Chatlog – Maria11yo and Aus-John (Mg,pedo)

Chatlog – Maria11yo and Aus-John (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Maria 11yo talks about going skinny dipping at the garden pool with her 9yo lolita sister.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

<Aus-John> Hi Maria πŸ™‚
<Maria11yo> hello
<Aus-John> i am John from Australia
<Aus-John> how are you ?
<Maria11yo> 11/f/Italy
<Maria11yo> i am ok thanks
<Aus-John> cool
<Aus-John> i am 18 and i live at the beach near the great barrier reef
<Maria11yo> thats nice :PP
<Maria11yo> I like swimming I spent summer at my uncles home and he has a pool there πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> oh cool do you have a little bikini like the girls here wear ?
<Aus-John> i swim most days unless its raining here
<Maria11yo> yeah i guess is little πŸ˜› my cousin says it looks cute πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> hehe how old is he ?
<Maria11yo> david is 16yo and my other cousin amy is yo she has a nice bikini too
<Aus-John> well he would be a good judge of how you look. Guys his age are experts in girls and bikinis πŸ™‚
<Maria11yo> i dont know about that, e says it looks cute but also says to Amy
<Maria11yo> i think he says to everyone πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> yeah you may be right, did he ever say it looked sexy ?
<Maria11yo> he says that for joking when we do water war
<Aus-John> some of the girls on our beach look sexy and they are only like 12yo which is just a bit older than you are.
<Maria11yo> yeah but amy is 9yo and david also says to her
<Aus-John> oh i see
<Maria11yo> we do water water nearly everyday in summer when we alone πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> do you ever get to skinny dip. the girl here will if there are no parents around to see them
<Maria11yo> not like skinnydip but sometimes in water war david pulls our bikini down with the hose
<Aus-John> hehe that sounds like fun, do you leave them off or get them back quick
<Maria11yo> i pull them back but amy leaves them off
<Aus-John> she likes him to see there i think
<Maria11yo> lol,dunooo
<Aus-John> i noticed that the young girls here take theirs off lots more than older girls do, us guys like it cause there isnt a lot of hair there to cover everything up. Older girls get real hairy there hehe
<Maria11yo> yeah maybe is that πŸ˜› but its only us in the pool its a private garden so nobody’s looking only david
<Aus-John> he is lucky to have a free show then
<Maria11yo> what u mean a free show? lol, we dont have titties yet πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> hehe still would look good, i dont like great big titties anyway
<Maria11yo> yeah but we are all flatttyyy, sometimes i take the top bikini off when amy gets nudie
<Maria11yo> david says we got nothing to see cause we too lil
<Aus-John> when its been quiet here i have taken one of the girls into the mens showers and we wash together. i have a body wash i use to make them real soapy. They only have just little bumps where there boobs will be one day.
<Maria11yo> lol, u serriouuss?
<Aus-John> yes its okay, if another guy walked in he wouldnt mind a girl being in there.
<Maria11yo> u keep a secret if i tell U?
<Aus-John> yes
<Aus-John> i am good at secrets
<Maria11yo> su promise? πŸ™‚
<Aus-John> sure i wont tell .. promise
<Maria11yo> sometimes I also get nudie in the garden like amy πŸ˜› we take our bikinis out and hang them to dry πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> is that for sun baking ?
<Maria11yo> yeah well for drying the bikini, david says is better if i dry it too like amy does so its better for next day
<Aus-John> you must both have good tans
<Aus-John> hes lucky but he must get excited seeing two nude girls like that
<Maria11yo> yeah well i dont take off my suit always like amy does, only sometimes
<Maria11yo> and i dont think david cares seein us nudie lol
<Maria11yo> we dont have titties
<Aus-John> hehe i still think he would enjoy it a lot
<Maria11yo> u think david likes to see amy and me nudie?
<Aus-John> yes he would cause he is male and its sexy seeing a girls cunnie
<Maria11yo> lol maybe he likes girls with ttitties
<Aus-John> i think he would like them too, i learned though the bigger the titties the more hair there is covering up the girls cunnie, so you cant have everything
<Maria11yo> yeah maybe is that we dont have cunnie hair
<Aus-John> mmm sounds perfect hehe
<Maria11yo> u like??
<Aus-John> oh yes my favourite is bald, that way i can see everything and when i rub there in the showers its lots easier too with no hair there
<Maria11yo> lol u rub her therere?
<Aus-John> yes girls like that a lot, also i let her wash my penis and she rubs it with a cloth till she makes my sperm come out hehe
<Maria11yo> lol naughttyyyyyy lol
<Aus-John> you would like too i think
<Maria11yo> i dont do that but i seen in google πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> yes its a cool thing for a girl too do
<Aus-John> mine has 5 big squirts but its easy to clean up in the shower
<Aus-John> you would look better than the lolli girls cause i could squirt half each onto your faces
<Maria11yo> what is squirt?
<Aus-John> when the sperm comes out
<Maria11yo> ah ok
<Aus-John> if you sat close and took turns sucking then you could have half each
<Maria11yo> is it good?
<Aus-John> yes its sticky but nice
<Aus-John> you can drink it or rub it in like lotion
<Maria11yo> like suntan?
<Aus-John> yep
<Maria11yo> lol
<Aus-John> good for your skin
<Maria11yo> u serious? :p
<Aus-John> yes its got high protein or something, its supposed to help your boobs grow too if you rub it on them regularly
<Maria11yo> lol, maybe i should ask david to give me that πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> yeah he should have plenty, it needs to be fresh though so you would probably have to help him get some out
<Maria11yo> only joking πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> i know hehe
<Maria11yo> u really like do that to me? πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> yeah it would be great
<Maria11yo> lol
<Maria11yo> naughtyy boy
<Aus-John> some of david’s friends might like to try too
<Maria11yo> he can charge a fee to the pool πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> lol
<Aus-John> i would pay for that show hehe
<Maria11yo> only for looking?
<Aus-John> well i would pay some but not much. maybe like $5 each for your trouble
<Maria11yo> for taking off my bikini?
<Aus-John> yep
<Aus-John> top and bottom ?
<Maria11yo> easyyy, and i get $5? lol
<Maria11yo> top and bottom πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> real easy money hehe and maybe 10 boys a show hehe
<Maria11yo> 10 boys a show, he he
<Maria11yo> wow
<Maria11yo> then $5 each ok? πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> yep so $50 each per show
<Aus-John> lots would see your cunnie i bet
<Maria11yo> i can earn easy $$ πŸ˜›
<Maria11yo> but only look ok?
<Aus-John> yeah if they even wanted to have a nude swim with you they would need to pay heaps more
<Maria11yo> yeah ok πŸ˜› i can do that I dont mind πŸ˜›
<Aus-John> they might pay $10 for that hehe
<Maria11yo> but the pool is very small is one of these inflatable ones
<Maria11yo> ok gotta go sleep, bye

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy, this is not a real chat log.