Backpacking in Nigeria (g,M,pedo)

Backpacking in Nigeria (g,M,pedo)

Introduction: A British backpacker arrives to Nigeria and is given accommodation by a black woman living with her 9yo lolita girl, Rose. He gets plenty of opportunities to see this little nymphet bald childish pussy.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

A British backpacker called Ben has just arrived to Nigeria, outside the airport a middle aged Nigerian woman called Toks has offered him cheap accommodation at her house as a guest, he has happily agreed.

They get a taxi to reach a sandy street with a full row of huts, her “house” consists of a hut made of mud with some courtains as a door, there is only one bedroom and a dinning room, most other “houses” around there look alike. A preteen girl appears from inside the bedroom.

“Oh! Hello girl!”

“That’s my daughter and she is 9yo, say hello to our new guest Rose”

Rose is a slim girl of very short black curly hair and is wearing a flimsy blue t-shirt and worn out jeans,

“Good evening Sir” – Her mum then grabs a wide steel bucket that is hanged on the wall and places it in the middle of the room.

“I feel really tired from the journey, you wouldn’t mind if I go to sleep now would you?”

“Of course not Sir! Feel free to do what you like in my house I will try to keep the noise low”

Ben doesn’t understand what the woman is doing but he doesn’t care, he just wants to rest and unrolling the sleeping bag on one corner of the room takes off his shoes and gets inside the improvised bed as he keeps looking at Toks coming from outside with a couple of plastic pots full of water and pouring them inside the big wide bucker until is full.

“Ready Rose?”

The little 9yo black girl starts to undress, first pulling her t-shirt above her head, she has a very flat chest, all black with her nipples sticking out, then she pulls down her jeans, she is wearing no knickers and doesn’t seem to care that Ben is staring at her bald preteen pussy, Rose gets all nude inside the big bucket of water as her mum waits on one side with a washcloth, then the woman starts to wet her daughter’s black naked body and rub all over.

“You have a real cute daughter Madam” – giggles Ben staring at the little girl’s slit.

“Thank you Sir, all boys like to look at her pussy here, I hope you enjoy the view too” – smiles the woman while washing her daughter’s slit with the cloth

“Muummm…you making me embarass”

“Don’t be silly Rose! What you have to hide? Isn’t it truth Sir?”

“Yes Toks, your little girl sure is real pretty but she has no titties or pussy hair yet, you shouldn’t feel that way Rose, I have seen lots of little girls pussies before”

“But he is looking a lot!”

“Shut up and be kind to our guest Rose! He is paying out bills!” – Toks turns her girl around and carries on washing Rose’s butt with the occasional move inside her legs to soap up her thighs and pussy and always making sure their guest does not miss the best angles.

Once Rose is all clean and her pussy dried with a small fluffy towel under Ben’s watch, her mum grabs her clothes and goes outside.

“Where did your mummy go sweetheart?”

“She went to wash my clothes while I dry”

“But aren’t you cold?” – asks Ben still staring at the naked preteen girl wet with a big hard on

“Yes but…” – before she can answer a group of five or six teenager boys aged 14-17 enter the room

“How is it going little Rose?” – grins one of them as Rose quickly covers up her bald pussy with her hands

“or…just waiting for mum…”

“We know we seen her in the river with your clothes, you gonna let us touch your pussy again?” – on hearing this Rose takes her hands off her front uncovering her wet slit the boys form circle around her and start to gently fondle her all over, inserting a couple of fingers inside her prepubescent pussy, squeezing her ass, careressing her little girl chest.

“You love it, don’t you little slutty Rose?” – asks one of them drooling

The boys unzip their trousers and take out their big cocks without any more words being said Rose already knows what she has to do, she kneels and licks the teenagers cocks one by one moving her small tongue from one dick to another salivating with the boys pre-cum, licking some of the cocks as lollypops and others just sucked the whole way down her throat, Ben is really amazed that little Rose can be so good sucking cock. One of the boys can’t resist the pressure and has an orgasm spitting all his cum on Rose’s flat chest .

“Alarm, Alarm!” – the boys run away on hearing the shouts from outside, Ben does not say a word still looking in surprise at 9yo Rose nude and full of cum, three minutes later Rose’s mum comes in clutching her dress.

“Oh my! Look at you slut! I just bathed you” Oh my…”

“I did not mean to mum, I mean…”

“Who do you want to fool? All boys know you will make them cum, you slutty! I ‘ve told you a thousand times not to do that after bath!”

“But mum…”

“I apologise for all this Sir…she is such a bad girl…”

“I know what you mean, I’ve seen it all, your little girl just gave a blow job to seven boys”

“What I care about is all that cum on her chest! What am I suppose to do now? Bath her again?”

“You should teach her a lesson so she never does it again”

“She never learns, if she had a dad he would teach her well! Maybe you can help me and teach the girl to be good Sir, I know men are good at that”

“I wouldn’t want to interfere…”

“No interferences, all the opposite Sir!” – Ben smiles and gets out of the sleeping bag sporting a big bump under his trousers

“You have been a very very bad girl, Rose…You must not suck boys dicks when you are all clean…you understand?”

“Yes Sir..” – Rose is standing own her bare feet as Ben walks around her and squeezes her ass without Roses’ mum saying anything

“I think she needs a spanking” – and in saying this Ben slaps the little girl’s preteen ass with his hand giving her five swats


“That is not enough Sir, she needs some proper punishment”

“I don’t know what else to do really”

“If you could only…Rose needs to feel an adult cock inside her pussy so she learns that little girls must not mess around with them”

“Maybe you are right, maybe your little whore girl needs a good fuck” – and in saying this Ben lets his trousers fall around his ankles and stands up with his big hard cock erected grabs the little 9yo black girl by her waist and slowly puts the head oh his penis inside her black bald pussy.


“Do you like feeling a cock inside your little cunnie Rose?”

“Yes,ahmmm…feels tight and warm..mmm”

“Say thank you to this young man for fucking you Rose” – days her mum looking

“Thank you..mmm”

“Not a problem, I can fuck your mum too once I finished with you”

“You so kind! Of course I will love to taste your young man’s cock haven’t had one for a while!”

“Ah…ahh..mmm” – Ben thrusts the head of his cock in and out of Rose’s bald pussy which is now wet.

“You are so kind to her Sir you fucking my little girl so slowly to avoid harming her…I don’t the slut deserves someone like you”

“No need to be so cruel…mmmm…besides…kind of liking it this slow..mmm..her virgin pussy is so tight…” – Rose’s mum grabs her daughters naked waist firmly

“Here, so she won’t move”

“Arfff…wowwww…ah..urffff” – Ben spits some loads of cum inside Rose as she shakes having a dry orgasm.

“That will teach you not to be a little slut Rose!” – exclaims Ben

“Thanks a lot for your help! I guess it is my turn now…” – Rose’s mum starts to undress smiling

“Oh well, I can’t refuse helping out such a lovely lady with such a beautiful preteen girl” – Ben gets ready for more fucking…

*** END ***

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.