An Unordinary Punishment [Mg, Mm, Oral, Anal, NC]

An Unordinary Punishment [Mg, Mm, Oral, Anal, NC]

“Fuck you!” The word slipped out. Of course it was directed at the girl’s older brother who had been teasing her and trying to show off to his two friends who were over from school. She hated when he was mean and especially when he made fun of her in front of his friends. Unfortunately for Megan, her father missed all that but had stepped into the back yard just in time to hear her fling the slur at her brother.

“What did you just say?” Her father looked sternly towards the nine year old.

“Ryan was making fun of me!”

“No I wasn’t!”

“Enough,” their father cut them both off. “You should know better than to talk to your brother like that young lady. Get over here.”

Sheepishly, the girl walked over to her father. Punishments whenever either sibling had friends over were always the worst. She hoped it wouldn’t be like the time she got in trouble during a sleepover because she’d forgotten to finish her chores. He walked in her room, pulled her pants and underwear and spanked her on her bare bottom right in front of all her friends.

Neither her nor her brother had ever been caught cussing before, so she really didn’t know how mad her father would be. As it turns out, he had something very unusual in mind for the occasion. He motioned to Ryan and his friends to gather around to witness it too.

“Get on your knees,” her father insisted. This was an unusual request, but she knew better than to ask questions. She knelt in front of her father, waiting for whatever was coming. Her new vantage point gave her the perfect view as he began to unzip his pants. She was shocked as he pulled them down and let them drop around his ankles. But when he then proceeded to pull his cock out of his boxers, she was completely horrified. She had no idea what sort of punishment her father had in store, but whatever it was, it already looking much worse than her sleepover.

“This is what happens when you decide to get foul mouthed with your brother,” her father brushed her chin with a finger. “Open your mouth sweetie.” Mortified, Megan made a grunt in defiance and shook her head. The phrase “blow job” wasn’t in her vocabulary, but she could still understand her father’s general intentions. If she had any doubt about what he intended to do with the thick man meat in front of her, they were completely gone when he touched the tip of his cock right to her closed lips. She knew it would only make things worse, but her first reaction was to shut her lips even tighter.

“You don’t get to refuse,” her father scolded. “You’re lucky enough I’m not making you suck your brother’s cock too.” In the background, Ryan shuffled nervously at the prospect. Reluctantly, the third grader gave in. As soon as she opened her mouth, her father’s cock slipped inside. He let her sit there for a moment, allowing his daughter to grow accustomed to having her mouth full of his dick.

After a few moments, he placed both hands on either side of her head and beginning to force her to bob on his cock. Meanwhile, he began to thrust in and out, relishing in his daughter’s depravity. All three boys were completely captivated by the scene. Megan was so overwhelmed by the whole experience that she had completely forgotten about the three teenagers standing around watching, until one of them let out a sound of amazement at the site.

Just as Megan was growing accustomed to the sensation of sucking cock, her father took things a step further. Gripping tighter onto her head, he forced himself even further into the girl’s mouth. She gagged at the unwanted intrusion into her throat. After a few more pumps into her throat, Megan felt as though she might throw up. Fortunately, her father let off and allowed her to continue sucking his cock normally.

The girl heard whispers coming from behind her and she was once again mortified as she remembered the boys were watching her. Megan continued sucking her first dick for several more minutes, but the fatigue was started to get to her.

“My yaw huwts!” She had pulled her head back just enough to get the words out. In response, her father quickly pushed his cock inside and made her gag once again. She wouldn’t have to worry about it for much longer though. Her father began moving his hips more sporadically and his legs tensed.

Megan felt her father’s cock pulsing and before she knew it, her mouth was filling up with a bitter tasting liquid. She tried to pull back, but her father was holding her head too tightly. Instead, she coughed and opened her mouth wider, allowing some of it to escape and begin dripping down her chin.

“That’s what you get for cussing at your brother like that,” her father scolded as his cock continued to shoot out cum into the nine year old’s mouth. He pulled out, allowing a few last spurts to land on her face and shirt. He avoided the eyes, but barely as a healthy serving was dripping from her nose. Not wanting to swallow, she proceeded to spit out all the cum that had collected in her mouth. As a result, the front of her pink and white striped shirt was now covered with fresh semen. Before putting his cock away, her father grabbed the sleeve of her shirt and proceeded to wipe the excess cum from his dick.

Megan looked quite disheveled and wasn’t quite sure what to do with all the cum on her face. Her father chucked as she brought her hand up, wiped the cum from her nose, and tried to shake it off of her hand. The girl relented to wiping it off on her shorts instead.

“Stand up and apologize to your brother,” the girl’s father had just pulled his pants back up. Megan stood and turned slowly. She would have liked to lift up her shirt and clean up the rest of the cum on her face, but she didn’t want to lift her shirt up with all Ryan’s friend’s watching.


“That’s okay, Megan,” Ryan gave his sister a sly glare.

“You’re a mess,” their father noted looking at his daughter. “You’re probably going to want to take a shower. Looks like you got some cum in your hair.”

“What’s come?” Megan looked confused. Ryan and his friends immediately laughed at her question, as if the whole situation hadn’t been embarrassing enough for the little girl.

“It’s what you’ve got all over your face stupid!” Ryan said nearly shouting.

“Cut it out, Ryan” his father scolded. “I know Megan didn’t just start cussing at you out of the blue. I’m going to take your sister inside to get cleaned up and when I come back, it’s your turn next. And the rest of you boys, don’t think about going anywhere either. Megan had an audience and I’ll be damned if I let you two leave before I’m finished with Ryan too…”


The three teenage boys said very few words after Megan’s punishment, but sat in the back yard, knowing it was far from over. Ryan swallowed hard as he spotted his father walking towards the back yard. If his sister’s punishment was any indication, he was going to get it good. 

Megan was following their father, wearing a bath towel. Her hair was still wet after washing their father’s cum off. Unfortunately for Ryan, getting Megan cleaned up took just enough time for their father to get himself worked up again.

“Lose your pants,” his father instructed as he walked over to grab a lawn chair by the door.


“Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear me, boy. Quit wasting time and do it.” Ryan was mortified as he undid his belt. Megan couldn’t help but smirk as her brother pulled his pants down in front of his friends. Her punishment had bee humiliating, but it would be nothing compared to what Ryan was about to endure. 

“The underwear too. Be quick about it.”

Slowly, Ryan dropped his boxers and with it, his last bit of dignity–or so he thought. Leaving his shoes on, Ryan stepped out of his clothes, not bothering to pick them up off the back patio. 

Before he knew it, Ryan’s father grabbed him and forced him to lean down over the back of the lawn chair. At this angle, he was keenly aware of his balls hanging down. giving his friend’s an unobstructed view of his cock.

“Please don’t do it,” he whined, knowing full well what his father had in mind.

“Shut it, and stay like that until I’m ready if you know what’s good for you. One more word out of you and I’m doing it dry.” That was enough to encourage him to keep his mouth shut as he heard his father unbuckling his pants.

“Megan, get your mouth on it,” Ryan heard his father say from behind him.

“But daddy,” Megan whined. “My punishment’s already over.”

“No talking back, just do as your told.”

“That’s not fair!” Megan barely got the words out before their father grabbed her head and forced her down over his cock. He was even more forceful than before, moving her head back and forth over his dick as she gagged several times. 

“There, I think that should do,” He said as he let go of his daughter who immediately spit a healthy serving of bile on the patio. “Now next time don’t talk back and things will go easier for you.”

With his dick sufficiently wet, he turned to his son, still bent over the lawn chair. As he felt his father’s cock traveling up and down his crack, Ryan braced himself for what was coming.

He couldn’t resist crying out as he felt the tip of his father’s cock enter his ass. To make matters worse, he knew that his two closest friends were witnessing the whole thing. He gripped the armrests hard when his father started to thrust, not caring how his son was feeling. With each thrust, he forced himself deeper until Ryan could feel his father’s pubic hair rubbing against his skin.

Despite the pain in his ass from his father’s constant thrusts, and the humiliation of being ass-fucked for the first time in front of his friends, Ryan’s body began to betray him. He suddenly felt his erection rising, stimulated by his father moving in and out of his ass. As if his shame wasn’t enough, knowing that his friends were witnessing him being turned on was more than he could bare. The last thing he needed in Jr High was his friends to think he was a fag. 

But alas, he could only grip the chair harder and dig in as his father began to cum in his ass.

When it was all over, Ryan stood up slowly, feeling his fathers cum slowly dripping out of his rectum. 

“Now you two,” his father looked at Ryan’s friends. “Don’t go blabbing about this to anyone. I don’t feel like explaining myself to your idiot parents. Now, you two.” He looked back to his kids. “I’m sick of both of you fighting, I hope you’ve both learned your lesson.”

Both children nodded. Indeed they had, at least for now.