Caught #2 ‘Karla’ (MMMgg,hanging,oral,anal,rape)

Caught #2 ‘Karla’ (MMMgg,hanging,oral,anal,rape)

Prologue: Dark haired Karla find herself under intense scrutiny from well equipped Bill when she and Alice return reluctantly to the old abandon house.

It had taken two days before Karla would stop crying when she was alone. Saturday was fast approaching and periods of intense appreciation would sweep down over her. She had been raped by the man called George, ‘sodomize’ was the word. She had been tied up tightly the feeling of helplessness so overwhelming. And it hurt so very bad when he pushed his cock up into the young eight year old rectum. She still had flash backs of the act, of seeing what they did to her friend Alice. A shiver ran through her at the thought of having to go back, that it would happen again. But the men had threaten to tell everyone about it, Karla and Alice felt they had no choice but to return.

Karla woke with a start it was Saturday morning, she looked out her window clouds covered the sky, it was 9:00 am. She got dressed using some old clothes and picked up her small bag that she had the jar of petroleum jelly in, she’d snuck it from the bathroom cabinet the night before. Her small hands shook. Her mom was in the living room watching TV when she came through. She looked up a her as Karla tried to slip by.

“Going out to play with your new friend Alice, honey” her mom ask turning her head from the program on the TV.

Karla shook her head ‘yes’ knowing if she talked her voice would betray her nervousness.

“Have fun” her mom turned back to the program “Try to be back by supper”

Karla went through the door. Alice was coming up the sidewalk carrying a small bag too. She looked just as dejected as Karla felt.

“Do you think they’re going to butt-fuck us again” Karla asked Alice her voice shaking.

They started walking toward the direction of the old house. I was a few seconds before Alice responded.

“I think so” she said “I’m scared”

Karla reached over her hand feeling for and finding Alice’s hand, they walked on hand in had in silence a little longer. The last house in their neighborhood disappeared as they turned down the slightly overgrown dirt road the old house coming into view. They stopped looking at it.

“I don’t think I can go in there” Alice said

“What if they tell someone” asked Karla

“Maybe they won’t, and if we don’t say anything no one would know” said Alice a hopeful sound to her voice.

Karla didn’t want to go in there either her young eight year old mind grasping at that hope that maybe the men wouldn’t say anything to anyone.

“Okay… Okay, lets leave” Karla finely got out.

Both turn quickly to hurry away from the old run down house. George and Frank were standing a mere three feet in front of them as they turned stopping them in their tracks. They turned again to run the other way. Bill stepped out from the brush. A strong hand landed on Karla’s shoulder, Alice’s too. They were caught.

“Right on time girls” Frank behind them chimed out “Whats in the bags”

Both Karla and Alice handed the bags up toward the man Bill in front of them. He took them opening one looking in then the other doing the same. A evil smirk going onto his adult face.

“Both brought petroleum jelly guys” he chuckled out “Guess both want ass fucked real good…. Come on in girl”

George had Karla’s arm half pulling her to the old house. Alice a little behind her being brought along by Frank. Bill had gone on in disappearing into the gloom of the doorway with both bags Karla and Alice had brought. It took a few seconds for Karla’s eyes to adjust to the gloom when they were guided through the doorway. And in a few seconds both girl were back in the old room where they had been in just last week.

“Get em stripped and bound” Bill barked out.

Karla world felt surreal as George pulled her old t-shirt off over her head, she’d worn shorts today with no panties. And her short came down quickly. Alice was being worked on by Frank who was working just as fast. George handed her a sixteen ounce plastic bottled water twisting off the top before handing it to her.

“Drink it… All of it” he commanded. A smirk on his face.

He stayed there watching her, urging the bottle up when ever she pause from drinking in fast enough for him. But there came a point she couldn’t drink any more despite being slapped once across the face. Alice too had been slapped for not drinking fast enough. Till finely…

“Okay girls, guess that’ll have to do” Bill said “Time to be bound”

“Turn Karla” George said “Lets get this done”

Tears started running down her face, her anxiety was growing and a body lurching sob went through her. George didn’t tie her like last week, just folding her arms using a strong wide gray tape, running it around her forearm tightly a few times. She looked over to Alice, Frank was holding her arms behind her waiting on George who handed the roll of wide tape to him. Alice’s forearms were done the same way. Karla and Alice were brought over the the old bed and sat down.

“Sure this is going to work, Bill” George said “It’s all I’ve been able to think about for the last few day”

“I only done it once” he informed George “And it worked just like I’d read in the old book, my cock kept going hard for weeks afterwards just remember it…. Your in for a hell of a treat”

“And your saying you didn’t kill the girl” Frank asked.

“No… But she sure thought she was going to die” Bill grinned broadly “You guys will have to flip to see who does Alice.. I’m going to do Karla”

Bill reached up to a metal hook up in ceiling big enough for him to place his hand around it pulling on it his feet came off the floor. He went to second one doing the same. He picked up a thick coarse rope placing it over the hook letting the end dangle down.

Karla recognized it immediately ‘a hang mans noose’ she jumped up running for the door. A strong hand of Frank grabbed into her long black hair her feet going out in front of her with her landing on her bare bottom.

“Get her up here” Bill said.

“No… No.. ple-e-ese-e..” She begged “Please-ee-e don’t”

George over by Alice grabbed her arm keeping her on the bed. Karla was pulled up by her hair, strands of her hair being pulled from her head. There were two wooden boxes in the corner Bill scooted one with his foot under the loop of rope. They picked Karla up a hand slipping the rope over her head snugging it down. Bill reached over pulled on the other end till it went taunt making Karla rise up onto the balls of her feet. Another rope was placed over the other hook an empty loop hanging down.

“Your turn Alice” George said his voice shaking with excitement.

“Don’t do this to me.. Please” Alice begged too looking up eyes watering over. “You going to kill us”

“See” Bill said “It’s already starting”

Alice was lifted crying openly and place on the other wooden box, the rope fitted over her head and pulled up. She too was up on the balls of her feet. The men stood back Bill calmly removing his clothes.

“Are you saying that the book said when a girl get hung they piss a shit themselves” George ask Bill.

“I’m saying just that, George” he grinned broadly “But if you got your cock up her tight ass it sure gets more than little wild… and fuck… the wad you blow just seeing that stream of piss”

“You can do Alice, George” Frank said “I’m not into the hanging thing but I’m sure wanting to see it plays out. I really want to throat fuck em if they’re still alive after you do it though”

Karla could see George stripping his adult cock coming stiffly free, ample but nothing like Bill who was now fully nude digging into one of the bags Alice and her had brought with them pulling out the small jar she’d put into it last night.

“All the water we made them drink should give the stream of piss a hell of a kick” Bill popped the top of the jar scooping two of his fingers in.

George had gotten the other bag, reaching in taking out the much larger jar Alice had in there. He waved it at Bill.

“Mines bigger than your” he jived gigging nervously.

“In your dreams, George, in your dreams” Bill showing George his stiff already lubed massive organ. “Speaking of dreams, been fantasizing about doing this again for a long time, reread the book more than once sense then”

George’s hand shook as he popped open the large jar dipping his own two fingers in and spreading the thick goo over his arching stiff adult penis. Finished her tossed the jar onto the bed the top going off the other side.

“I can’t wait” George said to Bill “You ready to do this”

“Go ahead, I’m going to take this time slower” he said more to himself “I’d like to watch you do Alice before doing Karla”

Karla watch George move quickly around behind Alice. Tears ran down Alice’s terror filled face. Karla was for sure she was watching the last minutes of her friend’s life. They shouldn’t have come here, should have let the men tell what happened. But it was much to late now. George had his stiff penis in his hand guiding, he bent his knees lowering himself some placing his jelly coated penis between Alice’s buttocks and came up abruptly.

“Ah-h-eee!” Alice chirped out her legs going real stiff.

“She tightened up real nice Bill” he said “Thought after what you did to her last week she be to loose to use”

Karla watch Alice grimacing in pain, George lunged again cruelly his loin moving slowly till it seated firmly up into Alice’s butt crack. Alice screamed out long and loud her legs moving stiffly over the box top as the adult cock slipped fully into place. George was grinning like the devil himself as tugged back and started humping, Alice moved in apparent harsh discomfort doing her best not to loose her footing as George kept forcing his cock into moving even more rapid. Tears rolled down Alice’s face amidst her loud cries and guttural grunts from each sudden harsh lunges from George’s adult cock and Karla found herself balling too, the scene playing out hard to watch. George’s hands went to each side of Alice’s waist one of his feet coming up and shoving the wooden box forward across the floor. Alice’s eye’s went wide in shock as her neck took the full weight of her young body. Karla watch as Alice’s feet went wildly about seeking a foothold, everywhere.

Both Frank and Bill sat on the bed leaning back, Bill had started pumping his thickly lubricated penis in his lard hand, Frank had a jar of petroleum jelly in his hand dipping into it and grasping his own adult organ pumping at it madly watching Alice and George with keen interest.

Alice was in a state of pure panic, George was gleefully humping madly up into rectum her as she flailed about. Karla started shaking seeing what was in store for herself. Alice’s body relaxed suddenly as if she’d given up her eyes still open looking wildly about her mouth moving choking/gagging sounds coming from her. George’s hips were still moving guiding his cock up into Alice’s backside, her legs being move about by the impacts. Alice’s face was bright red her teeth set in a grimace, her body surged again kicking about but more weakly. A sudden strong stream of hot yellow pee shot from her clit going out into the old room. George’s loin jammed up firmly into Alice’s buttocks a loud sharp fart coming around his embedded adult organ.

“Fuck Bill she is trying to shit, I can feel it!” he cried out “Look at her piss too, ‘OH Fuck’ I’m cumming”

Karla was in shock at the sight of Alice pissing out across the room suddenly, her young bright red face looked dazed, she was staring bug-eyed in a state of complete panicked shock. George’s arms around her, his loin mashing hard up into her butt crack in the throws of an intense orgasm. Finished he pulled his cock out, poop followed his penis from Alice’s bottom falling to the floor.

“Time to take her down Frank if you still want some oral action” He said as they scooted from the bed “She’s not going to complain”

Karla watch as they lifted Alice off the hook taking the noose off her neck. She was limp but gave a in-taking gasp of air as they lifted her body weight from the noose. She was still alive.

Bill picked up the jar of jelly dipping finger in and relubing his cock again. He came over to Karla his hand still spreading the lube over his large organ looked at Karla in her damp tear filled eyes.

“I’m gonna be wanting the same from you little girl” He told her “And I bet I’ll get it too”

Alice was place on the bed on her back still limply dazed her head over the side, the rope burn around her neck easy to make out from where Karla stood. Frank was on his knees on the floor, one hand opening Alice’s mouth wide the other aiming his ridge cock toward Alice’s open mouth. Bill was moving around Karla, she was starting to shake violently all over.

“A-am I g-going to pee like Alice did” Karla stuttered.

“And shit too little girl…. And shit too” Bill whispered in her left ear “But you won’t even realize your even doing it, you’ll be too busy freaking fucking out”

Karla felt his hands slightly trembling with excitement feeling over her shaking body from behind her. His face going into her long black hair on the back of her head breathing in deeply.

“I’m going to place my cock on your ass-hole” Karla heard him still whispering “You’ll want to make like your pooping or my thick cock might damage your butt-hole, or I could get George over here to loosen you up some with his”

Karla’s mind was trying to understand what all was being asked of her. She remembered last week George jumping her so quickly, it had hurt so bad. She felt the large blunt firm head slip slickly through her buttocks landing on her anus pressing firmly.

“Okay push like you need to take a shit girl” his language crude.

Karla was shaking so bad now knowing that what she saw happen to Alice was just starting to happen to her, she was real scared, Alice still looked almost dead, her head over the side of the bed on her back with Frank lining his stiff cock up with her mouth which he held open with a couple of one hand on her chin. Karla saw him stab his stiff adult penis into her held open mouth, his loin going all the way onto Alice’s face the shape of his stiff organ reflected on the outside her of her throat before Karla saw Alice even react, her young body lurching up in a full blown gag. George on the bed watching grabbed at Alice holding her in place down on the bed as Frank started humping, the bulge in Alice’s throat moving in sink with his movements.

A brisk dizzying slap went up side Karla’s head leaving her reeling, before grasping onto the back of her neck.

“I Said Make Like Your Taking A Shit… Bitch” Bill commanded shaking her hard with the hand on the back of her neck to get her attention.

Karla couldn’t believe men could be this cruel, her own father never hit her this hard, ever, even at his maddest. A gripping sob went through her, and another one she couldn’t stop them. She had no choice but to do what he demanded of her. Karla pushed with the mussels she used to poop with feeling Bill’s huge blunt cock head pressing hard against her tight ring of anal mussel the slick thick jelly coated blunt tip just starting to open her anus. Then pain…. Sharp pain her leg going stiffer raising up away from the hurt, the blunt anus opening organ followed her then lunged. The man Bill’s penis was much too thick for her to handle.

“Stop pushing…. Stop pushing… Oh-h-h God..Please stop pushing!!” She cried out, even though she knew he wasn’t going to.

“Keep pushing like your taking a shit girl…. Keep pushing” Bill demanded, she was suddenly being shaken harshly again “Make like your shitting, come on little girl you can do it”

The horrendously thick blunt tip popped in past Karla’s anus into her rectum, with no trying on her part to be doing what he was asking of her. Karla cried out in a long ear piercing squeal. George and Frank both turning their grinning heads from Alice to watching her dancing stiff legged over the small wooden box the only thing keeping her from getting away was the noose around her neck which bit in cruelly as she teetered around it, Bill not assisting in any way to lesson her efforts to stay centered under the rope. His thick over sized male organ kept urging it’s self farther up into her young rectum painfully without regard to her intense stiff legged discomfort.

“The reason you haven’t dropped yet lovely Karla, darling” Bill said behind her close to one of her ears “Is I’ve got more cock to get up into you than George or Frank has over there”

Bill’s thick penis worked even deeper up into her.

“But rest assured, you’ll be dangling just like Alice was sooner than you think” Bill’s voice shaking in his apparent excitement.

His thick cock filled her horribly stretched rectum. Karla stood rigidly upright legs mussels trembling on top the box her legs close together his stiff petroleum jelly coated adult penis going between her buttocks up into her young rectum. She remembered last week when Bill took Alice with his long organ, as the deep point inside her where his blunt cock head now pressed started to give in slowly to Bill’s never relenting pressing up into her bowel. His large strong hands slipped around her waist gripping her, holding her strongly in place.

The shock on Alice’s face when the box was kicked out from under her was flashing through Karla’s own mind. She could feel the moment of her own fast approaching the fear of it overriding the hurtful pain going on deep where Bill’s long organ kept up a cruel pressure, the end of her rectum was losing rapidly.

“You feel it too don’t you dear” the voice from Bill sounding disembodied coming from everywhere. “Heaven is near, almost at hand”

Karla did feel it too… and didn’t like it at all. Her hands clenched up in small fists fingers writhing behind her. She heard Alice coughing wetly George still holding her in place with her head over the side. Frank had pulled his spittle wet adult penis from her mouth both men were looking Karla’s way with a look of excited anticipation that scare her. Bill’s cock slipped deeper still Karla’s eyes going wide as it kept moving this time. The box under her disappeared her toes pointing down searching hanging in the air. Her full weight going shockingly onto the rope around her neck.

Karla’s face went into a grimace mussel tensing in her neck to keep the coarse rope at bay as Bill lunged up. His hairy loin to her dismay mashed up into her buttocks, a knee going between her stiff legs prying them apart as he worked more of his thick adult organ up into her. He was now free to do as he pleased, Karla found herself in a fight for her life. She couldn’t even come close to grasping the pure terror she felt. Then uncontrolled panic swept over her as her young arms pulled wildly in the tight grip of the wide tape, her leg went kicking about searching vainly for a foot hold on anything, anything at all. Through it all was the grinning faces of George and Frank watching with ecstatic joyful glee.

The strong hands of Bill took control of Karla’s flailing body, gripping from behind her at her hips, her flailing legs and feet ignored by Bill as they bouncing off his shins and legs in her intense wild panicked state. Karla was fully aware the moment when Bill started his mad rush toward self gratification Karla’s consuming uncontrolled terror filled panic urging the evil man on. The horribly deep thick adult penis suddenly being forced through her large intestine, it had her torso contorting her young body with each buttock seating plunge to conform her rectal tube to the intensely stiff long adult rod. A horrid feeling of having uncontrolled diarrhea flooded through her abdomen adding to her horror of having to die this way.

Blood pounded in Karla’s head the grinning faces of George and Frank swam dizzily in her vision in front of her. The need to defecate so overwhelming her young legs instinctively coming up her body forming the position she took when she use the bathroom at home. To her horror her a uncontrolled strong stream of piss flooded from her pussy going out in front of her. Bill’s cock slammed to a stop up into her opened buttocks the large rod swelling spitting sperm in huge gushed deep into Karla’s sensation racked intestine. And still the strong stream flood from her pee hole. The world started fading ‘this it how it’s going to end’ went through her young mind….

Karla woke with a sound of wet gagging choking, gasping for air… it was her! She shook her head to clear her vision, the world was upside down. Before her only a few inches was an adult cock fully stiff. She was looking down the underside of it at the to huge testicles hanging there. A hand came down angling it toward her widely held open mouth, it surged forward piercing into her throat. The huge testicular sack quickly covering her nose resting hotly over the cheeks of her face. She went into a body gripping retching gag. Hands held her shoulders down her head was over the side of a bed pinned hard against the side by the pressing loin of the man against her face for a short moment before it went into a fury of fast wet sounding humping that had more than just some of her puke spraying around the sides of the frantically moving organ. It pulled out but she couldn’t stop the locked in harsh open mouthed gagging she seemed to be stuck in.

Till…. After a prolonged effort she whooped in a jagged wet lungful of air, choking herself with the thick flem still in her throat and mouth. Thick goo a mix of heavy spittle and puke ran over her face and forehead. The adult penis just inches from her face spit a heavy load of sperm. Karla heard a grunt of pleasure ‘it was Frank’. Karla coughed up a spray of thick mucus from her lungs that sprayed out over the cock held in his hands, the adult organ spit again the huge load of sperm going over her landing on her chest. Angling his cock down the rest shot dead into her face mixing with the other slime.

She was released the harsh onslaught over. Karla rolled over gasping for air and choking up slime from her lung. Her throat hurt, her rectum burned from the abuse forced onto her. Eyes clearing she saw Alice huddled where she’d been last week sobbing, puke was on the floor where Alice had been on the bed. Karla could see the rope burn around her young neck, her own neck burned and she wondered if her neck looked the same. It was George that came over to her pulling off the tape then doing the same for Alice.

“You girls are a mess” He said tossing them a old cloth towel.

The men dressed quickly removed all evidence that they were even there and left amidst laughter and jesting that faded quickly, Alice and Karla suddenly alone huddled by the old moldy bed.

“I-I’m not coming back next week” Karla croaked out her throat hoarse and raw her hand feeling over the harsh rope burn there.

“Me neither” Alice’s voice sounding just as harsh. “Think we should tell someone”

They never did though.