the sudden gripping pain. My buttock struggled to clamp up around the intrusion but couldn’t being force to stay open from my tied ankles holding my legs much to wide for that. His hands were suddenly feeling over my tense nude body as he pressed hard up into my rectum, the blunt cock head somehow making its way deeper through my tight rectal tube. I bit down hard on the rubber plug in my mouth as my rectum remained stretched tight around his cock. My eyes caught a large mirror that reflected him and me. My eyes were wide from the pain of the thick penis in my rectum, shock and terror shown in the features of my face. Couldn’t he tell how much it was hurting me.

The gag kept me from begging him to stop. Sadistic pleasure showed on his face as his hands felt over me. Suddenly he was humping, my rectum gripped painfully tight on the thickness that was trying to move. He pulled back with a jerk then shoved to get it back into place with me lurching tensely at each move of his cock. It was awful and hurt bad.

His cock was finely able to move, slipping threw the tight tube of my rectum and he now pumped in earnest a few times as I tried to come to term with the intense thickness of his cock in my rectum.

“Oh, oh, oh..” he said jerking his cock from my ass suddenly “Don’t want to cum just yet”

I fell onto the bed my rectum still hurting bad as he walked around the bed and picked up a towel. His cock was sticking out harder than before. A shine show how far into my ass he had gotten, less than a third of the stiff rod had been up into me. And there was a smear of brown on the head of his penis, I realized it was my poop. He stood there looking at his cock like a trophy then at me. He calmly wiped his cock clean and reapplied more petroleum jelly to his cock again moving back behind me. In the mirror I watch him place on hand on my back and the other guiding his stiff cock toward my buttocks.

“Looks like I’m going to be fucking the shit out of you honey” he said almost laughing.

All around the room the cameras hummed recording on, I could see their glowing indicators showing all was well.

He lunged the moment his cock touched my anus, almost going in. The second shove opened my anus around his cock suddenly as he probed up into my clenching rectum. He went quickly up into my rectum to where he had been and shoved again pressing hard as he did, his cock moving, slowly filling my rectum, hurting me. My legs trembled pulling on the rope around my ankles all the while he kept his hand firmly on my back holding me in place. His cock lodge deep filling my rectum and then pressing hard at the end of it. He remained there like that for a few moments. My head was turned facing the mirror and even though my rectum was filled fully a good bit of his cock shaft still showed. He was looking down upon my spread buttocks where his cock went between them, and both hands went to my waist gripping me there as he seemed to readied himself.

I groaned as his cock pulled slowly back and slowly press back up into place. He kept moving gaining in tempo, my rectum still ached but was now starting to grow sensitive to movement. An odd feeling welling up from the continued movement. Then when he seated his cock again I realized what is was with a start. It felt like I was going to need to use the bathroom, and soon. I couldn’t put it out of my mind as the thick cock kept up an irregular movement in my bowel, probing, probing, feeling around like some living thing up in me.

“H-a-u-g-gg…..” I involuntary grunted loudly around the gag when he pushed into what I couldn’t contain.

My eyes bugged out from the grossness of the feeling, he managed to only to pull back a little then seat solidly up into my rectum pressing hard into the foulness I could feel there. He had felt it to.

“Little bitch, this is where the fun begins” he said “I going to take you on the ride of your young life”

I felt his hands go behind my head unstrapping the gag then pulling it from my mouth. I could only stare blankly into the mirror as he adjust himself, then one hand went gripping strongly to my taped arms behind, the other gripped solidly at my shoulder, he now had full control over me and it showed in the mirror.

He pulled back a little and I gasped in involuntary from the crudeness of the harsh feeling, he pushed back into place. My bowel making a guttural gassy rumble to his movement. He started humping deep making the feeling purposely worse till it felt like all the world I was pooping a huge turd I couldn’t get out. My face flushed bright red from the knowing he was making me feel this way on propose. I could see him looking upon me intently in the reflection, signification and lust show on his face. My back arched up from the sensation of pooping such a thick turd.

He pulled his cock out suddenly after a bit walking around showing it to me and the cameras. A thick smear of my stool showed along the half his cock that had been up in my rectum, the tip was covered thickly with if. My rectum burned and ached from the abuse. He leaned over kissing me on the head.

“Now for the bonus footage, the money maker” he said wiping his cock off with the towel and applying more petroleum jelly thickly to his cock.

He ran the towel wiping off my burning sensitive anus and move into place. I flinched as the cock press to my hole. He pushed in my back arched up again as he seated deep to the end of my rectum. This time he wasn’t humping he just went pressing his cock hard against the end of my rectum, keeping up a harsh pressure there. It began to hurt where his cock head pressed and my bowel seemed to start to give in some to the press. It got so uncomfortable I had to raise up from the bed half groaning, half whining.

The thick blunt cock head slipped deeper somehow making me twist oddly as my gut cramped sharply over the intrusion still he kept pressing steadily on. It didn’t feel right at all. My rectum hurt bad when he entered into it, but this felt all wrong. The image of his stiff cock as he show it to me a moment ago still burnt into my mind. Only half of his cock had been in my rectum and that felt like it filled me fully. I realized ‘He Was Trying To Get It All Into Me’

I lurched in a spasm of cramping pain as the blunt thickness slipped again deeper. “Take It Out” I cried “Take it out… Your killing me”

“Doesn’t feel right, does it” he said then again “Does it”

“No, no… Take it out… Take it out… Please-e-e-e…”

“Thats because my cock has gone into your large intestine, Honey” his head close in to mine now. “This it what the people are paying good money to see…. so hang on, its only just started we have another three inches of cock to go”

“A-A-H-h………. No!…. A-a-H-h-H-h…..” The cock pressing slipping by increments deeper. My torso jerking, lurching in spasms, my head banging up into his chest at times. Till finely his loin press onto my buttocks and I was press pinned against the bed. The back of my legs and buttocks trembled and a growing nauseous feeling went through me. I froze in place afraid of any movement that would bring on more sharp cramping from my gut around his embedded cock. My face contorted in agony, shock and yes, deep embarrassment.

My hair matted to my forehead from sweat that stung dripping into my eyes. I was panting hardly able to catch my breath. He slowly eased me over, my belly down onto the bed and placed both hands onto the back of my shoulders pushing me down pinning me there, I felt his body getting ready behind me. I could do nothing to stop it as the cock flexed inside me bring on another wave of deep bowel wrenching nausea.

“U-u-R-r-r-g-g…….” His cock pulled back much too quickly threw the tube of my spasming large intestine.

He eased back in pinning me to the bed with his lion again. Then tugged his cock back. I gasped in sharply from the gripping tug the pull of his cock had my bowel suddenly cramping painfully and sharply down around the thickness of his cock locking it into place. His hands suddenly started roaming over my body as my bowel remained clenched up around the thick stiffness. A moment later he was pressing hard to pushed past the gripping of my bowel. He gave a fierce shove that sent a wave of shocking pain through my abdomen freeing his cock to move. He started fucking never quite pulling from my gut and it took several plunges before my insides reacted to his rapidly gaining momentum. A sickening nauseous feeling like I was about to have the runs flooded my abdomen.

The movement of his cock in my intestine starting to make audibly loud crude sounds. He lifted me up from the bed against his chest, my head sagged down mouth open dripping thick drool. I sagged over his arm as he continued sodomizing deeply, the wet crude sounds filling my ears.

A sudden gush of nauseous urgency flooded my intestine as the need to find a bathroom quickly became more than pressing, the sickening feeling of having uncontrollable runs flooding through my abdomen. My body shook, trembling from shock as the nauseous feeling surged through me as my bowel and intestine began a steady and persistent push to poop out the thick cock. The need came in sickening waves one after another never quite relenting and all I felt was I was having the bad runs that I couldn’t stop.

My head drooped down as I stared blankly at the bed engulfed in the nauseousness of the feeling flooding through me. From the side his hand appeared holding a rubber thing that looked like a mans cock with rubber balls on the end. It wasn’t as thick as his but still as long, eight inches at least, the head of it coated with a glob of the petroleum jelly. His loin press solidly onto my buttocks pinning me against the bed.

An arm went around my neck my head tilted back. The rubber cock lifted moving in close to my lips.

“Open your mouth…. NOW!” he said tightening his arm around my neck choking me suddenly.

My mouth dropped open and the tip was pushed into my mouth over my tongue leaving the taste of the oily jelly behind.

“Open wide” he said “Wider” as he tightened his arm more around my neck.

I had my mouth as wide as I could, his cock flex in my gut stiffening even more. He had my head tilted back my face staring at the fake cock pointing down into my mouth. I saw his grip tighten on the handle at the back of it and he shoved it to the back of my throat and down lodging it there suddenly my eyes bulging in disbelief as I gagged on the firm soft rubber head pushed into my throat.

Suddenly he was humping behind me into my gut in a frenzy of movement. The rubber cock lodged in my throat was pushed even farther down blocking off my breathing. He released the handle as if to prove how snug it was in my throat, an intense heave brought up puke against the plug of rubber wedged there. He hump into me for a few seconds more before gripping the handle again pushing it down deeper, the fake rubber balls inches from my face. I heaved violently my gut pushing thick stool over his franticly moving cock. A sudden uncontrolled stream strong stream of piss sprayed from my bladder onto the floor. With his arm still around my neck he started pumping the handle the rubber cock moving it my throat in an increasing tempo to go down deeper. The rubber balls went against my chin, he gave it a few more long strokes then press it full into my gagging orifice leaving it wedged there snuggly.

With my eyes bulging from the lack of air, he let me fall onto the bed and continued sodomizing me franticly leaving me choking on the implanted rubber device. My tummy heave again against the wedged rubber cock moving it. It went onto the bed in front of me covered in puke as I heaved up again. My throat burn as I finely suck in air gasp harshly through the spit and puke in my mouth.

A hand grabbed me by the hair lifting my head up off the bed his cock still pounding into me. My eyes watered over so bad I could scarcely see. I still choked, gasping for each breath wetly as the rubber cock went forcing into my mouth again and throat. It press popping into my throat and down till the things fake ball press to my chin and held there much too long, I needed air and soon, I tried pulling away but couldn’t, my legs franticly trying to pull from the rope that held them apart. His loin slap hard to my bottom, cock swelling, he was squirting his seed into my intestine. He pulled his cock from my ass a wad warm of sperm went past my head onto the bed. He released the rubber cock and it slid from my throat and mouth under a hard heave. He had move to the side of the bed pumping his cock at me, releasing one last load onto the side of my head and face.

“The money shot” Was all he said.