Daddy’s Daughters (Mg,pedo,inc)

Daddy’s Daughters (Mg,pedo,inc)

Introduction: A twelve year old lolita watches as daddy fucks and fondles her little sister in the bed next to hers.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Kimmy watched as he slowly moved into the bedroom. She knew what he was going to do and wasn’t about to stop him. She wanted to watch him do it.

Yes, Kimmy twelve wanted to watch him play with and fondle her little sister in the bed next to hers. She knew exactly what he was going to do to her little five four year old sister and she was going to watch him do it. She was going to watch him plunge his stiff cock into her little mouth and make her sister suck his cock. She knew he would probably force it all of the way down her throat.

She knew she would be watching him lick and suck her little sister, tiny hairless pussy, until she was all wet and lubricated, then he would slowly push his big swollen cock up into her little virgin cunt until he had his entire cock buried deep inside of her.

Kimmy knew that he would force his big, thick, long cock all of the way up inside of her little sister until it was even forced through her tiny cervix right into her womb. She knew she would be watching him do that because he had done the same thing to her when she was young like her little sister.

She watched as he slowly moved onto the bed with Angie, her little sister. She watched as he rubbed his big thick cock on her thin lips, then he forced his big cock head into her little mouth stretching her tiny mouth wide. Her little mouth was so full she couldn’t cry out or scream.

She watched him slowly force more and more of it into Angie’s little mouth as Angie struggled against it, but it did her no good.

It was hard for her to believe that his big cock would actually go down her sister’s little throat, but as she watched more and more of it slipped into her mouth. Kimmy could see the bulge in her sisters throat as his big cock plunged deeper and deeper sliding down the girls throat until he had his entire big cock in her little sisters mouth, her lips pressed hard against his pubic bone and pubic hair.

She watched as he slid his cock in and out of her little sisters mouth, pulling it out far enough to let her breath through her nose, then he pushed it all of the way back down her throat.

Finally he pulled his big thick cock out of her mouth. She gasp for breath as he rubbed his cock head and precum all over Angie’s lips and face.

Then he moved down until he was right at her hairless pussy. He spread her little legs even wider and leaning down, began licking and sucking and even biting her little thin pussy lips. She could see him suck on one pussy lip, pulling on it as he sucked, then the other, then both. She could see his tongue licking her little sisters tiny clitoris, making he wiggle and squirm. Even her own pussy juices were beginning to seep out of her tiny opening.

She could see his tongue slipping in and out of Angie’s tiny pussy opening. Angie moaned and wiggled as his tongue fucked in and out. She cried out with a bit of pain when he bit her little clit and sucked hard on it.

Then she felt a chill sweep through her own young body as she watched him move up and begin rubbing his big long thick cock up and down Angie’s little cunt.

Angie stared down at his cock as he rubbed it up and down her tiny cunt. She didn’t realize that he was going to be forcing his entire cock up into her tiny pussy, just like he had forced it down her throat.

Kimmy knew the pain her little sister was going to be feeling, but she also knew that once she had his big cock all of the way up inside of her fucking in and out, that the pain for the most part would fade. She knew that Angie would not really like or enjoy his cock in her little cunt, in her womb, for the first few times but she would get used to it as her little cunt stretched and his cock would continue slipping right through her tiny cervix into her womb where he would pump all of his hot fertile sperm. Kimmy knew that once he fucked little Angie, he would continue fucking her even when she began having her periods and he would never use any protection. She also knew he would let certain friends and relatives enjoy little Angie’s tight tiny cunt and even her tiny anal opening once he got her used to having his own big cock slipping in and out of her tight little bowels.

Yes, Kimmy knew exactly what her little sister was going to feel and have done to her from this time on. Yes she knew because he had done the same thing to her, fucking her taking her virginity and then fucking her anytime he wanted to or making her fuck anyone he told her too from then on. Yes, Kimmy knew because he was still fucking her and making her fuck others he wanted her too and what he wanted her too.

He had even made Kimmy suck a dogs cock and then let it fuck her and tie inside her little cunt from time to time, letting other friends and relatives watch. Kimmy knew that Angie would be doing the same thing.

As she watched, he began pressing his cock against Angie’s little virgin cunt opening. She watched his cock stretch her little sisters cunt wider and wider until it finally slipped up inside of her making her scream out with the pain. She knew he didn’t worry about Angie screaming, everyone else in the house knew what it was, that he was taking little Angie’s virginity.

Angie screamed and cried and struggled trying to get away from the pain but he held her and pushed even harder. Kimmy could see his big cock slip deeper and deeper into her little sister.

She knew when his cock tore through Angie’s hymen tearing her virginity from her, because Angie screamed loud with the pain, sobbing as his cock continued up into her tiny body.

As Kimmy watched her little sister having his big thick cock forced up into her little body, she felt herself getting wet from watching.

Angie cried and screamed with the pain, struggling to get away from his penetrating cock and the pain it was causing her. She didn’t realize that her struggling and wiggling just help him force his big cock deeper and deeper into her little cunt.

Kimmy saw his big cock suddenly slip all of the way up inside of her little sister as she gave out with a loud scream of pain. Kimmy knew that his cock had been forced through Angie’s little cervix right up into her womb, just like he had done to her.

He lay there for awhile until Angie quit crying and screaming and struggling, then he began fucking his cock in and out of her. On and on he fucked her, just like he had done Kimmy when he had fucked her for the first time.

Angie even quit crying, screaming and struggling as his cock plunged in and out of her and she lay there just letting him do what he wanted.

Kimmy watched as he suddenly plunged his big cock up into Angie’s tiny pussy until he had it all up inside of her then he held it there. Kimmy knew now that he was actually cumming in her little sister, cumming in her filling her womb with his hot fertile sperm.

Yes Kimmy knew fertile sperm, laying there in her own bed, beside Angie’s, watching their father fuck her little sister, just as he had been doing to her since she was four years old and he had taken her virginity.

As she watched Kimmy began rubbing her own swollen stomach, swollen from her own daddies baby growing inside of her. She would sure be glad when it was born, she still had a month and a half to go.

She was almost certain that it was her own daddy’s baby, but could not be a hundred percent certain because he had made her suck and fuck several other
relatives and his friends also.

She was still letting relatives and his friends fuck her, because some of them really enjoyed fucking a young pregnant girl like her.

As she watched daddy fuck her little sister, she knew that it wouldn’t be long before she was watching other relatives and friends of daddy and mama’s fucking her little sister, just as they had done her and her other two little sisters, Connie, ten, and Beth, seven.

She knew that Connie was also pregnant with daddy’s baby and would be having it before she even turned eleven. She knew that as soon as Beth had her first period their daddy would also be fucking her making sure he got her pregnant too, just like he would do little Angie no matter how old she was when she had her first period.

Finally she watched daddy pull his cock out of Angie’s little now gapping sperm filled cunt and move off of the bed. She saw him looking at Angie’s tiny, now gapping sperm leaking cunt then smiling at what he had just accomplished, leaned down, kissed her, then left the room.

Kimmy knew he would be in almost every night for a while fucking Angie and sometimes right out in the front room in front of every one he would make her suck his cock and fuck him, just like he did with the rest of them. Yes, they had to suck and fuck him anytime he wanted them too, even if there were other people there, if he told them too. They even had to suck and let the others fuck them if he told them too, which he did quite often.

Kimmy wondered if he was going to wait to until her little year and a half old sister, Bonita was older before he fucked her. Kimmy had heard him talking to their mother about him maybe fucking Bonita before she even turned two. Kimmy was almost certain that he was going to. She hoped that she could watch her daddy fuck little Bonita and take her virginity too. It was exciting watching her daddy fuck her little sisters, and take their virginity with his great big cock, making them cry out like they always did when he forced it up into them stretching them for the first time, and tearing their virginity from them. She was hoping that she had a girl so that she could watch him fuck their little girl and take her virginity when she was really young.

She lay there in her own bed, beside her no longer virginal sister’s bed, rubbing her swollen stomach fantasizing watching their daddy fuck her little girl growing in her stomach, almost as soon as she was born, taking her virginity, even though she knew he wouldn’t be doing that. She went to sleep with that vision in her mind and her baby girl kicking in her stomach.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.