Chatlog – Amy11yo and BigRob (Mg,pedo)

Chatlog – Amy11yo and BigRob (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Amy11yo tells BigRob she plays dare or truth with her 16yo pedophile brother and her 9yo sister and she had to strip naked as a dare.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

<BigRob> hello……;)
<Amy11yo_UK> hi
<BigRob> Im 15 M in the USA
<Amy11yo_UK> cool
<Amy11yo_UK> 11/f/uk here
<Amy11yo_UK> i am alone home with bro and sis tonight
<Amy11yo_UK> my bro is also 15yo like u πŸ™‚
<BigRob> cool
<BigRob> what do u look like?
<Amy11yo_UK> blonde long hair,blue eyes,slim
<BigRob> gosh
<BigRob> u sound cute
<Amy11yo_UK> my bro says i am πŸ™‚
<BigRob> Im tall for 15 brown hair blue eyes
<Amy11yo_UK> ok cool
<BigRob> what do u do for fun?
<Amy11yo_UK> chat,swim,draw etc
<BigRob> what do u draw?
<Amy11yo_UK> cartooons
<BigRob> thats definitely cool
<BigRob> u must have some good talent
<BigRob> I play guitar
<Amy11yo_UK> ok
<Amy11yo_UK> thats cool
<BigRob> whats the most wild thing u have done yet?
<Amy11yo_UK> i played dare or truth with sis and bro last weekend πŸ™‚
<BigRob> ohh that sounds pretty interesting
<BigRob> what happened?
<Amy11yo_UK> you really want to know :P?
<BigRob> sure
<Amy11yo_UK> u keep the secret?
<BigRob> I will zip my lip!
<Amy11yo_UK> ok…
<Amy11yo_UK> I had to strip all naked πŸ˜› lol
<BigRob> ohhhh gosh
<BigRob> how did u feel?
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah and my sis and bro where there lol
<Amy11yo_UK> it was real embarassing but I lost the dare…
<BigRob> so u were naked?
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah i had to, well i didnt take off the socks only my tshirt and pants and panties
<BigRob> wow
<Amy11yo_UK> lol
<BigRob> are u developed yet?
<Amy11yo_UK> david got a good show! it was some embarrassing lol
<Amy11yo_UK> but i lost so…
<BigRob> well I imagine u looked kinda good
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah he said i was cute all nekkid πŸ˜›
<Amy11yo_UK> i had to stay like that like 30 min or so
<BigRob> did the others have to get naked too?
<Amy11yo_UK> mary had to get her top off and david his shoes only
<BigRob> how old is mary?
<Amy11yo_UK> 9yo
<BigRob> well u would have been more interesting to see for sure!
<BigRob> whats ur body like?
<Amy11yo_UK> i dont have titties yet
<Amy11yo_UK> like mary so i dont think i was more interesting to see lol
<BigRob> mary has em?
<BigRob> she is young for that I think
<Amy11yo_UK> for what??
<BigRob> to be developing
<Amy11yo_UK> she is all flat mary’s only 9yo
<BigRob> did u like the feeling of being naked?
<Amy11yo_UK> it was kinda embarrassing that david kept teasing me
<BigRob> oh about what?
<Amy11yo_UK> he called me “rabbit” “nekkid girl” “lil bushy girl” and silly stuff
<BigRob> hahah well its nice once u start growing a bit of hair
<BigRob> are u blond there too?
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah but the coochy has very lil hair there its hard to see cause its blonde, dont know how david managed to see unless he stared at it lol
<BigRob> well Im sure he did!
<BigRob> I would have for sure
<BigRob> anything else happened?
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah sis also called me “bushy girl”
<BigRob> haha
<BigRob> well Im a bushy guy so we fit!
<Amy11yo_UK> i am not really bushy its very thin and little
<BigRob> is that the only time u were naked?
<Amy11yo_UK> nope we play dare or truth other times and i also lost πŸ™
<BigRob> haha
<BigRob> well u must like to get naked!
<BigRob> ;P
<Amy11yo_UK> mary’s also lost sometimes πŸ™‚ not always me
<BigRob> u guys do any other games once u get naked?
<Amy11yo_UK> sometimes when we lost all clothes we have to remain like that til we finish or do stuff
<BigRob> ok
<BigRob> what do u do?
<Amy11yo_UK> like walk on four legs, run around the room, etcc… one day i had to throw a glass of water on mary πŸ˜›
<BigRob> ok
<BigRob> well u must look sweet on hands and knees
<Amy11yo_UK> dunnoo lol
<Amy11yo_UK> but its hard to walk like that
<BigRob> how often do u play that?
<Amy11yo_UK> weekends when we alone
<BigRob> well as long as u have fun
<BigRob> anything else happen when u play?
<Amy11yo_UK> sometimes i get the glass of water πŸ™
<BigRob> does u bro always win?
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah the most he got out once was the shirt
<BigRob> I think he is cheating!
<Amy11yo_UK> he is older he knows all tricks
<BigRob> well I hope the water is warm!
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah its not from the fridge
<BigRob> thats good
<BigRob> where do u usually pour it?
<Amy11yo_UK> on the chest like that girl
<BigRob> ok
<BigRob> I would pour it on ur belly
<Amy11yo_UK> ok
<Amy11yo_UK> mary did that πŸ™‚
<BigRob> ohhhhh did u like it?
<Amy11yo_UK> nope lol
<Amy11yo_UK> i got a towel to dry quick
<BigRob> well it could be poured even lower on ur belly
<BigRob> near that bushy place
<BigRob> bet it would feel different
<Amy11yo_UK> yeah it goes down there πŸ˜›
<Amy11yo_UK> but its not bushy
<BigRob> how does it feel there?
<Amy11yo_UK> it trickles all down πŸ™‚
<BigRob> ok
<BigRob> I bet u never did any touching there
<Amy11yo_UK> nope
<BigRob> well one day u might wanna try to
<Amy11yo_UK> i dry there too when mary throws the glass of water
<BigRob> how does it feel?
<Amy11yo_UK> dry
<BigRob> well sometimes if u touch there it gets moist from the inside
<BigRob> and very slippery
<BigRob> I know girls who touch there all the time and love it
<Amy11yo_UK> i dont do
<BigRob> well one day u will prob
<Amy11yo_UK> ok
<Amy11yo_UK> i am 11yo now
<BigRob> well give it a few yrs
<BigRob> it gets v sensitive there
<Amy11yo_UK> ok

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy, this is not a real chat log.