Caught #1 ‘Alice’ (MMMgg,bond,anal,rape)

Caught #1 ‘Alice’ (MMMgg,bond,anal,rape)

Prologue: Seven year old Alice gets caught watching her new friend being raped.

Alice sat a the breakfast table finishing her eggs her mother had placed down. She was in second grade and school had just started up again. She had made a new friend at school, her name was Karla. They were the same age but Karla had dark long black hair and Dark eyes but she had almost blond hair cut much shorted with deep blue eyes. But it was Saturday morning and she and her new friend were going to play at an old house about a mile from here. Alice knew her mother wouldn’t approve so she told her they were going to the play ground. She got up her mother grabbing the dirty plates.

“What time you going to be home dear” her mother ask.

“Is it okay if I eat lunch at Karla’s house” she asked

“Sure, but don’t be late for supper”

Alice shot out of her house. It was a beautiful day, deep blue Canadian skies with hardly a cloud to be seen. The old house was well removed from the other houses, she’d been there before nosing around and looked forward to playing in the old place with Karla. As she got closer she heard some noise from the house. Karla was suppose to be here ‘maybe she was late’ so Alice wondering what she was hearing came up to the house quietly her curiosity getting the best of her. It sounded like adult male voices deep like her father. She eased onto the front porch looking through the old door, one of the hinges broken long ago. The voices were coming from one of the rooms.

Alice paused listening, the voices ebbing punctuated with laugher. She crept in locating the room where the noise was coming from. Easing slowly down the dusty hallway she looked into the old room through a fist size hole in the old door. Karla was in there standing beside an old moldy bed looking scared one man holding her in place facing another man who was unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse. In short order the blouse was pulled from her leaving her young chest bare. The light blue blouse was tossed into a corner of the old room. The man in front reached into a well warn backpack pulling out a ruffly wound up old rope and a knife handing it off the the man behind Karla. Alice watched the man unwind a length and cutting off what he wanted.

He grabbed Karla’s arms pulling them around to the back tying one of her wrist tightly then pulling it high up her back till Karla groaned and looped it twice around her neck before grabbing her other wrist. The other end of the rope was tied tight around that wrist leaving her standing there looking uncomfortable with her arms pull high up her slender bare back. The man in front reach over and pulled her pants down panties and all in one swift move pulling them Karla almost falling over her feet working to find footing as undies and pants were pulled into the hands of the man kneeling in front of her. His nose going into the crouch of Karla’s undies that still were in the pants before tossing them over on top of the light blue blouse.

“You gonna fuck her first George”

“Damn straight Bill” George said “Your fucking donkey dick cock would stretch her out too much, you let me an Frank go first”

“Damn lucky we came by here today” Bill said “Been a while since the last one”

“Where’d Frank get off to” George looked up at Bill.

“He had to take a whiz” was the reply “Should’ve been back by now, know he didn’t want to miss this”

The hair rose on the back of Alice’s young neck ‘there was another man’ she pulled her eyes from the hole and looked down the hall, turning she gasped out, a ruff strong hands grabbed her tightly.

“Hi, I’m Frank” he said grinning devilishly “Really glad you could join the party”

Alice tried pulling free but the mans strong fingers dug in cruelly keeping her in place. He swung the old door open to the room she was just looking into.

“Look what I found out side of this door” Frank said pushing Alice in ahead of him.

“Fuck” George said “Must be our real lucky day, might as well bring her over here too”

Alice found herself being pushed through the door, fully naked Karla was staring wide eyed in her direction a look of helpless loss on her face. Alice could see where one of the men had slapped her face, a red hand mark shown plainly there.

“Well I’m not going to wait any longer” George said pulling his pants down.

Alice saw him reach up slapping his hand down on to the back of Karla’s slender neck, terrorized surprise showing on her face as his fingers went digging in around the back of her neck forcing her abruptly over the side of the old moldy bed, forcing her naked bare chest down into the dirty torn mattress.

Alice was shocked by what she saw, the man was kneeling behind Karla his pants pulled down to his knees his legs working to kick them the rest of the way off. She could see his adult penis fully stiff sticking out toward Karla’s slim backside. Alice saw George spit in his free hand and rub the bulbous head of his thick adult organ.

A push form Frank toward the bed had Alice staggering almost falling over. She was now close beside Karla and George, unable to turn her head from watching what was happening to Karla. Alice could see the tight rope around her small wrists pulled high up her back, the two loops of rope going around her slender neck looking a little too snug, she was squirming with apparent distress under the man’s pressing hand on the back of her neck. George free of his pants and underwear move up aiming his stiff thick penis through Karla’s buttocks having to force the stiffly arching organ down to go where he wanted it.

Alice’s t-shirt was abruptly pulled up over her head, her hands coming up involuntarily covering the nipples on her flat suddenly bare chest. Karla squealed ear piercingly out, her leg closest to Alice came up stiffly kicking her hard.

“Shut her up quick” the man Bill cried out.

George released his ridged penis that had gone up into Karla’s butt, and quickly brought it around placing it over Karla’s mouth on her upturned head muffing her squeal, cutting it off.

“I’ll get a rag or something we can’t have this much noise” Bill said nervously “We’ll have to gag them both”

“Hurry” was all George said

Alice’s shorts and panties were pulled down, one of her hands coming down covering her exposed clit. Frank who just pulled her shorts down grabbed her arms, one in each of his strong hands. Alice screamed in frustrated terror. A hand came over her mouth it was Bill holding one hand over her mouth the other going around her holding her in place. She bit down on one of his fingers and was rewarded with an abrupt head spinning slap on the side of her head. Alice was still reeling from the harsh slap as something was pushed into her mouth looking like her panties from this morning. Through her blurred eyes she saw Frank tear a long strip from her t-shirt handing it to Bill behind her then Frank grabbing her hands again. The strip of her t-shirt was brought over her head and went over her mouth being pull tight over the panties stuffed into her mouth. Alice was strongly turned.

“I’m going to tie her up even tighter than the other one” Frank said his voice betraying his excitement. “I want the same kind of that action George is getting”

A agonizing whine came from Karla, Alice looking quickly over seeing Bill stuffing Karla’s pink flowered panties into her mouth and using another strip of Alice’s t-shirt tied it around her head too. Karla’s hands were bright red still high up her back, the loops of rope around her small neck had her head raised slightly off the mattress her entire face panic filled. George’s strong hands went gripping around her hips, fingers digging around both hip bones as he adjusted himself. He lunged with out pause holding Karla’s slender waist so she couldn’t squirm free from his pressing lunge. Karla screamed into the pink panties stuffed in her mouth. Bill leaned back on the old bed watching, unfastening his belt, slipping his pants down and off along with his underwear, he leaned back intently watching George and Karla rubbing one hand slowly over his massive penis. Karla screamed again the sound muffled Bill rubbing his organ harder looking down into her face.

Bill’s adult penis was almost twice as big as George’s a terrifying sight to see. Alice was pulled around in Frank’s strong grip and pushed against the foot of the moldy bed, he picked up the rope laying there and gripping one of Alice’s arms pulling it behind her tied it around her wrist, fiercely tight. He yanked it up hard behind her making Alice cry out in pain into the now spittle wet panties stuffed in her mouth, her arm going high up behind her. The rope attached tightly to her wrist went looping around her neck rapidly her other arm being pull painfully up. The rope looped around her neck felt way too snug making it hard to breath. She felt the rope snap tight and tied off around her other wrist pull up along side the other Frank letting her go belly first over the top of the bed, legs over the side. Surprising shock of the act reflected on her face.

Alice was in dire-straights immediately, the moment he let go of her. Her arms pulled down on the loops of rope going up around her neck. The blood pounding hard in her head, she raise up her head from the bed arching her back, her shoulders, doing her best to work her arms painfully up her back, the terror of not being able to do it enough flooding through her. She saw that Bill was intently staring at her now pumping his massive organ with his hand rapidly. She now knew what unabandoned lust looked like and it scared her. Alice heard Frank spit behind her, a hand grabbed her tied wrist high up her back, the pressure of the rope around her neck lessened some, blood flooded into her head her mind clearing quickly, but her arms and shoulders hurt horribly. Bill was still pumping his organ in front of her watching it play out.

A slick bluntness slipped between her buttocks. Alice knew immediately what it was. It moved through her butt crack till it rested dead on her anus. Karla on the side of the bed to Alice’s shock was in the throws of some horrid kind of intense sensations she’d never seen anyone go through. George was humping eagerly behind her, still holding her young hip tightly. Alice could plainly see his slick thick adult penis come into view then be pushed back, occasionally with him having to force it into place, which he also did eagerly and without regard to Karla’s apparent discomfort from the act. Some of the sounds coming from the harsh movements into her backside were too distressful to contemplate and still George continued his movement which were becoming even more intense. Karla was fully engrossed into the horrid act, her dark eyes wide with terrorized disbelief that she was being abused in such a vile way.

The thick blunt tip press cruelly onto her tight ring of guarding mussel. Alice’s wrist were released from Frank’s hand, the rope going back tight Alice’s head pounding again. The blunt tip lunged much harder than her anus could hold back and opened wide around the thick hard flesh of the mans penis. Hands gripped on each side of her hips just like they did on Karla. Fingers dug deep into her abdomen around her hip bones in a fierce grip. Sharp pain shot through her suddenly over stretched anus forcing her entire body to go stiff, her legs went shooting out to each side of the man behind her. Alice’s arm mussels went taunt, her hands forming fists that pulled madly at the rope around her neck choking her, cutting even more blood from reaching her young brain. She arched stiffly up off the bed forcing her arms to struggle higher up her back somehow, The thick penis lunged without warning, her rectal walls stretching painfully as Frank forced more of it up into her rectum.

Alice couldn’t have before this believed such sharp piercing pain existed. Bill was rapidly pumping his hand over his massive cock still setting on the bed leaning back against the wall, pure delight of what he was seeing happening to Alice and Karla had him in a state of rapture. She screamed out through the damp panties Bill started pumping his cock even move enthusiastically. His gleaming eyes never leaving Alice’s panic filled face. Franks thick penis thankfully lodged to a stop giving her rectum time to come to barely balanced terms with the aching discomfort. Her eyes cleared, with her head still pounding she saw George in a flurry of ghastly sounding movements up into Karla’s rectum pull free his poop smeared penis with it spitting out a huge glob of white sperm onto Karla’s back. It went off again covering her bound arms then getting into her long dark hair. Karla’s legs went stiff her feet flat on the floor back arching up high as an apparent cramp surged strongly through her young suddenly empty rectum.

Karla gave out a deep body racking sob before collapsing down into the moldy mattress crying hysterically tears flooding over her young face. But Alice was again caught off guard when Frank pull his thick cock back, her rectum was not wanting to let the thick thing move from where it had been seated and in a horrid rush of sensation that had her gasping sharply in through the damp panties, then grunt out gutturally as he lunged back forcing the thickness through her resisting still huggingly tight rectum. Her head pounded and going body feeling weak she sagged down the world spinning.

Snapping awake Alice’s rectum flooded her with a rush of an urgent bowel moving sensations she’d never experienced before. She couldn’t move her arms and raised her head up seeing Bill setting there rubbing his penis briskly, she then felt Franks hand holding her cold numb wrist higher up her back letting the blood rush back into her head. A rush of body gripping urgency had her welling up suddenly in an uncontrolled bowel strain she’d never in her life before had experienced. She heard Frank groan out behind her loudly in apparent lust fill pleasure his loin working up into her buttocks just like she’d seen George do to Karla. She was fully unprepared for the intensity of the body consuming sensations hitting her one after another, each one she survived through seem to escalate Frank into moving more aggressively.

She surged sharply up again a wet nasty fart sharply shot around the stiff rapidly moving adult organ. Then another sharp one resounded loudly out as he continued, the other men around the room breaking out in laugher. Frank released Alice’s wrists the restricting rope going tight. With her head starting to pound again Frank resumed his tight grip on her hips his cock stepping up the tempo. It seemed her rectum wouldn’t stop expelling sharp loud sounding wet farts each time Frank lunged in, the other men around the room breaking out in uncontrolled laughing when ever a harsh louder one slipped around Franks thick cock.

Alice had come up off the bed in an effort to keep from passing out from the rope. Frank lunged one last time, his knees working her legs wide apart his adult cock swelling inside her rectum. Gas rumbled in Alice’s gut and just as Frank’s cock spit his first huge load another embarrassing sharp fart escape around the thick sperm spitting organ.

“Fucking awesome” Bill said still setting on the bed rubbing his oversize male organ grinning. “Think I could get her to do that”

“Hell Bill” Frank breathed out “That’s something I’d like to see”

Alice felt Frank’s thick penis going soft just before he pulled if free, her rectum still gripping the adult organ tightly as he pull out. Alice legs were to weak to hold her up, even leaning against the bed and she started slipping down toward the dust cover floor of the old deserted building.

“Hold her up Frank” Bill said scooting off the bed kicking his pants off.

“Don’t mind my sloppy seconds?” Frank ask in jest.

“Ha!… That pencil you call a dick” He jested “She’s probably still a virgin”

Alice looked over at Karla, she was curled up in a ball on the floor by the bed. Her only movement was an occasional body racking sob. Alice’s realized she too was crying, tears streamed down her young face.

“George” Bill said getting his attention “Go outside and look around… Make sure no one is around. I want to ungag the bitch”

Alice looked wide eyed over at George who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

“Try to hold off till I get back” and George took off in a rush out the room.

“Go easy on her at first Bill her ass is for sure tighter that that boy we did last week” Frank said to Bill, then to more to himself rubbing his hands together “Hope George finds the coast clear, This’ll sure be good… might blow another wad just watching”

Alice twisted looking back at Bill pulling of his shirt getting fully naked. His penis was twice as long as she’d seen of George’s and again as thick. He spit in his hand Alice could see clear thick gooey drop of liquid leaking from the pee slit on the huge head. His hand rubbed over it adding his spit to the thicker liquid making the entire head shine slickly. Rapid footsteps came through the old run down house George appearing at the entrance into the dusty room. The broad grin still on his face.

“All clear” He gave the thumbs up “Give’er hell Bill”

Frank came over his hands trembling he untied the knot to the outer gag and pulled it off. Then pulled the spittle damp wadded up panties from Alice’s mouth. Bill knelt down behind Alice still leaning slightly over the side of the foot of the bed his stiff organ pinned between them. She could fell the throbbing of his heart through the hot male organ as it press along her back going slight up between her arms held high there by the rope. He reach around tilting her head up by her chin placing a kiss on her sweating forehead. His hand felt over the rope still harshly rapped around her neck a evil smirk showing on his face. Alice could sensed his readiness to get started.

“Pleas-s-se” she groaned.

“It okay to cry out” he whispered to her grinning broadly “There’s no one but us to hear you… George just checked”

Alice’s anus and rectum still hurt from Frank’s abuse, she felt one of his strong hands grip into the back of her neck. Fingers strongly gripping around her neck holding her slightly bent over the bed the caves of her legs against the old mattress. Alice felt the male organ slipping down along her back the horribly thick blunt tip went slipped through her buttocks stopping only when it landed on her sore anus. She saw George and Frank standing to the side rubbed over their own cocks making them hard again. Both seem to have a nervous excitement taking hold of them as if something wonderful was about to happen. The blunt spittle slick head pushed against her sore anal ring, she felt more pressure being added with the man using his other hand to worm the tip around. He suddenly and cruelly lunged the head popping up into her. A sharp stab of pain left her panting held for a long moment in the consuming grip of the thicker organ, but the pain faded fast. Bill’s penis press again.

“Ah-h-h-a-a…” Slipped from her mouth as the thicker penis slowly filled her rectum.

Alice wide eyed felt the hot fleshy stiff organ go deep till it filled her rectum, her entire world becoming the intense thickness of Bill’s massive organ, the tip pressing somewhere deep the pressure of his urging loins making that the hard deep pressing tip start to ache horribly. George and Frank were staring right at Alice now, both pumping their fully stiff adult cock’s frantically. Alice felt a stab of deep pain the blunt thickness moving slowly farther into her making her young body twist involuntarily in Bill’s strong hand still gripping around the back of her neck. The tip kept moving till it slipped past the resistance, she knew at once it was much too deep now as a deep gripping painful cramp surged through her young bowel. All of her mussels clamping painfully tight around the horrid thickness. She screamed ear piercingly out as her bowel clamp up the pain and the cramp surging out of her control.

“Will you look at that” George cried out pumping his cock feverishly “Why can’t I get one to do that”

“You ain’t got the cock for it, stupid” Frank said snidely “I barely have, only had the pleasure once…. Fuck if only I had another couple inches”

Alice screamed again as the male organ slipped deeper still. Bill’s grip around the back of her slender barely held her at bay, her body lurching involuntarily to get away from the shock her intestine was going through. Bill’s loin slowly pressed against Alice’s clenched buttocks, his hand at her neck shook her hard his knees working her stiff legs apart. She was shook harshly again.

“Open your fucking legs bitch” He commanded of her.

But her rectum remained clenched painfully tight, he shook her again his knees getting her legs open with him lunging the last bit up into her.

“Give her no mercy Bill” George cried out.

“Another one about to be gut fucked by the master” Frank jiving in.

George climbed onto the bed getting on his knees in front of Alice, Frank climbing up beside of him on his knees also. Both facing her pumping their stiff cock at her.

“Were ready Bill” George’s voice shaking with his pumping hand.

The deeply planted huge organ of Bill’s pulled back Alice’s whole body shuddered in Bill’s strong hand still around the back of her neck. Just before it slipped back into her rectum Bill surge back. Alice screamed out again her legs coming back together, her bowel cramping up harshly around the Bill’s cock shaft again. She was shook harshly again his loin working to get all of it up into her.

“Take it out… oh god please…. Take it out” She screamed just before being shook hard by the back of her neck again.

Her legs were pried open and he went about working his loin up into the cleft of her buttocks again. A deep loud rumble move through Alice’s large intestine the feeling of an impending bowel movement followed. Alice’s eyes move frantically back and forth between the two men in front of her still rubbing their cocks frantically as they stared eagerly down on to her. Their organs were head high to her and only a mere foot or so from her face. Her intestine rumbled wetly again with Bill changing his stance, Alice with panic welling up knowing what the changing stance meant.

Alice had learned to keep her shoulders arched back and her hands high up her back or the rope coiled around her neck went way too tight. But her shoulders would began to hurt the pain there growing way more than just discomforting, she was forced by necessity to let her arms, shoulders relax every few seconds with the rope around her neck biting in cruelly for a bit till she arched her shoulders back again her hands edging as high as she could get them, the pain in her shoulders always worse than before.

When Frank rape her ass moments ago, every sensation fill strain she was forced to endure didn’t have the certainly of what she was sure to take place soon deep inside her intestine where Bill’s horribly long cock flexed stiffly like a living thing. ‘Would he go off even more violently in a fit of rage’ went flooding through her mind, then ‘Maybe he would let her use the bathroom somewhere first’ that hope rush over Alice and she clung to it out of desperate necessity. She need a pause, a reprieve, more time for her mind to come to term with what Bill was planning to do to her. Her young mind reacted grasping in the hope that if he only knew she was going to defiantly poop he would pull his long male organ from her bowel.

“P-p-please.. Take it out I-I it feels like I’m going to poop” She cried out in desperation.

“What… girl speak up, I can’t hear you” Bill said behind her.

“I S-said… I’m going to poop… I can’t s-stop it… Please” Alice’s was getting desperate.

Alice glanced up at George and Frank both were grinning ear to ear eyes gleaming devilishly. Both so close she could smell their adult maleness, both still pumping their adult cocks aim toward her face.

“What did you possibility think was going to happen little girl” Bill’s voice sounding lust filled sending a chill through Alice “My long cock is pushed into your young tight gut, this is just what happens when a little girl like you gets sodomize by a cock like mine, and I like it that way just fine”

Alice’s mind reeled as the thick organ flex even stiffer, she went about trying to get her intestine to suppress the already too late train wreck going on inside of her as her deep stool surged against the thick blockage of cock in her young gut. Bill’s hand came up running through her sweat damp hair. He leaned in placing a kiss on the top of her head.

“This has always been my favorite part, honey” he whispered to her. “Its okay to freak out some the first time cause this going to feel real nasty”

He kissed her the top of her head again his nose nusseling into her hair sucking in her scent deeply. Raising back up his hand in her hair slip down onto the back of her neck, finger digging in harshly forcing her to hunch of a little more. Alice’s face going within inches of George’s and Frank’s cocks. The long thick cock of Bill’s pulled back, her world dropped away.


If not for Bill’s grip of his hand around her neck she would have collapsed down onto the bed. Just a fast Bill was on the move back up into her. He’d been right, it was more than nasty, and there was no way she could handle something this horrid, something this repulsively offensive to her senses. Alice was shaken hard by his hand around the back of her neck to get her attention her legs having clamped up together again trying to ward off the sudden onslaught taking place through her large intestine.

“Open your fucking legs bitch” Bill voice demanding of her “Or I’ll have to choke you with this rope to get this right”

She was shook again. “Spread em little bitch”

But Alice couldn’t Bill’s cock kept humping up in through her large intestine and the horror of being joyfully watched by the other two men in so close in front of her as Bill’s thick long organ dug aggressively through her deep intestinal stool had her frozen with gripping overwhelming mind consuming debasing embarrassment.

“Oh god Frank, just look at her” George cried out “Bill’s shit fucking the kid”

“I know… I know..” Frank panted out pumping his cock feverishly his eyes watching Alice intently “Been a while sense the last one”

Alice’s mind collapsed into the debasing act Bill was forcing her to endure. The two organ now inches in front of her face going surreal. He had forced her leg open the harsh shaking of her stopped the thick penis churned the nasty feeling deep inside her till in a haze of delusion she felt she was on the toilet the ever moving long organ a huge turd she couldn’t fully poop out.

“Look at her face Frank.. look at her face..” George said “She sure not liking it at all”

“Fuck…. She looks for all the world like she taking a shit!!” Frank cried out his cock lurching and spitting a load of sperm onto Alice’s face. Another landing half in her opened mouth.

“It sure fucking does” George pumping madly moving even closer to Alice, his cock looming into her field of view.

“So much for playing around, dear” Bill informed Alice “My turn to cum”

“Yea Bill” George cried out “Give her hell”

Frank sat back on the bed watching one hand going down to Karla’s dark head his fingers going through her hair.

Bill’s hand on the back of her neck slipped down gripping the rope running to her neck right above her hands pulling on it. Pulling her almost fully upright the rope around her neck biting in choking off her air. His loin came charging up into the open cleft of buttocks hard, bouncing off as he went humping in a horrid rapidly increasing tempo using the full length of her rectum and large intestine. Alice literally was dancing like a puppet on strings, the harsh body gripping sensation having her twist about in an involuntarily effort to conform her bowel to the stiff ridged rod pummeling through it. The smell of her use filling the small confines of the room. Alice’s struggled to gulp in air her head pounding, George moving in closer his cock spit sperm aimed to enter into her gasping mouth.

In a crude sounding plunge Bill seated his cock up between Alice’s buttocks his massive cock swelling then flooded his sperm deep into her still shuddering intestine as he shook her upright body by the short length of rope between her neck and wrists. Finished Bill yanked his cock free in a swift cruel movement releasing Alice to fall forward onto the bed gasping for air. And as if that wasn’t enough a harsh bowel cramp swept through her, she screamed till the harsh gripping pain subsided. Then balled like a baby.

The rope around her neck was cut and the rope was retied leaving her hand behind her. She was pushed over with Karla near the head of the old bed with her bowel threatening to cramp up again.

“I saw… I saw what they did to you” Karla whispered “I won’t tell anyone… promise”

“I won’t tell either” Alice whispered back.

Bill cleaned his fouled organ with some bottled water they had and got dressed. Coming over to Karla Bill pick her up.

“What’s your name girl” He demanded of her

“k-Karla” she said her entire body shaking in terror.

Alice was stood up.

“What’s your name” Bill demanded, she too shook her knees almost giving out.

“A-Alice” she finely meekly got out, not able to meet his gaze.

“You girls better be here next week or we will be telling everyone what happened her today” Bill told both of them outright. “Bring some petroleum jelly, I’m tired of using spit”

And Frank came over untying them before they left. Alice and Karla both found their panties were missing, Alice didn’t have a t-shirt. Karla handed Alice the one she’d worn under her blouse.

“I don’t want to come back” Karla said.

“But what if they tell someone” Alice replied.

Tears ran down both their faces knowing next weekend they’d have to come back or else everyone would know what had happened.