Chemical Sex (g,M)

Chemical Sex (g,M)

Prologue: A young girl, who is already into sex, gets a boost with a small injection and almost rapes the guy who gave it to her
Author: Uncle Tony

I was in the shopping mall of the big town with a friend, when I first saw her. There was this tall well dressed good looking woman and a young girl.

“Oh wow!” I exclaimed, “just look at that”. My friend saw what I was looking at and chuckled.

“Yes, she is great, isn’t she? Just about every guy in the neighborhood was sniffing after her, but she ended up marrying that great clod Fred, a bloody farmer. Can you believe it? You are too late, mate.” I nodded, it wasn’t the woman that had caught my eye, it was her companion, the most beautiful angelic, innocent looking little sweetheart that I had ever seen. She had tresses like spun gold that shone in the afternoon light. She was slim and athletic with gorgeous legs. My cock was starting to swell just looking at her. I knew right then, that I had to have her, but how?

“A farmers wife eh?” I looked at my friend, which farm might that be. I thought I knew everyone around here but I’ve never seen her before.”

“That’s because they live in a different village right on the other side of town, more on my side than yours.” He gave me the name of the farm. “We were all surprised when she married Fred. Mind you, he’s a big guy, almost as big as you, but he’s got quite a bit fatter in the last couple of years. Spends a lot of time in the Eagle Arms pub. Surly, unfriendly piece of work.”

That evening, I made a trip to the Eagle Arms. I had to find out as much as I could about this family. It didn’t take long to find out who Fred was. He was sat alone in a corner with a pint of beer. No-one spoke to him. Even sitting you could see he was a big guy. I took my beer went over to his corner and pulled out a chair.

“Do you mind?” I asked.

“Suit yourself!” The music changed and it was some awful rapper repeating the same words over and over again. I looked round the bar. By far the majority were middle aged men and a few women. A couple of spotty youths were propping up the bar.

“Do they call this bloody awful noise music?” I asked in a loud voice. Fred looked at me.

“I suppose they do.” He said. “No-one seems to want to complain.” I stood up. I was a big guy, twenty-six, an amateur bodybuilder, not far short of two meters tall and one hundred and eight kilograms. For some reason, folks didn’t seem too eager to pick a fight with me. I was also a karate black belt. I stood up and yelled in a very loud voice.

“Must we suffer this crappy noise, landlord? In case you haven’t noticed, most of the people in here are older than teens and we really don’t want to have to sit here and listen to that shit. Can’t you either put on some proper music or turn the fucking noise off.” Most of the customers just glared at me, but some nodded their heads.

“You’re the first to complain.” The landlord told me an he turned off the noise and after a few minutes, put on some less offensive music.

Fred was impressed, he smiled.

“You won’t be popular around here if you talk like that, these bastards are just steeped in political correctness bullshit.” So my on the spot analysis of this guy was correct and I could see that he had started to warm to me. I had no idea how this was going to help my quest, but the more information I could get the better. It was like diagnosing a problem with an animal. First collect as much data as you can, analyze it and then put forward a plan to cure it.

“So I haven’t seen you here before.” Fred told me. “Are you new around here?”

“No, not realły. I’m from the other side of town, but it’s nice to make a change from time to time.”

“Where do you work then?” He asked me.

“Actually, I’m a veterinarian. When I passed my exams, I stayed on at ‘Varsity, doing some research. That’s now finished, so I’m taking a year or so sabbatical, before I start a practice of my own.”

“A vet hey, that’s good to know. I’ve got a farm not far from here, not many animals, a couple of cows for milk some chickens a couple of pigs, but most of our crops are wheat, cabbage and suchlike.”

“Well, I’m Tony. If you ever need anything.” I stuck out my hand and we shook.

“Fred,” he announced. “Here, let me get you another beer.” He went to the bar and comeback with two beers.

“You married?” He asked.

“Not yet, going out with a nice girl, we’ll see what happens.” We chatted for a while and then went home.

For the next weeks I went to the pub just about every night. Fred enjoyed chatting to me, we felt the same on a number of issues, so it was easy to befriend him. After about  two weeks or so, he asked me to have a look at their dog, it seemed to be unwell. I went with him to the farm and checked his dog it was in a barn and gave it some Imodium. It had the runs.

“How much do I owe you?” Fred asked.

“Nothing. I’m always happy to help a friend.”

“Come on and meet the family then.” We went into the house.

“This is my wife Anne, and this is my daughter Christine, she’s eight”

“I’m not eight, I’ll soon be nine.” Christine said indignantly.

They both shook my hand and Fred introduced me to them.  Christine, up close was even more beautiful than I had thought possible. We all sat down and Christine brought us each a beer. I was desperately trying to hide the growing bulge in my pants, but I’m sure that Christine saw it because she smirked at my discomfort. Anne was very pleasant, but I could see there was a little bit of tension between them.

“Why don’t you come round tomorrow for lunch and bring your wife or girlfriend?” Anne asked. The next day was Sunday and I had already agreed to meet Susan for lunch.

“That would be great.” I responded. Now Susan and I had a comfortable relationship. She was very much into younger boys. She liked to teach them about sex. We met up every Saturday and Sunday and we would enjoy sex together, what each of us did for the rest of the week was our problems. We were both extremely careful to avoid STD or HIV partners.

The following day was interesting. We had a barbecue outside. I noticed that Fred kept watching his wife and when she was out of sight, he would pat his daughter or stroke her back or arms. He obviously didn’t upset her, in fact she seemed to enjoy the attention. After We left, late in the afternoon, Susan confirmed what I had thought.

“That guy is fucking his daughter.” She remarked. “The wife suspects it, she makes sure that she watches them all the time. I’ll bet she never leaves them alone together unless she has to do.” I had to agree. This was a chance. If I could prove that this was true, I could possibly blackmail Fred into letting me have some time with Christine.

Fred invited us around for lunch every Sunday. In return, I looked after the welfare of the few animals on the farm. Christine had a horse and she was quite a good rider already. We all got on well together. Christine used to greet us with a hug and she used to rub her body into my groin and grin. She knew exactly what it was and what men did with it. I still had no plan to further my ambition. I wasn’t thinking about rape. Rape was something that I regarded as evil. I wasn’t into sex with an unconscious woman. I was pretty sure that if I could get Christine alone with me, in the right circumstances, that she would be willing to let me fuck her. The question was, how. I knew which room was Christine’s and on the odd evening, I could sneak onto the farm from a side road and have a clear view of Christine’s room. Sometimes she would look through the window. She never pulled the blinds, but I couldn’t see her bed and when she moved away from the window, that was it.

The day’s grew shorter as winter approached. I still had no plan. Then, one evening, Fred was already in the bar when I arrived. He seemed tense and kept looking at his watch.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Oh nothing really, it’s just that one of Anne’s friends is in the hospital. She’s being operated on tomorrow, so she’s going to visit her. I’ll just have to pop back home for a bit and keep an eye on things whilst she is gone, she’ll only be gone for about an hour, so sit tight, I’ll be right back.” About ten minutes later he left the bar. I left by the rear door and ran down the lane to the back of the house where I could see Christine’s window. A few minutes later, Fred appeared at The window. His shirt was off. He pulled the blinds, but in sillouette, I saw him pick up Susan in his arms, then they vanished from view. My dick was at full attention as I imagined Fred, fucking his beautiful little girl. I stood there in the cold and stroked my engorged member until I shot my semen into the earth. So my theory was right. All I needed to do was prove it. I went back to the bar. After some time, Fred returned. He looked happy as only a man can after sex.

Now all I had to do was find a small camera that I could hide in Christine’s room that I could control remotely and then find a way to get Anne out of the house, so that I could get the necessary proof. First, I had to find out how I could plant the device in Christine’s room. I looked on the Internet and found a tiny spy camera that I could remotely trigger. Next, I had to find out when the family went out together on a shopping spree or something similar. I could hardly ask them!

As it turned out, all this was unnecessary, because a couple of weeks later, Fred came to the pub, looking a bit despondent.

“What’s up Fred?” I asked. He looked at me seemingly with some sudden thought and then he sank back.

“No, I couldn’t, that wouldn’t be right.” He muttered.

“What? I thought we were friends. If there’s a problem, let me try to help.” He stared at me for some time. Then after a while, he spoke.

“You probably haven’t noticed, but things aren’t a hundred percent between Anne and I. I love her, but . . . Anyway, I entered one of these silly competitions. I never win anything, it was just stupid, but the first prize was a two week Caribbean Cruise on one of these luxury cruise ships. I thought that maybe if Anne and I could go on a cruise like that, it would make things right between us. The problem is, I hadn’t thought it through properly, and I won the bloody first prize and we can’t go.”

“That’s fantastic Fred, of course you must go, you can’t let a thing like that slip away.”

“Don’t be silly. First they won’t allow children and second, even though I have a couple of hired hands, I can’t just leave the bloody farm for two weeks. Neither Anne nor I have any family that would come over and the few friends that Anne has would never come over and look,after things. I would never leave little Christine alone for two weeks.”

“When do you have to leave?” I asked.

“We should have been ready to leave in two weeks time, but there is no way . . .” I interrupted him.

“Listen, Susan has a lot of leave due to her. I don’t have to work. I’m a vet and more than capable of looking after your animals for a couple of weeks. If you tell me what has to be done and introduce me to your farm laborers, Susan and I can stay in the house for two weeks and take care of everything, whilst you and Anne go off and enjoy the Caribbean.” Fred looked as though he would burst into tears.

“Would you really do that? I would never expect you to do something like that. Are you sure that Susan would agree?” I stood up.

“I’m going to go and talk to her right away. Have you told Anne about winning?”

“No, because I realized that we couldn’t go and she would be disappointed.”

“Good, keep it to yourself for another two days. I’ll telephone you tomorrow with a definite yes or no’ and then, Susan and I will come over on Saturday morning and you can tell her that you won. When she starts thinking about abandoning everything for two weeks, you can tell her that we will be happy to do it and if she agrees, you are set up.”

“If this works, I’ll be in you debt for life.” Fred told me.

I went to Susan and explained. This was my big chance. All she had to do was to come with me to talk to Anne and Fred on Saturday, and go there with me on the day that they left. Then, once they had gone, she could pretend to get a call and she could make some excuse to go off, leaving me alone with Christine.

“You wouldn’t hurt her or force her would you?” Susan asked.

“What kind of a man do you think I am?” I asked her. I would never hurt that lovely little girl. I’m sure that once alone, I can talk nicely to her and she will let me have sex with her. It isn’t like she hasn’t done it before and if necessary I can tell her that I know about her relationship with her dad.”

On the Saturday, Fred made the announcement. It didn’t take long before Anne hugged and kissed both of us and agreed. They called Christine, who was out with her horse and they told her the news. At first she wasn’t too happy, but finally agreed that she would be happy for them to have a holiday. They assured Christine that that would make it up to her when they got back.

So the plan was sort of set, but I still had another trick up my sleeve. Some months before, I had heard of something called Bremelatonin. It was a peptide that when injected subcutaneously would produce massive sexual desire in both men and women. I had tried it out. It took anything from five to ten hours to really kick in and it lasted for hours afterwards. I carefully worked out what dose I could give little Christine to make her really horny, without causing any damage. How to give her the injection? I decided to get hold of some gamma hydroxybutyric acid, the date rape drug. I carefully worked out a dose based on her body weight, just enough to put her out for a couple of hours. During this time, I could give her the Bremelatonin and when she woke up, I hoped that she would try rape me, rather than the other way round!

Susan and I arrived on the day of departure. Everyone knew that I was in charge for two weeks. I had the schedule of what needed to be done and when. Eventually, the car arrived to take them to Southampton, it was all part of the prize. Susan and I went to the shopping mall with Christine. I bought some food and things for snacks, along with a bottle of port and a big teddy bear for Christine. She was thrilled. When we go home, Susan cooked lunch. Afterwards, I brought out some snacks and we watched a movie. I had a glass of port and gave Susan one. Then I poured half a glass and gave it to Susan.

“Here you go, just this once, you can join us to celebrate.” Susan took a cautious sip.
“Oh, this is nice, and she finished the glass.” At about six o’clock, Susan’s phone rang. She went into the kitchen and talked for a while. Then she came back and announced that there was a problem at home and she would have to go.

I went into the kitchen and started to tidy up. Then I went out and checked around the farm, the animals and the outbuildings. Christine was busy watching TV. When I had finished, I made up some snacks, crisps and bits of cheese on wooden sticks. I put them on the coffee table along with a glass of port for me. As we ate the snacks and I took a sip out of the port, Christine complained.

“That’s not fair. You get a drink and I don’t.”

“Sorry, what do you want, orange juice or pop.”

“Why can’t I have a drop of that stuff. It’s nice?” I pretended to be concerned.

“Little girls shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. There’s no telling what effect it could have.”
“Oh come on, just this once, pretty please”

“Oh well, alright, just this once.” I got up and went into the kitchen. I had already prepared an almost full glass of Port and my calculated dose of gamma hydroxybutyric acid. Only a tiny amount, I didn’t want her to sleep for very long. I gave her the glass and she started to sip from it until the glass was almost empty. I could see that her eyes were getting heavy. She yawned, tried to stand but couldn’t. She slipped back into the chair.

“Are you going to sleep?” I asked.

“Tired.” The reply was slurred.

“I knew I shouldn’t have given you that Port.” I complained. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.” I carried her upstairs and the main bedroom was the first one. I pretended to almost drop her and entered the main room. I needn’t have worried, she was already asleep. I got her out of her clothes, and just left her panties on. Then I went downstairs and got out my insulin syringe with the calculated amount of Bremelanotide. I rubbed a bit of topical anesthetic onto the skin under and to the side of her little belly button and then gave her the subcutaneous injection, it was only a tiny amount, but I reckoned it would make her super horny.

I didn’t want to disappoint, so I went downstairs and gave myself a shot as well. Then I went back upstairs and sat at the side of Christine’s bed, watching her, just in case there was a bad reaction. She flushed for a while, but that’s what it does, after about an hour, she was sleeping without any signs of a problem, so I went to the spare room which had been allocated to me for the two weeks, got naked and climbed into bed. I set my phone alarm for midnight. She had the injection at half past seven. Normally it takes four hours or more to kick in. By midnight, I was already awake with a rock hard erection.

I went to the room where Christine was sleeping. She was moving restlessly. In the dim light, I could see her hand was inside her panties. I leaned over her.

“Are you alright?” I whispered. Her hand reached out for my and held my arm.

“Please daddy, I feel so fucking horny. I want you.” This was even better than I had hoped for. I stroked her body and pulled off her panties. She grabbed hold of my engorged member and pumped it up and down. I started to stroke her slit. She was soaking wet and she squirmed and groaned as I slid my finger into her. She started to rotate her hips, trying to get me deeper into her.

“Fuck me daddy.” She whispered. I gently rubbed her clit. It was quite pronounced for someone so young. Her fingers dug into me as she exploded into a body shaking orgasm.

“Please daddy” I got between her legs and she grabbed my penis and helped me to find her pussy. I wished I could see her, but I was more than happy as I slid all the way inside her. She was tight, but incredibly wet. Her hips started moving and slamming up at me. My entire six and a half inches were buried in her. Her hips were more and more demanding. We were slamming into each other like crazed animals. I never wanted this to end.

It only took a few minutes before another body-wracking orgasm hit her. I desperately wanted to come, but I hung on grimly. As soon as she has recovered from her climax, she started pumping me again. Faster and deeper. Another orgasm hit her and I cried out as her vaginal muscles gripped my cock. I just couldn’t hold it. I pushed as deep into her as I could and erupted inside her. Jet after jet of my hot creamy semen fountained into her. I never though I would stop as wave after wave of pleasures swept through me. I could never believe that a body could produce that much semen. I must have pumped at least ten massive eruptions into her. It was squirting out of her little cunny. It was all over my pubic hair and my thighs and stomach. Her fingers were digging into my back so hard that it was painful.

“Oh my God, that was fantastic.” She groaned. Then suddenly she seemed to wake up. “Oh God, it’s Tony, please don’t tell anyone. How did . . .? I was still buried inside her.

“You were making noises and it woke me up. I came in to see if you were OK and, well, you grabbed me and just about raped me, but I don’t mind, it’s wonderful.”

“Sorry, I’m just so fucking horny. I’ve never felt like this before.  Please don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” Her hips started moving again. My cock had never gone completely flaccid and within seconds I was fully erect again. I pulled out and she let out a cry of dismay. I switched on the bedside lamp.

“Kneel up.” I manipulated her into position. As she knelt before me, a huge dollop of cum slid out of her little pussy and onto the bed. It was a very erotic sight. There is nothing like seeing your own semen dripping from the pussy of a girl that you have just fucked. My cock was rock hard again and I entered her doggy style. It was obvious that this was new to her. My arms were around her tummy I used one hand to massage her little clit and the other to fondle her tiny budding breasts and I could move and rub her little nipples. We went at it like animals. There were loud obscene noises with each stroke as the creamy spunk still inside her was churned to a white foam. We were both oblivious to the fact that we were covered in sticky semen. She had two more orgasms before I shot another massive load into her beautiful little body.

We both collapsed on the bed, clutching each other. We were soaked in sweat and spunk. We started kissing and she certainly knew how to kiss. Her daddy had trained her well. My cock was still swollen. I rolled her onto her side, lifted her leg and penetrated her from the side.

“I’ve never done it like this before.” She whispered, “You’re an expert Tony, I wish we could do this every day, but your girlfriend will be back and I think she might object.” She giggled.

“I’m sure that we can find a way.” I told her, “you are a sexy little minx, Christine.”

“You must promise me please, Tony, never tell anyone about my dad. They would send him to prison. We did it first about a year ago, but soon after, mom almost caught us and since then, she makes sure that dad an I are never alone. I love my daddy. He doesn’t do it as well as you, but he’s so kind and gentle to me. It makes me feel all warm inside and wanted.”

“You don’t have to worry, sweetie, if anyone knew that you and I were lying here like this, they would lock me up as well.” She laughed.

“Well stop lying there then, and start moving. Susan will be here tomorrow and we won’t be able to do it again.”  We were at it all night. We were both completely exhausted. I got up and made a breakfast of bacon, egg, sausage, beans, mushrooms and took it upstairs and we ate in bed. We drank tea and then we started to fuck again. Finally, we fell asleep.

I was wakened by my phone ringing. It was Susan.

“So how did it go?” She asked.

“Oh, everything is fine, my dear.” I let her talk for a while, then I said,

“Look, if you can’t get back for a day or two, I can manage here OK. Family is important, so stay until everything is one hundred percent. If I do really need you for anything, I’ll call you, I promise. Christine is very well behaved. I don’t think she’ll be a problem.” I finally hung up. Christine started to laugh.

“Tony, I’m going to wear you out, I promise. They’ll carry you out on a stretcher. I suppose we had  better get up, strip this bed so that it can dry out and get a bath, we both stink. After that you had better see to the farm and then we can have lunch. I’ll do the cooking, just conserve your strength, you are going to need it!”

For the next two weeks, she kept her promise. Sex with her was fantastic and I pumped load after load of my hot semen into her wonderful little body. Then the time drew near to its end.

“I’m going to miss you, Tony.” She told me. “I love sex. It’s just fantastic, I hardly ever get left alone with dad. It’s been a terrific time, but now I’m going to feel really frustrated. Is there any way we can get together for time to time?”

“I’m sure that we can make it happen.” I told her. We did, but that’s another story.

<To be Continued>