A Tale Of Two Orphans (M,gg)

A Tale Of Two Orphans (M,gg)

Prologue: Two little girls get abandoned in a restaurant by an uncaring step-father.

Author: Uncle Tony

Every day, we see countless numbers of people, but we don’t really see them, they are like ships passing in the night. Our eyes see them, but the brain doesn’t ‘see’ any detail at all. They might as well be faceless. They all look alike. Occasionally, we see someone that catches our attention for a fleeting moment. Perhaps it’s their laugh, perhaps their clothes, perhaps a beautiful woman. The brain registers these, but they only remain imprinted for a very short space of time. If we were asked to describe one of these ‘noticed’ people, we would be unable to recall any real detail. Perhaps the color of their hair, or their shirt, whether tall, short, fat, thin, pretty or ugly, but no real detail.

In normal every day life, it’s rare to take any real notice of the people around you or their behaviour. This particular day, I was driving home from a visit to a friend in Northumberland. I was hungry so I decided to stop at a pub / restaurant for a meal. I parked my Mercedes and I was aware of a man with two children, who had parked up almost at the same time as me. What drew my attention was the bright yellow shirt and the way in which he grabbed the older one by the arm and almost dragged her away from the car. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but he looked angry and the two children looked scared of him. As they passed by, I saw that the bigger girl had bruises on her forearms. Caused no doubt by the rough way in which he grabbed her.

I wasn’t really interested in kids, I was twenty-six, unmarried. I hadn’t had much time for women. My uncle had left me his home and quite a lot of money in shares, so I had studied the market and almost tripled what he had left me. I was a qualified veterinary surgeon, but I knew that I would never have to work again with all the money I had made, safely invested. I wasn’t exactly the idle rich. I has a love of music and was working at composing music for advertisements, and I had already done the score for a TV series.

I went into the restaurant part of the pub and found a seat. The waitress came and I ordered a beer. Then I noticed the same guy and the two children had taken a table right opposite me. The man had his back to me and the two kids were facing me. For the first time, my mind took stock of them. The taller girl was exceptionally pretty, but very skinny. The younger was probably going to be even prettier when she got older. I guessed the taller one to be around ten and the younger, seven or eight. I couldn’t hear what was being said over the noise in the restaurant. The waiter went to their table and took an order. The two kids looked miserable. The younger one saw me looking at them and gave me a furtive smile. I smiled back. The waiter brought the guy a beer and the two girls a sparkling orange.

I got up and went to the gents, before I ordered. I went into one of the stalls to relive myself and take a dump. Then I heard a man talking on his phone. He was talking to someone called Laura. He was speaking French, which I understood perfectly. He told her that he was driving down to Heathrow and they would soon be together. I was a little disturbed when I heard him say. “I’m just leaving them here, Social Services will look after them, I’ll be long gone.” I waited until I heard him leave and then quickly went out. There was they guy in the bright yellow shirt, still talking into his phone. I followed behind him and he left via a side door. I watched him get into his car and drive away.

I returned to my table. The two kids were still sat there. I had two choices, pretend that nothing had happened and just carry on, or try to help. I went to their table and sat down where the man had been.

“I’m sorry, sir, you can’t sit there it’s my step-dad’s seat. He just went to the toilet” I smiled at the younger one.

“I don’t think he’ll mind me sitting here until he comes back.” I replied. “But I think you have a problem. I just saw him get into his car and drive away.” The two kids looked at each other.

“I think you made a mistake, sir. He wouldn’t just drive off and leave us here.” The older one looked a little worried as she spoke.

“Oh yes he would.” The younger one burst out. “He’s mean and horrid and I hate him. I hope he has gone away forever.” I sat looking at the two of them. The waiter came.

“Would you like to order now, sir?”

“Just give me a few minutes please.” I handed the girls the menu. “At least have something to eat and a drink whilst we wait for your step-dad.” The older one looked at me suspiciously.

“We don’t know you and you don’t know us, so why would you buy us a meal?” She asked.

“OK, point taken. First of all, I’m Jim, what are your names?” The younger one grinned at me.

“I’m Amanda or Mandy, and that’s my sister Nicole or Nikki. I’m very hungry and I would like some lasagne.” She pointed to a dish on the menu. “And a strawberry milkshake.” Nikki looked shocked at her sister.

“Come on Nikki, you kids look like you haven’t had a decent meal for weeks. Be my guest, it’s my treat. If your dad comes back, I’ll still pay, and you don’t have to worry about a meal at least.

“Are you sure?” Nikki asked. “We haven’t had much to eat, with all the packing and such. I’m very hungry. If you’re sure, I would also like a milkshake and the cod and chips looks good.”

“Can you both eat a full adult plate?” I asked. They both nodded. I beckoned to the waiter and gave him the order. “Please bring the bill with the food.” I told him, then I don’t have to hang around when we are finished.” When he had left, I turned back to the children. “Now, we have to see what we are going to do. I think by now, you know that your step-dad has left you here. Where is your mom?”

“She had an accident and died.” She had only been married to my step-dad for about eight months when it happened that was three months ago. He sold the house and we were supposed to be moving to a new place that he had bought today.”

“Do you have the address?”

“No, it was to be a surprise?”

“How about mom’s sisters and brothers, grandparents, other relatives?” I think it was at that moment the enormity of their situation hit Nikki. Her eyes misted and tears ran down her face.

“There aren’t any, we are all alone. Oh God, what are we going to do? That bastard. He’s taken everything. All our clothes were supposed to be at the new house, we have nothing, no money, no clothes and nowhere to go.”

“How old are you Nikki?” I asked

“I’m just past ten and Mandy is not quite eight, she’ll be eight next month.” Nikki was crying now and tears rolled down her cheeks. Mandy held on to her sister.

“Don’t cry Nikki, please. That’s why I came to your table. He did the most despicable thing I can imagine. I guess he took the money from the house and now he’s gone off to someone called Laura. I heard him talking on his phone. I just couldn’t leave the two of you sat here until you panicked. I want to help you.” The waiter came with the food. I gave him my gold card. We ate in silence. They finished everything on their plates. When the waiter brought my card back, I ordered two more milk shakes and a coffee for myself.

“As I see things, we don’t have a lot of choices. Here are all the options that I can think of. If you can think of anything else, tell me. One, I can call the police, tell them the story. They will take you to the police station, call Social Services and they will take you and try to find you a foster home. Let’s be brutally honest, you are orphans now. Second I can call Social Services and they will come her and take you away. Third. If you can trust me, and only if you can trust me, I can take you both to the police or to Social Services. There is only one other possibility and you need to be very careful with this one. If you can trust me, I can take you to my house, and you can stay there until we work something out. Believe me, the cops will do nothing, and I hate to think of you both being split up and dumped into a foster home, but I think you would be taking one hell of a risk. I could be another Jack The Ripper for all you know. Come on, let’s go outside and you need to tell me what you want to do.” We walked out to the car park. They could see that their step-dads car wasn’t there. Nikki started crying. There was a bench. I took them to the bench.

“Sit here and decide what you want to do.” I told them. I’ll wait in my car.” I sat in the car with my feet outside. I saw them talking animatedly. They kept looking in my direction. After about ten minutes, they came hand in hand to me and stood in front of me.

“We’ve decided.” Nikki still had tears in her eyes, but she gave me a wan smile. “Mandy trusts you. I think I do as well. You seem to be a nice man. Can we please come with you. At least for a while until perhaps something else happens. You wouldn’t hurt us, would you?”

“I would never hurt anyone unless I had no option.” I told them. “If you come with me, I promise you that you’ll get good food and I’ll look after you both and protect you. Fortunately it’s school holidays, so we have quite a while to work something out. You’ll have to help around the house a bit and not break things, but you both seem well behaved, so that shouldn’t be a problem. They sat huddled together in the back of the car. I drove into the garage and opened the door to the house.

“Well, here we are, you were supposed to move into a new home today, and so you have. Come on, I’ll show you around.” I took them around the house. It had six bedrooms. It had a well equipped gym and an indoor heated pool. The two kids were very impressed. “Do you want separate rooms or would you rather both sleep in one room?” The two girls had different ideas. Mandy wanted separate rooms, but Nikki decided on one room and a double bed. Nikki won. I left them to explore the house and I made up their room for them and settled down to watch TV. Eventually they came and sat down. “Well, have you had a good look around?” I asked.

“It’s a fantastic place. What do we call you? Jim, uncle Jim?”

“You can call me either.” I told them. I just want you to be comfortable and safe. You are both very thin. I don’t think you’ve been eating well. If you are going to stay here, we need to get some meat onto your bones. High protein diet. Protein milk shakes, workout in the gym. I’ll teach you. Swimming and plenty of rest. You’ll ache all over for a week or two, then you’ll feel a lot better. I normally get up at seven, spend an hour or so in the gym, then a swim, then breakfast. How does that sound?” They both groaned, but they agreed.

The next day’ I took them shopping for clothes. I gave the girl in the store my credit card and told her to let them have whatever that they wanted. I expected them to come out loaded, but they bought only the minimum. I had to take them back inside to get extra outfits and shoes. They dressed very conservatively and I was very proud of them.

We soon settled into a routine. After a couple of weeks, they were looking better. They were certainly getting stronger and fitter and it was good to see that they both really tried hard in the gym. At the end of the second week, I decided that it was decision time. When we were together in the evening. I made my little speech.

“You’ve been here for two weeks.you both seem happy enough, but now we have to face a serious question. Do you want to stay here with me, or should we look for something else?” They looked at me horrified.

“Have we done something wrong? Of course we want to stay here with you. I don’t know what we would have done if you hadn’t come along when you did.”

“I have to know girls, because if you really want to stay here with me, I’ll need to get lawyers busy and try to either adopt you or become your Guardian. It isn’t easy for a young guy to have two kids living with him, so it will take a lot of legal hoops, but when you have money, nothing is impossible.”

“Just do it Jim. Whatever. As far as we are concerned you are like a father to us.”

“I’ll get my lawyers onto this tomorrow.” I told them.

Next day I got the lawyers onto the problem. A bit of money opens doors that would otherwise remain closed. I have no idea how it all worked, but by December I was their father and they were my adopted children. The girls worked hard at school and in fact at everything. I think they didn’t want to disappoint me after all that I had done for them. I decided to keep the news about their adoption to myself until Christmas and make it a sort of Christmas present. The girls had been out shopping and I had no idea what they had got for me as a christmas present they had both been very secretive.

On Christmas Eve, I had booked a table for us at a swanky hotel and we had a very nice meal.we arrived home after midnight, so I showed them the paper proving that they were both my children now. They were delighted.

“Right, let’s have you two into bed now or Santa will miss you.” They both ran off giggling. I knew they were plotting something to surprise me. I waited until they had gone to bed and then turned in myself. I had only just got nicely comfortable when the bedroom door opened. The passage light was on and in the doorway, stood Nikki. She had a short, red Father Christmas robe and a Father Christmas hat, red with white fur trim to match the robe. She looked lovely. She walked into the room and switched on the light after closing the door.

“I’ve brought you your Christmas present, well one of them anyhow.” She told me. I looked to see what was in her hand, but she just dropped the robe and stood in front of me stark naked, except for the Santa hat. “Do you like it?” She whispered. I was dumbfounded. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

“N-n-nikki,” I stammered. Her eyes glistened. She was on the verge of tears.

“Don’t you like it?” She whispered, her lip was trembling.

“Don’t be silly, of course I do, you look adorable, but Nikki” my voice trailed off. She came right to the bed and looked at me.

“Please, I’ve wanted this for some time. I’m sorry you aren’t the first, but, please Jim, I need this. Carefully, she lifted the sheet and got into my bed. By now I had a raging erection.

“What do you mean, I’m not the first. You’ve done this before?” I asked in amazement. “With whom?” A tear ran down her cheek.

“Please don’t think too badly of me, I’m sorry, but before school broke up and we met you, we were playing around with one of the older boys at school. He had some beers and we had a drink or two and then we were messing around and we started kissing and I let him fondle me and then we had sex. It hurt a lot at first, but then it started to feel really good. Then he filled me with his sperms and it was all over before I got a chance. It only happened once, honestly. Mandy did it with him as well. He lasted longer with her and she had an orgasm. She enjoyed it. I was horrified, but there was nothing I could do. She snuggled up close to me. She started to stroke my chest.

“Please forgive me, Jim, please love me. I want to do it with you.” Her hand moved down to my erection. She grasped it and giggled. “I think we should do something about that, don’t you? You’ve done so much for us. God knows what would have happened to us if it wasn’t for you.” I leaned up and looked down at her wonderful naked body.

“Nikki, I really would like to make love to you, but you don’t have to do this to say thank you. I’ve enjoyed being with you both and nothing has changed. You also know it’s illegal and they could lock me up and put you both into care if anyone ever found out.” She started stroking my erection.

“It’s not just saying that to you, Jim. I really want you to do this. I know it’s supposed to be forbidden, but it’s my body and I know exactly what I want. I can’t think of anything better that you could give me for Christmas.” My will power melted. I pulled her to me and started to kiss her. Our hands were everywhere, all over each other. The kisses got more hot and demanding. She grabbed my erection and started to stroke it. I was fast starting to lose control. I clutched her hand to stop her. I nibbled her bullet hard nipples. My hand moved down her stomach to her pussy. I slid a finger into the sopping wet orifice. Her fingers dug into my skin. She was gasping and writhing. When I touched her clit, I thought she was going to tear my flesh. Her hand holding my throbbing cock never let up the slow movement. I was bursting with desire.

“Oh, God, I’m, oh God. It’s happening,” her fingers dug Ito me and she arched her back as her orgasm hit. Eventually the spasms stopped and she came down. I managed to roll her onto her knees and mounted her doggy style. She moaned softly as my engorged organ slid inside her. I was trying to be gentle, but I was wild with desire, never in my wildest imagination had I thought that I would ever have the opportunity to fuck a gorgeous, hot and willing, ten year old girl.

“Steady.” She moaned. “Please take it slowly, you’re quite a bit bigger than the boy at school was.” I waited for a short while and then continued to push inside her until my entire length was in her. I kept as still as I could for as long as I could, but then I just had to start moving. I started with long slow thrusts until I felt that she was getting comfortable with my engorged penis buried in her, then I increased the tempo. I had one arm around her flat muscular tummy and the other hand massaged her small but perfect breasts and nipples. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hold on much longer when she suddenly cried out and I felt her entire body tense. It only took two more strokes until my first massive fountain of semen jetted into her waiting body. I was trying to get even deeper into her. She moaned out loud as she felt the first spurt of my hot semen splash inside her. Each jet that followed elicited another moan of ecstasy. There were about six or seven huge fountains, followed by several smaller ones. Her inner muscles milked every last drop as with each load, I tried to get even deeper inside her. I never thought I would stop.

After I had finished my orgasm, I just clung to her, pulling her wonderful body close to me. My dick softened’ but it was still semi-hard. Reluctantly, I pulled out, followed by a waterfall of my liquid spunk. As I started to rear up, I saw a big lump of thick white semen slowly slide out out of her pussy, it fell onto the bed, followed by another even bigger mass. I have never seen anything so utterly sexy. Involuntarily, my dick was suddenly rock hard again.

“My God, Nikki.” I rolled her onto her back and got between her open legs. She guided my penis into her. I was just overcome with lust. I started to fuck her wildly. I was like an animal and she was responding I was suddenly aware that someone else was with us. It was little Mandy. She was wearing a Santa outfit the same as Nikki’s. Her hand was between her legs and she was frantically rubbing her clit and holding her sister’s hand with the other hand. Nikki almost screamed as she started another orgasm. i waited until she had finished and then I pulled out of her and grabbed little Mandy, tossing her unceremoniously onto the bed. Her Santa robe had come unfastened and I looked down at her seven year old body and her little bald, wet pussy and I knew that I had to fuck her, no matter what.

She grabbed hold of me and opened her legs as wide as she could.

“Yes Jim, fuck me, fuck me hard. Nikki helped guide me to her sopping wet pussy. I knew that I should take it easy, but I was finding it difficult. How many men ever get chance to fuck an eight year old beauty, who wants it as much as you do? I marveled at my good luck as I slowly and inexorably pushed my throbbing prick inside her. She was incredibly tight and I could see that I was hurting her, but I couldn’t stop. It was an incredible sensation. I looked down to see almost the entire length of my organ disappear inside her little body.

“Sorry Mandy.” I groaned.

“It’s OK, you’re much bigger than the boy at school, but it’s just a bit uncomfortable. Give me a minute or two.” My cock kept swelling inside her and each time it did, she grunted. I was just moving ever so slightly inside her and after a minute or two, she smiled. “It’s OK now, Jim. It’s staring to feel real good. Nikki positioned herself so that she could cradle Mandy’s head and shoulders as I started to fuck in earnest. It wasn’t long before Mandy had her first orgasm. Nikki held her and stroked her body.

“How’s that, sis, good?” She asked. Mandy nodded.

“Don’t stop, Jum, please don’t stop. I’ve wanted this ever since you smiled at me in that restaurant. Fill me with your sperms Jim. Just like you did my sister. I was wild with lust and I carried on fucking her little body. Her legs were trying to get around my waist. She was moaning and moving her hips. I think she had two more orgasms before I unloaded into her. I was amazed at the amount of semen that the body can produce in such a short time. As I filled her with almost as much of my seed as I had her sister.

When I finished I rolled her over onto her side. I was still inside her. My dick had softened but it wasn’t completely soft. I held Mandy close to me and Nikki turned so that I could hold her as well. It took quite some time before my dick went completely flaccid and I fell out of her. The bed was soaked. We just laid together for a while, we were all three exhausted. Finally, I forced myself to sit up..

“We can’t sleep in this, girls, let’s find some clean sheets and put some paper towels on the mattress to dry it out.” The girls giggled.

“Can we all sleep together then, Jim, please.”

“Don’t be silly, of course we can, I wouldn’t have it any other way. That was a wonderful experience, I hope that I didn’t hurt either of you. I was a bit carried away. I still can’t believe that we did this. I know it’s wrong, it’s taboo, but it felt so right.

“I think we are both a bit sore Jim, but no, you didn’t really hurt us.it was wonderful. Next time it will be better.”

“Hmm, next time. I want to talk to you about that.” I told them. ” we can’t take chances, if either of you got pregnant’ it would be a disaster. Mandy is probably safe, but not you, Nikki. We either have to abstain or use a condom until I can get you on the Pill. Then you have to take it for a month before you’re safe. Even so, we should avoid the times of the month when you are ovulating, so when you start your periods, I’ll get you a special thermometer so that we can avoid those dangerous days altogether.” Nikki looked disappointed, but she reluctantly agreed. Mandy was grinning from ear to ear. I looked at her sternly. “Don’t look so smug young lady, I’m not going to make Nikki jealous of you, so you’re not getting any more until Nikki gets fixed up.”

“No, it’s alright.” Nikki smiled. “I’ll never be jealous of my little sister. You and her can do it as often as you like until I’m sorted out, then she has to take second place for a few weeks to make up for it. OK Mandy?” Mandy nodded.

We changed the bed and settled down to sleep. I awoke as if from a dream. I had a massive hard-on and Nikki was holding it. As soon as I opened my eyes, Mandy straddled me and Nikki guided it into her. She winced a bit as I penetrated her, but she wiggled until I was completely inside her, then she started riding my erection. Nikki was kissing me and rubbing my chest and stomach as her sister fucked me. It was like a dream. As soon as I felt her orgasm start, I just unloaded into her. She collapsed on top of me until her spasms subsided.i took my hand and slid down Nikki’s tummy” she seemed to know what I wanted to do because she shifted her position until I could massage her clit and finger fuck her. I managed to bring her to an orgasm quite quickly.. Mandy got off me and cuddled up on one side of me with Nikki on the other. I could see that she wanted more, so I slid down the bed until I could work her clit with my tongue. It drove her wild. She held my head and tried to get my head inside her. Mandy was rubbing Nikki’s nipples until Nikki had another massive orgasm. We all three lay together in the wet sheets for ten or fifteen minutes. Then we reluctantly got up and we all three made breakfast.

After breakfast, Nikki looked very serious.

“Can we talk please Jim?” I nodded and we all three sat down in the sitting room.

“Jim, I know you are now legally our dad, but I don’t want to think of you as dad. To me, dad means that as soon as we leave school, you’ll expect us to find husbands and get married and leave. Mandy and I have talked about this. We both love you Jim, but not as daughters. We don’t want to look for other boys or men. We just want you. We want to be with you forever. We don’t want to get married. If we have babies, we want them to be your babies. After my step-dad, I don’t want to take chances with other men. Most of them are just wimps now. Are you going to try to get rid of us when we are older Jim, or can we be together forever?” I was surprised how serious and grown up they both were. I was close to tears.

“Girls, what more could any man ever want? You are both gorgeous, we get on well together. We work together and now, we sleep together and fuck together. Only a complete idiot would want any more than this. You know that we have to be very careful until you are over sixteen. We can’t risk either of you getting preggies. We can’t risk anyone finding out that we are sleeping together. We can’t have anything other than father and daughter relationships outside of the house. You both have to be very careful not to say anything that might lead anyone to even think that I’m more than just a dad. I never had a lot of time for women, I was always too busy. I had a few girl friends and I’ve slept with a few, but as of now, I promise that there will only be the two of you in my life. I love both of you equally. As of last night, I can’t think of you as daughters either, I can only think of you as wonderful’ gorgeous, and very sexy wives. I’m going out later today, but I’m gong to drive a long way from here end then buy a stock of condoms and visit a friend of mine who own a pharmacy and get a stock of the Pill for you. Just until you start your periods and we can work out temperatures so that we don’t make mistakes and have an accident. Now does that make you happy?”

The both jumped on me together. We rolled on the floor, hugging, kissing, tickling until the inevitable happened and clothes came off and we spent most of the rest of the morning having very satisfying sex. I reckoned that as I had taken a chance with Nikki that night, one more day wasn’t going to make a difference. Fortunately, it didn’t.

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