Catching My Husband Kurt (Mg,pedo)

Catching My Husband Kurt (Mg,pedo)

Introduction: Kurt is caught by his wife sucking on his 2yo daughter’s little bald pussy and she enjoys watching them.

Author: PeachKisser2004

I still remember clearly the day I discovered my husband was a pedophile, the day I discovered him with our two-year-old daughter Emily. Kurt was a stay-at-home dad, taking care of our baby girl while I worked nearby. My whole world changed the day I forgot some important papers at home, and during my lunch break I drove home to get them.

At that time our garage door opener was kaput so I parked on the street and let myself in the front door. Strangely I couldn’t hear Emily’s voice, as she was normally a talkative child and you could often hear her wherever she was in the house. I walked to our master bedroom to grab the items I forgot, and that’s when I saw them.

My heart literally stopped. I stood agape in the doorway taking in the sight before me. My husband Kurt was lying on his back stark naked on the bed, right across the middle of it, and our daughter Emily was similarly naked and up on her knees, kneeling over my husband’s face, her crotch right over my husband’s mouth. Time stood still as I gazed on this scene, my husband’s mouth pressed against our daughter’s two-year-old vagina. Was this really what I was seeing?

As my breathing and heartbeat resumed I took in the details of the scene before me. Pillows behind my husband’s head kept his face up against our daughter’s smooth little hairless vulva, and he eagerly licked all around her genitals. Emily had a blissful smile on her face and kept her head down, her body crouched over as she intently watching what daddy’s mouth was doing to her pussy.

As for my husband’s cock, it was the deepest shade of purple I have ever seen it, jutting up angrily straight up from his crotch, his balls pulled tightly up against the underside of his shaft. His left hand was lazily stroking his erect shaft, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, just stroking it as he continued performing oral sex upon our daughter. I heard him murmuring muffled words of approval and comfort to Emily, telling her she was a good little girl. “Oh good baby girl Emily, such a pretty little teetee for Daddy to make kisses!”

I wanted to say something to stop the scene, to bring back normalcy to our lives, but no words came. In fact, I was surprised as a distinct warmth flushed over my own crotch and I felt my nipples harden and tingle against my teeshirt. Wasn’t this supposed to be wrong? I knew it was wrong, knew that I shouldn’t get turned on, yet with every passing moment the weight and warmth in my privates grew, and my willpower to stop what I was watching faded away.

Was I a pedophile too? With my very own daughter? I had never felt an interest in other females, but I loved my husband dearly, and to see him so engrossed in pleasuring our daughter, it surprised me how much this scene turned me on!

After a few more minutes I noted that my husband’s hips were beginning to thrust upwards more, and his hand had definitely increased its tempo along his shaft. I had such intimate familiarity with my husband’s body that as I saw the tension building in his legs, I knew he was getting close. I could almost taste the texture of his penis in my mouth, and this thought further added to my arousal. I loved watching my husband climax, and yet this was supposed to be a “wrong” way to go about it, but I simply couldn’t stop myself from being turned on.

Kurt’s free hand supported Emily’s little tiny round rubbery bare bottom, lifting it more towards his eager mouth, and I heard him began to groan in earnest. Emily was giggling intermittently, clearly enjoying all the attention lavished upon her childish genitals. My god, my daughter was actually enjoying my husband sucking on her genitals! What an perverse incestual thrill!

Suddenly my husband’s body went rigid and his back arched off the bed. Sperm sprayed liberally from his cock, now a blur in his hand, while all the time he kept groaning and slurping at our daughter’s hairless crotch. Emily giggled as the warm droplets of my husbands sperm splattered up her back and his mouth groaned openly into her privates.

This was all too much for me to bear and the deep thrumming between my legs reached a peak and I began climaxing, my legs turning to rubber as the waves of pleasure shot up from my crotch, rippling up my stomach and into my breasts, stiffening my nipples and blurring my vision.

Without even touching myself I had climaxed, at just the sight of my husband underneath our two-year-old daughter! My hand flew to my pulsing crotch with a loud “slap” sound, gripping my pubic mound firmly as stars filled my vision. My knees buckled and I let out a whimper as I fell to one side, towards the door frame.

Lying on the bed Kurt had heard my whimper and now he attempted to sit up, but Emily’s weight on his shoulders kept him on the bed as his legs thrashed. My orgasm peaked as I slumped against the door frame. Through slitted eyes I watched my husband Kurt try and disentangle himself from between our naked daughter’s legs.

End of Part 1

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.