Custom Kids – Part 1 (M/g, M/f, M/g/f, F/f, M/b/g, Oral,Incest, Pedo)

Custom Kids – Part 1 (M/g, M/f, M/g/f, F/f, M/b/g, Oral,Incest, Pedo)

Prologue: If you are lucky enough, you might one day get invited to become a guest at the Custom Kids resort somwhere in the south Pacfic. Where all children love to have sex, and where for a price, some almost magical things are possible.

Author: TitBudMan

“Welcome Mr. Murray, I’m Lisa, right this way please.” The girl said as she smiled and took Joe’s hand and led him into the main building. Joe looked around at the facility and his hostess who appeared to be about 11 years-old, slim, with very little tittie development, beautiful, long blonde hair, and blue eyes.

“You’re very pretty.” Joe said as he looked her over, noticing that she was not wearing a training bra which made her puffed-up nipples very noticeable in her tight little tee shirt. Joe thought how back home, little girls would never allow such a display of their newly developing breasts. They would be safely secluded behind a training bra at the first signs of swelling.

“Thank you Mr. Murray. Oh…would you like to see them?” She replied, as she looked down at her little bumps. Joe just looked at her, dumbstruck. “It’s ok sir. I saw you looking at ’em, and I figured you’d like to see ’em. I mean, it’s only natural that a man would want to see a little girl’s titties.” She continued with a big smile.

“Sure. I’d love to.” Joe answered. His heart began to race as he watched Lisa stop, reach down, and pull her tee-shirt up over her head and off, revealing two precious little golf ball-sized titbuds, with perfect, swollen puffy nipples which were about the size of a large grape. Joe couldn’t believe it. He just stared at the spectacular sight before him.

“You can play with ’em if you want to.” Lisa smiled. Joe smiled back, trying to adjust to the fact that the little girl was inviting him to molest her. He slowly reached out with both hands and began to rub, and squeeze the child’s tiny mounds. They felt incredible, and Joe’s hands trembled with excitement as he caressed the little girl’s bare titties.

“How old are you?” Joe asked, as he kneaded the firm little lumps. “I’m going to be eleven next month.” Lisa answered. “You wanna go ahead and suck ’em?” She asked softly, as she reached out and put her hand behind Joe’s head and pulled him toward her chest. Joe couldn’t believe it, but he understood that she was giving him permission to actually put his mouth on the forbidden little mounds. He nodded his head and opened his mouth and slowly, but directly, took one into his mouth and began to suckle, gently at first, then harder as he felt the puffy nipple swell and stiffen in his mouth. Having a little girl’s budding breast in his mouth was like nothing Joe had ever experienced.

The tiny mound fit so well inside his mouth. It was much harder than and adult woman’s. But at the same time, it was the most delicate, and precious thing he had ever touched. And the nipple was a blend of nipple and areola that formed a perfect little swollen cone about three quarters of an inch high, and about as big around as a dime, perched atop the tiny budding breast. He pulled the superb little lump deep into his sucking mouth and worshiped it’s perfection with his grateful tongue.

Joe had dreamed of actually touching a real child, but had never wanted to cross that line and hurt anybody, not to mention the trouble he would risk getting into. He had always just enjoyed looking but not touching, and satisfying his desires with kiddy-porn, child-sex stories on the Mr. Double website, and some girlfriends along the way that were petite and as young as legally possible.

But a few months ago, Joe met a woman on the internet that shared his “special” interests. They chatted a lot, and after a few weeks, he flew to Houston, Texas to meet her. They spent the weekend together and then he returned home, and over the next four months, repeated the trip several times, and twice, she came and spent the weekend at his house outside of Louisville, Kentucky. A few times, it seemed like she was asking a lot of questions about him. She asked a lot about his background, work, family, his first time having sex, and what types of things with children turned him on most, but he just figured she was just real curious about him.

Then one night at her place as they were looking at some really hot kiddy-porn of a little 9 year-old girl sucking an older man’s dick and taking a load of cum in her open mouth, and slowly masturbating each other as they watched, Amy told Joe it was time to tell him a secret. She said she worked for a company called “Custom Kids”, and had been checking him out very carefully so she could make him an offer to become one of their new customers. She explained that Custom Kids was located on a privately owned island in the South Pacific, and that the entire island was set up in two parts.

One part was the breeding and development side of the operation, and the other part was like a resort where the customers would come and stay while they tried different kids, to see what they liked, and then they could purchase one of the ones they had seen and been with, or for a premium fee, they could order a child that could be genetically modified, and/or surgically altered to precisely fit the customer’s fancy. The process was very expensive and according to Amy, very, very, good. It was her job to find people with the desire for such a product, and a bank account to finance it.

She had checked Joe out and was now satisfied that he met all company requirements, and could visit the island if he wanted to. Joe couldn’t believe it. He quickly agreed and the next day, made the electronic funds transfer to an offshore account in the amount of 40 thousand dollars. Amy gave Joe his Airline tickets to Hong Kong and the instructions to connect with the private jet that would take him to the island.

Joe scheduled his trip, telling friends that he was taking a vacation to Hong Kong, and would be gone about three weeks. And now here he was, standing in the reception area of Custom Kids, feeling and sucking a little girl’s wonderful little titbuds. And she seemed to be enjoying it! Joe’s dick was hard and cramping to get free of his pants, and he thought he would cum any second.
“Nothing in the world like sucking a ten year-old girl’s budding titties.” A voice broke the silence. “Hi Joe, welcome to Custom Kids.” A lady in her mid-thirty’s said with a bit of a giggle, as Joe jumped up and back from Lisa’s naked chest, and stood, speechless.

“It’s ok. That’s what Lisa’s for. She was assigned to greet you, because Amy said she would probably fit your tastes. Was she right?”

“Oh yes. She’s wonderful…She’s perfect!” Joe replied, looking back down at the bare-chested child.

“Great. I’m Carol, and I’ll be helping get your visit started. If you would follow me to my office please.” She continued as she turned and started walking down the hall. When the door closed, she continued, “Lisa, go ahead and strip down for Mr. Murray. Now Joe, your bags will be brought to your room, and Lisa here will spend at least the first night with you if you would like. She can also suck you off right now to help you relax so we can go over our program and products.” She said very casually as the beautiful child undressed in front of him and stood, displaying her beautiful, naked, preteen body to him.

“Just sit back and let Lisa take care of you right quick, and then I’ll acquaint you with Custom Kids. By the way Joe, have you ever had sex with a child?” She asked. “No never. I’ve dreamed about it, read about it, and seen pictures, and videos of it. Once or twice, I even came very close to doing it. But…well…no, never.” Joe answered, sadly.

Well, unless the building collapses in the next three minutes, you are about to get your dick sucked by a very talented little ten year-old girl, who is just dying for you to empty your balls right straight into her little mouth, and if you would like I’ll video it for you, so you’ll have a keepsake of your first blowjob from a kid.” Carol suggested. Joe nodded his head, and Carol got up and picked up a hand cam, and came around close beside them.

Joe sat down in the big stuffed chair and the naked child knelt in front of him, and went to work undoing his pants. As she got them undone and reached inside and grasped his aching boner, she looked up at him and smiled, like a kid who had just been given a new toy.

Lisa then carefully pulled Joe’s dick out, looked it over quickly, pulled the foreskin down and immediately began to lick the swollen, pre-cum coated head. “Mmmmm, your dick tastes really good.” She said with a smile after milking a large amount of precum out onto her little tongue, and tasting, then swallowing it. Joe couldn’t believe it. He knew he was going to cum any second, and somehow, Lisa did too, and so she quickly lowered her head and took over half of the throbbing meat into her young mouth and began to suckle.

It only took about 15 seconds inside the child’s mouth and Joe felt his balls begin to burn and then start pumping a huge load of cum into the little girl’s mouth. When she felt the head swell in her little mouth, the experienced 10 year-old knew just what it meant, and heaved a little sigh of anticipation, then moaned softly, as the thick hot goo roared up through his dick and flooded into her mouth. Joe’s body spasmed over and over as his muscles contracted again and again as hard as they could to deliver his seed.

He looked down and could see two small white streams leaking out the corners of the child’s mouth. Her mouth was obviously full of his cum and she wasn’t swallowing for some reason. As his orgasm began to subside and his dick stopped squirting, Lisa let out a long little moan. She then looked up at Joe and slid her mouth up off his dick, careful to keep her mouth closed but smiling at the same time. It was the most erotic and delightful sight he had ever seen. A naked preteen girl on her knees between his legs, smiling at him with her mouth full of his cum and the two tiny streams of it leaking down her chin.

“That’s a good girl Lisa.” Carol said softly. “Now show us what he gave you.” She continued.

Lisa turned towards the camera and smiled, then tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. Carol zoomed in on the little girl’s face and her gaped open mouth which was filled with a large pool of white. Joe watched in awe as Lisa stuck out her little cum-coated tongue.

“Ah now that’s what every little girl needs, a nice mouthful of fresh yummy cum.” She said. “That’s a good girl. Now you can have it baby.” She finished, and the child closed her mouth and swallowed several times.

“All gone? Show us baby.” Carol said, and Lisa turned back to the camera and opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue again. This time there was nothing but some tiny traces of white left in the child’s mouth.

“That’s a good girl, that cum is where it belongs, in you little tummy.” Carol commended the child. “Thank you for the cum Mr. Murray, it was delicious.” Lisa turned and said.

“She’ll keep calling you that until you give her permission to call you something else, like Joe, Uncle Joe, or Daddy if you like.” Carol said. “Oh, ok. Lisa, you can call me Daddy now.” Joe said.
“Ok Daddy. Can I have some more of your yummy cum later?” She asked. “Yes you can baby, lots more!” He replied. Carol turned the video camera off and returned to her desk.

“Now then, would you like something to drink Joe?” Carol asked. “Yes please, a Diet Coke.” He replied as Lisa got up and went to fetch it. “Now Joe, as you know we did a lot of testing on your blood over the last few months.

Mostly it was to screen you for any diseases but we also tested some of your hormone levels. Or experts have developed an injection that will cause your body to boost your testosterone levels up so that you will be able to cum a lot more often while you’re here. Most of our customers like it because it helps them enjoy themselves more with the kids here.

There are no side effects at all, as this is a natural method. The only effect you will notice is an increased sex drive and ability to get an erection more frequently, and your sperm production will increase dramatically, which will of course allow you to shoot larger loads than you normally do, and shoot more times per day than normal. Again this is a natural treatment, and it will not harm you in any way.

If you want it, you will also be given a vitamin booster to help you to not get tired. It will last the three weeks you are here, and then your body will return to normal.” Carol explained as Lisa (still naked) returned with his drink and stood beside him. “Lisa can stay here if you would like as I explain everything to you, or she can go back to your room and wait for you.” She added.

“Oh I’d like her to stay.” Joe replied, and Lisa came and snuggled in his lap. “And I think I’ll take the booster shots.” Joe answered, as his hands roamed across Lisa’s wonderful naked body.
Carol took a tray from a drawer, and walked over to him and injected the sex booster into one arm, and the vitamin booster in the other. “It will take a few hours to fully take effect, but by tonight, you’ll be giving Lisa all the lovin’ and cum she can handle.” Carol said as Lisa looked up at Joe and smiled.

“Hope you’re thirsty little girl, cause it sounds like you’re gonna be drinking a lot of cum later.” Joe said softly. “I’m ready Daddy, I’ll drink all the cum you give me, I promise!” She replied with a big smile. Joe kissed the child and squeezed one of her little titbuds, while he reached down to touch her precious little hairless pussy for the first time. He gently stroked the perfect, hairless, treasure as Lisa automatically spread her legs for him. “Custom Kids was started by my Father almost 25 years ago. We moved here and renovated the old resort and then he started working to build a staff. First he found an OB/GYN Doctor that was a child lover, because he thought it was very important to have expert medical care for the kids and staff.

Next he sought out and recruited several other people that were also child lovers, and that had the skills needed to start and staff the first stage of Custom Kids. I was 12 years-old at the time, and had been having sex with my dad since I was 4.” Carol said with a smile as she pointed to a picture on the wall. The picture showed Carol at about 9 or 10 years of age, naked, sitting straddle of her father’s naked body, with his dick completely buried up inside her.

They both had a look of total contentment on their faces. “That was my ninth birthday, and for the record, I enjoyed every moment of sex we ever had and still do. You see Joe, he believes, as we all do here, that children are a precious gift from God. And that loving them completely, and them us, is only natural. A child who is brought up in an environment where love includes sex, loving sex, not harmful or painful sex by force, will naturally embrace sex and will be stronger, better individuals, with kindness, affection, and respect for other people’s feelings, needs and desires. Now with modern technology, we have been able to develop a few procedures that enhance, and in many ways enrich the wonderfulness of sex with children.

To some, Custom Kids might seem like a “child-sex-slave” operation, but let me assure you, our kids are happy, well cared for, and except for their sexual training and conditioning, they are like any other fun-loving kids. Of course most children around the world, as soon as they begin to exhibit any interest in their bodies, or those around them, they are scolded, and told that they are bad, and that what they are thinking and feeling is dirty.

They grow up being denied a key part of their natural human development process, and are shamed into suppressing or hiding their natural feelings. They grow up frustrated and confused, and have many problems because of it. Our kids have very few social interaction problems, and they have no ADD, ADHD, Chronic Depression, or the like disorders.” She said.
“Now here’s how our program works. We have about 70 kids of both sexes, in various stages of development, and ranging in age from 0 to about 15 or so. When they get older, they either become part of the support staff here, or some marry, and move away and live happy lives.

About 40 of them are “Samples” if you will. These are kids we have bred, modified, and trained for use here at the resort by our guests, and staff, and some are also available for purchase. And the others are kids that have been ordered by customers, and are being grown, trained, and in most cases modified or enhanced in one way or another. We call them, “Fruit” and yes they are, for the most part, forbidden.

Each one is in the process of a very precise regiment of mental conditioning and training, and as I said, in most cases, some sort of genetic and/or surgical modifications are being done to them. As for the samples, they are yours to enjoy as long as they are not already reserved or in use with another customer. Now there are some restrictions regarding vaginal or anal penetration of some of the little ones who’s bodies haven’t developed enough, or been conditioned to accept it. But other than that, you can just pretty much fuck and suck with the kids till you drop.” She explained.
“That’s fantastic Carol. I have to say, I agree with you 110 percent. I was treated the same way when I was little. It wasn’t until I was eleven, and a man that lived down the street from us started showing me magazines, and talking to me about sex, and playing with my dick, and jacking me off, and then telling me what a good boy I was after I came, that I finally began to feel good about my body and those desires I was having.

Since then, I’ve always been attracted to children. The thought of sharing their innocence, and their pure, unspoiled bodies just thrills me. Right now I feel like a man who has been wandering lost in the desert for years, and suddenly has reached a wonderful oasis. I think what you all have done here is wonderful. But I’m curious about the genetic and surgical modifications you mentioned. What all do you do?” Joe asked, as he kneaded Lisa’s firm little lumps of tit flesh, and slowly massaged her warm, moist little pussy.

“Well, there are many possibilities Joe. For example, with genetic manipulation before birth, we can control the hair and eye color, sex, height, and body size, as well as predisposing the child to be more sexually motivated and responsive from a very early age, and to be bi-sexual for example.

We can control what size and shape the breasts will grow to, as well as what size, shape, type, coloration, and configuration the areolas and nipples will turn out to be. We can control the size and outward appearance a boy’s dick will grow to, and we can even eliminate the eventual growth of pubic hair. As the child grows we can begin to induce other changes with genetics. Like growing tits on a 5 year-old.” She continued.

“What? A five year-old with tits. Now that I’d like to see.” Joe laughed, as he cupped Lisa’s tiny tittie and smiled at her. Carol picked up the phone and told the person on the other end to send in Heidi.

Lisa giggled but then pouted a little, and Carol said, “Don’t worry Lisa, I happen to know that Joe favors titties like yours, and no bigger.” Lisa smiled and pushed her chest up to Joe’s hand.
“You’re about to meet Heidi. She was ordered by a customer from Germany. She was ordered with several modifications, but the most noticeable, is the early breast growth mod. Just then the door opened and a pretty little 5 year-old girl with two gold braids of hair almost to her waist walked in.

Joe was shocked as she came around the desk and he could see the front of her shirt bulging out. “Heidi, this is Mr. Murray.” Carol said. “Good morning sir.” The little girl said in a typical 5 year-old voice, and smiled. “Hi Lisa.” Heidi added quickly as she looked at her friend lying naked in the man’s lap. “Hey Heidi.” Lisa responded.

“Heidi, would you like to show Mr. Murray your titties?” Carol suggested. “Yes maam.” She chirped. “Lisa, why don’t you take her top off.” Carol said. “Yes maam.” Lisa answered, as Heidi walked up to them and stood between Joe’s legs. Lisa reached, up and took hold of the bottom of Heidi’s shirt and lifted it up and over her head.

The long blonde braids bounced, as they fell back down on the child’s naked shoulders. “Except for when they are involved in some sort of sexual activity, we always keep the kid’s breasts in a bra. But it’s not to hide them from view, it’s only to keep them from sagging and stretching. Anytime you see a kid in a bra, and want to see their titties, just tell them you want to see their titties, and they will remove their bra immediately for you, or if you like, you can remove it yourself.” Carol explained.

“Of course we have to have the bras for the young ones like this altered to fit their smaller frame. As you can imagine, nobody manufactures bras to fit 5 year-olds! Especially one with “C” cups like Heidi here.” Carol explained with a laugh. Lisa then reached up and unhooked the little bra, and pulled the cups aside, revealing two beautiful titties about the size of oranges. It was a strange sight to behold.

The mounds were touching each other and sticking out past her sides because her torso was not big enough to bear them the way it would on a girl over twice her age. Lisa smiled at Heidi, as she slid the straps off her shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor.

“Go ahead and pull her shorts down too, Lisa, so Joe can see the full effect of a pretty little baby pussy below those teen-sized melons of her’s.” Carol said. Lisa hooked her thumbs in the elastic waistband and pushed the child’s shorts down.

She snuggled back into Joe’s lap again and he just stared at the bizarre sight. A perfect little five year-old girl, with a precious little face, and a tiny baby pussy, but instead of two little flat, pale nipples where they should have been, there were two, developed, “C” cup tits like you would find on a girl of about 13 to 15 years-old.

“I’m sorry I can’t let you suck them Joe, but Heidi is fruit, and her owner doesn’t want any one but him sucking them. But you can feel them up if you would like.” Carol said. “I understand.” Joe replied. “Heidi, how do you like your titties?” Joe asked. “They’re neat!” The little girl answered with a proud smile. Joe reached out and began to fondle the child’s nonstandard projections.
“And how does your Daddy like them?” Joe asked, as he squeezed, and probed. “He loves ’em! He plays with ’em, and he sucks ’em a lot…and sometimes he squirts his cum on ’em and rubs it all over ’em with his dick.” She answered. “Does he tit-fuck you too baby?” Joe asked. “Um hum.” She responded with a smile. Joe pictured the tiny child under him with his dick buried between the hard globes.

“Sorry, Joe but Heidi is going to have to get going. She has a training session in five minutes.” Carol said. Joe pulled the little girl’s nipples and gave each tittie a squeeze, and then told Heidi goodbye. Heidi smiled, pulled up her shorts, picked up her bra and shirt, and left.

“That was unbelievable. I can’t get over tits like that on a kid that young.” Joe said.
“Amy told you are programs were very good. Now you can see how good.” Carol said.

“We have a sample that’s 4 years-old that has had the early breast growth mod. She is in turn around right now. Oh yes, you see, whenever a guest gets through with a sample, we give them some down-time to recover, depending on what sort of sexual activity they were involved in, and how long they were with them. The one I’m talking about’s name is Becky, and she just finished up two weeks with a guest yesterday.

She will be available three days from now if you want to reserve her. You’ll be able to do anything you want with her except anal or vaginal intercourse, because she’s still too small for it. Now her mother, one of our breeders, will have to come with her and stay with you while you have her, but she will just be there for psychological reasons which have to do with bonding and stability.
She can assist you with you sexual activities with Becky, and can even take part if you want her to. But she’ll have absolutely no say in what you do to her daughter. Oh, and you’ll also have to give her up for about three hours each afternoon, because she has to go to her psychological conditioning sessions every day. It’s critical at her age and we don’t want to mess up her conditioning.” Carol explained.

“Yes, I’d like to have her for a day or two I guess. Can I have more than one kid at a time?” He asked. “Yes you can. We like to try to limit each guest to around 3 kids, depending on availability. I’ll schedule Becky for three days with you, and you can send her back early if you want. And by the way, her mom doesn’t count towards your limit.” Carol said.

“Are her tits as big as Heidi’s?” He asked. “Not quite, but almost. But you see, she’s smaller than Heidi, and they look even more bizarre on her little 4 year-old body than even Heidi’s. And she has puffy nipples which I know you prefer.” She explained. “Sounds good. I sure never thought I’d be tit-fucking a 4 year-old!” Joe said with a chuckle.

“Daddy, your dick is hard again, can I suck it some more?” Lisa asked in a sweet “little-girl” voice that turned Joe on even more.”In a little while Lisa.” Carol said. “I need to finish going over the program with Joe right now.” She added, as Lisa pouted and drooped down into Joe’s lap. “On second thought…I guess you could go ahead, and we can show Joe another one of our modifications.” Carol said.

“Yippee!” Lisa squealed, as she scampered down into position between Joe’s legs. “You see Joe, Lisa has had her gag reflex diminished so she won’t choke or gag when a dick hits the back of her throat. Go ahead Lisa, let’s show him.” Carol said, as she came around the desk and knelt beside them. Lisa licked her lips and took Joe’s dick into her mouth and started nursing.

“Here, give me your hand and I’ll show you what this mod. does for a kid’s ability to give head.” She added as she took his hand and placed it on the back of Lisa’s head, and then put her own hand on his, and began to press down slowly. “Now most kids can’t take much more than the head of a man’s dick into their mouth without choking, but this modification allows them to go much further with no trouble at all.” She explained, as Joe felt the child’s mouth slowly sliding down his dick further and further.

“Of course we don’t completely eliminate the gag-reflex, otherwise they would choke in their sleep on their saliva. But with our training process, and the diminished gag mod., it makes the difference between the child sucking just the top part of your dick, or the whole thing.” She explained, and then pressed down harder, until it stopped with over half of his dick inside the child’s mouth. Joe felt the head of his dick press against the back of the little girl’s throat, but Lisa didn’t gag or try to back off at all, and in fact was still steadily sucking.

“Now she can’t breathe with the head of your dick stuck back there, so you have to let her up a couple of times a minute, or she’ll pass out and could die. So be very careful to let her up to breathe. Usually, the kids work out a signal that they need to breathe. But you must understand that with the obedience conditioning the kids get, she’ll stay down there until she passes out if you don’t let her up. The one thing our kids will never do is resist an adult in any way. But they can stay down a good long while because part of the kid’s training in cock-sucking is breath control.” She explained.

“Ok Lisa…here we go sweetheart.” Carol said, as she gripped Joe’s hand, lifted the child’s head back up until just the head of Joe’s dick was in her little mouth, and tilted her head down and back slightly. Lisa took a deep breath and then Carol shoved down hard. In one quick motion, Joe felt the head of his dick slam against the back of Lisa’s throat and then with a sort of thump, it squeezed past into her throat. Like before, she didn’t gag, or choke, or resist in any way.

“That’s awesome!” Joe moaned, as he felt the little girl’s nose pressing against his stomach. And Lisa was still sucking! He could feel her throat muscles massaging his dick head, and her tongue rubbing back and forth against the shaft.

“See, it’s no wonder it’s our most popular modification for girls and boys.” She said as she lifted the child’s head up for a breath, and then shoved it back down again. “Go ahead a give it a try yourself.” Carol suggested, as she pulled Lisa’s head back up, and took her hand off of Joe’s.

“Ok. Here goes.” Lisa drew another deep breath and Joe pushed her down, but not very hard, and his dick jammed against the back of her throat and stopped. “Ok. Try again. But this time, tilt her head down and back a little, and push harder.” Carol instructed. Joe did as she suggested, and shoved the child’s head down harder, sending his swollen head right into her little throat. “Here. Reach around and feel along her throat and you should be able to feel the head of your dick.” Carol said. Joe did, and sure enough, he could feel the flared rim through her skin.

Lisa had been down for over half a minute, and Carol reminded Joe to let her up to breathe. Joe let her up and she took several breaths and then started sucking and jacking him. “That’s a good girl Lisa, I’m gonna cum soon, but I want to go into you all the way a couple more times first.”

Joe said as he placed his hand on the back of her head again. She drew a deep breath, and Joe slammed her down again, feeling the lust burn inside him as his throbbing dick rammed it’s way into her young throat.

There was a mixture of spit and precum oozing out of the little girl’s mouth as he felt more precum surge out into her throat. Her nose was beginning to run a little as he brought her up for a breath and quickly sent her right back down and held her down tight on him for almost a minute, reveling in the incredible feeling from the unique preteen.

When he finally let her up, she was near passing out and was dizzy and shaky. She took several deep breaths and resumed giving him head to the best of her ability. “Oh God, baby. You’re such a good little dick sucking girl, here’s your reward.” Joe groaned, as the child sucked and jacked his dick better than any grown woman ever had.

Carol reached over and took hold of the base of his dick and grabbed Lisa’s forehead and tilted it back. “Watch Joe.” Carol said, as she jacked him hard and Lisa opened her mouth as wide as she could, and stuck out her tongue, touching the underside of his dick just below the head. Joe looked down just as his orgasm hit. Carol felt it start, and aimed the tip right at the child’s nose. Joe moaned loudly as his cum blasted out of his aching balls and splattered across the preteen’s face and mouth.

He lost count, but there were at least seven strong, full strength blasts that drenched little Lisa’s face in hot fresh cum. Just as it seemed to be subsiding, the sight of his cum shooting onto an eleven-year-old’s face, caused him to start shooting hard again.

Carol pointed the head at Lisa’s mouth and carefully jacked it, as the little girl’s mouth filled with the thick goo. Finally, the flow of cum stopped and Lisa swallowed what she had in her mouth, then began scraping one of the many streams of cum on her face in to her mouth, moaning the whole time.

“Leave the rest honey.” Carol said, and Lisa stopped, and took Joe’s deflating dick into her mouth and milked and sucked it dry.
“That’s a good girl.” Joe said, and Carol smiled.

Lisa was a mess. Cum was smeared all over her face and dripping down her neck.

“Don’t worry about cleaning her up. I’ve got someone that I’d like you to meet that’ll be glad do it.” Carol said, as she got up and went around her desk and made another call, simply saying “Cami” to the person on the other end.

“Looks like the booster shot is already starting to work for you. Or do you normally cum that much twice in the same morning?” She asked. “No, never. It must be working.” He agreed. “And how do you like the gag mod?” She asked.

“It’s incredible. I have never even been able to get a grown woman to do that. They always choke and gag.” He answered. “You are wonderful Lisa.” He turned and said. “Thank you Daddy. Your dick sure fills my throat up good.” She responded, her voice a little hoarse sounding. “It’s a little hard on their throat, and they sound hoarse for a while afterwards.

And I don’t think Lisa has ever had a dick quite as big as yours’ in her throat either, have you honey?” Carol said. “No maam. But I can handle it. It’s so big and fine.” Lisa answered proudly.
Just then the door opened and in walked a cute little sandy blonde haired girl, that looked to be about the same age as Lisa or maybe a year or so older. She was thin, with no signs of development at all, except for two small bumps on her chest, just like Lisa.

“Come in Cami.” Carol said. “Cami, this is Mr. Murray. Joe this is Cami.” She continued. “Nice to meet you Mr. Murray.” Cami said in a soft, sweet voice. “Please call me Joe, Cami.” He said with a smile. Like the other girls, she was dressed only in a tee-shirt, and elastic waistband shorts. The shirt was a little small and showed the child’s tiny buds very well.
“Wow Lisa, you got plastered huh?” She giggled as she walked around to her. Lisa smiled and nodded her head and giggled back.
“Joe’s cum tastes great Cami.” Lisa said. “Cami, why don’t you let Lisa undress you, so Joe can see her pretty little body, and then she can lick you clean while Joe watches.” Carol said. Lisa stood and faced Cami, in front of Joe, and proceeded to undress her.

Joe sighed loudly as the new child’s titbuds came into view. They were almost identical to Lisa’s. The only difference was that they were just a tiny bit larger than Lisa’s, and the nipples were a little darker and fatter, standing off the tit-mounds almost an inch. What an awesome sight. Joe couldn’t decide which ones he liked better.
Lisa finished getting Cami’s shorts off and they turned to face him. Cami’s prepubescent body was perfect. Her pussy mound had that beautiful early-puberty swell but was still completely hairless. She was right at that magical meeting-point of the undeveloped little-girl, and the pubertal young woman.
“Carol, I’ve got an idea.” Joe said. “Sure Joe, what is it.”

“Well, how ’bout if Cami lays across my lap while she licks my cum off Lisa, and I can check out those magnificent little titties of her’s?” He finished. “That sounds like a great idea Joe.” Carol said with a smile. Both little girls smiled, and Lisa knelt next to the chair as Cami laid across Joe’s lap with her head hanging out over the arm of the chair.
Joe watched as Cami began to lick Lisa’s face and neck, and kiss her. He bent forward and licked one of Cami’s puffy nipples, and she trembled slightly. He licked it again and she moaned softly and the nipple stiffened.
Then he took it into his mouth and sucked, first just the nipple, then wider and took the entire child-tit into his mouth and began to suck it. Cami was done licking the dried cum from off her friend, and she and Lisa were kissing deeply now, moaning.
As Joe feasted on Cami’s tiny tittie, he felt it stiffen and swell in his mouth and he knew she was getting very turned on. He reached down to her bald little pussy and pressed his finger into the slit. As it slipped between the puffy folds, it was immediately coated with warm, slippery, little girl pussy juice.

She spread her legs wide to give him better access and he began to rub her little pussy and swollen clit, and he realized that her entire pussy was soaked with her sweet juice. He pressed his finger against her vaginal opening, not knowing if it would be well used and easy to get in to, or if it would be tight like most little girls her age would be.
He figured that she had probably been fucked many times, probably from a very young age, and he didn’t know how well little girl’s pussys bounced back from being stretched so far their natural, tiny size. He found that his finger did slide inside fairly easy but she was pretty tight. He turned her slightly, and switched his mouth to her other budding breast, and began to pump her wet little pussy. Cami lowered her head down to Lisa’s chest and began to suckle her tiny treats. Cami and Lisa boat started moaning, and Cami got louder, as Joe pumped two fingers in and out of her little pussy.

Cami began to hump her hot little pussy up to Joe’s hand, and Joe, knowing she must be close to an orgasm, started slamming his hand against the hairless mound hard and fast, sending his fingers deep inside, to scratch that special itch for her. Then Cami began to whine into Lisa’s titbud, and Joe could see her cheeks sucked in, drawing the preteen breast deep into her hungry mouth.
She started to convulse, and Joe knew she was cumming. He sucked her tiny tit as hard as he could, and began to swirl his tongue over the swollen puffy nipple. Lisa was whimpering and rubbing the back of Cami’s head, and Joe wished she could have cum too.

Finally, Cami calmed down and went limp, letting Lisa’s titbud slip from her mouth. Joe looked over at Lisa and smiled, as he glanced down to her right tittie which was red and still glistening with Cami’s saliva. He reached up and put his hand behind Lisa’s neck and pulled her face to his.
“You are a very good girl, and I’m going to make you cum as much as you want tonight.” He whispered, and smiled. Lisa smiled a big smile back, and then Joe pulled her lips to his and they French kissed.

“That was outstanding! Just wonderful. I almost came myself.” Carol said as she rubbed her “B” cup tits and squirmed in her chair. “Come here Cami honey.” She entreated the child. “Yes maam.” Cami consented happily as she kissed Joe and thanked him for her orgasm, and then got up and went around and knelt down between Carol’s legs.
“You can come watch if you’d like Joe.” Carol said as she lifted herself up in her chair, allowing Cami to pull her shorts down. Joe and Lisa watched as Cami pulled Carol’s pussy lips apart, and went down on the gaping, wet, adult pussy before her. Carol sucked in a deep breath as little Cami’s mouth locked on her pussy and began to suck. She grabbed the back of the child’s head and began to grind her face into it.

“Oh yes, that’s my sweet little girl.” Carol purred. It was an incredible sight to watch a little girl, eat a grown woman’s pussy right in front of him, and Joe pulled Lisa in front of him with her back to him, and pulled her back against him, causing his half-hard dick to poke her in the back, then flatten out between them. He reached over her shoulders and began to fondle her little titbuds with one hand, and her hairless kid-pussy with the other. He pressed his finger into the crack, and found her very wet just like Cami. The child’s clit responded as well and swelled up, demanding more attention.

Lisa sighed and then moaned softly as Joe began to manipulate her child sex. Lisa’s pussy was now flowing with sweet little girl pussy juice, and Joe removed his soaked finger just long enough to bring it to his mouth and suck the sweet nectar off.

“Oh your little pussy tastes so sweet baby.” Joe whispered into the child’s ear as he returned his hand to her pussy and resumed rubbing. Lisa began to breathe heavier, and then Lisa took his hand and brought it to her mouth and sucked her own juices off of it, then returned it to her pussy.
“Yes baby. Taste your sweet little pussy.” Joe whispered to the lust filled 10 year-old making her moan in response. Cami was sucking and licking Carol’s pussy and Joe and Lisa could hear her slurping, and swallowing the juice flowing from it.
“Oh little girl, you feel so good.” Joe breathed into Lisa’s ear and then slid his mouth down to the base of her neck and opened his mouth and sucked her soft skin, then slowly drove his middle finger up into the child’s tiny vagina.

“Oooohhhh, yeeeeess daddy.” The 10 year-old howled as she grabbed on to Joe’s legs to steady herself. Joe began to pump his finger in and out of the tight passage and pull and squeeze her little budding breasts. Carol was stroking the back of Cami’s head, and pulling her own nipples out and letting them snap back and Joe noticed a bead of white dribble out the tips each time she did it.
Soon Carol began to cry out and moan and buck her hips up and down against the child’s sucking mouth. Cami held on tight as Carol began to cum in the little girl’s mouth. Cami sucked and slurped and swallowed fast as the cumming pussy discharged it’s load of juice. Lisa too began to cum, for the first time by Joe’s hand, and started to quiver and jerk and whimper as then orgasm waves ripped through her young body. She had her little legs spread apart, and Joe was slapping his hand against her wet little pussy mound as he finger-fucked the child hard.
Finally, they both settled down and got quiet. Cami slowly and softly licked and sucked Carol’s sopping pussy, for another minute, as Joe slowed his fingering to a stop and help it deep inside her, as he bent over and kissed her deeply. He then pulled his finger out and placed it between their mouths and they both licked her sweet juices from it then kissed again. He picked the limp child up and walked back to the big chair and sat down, hugging her naked, satisfied body close to his.

Cami raised up and kissed Carol for almost a minute and them stood up and said goodbye with a smile, and stood next to Carol.
“My God Carol! That was beyond description.” Joe said as he held little Lisa close.
“Oh I agree Joe.” Carol said, still half breathless.
Lisa just moaned and snuggled up tight to Joe in agreement.

“I think I may want Lisa for more than just a day or two.” He said as he hugged the child back. “That’s fine, you just let me know. I’m holding her schedule open for you.” Carol replied.
Lisa whispered something in his ear and then he asked, “Do you think we could have Cami for a day or two?”
“I’m sure I can work that out, but there’s something you need to know about her first.” She responded. “You see, Cami has had our most complex modification.” She added. “What’s that?”
“Well, how old would you say Cami is?”
“I guess about twelve.”
“Cami is nineteen years-old.”
“What! But she looks like she hasn’t even started puberty.”
“She hasn’t. When Cami was just turned eleven, we performed a very complex genetic manipulation procedure on her that we call “The Freeze”. It halted her growth and development, as well as the commencement of puberty.

Her breasts had already begun to develop and advanced to the point they are now, which we wanted, but she hadn’t started to grow pubic hair, or have periods, or developed in any other way except her pussy mound had begun to thicken and rise some. We performed the procedure and her body hasn’t matured or developed any since.” Carol explained.
Joe just looked at Cami, stunned. Cami smiled and walked around to him. “Do you still like my little girl body?” She asked with a demure smile.
“Oh yes, I sure do honey. I don’t care if you’re 40. You are a sweet, sexy little girl as far as I’m concerned.” Joe replied as he reached up and tweaked one of her little puffy nipples.
“I’m very happy to hear you say that Joe. You see Cami is my Daughter. And what’s more, she was conceived in me by my Daddy when I was fifteen.” Carol explained.
Joe looked up at Cami, and she smiled and said, “That’s right Joe, I’m and incest child. Born of the hot forbidden love between a father and daughter.”
Joe smiled an evil smile of acknowledgement to Cami as he slid his hand down her naked stomach to her hairless little pussy mound and patted it. “To bad he can’t impregnate you too honey, so you could have a second level incest baby.” Joe said.

“We’ve thought about it. You see, as with all the little girls’ here, Cami’s eggs were harvested and stored just before her first menstrual cycle. It’s also at that point that we either do the development halting procedure as we did with Cami, or the little girls are surgically modified (with Laparoscopic surgery) to be sterile and not ever have a period. However, we could fertilize some of her eggs with her father/grandfather’s sperm, and then implant them into her. We have done this with several other girls and had great success. The only reason we haven’t done it yet is because we love the way her little body still looks so young and innocent, and we figure when she gets older we will go ahead and implant her.” Carol explained.

“This is so incredible.” Joe said, as Lisa whispered into his ear again.
“Oh yes…we definitely want her to spend a couple of days with us.”
“That’s fine.” Carol said with a smile. “Now how about some lunch?” She continued.
“That sound’s great, I’m famished.” Joe replied. “How ’bout you sweetie.” He said as he nuzzled Lisa’s cheek. Lisa smiled and nodded.
“Great. Cami has a session in a little while with two of our 4 year-olds, teaching them lesbian love. So you two run along and Lisa, you and Billy bring back some lunch for us.
“Joe I want to talk to you about something while Lisa is gone. I’ve never seen her act with other men, quite the way she’s acting towards you. Please remember, she’s a little girl that knows more about sex than most adults, and loves to do it, BUT, she is still a ten year-old little girl, that is very close to entering puberty, and it is entirely possible that she may develop real feelings for you. If that happens, I need you to let me know, so I can help her deal with those feelings and not be hurt.” She said softly.

“I understand what you’re saying Carol, but as crazy as this sounds, I’m not real sure that I might fall for her!” Joe responded.
“Well let’s just play what if for a minute than. What if, you and Lisa fell in love with each other. REALLY fall in love with each other. Now Joe you are old enough to know the difference between Love, Lust, and Infatuation.” Joe nodded his head. “It has happened before, so I’m not saying it can’t. And if it did. What do you think you would want to do?”
“That’s easy, spend the rest of my life with her!”
“Yes that makes sense in normal circumstances, but this is not a normal situation, and Lisa is not a normal girl, as far as the rest of the world is concerned. And how are you going to feel about her when her body matures and she’s not a little girl any more?” Have you thought about that?”

“Yes, a little. I thought that if we did fall in love, that I would as her if she would want to have the freeze procedure done. But if she didn’t, I still would want her.”
“Well, there is something that you need to know about the freeze. Our genetics expert believes that the freeze procedure may shorten the subject’s life by ten or even 20 years. His theory is that there will be some sort of metabolic problems develop at around age fifty or so, which could lead to early death. We don’t know of course, because we haven’t been doing it long enough for anybody to reach that age yet. The kids don’t know this, and they don’t need to. I just wanted you to know, before you asked Lisa to do it.”
“Like you said Carol, it’s just what if right now.”
“I know, well talk about it again in a few days if something happens. Just please be careful, and don’t promise her anything you can’t deliver on. Ok?”

Carol went on and explained how the resort was laid out, and that he could take his meals in the dining pavilion, or in his room. And that it was a buffet and what the hours were. She explained how the guests and kids wore colored bands around their ankles while walking around the resort.
Red on the guest meant that they didn’t want to be approached by anyone and wanted privacy and on the kid meant they were to be left alone by all others. Green, meant pretty much the opposite, on the guest it was a welcome sign for other guests to mingle with them, and to possibly join them in their sexual activities and on the kid it meant that they were available for sex unless they were with a guest. Blue is a fruit kid. Hands off unless a staff manager or the fruit’s owner is present and gives permission to proceed. Black on a kid, means they are in turnaround, and are not to be used unless approved by a staff manager.
The door opened, and a naked child backed through it, pulling a cart loaded with food, followed by still naked Lisa, pushing the cart. “Oh good. Perfect timing Lisa. And now for another little extravagance for you to experience Joe.
I know you said you were introduced to sex by a man, and I know you are straight, but Amy told me that sometimes you like looking at little boys and watching them have sex with each other and with men.” Carol said as Lisa came over and sat in Joe’s lap.

“Yeah sometimes, when they are really innocent looking little boys.” Joe answered, blushing slightly about being so candid about his innermost desires.
“Well this is Billy. And Billy is a sweet little eight year-old boy who loves to make a man happy any way he can, and we have given him a little help with his body to do just that. Turn around and go see Mr. Murray Billy.” Carol said with a big smile.

“Joe’s mouth fell open as the little boy turned around and he saw that the child had two little budding breasts about the size and shape of Cami’s. And as he walked around he desk and up to Joe and Lisa. Joe could see that he also had a dick almost as big as his own. It looked like it had been transplanted from a twenty year-old man to his.
“Neat huh?” Lisa giggled as she reached out and lifted the child’s 6 inch dick and skinned it back, revealing a glossy purple head with a nice flared rim at it’s base. “But not as nice as yours’.” Lisa added as she leaned back and kissed Joe.

“I can’t believe it. That is fantastic.” Joe said, and then took the boy’s hand, and pulled him to him, and began to inspect his little titbuds carefully.
“Go ahead and suck on ’em. They’re just like a girl’s.” Lisa whispered in Joe’s ear.

Joe leaned forward and took one into his mouth and began to suck. As he did, he slid one hand down the child’s smooth skin until his hand came to rest against the stiff member. He changed to the boy’s other little tittie, and took his dick in his hand. As he suckled the little boy’s titbuds, he felt the unusual hunk of flesh throb against his grip.
He skinned the foreskin back and the purple head blossomed and shined. Joe had taken his mouth off the boy’s tit, and was inspecting the unique dick closely. “Unbelievable. It’s beautiful.” Joe mumbled as he stared at it and slowly jacked it back and forth and watched a drop of clear pre-cum ooze out the tip.

“You know, if you want to suck it just a little, nobody will ever know but us in this room.” Carol said. “And if you’re worrying about him cumming, don’t. He can’t ejaculate. His balls aren’t dropped down yet, so he doesn’t have any cum to shoot. He CAN cum, but it’s dry.” Carol explained.
“Go ahead daddy. Suck his dick a little.” Lisa whispered in his ear.

Joe looked into Lisa’s eyes and smiled, then looked up into little Billy’s eyes.
“I haven’t sucked a dick since I was a boy myself. But I’ll give it a try if you want me to.” Joe said to the little boy. Billy smiled and nodded his head.
Joe looked back down at the dick, and just opened his mouth and engulfed about half of the dick. He closed his mouth on it and could feel the heat from it radiating out into his mouth. He could also feel the child’s heartbeat, as it pumped fresh blood into the throbbing shaft. He could taste the boy’s pre-cum oozing out of the tip onto his tongue.
Joe had forgotten how powerful a dick felt inside someone’s mouth, and how close it made you to that person. He began to suckle the magnificent love tool. Lisa reached up and gripped it above the base and began to slowly jack it into her adult lover’s mouth.

Billy began to moan very softly, and push his little hips forward, offering more of his huge dick to the warm wonderful mouth that was making him feel so good. Billy began to breathe harder and whimper, as his orgasm neared. Lisa sensed it and picked up the pace, her delicate little fingers pulling the foreskin back and forth faster and faster.

Joe was also caught up in the passion of the moment, and was pumping his mouth back and forth, going almost all the way down the boy’s shaft before pulling back to the head and back again. He was sucking as hard as he could and pressing his tongue against the smooth underside. Suddenly the eight year-old yelped and began to jerk. Joe had felt the big smooth head swell up in his mouth but it didn’t occur to him what it meant.

Little Billy cooed, and rubbed and pulled at his little titbuds as he came. As he calmed down, Lisa slowed her jacking, and stopped. Joe reluctantly pulled back, and let the softening dick slip from his mouth. He looked at it as it shrank, still glistening with his saliva.
“Thanks Mr. Murray.” Billy panted. “You’re welcome buddy. Maybe we can do some more later.” Joe replied as she sat back and watched the amazing child quietly leave.
“You were great daddy.” Lisa whispered. “Yes you were, Joe. That was great.” Carol added.
“Well I’m famished how bout you two?” Carol asked, as she got up and walked to the cart to fix a plate.
Joe and Lisa agreed and joined Carol.
After they finished eating Carol suggested Lisa take Joe for a quick tour around the main area and beach, and then go to his room and take a nap.
“Sounds good.” Joe replied.
“Oh by the way Joe, no clothes are required here so just go as you are if you like and I’ll have these clothes brought to your room.” Carol suggested.
Lisa smiled at him in encouragement, and Joe and Lisa headed out the door.

They walked hand in hand, as they strolled through the resort and talked. They walked past a few other couples, some man/girl, some man/boy, and some woman/girl.
“That’s Missy, and her owner.” Lisa said, as they looked over at a little 7 year old girl with titties bigger than Lisa’s, walking with a woman in her late forties, both wearing red ankle bands. “She ordered Missy from birth, and had her modified special.” She added.
“Like how?” Joe asked.
“Let’s see, she ordered everything about Missy’s body. You know, hair and eye color, her size, she had her programmed to like only girls. And then last year she ordered the early breast growth, and she is going to have the freeze done when it’s time.” She finished.

“What do you think about the freeze baby?” Joe asked.
“I don’t know, it’s kind of scary, I mean to stay a little girl forever? I don’t know. I think  I’d want to do it for the right person. If they really wanted me to.” She answered, smiling up at Joe.
As they came to a bench near the waterfall, Joe stopped and sat down and steered Lisa in front of him. “I just want to suck them for a minute baby.” Joe said softly. Lisa smiled and leaned her body to him, and Joe opened his mouth and began to rub and suck, alternating back and forth every minute or so. Joe lost track of time and, had been sucking the child’s little buds for almost an hour. His dick was hard but he knew they both needed to rest so they went back to the room.

As they walked, Lisa said, “Daddy, no one has ever made me feel so good as you. “I had been wishing my little titties would grow more but you love ’em just the way they are. Are you sure you wouldn’t like for ’em to be just a little bit bigger?” She asked.
“Baby, I love them exactly as they are. They are perfect.” He said as he looked into her eyes. “Do you like Cami’s?” She asked.
“Cami’s titties are very nice, but they aren’t as nice as yours’ baby.” He reassured her. “Just because I like to play with and suck her’s, or Billy’s, or the little 4 year-old girl that’s going to be with us later, I will always like yours’ best.” He said.
They arrived at the room and used the bathroom and stretched out together on the big bed. Lisa snuggled up to Joe and took hold of his dick and they both drifted off to sleep.
The dinner bell chiming woke them up and they decided to go se what was available. As they walked into the dining pavilion, they fixed their plates and Lisa suggested a seat.
“You can see a lot from this table.” She said in a low voice. “Look there.” She said, as she pointed to a man who was sipping on a glass of after dinner wine while a little boy about 5 or 6 sucked his dick under the table.

“That’s Tray under there. He’s 6 and loves to suck dick.” She said. “And over there is Jennifer.” She said as she pointed to a table where a little girl was under the table with her face buried in the crotch of a young woman about 30. “She’s nine and she likes to eat pussy, and she’s real good at it too. Trust me I know.” She said with a wink. Telling Joe that the little girl had eaten Lisa’s pussy, and Lisa must have enjoyed it.
“You want me to go under and suck you?” Lisa asked, starting to slide off her chair. “How about tomorrow baby.” Joe answered. “Right now I’d like to go back to the room with you, and make love to you.” Joe said softly as he stared deep into Lisa’s eyes.

A big smile came across her face, and her puffy little nipples swelled, and flushed a deeper shade of pink. She didn’t have to answer. Joe knew that she wanted it as much as he did.
They returned to the room and Lisa laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide, offering her preteen pussy to Joe.

Joe laid down next to the precious child and said. “Not like that baby. This is our first time, and I want to make love to you, not fuck you. Lisa never there was any difference. Joe put his big arms around her thin, child body, and began to kiss and lick her neck, then her ear, and then her little mouth. She sent her tongue to meet his as they French kissed for several minutes.

Next he moved down to her precious chest and began to kiss, lick, and gently suckle her tiny titbuds, as he rubs her hairless little mound causing her juices to begin to weep out and ready her little pussy for his entry.

“Daddy, if you want to pump my pussy full of your cum, I’d love it. But if you want to, you could pull out just before you start to shoot, and stick it in my mouth, so I can taste my pussy on your dick as it cums in my mouth.” She whispered.

“I’d love to do that for you baby.” Joe answered, as he came back up and kissed her deeply again and moved on top of her little naked ten year-old body. Lisa slowly spread her legs as wide as she could, opening herself for Joe’s love tool.

She reached down and pulled her little hairless lips as wide apart as they would go, as Joe guided his swollen head to her entrance and smeared it around, getting it slick with their combined juices. “Here we go baby.” Joe whispered into her ear as he pushed forward. Lisa had been fucked more times than she could count, since she was 6 years old. But this was unlike all the other times.

She was overcome with emotion as she felt Joe advance slowly into her tight little-girl vagina. Joe knew that Lisa had been fucked many times, but he was amazed at how tight she was. Her tiny pussy surrounded his dick like nothing he had ever felt before. When he was about half way in, he began to very slowly, move in and out, carefully going just a little bit deeper each time. Lisa was overcome by the tenderness of Joe.

She wished for a moment the he had been her first, how wonderful it would have been. But then she realized that in her heart, he was the first. The first to make love to her. Finally, Joe was completely inside the ten year-old pussy. He pushed in all the way and stopped, and put his arms around her and pulled her tight against him. He was so deep inside the child that he could feel her little heart pounding with his dick.

Likewise, Lisa felt like she was whole and complete for the first time in her young life. Joe laid her back down and began to pump slowly in and out of the child pussy. Lisa felt every wonderful inch of every stroke Joe’s dick made inside her. Slowly, he picked up the pace and begins to drive in and out faster. Lisa is taken completely by surprise as her body begins to be seized with a powerful orgasm from deep inside. She has never had an orgasm like this one and she is stunned by it’s suddenness and depth.

Joe is driving his rock hard manhood deep and hard into the child as she cums like never before. Joe matches his strokes into her, with her orgasm contractions. It’s too much and the little girl cries out in pleasure. Driven by his child love’s passion, Joe nears his own climax, and slams himself into the child one more time, his head pressing hard against her tiny cervix.

Out of time, he pulls out of her and rolls onto his back. Lisa jumps into position and instantly has his dick inside her mouth. She moans deeply as she tastes her own sweet preteen nectar fill her mouth. She begins to suck as Joe groans out loud and his sperm erupts into the ten year-old’s mouth. Lisa whines in extreme elation as her little mouth is showered with hot fresh semen.
Joe sits up slightly and reached down and grasps Lisa’s left titbud, and begins to squeeze with his waves of passion. Lisa is jolted by the assault on her tender breast, and she closes her mouth down and sucks hard momentarily causing Joe’s orgasm to re-fire and pump two more strong blasts of cum into Lisa’s mouth.

As it does, the wave of passion causes Joe to squeeze the tiny tittie even harder at it’s base, his fingernails digging into the tender flesh of the little mound, and causing the trapped blood to be forced up into the little puffy nipple, causing it to swell to almost twice it’s size. Lisa whimpers from the pain and Joe lets go as soon as he realizes what he had done.
Lisa continues to suck Joe’s dick as it softens and dies. She finally falls into Joe’s arms, still swallowing the last little bit of his cum.
They lay still, holding each other for several minutes, then Joe rolls onto his side to inspect Lisa’s injured tittie. “I’m so sorry I got carried away baby.” Joe said softly as he kissed around the base of the mound.

“Does it hurt bad?” he asked as he kissed the red, shriveled nipple. “No daddy. It’s ok. It’s doesn’t hurt.” She answered.
Petting the back of his head, as he very gently bathed the bruised little-girl breast with his tongue.
Joe wanted to do on more thing for his wonderful little lover before the day ended. He slid down between the child’s spread legs, and pulled the puffy little lips apart. She was beautiful. Pink and pure. Joe began to lick, savoring the sweet little girl pussy juice at the source for the very first time.

Lisa began to moan ever so quietly, and then Joe opened his mouth and covered her entire little pussy with his mouth. He began to suck and swirl his tongue against her swollen clit. Lisa began to moan louder now, letting herself go completely under the power of Joe’s loving, sucking mouth.
Lisa rubbed Joe’s head as she felt the impending explosion building up the same power that had pumped her little mouth full of cum earlier, was mounting inside her hot little body. Soon the dam broke and Lisa screamed, as she began to cum into Joe’s wonderful mouth. She bucked her hips and twisted her 85 pound frame to and from as the waves of lust ripped through her. Joe held on for dear life to the little girl, as he was rewarded with surge after surge of pure, sweet, ten year-old pussy juice.

Joe had never tasted anything so sweet and good in his entire life. As Lisa’s climax wound down, Joe reached up and gently stroked Lisa right titbud. A few more contractions, and it was over. Both man and child were dripping wet with sweat. A shower would have felt nice, but the were to far spent. They climbed up the bed and lay side by side and little Lisa snuggled up against Joe.

As he was about to drift off to sleep, Lisa put her mouth close to his ear and said, “Daddy, I’ve been with several men here, and some women too. I always had fun having sex and I always will. But it’s not the same when I’m with you. I think….. I think I love you daddy.” She confessed.

“I’ll tell you what baby. I’ve been with more women than I can count. But none can compare with the way I feel when I’m with you. So I think I must be falling in love with you too.” He returns. There is silence, and they drift off to sleep.

Watch for Part 2 … The Next Day From TitBudMan This story is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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