Down The Hatch and Up The Ass (Mg,Mg,anal,oral,bond)

Down The Hatch and Up The Ass (Mg,Mg,anal,oral,bond)

Prologue: Bill And Frank still on the run from the law are hold up in a ram-shackled old farm house wanting a breather from the law. Some treats though are just to good to pass up even if it means going back on the run.

Being an active five almost six year old for Anita was a fine thing. She lived in this day and age of easy information. Even at her age she knew why adults had sex and it wasn’t always just to have babies. They did if for fun, fun they only understood between themselves as grownup. She’d sneaked peaks on some of the computers and other devices at the thing they did and in a way it intrigued her, all of the kids did it, but she was young and fun for her and other her age was something different.

“Uncle Jim” Her mother would warn her when he was around “He likes little girls”

But she liked the attention uncle Jim afforded her. Even liking the way his hands lingered on her bottom sometimes. Her mother shoeing her away when she saw Anita near uncle Jim. Adult men she figured just liked touching girls little or not in places like her butt or elsewhere like she’d seen in the picture and some videos that for some reason only adults were suppose to see. In fact one time her mother caught her watching a sex video and scolded her severely. That she couldn’t really understand because if adult liked playing that way why was it so wrong for her to see it. All the kids did what she did talking about what they’d seen and why adult played the seemingly strange sex games with each other, cause sometimes it looked like they were trying to hurt each other.

But still all the kids were drawn to it, so was Anita she’d learned to hide the fact from her mother. And she like talking about what she’d seen to the other kids sounding like she new it all. And maybe they did.

Anita’s mother even had gone so far as to set her down to ‘Put The Fear Of God’ into her, so her mother said.

“All men are nasty” She was told “Just wanting to put their things in little girls holes”

She just listened as her mother went on, ranting like parents always do. Anita let her light gray/blue eyes fog over faining attentiveness. She’d gotten good at that. She knew a lot of boys her age and very few were even mean and wondered at what age boys were when they became nasty like her mother was saying. Her mother was married to daddy. Did that mean daddy was nasty, just wanting to put his thing into little girls. It just didn’t make sense….

Anita woke early, it was just after dawn. Slipping from her bed she rushed to the bathroom to pee. Just in her panties cause she slept that way not liking the too warm feeling of pajamas her mother wanted her to sleep in at night. Pulling them down she plopped her butt over the open toilet letting go in a loud gush of liquid staring into a mirror on other the wall a mere three feet in front of her. Her red/brown hair was over shoulder length and somewhat ruffled up from the nights sleep. Anita like looking at herself finding her own light gray/blue eyes fascinating. She’d heard there were others in her family that had eyes like her’s but she’d never met them. She was fair-skinned and didn’t tan in the sun well and sun burned easily. A scattered row of freckles went over her face cheeks and nose, the top of her shoulder were littered with the darker spots making her skin seem lighter still.

Finished peeing she rose pulling up her panties her active five year old life had honed her girl body into a unisex tomboy look with none of the fat some kids her age had from playing all the time with electronic games and stuff. She did that too but still went out playing a lot liking the feeling that active play gave her. She went back into her room and slipped into some shorts and grabbed a pink faded t-shirt with the words ‘Got To Love Me’ on the front and took off for the kitchen. Her mother believed in a good breakfast in the morning and she could smell the eggs and bacon, even toast, all just about done.

“Morning dear” Her mother said.

“Morning” Anita chimed out.

Anita was heading out to a Maria’s house , another girl her age. A dark haired girl only a half year older than Anita. Suppose-ably she and Maria were going to play there but in secret they were planing to go to a play grown almost a mile away. It was a big place with lots of trees for shade, tables for people to picnic, and all kind of thing you’d find at a play ground even more as this place had some things than most places she’d didn’t have. Both Maria and her were of like mind, both very active, fearless, and for their age smart at least in they’re own minds. They lived on the outskirts of a suburban area all the kids around there getting the benefits of running wild into the close wooded areas still around, there were even some old houses and run down barns if one took the time like Anita and Maria had to slip down some of the deer trails that looked like at one time to have been dirt rode way back in the ancient times before she was born.

In fact more than once slipping off to the small park they would get side tracked and spend the day exploring the once farm land but now just eerie overgrown places that to Maria and Anita seemed like perfect places to explore. This morning she was in the mood to roam the area and finishing her breakfast she in a rush like always grabing her trusty well used back-pack, bottled water, and her smart-phone all kid carried these day and shot out the door her small finger running over the glowing screen texting Maria.

Anita ‘Want to go exploring instead?’
Maria ‘Reading my mind??’
Anita ‘:)’
Maria ‘:)’

They were indeed of like mind. Maria was far from waiting in fact she had left her home and met up with Anita at the turn that would take them out of the neighborhood and toward the last place they’d been exploring.

Bill and Frank were on the run, had been for the last few months now. They had robbed, stolen what they needed, even raped when the opportunity arose. Both had plenty of cash for now, more was always better but they needed to get far away for it to be any benefit. Staying well disguise when needing supplies they kept to the back roads and unused buildings. Bill knew of a place where at one time he’d as a kid had found that they could hold up for a while. They both grown use to the ramshackle old buildings having gotten together a real nice camping kit. They’d been real comfortable. On more than one occasion even had pleasant youthful visitors to sate their sexual appetites. Neither Bill or Frank at this point of their live cared about much other than their own deepening sadistic desires. Bill in his twisted wisdom had pieced together a well thought out rape kit that even Frank was afraid to go through but sure appreciated its handiness when ever the need arose.

The place they were hold up in now was a old farm house overgrown by at least thirty years of growth. Even Bill knowing where it was had a hard time finding it the deer trails having changed but here it was, the roof still in place enough to patch it to keep the rain out of the area they slept and once found it was close enough to the main road to make getting out for supplies easy enough. But it was the base need for real sex that was driving both men nuts and going to local bars were much too risky, even checking in with old girlfriends wasn’t a good idea, so they both had become opportunists with even kids on the menu. Boys if young enough but girls of any age wasn’t to be passed up even if it meant having to pack up and get back on the run. ‘Live hard, Die Young’ was their battle cry all of their lives, to late to change that now.

“Here it is” Anita cried out to Maria.

Both were looking for the elusive deer path. They had walked, clearing the last row of homes and left the well kept area maintained by the county. Both Maria and Anita love this kind of adventure and had turned off their phones to save the batteries. The GPS was only handy if they got lost and thats just what they wanted to do.

Anita started down the trail Maria following trying to keep up. They were in the woods now and the brush thin out quickly under the shade of the trees the trail becoming more visible ahead of them. Anita still in her shorts was keen to watch out for poison ivy and other things they’d both learn were to be avoided. The path split and split again but Anita and Maria were keen to stay with the trail they both knew that led to the old ancient farm they knew was just ahead somewhere.

“I see it” Maria cried out “Still just as spooky”

“Yea isn’t it” Anita in her enthusiasm said loudly “Let see if we can find anything”

The old farm house was mostly all there, the fence in front rotted almost completely away. Trees reclaiming the once big yard even one growing up threw the tattered front porch roof. Both the girls going quiet as they inspected the bedraggled old place from their vantage point. Through the trees an old barn mostly collapsed was just visible. They’d be there soon enough but the old house drew them both in their curiosity overriding any caution. Their almost six year old minds slipping into just how much fun this was going to be.

Bill and Frank had been holding up in the old farm house for a few weeks. They had a cooler for food and beer. Frank even went out for some well needed smoke a small bag of real good marijuana. Both missed TV so much they’d gotten a small generator and wired up an antenna to a 23” flat screen. It was morning Bill up and moving around Frank ready to turn the TV on when Bill froze holding his hand up.

“Hold on” He said to Frank “I hear something”

Franks ears perked up tuned in for any sound. They’d cleared out a path out the back just in case the cops made a showing. The old farm house was located well the sounds in the area being funneled from all around to the place with piercing clarity.

“Sounds like a couple kids” Frank said cocking his head side to find that one better ear and shaking his head ‘yes’ when he was sure.

Bill had already slipped to one of the windows eying out from the dark shadow of the room to see out through the growth of young fast growing trees.

“It’s two two girl… about five six years old” Bill whispered a hand going to rubbing over his crotch “They’re perfect… want to see”

Frank slipped quietly over beside Bill look out seeing movement then making out two young girls picking their way through the deer trail that ran close by the old farm house.

“You know Bill” Frank said eying the young red head girl “Been thing about relocating…. You?”

Bill grinned, he’d been growing bored lately. Both Bill and Frank growing up were too active, Attention Deficit Disorder ‘ADD’ driven that no one ever picked up on, they’d just were tagged as bad boys, and if not then they were now.

“Yep” Bill replied quietly, watching every move both backpack laden young girls made “Looks like they plan to stay the day doesn’t it”

Frank’s cock stiffen watching the redhead girls tantalizing bare legs. Both Bill and himself last satisfying venture was with to young boys they had raped for hours. Frank still got pleasing sexual flashbacks from that. He’d even caught Bill lost in thought masturbating for days afterwards. Hell, he’d done it himself but was more discreet.

“Looks like they’re coming here, don’t it” Bill said. “What is it about these old houses that attract cute kids”

Bill had made up a rape kit full of all kinds of necessary thing to restrain and enhance the experience. Frank had now started adding to the kit getting tired of dealing with Bills sick fantasy mindset and grinned realizing he was just as sick, just sick in a slightly different way. After the last run to here they’d stopped at a fetish sex store and spent time in the S&M section picking up leather goods and in Franks case some oral restraints to boot. Looking intently now at the young girls both men now rubbed a hand over a full blown bulge in the own pants, both grinning demoniacally.

“Good thing we’re stocked up” Bill mumbled thing of the beer and smoke ‘marijuana’ they still had the jived “Guess we should let em in, bet your eying that redhead ain’t you”

Frank could only shake his head ‘yes’ it was his fetish after all. Bill was eying that dark haired Hispanic treat that was his thing. Both men’s mind racing as fast as their beating hearts, adrenalin and sexual tension surging making both tremble in anticipation, the thrill of the hunt and playing with the captives to both men almost better than the sex its self.

“Guess it time to play hide and seek” Frank said, both men slipping into the dark shadows and going quiet. Bill slipping farther silently out the back, Frank knew to circle around to the front to cut off escape that way. Frank himself slipped into a closet tucking himself to the side out of sight.

Both Anita and Maria stood before the old building. Anita slipping off her backpack and getting one of the bottles of water, twisting to top off and taking a few swallows out of it. Maria following suit.

“Kind of scary looking isn’t it” Maria mumbled her slight Spanish accent plainly showing when she was nervous.

Anita herself felt an eerie chill even though the morning wasn’t overly chilly. One of the reasons she liked roaming the wooded area was that her senses seemed heightened, maybe that was the reason she teased her uncle Jim was she like the feeling she was play close to the edge of some unknown danger. Anita turned toward Maria, her friend’s dark brown eyes going wide with fained fear giving Anita that ‘ooh I’m scared’ look, both girl getting a thrill out of doing something their parents wouldn’t like at all. Anita just returned the look, faining for a fleeting moment being too scared to go on. But both girls being adventurous stepped up onto the rickety porch cautiously placing their feet on the untrustworthy boards.

Anita with the bottle of water still in one hand the backpack in the other dropped the backpack beside the door, the bulky thing just in the way now as she may need to pick her way across some old rackety boards. Maria following doing the same, both girl would it be known had been in a few of these old places, bumps and bruises just part of the adventure, but why tempt fate. Anita stuck her head through the door on one side Maria on the other looking over the old dusty room their eyes slowly growing accustom to the dimmer light. It never dawned on them to check or notice the array of fresh adult footprints going over the floor in the thick dust of the somewhat exposed room. The need to explore drove both to step on in, eyes wide with dreams of finding hidden treasure, both testing the floor finding it surprisingly sturdy but to two almost six year old girls even an old floor would support them well enough.

Both Maria and Anita loved the eerie chill of first going into an old building like this one, they’d be talking about it for days after, of course out of earshot of their parents. They went around the first room looking over the few old items still around, still not noticing the fresh fingerprint over the few items in the room. The first chill of adventure now tasted both split up. Anita slipping down a small narrow hall passing a old bathroom with every thing missing in it and stepped into someones old bedroom. For a moment she thought she’d hit the jackpot. There was stuff everywhere, some of it neatly placed to the side and hardly any dust on it. Then it dawned on her someone ‘was’ living here, the hairs on the back of her neck lifting the feeling she was doing something wrong sweeping over her. Anita went backing out turning to go back to tell Maria what she’d found.

Bill eased his way around the old farm house with hardly a whisperer of a sound. Peering around the corner just as both girls went through the front door. He grinned knowing that Frank and him had both front and back covered. Bill could hear them rooting around their adolescent voices talking about what all they might find in the old place. His grin only deepened, they were going find some totally unexpected. This he was sure of his adult ten inch cock going half hard in anticipation of a day of adventure, for himself. Sense both Bill and Frank have been on the run they had let themselves just say ‘fuck it’ to any moral code society had. They weren’t going to come out of this alive anyway. Might as have well enjoy the ride along the way. They gone into this mental attitude whole-hog. And after a few most enjoyable lucky encounters with young prey both Bill and Frank had collected and impressive but compact rape kit adding to it as a new creative fantasy struck one or the other.

The sounds in the room died down. Bill reckoned the girls went exploring the other room, time to get moving himself. Frank and Bill had been here long enough to know what boards squeaked and more importantly the ones that didn’t and Bill slipped over the old wooden porch and into the dusty living room real quiet like. He saw the redhead down the short hallway go into the bedroom, the other dark haired Latina in another small room just off the living room bent over some item looking it over. Still without a sound he slipped behind her and in a quick move had her in a tight controlling grip. Before she could even scream a hand going over her young mouth, all the while whispering into her ear to be quiet or he’d kill her. Mere seconds later she with wide scared eyes relented going limp and quiet in his arms, he kept his hand over her mouth though just in case as he stepped back into the living room.

Anita turned stepping into the short hallway her young legs wanting to move faster and faster. Quick stepping she entered into the living room freezing into place at the sight of wide eyed Maria being held in the strong arms of a strange man.

“…” was all she got out.

A hand went over her mouth and a strong male arm went around her body from behind her. Anita went to kicking and trying to scream out but all for not as she was picked up easily and brought back through the same door she’d just came from the other strange man coming in carrying wide eyed Maria. Anita’s mind ringing with her mother’s warning ‘All men are nasty’ and ‘Just wanting to put their things in little girls holes’ and for the first time in her young life she was really scared her gray/blue eyes darting about the room in realization that this room was where she and Maria would probably would be rape. Everything her friends had talked about in jest about being raped or having sex or even what they had seen on their devices buzzed around in her young girl mind heightening the level of anxiety that was starting to surge beyond her control. Her bare leg kicking in need to feel the floor, in need to be running off away from here. The man shook her ruffly then shook her even harder.

“Calm down girl” His voice held more than a hint of warning “It’ll go easier on you”

Anita could see tears running down Maria’s terror filled face. The man setting her down releasing all but a tight grip on her arm. He knelt down reaching into a leather bag fishing around for only a second before pulling out two sets of handcuffs. Maria started crying openly now.

“Y-your g-going t-to rape us aren’t you” She cried her shrill voice trembling in tune to her lips.

The man slipped the end of the metal cuff over her small wrist the sound making Maria jump and young legs visually shake, turning her the man pulled her other hand around clamping the other end around Maria’s other wrist behind her. To Anita’s shock the man behind Maria placed his face into the back of her black hair breathing in deeply through his nose apparently liking the way her hair smelt. Maria tried to move away but the man held her in place taking in another deep breath through his nose. Maria’s young face contorting up in fearful shock her young torso welling up suddenly in a deep sob of having to endure something so odd from this strange man so close behind her.

“Been much to long Frank” The man said scooting the anther set of handcuffs toward Anita and the man that had her “Been missing the smell of a fresh kid”

Anita was set down, hand coming off her mouth, a strong adult hand gripping one of her arms so tight she was sure to have a bruise. Her own eyes watered over in terror and she realized she too was trembling all over, her legs threatening to give out as the cold metal of the handcuff clamped tight on one wrist. She knew if he got it on the other she was lost. In a sudden move she pulled away taking a lunge for the door. But the man had a grip on the free end of the hand cuff. She came up short going into a tug-a-war trying to pull the cuff out of the the man ‘Frank’s’ hand. But he was quick, real quick and much too strong pulling her toward him, her feet scooting across the floor. He simply snatch her again forcing her around and clamping the other cuff in place over Anita’s other wrist. She was back to facing Maria again the man with her pinching in on the sides of her face making her open her mouth as he stuff a rag into her mouth then tying another around her head to hold it in.

Anita felt Franks adult head go deep into the head of her own soft red hair sucking in deeply through his nose. The sensation a shock that someone would want to smell her like that and shock of realizing it was a way for him to heighten his coarse sexual arousal. Never in her life at any time Anita conceived herself as something to be wanted and used for something like just sex, suddenly she realized that sex and love also might be two and separate things. And what the two strange men wanted wasn’t anything to do with love. All her youthful notions of associating ‘making love’ with something to do with real love suddenly took on a new and frightening meaning to her. Maria and Anita were being bound so they wouldn’t be able to refuse what ever these men had planned, removing any other feeling from the act of sex. Her young thoughts trying to come to grip with how to file the disturbing realization that there were really men like her mother warned her about. Anita’s young legs trembled, wobbling weakly her young mind trying to see a way out.

The man placed his knees into the back of her own making her legs fold being her down onto her knees onto the dusty floor with him following behind her. His adult hands slipping up into her t-shirt feeling over Anita bare flesh underneath, his head now in the crook of her shoulder placing wet tongue tasting kisses along one side of her neck. She felt a hand even slipping to her shorts, his adult fingers feeling in places that made her jerk in open mouthed shock.

“No, don’t” Anita blurted out as panic gripped her “Please no”

“Pass me those one of those arm sheaves and ring gags, Bill” Frank said to Bill as if Anita had said nothing.

Bill kneed the back of Maria legs bringing her down like Anita had been, the leather pack with in easy reach. Rifling through it he pulled an arms length narrow sheath like thing and something that looked like a dog collar with a large metal ring in it, handing it to Frank then going back to reining his attention onto Maria. She like Anita was in a total state of terror hardly able to even think strait, her dark eyes moving, watching every move Bill made. Frank picked up the sheaf thing bringing it behind Anita working her cuffed hands into the slightly larger end. Frank pulled it up over both of her arms making them come together behind her contained within the confides of the lite but sturdy leather. Anita found as he forced the leather up near the end she was forced to thrust her chest out shoulder back a strap coming around her chest Frank working the belt like latch till it was firmly in place.

Anita’s arms behind her ran along the narrow insides of the leather sheath her cuffed hands sticking out a snug hole at the other end. Frank slipped an adult forefinger into the chain of the cuff lifting Anita’s arm up, forcing her to hunch over to keep the pain at her shoulders tolerable.

“P-please mister… it hurts” Anita cried out hoping somehow he come to his senses “P-please…”

“What you think Bill” Frank said “Told you I thought it’d work”

Bill’s eyes seemed transfixed on the way Anita was trusted up. His adult tongue wetting his lips.

“Yes you fucking did” Bill grinned “Been three fucking weeks sense I’ve had a cock in a something other than my hand, if we got to go back on the run we might as well have fun”

“Yep, your right” Frank said “Been a nice reprieve camping out and all but my cock been stiff for something this last entire week. All these new toys we’ve added going to waste, been wanting like the dickens to just get high and fuck a kid all day again”

“You going to puke fuck that one, ain’t you” Bill snickered out. “I can tell…. All you been talking about going on three weeks, you’ve been working this fetish over for weeks now”

“Am I that transparent” Frank jived. But Bill was right when something like that got stuck in his head nothing but acting on it would do to dislodge it for the next fetish.

Anita’s young head moved back and forth between the talking men, she had seen only one sex video of a woman sucking a mans cock the long thing going in too deep making her retch and gag harshly. The man Franks strong steady moving hands keeping precise control over her was sending a eerie chill through her trembling body. He reach down picking up the strange dog collar thing. Bringing it up to her face, the thing looked to be metal ring with a coating of rubber over it, leather straps going out to each side, she bet it was unbreakable. And Anita’s young mind knew at that instant what the devious device was was for. Kids now days being not necessarily smarter, but ready access to information even sexual content let them put two and two together quicker than other generations.

“No.. no…” Anita turning her head to the side away from the thing “I won’t let you… No.. you can’t.. Please no..”

Franks other hand came up from behind her quickly cupping her chin with his hand, fingers coming up around each side pinching into the flesh at a precise points of her young jaw, the pain reaching a place that Anita’s had no choice but open her mouth, the pain otherwise far too much to bare. The soft rubber coated metal ring went into her mouth and was turned behind her front teeth forcing her jaw to open even wider that she knew it could. She couldn’t open her mouth any farther even if she tried her young jaw aching and on the verge of real pain as Frank pulled the two straps around each side of her head, strapping it into place behind her head. Maria in front of Anita staring at her in shock as some spittle went dripping out of Anita’s mouth and down over her chin onto her t-shirt. Bill was watching too his hand rubbing over a surprisingly large bulge in his pants.

“Fu-uck me-e..” Bill chimed out “Now that just looks plain sweet, I think your onto something here Frank”

Bill reached in pulling out another sheath and ring gag. He also produced a roll of braided rope tossing it to Frank and pulled out a large scissor laying it to the side.

“You’ll need this too” Bill said about the rope. The few weeks here at this old place Bill too had time to work out Frank’s recent fetish in his mind.

Frank looked up, Anita automatically looking up too seeing what he was looking at, the exposed wooden rafters. He was still behind her kneeling body his large hands coming around both sides of her like she had extra hands, working a long enough length out of the roll of rope reaching back, coming back in front of her producing a folding knife. His thumb expertly flipped it open and cutting what he needed from it his adult body bumping and moving against her as he worked. All of it becoming oddly surreal to Anita, time passing slowly and much to fast all at the same time. In front Anita terrorize Maria was getting her t-shirt cut off her by the large scissors then with her head moving about as if needing to see everything happening to her became engrossed in the distressing discomfort getting her own arms worked into the narrow leather sheave, her young shoulder having like Anita to arch back as Bill strapped it in place over her now bare chest. Maria was still gagged by the rag in her mouth but Bill was untying that and pulling the one stuffed out of her mouth.

“Please let us go mister” Maria begged the moment the rag was pulled out her dark tear fill eyes pleading with Bill.

Maria was met with the same deadpan ignoring silents Anita got, as if Maria and Anita were just playthings not worthy of being heard. Anita could see the realizing change in Maria upon knowing there’d be no hope of any reprieve from this man Bill. Her entire young body shuddering in a body racking sob, Anita’s young body doing the same a short second after. Bill bringing the rubber coated ring up to Maria’s face her dark young Latina eyes locking onto the odd looking device.

“Please….” She sobbed a heavy tear dripped from one of her eyes then with lost hope whispered before clamping her mouth shut “no….”

Bill was already pinching in on the side of Maria’s cheeks forcing her mouth to reopen, giving her no chance to resist and seemed to enjoy the barbarous act. The man Frank hadn’t been idle a movement from his arm as he tosses the coils of rope up holding onto on to one end and the length of rope now dangled over a thick beam of wood over Anita’s head. Frank grabbed the end dangling down and tied it around the chain of the handcuffs behind her tightly sheathed arms.

“Okay girl” Frank said “Up on your feet”

Pulling on the other end of the rope with one hand Frank’s other hand helped Anita up. But Frank didn’t stop there pulling the rope farther forcing Anita’s arms behind her to come up painfully high. She was forced to go bending over to ease the pain with Frank adjusting the rope and once satisfied tied off the other end on another exposed wooden wall beam. Anita now bent over red hair now fell flowing down toward the floor over each side of her young almost six year old head blocking her view somewhat.

“Lets see what we have here” Frank said to himself kind of pleased with the effect.

Frank slipped behind the redhead girl, working his thumbs into each side of her elastic band of her shorts, working both shorts and panties down slowly her light skin bare girl buttock coming fully into view.

‘Fuck’ he thought to himself spreading the still unripe cheeks apart eying the pink tight ring of muscle ‘Bet that ass is still virgin, I’ll want to be heavily buzzed for this’

He left the girls shorts and panties at her ankles standing up behind her his trembling hands grasping her young hips testing out the feel of the ride to come, his mind contemplating the act of sodomizing the kid thinking over with imagined scenarios the act still to come. But before that she’d know the joy of having his cock stuffed down her tight girl throat. Coming around Frank grabbed a handful of her soft red hair lifting her head up wanting take in the view of her young face. He was met by her uncommon light colored gray/blue eyes and light skin.

“Bill” Frank cried out “Look at this”

Bill was just finishing hoisting up Maria’s, she was now standing, arms into the air and watching her bend even farther over with Maria’s arms going even higher than Anita’s into the air. Holding the rope he looked over at Anita’s upturned face while poor Maria groaned with discomfort her young head down spittle dripping from her mouth onto the floor.

“She’s got the strangest eyes I’ve ever seen” Frank said “Imagine your cock deep in that face”

Bill just grinned. Yes Franks girl was nice but Bill’s taste were different. He’d fuck his share of kids but to him there was nothing like a dark haired brown eye kid, boy or girl for that matter being abused. He and Frank had been together for a while now and he’d learn to just agree with him. Agreeing with him leaving Frank thinking everyone also had his own fetish desires was just a easy way to go cause Frank would argue the points of a light skinned fair eyed kid all day. That just being his thing not Bills though. There were some things he whole hardily agreed with though, there was nothing like a good face fuck followed by a finishing ass plunge on any kid and the best way to do it was stoned to the bone, that too Bill and Frank had in common. A beer or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Bill reached around Maria, she was wearing jeans and Bill unbuckled her belt his hand finding the fasteners and zipper quickly. Her jeans falling and panties pulled down to her ankles with Bill kneeling down his hand grasping her fine young hips, thumbs opening them wide his face going into the crack of her fuller than Anita’s buttocks, tongue working over her tight anus feverishly. Frank had released Anita’s hair but she couldn’t help but watching the crud act Bill was doing to Maria. Maria herself freaking out lurching whenever Bill tongue force its way up into her rectum. Bill rose up grinning broadly.

“Taste like chicken” He said to Frank.

“Probably tasted like ass” Frank jived back.

“Best to check those girls backpacks on the porch” Bill said “Bet they got cell phones with GPS still on”

Bill took off through the old house. Frank moved over to a sleeping bag slipping out of his clothes his stiff adult cock free to stiffly arch up before setting down and pulling out a small marijuana pipe and the dope he had stashed there. Anita and Maria left standing there on full display. For Frank a buzz and beer to set the mood was in order. Bill was back with the girls back packs fishing through finding the phones tossing one to Frank.

“Best get the batteries out” Bill said running his fingernail though the slit that would work the phone he had apart.

Frank took a long hit on the pipe handing it up to Bill and taking the now dissembled phone from him. With Bill taking a deep draw off the pipe Frank popped the battery out of the phone then went to work on the other, the heavy hit he took slowly being let out. The second battery came out both phones now dead. Bill handed the pipe back and stooped down to the cooler grabbing two cold beers from the ice.

“Nothing like a fresh buzz before a fresh fuck” Bill said thick smoke coming from his mouth with every word as he handed a beer to Frank.

Frank having just finished his second hit traded beer for pipe and popped the top of the cold sweating bottle taking a long draw off it his eyes moving over the redhead, his cock lurch stiffer in anticipation as the buzz of beer and pot took hold. The sight of both young sobbing girls with sheaved arms with their pants down at their ankles had an irresistible appeal making Frank rise back up. Bill handed the pipe back and Frank’s mind slipping deep into anticipation of a fantasy soon to realized he took one last lung filled hit before setting the pipe down.

Anita’s nose became keenly aware of the high end marijuana smoke filling the room. She’d never use it herself but seen others laughing and carrying on when under the influence. She looked up at the smiling faces of both men grinning with knowing looks at each other. Bill was quickly slipping from his clothes his adult cock slipping free. He reached into the leather bag pulling up a small jar of petroleum jelly setting it to the side. Frank moved on behind her gripping her hip to her shock her buttock were suddenly opened wide by his his thumbs. She felt his face go into her open ass crack his warm wet tongue going everywhere, licking up though her pussy and finding her anus. Her face went red as his adult tongue wormed her anus open digging as deep as it could up into her young rectum.

‘Oh God’ she thought ‘He is wanting to fuck me there… I just know it’

Anita and the other girls had seen this very same thing on-line, even talking about it in hush whispers. A sense of dreaded anxiety washed deeply though her. The wet adult tongue pulled free slurping around finding her pee hole and working over it till a odd pleasurable tingle took her up. ‘Oh God no’ her young mind reeled trying suppress the pleasant tingle but the tongue slipped back to her anus digging deep again her face going bright red with embarrassment of seeing Maria watching in horror of what was being done to Anita. Anita hope Maria didn’t seen on her face that tinge of pleasure Anita had felt.

Anita watch Bill move up in front of Maria her dark terror fill eyes locking onto the bulbous liquid leaking head of the male organ. Reaching down he grab a handful of dark black hair at the top of her head pulling her head upright facing his adult organ. His other hand on the shaft of the long stiff organ guiding it toward the open ring holding Maria’s young spittle dripping mouth open wide. Anita could see the bemuse look on Bills adult face as Maria eyes crossing locked onto the slimy liquid oozing tip as it closed in to the open ring. Maria jerk her head to the side, the man jerking back with his hand in her hair Maria forehead wrinkling up in pain of having several black head hairs pulled loose. The leaking organ was shoved in close to her face being guided toward the hole. Poor Maria started to jerk away even step backward but Bill followed his hand shaking her young head enough to daze her, the thick cock then finding the hole.

Maria’s eyes went wide now looking down into the deep thick adult male pubic hairs the oozing cock just in her mouth. Anita could tell the taste of the oozing liquid disagreed with Maria but she didn’t have the time to worry about that. Bills guiding hand slipped from his cock shaft going around the back of her head pulling her head forward. Maria gagged as the cock touch the back of her mouth making her hunch up her tummy muscles visibly tensing, working as if she was going to throw up. Anita could see the shock of it making her dark eyes go wider still as Bill pulled her face down toward then into the deep hairs of his loin holding Maria’s head in place. Sharp harsh scary sounds came from her throat and belly snapping quickly into sudden harsh unbelievable sounds till Maria in an act of defiance started tugging and thrashing about to pull her head free, to get off the long cock stuffed down her throat by any means she could muster. She somehow managed to do it the cock slipping, plopping stiffly off to the side of her face a small gush of puke spouted from her still gagging flushed red tear drenched face.

Tears streamed down her young face with her sucking in with wet gasps of air that sent Maria into fits of choking up thick spittle, the man Bill with one hand still holding her head upright the other now pumping over his stiff organ inches in front of the gooey hole of Maria’s ringed opened mouth. Her dark tear fill eyes blinked clearing enough to see the cock still posed in front of her started shaking her head ‘NO’ the best she could. But Bill only angled his stiff, wanting to arch up adult cock downward, lining it up to the slimy stringy spittle wet mouth hole. Maria wanting none of it started trying to lurch away. Bill shook her small head sharply in an attempt to bring her back under his control. The worming tongue of Frank pulled from Anita’s rectum leaving her backside wet with Frank moving around to the front of her his adult cock now went closing in toward Anita’s young face moving toward the ringed hole of her own mouth.

Anita was staring down the long shaft onto the man’s hairy loin. The head of the male organ leaking thick liquid from the pee slit. Her own eyes going cross locking onto the thick head seeing one of his hands grasp the fleshy shaft the other grasping painfully into into the hair at the top of her head several strand popping painfully free as his grasp tightened. Anita heard Maria retching up, out of the corner of her eyes seeing Bill pulling free with a gross wet pop angling her head down. Maria body was stuck frozen in a harsh retch, a gush of puke going in a rush down onto the old floor. Franks cock pushed into Anita’s mouth her eye going real wide looking down along the lengthy distance of adult cock at the thick tuff of dark hair that cover where the base of the cock really was. When his guiding hand on his cock shaft pull free it went quickly, shooting around to the back of her young head with Anita trying to bring the back of her tongue up to block the thick organ’s movement from going deeper but found the ring holding her mouth open real wide left her short of being able to block off the passing of the thick male organ over it. She too like Maria tried tugging her head back but Franks strong hand on the back of her head only slowed thing only for a split second as the blunt fleshy head plopped hard against the back of her throat.

The taste of the thick clear per-spermal liquid filled Anita mouth, just knowing where it came from filled her with disgust as she braced herself trying to pull her head off the adult organ, Her eyes were real wide just knowing what his intent was and wanting none of it. Anita had seen want happen when Maria hunch up for that first gag and fought with all her might to suppress the urge from coming onto herself. But to her horror Frank’s cock started angling this was and then that, his hand push her head down farther and tilting it back she knew better to line his cock up with her throat. She lurched hard trying to step back and away but the way her arm were held high over head made that impossibly awkward as Frank unrelenting followed her about till her struggle to keep from gagging failed her. Anita’s stomach muscles snapped tight in a horrid dry heave making her hunch up her young mouth forming the open mouth and open throat pose that Frank took full advantage of.

Anita’s world went surreal as Frank’s hairy loin rushed toward her wide eyed face. The thick cock having to conform to the confines of her young throat seemly getting stuck just before her nose went into the nasty wiry hair. The hand in her red hair went slipping down to the back of her head and both tugged freeing the cock to slipped deeper her nose and face mashing flat into hair cover flesh above his cock. For a few long seconds she remained there in shock as her tummy churned working to snap into action. Frank working his cock about as if he could somehow get more in, the changing angles of the stiff organ tipping the balance and her entire young body snapped ridge her stomach sending what it could up against the throat clogging thick tip with a feeling and sound that sent Anita panicking to get free at any cost leaving her thrashing about wildly the man holding on till Anita like Maria pull free the cock flipping up over her face as a gush of puke went down onto the floor. She gasped harshly in for needed air choking wetly as Maria had done sprays of spittle and puke shooting out of her open mouth She hung slightly bent over her legs weakly shaking the only thing keeping her up was the rope going up from her arm in back of her. Frank cock being pumped by his one hand in front of her tear fill eyes just inches away.

Her head lifted again the slimy cock head being aim toward her open mouth. Anita tried to fend it off but it was a weak effort her head only slightly turning in the strong grip of hair Frank had the cock slipping into her mouth charging into her throat eagerly seeking to have her face pressing back into his hairy loin.

“HuG-ggl-gglglgg..” Loudly came from Anita, too late to get a lung full of air.

Frank planted his cock in fully this time his cock slipping all the way in. Damn her throat was tight and before the shock of the act could take hold Frank grasped both sides of young her head using it like he would his hand pumping it over his rigid cock with gloriously wet harsh gagging sounds till she welled up forming the eye pleasing pose of puking. He kept it up till her puke filled her throat changing the sound before tugging free tilting her head down. His ears taking in the continued gagging and struggle for breath relishing each till the young girl gasped wetly gaining a lung full of the air she struggle so hard for. Lifting her head up Frank gazed onto her brightly red flushed face. Her light gray/blue eyes covered in tears of the effort she just went through. His cock lurch stiffly at the sight needing more.

Bill tugged his cock from the dark haired girls throat with her weakly coughing up the last of what ever meal she’d eaten last. She’d be good for two cummings if he finished first in her throat, took a break and finished ruffly with her up the ass. Sounds of Frank puke fuck the other girl sent Bill surging back to Dark hair girl, the thought of unloading deep in her throat held a fascination all its own.

Maria started the day in the mist of an adventure with Anita loving the places they explored. But what had happened wasn’t in any way expected the mere thought of something like these two evil men even existing was a foreign thought to her. But her she was and Anita being totally controlled by them, used in a way she’d didn’t dare to believe was possible. And she was scared feeling like she was choking to death on the slimy flem she’d sucked into her young lungs. ‘You keep running around with that girl Anita and you’ll come to no good’ her mother had warned her.

She hung her arms high in back of her her head hanging low. Snot ran from her nose and thick spittle ran in thick strings from her open mouth. Maria gasped in finely catching a hint of real air her lungs stinging. Still wetly coughing but air entered her young body clearing her young head. She groan hoarsely feeling her head being lifted again.

“Time for the Coup De Grâce” She heard Bill say.

Maria’s whole body shook, she couldn’t stop it. She stared blankly at his cock and seemly huge adult balls. Maria knew enough to know a man stored sperm there for making babies. A gag took her thinking, no, knowing he was wanting to empty them into her throat. She took a deep slow breath, then another Bill seemingly giving her time to store up needed strength. For that she was thankful.

“Okay… thats more than enough girl” Bill told her as he guided his cock head into her mouth.

Maria inhaled deeply just before the thick tip went into her throat plugging off any hope of more air. This time Bill held her head tightly in place his loin starting to hump like she’d seen in sex videos the cock entering into her throat deeply his loin coming at her face over and over moving ever faster a full body gag took her up as the air in her lung exploded out around the now pummeling cock. Panic took her over as her body struggle to inhale again but failed. The man Bill seemingly relishing her struggle to pull off his cock as the wet sucking sounds of the throat fuck rang loudly inside her. Suddenly Bill jabbed in the entirety of his swelling cock his loin going flat against her face, the heavy balls sack on her chin lifting tightly. Maria felt it pump the baby making liquid, her stomach lurched at the thought but the deeply placed cock pump shooting out an even huger load again then again the crude act freezing her in shock. Maria realizing that this was the way men emptied their seed into a woman.

The release was more than her throat could handle and a good bit of the stuff coming up around the cock shaft the odd taste overwhelming her young senses. The cock pulled free with a sucking pop Maria stuck in a prolong gag the nasty sperm filling her mouth and leaking out onto the floor. Her wide dark brown eyes seeing it all. Her lungs having been denied air took it on themselves to lurch into action sucking in the heavy sperm still in her mouth choking her sending her into a fit of coughing and still getting too little air. Bill lifted her head up his hand pumping over his cock fierily. Maria saw the wad of white as it left the pee slit of his cock at high speed but was too slow to close her eyes. The last wad of sperm caught her dead in her left eye leaving it burning hotly as if sweat had gotten in it.

It was over, finely over as he wiped his cock off and slipped down on to one of the sleeping bags. Still coughing and squinting through one eye the other a blur of white she saw him pop another beer refill the marijuana pipe and set a lighter to it. He sat there his cock had gone limp but he still eyed her hungrily till she had to still coughing harshly look away letting her dark hair cover her tear strewn face. The taste of sperm making her gag at every stronger hit of the taste.

Bill having released his load sat down to recharge, tweaking his buzz. His cock would be ready again in a short bit his mind turning with thoughts of sodomizing her as soon as the mood took him.

Anita head was bounding from the lack of air here lungs sucking as if to draw the thick cock in farther if it only could, she was on edge of passing out, even wanting it to happen but the thick throat stretching organ pulled free leaving her still gagging frozen in the pose for a long moment before able to gasp in.

“Let me fuck you in the ass little girl and I won’t put it in your throat again” Anita heard.

Anita’s head slightly nodded ‘yes’ at this point would have agree to anything not to have his penis forced into her throat again. In the videos the woman getting ass fuck made it seem it wasn’t so bad. Anita young mind though still reeled at what she was agreeing to. Frank slipped around behind her and felt his hand spreading her ass cheeks again his face going back into the crack of her ass. His adult tongue licking and probing into her anus making it wet with his spittle. Frank standing she felt a thick knot of warm flesh go against her ass hole.

“Make like your pooping little girl” he commanded.

Now that he was behind her the reality of it came down heavily over her young mind giving her pause. The blunt pressure mounted on her spittle wet anus.

“Come on make like your pooping” she heard “Do it like it’s for real”

Anita face flushed red, her mind reeled at doing something like trying to poop with his cock head against her young anus. She felt trapped not knowing if Frank would get violent if she refuse to do the humiliating act he want of her. Her face reflected the turmoil she felt on the inside, till she in a fit of mental confusion relented. Anita’s felt her face flush red with actually performing the embarrassing motion of pooping but eased her bowel to do it anyway.

“That’s it honey…” Frank murmured a air of excitement to his adult voice “Let it happen little girl.. let it happen”

Anita wasn’t sure at first what Frank meant but she when she felt the thick tip press into her opening anus she suddenly felt it was all wrong, it felt all wrong and tried to squeeze her anus close and pull away. Franks hands grasp with finger gigging into her hips that avenue of escape closed off.

“Easy girl” Frank said “Were almost there… keep making like your pooping”

Anita anus was open so wide now she couldn’t the muscles to squeeze close, the thick blunt easing even farther into her rectum, the bulbous tip slipping past her anus with thicker muscles clamping tightly down behind the thick tip in a death hug. Her head coming up in a grip of really sharp pain.

“It’s over were in” she heard behind her “Relax the best you can dear, trying to poop helps a lot, do that if you can”

Anita really had no choice but to try something as there was no other options open to her. She sensed his impatience with her and willed herself, her mind and body into pushing as if really pooping, all the while imagining she was setting on the toilet urging a thick turd from her rectum. Only in this case as she did it she could feel the thick male organ moving counter to what she was accustom to, filling her, the urge to poop becoming more than just imagined thing and knowing it was Frank’s adult cock causing the urge, something he plainly seemed to want her to feel. And it made Anita want to hide her reddening flushed face from view. She saw Bill on the sleeping bag looking her way a rush of shame rushed through Anita as Frank’s thick cock dug in somewhere deep bring on a deep nasty feeling forcing a involuntary crude grunt from her. His idly rubbing hand moving over his now half hard cock coming to life with a new urgency bring it to full stiffness as he studied Anita young face closely.

Reaching over Anita saw Bill pick up a small jar of petroleum jelly, popping the top and start coating his own cock with the thick greasy jelly. Anita grunted out as the thick tip of the adult cock landed to a stop at the end of her young rectum. Anita felt Frank’s hands at the clasp behind her head that held the metal ring in her mouth. The thing was pulled free with her working her sore jaw around spitting out some thick spittle still there.

“What your name honey” Frank ask.

“A-Anita” she groan out her young body twisting about with discomfort of the thick cock filling, stretching harshly the walls her rectum her strained voice hoarse and raspy.

“Anita-aa..” He breathed out an excited tone in his deep adult voice “This next part going to difficult. Keep up trying to poop but you need to try even harder now”

Anita felt so ashamed right now, ashamed of urging her body to poop on command when he told her to. He wants her now to do it even harder. Anita felt one of his hand caressing up under her t-shirt.

“Come on Anita you’ve come so far” He told her his cock flexing thickly pressing now more firmly against a deep place at the end of her rectum “Come on push hard just like your taking a shit at home”

Anita groan with humiliating embarrassment feeling his eyes going over her, she dipped her head down low and closed her eye from the shame she felt and did as she was told.

“H-ug-ggg” she strained holding the push.

“That a good girl” She heard from Frank his cock staying pressed against the end off her rectum.

Anita was shocked to feel the blunt tip slipping even farther up inside of her and tried to lunge away from the gross sensation that made her gasp in horror that it didn’t seem to be stopping. But Frank wasn’t going to relinquish one measly inch as the thick cock seemed and felt to be pushing into some deep nasty place beyond the end of her rectal passage. His hairy loin pressing hard against her buttock. Anita head came up her gray/blue eye wild with panic of knowing just how much adult cock was up inside her ass. She could feel the entire thing flexing as if alive and for Anita things had changed as now instead of trying to will herself to poop she hovered on edge of control, her will to control the base urge that wanted to slip fulling into a real uncontrollable bowel movement, overwhelming. She now fought to subdue the all to real impending disaster.

“Okay Anita. It all over now, all but the fucking” Frank said. “But if you really feel you need to poop let me know”

Frank’s still buzzed mind took in the sight of Anita young arm’s brought together in the leather sheath, even though her t-shirt was still on the sight of her shoulder blades jutting up on her back could be seen clear enough. He ran his hands over her warm body feeling up through her shirt feeling over the area. For a young girl she was apparently very active if not naive as all kid were about the way the world really was. His cock flex stiffly with Anita gasping her body twisting some as she went about testing angles she could achieve to alleviate what Frank knew was the a growing feeling of her needing to use the bathroom, all the moves she was making making that one fact plain as day.

Anita’s young mind was in a quandary of embarrassment at being looked at while the escalating urge to really poop started to feel even more distressful. In the videos of men and women having anal sex she never saw any hint of poop. But here, now, being raped it was all her young mind could dwell on. If she was going to be use this way why was she the only one in the world who felt like she had to poop. Maybe there was a way she didn’t know to control it and with her young light skinned face going redder still, twisting up wide eye with fear of failing Anita mentally fought the dreaded urge with all her might as the mans hands move feeling all over her. Her world turn even more embarrassingly surreal and all Anita wanted now was to hide her exposed red flushed young face from the world.

Frank stared down onto Anita’s light skinned young trembling buttocks the hair of his loin almost covering up the view of the base of his cock holding her anus open wide around it. Anita was one of the very few kids he hadn’t had to be overly abusive with just to get his cock sunk fully into her young warm gut. She was a tough one on the verge of athletic but even the tough ones broke down once the action started. He was force to keep his knees slightly bent more than he liked and eyed a dusty box in the corner of the room of just the right height.

“I’ll be right back Anita dear..”

Anita was almost at the state of lose, the muscles of her abdomen and leg were shaking weakly when she felt the thick cock being pulled slowly back and out of her rectum. Her entire body gave out a shudder of relief and she sagged down weakly. Turning her young head felt the need to see Frank adult cock as he rushed over to a foot high wooden box. Her eyes spotted the stiff arched organ as he turned back and flushed even redder at the sight of the first two inches having a pasty coating of brown with even some thin streak going down along the stiff fleshy shaft. She’d thought she had kept the urge to go under control but what she knew now that what she had felt was the organ for real being pushed into some of her real poop deep inside of her. She didn’t feel the urge to poop right now and tentatively squeezed the muscles her anus that was very slow to respond to her will. Even still Anita could tell he was coming back the thick stain of poop bobbing about with his cock. To Anita horror in a revaluation of insight it dawned on her that this was exactly what he was wanting from this kind of debasing sex.

‘All men are NASTY’ Anita’s mother’s words ran loud in her mind.

She knew now that that horrid urge to poop she’d felt was something this evil man was purposely wanting her to endure and for him watch. She wasn’t sure if she could now handle such a thing of being watch while that feeling of needing poop real bad was sweeping through her real strong, or maybe really pooping, but how could she with his thick cock up inside her bottom. Frank scooted the box under her.

“Step up on this” he said.

“C-can I g-go p-poop somewhere f-first” Anita asked still staring at the ghastly stain coating the end of his cock.

Frank ran a hand through her red hair grinning, looking down at her.

“Come on step up Anita” he said with a odd grin “You can go afterward”

“Oh-h….. ple-Eese…” she groan her face flushing with changing waves of red her mind struggling with the hard truth and implications.

Anita lifted one foot stepping up and placing the other next to it leaving her shorts and panties in place on the floor.

“Pleeseee…” Anita tried again, more to herself as she knew deep inside there was nothing she could say to stop the man, whispering “please…”

But Frank just went about adjusting the rope pulling her young arms up even higher than before forcing Anita to bend over much farther a cramp like ache forming along her even more upward extended arms in back of her.

“It hurts!” She finely cried out when it became too much now, unable to adjust herself in anyway to ease the discomfort coming from her shoulders.

Anita was on the wobbly box her legs stiffly straight bent over at her waist almost at ninety degrees. Frank went over to the cooler and fished out another beer the cap coming off with a loud hiss.

“Nice touch” Bill said to Frank his head motioning to Frank’s stiff cock.

“Just a taste of things to come” Frank replied grinning wickedly grabbing the pipe as Bill handed it and a lighter to him.

Frank juggled the beer lighter and pipe managing to take a huge hit and swig off the beer before exhaling the heavy smoke.

“She just at that the right age that most are able to take a cock balls deep too” Frank grinned broadly his buzz deepening.

“I just cummed this one’s throat and going for a bit of a break” Bill said taking the pipe back and sprinkling a fresh dusting of marijuana into the bowl “You go ahead. I’ll enjoy the show for now”

Anita saw Frank turn toward her, downing the last half of the cold beer. Tossing the empty bottle out the open window he stepped boldly past her. Anita’s anxiety level rose as she tested the rope holding her arms high into the air behind her. The wooden box unsteadily shaking making her freeze in place. Her arms hurt but if she hunched over as far as she could backing up over the box a little it was tolerable.

“Now everything lines up perfectly” Anita heard from Frank as the cool blunt thick tip of his still poop smeared cock head slipping up into the crack of her tomboy ass feeling for and finding her anus “Remember to make like your pooping Anita”

Anita young wide eyes could see Bill grinning bemused face as he sat leaning back against the wall on the sleeping bag, he sipped his beer watching as if it was his own private showing. His gleaming eyes closely studying Anita one of his adult hands feeling over his stiffing cock it getting firmer as he rubbed over it. Franks cock this time wasn’t waiting for Anita to work up the courage to make like she was pooping and pressed cruelly against her sore anus the thick tip being worked around seeking entry right here and now up into her rectum. The tip slipped inward alittle suddenly catching her still indecisive as to doing the pooping thing at all. Anita was still coming to terms with the horrid fact of the now cold pasty lube she felt was her own deep thick poop. Her anus gave in more gripping her in the worse sharp pain she’d ever felt making her rise sharply up onto the balls of her feet the blunt tip still pressing urgently hard.

“E-e…E-E…” Anita squealed out “It hurts… It hurts way too much”

“That’s why your suppose to make like your pooping honey” Frank said “But… uhhh.. never mind thats got it.

Anita’s squeal this time fill the room as his thick cock head charge past the ring of her anus and went almost clear to the end of her rectum, stretching the entirety her rectal passage open much more quickly than she could handle all at once. All the muscles of her stiff taunt legs and buttocks tremble visually the sharp pain refusing to diminish any at all the only thing keeping her upright was the rope on the cuffs of her up turned arms and Franks hands grasping in hard at each side of her young hips.

“Okay, okay” Anita grimaced breathing in short rapid gasps “Give me a chance… Please I’ll do it”

“Still waiting” Frank said “Not planing to wait all day either”

Anita young mind reel at the thought of him stabbing up into her again. And before the sharp pain really faded enough she was willing her young bowel to do the disgusting motion of really pooping. Looking away from Bill’s enthusiastic gaze she could just barely make out of the corner of her eyes Bill’s sadistic grin as he pumped with one hand over his now fully stiff adult cock in earnest just a mere few feet before her. Tears ran down her upturned face thankfully blurring the gleeful studious stare from Bill as she urged her body to perform the crude act of a bowel movement in front of these two adult male strangers. As Anita world became consumed in the debasing act she was mentally harshly tuned to the feeling of the thick organ digging into some deep resisting stool as the press to the end of her rectal passage probing aggressively to dig in deeper farther still.

“Keep it up” Franks voice was more a warning than anything else.

Anita panted out trying to catch her breath before straining hard again.

“Hgg..ggg…” she strained not sure she was doing it right or not.

The thick tip slipped farther inward. Frank grasped at her hip tighter pulling her unrelentingly, the cock entering back deep up inside Anita, a horrid feeling she had a case of the runs coming on swept across her abdomen. Frank’s loin went pressing hard against her trembling buttocks. But he hardly waited for her to come to grips with it, his adult loin starting quickly into making the moves of sex Anita had seen on the videos she wasn’t suppose to watch. To her horror her back went arched sharply up as her large intestine started to grumble rumbling in protest of the continuing movement as her insides went into some kind of fit of trying to expel the thick cock from her bowel. The sudden urge snapping full tilt and was something she couldn’t even hope to shut down by shear will power alone.

It became a ghastly sensation of her whole body caught up in the attempt to actually for real poop around the thick moving penis, her deep intestine sending powerfully strong impending signals through her of having the bad runs that wasn’t going to abate.

Frank started humped deeply chasing the pleasantly vile sounds of a kid getting sodomized. The young red head girl’s back arched up sharply and he scooted her t-shirt high up her back to revile just how much of a stain the girl was going through. The bones of her ribcage he could make out under her light toned freckled skin. The box she was on wobbled precariously each time his loin smack up against her firm white buttocks his cock now making a brown colored path through the cheeks.

‘This is want sodomizing a kid is all about’ he thought to himself.

Surging for release he grasped her hips strongly, fingers digging around the girls hip bone lifting her off the box kicking it to the side. With her swinging by her upturned arms behind and her legs kicking in the air he started pumping her ass over his cock like a sex doll, her legs slowly but finely opening coming up like she was squatting on the toilet forming a perfect sodomizing pose. For Frank there was no holding back as he use the full length of her rectal tube letting the sear nasty way she was being sodomized take him up and push him over that edge into full release.

Anita was lost, her world was the pain of her arms taking most her weight and feeling that she shitting uncontrollably, the box gone her legs coming automatically up onto each side of Franks legs as if she was squatting. Sounds more disgusting than any she’d ever heard came from her backside as she grunted making guttural sounds she never knew she could. Then suddenly Frank’s loin went hard against her bottom his strong grasp holding her tightly against him. The thick adult cock swelling blasting out hot liquid deep up inside of her shuddering intestine. There was a shocking horror of knowing it was sperm, the stuff that made babies being shot into her gut more than just once but over and over. Her face full of the anguish of what the man did put her through just to do it. All she was put through just so he could pump that stuff from his balls into her intestine. Were all men this way or just these two.

“Good girl” Frank said to her as his cock pumped one last time “You’ll make a fine wife for someone someday”

He unsheathed his cock from her bowel, scooting the box back letting her place her wobbling feet on top. Going to Anita’s backpack he pulled out her water bottle using it to rinse off his cock and loin using Anita’s panties to dry himself.

“I sure love young redheads” Frank sighed out.

“You sure fucking do” Bill told him then jived “Can’t get one myself cause you’ve used them all up”

Bill rose up going to the leather bag of goodies. Pulling out some duct tape and a round small soap ball.

“I’m going to soap ball mine on the floor” he said.

Frank knew exactly what Bill wanted, hell he’d done it himself more than once. Push a soap ball up a kids ass and fuck the shit out of them letting the soap ball perform its magic.

“Help me with a wrist-to-foot taping” Bill asked of Frank.

“Sure why not” And Frank just starting to set rose back up to help take the Latina girl down.

Anita watched as she felt the warm sperm the man filled her with run down one of her legs. Her anus burn hotly, rectum stung too. But strangely her young pussy was tingling wetly. The horrid act once over left her with a unfulfilled tingle coming from her young clit. She felt defiled and purposely humiliated for someones dark pleasure, and deep inside were it to be voiced she felt the need for more, but shame of wanting to do something like it again would keep her from voicing it out loud.

They took Maria down, slipping the leather sheave of her arms, pulling off her shoes and socks. Making her totally nude. Her eyes showed she was really scared as both men working together laiding her belly down on the floor. Frank grabbed some keys and removed the cuffs. Grabbing her right side wrist they brought it along to her right foot running the wide gray tape around them, then did the other side leaving her knees bent sharply back her wrists taped tightly along each foot. It left her buttock spread enough that even Anita could see Maria’s exposed anus peeping through the slightly spread buttocks. Bill stood rubbing his stiff cock and staring down onto her backside. Frank went to removing her ring gag.

“Help take mine down” Frank ask of Bill “I’d like to cuddle with her some while you do yours”

Anita found herself pulled down and wiped ‘sort of clean’ by some of her water and dried by her own panties. Still cuffed with her hands behind her she was nestled into one of Frank’s strong arms as he sat on the sleeping bag back against the wall, Bill and Maria just a few feet in front of them. Frank had gotten a cold beer and made Anita take small drinks out of the bottle. Placing it to her lip and turning it up. She only drank it cause it eased the soreness of her throat a lot.

Maria lay with tummy flat on the dusty floor her arms going up and strait back to each side to the tightly rapped tape on each of her feet, her upper legs to long for her bent knees to clamp her leg together as she really wanted to. She’d had been a witness to what Frank did to her friend Anita. Even though Bill had emptied his sperm in her throat she dreaded the thought of him going to, like what happened to Anita, push his cock into her ass. The man Frank had only used Anita really only once. It seemed unfair that Maria should be used twice. She held her dark haired head up needing to look around. Cocking her neck she looked back seeing Bill with a small jar of petroleum jelly smearing it over his long adult cock his gaze firmly on her open buttocks.

“Please” She rasped out her throat feeling like she’d swallowed sand paper “You already had me once”

“Not like this” Bill’s gaze onto Maria’s buttocks never wavered, then again “Not like this…”

Maria head turned toward Anita a distressful pleading look on her young face.

“Anita” Rushed from her lips “You’ve done it already… Please let him do it to you”

Maria could see the disbelief of her even asking it of Anita. But Maria’s attention was brought back as a slimy finger went up into her rectum making her lurch up in shock. Looking back Bill was hold up the ball of soap then reached down pushing it deeply up into her rectum, an adult finger wiggling about making sure it was in real deep.

“Oh god!” Maria cried out “Someone stop him”

Bill was already climbing over her, the warmth of his adult body close behind her, a strong arm coming down by Maria’s shoulder. The man Bill was tall enough that her head only came under him to his broad shoulders. She felt the thick blunt tip if his cock feeling through the crack of her ass cheeks and coming to rest firmly on her tight anus. The tip felt huge, much to thick to possibly enter into her anus. She’d seen his adult cock up close, and never in her life had her poop had been as thick as his man’s cock. There was just no possible way.

Blunt pressure mounted against her anus making her squirm forward across the floor away from the escalating ache. Bill cruelly move his supporting arm in the way of her squirming forward Maria’s young shoulder going firmly against his forearm, that way now blocked off to her. The pressing of the cock mounted even more Maria’s anus slowly giving in till a god awful sudden sharp pain made her lurch squealing out.

“Stop.. It’s not going to fit” she screamed “My butt hole is to small”

“Yes it will” Bill grinned down at her “Haven’t been a kid your age yet that I couldn’t get my cock up their ass”

The slick blunt tip popped like fire up into Maria’s rectum her young body lurching hard shuddering, the tape bounding her wrist to her feet holding against all she could muster to lurch away from the intense sharp pain.

“Son-of-a-Bitch” Bill cried out as Maria’s limbs trembled, wildly tugging against the irresistible hold of the tape “This one’s the virgin of virgins”

Seconds past before Maria could even scream. Her scream when it came was loud and piercingly clear. Bill hand released guiding his cock coming quickly up and over Maria and clasping tightly over her screaming mouth, his eyes looking about at the open windows and door.

Frank laugh hysterically at the sight, but it was a little loud.

“Do you think anyone heard that” Bill ask Frank.

“Na” Frank said “Just the weed making you paranoid, were pretty far out”

“Fuck Frank” Bill grinned keeping his hand over Maria mouth till she quieted down “Her ass is real tight”

Maria had never felt pain like it before it left her through out it struggling with all her might to pull her wrists free from her feet. She could feel Bill over her slightly changing positions adjusting himself. He came down onto his elbows his adult body hovering close over her. The horrid sharp pain faded but her anus and rectum remained stretch tightly over the thick organ burn hotly. His loin pressed again and she squealed out through his cupped hand as the blunt thick head dug a path farther into her stinging rectum. Till after what seem an eternity it went pressing hard to a stop as it against a wall at the end of her rectal passage. Bill’s had placed his face deeply into Maria’s shiny black hair, his moist hot adult breath coming with a hit of excitement. Maria could feel her heartbeat pounding in the stretched tube of her young rectum, each beat stinging hotly. Thankfully he’d stopped his movement as if waiting.

Maria’s head shot up against his chest the moment she felt the sudden an unmistakable urge forming quickly at where the blunt tip of Bill cock now pressed. Her dark Latina eyes moving about in panic.

“Soap’s kicking in” Frank informed Bill as if he really needed to know.

Maria knew now the purpose of the soap ball and could hardly grasp why anyone would willfully want to do something so vilely disgusting to another. Her deep bowel went quickly into overdrive, there was no stopping it. Her mother was old school Spanish and use soapy enema’s when her kids had gotten constipated, sometimes using too much soap in the mix. But this evil man was driving sexual pleasure from purposely making Maria feel like she needed go to the bathroom.

Anita was starting to feel woozy from the beer Frank was making her drink. She’d try to refuse a couple time but he would just turn it up at her lip anyway till she relented. Thoughts of her uncle Jim the one her mother warned her about went through her young mind and Anita wondered if he did things like this to kids like her. Uncle Jim did touch her butt a lot but before she never thought it as something he might want in the same way as these men. Anita recognized the look on Maria face when her head popped up into Bill’s chest. The sensation that she was going to poop and couldn’t stop it. The memory was still very fresh in her mind but now that it was over Anita young pussy hummed in that way if she was alone she would be rubbing it even wetter. Her own anus and rectum still ached some and every few minutes a deep bowel cramp would try to form, she’d then have to twist oddly about within Frank’s arm to subdue the pain before it took her up, at times failing. All the while Frank caressing her and kissing her forehead or on her mouth. The beer bottle came up to her lips again and she new better than to refuse taking another sip her head swimming.

Bill’s mind was fully into the game now. Some times when there was no action to be found he would imagine himself an innocent kid being forcefully dominated by a sadistic adult. Placing himself in that place in his mind helped him more fully to enjoy the dread and horror he was inflicting. He knew his thick cock in her young overly tight ass had to hurt a lot as he himself was but seven when a man did the same to him. In a way it was a kind of revenge he found he had to do.

“Please mister” She groaned dark Latina eyes wildly moving about as his cock pressed onto the melting soap ball at the end of her young hugging rectum “I-I think I’m going to poop… You have to stop”

Maria’s plea only made Bill’s cock flex stiffer still.

“Oh.. oh… OH!” Maria cried out feeling some real poop on the move deep inside her, then to her horror “A-Aaahh”

Maria deeper intestine really was trying to push poop past the man’s thick cock. Using all her will and relaxing her bowel wasn’t going to even come close to stop it and the man started working his cock as if to get into her farther, countering the now unstoppable exodus taking place with the horridly thick adult cock of Bill actually winning out. With the thick cock not going anywhere Maria thick poop was now being urged to find a detour around the stiff organ. Fully into a state of panic and with all her senses heightened Maria felt all of this happening as plain as day. Her young mind flashing visions of Frank using Anita, his long cock franticly pummeling her butt and the mess and smell of poop that came from the act, and now her. Maria was scared, real scared. That was something to horrible, to vile to grasp starting to happening to her. The thick poop locked adult cock tugged back feeing for all the world like the entirety Maria’s rectal passage wanted to follow but couldn’t as the stiff adult organ went pulling through the poop now encircling the stiff organ a sensation that had to be felt to be fully understood. Maria’s young body shuddered collapsing down wide eyed one side of her sweat damp face going flat onto dusty floor the world fading Maria’s entire world becoming the sensation of Bill’s cock being press back into place and pulled back again through the paste of her sodden rectum. All the while the deeper region inside Maria’s young bowel continued in earnest to urge even more poop into the path the thick male organ needed to pummel through, till a sound only that could be describe as what an old style butter churn would make came from the forced movement of Bill cock moving in Maria’s young Latina ass.

Bill let his own body go down over the warm backside of the latina young girl. His hip humping, working eagerly having to force a new path at times when the young girl’s bowel urge more stool in the way of his cock. He had pulled her head up turning it so he could enjoy her even more. Both him and Frank often joked about the array of sounds a kid could make while being sodomized. The dark haired Latina girl now grunted and gasped pleasingly adding to the effect and Bill urged on started picking up the pace, much to the young girls apparent distress. Her rectum however sweet to fuck was much too short in length and Bill took to pressing at the end of each deepening hump to open up her resisting colon and gain entry into the sweet deeper area just past that tight curve.

The first sign that something had changed for the worse was when Maria felt the thick blunt tip of cock hammering at the end of her rectum slip and wedge deeper up into her. Her body lurched in a spasm her buttocks clamping tightly, defensibly around the shaft of cock still outside of her bowel. A horrid cramp formed bringing all of her bowel muscled into play tightly around the thick iron stiff male organ.

“UuggEegg..” Maria’s entire body shook tensely, it hurt so bad.

But the cruel man only wormed deeper driving the blunt tipped thickness slowly onward with Maria’s young body trying to conform itself to the stiff arching shape of the organ, with her twisting and squirming about under the man. Then the tip seemed to slip past that resistance and Maria young body shuddered as she felt it go in somewhere that made her feel actually feel sick a sensation like she had a real bad case of nauseous feeling diarrhea.

“Ahhh…oo” Maria moaned her hole body went went weakly sagging to the floor the nauseous sensation leaving her trembling all over.

She now laid her face to the side flat onto cool dusty floor her young eyes taking on that look one gets when in that state of maybe ready to be sick but not sure. Her mouth went dry her young tongue trying to wet her lips. A ghastly rumble slow to start bubbled through her intestine but the rumbling grumble went on for a long few seconds.

Bill stared down his ears keen to pick up the gaseous protest the young Latina’s girl gut made. He could feel the pleasing way her young body tremble, she looked in shock but he knew she felt kind of sick as her bowel started to reject the effects of the melting spreading soap within her. Just about every kid he’d done this to froze just like this every time. He’d done it to himself as a test, pushing a ball of the soap up his own ass real far. It sure didn’t take long for him to be running to the toilet, the ball of soap plopping rapidly from his rectum into the bowel. He had to remain there for long minutes after just to be sure. The thought of a young kid feeling all that as he sodomized them always had his balls on edge of blowing. The first couple kids he hardly got past the pasty white sick look on their young faces. But now more jaded carried the act farther, able to enjoy a proper ass fucking. The soap intensifying the effect that a moving adult cock up a kids ass has.

This girl was at that transitional age of just able to take it balls deep too. A younger kid’s colon was much to tight to sometime let an adult cock to pass fully up into place as it should. Balls deep was the way to go anytime but this girl was special. Not to hot and not to cold as the story went, but just right. Not experienced enough to know what to expect or feel, only taking it as it was happening unable to conceal what they really felt through out the forced ordeal.

As it was Bill’s balls locked tight into place, cocked like a gun needing only the proper stimuli to set it off. He had set the mood by tying the young girl hand to foot laying her on her tummy, placing the soap ball up her ass and now as she became consumed, caught up in the sweet affects of the intestinal irritant. Part of mentally preprepared himself was remembering how it had felt to him, that sickening like sensation of a possible case diarrhea coming on and the dark haired young Latina girl now was settling into her unwilling role making him already about moving and adjusting himself slightly as need to go into the needed sexual movements that would definitely change this young Latina girl’s life forever. She looked subdued with her young face flat on the floor her young mind turn inward staring blankly at the bare wall. She looked ill and Bill’s cock flexing stiffer still her mouth popping open a satisfying aghast expression went crossing over her young now pale face.

Bill could feel against each side of him her young arms going up along his body on their way to her feet. Her knees bent sharply back lower leg up in the air to each side force to stay there by her young hands taped along the side of her feet. Bill spread his legs forcing the young Latina girl’s legs to open farther still her buttock gaping just that bit more with Bill taking full advantage his cock gaining another valuable inch of thrust up into her large intestine.

Maria really felt sick the kind of sick where you tremble only wanting to huddle somewhere alone and suffer all by yourself. The saliva in her mouth went thick and she kept having to swallow to keep pile from coming up. Bill laying over her back side opened his knees forcing hers open even farther his propose clear the moment his loin press farther into her opening buttocks. The thick blunt tip deep up inside her slipping into a fresh area of her young gut her entire body tensing, as if every muscle tensing all at once would help dull the harsh affect of a fresh area of her young intestine being forced to stretch over the bulbous adult cock head. More even grosser wet sounds of protest gurgled inside of her young bowel. But this time the thick tip kept on the move tugging back just a bit, just enough for the wall of her resisting gut to slip along the irregular contour’s of his thick adult cock.

“Uhgg, ‘gasp’, UHgg” Maria gasping out with each slight but horrid humping tug back unable to stop “ ‘gasp’ uhggg, ‘gasp’ Ugg”

Maria’s uncontrollable limbs worked at odds, young arms tugging erratically but strongly along each side of Bill, her knees thumping about into the hard floor with each tug from her young arms. Her bowel started by giving out a sudden short harsh strains, then another longer even more fierce strains locking her entire young body into a tense act of trying to poop the thick cock from her stinging burning back passage along with a shocking sharp sound of a quick wet fart. If in her young mind she thought the utterly gross noises would even give Bill pause, possibly even stopping the shameless act from continuing farther she found out that some men like the ones here were only encouraged by the grossness it let their twisted minds escalate themselves farther out of control.

Anita her arms still cuffed behind her mind swam dizzyingly as now she took sip after sip of the cool throat soothing beer when offered. She kept her gaze on Bill and Maria as the crude act being done to her went on. Her young pussy sent pleasing signals through out her young body as her rectum and gut buzzed in the aftermath of her own vile experience done to her by Frank. She was only vaguely aware of Frank rubbing a finger through her young clit, and welling up as the pleasurable sensation would ebb and flow. Watching young Maria Anita should be filled with shock and empathy toward her friend, but strangely while still in the protective cuddle of Franks strong arm she kind of missed, no craved the feeling of being dominated and scared. Being bound while it was happening seemed to heighten the experience. Anita wanted to be where she saw Maria at right now. No, she felt no empathy for her best friend only a odd feeling of envy that she was getting something Anita needed right now. So Anita tugged on the cuffs making them hurt her, even swallowing and squeezing her sore anus muscles to feel them more intensely and let Franks finger send her mad with jealous envy that it could be her bound like Maria Bill over her backside and being forced to relish the frightening abuse she was watching.

In Bills escalation of movements his cock slipped back passed the tight curve of Maria’s colon with it clamping tight closing off temporarily that path as his cock slammed down hard at the end of her rectal passage expecting to find an opening. Maria’s young head banging up into his chest her young face a mask of agony. But Bill was wise in the ways of sodomy, kid or not the passage was there to be had, after another tentative harsh jab that almost did the job he work his loin expertly with Maria screaming out for mercy his stiff cock re-wedging its way through the hugging curve. He was to her distress suddenly back in business surging full tilt as best he could toward release. Relishing the continued thumping of the young Latina girl legs and spasming body under him as his balls found their trigger and off loaded what remained in a fierce blast, then dry cumming till it hurt. All the while his hips driving his loin in devastating jabs up in between her perfect Latina buttocks to the harsh gasps, guttural grunts and cut off screams for him to stop the young girl lapsing into even into broken Spanish.

Bill’s cock still stiff he rose, yanking it quickly free. Enjoying the body gripping rectal cramp that followed his sudden removal of his cock from her young ass. His adult cock was coated with wet soap and young girl stool. His head still buzzed from the beer and smoke and he stared watching Maria tensely writhing about in the grip of her bowel cramp. The moment the cramp subsided a body racking sob took her, his deeper goal of total derogation and humiliation for all purposes seemingly complete.

Maria’s young body lurch forward under the last seating lunge of Bill’s adult loin. Her rectum stung and anus burn hot at the base of his cock. The harsh movement of the ongoing act suddenly over made what followed even more vivid, as her young mind focused everything on Bill sperm pumping cock. She’d thought she was prepared for it but her young mind was terrified of her insides being sprayed full of the adult seed. The man rose up off her backside pulling his cock out. Maria’s overly stretched anus and rectum ached and instinctively she urged her stretched out muscles into working for what they were intended for and got them to squeeze in an effort to close her anus and rectum. Once started though she couldn’t stop the entire length of her young bowel from clamping painfully and tightly up, taking long horrible minutes before subsiding.

Maria hadn’t really cried in a long time. She was out going like Anita and had a lot of friends. Being picked on was something foreign to her as her nature let her deal with others in a way that made friends of them instead. But right now she felt wronged as if some evil managed to slip through and soil her body and mind in a inconceivably degrading way. Even now as she sheepishly looked around Maria could see and feel the frightening gaze of both men on her, she wanted to hide her head and face from view but could only place her forehead on the cool dusty wooden floor and cry, letting the body racking sobs take her.

“Now that was a refreshing start to the day” Bill said wiping himself “Been a while sense my pipes have been this clean”

Bill settled down into his laid out sleeping bag only to lean over to his beer, finding it empty having to lean farther to fish into the cooler for another before settling back still naked.

“She won’t shit right for a week” Frank said his hand feeling through Anita red hair “Neither will this one I suspect”

Anita had passed out snoring soundly still cradled in Frank’s arm.

“Say we brake camp and get back on the road” Frank informed Bill “Going to be a fuss made about these youngins. Cops everywhere around here”

Bill chugged his beer and eyed Frank for a moment.

“We’ll need cash” Bill said “That bank just before the interstate?”

Frank shook his head ‘yes’. After a couple minutes more both groan themselves up. Frank placing a kiss on Anita’s lips before going about the rapid packing of the things worth taking.

Maria for a bit was too absorbed in her own thoughts of shame and hurt to realize the men were packing to leave. But they shortly were shuffling out leaving Anita still snoring against the wall and her still bound by the tape on the floor. A bit later all there were was just the sounds of nature outside coming to life for the day and Maria’s aching throat and defiled rectal passage. She tugged and writhed about for long time making not headway against the tape.

Anita woke and for a bit didn’t know where she was. But a grumble from her gut and burning rectum she knew. Her head ached the taste of beer in her young mouth making her queasy. The cuffs on her hands were gone and she rubbed over her aching head. She saw Maria still naked and taped up her eyes closed. Anita too was still naked and in the dim shadowed light spotted the heap of her clothes. She quickly slipped on her things and went to Maria. She remembered clearly the events, remembered everything, even the fact that her young pussy still tingled with a wicked desire for it to happen again. Anita went to work picking at the tape. Maria woke screaming out.

“It’s just me” Anita said finding the end of the tape and unwrapping the sticky wide stuff.

Maria once free found a towel left behind by the men and wiped herself gingerly. Anita seeing her wincing as she wiped through her buttocks. Anita’s own anus burned some but not as bad a Maria’s from what she could tell.

“Don’t tell anyone” Maria suddenly blurted out her face red “I couldn’t stand for anyone to know”

Anita shook her head ‘yes’ she too just couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone feeling guilty about the odd desire to have it happen again. She couldn’t even voice that to Maria, her best friend. Both found their phones and batteries then made their way home Maria going to hers and Anita going to her own. Maria that evening stayed in the bath for over an hour and still feeling unclean cried herself to sleep. Anita after a bath herself lay in th dark on her bed, her throat ached, rectum still moist and sore but that didn’t stop her from rubbing her young clit raw. Bill and Frank were gone but maybe uncle Jim she thought. Her mother’s voice ringing loud in her head ‘He likes little girls’ ‘All men are nasty’. Anita rubbed her young clit harder a mischievously devilish grin on her young face.


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