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Daddy’s little girl (Mg3 oral and mast first time)

Disclaimer: Child sex story fictional and based on fantasy, submitted by reader.

I meet a man who had a little 3 year old girl.

She was adorable,
very cute,
and a very gorgeous little 3 year old child with blonde color hair and blue eyes.

He and I are friends
he came up to me and asked me

“How would you like to have sex with a little girl
and have you ever had sex with one before?”

I said no
I haven’t yet
but I would like to try
and see what it would be like to have sex with a little girl child.

then he said to me

“I have a little daughter that’s 3 years old
and I would like you to have sex with her
and she is a very pretty little thing
and I think that you would thourghly enjoy the experience.”

Then I said has she ever done it before?
and he told me

“Yes a few times
and she know’s how to do it good
and how to please a man sexually.”

Then I said
okay let’s go
let’s do it.

We got to his house
and he called for her
and she came down the stairs

he wasn’t kidding
she was a beautiful and a very cute little girl child with blonde hair and blue eyes.

He said to her
“I brought you this man to take care of
he’s never had sex with a little girl before
I’ll be back in a few hours.”

She said
“Otay daddy I will!”

I couldn’t believe I was alone with this beautiful little girl that’s 3 years old
and boy was I going to be in for a nice sexual surprise with her
and I tell that was the best damn sex that I ever had!!!

Ever since that first sexual experience
now I enjoy having sex with little girls all the time.

Then she said,
“Peas yake off eyour pants and unders.”

I asked her why and she responded
” Me wanna to ee eyour peepee,
me wanna pay wif peepee,
me wanna whick peepee aw ova, [???]
me wanna peepee in my mouff,
me wanna yeat peepee,
me wanna ewuck peepee,
and me wanna yeat yummy wife suff.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from a very cute little 3 year old girl child.
As you can see she doesn’t talk to good.
So I complied I took off my pants and my boxers
and before I knew with her little hands she grabbed ahold of my cock
wrapped her little soft hands tightly around my cock
which were very warm
was masturbating my cock
she did that for awhile

I was laying back with my eyes closed enjoying this new found sensation.
Then all of a sudden I felt something very warm and wet going all over my cock
and all around it that was an even better feeling
so I had to see what was happening
for I couldn’t believe my eyes
for there was this adorable,
very cute,
and gorgeous little 3 year old girl with blond hair and blue eyes
licking my big rock hard cock all over with her little child licking tongue
that was very warm and wet.

Yes she was making my cock wet doing this sex act.
Again I laid back and closed my eyes and enjoying this even better sensation.
Then again I felt an even warmer and wetter sensation
going up and down my big rock hard cock
from the head to about a third of the way down besides
that I was also hearing loud sucking
and loud slurping sounds
for there was this little 3 year old girl sucking with her little sucking child mouth on my cock
moving her pretty little head up and down
and slobberying on it a lot
and all over it
infact her little 3 year old saliva was running down the shaft
that was very warm

She loved to suck on my big rock hard cock so much
that she got carried away
and it ended up inside her very warm and very slobbery wet little 3 year old child throat
she was choking and gagging on it.

When she took it out of her mouth I saw a big long thick stream of her little 3 year old spit
coming from her throat and mouth to my big rock hard cock.

That really totally turned me on
and sexually aroused so much that I went into total ecstasy
and shot a big load of my hot fertile cum inside her mouth
she drank it,
swallowed it,
and ate it.



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