Eileen’s Frantic Dashes (Mg,anal,oral,bond,scat,semi-con)

Eileen’s Frantic Dashes (Mg,anal,oral,bond,scat,semi-con)

Prologue: Eileen is a young seven year old girl that looks for all the world like the young movie star from long ago ‘Shirley Temple’ and just about as smart. She did her best to buck up and take her fathers abuse, but a young girls body is a sensitive thing, just the way her father liked it. And in the end young Eileen herself.

Eileen deep blue eyes watched her mother pack. She was almost seven now and was almost an exact twin of the long ago child star Shirley Temple. Eileen’s mother was going for a week to visit an aunt a couple states away. Already she was feeling a welling wave of anxiety and sensing her father’s growing anticipation at being home alone with her. Eileen’s mother had gone earlier this spring for a full week her father taking off that week too to baby-set. She knew he’d taken off this week also. Tonight she’d get little sleep after he was finished with her, if her young memory served her right.

“Mommy can I come with you” Eileen asked again for the thirteenth time.

“Now we’ve been over this Eileen” Her mother said “I can’t be watching you where I’m going, now give it up”

Her mother ran her hand through Eileen’s almost blond mildly curly hair, leaning down and kissing her on the forehead.

Tears welled up inside Eileen. She wasn’t sure if she could handle another long week alone with daddy. She looked over seeing him pacing with barely constrained anticipation of mommy leaving. Eileen’s whole world seemed to be closing in, her young mind going hazy seeing no way out, going with her mother seemingly Eileen’s only choice. Her mother finished and them now all at the front door leaned in brushing the stream of tears from Eileen’s eyes and kissed her again on the forehead again.

“I’ll be back before you know it” She whispered “Love you”

Eileen watched as mommy kissed daddy and took off with her purse under one arm toward the car. Daddy’s hand on Eileen’s shoulder squeezed his finger rubbing, feeling her in a knowing way, she wasn’t going to be given any time to mentally prepare herself in any meaningful way and looked up seeing him looking back with that strange way he did when he was going to force her to submit to him. His hand tightened even more guiding her back from the door. Eileen watch it close his hand going to the locks making sure they were fastened in place. He knelt down kissing her full on her young pouting lips.

“Thought mommy would never leave honey” He said “Been over three month hasn’t it”

“Daddy? You going to butt fuck me again” Eileen ask her slightly chubby face flushing bright remembering how her young body reacted to the seeming endless movement.

Eileen could see his eyes widening a little as he stared back, an indication that she was right, his tongue wetting his lips, her face flashing the distress she felt at the prospect of doing it so soon after mommy left. His head slightly nodded ‘yes’.

“Come on let go to mommy and daddy’s room” his breathing already becoming short his sexual excitement plainly moving beyond his willingness to even try to control.

Eileen’s world went suddenly surreal, her young mind trying to escape into a haze of protection of its own making. It was like looking at the world through someone else’s eyes. Inside though she was as clear headed as she’d ever been, trying to come up with any reason to get out of this.

“Daddy, what if mommy comes back” she ask.

But on cue his phone rung his hand going into his pocket pulling it out Eileen seeing mommy’s name showing on the glowing screen just before he placed it to his face.

“Hello dear” she heard “Okay you be careful and have a nice trip… Enjoy your week… By By”

Eileen’s heart skipped a beat knowing full well what that meant, her protective surreal world giving in into collapsing waves of intense anxiety, each time flooding her with harsh clarity she sought to escape from. Her legs wobbled under her and lips trembled the closer they got to her parents room. She really didn’t want this to be happening, not so soon. And sought to delay the moment.

“Daddy can I go the the bathroom first” her voice as shaky as her legs.

“Eileen, I know for a fact you’d just been there”

He was right she’d gone to the bathroom while Eileen’s mother was finishing her packing.

“I need to g-go again” she tried again her legs almost giving out in her distress. The harsh fact was she would like to go again, just to be sure.

“No honey, you’ll have plenty of time after” He breathed out, his own voice shaky with sexual excitement.

Eileen looked up seeing an intense queer look on his face she’d seen before. He was in the mood for something dirty, a memory of a few months ago locked forever in her mind, then she didn’t realize she was going to feel like she had to poop the same time he was moving his stiff adult penis inside her rectum. The shock of when it happened an intense embarrassment and her inability to even control her bodily function at that moment was a surprise that still haunted her. What was worse was that through it all her father ignored every begging plea from her to stop and let her run as was her intense need to the toilet. In fact he jut became even more aggressive in that seeming prolonged moment.

They were in her parents room now, their adult smells strong there. Eileen stood numbly as her blouse was pull over her head and shorts, panties and all pulled down. He was already at the side of the bed placing pillows in the middle of it that he’d be wanting her to lay over. Everything moving to fast, much too fast. A folded towel placed over the pillows Eileen’s mind reeling at the prospect, of the impactions of the bed protecting coverage.

“Daddy… Please let me go use the bathroom” She tried again.

“Come on Eileen honey, up on the bed” His eye gleaming with excitement “You know how it’s done”

Eileen knew all to well. There were mirrors seeming everywhere in his parents room, at the head of the bed and the side. Her father’s strong hands went under her arm lifting her up onto the foot of the bed onto her knees, then scooting her across the top laying her belly first over the top of the hip elevating pillows, pulling her legs wide open. Eileen’s world spun to the world of mirrors that held her image and her daddy’s. He was rushing through getting his own clothes off, his long stiff adult penis coming free, hand going quickly to a drawer on a night stand the small jar of thick lube appearing quickly in his trembling hand. His fingers grabbing a couple tissues from a tissue dispenser on top.

Eileen trembled so bad that if she’d had been standing her legs would have given out. Her young nude body shook, her mind wanting to collapse fully inward, her lower jaw trembling knowing that there was always some pain when he first started. Eileen’s head was moving from mirror to mirror needing to keep an eye on what was happening. The bed sunk lower behind her as her daddy climbed up between her wide spread legs his full attention locked onto her upturned open buttocks. The top of the small jar popped loudly off the sound like an electoral shock, her whole young body lurching from the sound. In the mirror she could see the long adult slightly arched adult penis stiffly throbbing as her father rubbed some of the lube over it. She looked too small in the mirror to be able to take the thing the thick length fully into her young body, but she had been proven wrong on that mater from before.

Eileen’s wide blue scared eyes stared back at her taking in the scene taking place in the reflecting image of the mirror, the look on her slightly chubby face was in sharp contrast to the gleeful mischievous look showing on her father’s face. Her young lungs worked nervously pumping air into her young body with her becoming light headed. Her father slipped a slick finger suddenly up into her unprepared rectum Eileen’s entire body flinching from the odd sensation, it wormed in deep with her in a sudden mental struggle to come to terms with it. In the mirror she saw him pull his finger out of her bottom bringing it up. Eileen could see a thick smear of poop covering it up to the second knuckle. She watched as he wiped it off with one of the tissues he’d gotten and was already moving over her guiding his long organ toward her open buttocks.

“Daddy.. P-please” she whined nervously, trying one more time after seeing the poop on his hand “I really should go to the bathroom first”

She was met with silence. Eileen felt the the bed sink deep on one side of her head where his arm went for support, the blunt slick tip of his rigid organ went pressing against the resisting ring of her young anus. And his face went deep into the curled of her light brown almost blond hair breathing in through his nose lustfully as the slick blunt pressure against her anus grew, the muscles of her anus unwilling to relax enough just yet to let his penis into her rectum. She tried her best to be the one controlling the entry into her, but her over eager father wasn’t really letting that happen the way she’d really hoped for. Eileen’s hands formed tight fists and every muscle of her body seemed to tensed up in her effort to contain the entry to a manageable level. Her father had risen up and now wormed his penis around all the while applying more and more pressure into the act of gaining entry into her rectal passage.

“I-I-Ee-e-eE-e..” Eileen screamed out when the blunt tip of his stiff penis opened the ring of guarding rectal muscle wide around the adult organ.

Her father’s hands went feeling over her back and shoulders through out the entire progress of her struggling to come to terms at first to the shocking flash of sharp pain and then the horrid thickness her anus now was tightly gripped around.

“It’s okay honey the hard part is over” She heard from behind her “Relax the best you can while I get the rest up into you”

Eileen stared blankly into the side mirror still in shock, the scene before her more surreal that her mind could have conceived. If not for the harsh feeling of her young anus being held open by his seeming overly thick head of his penis she’d not believe what she was seeing was real at all. With her father staring down over her back at where he entered her he eased his hip downward till overcoming any resistance her hugging passage offered up.

“Huh-h-h…” A cough like groan came from her lips as her rectal passage was forced to stretch over the thickness the stiff adult penis moving deeper.

‘Oh God’ she thought feeling the penis move into some of the poop in her rectum, then it being forced to retreat back ahead of the stiff thick adult organ, then as it couldn’t be moved farther, being forced to thickly move around the thick stiff fleshy rod.

She groaned out loud “Oh… Oh.. No.. Please No-o..”

Eileen’s eye’s were held locked on the sinking shaft moving into her buttocks in the mirror. With not even half of it in she was gripped in the shocking reality that she could plainly feel the blunt tip being forced through some of the thickness of her deep poop, the iron stiff penis being seeming locked into place by the shear resistance of thick paste like deep stool. Her young head shot up and facing forward the close mirror of the headboard showing the gross horror she plainly felt and a welling wide eyed panic surging over her.

“D-Daddy pleas-s-se stop… I’ve still got too much poop still inside of me” Eileen panted out her face a mask of distressful misery.

His head leaned down again into her hair, his nose breathing in deeply.

“Just relax Eileen dear…. Just relax” he breathed out his breath hot going through the curls of her hair. “It’s all good.. just the way it is”

His hip starting humping in short, always pressing moves, urging his penis even deeper. Eileen’s face contorting going through more than a few different fazes of shocking disgust, horror, and deep humiliating embarrassment of being forced to endure what she plainly felt taking place inside her rectum. The mask of intense pleasure showing on her father’s face was plainly showing that what he was deriving from the act was in stark contrast to what Eileen was going through. Coarse adult pubic hair brushed now with each pressing hump at first against the flesh of her open buttocks as the blunt tip of his penis made its way past the slight tighter turn moving into her large intestine making Eileen twist about under him in an effort to ease this disconcerting part of what he like to do to her. Her body collapsing down flat into the mattress unable to stop or control the harsh shuddering of her young body taking place. Her father’s loin went firmly up into the open clef of her buttocks still humping but now actually starting to pull back with each stroke becoming longer in length and then with full seating pressure. Making sure he was fully in place between her wide open buttocks before the next even longer harsh tug back.

Eileen was forced with back arching up tensely rigid to face forward, elbows and arms being pulled in close her forearms almost under her and hands in tight shaking fists under her upturned head and shoulders.

“That’s a good girl” she barely heard as the escalating harsh sensations surged beyond any form of control she could muster up “Your doing good… your doing good Eileen… your going real, real good”

Eileen shuddered down collapsing again into the mattress her father’s movement becoming and turning into full fledged sodomizing fucking movements, the sounds coming from the his harsh movements into her filling the room with its ghastly gross sounding noises. Her entire rectal passage seemed to surge up in a body consuming sensation filled effort to expel her fathers thick moving organ making her young body come up forming the in its wanton effort the straining act of an intense bowel movement, forming a pose that seemed to set her father into and even more eager and rapid bouts of aggressive humping.

A seemingly prolonged guttural “HUH….!!” like a spasm took her up. Eileen’s father seeming going even more wilder behind her, his penis seemed to get thicker and stiffer still. A second later another longer straining “HUH….!!!!”

In flashes in the mirror she could see that her father had lost all control, more so than at anytime she’d ever seen. It was as if he was trying to kill her with his iron stiff sexual organ.

“HUH..!!!…” through out the entire guttural strain he continued sodomizing her even more aggressively, her young body seeming unwilling this time to give in to the straining urge. Eileen’s father like a crazed animal moving his hip and at times unable to fully plant his organ up into her sensation racked intestine, other times taking full advantage of the fact he could. Till in a sudden deep plunged his swelling organ went in deep, her spasming anus clenching tight in a death grip around the hairy base of his organ.

Eileen’s young mind working faster than a older mind could feel his testicles now pressed firmly against her clit lifting, his stiff penis swelling and a huge spray of warm sperm go spitting into her large intestine. She’d felt it before, she knew what the stuff was and it horrified her to know that the stuff that made babies was being flooded into where she pooped from and more than anything right now she felt she needed to go badly. This time though her father was gushing more sperm than ever before feeling more like a heavy enema in need of release. The thought of something alive inside her trying to make her pregnant had her on the edge of panic and she wanted to expel the stuff, but the thickness of the organ made that impossible, her bowel was uncontrollably straining hard to do so now. Thankfully the harsh sensation flooding through her from the aggressive humping had stopped and the sound of Eileen’s and her father’s loud panting filled the room.

“Oh yes..” her father breathed through her hair his deeply planted penis swelling and spurting one last time before he started slowly withdrawing it.

His adult penis was still hard when pulled from her anus and he lifted up from her some. Eileen legs went tightly together trying to hold in everything that wanted to flood out and in a flash squirmed from under him and rolled off the bed. With buttock tucked up and clamped together she trotted for the door seeking the bathroom down the short hallway. To he horror her father had locked it and in a panic she fiddled with the unfamiliar knob the urge to go leaking out some and running down one legs. She finely got it and went in a dash of hope toward the light of the bathroom and onto the toilet. She let her sensation racked bowel explode with straining furry of relief. Her father who followed slipped in past her turning on the shower and climbing in.

“You’ll need a shower too Eileen” his deep voice rung out “We’ll give it another go later girl before you go to bed”

Eileen was just about to wipe when he climbed out and dried off. His adult penis half hard but clean. He ran his hand through her the curls of her hair.

“Been a few month hon” he looked almost sorry “But I think you’ll handle it just fine, now climb into the shower and get clean”

Eileen’s insides were all out of sorts as she stood under the warm running water. She felt the need to poop but knew there was little to nothing left so she stayed under the the spray of water and let her bowel relax. Her whole body seemed to be buzzing like a mild electoral charge was going through her. She ran soap between her buttock feeling over the ring of her anus, pushing a finger in and trying to squeeze onto it. It took a couple seconds but she finely got her stretch muscle to clench up enough to notice.

When she climbed out of the shower her father handed her a nightie that she’d never seen was barely long enough to cover her bottom with no panties and looked something like a maids uniform. He stood there still naked and his penis had recover going fully stiff again his eyes gleaming as he watched her slip inti the nightie.

“Were going to have some fun around the house Eileen” He grinned “I’ve fantasized about sodomizing you in a few special places”

He grabbed Eileen’s by the hand pulling her from the bathroom and shortly they were both in the kitchen. He had placed a small step stool in front of the stove.

“Hurry Eileen climb up” His voice reflecting the excitement he felt of doing something new.

“What are you going to do” Eileen asked but was ignored in his rush to get her up onto the step stool facing the stove.

The jar was popped open and a small dab was taken out by one finger of her father and smeared over the tip of the head of his penis.

“Hands on the stove dear” he commanded and again “Hurry hands on the stove and leave them there”

Eileen was given no time to even think as her father came up behind her quickly the back of her nightie being lifted up onto her back exposing her buttocked. She felt the blunt warm tip going through her ass cheeks feeling around till it found her still sore anus. Her hands now on the edge of the stove gripped the smooth rounded edge she was already coming up onto the toes, the pressure against her anus following till she was as high as she could get her anus starting giving in a little. He suddenly shoved up catching her by surprise the overbearing thickness slipped fully into her still slick rectum going unerringly to the tighter turn that would soon have it moving into her large intestine. Eileen went even higher if that was possible onto her toes grunting out in shock her finger slipping erratically over the edge of the smooth stove. Eileen’s still extremely sensitive rectal passage gripped her with the sharpest piercing prolonged stab of pain she’d ever felt. Her knees bounced into the front of the stove her legs wobbling threatening to give out.

“That’s my pretty girl” she heard “My don’t you look the sight”

“Daddy.. daddy..” she stuttered through clenched teeth “It hurts, bad”

“Only for a little bit hon” He breathed out “Now relax for me I need to feel you deeper, it’s much better that way”

Eileen’s rectal muscles were quivering threatening to clench up even as the sharp pain of the too fast entry died down. One of her hands had left the stove and went defensively behind her onto one of his strong hands gripping at her hips. Her young mind was shocked at the unmovable grip he had on her, holding her ridgedly in place, she felt the thick blunt tip deep inside her pressing to go even farther, back to where he’d been before. Her other hand flew off the stove going to his other hand, both trying to pry loose his strong grip as the horridly thick tip forced her deeper passage to stretch over it. A wave of weakness took her in its quivering wake the sensation of the deeper entry forcing her to sag forward hunching over the stove wide eyed mouth gapped open, her young mind focused only on that part of her bowel the adult male organ was being force through. She’d never be able to get used to something as vile feeling as this, ever. Her large intestine rumbled audibly in protest to her being probed so soon after being pummeled earlier.

“Almost there Eileen dear” his voice barely louder than the protesting grumble coming from her abdomen.

Eileen’s was completely absorbed by the inter conflict of protest her tightly stretch rectal and colon passage were engaged in. She could feel her insides moving toward an intense body consuming need to strain as if she had to poop real bad. Her entire inadequate immature mental effort being taken up to fight it off. Her abdomen rumbled again as the last of the organ pushed into place leaving her gasping with loud chirping squeal like squeaks she could contain. Her intestine seemed to instinctively sense it was in need of an urgent release and from deep inside her started working those specific muscles that did that. Eileen was grossly dismayed at how real the feeling was, it actually felt like she was taking a real poop and getting nowhere.

“Oh God Eileen….” Her father cooed out a hand coming up and ruffling through her hair before slipping back into place at her hip “Your just a perfect little ass fucker ain’t you”

His breathing becoming loud and more rapid as she felt her full for her age buttocks being spread wider, she knew, for him to get a better look at her there. A little gas splatter loudly out around the base of his penis where her anus was forced to remain open wide but rubber band tight. The entire adult male organ swelling stiffer his stance changing.

Eileen’s bowel was gingerly straining her young mind teetering on the edge of just being able to contain but not stop the embarrassment of the feeling she was pooping a resisting thick stubborn turd from her bottom. Her head swiveled back needing to see, her daddy was eagerly staring down at her buttocks where he had opened them up with his thumbs. He looked up at her.

“Whats a matter honey” He grinned devilishly “Feel like you gotta poop, cause it sure look that way”

She was suddenly overwhelmingly unselfconscious of being seen in this state her face turning hot flushing bright red. Eileen turned quickly back facing forward averting her blue eyes wishing she could just hide her face from him. But she had a feeling that he was intentionally doing this just to watch her all because he like seeing her this way.

“Time to take this little maid for a little butt fuck ride”

Her father went to working his loin back and forth his deeply implanted organ moving with him. Suddenly Eileen’s world turned into guttural gasps and sharp squeals as her bowel would seemingly lock tight with her father forcing it to comply to his wish of each plunge as deep as the first. Her previously abused rectum sent out an endless and humiliating debasing wet gaseous sounds. She bounce about like a large rag doll her bowel still embarrassingly locked in the act of trying to defaecate, unable to shut down, it slowly spiraled into overdrive, her father countering by being even more forceful.

“Now that is how a ass fuck is suppose to be done” he gasped out as he neared the point of no return.

One of his hands slipped around going to Eileen’s clit, rubbing fiercely over a sensitive spot there. Her pussy went wet as the tingling wash of pleasure countered the debasing humiliating act being forced on her. The long adult penis surged up planting itself into place, her fathers other arm going around pulling her against him all the while the finger rubbing over the spot on her young pussy. She was shocked, horrified as a shudder of her first orgasm took her, the penis deep in her intestine went off, her entire rectal passage milking over the orgasming adult male organ. Eileen shuddered and twitched as his finger sent waves of pleasure she’d never before experienced through her young body.

Her father finished he leaned her over the stove pulling his half hard organ from her bottom. Eileen’s young mind real in shock of the mixed feeling of embarrassing humiliation and satisfaction of having done something pleasantly naughty. She almost fell off the stool her father catching her before she did and placed her on wobbly knees on the kitchen floor. Semen leak from her anus down her leg and she leaned over to look at the strange white lumpy stuff. Looking up, her father was grinning wickedly back, she took off in a mad dash needing to get back to the toilet and more so away from the degrading embarrassment of his gaze.

That night Eileen lay in bed her young mind a mix of confusing thoughts. Her own fingers went to her clit rubbing it the way her father did, not stopping till she shudder out of control, her thoughts on the way daddy’s stiff penis felt inside her butt. Mommy was going to be gone for a week but now Eileen wasn’t sure if that was long enough. Daddy would be wanting her again, she was sure, everyday till mommy came back maybe more. Eileen was sore now, but this time it was kinda a good sore. There was a new short pink nightie laid out for tomorrow and pink clip on ribbons for her hair. ‘Yes’ he’d be wanting more tomorrow somewhere around this house. Maybe he’d rub over her young clit again… That would be more than nice as she seemed not to do it as well as he did.

In the morning she was shaken awake by her smiling father, a cup of coffee in one hand. He was was wearing boxer shorts and nothing else. Eileen sleepy blue eyes could see the bulge there in the front of the boxers.

“You’ll need a good breakfast honey” he said sipping some of the hot liquid “But first we’ll get you cleaned and prettied up in pink”

Eileen could smell the breakfast as she rose up, eggs, sausage, home-fries. Her mouth watered she was real hungry. Her mother only made cereal mostly. She wore only her undies as she slid from the bed following her father to the bathroom. He washed over her with a warm rag and soap having her remove her panties so he could clean all her parts. Back in her room her father slipped the pink see through nightie over her head no panties though. Picking up a brush he combed it through the curls of her almost blond hair and placed the clip on ribbons in place. She felt pretty looking into the mirror she had in her room.

“I’m hungry, daddy” Eileen said her mouth salivating from the good smells.

“Then lets by all means feast” He grinned like he was keeping a secret.

Eileen entered the kitchen where last night her father had sodomize her for the second time that day. The stool was still there but pushed to the side. Her rectum felt strange but remembering from before it always did the next day after. Daddy had everything laid out with more eggs and sausage and home-fries than both of them could eat. She was hungry and soon was absorb in the still warm breakfast. She finished with a glass of OJ unable to eat more. Her daddy eying her oddly from the other side of the table.

“All finished” he asked.

“All finished” she replied back.

Eileen rose up slipping from the table feeling full and a beginnings of her morning routine of using the bathroom. Her father rose too his eyes following her looking more serous now. She tried to ignore him as she went toward the kitchen door but stopped with realization of what he might be up to.

“Daddy… No..” Eileen’s eyes wide, almost round pleading, her lips forming a pout just like Shirley Temple she was the mirror image of.

“Thats my pretty girl” He said rubbing a hand over the bulge in his boxers “Thats the look I wanted”

Eileen could feel her body going through its morning startup the need to pee the inexorable un-ignorable conclusion of a impending bowel movement, the amount of breakfast she’d eaten acerbating the need to be on the move toward the bathroom real soon. She started backing through the doorway her body urging her on.

“I gotta go” Eileen said turning in the haste of the moment “I gotta go”


Eileen skidded to a stop just as her father caught up taking her by the arm pulling her onward thankfully toward the bathroom. But as she was guided through the door Eileen’s blue eyes caught sight of the plastic sheeting on the floor in front of the toilet her young sharp mind figuring it all out before she could take another rapid step.

“It’s okay Eileen, just another thing to cross off my bucket list”

“Daddy.. you can’t… Please” Eileen cried “Let me go first.. please-e-e”

“That’s not how it’s going to work today dear” He said urging her closer to the closed lid of the toilet “Probably won’t even be as bad as it seems but it’s something I haven’t been able to get out of my head”

She was being forced in front of the porcelain bowl facing it. In her welling panic some pee leaked from her urethra as her father lifting the lid.

“Place your hands on the ring Eileen and lower your head through it till your real close to the water” He commanded. She hesitated… “Do it.. Damn it.. I’m ready now”

Eileen was squirming now from the bent up need to really pee and a barely controllable need to do a number two. She saw as her hand went onto the outside ring and before her head dipped slowly below the rim of the bowel her daddy’s boxers land to the side, the now familiar sound of the jar of thick lube being opened. The water smelled of chlorine but the sight of the clear water so close seemed ominous as she squirmed about in place and now had to clench her legs together out of necessity. A strong hand went onto her lower back and she felt the blunt thickness of his organ forcing its way between her full clenched buttocks.

“Spread your legs some hon” He said

“I can’t daddy.. I can’t” her voice ringing loudly in the close confines of the porcelain bowl.

The blunt tip felt for a bit going up and down through the crack if her buttocks till finding her anus. It pressed hard unable to gain entry into her bottom. His knees push between her tight together legs and started working to pry them open, his stiff adult penis wedged farther into her anus, the tip popping past the ring of muscle as her legs were forced wider by his knees.

“Okay Eileen you can relax now, we’re in”

But Eileen could hardly chance relaxing, she needed to pee and felt her poop go hard up against the thick blockage now just inside her rectum. Her young mind struggling to control the rest of her bowel from sending more into play.

“Now daddy is going to nasty fuck you now Eileen” She heard “Keep your head inside the bowel”

She felt him lift the pink nightie up higher up her back. A strong hand went onto the curls of back of her head keeping her there in place her nose just above the water line. His hips started humping urging his stiff organ forward as best he could. It was the most horrid thing Eileen had ever endured as her rectal turd was being at first pushed back and compressed before being forced to give in and thickly seek a path around the adult organ, her tightly hugging rectal walls not really wanting to let that happen at all. But in short order he was humping forward in earnest the thickness of her poop being used as a ineffective lube more filling any void when ever he tugged back. It felt so horrible she couldn’t help but start sobbing.

“Quiet down girl” he said lustily “This definitely wont take long”

The toilet without warning flushed the water rising rapidly as more rush in from all around her head. Eileen instinctively tried pulling her head out of the bowel but her father’s arm over her back went rigid the hand in the hair of her head froze keeping her locked in place. The toilet was on of those rapid fills that went high before draining in a rush and the water rose before she could think of gasping in air. To her horror the sodomizing of her rectum became more aggressive her father staying with her sudden and erratic struggles to pull her head free of the cold water, the water not flushing as well as it should with her head disrupting the natural swirl that made it rush out. She gasp in some of the water into her lungs her young body revolted to the intake of the water making her feel like she was drowning, freaking out eileen went franticly wild in her effort to pull free. The water finely flowed out her wet face finding air and choking wetly. The frantic sodomizing of her bottom came to a stop as she choked up the sound loud in the close confines of the echoing porcelain bowel. The sound of the tank refilling loud.

“Oh God girl” he gleeful voice sung out “That was way better that I’d hoped for”

The cock was pressing deep now feeling for that deeper entry into her with Eileen having to twist about as her deep colon threatened to cramp up from intense discomfort all the while Eileen was coughing and choking up what water she’d taken in. In a final squirming twist of her torso the rigid adult organ squeezed through the final turn and forced with resisting reluctance far into her young poop packed large intestine. The wiry tuff of pubic hair going against her buttocks.

“One day we’ll have to do this again hon” he said his excited voice rapid, rushed.

The hand over her back in her hair dug in she felt the muscles of his arm across her back go tense hold her down. Eileen’s stared down at the clear water, a trickle of water still ran from the back side making the water ripple. This time she heard the lever pressed and gasped in a lung full of air. Even still, she was unprepared for the violent eruption of water going on all around her. Eileen hadn’t full coughed up all the liquid from before and her lungs seemed to hate the fact she drawn in a large gasp of air and keeping her mouth held forcibly closed Eileen’s young body betrayed her by attempting to cough while holding her breath, the air she’d taken it going out under the water through her nose. And in a hiccup like reaction suck water back in through her nose. All was lost in that one instant as everything went wrong and the fight to pull her head free was on again. Her screams gurgled through the rising water now over her head the flap of the empty tank just now slapping down into place, the water over her head seeming in no rush to lower. She went wild consumed by more panicked terror than she ever felt at any time, she was sure she was going to die here and now. Another sharp intaking involuntarily gasp brought home the dire blight she was in. Eileen’s arms and legs flailed erratically and wildly about trying to get a hold on anything to pull her up and free. Her father’s loin stayed cruelly locked into place against her buttocks staying with her, riding out her movements.

The water finely went below her head but the damage was done as she choked wetly gasping to get air in. Her entire world was the next jagged breath as her lungs hoarsely honked out spray after spray of the liquid in harrowing sharp gasping convolutions. The hand gripped in her hair pulled her up out of the confinement of the bowel still coughing with deep honking a wet sprays of liquid shooting out. The thick stiff rod of adult flesh still sunk to the hilt between her chubby buttocks swelled thickly and started squirting its hot baby making seed one strong surge after another, a strong arm having gone around her coughing, gasping body keeping her held tightly in place against him. Eileen’s father lost in his release loudly groan, grunting out each time his thick penis swelled and squirted his entire body lurching as his loin pressing up tighter against her full young bottom.

Finished he caressed his hand over her still coughing young body going over the pink nightie and under it too. Eileen had sagged down too weak to do anything but let him hold her in place. She stared blankly out at the toilet tank, the adult male organ of her father was still stiff inside her, well maybe a little softer but its effect had her dazed everything surreal and dreamlike. Eileen felt like she was a sex slave being used as the owner liked in total disregard to the feelings of the lowly slave. Her father’s hand slipped down to her young clit, felting in toward the pleasure spot and started rubbing franticly. Her eyes widen as Eileen’s pleasure sensors in her brain leapt into action blending with the submissive humiliation she deeply felt with the fleshy penis still planted fully up inside her still. She was heading toward a shuddering orgasm and didn’t want it to be this way, it felt all wrong somehow. Eileen’s hands clamped down of the forearm of the arm going around her abdomen as if trying to pry it off his other hand working in a frenzy of movement on the her pleasure spot of her young pussy.

“Uh..a-a-a..” Eileen cried out as an intense pleasurable uncontrollable shudder took her. Nasty words she wasn’t aloud to say came to her thoughts as she cursed him in her young mind. But Eileen’s young body liked the forced pleasure, making her mad with herself.

Her father’s penis went stiffer inside her intestine as she shuddered her way through her own, forced upon her orgasm. It all felt so nasty, so intensely mischievously nasty like she was getting away with something everyone knew was wrong, really, really wrong. The thick penis of her father lurched once more with it’s own pleasure and she shuddered up again with the wicked thought that it was her own body making it do that. It was all so nasty. Daddy’s lips went pressing into the back of her hair placing a lusty kiss there.

“Thanks Eileen” he moan all out of breath “Thats something I’ve always wanted to experienced, it was something dirty but wonderful.. lets wash up and take a nap”

He wasn’t kidding about being dirty, the plastic sheeting his loin and all around the area where her anus was, shockingly coated with smears her poop. She flush bright red with embarrassment mostly because her rectal passage and anus still stung slightly, a reminder of what her father was doing with her. She slipped the nightie off and removed pink ribbons before climbing into the shower to scrub away the foulness though she still felt dirty even after she was clean. Only a short moment later her insides hit her with a need to get to the toilet and quick, still wet from head to toe, she threw open the shower curtain in a dash to get onto the seat. Eileen’s father had folded up the poop smeared plastic sheeting and was climbing into the shower himself, she had to almost man handle him out of the way but she made it with splattering cold water her head had been in splashing back up at her bare bottom. The pink nightie she’d worn and pink head clips were placed neatly on the clothes hamper. She could hear her father scrubbing himself loudly around his loin before rinsing off and coming out.

“We got a few day before mommy comes home” he said “We’ll take a day break so you can feel more yourself. I got a treat for us both then, another bucket list knock off”

Eileen spent the next day with her anus burning, especially when she went to the bathroom in the morning. She’d thought about going out to play but she discovered to her horror the need to stay real close the the bathroom in the house. She had to dash with buttock clenched against disaster onto the toilet at inconstant moments when she was doing anthing, a couple times like a terrible joke nothing to show for it except for a burning anus and some loud escape of gas. But by midday she was much better and quickly forgot about the unpleasant aftereffects of being deeply sodomized like daddy liked doing it. Eileen’s young young mind then latching onto the shuddering pleasure she was at first shocked to feel but now her immature thoughts kept dwelling on it, with her own smaller hand going to her clit to rub that spot daddy aggressively rubbed over and as she did so she couldn’t help imagining a strong handsome lover firmly taking her in a way suited to his deviant desires. Forcing her reluctance into summiting to his base instinctual need to dominant a little girl like her.

Eileen went hiding in her room the curtains drawn rubbing her clit almost as feverishly as daddy did. Her young mind working overtime like any girl her the age of seven would. Her imagination sinking into an immature sexual fantasy run wild. The imaginary lover in Eileen’s mind looked oddly like her daddy the same devilish gleam. But tweaked into a more handsome strong willed lover that any girl would love to be with, except that Eileen’s life was now far from normal. Her lover morphed, in her mind into a strange double of her own father that used her for his own demeaning self gratifying satisfaction. She dived into the fantasy with the fever of youth. A kind of mixing of romance and reluctant submission, of loving sex and a uneager giving in to the deeper debasement her sadistic lover was guiding her into doing. Eileen let the demeaning feeling of her fantasy abuse of her take her over the edge into shuddering release.

The next morning a rustling noise had her opening her eye seeing daddy laying out some kind of scary looking leather clothes.

“Thought you might want to see these hon” he grinned sheepishly “I bought them more than a month ago before I knew about mommy leaving on her visit”

“What are they daddy” Eileen said rubbing the sleep from her blue eyes.

“I think you’re ready for this special S&M bondage outfit” His fingers fiddled with the things a bit longer before mumbling “Another bucket-list thing to knock off, for later today”

“Daddy” Eileen asked still waking up “What it a bucket-list”

He walk over to the side of the bed and sat down placing his hand on her head slowly rubbing his fingers through the soft curls of her hair.

“It’s something someone wants to do before the end of their life but might not be able to” he said to her.

“You always wanted to put your penis into my butt… daddy” she asked the though kind of disturbing in a way she couldn’t put together in her head.

“Not just yours hon, really any cute little girl” He gave her head a quicker rub before giving her a more serious look “And your the cutest little girl I know”

He placed a kiss onto her forehead.

“Today were going to play a tie up game with the things I got here, it’s like a uniform that will make you even cuter to me”

Eileen was awake now and climb out from under the blankets her curiosity getting the best of her. There were several pieces of the ‘uniform’ even a curious looking face mask with a hole where the mouth was and a wide black leather collar with silver studs and a metal ring hanging off it. Some small but strong lengths of chain with hand-cuffs how it was all used eluding her young mind. But her fantasy from yesterday had her more than intrigued by all this kinda scary things. She picked up the mask and pulled it up to her face seeing inside it, the mouth hole was something more than she expected on the inside. It had a almost small tube that when she placed it to her face she had to open her mouth wide placing her teeth on the outside of it in order to get it flush to her face. Eileen with the mask held there she looked over at her father and saw he was rubbing over a bulge in his shorts his eyes had that look he got when he wanted to place his penis into her bottom. She pulled the mask off her heart racing oddly, her curiosity getting the best of her. ‘Killed the cat’ her parents always said, the word now having meaning.

“Daddy, whats the mouth hole for” She said kind of suspecting, watching his hand still rubbing his organ threw his shorts.

He blinked pulling himself out of his dazed look and it took him a second to gather his thoughts. Eileen had never seen him like this before but he jerked back being himself ‘daddy’.

“Thats so I won’t get bit” he grinned devilishly “You’ll find out later today… Okay?”

“Daddy do yo think I’m pretty” Eileen asked out of nowhere.

“Your my little Shirley Temple” He said Ruffling a hand through the thick curls of her hair.

Eileen couldn’t help but to smile big, it did make her feel special for some reason when he said it. She’d seen a few old Shirley Temple movies on TV and she did look exactly like the child star. And last Halloween her mother dress her up like that girl too.

“Breakfast will be ready soon” he told her as he rose up and left.

It was much later in the day toward evening when he snuck off from the living room where they were watching a DVD of Shirley Temple and Eileen was humming along to a song Shirley Temple ‘animal crackers in my soup’ her nose wrinkled up. She smelt a tell-tell trace of marijuana. She paused the movie. Eileen knew exactly where it was coming from cause sometimes when her daddy had some adult friends over they would have a few beers and sneak off to the garage, the door having enough of a crack to let the smell make it into the house. Mommy sometimes complained but daddy still did it. Eileen just act like she didn’t understand but she really did.

One of Eileen’s friends had stolen some from her older brother once and his small pipe. They had huddled down behind the shed out back and tried it. Eileen actually found she liked it but her friend didn’t and they never did it again. She remembered the buzz she had and wondered if daddy would let her try some of his. So she went through the kitchen to the door going to the garage and eased it open. Daddy was there lost in thought, he had his marijuana rolled into paper made for doing that and placed it to his lips taking a long drag off it, holding the smoke in for a bit before letting it out. ‘So that’s how it’s done’ Eileen thought.

“Daddy” she said watching him jump like he’d done something wrong.

Eileen saw him hide the marijuana cigarette behind him.

“What” he said nervously waving the harsh smoke in the air with his other hand, smoke coming from his mouth and nose.

“Daddy, can I try some of your marijuana too” Eileen asked a feeling coming over her that she was going to get her way by the way was he looked so guilty.

His eyes were a little bloodshot and he looked dazed, but he seemed to come to a decision and brought the still smoldering marijuana cigarette back around.

“Don’t tell mommy” he said, suddenly grinning devilishly.

Eileen nodded ‘yes’ her hand reaching out gingerly taking the thing trying not to get burned. She’d seen how her dad did it and brought to up to her lips and sucked in. Heavy harsh smoke went into her young lungs and the end flared up hotly she dropped it on to the concrete floor of the garage her dad kneeling down quickly to pick it up. Eileen tried to hold the smoke in but coughed out, heavy smoke going everywhere.

“Whoa.. there Eileen” her daddy snickered “Little too much don’t you think”

Wide eye at the harshness and with lungs burning Eileen coughed smoke out still but managed to shake her head ‘yes’. Her father raised it back to his lips trying to get it going but couldn’t and brought the lighter into play. He took a hit with Eileen amazed how he was able to hold the harsh smoke in so well.

“I want to try it again” she said reaching up her hand, feeling the beginnings of the buzz she remembered having from before with her friend.

“Draw easy on it girl, let some air in with it” he said grinning broadly.

Eileen’s jaw hurt and she realized that she was grinning just as wide and tried to relax her smiling muscles. She grabbed the shrinking marijuana cigarette keeping her smaller fingers away from the hot lit end. Her whole world was focused on doing it right. She pinched it in her fingers like she saw daddy do and brought it to her lips sucking in letting air come in around the sucking. Then held it in the best she could her daddy taking it from her smaller hand and taking another long draw off it himself.

“I think you’ve had enough Eileen” he said “You feel stoned now”

She really did, more so than she had before with her friend and shook her head ‘yes’. Eileen remembered the mask and her heavily buzzed mind voiced what was going through her young brain.

“Daddy” she said with him looking down at her “I think I like that mask thing”

Eileen saw his free hand go feeling over the front of his shorts. Her young mind went diving into one of her fantasies from last night. Her clit tingling and even though her rectum had kinda recovered when she used the bathroom this morning her thoughts were brought snapping to having been sodomized cause there was still a strange sensation associated with doing number two. It wasn’t a bad feeling at all and her mind had gone to her fantasy lover. She’d thought about having his male sex organ in her mouth licking over it wondering if that was what her father wanted to do with her. The marijuana she’d smoked had her thinking kicked into overdrive and she wanted more of the feeling of being dominated, like in her fantasy of the night before. But all she could do was stare blankly as the buzz really kicked in leaving her shaking a little.

“Come on hon” Her father said “Let get a drink and try on that mask”

Eileen’s mouth was dry and her eyes felt funny probably red like her daddy’s. He gave her a glass of water which she downed, finishing almost all of it. She felt better even mischievous, her thought’s snapping back to the mask.

“You going to put your penis in my mouth, daddy” she grabbed his hand pulling him toward her room.

“Whoa… you sure you know what your asking” he said.

She looked up shaking her head ‘yes’ “You can put your penis in my butt too”

“Fuck girl, you must really be stoned to ask for that”

Eileen was really stoned and smiling like a chester cat shook her head ‘yes’ again, her young mind dwelling on having the penis in her mouth and how pleasant it would be to be forced to submit to a deep degrading butt fucking by a forceful, not to denied lover. Her father said something about a tie up game and she her young buzzed mind thought that would be kinda great, heightening her desire to be use in a demeaning way. She’d forgotten any pain she might had temporarily had or even the prolonged irritation she’d went through for well over a day. What was left was just a deep feeling in her young rectal passage or more like a itch she needed scratched. And daddy could definitely do that. She remembered her young body surging, straining up with a surprising rush of endorphins ‘not that she knew what endorphins were’ but she kinda craved that experience again and more. Eileen’s buzz had her focused on achieving that, she took off going to her bedroom, she pulled off her t-shirt and waring only her panties she scooped up the leather mask and slippery chains. Eileen’s father was tipping up his beer when she came back into the kitchen with the stuff.

With her blue eyes gleaming she gave him that Shirley Temple smile she’d perfected cause more like than not she got her way when she did and asked “I want to try these things on daddy…. do you want me naked now”

“Okay Eileen” he said with eyes brightening “You know that once the mask it on you won’t be able to talk”

“I know, daddy” Eileen ecstatically huffed out with the enthusiasm of youth “I WANT to do it”

“Well…” Her father said “I want to do it too, come here”

He sat down onto a kitchen chair placing his beer onto the table top. Eileen handed him the stuff she’d gotten from the bed, it was a hand full of leather things. Her dad went through the things, the sound of the small strong chains ringing as he pulled out the dog collar thing. Eileen walked up between his open knees facing him, he placed the collar with studs and some metal rings hanging off it. He picked up the mask.

“Ready” He said raising it up “Open your pretty mouth wide”

Eileen’s young clit tingled pleasantly for some unknown reason, she liked it. Her slightly chubby face glowed with excitement of anticipation, her mouth opening as wide as she could. The mask came up and she worked her teeth over the open hole that protruded into her mouth a short way. It was a half mask that would cover the lower half of her face. Leaving her nose and eyes uncovered, she had to turn around to let him fasten it in place, but once there she didn’t have a clue as to how to remove it. She was at the mercy of her father to get it off. There was other stuff still on the table top and even though it didn’t seem like a lot Eileen realized there were things there she didn’t have a clue of what they were for. He picked up a short chain with leather straps on each end. Eileen still facing away she let him Take her arm and place one of the strap around her wrists then do the other behind her. The middle of the chain was brought up her hands and wrist having to follow.

It was strange but the was she felt was exactly how she wanted it to feel. Like she was being set up to used as a sex slave. She imagined her self knowing with frightening apprehension that she was going to be a sexual play thing to a unpredictable pervert whom liked to do things to little girls. Eileen’s heavily buzzed thoughts were ad-libbing extra things, modifying her fantasies she previously had her world surreal anyway turned even more so. And she submitted totally to her father as he tugged her arm high up her back till it kinda hurt before in some way he got it latched onto one of the rings in the collar around her neck. When he released the chain her arms tugged down pulling on the collar around her neck, the pressure on the front of her neck a little oppressive adding a tinge of reality to her fantasy, engaging her active youthful imagination into full overdrive. This was all something new, before she’d been really scared of the frightening and at times hurtful things her daddy did, but now for some reason Eileen was now craving the alarming and unexpected.

Eileen turn her head looking into her father’s face seeing that odd look there he got when he got in the mood to do bad things to her, treating her like a object instead of a person. Though this time her young pussy tingled pleasantly like a mild surge of electric was being sent through it. Her father turn her around facing him, hands coming up and cupping her face in a strong two handed grip between them staring into her open mouth. She flushed almost seeing and feeling the rising sexual need flooding through her daddy. Eileen wonder what it would be like to be forced to face his stiff adult penis real close. She’s only felt the aftereffects of being sodomized by it and the thought of the same male organ placed in her mouth that had been used to do that heightened her own youthful sexual tension making her squirm unconsciously rubbing her legs together purposely escalating the maddening sensation coming from her pussy.

“Going to need a bucket or something” Eileen’s father sounding real stoned mumbled to himself as if she wasn’t there at all.

He rose going to a cabinet door looking in, then checking another before pulling out a wide tray. One hand all the while stayed rubbing over his crotch, the bulge in front keeping the shorts he wore stuck out like a tent post. Eileen’s young eyes missing nothing, her father seemingly clumsy in his efforts. She kinda got a sense of the hold sex had on male adults and in a flash of marijuana induced insight she realized she had a power of sorts of her own. She wondered if she could use it to an advantage. She still stood by the kitchen table her father laying the tray down at her feet, his hands going to his shorts pulling them down and kicking them off to the side. He stepped up his toes touching the tray and suddenly the male organ loomed close to her face, her blue eyes having to almost cross to look upon the blunt tip. Eileen really hadn’t seen one this close before and she studied it looking it over her young head moving around it taking the image of the odd looking adult sex organ into a permanent part of her young brain, looking along the long shaft Eileen was amazed at how thick it really was. Her poop wasn’t that big and yet that penis had been up into her young rectum, she knew for sure all the way up into her.

Hands went cupping strongly around the mask on her face locking her head tightly in place facing the blunt tip head on. Eileen could see some clear thick liquid oozing from the pee slit gravity forcing it to flow under along a ridge of skin on the underside. Her young head was a little high slightly above the penis and she felt his strong hands forcing her head down.

“Hunch over Eileen… But tilt your head up at the same time” he said.

She let his gripping hands guide her till she was posed slightly hunch over her head tilted back some so that it was facing his crotch held level, both of them centered over floor tray between them. The leaking tip if the adult penis her blue eyes were locked onto came forward aimed under her nose going straight for the round hole of the mask. She flinched instinctively at the unfamiliarity of it all and felt his strong hands snapping tighter countering her flinch as if he’d expected her to do it. She tentatively tested his grip by tugging back but that was a no go too. The tip of the organ went through the open hole into her mouth. Eileen’s mouth was horribly dry, the aftereffects of smoking some of the marijuana and the clear thick liquid stuff that had been oozing from the tip seemed to go everywhere in her mouth, the odd taste flooding her senses. Her tongue forced down by the thickness could feel the vary shape of the organ as it slid over it. Her eyes though were wide, looking down the thick length into the coarse hair of his churning adult loin what was in her mouth being moved about as if feeling around.

“Lower your tongue” he commanded “You can do it hon, lower you tongue”

Eileen had gotten caught up into the hole act and it seemed natural to do as she was told, her tongue the length of it which was feeling over the moving blunt tip deep in her mouth she lowered sliding her tongue forward under the slimy rod dropping the back near her throat. The tip probed over the rear of her tongue she thought to just enjoy doing so but the tip went farther to her surprise touching the back of her throat her head attempting to jerk back but his hands gripped even tighter still. She now was trying to pull away in earnest the muscles of her neck trembling in her effort just to do so. The tip went even deeper making it way a little into the throat.

“That’s my girl, that’s my girl” Eileen barely heard in her struggle to pull away, twist away.

Eileen’s hands writhed in the holding leather straps behind her in a unconscious effort to come up against him to push off. But in a shocking flash of lost hope her head was pulled forward toward his loin, there was no stopping the movement and her mask went mashing into the coarse hair that had seemed so far away. Eileen was at first was held in shock, frozen in place the new intense sensation impacting her body causing her try to at first involuntarily swallow several times. Her father’s deep voice ringing out in intense and apparent heightened ecstasy.

“That’s it sweetie, suck it like hell” He cried out.

Her body seemed to convulse, the alarming involuntarily attempt at swallowing started up again his penis swelling thicker each time it happened. Eileen’s head was pulled even more tightly against his loin in such a way she could feel his sexual release muscle coming into play. The entire event was playing out with enough of her face pressed in tightly enough against his hairy loin that she could feel every muscle that was used to release sperm come into play. She hadn’t been give enough time to come to terms with the reality of what his intent implied the thought of his testicle pumping a load of sperm deep into her throat seemed sickening. But that was what was rapidly about to take place, time slowed her young mind racing, her body twisting within the immovable grip of his hands holding her head in place. And her throat locked in repeated attempts to involuntary swallow organ the rest of the way down. Then the huge explosion of seminal fluid that she was suddenly swallowing instead of the unmovable implanted organ.

“Oh fuck Eileen” He cried out “Oh my beautiful daughter, fucking suck me dry”

The end of the penis pumped faster than her involuntarily reflex to swallow could cope with choking her as it came back up past the thick organ into her mouth and even nose the taste and smell of the baby making juice turning the tide. Eileen’s stomach lurched in revolt at the revolting thought of the flood of the stuff she’d swallowed and that now filled her mouth completely with its taste was too much to handle. Her father finished and pushed her head back as he pulled his penis out letting her just fall to her knees at first dry heaving in shock into the flat tray. Eileen felt she’d gotten some control but her tongue felt lumps in the stuff still in her open mouth making her stomach lurch hard, one, twice, and she jump up dashing to the bathroom trying to hold back the next heave till she got there. Her head went into the toilet and there still bound with the mask on dripping the white snot like goo from her mouth and nose went through a bout of false gagging retches every time her mind thought about the stuff she’d swallowed still in her stomach.

She felt a tug on the back chain above where her hands were bound pulling her up from the toilet. Her father was standing her back up before him, his adult was almost fully stiff and slimy looking.

“Can’t get that feeling out of my mind hon” his hands slipping back into the curls hair bringing her back in close to the slimy looking organ “Just one more time, I’ll be quick, honest”

The last thing Eileen needed was that slimy organ anywhere near her mouth and the remembered thought of feeling it pumping still came to her in vivid flashes making her gag up in another false retch. But his hands were quick as if he knew she was balking on the idea of doing it again. Once latched on to her head with his strong hands she found herself being pulled into the shower.

“Deep breaths Eileen, deep breaths, you’ll need them” his penis stiffen a little more.

Eileen did remember vaguely that she wasn’t able to draw breath when his organ was fully into the throat and sense there was no way out and went huffing in air watching the adult member come closer till her breath was almost restricted by the blunt tip so close to the hole holding her mouth open.

“I think that’s enough, hon” was all he said

Whether it was or not the slimy blunt end went into the hole Eileen’s young still buzzed mind struggling with what she now knew of his intent and the rear of her tongue came up defensively. But the way her mouth was held open her tongue couldn’t come up near enough to keep it from slipping, then wedging over it and for a couple short seconds she had a reprieve. In the confines of the shower stall her feet hit hard on the back wall of if behind her as she was trying to back away and pull off the over eager penis. When it did slip over her tongue and land against the back of her throat her young body jerked to attention her feet stomping similar what the British army did when they saluted.

“Relax, were almost there” he cooing belying how she knew it was going to be “Just a little more”

Eileen was staring down the remaining length of the organ and could see it was was more than than just ‘a little more’. Her throat still ached from the last time and her young body was trying to hunch up to allow what she couldn’t stop, to lesson the harsh feeling impact of her throat being held open by the shear thickness of the male organ. Already the muscles that worked her swallowing were trying to kick into gear, wanting to swallow what was already posed to go down her throat. There was no stopping it, no way she knew.

“O-o-h-h-h-a…” her father cooing again as if he had no idea of the blight Eileen was in and sung out “Open your mouth and down your throat cause looked out tummy, here it comes”

The chant, a play on something she heard before, his grip turned into a sudden urgent tugging, his loin facing her and hands angling her head in different ways as if it was going to assist his desire of returning Eileen’s face back into the coarse hair of his loin. It did just that in one sudden body freezing plunge that once started finished with the coarse hair stinging her still wide open shocked eyes. Eileen’s stomach lurched snapping tight, she attempted to moan out form the harsh gripping discomfort of her locked up tummy muscles. But the sudden moment her head landed against his hairy loin her throat went about trying to swallow hard three or four time in slow forceful succession as if to get the thick fleshy organ the rest of the way down. The thickness and firmness of the organ only increasing through out her ordeal.

“Damn if your mother could only do that Eileen” His voice panted out in excitement “This in a damn bit better than fucking your tight ass, I think… hum.. lets see”

With her throat still trying to swallow he tugged it out catching Eileen before she fell to her knees. He turned her his hands wedging under shoulders into her arm pits guiding her stumbling and hacking up mucus back out of the shower forcing her over the toilet seat and quickly kneeling down behind her.

“A-a-H-h-h!!..” Eileen cried out her voice jagged sending thick spittle out onto the back of the commode. The blunt thick tip of his organ opened up her anus much to quickly to bare.

Her legs kicked out stiffly to each side the thick organ slipping into her rectum bringing up a sharp cough as it press to a stop at the end of her rectal passage that hard cough sent more slime shooing out of the ring of the mask.

“Don’t know hon, this feels awful good too” he groaned out then as an after thought he mumbled “May have to do some ass to mouth comparisons, dear”

His hands were already latched, fingers digging around her hip bones the blunt end of his thick rod deep inside her rectum digging and forcing a path to go farther still making Eileen have to twist oddly about trying to achieve a lesser level of discomfort.

“Don’t know hon but looking at you wiggle about over my cock sure tips the scales toward the anal side of thing” His penis slipped into Eileen’s intestine with her shuddering in convolution like spasms that held her tensely in place her torso cocked up in a strange twisted way “Damn there’s nothing like a young girl being sodomize the right way… now is there”

His penis went humping in quick short movements seemingly timed to keep her from mentally being able to come to terms with it. And in just a short few moves she was already going through bowel flooding sensations that were moving out of her ability to just mentally inhibit the spasms of rectal muscular distress threatening to take place. Eileen’s father seemed to sense what was happening but his intent was plainly to purposely escalate the act be on her ability to maintain her tenuousness mental grip over it.

“U-h-hgg..” A hard straining spasm hit “U-h-hgg..” then another.

The organ was pull unceremoniously from her gut and straining rectal passage in a swift move leaving her still stuck in the throws of a prolong bowel strain. Dazed she was lifted by strong arms and turned, strong hands going around around each side of the mask and on wobble legs her eyes caught sight of the stiff male organ as it was being aimed at the hole of the leather mask. A small dome of brown poop that looked to have been pinched off was smeared on the very top of the blunt tip. Her sight looking over the top showed to her distress some accumulative streaking there also. But she was given no time to give it thought as it charge through the hole of the mask her father’s loin being humped forward. It plunged this time strait into her throat going deep and when it didn’t fully make it all the way he simply pulled her head strongly the rest of the way onto his organ. Eileen’s world going back into the coarse dark hair of his pubes. She gagged harshly her young body snapping into the strain of doing so. To Eileen’s horror she felt herself poop, her just stretched rectal passage and anus unable to restrain the act.

“Whoa.. Ho..” Eileen’s father cried pulling her face even harder holding it tightly against his pubes as he move back into the shower stall “Didn’t see that happening, did we”

But his organ flexed stiffly going to full stiffness in her throat making her gag up again and straining out even more poop this time onto the floor of the shower.

“Oh.. God Eileen” He cried his voice echoing around the shower stall loudly “This is a new fetish for me…. I like it!..”

Giving Eileen’s young body her no time finish the embarrassing act her father started humping his stiff penis into her throat sending her over the edge with her stomach clenching tightly up and forcing what it could up violently the puke coming around the moving organ as it could, she pooped again her body expelling all that it had and still she strained hard at both ends. At the raggedly height of her endurance her head was pull even tighter onto his iron stiff organ with it flexing in spasms of release before being jerked free of her still straining throat and mouth. Eileen fell hard onto her knees gasping to get a breath and failing to get her lungs to suck in. She was light headed and felt ready to pass out, the jagged breath she craved finely gasped into being. Her father had finished releasing her wrist and went about unstrapping the mask cover the lower half of her face.

“Were both a mess Eileen” he breathed out as if he and been in a marathon of sorts and turned on the water. “That’s something we’ll have to do again, you should have seen yourself, it was the most erotic thing I’ve ever done”

Eileen was in a state of shock, but that night as she laid dazed in bed a fantasy flooded through her. Blending in the spasms of rectal ache and her sore scratchy throat into a erotic fantasy that with the help of her frantically moving hand through her young pussy, she had an intense orgasm of her own. Secretly she craved with apprehension more of the scary things her father made her do. There were only a couple days before mommy would be back and daddy would just be daddy again. Eileen for some reason grinned devilishly to herself realizing that it was daddy who was her sadistic lust crazed fantasy lover. And if she was going to expect more demeaning exploits she’d better keep quiet.

The day came when mommy came in the front door. Daddy was daddy again and mommy was well, mommy. Mommy said she’d be leaving again in a month or so and Eileen looked up at daddy knowing he would change the moment she was out the door. For some reason Eileen could hardly wait but till then her daddy had shown her how to rub over her young clit, the right way.

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