Chatlog – Amanda11yo and Alaskaguy (Mg,pedo)

Chatlog – Amanda11yo and Alaskaguy (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Softcore child erotica chat with 11yo Amanda, she talks about playing pillow war with David her 15yo brother and Mary, her 9yo sister with their pyjamas coming down.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

<Alaskaguy> hi
<Amanda11yo> hello
<Alaskaguy> how are you doing?
* Alaskaguy is 17yo from Alaska
<Alaskaguy> I’m Jim
<Amanda11yo> i am alone home with bro and sis tonight πŸ˜›
<Alaskaguy> oh kewl
<Alaskaguy> how old are they?
<Amanda11yo> david is 15yo and mary 9yo
<Alaskaguy> ahh so you’re not the boss?
<Alaskaguy> πŸ™‚
<Amanda11yo> david is i guess
<Alaskaguy> so what do you look like Amanda?
<Amanda11yo> blonde long hair,blue eyes,slim
* Alaskaguy is 6′; 175lbs; blond; blue; athletic
<Amanda11yo> 39kg 139cm
<Alaskaguy> sound like a total cutie
<Alaskaguy> all the boys are gonna be chasing you!
<Amanda11yo> dunno, david says I am cute πŸ˜›
<Alaskaguy> πŸ™‚
<Alaskaguy> so do all of his buddies think so too?
<Amanda11yo> they tell to Mary a lot
<Alaskaguy> do you like guys?
<Amanda11yo> dunno
* Alaskaguy smiles
<Alaskaguy> well they are all going to be asking you out soon!
<Alaskaguy> so never kissed or anything yet?
<Amanda11yo> never done
<Alaskaguy> kissing is nice
<Amanda11yo> never done
<Alaskaguy> πŸ™‚
* Alaskaguy hugs you
<Alaskaguy> so what do you do for fun Amanda?
<Amanda11yo> well today we played a pillow war with david and mary πŸ˜›
<Alaskaguy> who won? πŸ™‚
<Amanda11yo> guess david
<Alaskaguy> ahhh
<Amanda11yo> marys pjs came down,lol,they were all loose
<Alaskaguy> oh πŸ™‚
<Alaskaguy> did your bro see her?
<Amanda11yo> yeah everything, we dont wear panties under the pjs
<Alaskaguy> mmm
<Alaskaguy> what did he do?
<Amanda11yo> he teased her
<Alaskaguy> how?
<Alaskaguy> just saying stuff or touching her?
<Amanda11yo> he called her “naked bunny””unclothed kitty””smoothie princess”,silly games
<Alaskaguy> ohh
<Alaskaguy> I bet he liked seeing her
<Amanda11yo> lol, mary s only 9yo she hasnt got titties yet
<Alaskaguy> do you?
<Amanda11yo> nope i dont neither
<Alaskaguy> not even little swelling and nipples?
<Amanda11yo> a lil yes
<Amanda11yo> but marys al flatty
<Alaskaguy> your nipples ever get hard?
<Amanda11yo> no
<Alaskaguy> πŸ™‚
<Alaskaguy> I bet they will soon πŸ™‚
<Amanda11yo> i dont know
<Alaskaguy> when you get a little older some boy will get you excited and they’ll get hard
<Amanda11yo> ok
* Alaskaguy smiles
<Amanda11yo> my bros seen my butt, thats all
<Alaskaguy> he touch it?
<Amanda11yo> only quick slapped
<Alaskaguy> ahhh
<Alaskaguy> I bet you have a cute little butt
<Amanda11yo> dunno, he says mary has a cute butt lol
<Alaskaguy> he slap her’s too or rub it?
<Amanda11yo> slap and pinch
<Amanda11yo> when she had her bottom pjs pulled down during pillow war
<Alaskaguy> so does david have a girlfriend?
<Amanda11yo> david doesnt have gf i thnk
<Alaskaguy> ah ok
<Alaskaguy> do your pj bottoms come down during the ppillow wars?
<Amanda11yo> somtimes yes
<Amanda11yo> mary gives me wedgies πŸ˜›
<Alaskaguy> lol
<Alaskaguy> does david’s come down too?
<Amanda11yo> nope his are well tight
<Alaskaguy> he get hard in front?
<Amanda11yo> what u mean hard?
<Alaskaguy> like his thing in front
<Alaskaguy> does it get hard?
<Amanda11yo> what u mean?
<Amanda11yo> nopeeee
<Alaskaguy> his penis
<Amanda11yo> lol, well i dont see it
<Alaskaguy> oh ok
<Amanda11yo> but my pjs only come down for a few secs i pulled them up then
<Alaskaguy> does he like to look when they are down?
<Amanda11yo> he teases me about it when they do
<Alaskaguy> πŸ™‚
<Amanda11yo> sometimes he gets to see the front
<Alaskaguy> he ever try to touch you there?
<Amanda11yo> nope he doesnt but calls me silly names
<Alaskaguy> well that will stop one of these days
<Alaskaguy> πŸ™‚
<Amanda11yo> he calls me “smooth kitty”
<Amanda11yo> says something like “i see ur smooth kitty” or whatever
<Alaskaguy> I like how that looks πŸ™‚
<Amanda11yo> how looks what? a smooth kitty?
<Alaskaguy> you ever rub there?
<Alaskaguy> girls when they are smooth in front
<Alaskaguy> yeah
<Amanda11yo> ok
<Alaskaguy> do you ever rub there?
<Amanda11yo> gotta go sorry
<Amanda11yo> bye
<Alaskaguy> bye

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy, this is not a real chat log.