Cindy Knew What She Wanted (Mg,inc,cons,pedo,preg)

Cindy Knew What She Wanted (Mg,inc,cons,pedo,preg)

Introduction: A little girl talks about sex in her family.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

She was young yes, young but she was intelligent. Probably more intelligent than anyone ever thought she was. She didn’t let on that she knew things they tried to hide from her, like her mama sucking and fucking men other than her daddy. Yes she knew that daddy would have his friends come in and  mama would suck their cocks then fuck them all night because daddy liked to watch her, liked to watch his friends cocks sliding in and out of mama’s tight hot wet pussy.

Yes, she knew all of the words. She knew what they all meant and what they were. She knew her own little cunt had never had a cock in it, like mama had in hers. She had never sucked a cock like she had watched her mama do many times, sucking daddy’s friends cocks all of the way down her throat. She had even watched three men fuck mama at the same time. She had thrilled at seeing mama with a cock in her mouth, a cock in her hot wet cunt and a cock in her tight ass, her bowels all at the same time fucking in and out of her.

Yes, Cindy had even watched her aunt, her mama’s sister suck her daddy’s cock and fuck him the way mama fucked those other men, with mama watching, then mama lick and suck daddy’s cock after he pulled it out of her aunts pussy and ass, and mama then would lick and suck her sisters pussy and ass clean of daddy’s cum.

The thing was Aunt Kelli’s husband, Uncle Jake didn’t know that Aunt Kelli was fucking daddy with mama watching. She had even heard Aunt Kelli and mama talking about how Aunt Kelli was pregnant with daddy’s baby instead of Uncle Jake’s.

Both mama and Aunt Kelli thought it was real exciting Uncle Jake thinking daddy’s baby was his own. Aunt Kellie and Uncle Jake had only been married six months when Aunt Kellie told Mama and daddy she was pregnant with daddy’s baby.

She heard mama and Aunt Kelli talking about how mama was thinking about getting Uncle Jake to fuck her and get her pregnant. Daddy thought that would be exciting too and then he and Uncle Jake could get together with
Aunt Kelli and mama and they could watch each other fucking.

She had also heard mama and daddy talking about daddy fucking mama’s little sister, Cori, talking her virginity and getting her to let daddy fuck her anytime he wanted too just like Aunt Kelli did. Aunt Cori was twelve years old and mama was talking about daddy getting her pregnant too. Mama seemed to want daddy to get all of her sisters pregnant. She seemed to want to watch daddy fuck all of her sisters, even her youngest sister, Millie, who was just ten years old.

Cindy’s Aunt Millie was four years older than she was and mama wanted daddy to be the one to fuck her and take her virginity. Mama even thought it would be exciting if daddy could get Aunt Millie pregnant while she was still only ten. She had just turned ten a month before.

Cindy having watched her mama and daddy doing all of that fucking and talking about fucking her young aunts, wanted daddy to fuck her too. She felt she was old enough and she wanted to feel his cock sliding up into her little hole like mama, and Aunt Millie did and like mama wanted her younger sister to feel it.

Cindy had heard mama and daddy talking about how a girl should not be fucked though until she was at least ten. Cindy did not want to wait that long. She wanted daddy’s big stiff cock in her little cunt as soon as she could get it in her and she wanted to suck daddy’s cock just like Aunt Kelli and mama did, like mama did daddy’s friends and the way daddy’s friends wives sucked daddy’s big cock into their mouths and down their throats. Every friend that mama had sucked and fucked, Cindy knew that Daddy had fucked every one of their wives and there were a lot of them.

Mama loved daddy watching her suck and fuck other men. He had even brought a complete stranger into the house a few time and had mama suck and fuck them. He even had her suck and fuck several black men, both friends and complete strangers. Mama really thought it was exciting fucking and sucking them and daddy really got excited when he watched them and when he got to have their black wives suck his cock and fuck him. She had heard daddy and mama talking about how he had even gotten two or three of their black friend black wives pregnant with his babies.

She had watched daddy fuck three or four of their black daughters too. Mama really like watching his fuck the black girls who were ten and eleven years old while their mama and daddy watched his cock sliding in and out of them.

Cindy was well educated in sex, having listened too and watched her mama and daddy and their friends and all of the men and women and girls they had fucked always together and watching each other.

She had heard mama talking about she would sure be glad when Cindy reached ten so that daddy could fuck her then they could watch her suck and fuck the other men too. But, Cindy didn’t want to wait, she wanted to suck a cock and feel
a cock sliding up into her tight little virgin cunt. She wanted to feel a cock shooting it’s hot sperm up into her womb, like she had heard mama and the other girls and women talk about.

She even wanted daddy to push his big cock up into her ass and fuck his big cock all of the way up into her bowels like she had watched daddy do. She knew it would feel good, her mama and the other women and girls seemed to really like it and she wanted to do it too.

Finally Cindy decided that she was going to try to make daddy let her suck his cock and make him fuck her and take her virginity. She even thought it would be exciting if daddy even made a baby in her. She could just see herself with her tummy pooched way out with daddy’s baby in it.

Cindy picked a day when no one else but her mama and daddy was around. When mama and daddy went to bed, Cindy got up, took her nighty off and her panties and slowly went to her parents bedroom. The door was open part ways and she saw her mama and daddy laying on the bed naked, mama holding daddy’s big cock. Mama was telling him how she wanted to watch her little ten year old sister suck daddy’s cock down her virgin throat and it slip up into her virgin pussy and ass.

Cindy pushed the door open and quickly went in and got on their bed. She looked at her startled mama and daddy then told them.

“Mama, daddy I want to suck daddy’s cock like all of those other women and their daughters. I want to feel daddy’s stiff cock in my virgin cunt. I want daddy to fuck me. I want to suck daddy’s cock and have him fuck me.” She told them in a rush.

As she talked she reached down and wrapped her little hand around his stiff cock that had just pumped a big load of hot sperm up into her mother.

Before they could react, she leaned down and sucked his big cock head into her mouth and closed her lips around his big thick shaft then began sucking it in and out of her little mouth taking as much of it into her mouth that she could.

Cindy found the taste different but she also found she like the taste of her daddy cock and her mama’s pussy juices.

They quickly tried to stop her, to pull her off of his cock but she resisted. Finally mama looked at Cindy then her father, finally telling him to let her go ahead and suck his cock. She told him to go ahead and cum in her mouth and let her swallow his sperm if she wanted it that much.

Daddy let her and as his cock got stiffer and stiffer, he couldn’t get over the way his little baby was sucking on his cock as if she had been sucking one for sometime. Of course he nor her mother knew that she had been watching them in all of their sucking and fucking get together. Now she was putting what she had watched to good use and giving her daddy a blow job that a grown woman would be proud of and would make any man cum in her mouth.

Finally she pulled her mouth off of daddy’s big stiff cock. She had just swallowed a mouth full of his hot sperm. She grinned at her mama and her daddy.

She made sure his cock was still stiff them she moved. She quickly straddled him and began rubbing his stiff cock on her tiny virgin hairless cunt. He was so shocked that he didn’t try to stop her, besides what she was doing felt so damn good and was so exciting to him. His own little six year old daughter sucking his cock and apparently wanting him to fuck her.

She rubbed his cock head up and down her tiny slit, then guided it to her tight opening. She had watched so many women and girls do it to her daddy that she knew exactly what to do.

Little Cindy held daddy’s cock against her tight virgin opening then she dropped herself down on it. when she did, his cock plunged up inside of her little cunt stretching her wide tearing her tight little hymen taking her virginity.

She had not expected the pain that was associated with her tiny cunt being stretched so wide and her hymen being torn. She cried out in a short scream at the pain that surged through her as her weight dropped her on daddy’s big stiff cock making her take his entire length and thickness up inside of her.

Daddy had never felt anything so tight squeezing his thick cock. His little girls tight pussy squeezed his stiff cock like a rubber band.

She was relentless, or at least her tiny little cunt muscles were as they squeezed his cock with out relaxing.

Finally as her pain faded, she looked at her daddy, looked down at her little no longer virginal cunt with daddy’s cock buried deep inside of it. She slowly began pumping herself up and down on daddy’s big stiff cock slipping it slowly in and out of her little body.

After several minutes it seemed that either daddy’s cock got smaller or her pussy stretched so his cock could slide in and out of her easily.

Even though she had never been fucked before, her small underage body, just seemed to know what to do and she began fucking her tiny cunt back at daddy’s big cock every time daddy plunged it up inside of her driving all of his length into her. On and on daddy finally began fucking his cock in and out of her especially as he felt her tight tiny little cunt muscles begin to squeeze and spasm around his cock. He began fucking her harder and hard driving it up into her as deep as he could get it.

Daddy could feel his cock hitting her little cervix hard and she seemed to really like it as her orgasm broke over her.

She dropped herself down on daddy’s big stiff cock as she cried out with the feeling of her first big orgasm sweep over her.

Cindy was lost to everything except her daddy’s cock buried deep inside of her tight little cunt and the pleasure sweeping over her little six year old body beginning deep inside of her little cunt where her daddy’s cock was buried and pressing against her cervix.

As her own little body spasmed and shook she still felt daddy’s cock begin to pump it’s hot wet fluid up deep inside of her.

She loved the warm feeling as daddy’s fluid flooded her little cunt and womb.

Suddenly she just collapsed weak from her very first orgasm and her very first helping of daddy’s hot fertile sperm. Cindy knew that daddy’s sperm was what made baby’s inside of her mama and the other girls and women he had fucked. She also knew she was not old enough for daddy to make a baby in but she also knew that she was going to really keep trying to get him to make one in her too.

As she lay on daddy, his cock still deep inside of her, Cindy also knew that she loved having a cock inside of her and now that daddy had fucked her maybe he and mama would let her join them like the other mama’s and daddy’s let their daughters join them, letting a lot of other men fuck them too.

Cindy knew that she was going to really try to get mama and daddy to let her join them so that she could suck and fuck some of the other men’s big stiff cock too. So she could feel their cocks sliding in and out of her filling her little hole with their cocks and with their cum. She knew that she would really like that.

She lay on daddy his big cock buried in her, exhausted from her first exciting experience with her own daddy and with mama watching. She knew she would be wanting a lot more of daddy’s cock and cum in her from then on.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.