Alex Helps Kurt Make “Glue” (Mg,pedo,toddler)

Alex Helps Kurt Make “Glue” (Mg,pedo,toddler)

Introduction: Kurt visits his babysitter girlfriend who is babysitting a 4yo chubby little girl. They run out of glue and the little girl helps Kurt jack off to produce cum instead.

 Author: PeachKisser2004

My friend Megan did a lot of babysitting, and one night I was over helping her babysit a darling little girl named Alexandra Rose. Megan and I were not really boyfriend-girlfriend, but from time to time we saw each other, usually for some kind of sex, but sometimes just to hang out, like tonight.

The nights Megan babysat were a good time for me to spend with her, as I knew it was only for a limited time. I didn’t always have the patience to spend my entire evening with Megan, but she was naughty and sexy enough that I liked fooling around with her after whatever kid she was babysitting had gone to bed. And I got a bit of a thrill out of fooling around with Megan in many different people’s houses, usually in the living room, but sometimes up in the master bedroom, if Megan knew them well enough.

Tonight was shaping up to be more of the same, except that I found myself particularly horny tonight. I had gone upstairs to sit with Megan and Alex while Megan gave Alex her bath, and much to my surprise, the sight of the little 4-year-old chubby cutie pie stripping naked had started my engine running big-time. I’m usually only mildly attracted to little girls, but for some reason, tonight Alex looked very sexy and very attractive, much
more so than I’d ever seen a girl child appear. I became very aroused and erect while sitting in the bathroom with Megan and Alex watching the bathing ritual.

As Megan administered Alex’s bath and was her little body, I toyed with the idea of offering to help. The thought of rubbing soap on the little blonde cherub’s naked body was rather appealing. But I kept quiet and just enjoyed my naughty thoughts. After her bath Megan dressed Alex, giving me only one more glimpse of her little hairless genitals before they were put away for the evening.

The next activity for the night was some quiet time arts and crafts for little Alex, to try and wind her down and ready her for bed. Megan got out Alex’s mommy’s rubber stamp collection and the plan was to use the stamps to make little shapes on paper, then cut out the shapes and glue them onto larger paper. We three sat on the living room floor doing this for a while.

It was at this point I noticed Alex’s “pajamas” were just a little cotton shirt and white cotton panties, nothing else. When Alex sat on the floor her crotch was spread quite obscenely and her plump childish genital slit was visible to my horny eyes, peeking out the side of her slightly-askew panties. I began getting rather aroused all over again. The sight of her smooth chubby thighs spread didn’t help either, and I began to imagine what Alex’s little baby-girl thighs would feel like to kiss, what it would be like to kiss up from one knee all the way up to her vulva was tucked down between her thighs. What was I thinking! Alex was only four years old! My god, was I that horny tonight? It was a weird sexual energy washing over me.

We three continued stamping and cutting for quite a while, listening to some music that Megan had put on earlier. I kept stealing glances at little Alex’s crotch, getting more and more turned on. The girls were both oblivious to my arousal, and Alex just loved all the attention from two adults. She wasn’t half-bad coordination-wise either, and did a decent job in following the stamp outlines with her little scissors. When we had a cluster of different-colored little stars, trees, smiley faces, all kinds of stamped shapes all cut out, Megan got out some poster board and we began looking for the glue sticks.

For some reason, we just could not find the glue sticks. Megan went off and looked all over the house, through the kitchen, through the various desks and drawers everywhere, with no luck. While sitting alone with Alex we chatted about how we were going to arrange the papers. I got more and more turned on at the sight of her innocently-spread crotch. Soon my cock was completely erect and I discreetly rearranged it. I reflected on how nice it would be to ejaculate, to relieve the intense pressure I felt in my testicles. I had a vivid mental image of my sperm splashing out wildly and how much better I would feel afterwards, and this turned me on even more. As my cock was now completely erect, I discreetly slipped it out of my underpants by pulling my underpants crotch aside when Alex was focused on the papers. The feeling of freedom around my cock only made it harder, and I felt the slightly-rougher material of my loose shorts grazing against my sensitive skin. Oh my god, a cumshot at this point would feel so good!!

Suddenly an idea came to me… sperm was sort of like glue! Everybody knew about the jokes about “sticky pages” in men’s magazines, and looking at what Alex needed to paste together, little cutout papers onto a poster board, I thought that my semen would do just fine. I giggled at the idea and dismissed it. It would make nice fantasy fodder, but it would be tough to bring up! I smiled inwardly at my own perverted ideas.

Megan got back from her full-house search and said “Well sweetie, we don’t have any glue, so I don’t think we can stick these shapes on tonight.” The disappointment for little Alex was intense! It was such a letdown for her after all the fun of stamping and cutting the shapes out. Alex held a few of the little cutout shapes up and looked forlornly at them. A moment later she began to cry. “I wanna glue them!” she pouted plaintively between her sobs. Megan put an arm around her to comfort the little girl. I watched as Megan’s comforting touch calmed Alex a little bit, but still Alex was sobbing quietly. She wanted to finish up her big construction project, and I could actually feel her disappointment too.

But how to bring up my fall-back idea? I decided to just do it directly. I put on a great big smile and said to them “I think I have an idea, but I’m not sure it will work.” Megan looked at me quizzically.

“Well, you might think it’s a strange idea, but did you know that semen can be very sticky?” I said to Megan. Still holding little Alex in her arms, Megan looked right at me and blinked, lowering her head and intensifying her stare. “What did you say?” she said, flabbergasted.

Here it goes, in for a dime, in for a dollar! “You heard me. Semen can be just like glue… trust me, I’ve stuck plenty of magazines together by accident before!” I said. The cat was out of the bag now and there was no turning back.

Alex piped up “What’s see-men?” and at this Megan began to nervously laugh and explain. “Kurt is just joking around sweetie,” she began.

“No, I’m serious!” I sensed an opportunity to save the moment so I turned to little Alex, who was clearly grasping for this one ray of possible hope that her construction project might still succeed tonight.

Turning to the little cherub I explained. “Sweetie, semen comes out of a man’s body. It’s a special juice that he can make sometimes, and it is kinda like glue. You can use it as glue in fact.” I explained to the little 4-year-old. Megan was almost speechless, sputtering out only a simple, confused “But… but…”

“Really?” said Alex, her face looking up at Megan hopefully. Megan looked at me with complete amazement. “How on earth do you propose to do this?”, she asked sceptically.

The way I was sitting, my legs already apart on the floor, I knew I could easily free my cock by just lifting the leg hole of my loose shorts, as my cock was already outside the pants leg of my tight briefs. I reached over to the pile of painting equipment and picked up a shallow clear plastic paint-mixing cup.

“I could just squirt some into this cup and then you could put it on the paper with your fingers,” I explained.

“How on earth are you going to ‘just squirt some?'” said Megan, still not fully grasping where I was going with this.

“Well Megan, to spell it out for you, I will masturbate, and then I will catch the semen that comes out in this cup,” I explained, holding up the cup.

Megan could only blink at this particular suggestion, and at that moment Alex piped up and said “Yeah Kurt, make some see-man!” she said enthusiastically.

“Um, do you need some help?” asked Megan, her voice still kind of unsure.

“Sure, that would be nice!” I said. Now was the moment of truth. I reached
down and with a deft flick of my wrist freed my cock and balls, sliding the loose shorts material up my right thigh until all of my equipment was completely exposed.

“Oh my god!” said Megan with alarm. “Not here!” she exclaimed. “Not in front of Alex!!” She reached her hands over to shield Alex from the sight of my exposed cock and balls. But Alex was curious and actively peered around her Megan’s hands, trying to see what was in my lap.

“Holy crap, you already have a hardon!” said Megan, her eyes fixated on it as she tried to hide it from the little girl in her lap. Megan was very into sex and the sight of my erect penis always had a very captivating effect upon her. Being a pudgy girl, she didn’t get to see a lot of penises, and seeing one so unexpectedly really caught her attention.

It obviously caught Alex’s attention too. I smiled at the little girl as she stared at my swollen genitals. “Is that your pee-pee?” she asked innocently.

“Yes it sure is sweetie, this is where the semen comes out of,” I began to explain, pointing at the glistening piss-slit on the end of my cock.

“Oh shit, you’re not really going to do it right here in front of Alex are you?” said Megan with total confusion and some concern, giving up her efforts to hide my cock from Alex’s view and staring open-mouthed at me while she held Alex closer.

“Sure, why not?” I said simply, getting a firm grip on my cock shaft with my left hand, my usual jerk-off hand. It felt so naughty to have two girls, one adult and the other one only four years old, both looking at my erect penis while I rubbed it! I slid my hand up and down a few times, savoring the silky feeling and smiling at Megan.

“But, but, I mean Alex is just a little girl!” protested Megan weakly, gripping Alex’s shoulders protectively. Alex didn’t seem to care, just staring at my cock in my hands.

“This isn’t going to hurt Alex,” I said matter-of-factly. “This isn’t going to hurt anybody! All I’m gonna do is just going to rub my pee-pee until some glue comes out so that Alex here can put her little shapes onto the poster board!” I said.

Turning to the little girl I said. “Don’t you want me to make some glue Alex?” trying to co-opt Alex into my strategy. It worked.

For her part Alex visibly brightened up at hearing my promise. “Yeah, make the glue come out now!” she said enthusiastically, nodding her cute little blonde head. Megan was perplexed and had nothing to say as Alex stared down at my erection. My hand began to move rhythmically up and down my shaft and I looked over at Alex’s crotch for additional visual stimulation. The thrill of the moment hit me full-on and I felt my balls draw up tight to my body.

“Hey, do you want to help me Megan? That way I can make even more glue…” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

“Yeah, Megan help! said Alex, pointing at my crotch excitedly. Megan was still fixated on the sight before her, a grown man masturbating himself while a small girl child sat in her own lap encouraging her to help the man masturbate.

“Wha… what do you want me to do?” Megan asked, unsure of herself.

“Maybe you can tickle my balls a bit,” I offered helpfully, inching closer to Megan so she could reach.

“Uh, um, okay I guess,” said the young babysitter. Reaching around the little cherub in her lap she raked her fingernails along my testicles and I let out a low groan of pleasure. Alex was fascinated by all this happening almost right in her lap. To bring things up closer to the little girl I got up on my knees to jerk off, and Megan continued tickling my sensitive scrotum.

“What are you doing Auntie Megan?” asked Alex.

“I’m helping Kurt make some glue,” she said in a small voice.

“Can I help too?” asked the little cherub. BINGO! This was exactly what I needed to hear.

Megan began to protest but I overrode her and said brightly “Sure sweetie, you can help a lot… do you want to know how?” I said, still jerking on my cock, smiling at the little girl. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I was determined to make the most of it.

“How?” asked little Alex innocently.

“I’ll tell you how,” I said, stroking a little bit faster now. “First of all, stand up sweetie,” I explained. “Yeah, and put down those papers for now, we’ll get to that in a second, just put them down for now.” Alex dropped the cutout papers and stood up from Megan’s lap.

“What are you going to have Alex do?” asked Megan, a look of concern on her face.

“Alex is going to be a great big help to Kurt here,” I explained. “Alex, do you know what helps men make the best semen-glue ever?” I asked. She shook her head, because clearly until five minutes ago she had never heard of semen in the first place, much less learned of its myriad uses!

“Little girls have a very special spot, a spot down between their legs that men love to look at when they’re making glue,” I began, glancing at Megan with a smile. Megan shook her head and smiled back at me just a little bit, her fingernails still tickling the underside of my scrotum.

“You mean my piddle?” she said, looking surprised.

“Yes sweetie, I’m talking about your piddle.”

“But it doesn’t do anything,” she protested. “All that comes out is peepee,” Alex said plaintively.

“Oh, it doesn’t have to do anything sweetie.” I smiled broadly. “Men just like to look at little girls piddles while they’re making glue, because it makes their glue come out faster, and it also makes the glue very sticky and extra special good glue,” I rambled. I was seriously getting delirious at this point, and I was also amazed that I had gotten as far along with this crazy plan as I had, that Megan was still on board with me, that little Alex was being such a precious little girl and not complaining one bit so far.

“So I’m going to lift up your shirt a little sweetie,” I said, lifting the front of her shirt. “In fact, let’s just take your shirt off now,” I said. “Go on, take it off.” Alex hesitated just a moment but then peeled the tiny little white undershirt off.

My heart skipped a beat. Before me stood the sweetest little girl I could imagine, wearing only little white cotton panties, which I saw now had little pink flowers up around the waistband and a tiny red bow right beneath her navel, just above her vulva. I jerked faster now, letting my breath out. “There, that’s much better sweetie… you are such a pretty little girl!” Alex liked that and smiled even more, turning her head and twisting shyly.

“But you know what Alex? I still really cannot see your coochie, I mean your piddle, because your undies are still on,” I said.

Megan chose this moment to switch gears on me. Now instead of tickling my balls she began to knead and squeeze them very gently between her fingertips. “Oooh,” I groaned, my eyes rolling back. Megan froze her hand in place. “Is that okay?” she said with alarm.

“Oh yes, yes, oh God yes,” I said emphatically, catching my breath as I felt Megan begin to move her fingertips again, smiling as she realized the effect it was having on me. I had to stop stroking my penis for a moment as the sensations were so intense from my balls. “Okay, let’s take your undies off sweetie,” I said, turning back to Alex.

Alex looked at Megan for guidance and now I knew Megan was fully in line with what was going on. Megan reached her spare hand, the one that wasn’t squeezing my balls, over to Alex and tugged on her panty elastic. “Take these off baby,” explained Megan.

“No wait,” I said. Both girls looked at me. “Don’t take them off, just pull them down a little bit, just enough that I can see your piddle, but no more…” Alex tugged downwards on her panties but as she leaned forwards to lower the panties down her legs, I lost sight of her crotch, and it was a maddening little delay in my orgasmic build-up.

But it was worth it: When Alex stood up straight I saw her in all her little girl-child glory, her pouty little pale tummy sticking out, capped by a cute little “outie” belly button, her little panties all bunched up and turned inside-out and partially pulled down her tapered chubby thighs, almost to her knees.

And right there between her babyfat thighs I saw the most delicious little vulva I could imagine, plump upper mound, pouty lower lips, deep-cleft little slit ending in a tiny dimple in the middle of her plump mound, all completely bare of pubic hair. My balls absolutely surged with lust at the sight!!

“Oh thank you so much sweetie…” I leaned down a little bit to see her cunny better, and saw it was even prettier up close. “Oh my goodness,” I gushed. “Alex sweetie, you have the prettiest little cunny, er piddle I’ve ever seen!!” I said as earnestly as I could. Trying to remember the child’s words for her genitals was tricky, especially as I felt my orgasm building now.

Alex blushed and said “Thank you,” in response to my compliment.

Megan peered down at my balls as she kept tickling them. “Holy shit, I can barely find your balls anymore Kurt, they’ve pulled up so far!” Megan renewed her efforts to trace the outline of my testicles and had to reach up a little more aggressively, as my scrotum was completely pulled up tight against my body now.

As Megan’s fingers caught and hooked over the top of one of my balls she tugged gently at it and pulled it down a bit, stretching the wrinkled skin around them, driving me insane. It wasn’t going to be long now I could tell.

“Your little piddle is gonna help Kurt make tons of really good glue,” I said, my fist just a blur on my shaft as Megan kept up a massaging rhythm around my lower testicle. “Oh god yes, oh yes sweetie… your piddle is so beautiful… oh shit, Kurt is almost ready to make glue…” I said to neither girl in particular. Alex’s tiny little baby pussy was the focus of all my lust right now, and Megan’s fingertips were just about to send me over the edge.

Megan reached down with her free hand and grabbed the little paint mixing
cup. “I’ll try to catch it all,” she said purposefully, and I nodded.

“Alex, Kurt is going to touch your little piddle really gently okay? And then Kurt will make lots of glue okay sweetie?” I didn’t really give her time to reply before I reached my right hand unsteadily out to her vulva and gasped as my fingers touched her soft flesh, pliant yet firm and full- feeling, and surprisingly very warm. I traced down the outer curve of her plump cunny mound to the little dimple where her cleft began. I traced around the deep curve of this tiny dimple and slid my exploring fingertip further down the outer lips of the child’s labia.

And that was it. I couldn’t hold out a moment longer.

My vision blurred as I stared hard at Alex’s pretty little pale-skinned hairless pussy slit, but my fingers clearly felt her silky warm skin passing beneath them, and my orgasm began to wash over me as Megan squeezed my balls. My hips were humping wildly as the fire and flashes of heat began deep in my groin.

I grunted and moaned and wheezed uncontrollably as I ejaculated, my balls tensing and contracting as my body expended itself. I had to take my fingers off Alex’s tiny vulva as I fell forward, but now my face was right in line with her crotch. I nuzzled my face up to her little baby girl pussy and tried my best to kiss her vulva as my orgasm continued. Alex took a reactionary step back a few inches, but bumped into Megan’s shoulder, and my lips touched her vulva firmly again, my nose and mouth pressing into her childish genitals. Everything was swimming in pleasure and fire and tingling pain now, and Megan’s fingers continued to knead my testicles as I came and came and came, for what seemed like forever.

Finally some semblance of self-awareness cut through my orgasmic haze and I remembered the whole reason we started out to do this, to make the glue! I was breathing heavily and covered in sweat as I looked down under me and saw that Megan was holding the paint-mixing cup precisely underneath my still-drooling cock, and that she had caught quite a bit of the semen, maybe even all of it.

I pushed off the ground back to my knees and used my finger along the underside of my cock and squeezed out the last dribble into Megan’s cup. “Wow, look at all that glue,” said Megan enthusiastically to Alex. Alex was pleased, if not a little bit puzzled by these rather unusual proceedings.

“We can glue a lot with this,” said Megan, smirking up at me. I chuckled and agreed with her. “Here’s the last bit,” I said, and squeezed the underside of my cock one more time, one last thick white drop of semen dripped into the paint dish. Megan let go of my balls and took the cup away to look at it, and Alex’s eyes followed her.

Getting off my knees I sat back down and let my shorts flop back into place, then fell back against a pillow that was behind me. I watched the two girls playing with my semen.

“Is that glue?” asked Alex with amazement.

“It sure is sweetie,” said Megan.

“I’ve got no clothing on!” exclaimed the little girl, suddenly aware of her nakedness.

Megan and I chucked and I reassured her. “That’s fine sweetie, you’re so pretty you don’t need to wear any clothing!” Alex just giggled at this and watched as Megan tipped my semen around in the cup. “I think I caught it all,” said Megan proudly.

“Well, let’s do some gluing, shall we?” said Megan. Alex clapped her little hands together happily. “Yay! We have glue!” I was so happy to have saved the day for this precious little girl! Turning to me the little cherub earnestly said “Thank you very, very much Kurt!” and leaned down to pull up her little panties.

“Wait a second sweetie, let me give your piddle a quick goodbye kiss,” I said, leaning down quickly. Alex giggled as she stood and thrust her bald little pussy mound towards my mouth. I kissed her mound a few times, turned and kissed her tight little slit, feeling my empty balls starting to churn again.

Looking up I smiled warmly at Alex. “Thank you… I love kissing your little piddle baby… I’ll kiss it any time you want!” She giggled.

Feeling totally exhausted now, I laid back and watched Alex pull her little cotton panties up, wiggling her hips side-to-side to get them settled into place. “Here, come give Kurt a big hug.”

Still bare-chested, Alex stepped over to me and dropped to her knees, then flopped forward onto my chest to hug me. I laughed quietly as I held her tiny body to my chest, rubbing my hands on her bare back and over her
little warm tushy inside her panties. I felt myself beginning to drift off.

Megan interrupted and said “Come on Alex, let’s glue some stuff together now!” Alex scrambled up and left me lying there semi-comatose. Alex went to sit with Megan and do more gluing. “Come on Kurt!” said Alex.

Megan smiled at me. “I think Kurt is going to rest for a bit, sweetie, because making glue is very difficult for men, so they get very tired after they do it. Come on, we’ll do the gluing together, I’ll help you.”

I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of the two of them deciding which shape to put where, Megan explaining to Alex how to use the glue.

The last words I heard were Alex saying “This glue sure is neat stuff!”

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.