Darla’s Night Out (Mg,anal,bond,kidnap)

Darla’s Night Out (Mg,anal,bond,kidnap)

Prologue: Five year old Darla wakes up not in her own bed but in the hands of a pervert bent on having a night out with her. The man Paul wants to play tie up games and makes her young body feel things she was embarrassed to ever say. Returning home she would never be the same.

Darla arms hurt, she must have fallen asleep laying on them. She felt like she was pooping or about to and groaned out thinking she should be waking fully up and get to the bathroom quick. She groggily raised her young five year old head looking up. She wasn’t in bed at all but standing or something. Her arm were high up over her upturned head tied together the rope going another foot up to a hook on a side of a door frame.

“Uh-gg” she grunted out the urge to poop hitting her as all too real.

Her hip on one side ached and tugging her leg on that side had her head swiveling to see her leg pulled out at a sharp add angle, a rope around her ankle real tight and tied off on a high step rail. She was naked too.

“UH-Gg..” Darla grunted as something moved going up inside her rectum deeply and it wasn’t her poop.

“Woke up at a bad time didn’t we” Darla heard as strong hands felt over her young torso “It’s for the best though I was getting bored of sodomizing dead meat”

Darla looked down seeing strange adult hands moving over her torso and abdomen coming from around her on each side. Her head swiveled around to see who was behind her and fear welled up as she had never seen this man in her life. A urgent feeling of needing taking a bowel movement had her head swinging back her young body wanting to form the using the bathroom pose, even trying to pose up against her will.

“Oh God that’s beautiful” the man groaned out “Your looking like you really need to go”

His stance changed behind her becoming more aggressive. Her young mind suddenly knew what he was going to do and she went to shout out for him not to. But Darla found there was a balled up spittle wet cloth in her mouth another cloth going around her head tied off to keeping it in place.

“Hmm-ttMm” Darla yelled out through it her hands writhing trying to worm free of the tight ropes.

It was all for not as the man tugged his loin back in a well practiced instinctual move that should have been reserved for sex between two adults making babies. But the man was going for something more perverse, a self learned twisted need to demean little girls. All this going through Darla young mind that refused to give in to the situation, also refused to let her escape into a welcoming surreal world of numbness she was able to do sometimes when being disciplined. She realized that within her was the inability to do what some were able, the ability to mentally escape away from the real world. And the here and now was in vivid living color, each moment an eternity to be lived at its vile and vivid fullness.

Paul had been watching this house for like three months now. There was a young girl there he’d developed a keen fascination with. Like a detective he dutifully camped out in his car or walking passed, just letting himself be seen enough around that he stopped standing out. Even the neighbors around the area wave at him now and he wave back like he’d always been around. The best part was a month ago he learned three things. The girls room was on the first floor and her parents left her with the babysitter a lot, even overnight sometimes. Yes Paul felt right at home in this neighborhood. He’d even checked the window one night and seeing the girl asleep found he could open it up, a plan that just needed put together, one didn’t have to be smart to know what came next.

Now Paul like kids, were talking about really liking kids. He spent time downloading all the nudes and videos he could. He done it enough that he discovered he was into bondage and anal sex. What he hadn’t done was the real thing but that was the next big step he was willing to take. Paul had a collection of special pictures and videos, they were his guide to his want list. If he was going to have sex with a real child it would be to reenact one of those scenes he had put away for reference. Yes, he had his own fantasies of wanton acts he’d like to try but they were of an unproven nature, these acts he’d seen had been fulfilled by someone already and were to him proven to be possible acts to start with. Paul had this downloaded picture of a young Asian her wrist bound together tightly high above her head, the end of the rope hooked over or tied high enough the girl would be balanced precariously on the balls of her feet. One leg had a rope tied to it and was pulled up a flight of stairs and tied off to one of the banister railings, keep her pose buttocks open on one foot. Damn the good time Paul could have with a young girl bound in such a way. He’d reenact one or all of his cherished collected first before delving into his own darkest fantasies.

So he found that the girl’s parents use a teenage girl for a babysitter a not so good one either, the babysitter had a boyfriend that kept her busy and the parents were going away for the weekend. Just fucking perfect if it weren’t for the waves of doubt that had Paul in internal debate within himself. But he swallowed the bullet and in the end if a wave of anxiety rose he quickly place it behind him and move to do what his fantasies demanded of him. Paul did a on-line check on how to use ethoxyethane ‘ether’ to put people out for a while. His plan’s final bit that needed to be worked out, now he was ready.

Darla’s young mind was shocked that anyone would do this to another let alone an adult doing such a thing to a young girl. The man had his excited sex organ worked up into her rectum real deep and was moving it like he was having sex. But for her it wasn’t anything like she’d heard sex to be. Darla’s young bowel seemed to revolt at all the movement going on deep inside of it bringing on crazy insane sensations of needing to go to the bathroom. Deep inside she felt embarrassed of being seen in such a state with seconds later realizing this was exactly what the man wanted from her. Darla tried to shake off the horrible feeling of mind consuming debasement, the feeling of being closely watch as she was force to endure this wrongful abuse being done to her.

Her jutted out leg had her hip on that side trying to cramp up forcing Darla to open her buttocks even wider to keep the pain from escalating with the man taking full advantage of her by getting even more of its length up into her bowel acerbating the her now embarrassing violent sudden rectal strains the man seemed to sexually like. Tears ran down her young contorted up abhorrence young face. Darla’s dark brown medium cut hair started becoming damp with her sweat as all she could think about was the man watching her closely and deriving some kind of perverted pleasure from her unconcealed repugnance of the deviant sexual act being done to her.

Paul had done the most frightful thing he’d done in his life and went to the young girls window as soon as the lights went out. There was a small bush he sat beside in the dark his ears tuned to the sounds of the night and movements coming from the house. Paul had the ethoxyethane and armed with the knowledge that should work. Forty five minutes later he looking around seeing no one about and checked the window, it was unlocked. The young dark haired girl was deep into sleep even cutely snoring. She hardly even woke before he’d applied the ethoxyethane just long enough for the desired affect according to the instructions he’d read on-line. She remained asleep as he scooped her up and slipped back out the window and back to his car with his prize and his entire body shaking with a combination of sexual tension and a overdose of adrenalin.

In fact he never stopped shaking through out the drive home and getting the still out of it young scantly dressed young girl from his garage and rushed her into his house that was already set up for what he had planned. The girl had recently bathed smelling sweet and fresh Paul’s cock had gone stiff in the car on the way here and remained that way and worse as he undressed the young girl revealing all of her enticing charms. Paul use a soft medium rope to bind her wrists together leaving a yard or so of rope so he could place it over a hook in the framework of a door near the stairs. Soon enough he had the still out of it young girl facing the wall her arm pulled up high over her head supporting her weight. He went to this computer to view the picture for reference and coming back to the girl he tied a length of rope to her right ankle pulling it out wide over the close steps, tying the end high up onto one of the banister railings applying enough tension to open her slight buttocks open enough to plainly see her appealing tight anus.

All Darla could do was to continue to freak out as the assault of her young rectal passage escalated the tempo of the mans movements like his hands moving over her nude flesh took on a more demeaning purposeful almost vengeful tone. Her young body surging out of any form of control she might have tried to use to suppress the horrid embarrassment she was experiencing this very moment. Adding to her horror was the face that her young cock fill back passage felt like a tight stinging tube of inter-flesh snugly hugging the stiff adult organ of the man her young body instinctively molding itself to the jutting shape of the sex tool leaving her only able to cry out shamefully pleading for him to stop or slow down. That stop when in the end her cries became guttural grunts and embarrassing strains that force some of her deep poop into the path pummeling stiff adult sex rod. Darla’s forehead sagged down wanting to hide her red flushed face coming up only amidst of the sudden bowel strains that rapidly came and went in succession. Then in a particularity long harsh strain the man lunged deep the male organ swelling, spitting hot liquid deep into her fluttering intestinal passage.

Paul lube his cock up well and moved up behind the pass out young girl placing his well lube cock against a young girls anus for the first time in his life. It was the most exciting thing he’d ever done. He ease up feeling her tight anus slowly give in allowing his cock to slip up into her very tight rectum. Paul’s head tilted back with eyes closed taking in the wonderful feeling. He felt the excitement that only a pervert would know, that he was the first to get his cock up inside this young girl hot hugging ass. Just the thought had Paul’s cock harder than it had been in years way more than enough for the task at hand. He took full advantage of girl, the instruction about the ethoxyethane said it wouldn’t last long, he’d put that to the test and started humping letting his actions spread the lube deeper into part still in need of it. Relishing the effort it was taking to get it there. He’d just worked his cock past her snug colon pushing at last into the relative freedom of the young girls large intestine when she moaned out her young head coming up in glorious shock.

Any empathy he may have had vanished as he took in her at first confusion then panic at what was taking place, the girl’s young body already lost in the pleasing throws of bowel racking sensations he was more than happy to make it feel as nasty as he could for the young beautiful girl. He himself was learning too, what did the trick and what didn’t, all of it a dream come to fruition and he was trying all the moves. Going deep a lot, long strokes, fast ones and short rapid ones all seeming to work in some fashion, others taking it to another level indeed till finely he was ready to finish. He’d seen an adult video of a woman being sodomize harshly, in fact he still watched it a few time a month. And when the young girl posed up in a particularly harsh strain making pleasing intense guttural grunts that he didn’t know a girl this young could make he enthusiastically hump up into her resisting back tube that only wanted to expel his cock violently. He was placed solidly into a pleasing state of nirvana unable to stop as he grasp the young girl by the hips letting his need for release take him up.

Darla never could have perceived in her young life that her body could endure and emit such a mix sensations she’d never before knew existed, all of them vile and debasing. Darla’s head reeled in shocking relief that it was over and embarrassment of the feeling she was being studied so intently by the man as her bowel so shockingly revolted to the insane abuse being wroth though it. Darla’s young mind unable to mount an escape within itself focused on the still flexing cock spitting its last deep inside her. Her face contorted up with shocked disgust and anxiety at knowing what it was the organ was spewing. The though of something alive in side of her that was trying to make babies made her want to rid herself of the man juice deeply spewing in her spasming rectum. But the way she was tied and held in place made all she could do was endure with embarrassing disdain. Darla’s eyes made contact with the mans face seeing the intense focused ecstasy as he gazed down at her.

The thought of the man looking at her that way was a shock she couldn’t quite get her head around. He wasn’t even seeing her as a person, it was like she was a thing he was perversely playing with. A bully take pleasure in playing with a trapped animal. She wondered if she could disgust the man into making him stop.

“I got to poop mister” Darla panted out in hope that would make him stop.

“I bet you do honey” He grinned, the still stiff organ flexing “Does it feel nasty”

Darla turned placing her young forehead against the door frame. She really did need to poop, that was the real problem. The lull in his movements had her mind sensing the dare predicament taking place inside her. She was really needing to go, in fact it felt like she would be needing to go in a rush real, real soon.

“I really do need to go” Darla was now sensing it becoming important to push the point and stuttered out as she struggled to keep the up-welling movement at bay “I-I.. really t-t-think you s-should.. let me g-go..”

A hand went feeling through her sweat damp hair feeling down through it, over the back of her neck gripping in some for a moment as if to show her the control he had over Darla.

“p-Please…” She begged, her head still pressing against the wall “Please..”

His face went to the back of her of her head into Darla’s dark damp hair breathing in deeply through his adult nose.

“It’s okay… it’s really okay” He breathed out in her hair “Try to hold out for a bit longer”

She felt his long cock slipping slowly from the depth of her colon and out from her rectum. Darla sensing then feeling the impending disaster made her anus and rectum squeeze as tightly as she could. She couldn’t help but to turn to look back at the exodus of the thick male organ in hopes of what she thought she could feel wasn’t true. But her face flushed brightly plainly showing the concealable disgust that she couldn’t hide at the conditions of the still stiff organ. Streaks of brown poop went down along the sides of it and a thick dome of Darla’s poop covered the tip of the organ coming to a pinched at the tip where her anus had close tightly. There was a showing of white slime that could only be man seed that was pumped deeply up into her bowel. The man was staring down at it with a strange kind of internal pride.

“I guess you really, really, do need to go little girl” He said.

But the last thing on Paul’s mind was letting the young gorgeous face shocked girl make it to the bathroom, not yet if ever. His ongoing being fulfilled fantasy demanded more and his cock that should had softened by now still remained stiff and hard. He might not be able to shoot another load of cum again but the just the thought of continuing the defilement of the young kid kept his cock stiff not with need for release but a base need to humiliate her even more deeply. Paul went to the rope tied off on the railing pulling the quick release he’d placed into it. The young girl’s legs went sliding together her buttocks muscles locking tightly together in an effort to keep her need to go in check.

Paul went to her lifting the rope up off the high hook and pulling the girl behind him toward his bedroom. In the room he tossed a pillow into the center of the bed and picked up the young girl placing her belly first on the pillow. She went quickly to get up but he grabbed her strongly by the back of the neck with one hand pushing her head first into the mattress, the other running the rope of her bound hand through the headboard.

“Stay down” Paul demanded of the squirming girl.

“b-But I gotta go to the bathroom” Her voice muffled from the mattress “Please”

“In a minute, in a minute, you can wait a minute can’t you” Paul said harshly lying “You’ll get there in one short minute”

Darla found herself pinned face down in a mattress, her only thought now was to get to a bathroom. She’d even seen one as she was pulled buttocks clenched staggering into bedroom and had thought wrongly that they were headed that way her heart sinking when they quickly passed it up. To her dismay she was lifted and tossed over a pillow with her legs clenched tightly together her butt jutting up high over it, the impaction of it clear even to Darla’s young mind as her abused rectum and anus struggled against the urge to get on a toilet. When with no other choice she went to get up trying to rush the bathroom on her own she found herself being pinned face first into the mattress of th bed. The man voice taking on a harshness that scared her into compliance. Her arms went being pulled up over the bed toward the headboard and when the adult hand pulled away from the back of her head she looked up seeing the end of the rope tied off there, the man slipping off the bed moving quick around coming up over the foot of the bed. The rope that was still tied to one ankle was pulled over to one side, her other leg following with her trying to keep her buttocks clenched. Darla knew he was tying that rope off at the leg of the bed on that side.

Darla knew now without a doubt what his intent was and she frustratingly groaned out a long ‘please… no…..’ at the thought of being so helpless to stop it. Even still she flinched as her free ankle was grabbed by one of the mans strong hands, bending her lower leg at her the knee then pulling her legs open forcing her ankle over to the other side the discomfort making her open her buttocks wide, the man’s weight deforming the bed as he moved up between Darla’s now open legs and a blunt pressure going onto her still sore anus.

“Please no” Darla tried groaning out her voice weak barely heard even to herself, her face going back down into the mattress to hide herself from the mans view.

But the guided adult male organ charge against her anus that opened letting it slip as deeply as the man wanted. The feeling of the organ was even more nasty feeling that Darla had even thought it would be. Her entire young body going tense, her head coming up with facial muscles contorting up in the horrid disgust of the demeaning act. The organ was already trying to worm itself into the curve of her colon ignoring the fact that her bowel was already doing what it was really designed to do, but the man’s intent for sex overpowering that need in favor of his own selfish one.

Paul had the girl tied down arms up high over the bed her one leg free but he grabbed her ankle bending her lower leg up and wrenching it to the side watch her buttocks open up to him as he quickly place his cock onto her anus in case she lost control. He caught himself grinning madly a feeling of sadistic power and control washing over him. He leaned in over her young body letting his cock charge up threw the already weakened ring of muscle of the young dark haired girl’s anus. Paul kept his one hand gripped onto her ankle moving it strongly about seeing what opened her up more perfectly till he found something that had his cock slipping into her colon in a slow worming dash to go deeper still his eyes wildly moving about taking in everything he could. And what was before just a need to see the girl demeaned farther was turning into a sense that he might be ready to strive for another intense release. Paul twisted and moved her ankle and leg about to one side realizing as the young girl struggled moving about to relieve the new discomfort her bowel either opened up or hindered his will to slip fully back into place.

“Your hurting me” girl cried out.

“Your forcing me to hurt you” Paul taunted “Just let me get all my cock in”

Darla just wanted him to stop twisting and wrenching around on her leg and mentally willed herself, willing her young bowel to relax, her head up off the mattress forehead furrowed up in a effort to subdue the harsh discomfort of it all. The hope he would release or stop twisting on her leg. She succeeded in easing the passage of the adult cock threw her colon till it push a few inched into her shuddering intestine his loin mashing into her open buttocks.

“See” the man said his hip starting to hump as soon as his loin tucked touching her buttocks.

The only thing Darla could ‘see’ was that her entire bowel was sent into a horrid rush of sensations that had her gasping, grunting out gutturally in insane whooping sounds, the strong hand on her ankle grasping tighter, working her leg around cruelly making her bottom come up to meet the press of his loin just as if she wanted to be sodomized this way. The man’s loins taking on ever lengthening dire disgusting feeling strokes, with Darla’s insides coming alive in uncontrollable prolong surges to expel the forcefully pummeling rod that always seem to forcing its way fully up into her at the end of each pressing lunges from the man.

‘Oh god.. help me’ Darla mind yelled out.

Her bowel surge so strongly that her poop was forced around the pummeling action of the man’s sex organ, her bottom wanting to and trying to follow the movement of the man’s lion in a effort to ease the never ending harsh sensation flooding through her young bowel. But the man’s grip on her ankle made the painful adjustment that had her bottom locked in place or brake something as he started forcing his cock through the tightened tube her rectal passage had formed around the thick organ.

Too Paul this had formed into another fantasy fulfillment of an adult video he’d seen of a woman being force anally deep for the satisfaction of the man, in the end the woman running off toward the bathroom. Paul liked listening to the woman’s grunts through out the best anal fucking he’d ever seen on-line and now was performing on this young girl. He felt her young bowel tightening pleasantly up forming a tight snug passage he had to force his cock through her bottom trying to follow his movement diminishing the effect. But Paul had already become adept at knowing just how to cure that problem and through just the right adjusting twist of her ankle and guiding wrench of her leg the young girl cried out once and her bottom froze in place letting him work his cock as he wanted. He slipped down onto his elbow letting his hand go into her dark hair on the back of her head tugging her head to the side so he could see her young shocked face better. Paul’s head now close to her ear he couldn’t resist talking crudely to the young girl as he wildly hump into her upturned open buttocks.

Paul was down close to the young girl’s face studying every micro-expression he could pick up on. Everything coming together in such a way to drive him toward another release. This would be a pleasantly painful one the kind that one struggle to do after so soon after an orgasm that was as intense as it had been. She unlike him was caught up in harsh reality, he could plainly see that, and that had him striving even harder toward his goal. Her dark brown eyes kept looking, swiveling back looking at him in shock and panicked/horror as he surge even closer toward his goal. Her face was flushed bright red her young body surging up at unpredictable times violently in the throws of the best anal spasms Paul had ever seen. As much as Paul would like it to last for ever his balls demanded differently clenching up making his moves go erratic his instinctual need to plunge deep taking over as the at first high pressure spews of sperm then intense almost painful dry gasms he was force to pleasurably endure. He had jammed almost then all of his cock up into the young girl, his loin pressing as if to go deeper with each attempted release of sperm.

Things winding down his eyes ran over to the clock seeing it getting on past two in the morning. He needed to get the girl back soon. But first he need a few pictures. He grabbed his phone and went about quickly getting all he thought he’d need and went about the clean up. His cock first then a good wet wipe getting the girl’s heavy brown-eye removed and perfect child buttocks quickly cleaned, all the while the girl kind of crying but he wasn’t sure. He went and got the ethoxyethane and per-instructions he carefully put the girl out and dress her back into her bed clothes. He had a short window of opportunity to get her back to her house and quickly dressed. Shortly he was placing her a quietly as he could in the window of her house. Climbing in himself Paul placed her back into bed and covered her up. Leaning down Paul placed a tender kiss on her forehead in thanks for the best night out in a while. Slipping out he made sure everything was as he found it and shut the window tightly.

Darla woke with a start looking around. Her head felt funny as if she might be coming down with something. And the dream she had last night still fresh in her young mind. As she replayed the dream her hand went down to her young clit playing over it frantically. She’d had sexual dreams before but this one was erotically scary, like a real fantasy she couldn’t rid her young mind of. She’d never before thought that being tied up would have a sexual tone to it, but as she ran her finger over her tingling clit all of what she’d felt seemed to flood through her in a mad rush of masochistic need for more. And her mind spun at the odd way her dream had the man using her butt for sex, it felt so real and scary-nasty all at the same time. She’d never forget the the man’s face either, the pleasure he had derived from forcing her do do it was plain to be seen. Darla remembered the terror fear and hurt, but now that it was morning all that seemed to add to the intense tingling of her young pussy as she lay there rubbing it frantically.

She would like to have that dream again sometime. In the past if she hand a dream she liked could the next night kind of guide her sleep into having one almost the same. Darla knew that if you did try hard to remember a dream it would fade like smoke sometimes and all the trying in the world she wouldn’t be able to remember it later. She didn’t want to forget this one and worked hard to play it out in her head from start to finish a few times more before getting up for the day.


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