Brittany Gets A Turn In The Emergency Room (Mg,pedo,fantasy)

Brittany Gets A Turn In The Emergency Room (Mg,pedo,fantasy)

Introduction: Fantasy story where a man is taken to hospital with poisoned sperm and the nurses give him a 4yo little girl for sex in order to recover.

Author: PeachKisser2004

When the paramedics from the nudist association found me I was almost unconscious from the sperm poisoning. I had been at the beach all day long and the sight of naked little girls had led to a dangerous build-up of sperm. Before I had a chance to relieve myself, I had fallen ill from the poisonous effects, and that was how I ended up at the infirmary, delirious and only partially-aware of my surroundings. My cock stuck straight up from the journey and I was aware of a deep throbbing tension in my groin, the heat of the poisonous sperm deep within my gonads.

But at this nudist camp infirmary they were quite familiar with this type of affliction, seeing it frequently among their hornier male counterparts, especially when all the young schoolgirls got out for spring break and joined the ranks of the regular nudists, showing their pale smooth bodies off and driving the regular membership crazy with lust.

As part of my membership application, I had given them information to help the infirmary treat situations just like this. When I was wheeled in they already knew what would be needed to fully cleanse my body of the poisonous sperm. They knew that only a young girl child’s body would stimulate me enough to achieve the desired recovery effect.

I was aware of the head nurse bustling about with a clipboard, and as she filled in boxes on the different forms, I heard another assistant nurse come into the room. I felt and half-saw her cool fingers along my shaft. At first it had no effect. Her fingers began to explore more, along the sensitive crown of my penis, as she read off to the other nurse “Normal bloated glans, penis circumcised, skin very clean and dry, testicles fully retracted within the scrotum…” I felt her trace her fingers under my taut sac lightly and that began to have an effect.

My body went stiff and I felt as though every drop of blood in my body had rushed to my penis, as my shaft swelled and turned a deep purple, angrily thumping the air above my bed. I let out a tortured groan and the head
nurse snapped at the assistant “Watch it! Don’t make it blow prematurely!”

“Sorry ma’am,” said the assistant meekly.

“You have to be very careful with these cases… only a complete evacuation of the testicles will properly cure the problem… you don’t want to half-empty things out and still have poison sperm inside, do you?”

“No ma’am,” said the assistant even more-meekly.

“Very well, don’t let it happen again. Now let’s see… it looks like Brittany is the only preadolescent we have on call right now… go bring her here,” said the head nurse.

“Yes’m,” said he assistant, scurrying out of the room. My head swam at the intensity of the feelings still shooting through my groin, and the head nurse patted my forehead and reassured me. “Don’t worry honey, we’ll have you fixed up fine in no time at all! You’ll absolutely love little Brittany… she’s only four years old, a real charmer.”

I could only groan at the thought, as my cock throbbed harder again and my vision swam, the head nurse’s pretty face distorting through my sperm-poisoned vision. “Unnngh,” was all I could muster.

A few moments later the door opened and I turned my head to see through the haze. The assistant nurse was walking a small blonde girl child in, holding her by the hand. The instant I saw the child my vision cleared and again my cock leapt to attention, my hips involuntarily humping upwards from the gurney. “Oh yes!!” I hissed, noting that the pretty little girl was already naked. My hands began to shake with need and desire as I saw how tiny her body was, saw the little cleft between her childish legs, the plumpness of her vulva around that cleft.

The head nurse took charge. “Okay, let’s put Brittany right on the patient’s mouth… that might be all we need,” she said in a very businesslike tone. The assistant nurse lifted the small child up, who all this time had been staring at my enormously erect penis, thumping the air angrily.

“Spread your legs sweetie, you’re going to kneel over this man’s mouth right here,” said the head nurse as she held Brittany over me.

“Okay!” said the little sing-song girlish voice. I felt Brittany’s tiny feet and toes hook into the front of my armpits as her smooth little babyfat thighs slid into place on either side of my cheeks. The warm touch of her small thighs made me groan again and I closed my eyes for just a moment, but opened them quickly to take in as much of this incredibly erotic sight as I could.

Up close only inches from my mouth Brittany’s tiny vulva looked like the very gates of heaven itself. Visions of all the little hairless pussies I had seen on the beach earlier came to me in a flood, as my fevered mind compared them to the perfect little hairless gem right before me, hovering above my eager lips. Brittany still had a lot of babyfat on her and her pussy lips were puffy and closed quite tightly, the fresh smooth pink skin a uniform healthy color.

“Okay, let’s lower you down a bit,” said the head nurse, taking her hands and guiding Brittany’s narrow little suntanned hips. “Spread your knees, sweetie,” said the assistant, and the little waif’s cunny came ever closer to my lips. I held myself still, trying to just soak in the sight of the child’s genitals above me, feeling my horniness build, feeling the hormones coursing through my body.

As the norse lowered the child more, Brittany’s puffy little outer lips parted every so slightly and I saw the tender moist skin inside, the two lips parting deliciously, the little cleft widening from the bottom up to the top.

Just as the child’s tiny clitoris came into view, her lower labia made their first gentle contact with my lips… oh god, I was kissing heaven itself! I felt my cock surge and heard the assistant call off clinically, “Penis responding normally, testicles still taut…” The head nurse let go of Brittany’s little hips and made a notation in her clipboard. “Yep, he wasn’t kidding when he filled this form out!” she chuckled.

My mind swam with lust and desire as I felt the heat of Brittany’s little cunny soaking into my lips. I licked my tongue out slightly, exploring the warm smooth moist flesh around her cleft, revelling in the fresh taste and smell, the clean smoothness. I groaned into the child’s cunny and opened my mouth further to take a bigger slurp from her pussy, letting my tongue press fully against the length of her fat slightly-opened pussy slit.

This made little Brittany giggle and sway a bit, but the head nurse shushed her. “Quiet sweetie, just hold still for right now…” she said, grabbing the child’s hips again and holding her right in place over my eager, exploring mouth.

I spent some time in the center of Brittany’s tiny vulva, my nose nestled against her upper cleft, licking more and more into her sensitive inner lips but not penetrating too far. Angling my head up further I started licking around her upper cleft area more, and the nurse guided Brittany’s hips down so that I didn’t have to crane my neck so much. Soon I began to really explore inside the upper reaches of Brittany’s delicious little slit, finding the taste sweet inside, a faint smell of strawberry-scented soap or shampoo coming to me. The little girl child giggled more now as I began licking the thin covering over her clitoris. “That tickles!” she said with a slight lisp. “Shhh,” said the head nurse.

“Clear discharge beginning,” called out the assistant nurse, as I felt an oozing droplet of precum seep from my cock and land on my stomach just above my pubes. I felt her wipe away the clear precum liquid and heard the pencil scratching a notation on the clipboard as I turned my attentions to the upper plump reaches of Brittany’s mound, that lovely hairless mound of venus that tastes and looks so incredibly good on a four-year-old girl.

Angling my head to the left I nuzzled the child’s bald mound and licked at the warm smooth skin between her pussy and her thigh, my nose nestled in the cleft between her pussy and her babyfat hips. I worked my way down
here, munching my lips softly upon the child’s pale sensitive outer genitals. Another dollop of fluid oozed from deep within my overheated balls and I felt it wiped from my stomach a moment later. I groaned with lust as I nuzzled my way around Brittany’s crotch, working my way down lower again.

The nurse guided the child’s little hips upwards, allowing my tongue better access to the very lower “peaches” area of Brittany’s tiny pussy, the two identical halves of her deeply-cleft vulva parting around my nose and mouth, my tongue probing within the babyfat-lined confines of her lower genitals. The firm skin of Brittany’s tiny vulva pressed wetly around my exploring lips, almost kissing my lips in return. I knew I was very close to full recovery here. I felt very thankful that this nudist colony had instituted such comprehensive healthcare for its members!

By now I was groaning quietly into Brittany’s little pussy, and my hips began humping upwards uncontrollably, the pressure building up in my testicles. I felt another dollop of clear fluid seep out and get wiped away. I redoubled my efforts at Brittany’s little bare slot, licking and slurping eagerly at the child’s exposed sexual organs, groaning with lust and desire as I devoured her smooth flesh. Now I heard the child whimpering and moaning intermittently, and I knew she was enjoying my attentions and kept licking earnestly at her crotch.

I was all tensed up like this, my head angled up into the child’s bare hairless crotch, my hips humping the air rapidly, when my vision blanked out and I felt the relief come. I dimly heard the assistant call out “Full discharge beginning!” and all I could do was lick and slurp and chew softly on the mouthful of childish little pussy above me. I felt Brittany twitch and heard her squeal and moan more, but the head nurse held her firmly in place, allowing me to keep licking for several minutes as my testicles purged themselves of the poisonous sperm.

When it was over I felt a warm damp towel working over me, cleaning up the spilled poison, and heard the head nurse say “There’s quite a bit here on Brittany’s back.” I realized that my squirting penis must have sprayed around the room quite a bit! I kept lapping gently at the child’s pussy, wishing I never had to stop loving this delightful cherubic pussy.

But at last I felt the nurse lift Brittany’s hips a little bit, breaking the wet contact with my mouth. “Kiss goodbye?” she asked me with a knowing smile. I nodded and paused to admire the child’s genitals one final time. I angled my head up for one last kiss goodbye and saw that Brittany’s entire crotch was reddened from my stimulation, and my saliva coated her from one silky thigh to the next, all the way from her waistband down to her anus. What a lovely sight! Brittany’s tiny face looked dazed and a little bit flushed and confused, and I knew she had climaxed as well, and wasn’t so sure what had happened.

I felt a blanket pulled over me and then the room went dark. An hour or so later I woke up and was discharged from the hospital, with a special little public service brochure detailing the importance of regular masturbation to relieve poisonous testicular buildup, how it is particularly important when you are exposed to frequent sexual stimulation such as nudity, etc. I glanced at the brochure and knew that it was the right thing to do, but after an experience like today, licking that lovely little waif Brittany, I shrugged and smiled. Falling over from poisoning and getting a trip to the emergency room isn’t such a bad alternative! I turned and walked back towards the nudist beach where I had begun my day, my bare penis dangling comfortably stop my now-completely-emptied testicles.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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