A Tale of Three Nymphos (Mg,uncle,babysit)

A Tale of Three Nymphos (Mg,uncle,babysit)

Prologue: Looking after Bert’s sister-in-law’s little Vicky proved not to be such a chore after all.
Author: Uncle Tony

I’m the younger of two brothers. I’m Bert and my brother Adam is almost seven years older than I am. We both have different fathers. When I was growing up, I watched my brother fool around, and waste his time. He wasn’t interested in school, he smoked, he drank, he was arrested for shoplifting and he was a general layabout. He was a good looking bloke, so he had no problem landing girls and he fucked everything in the neighborhood. I was a real bookworm. I studied hard. I wasn’t that much interested in girls. I wanted to become a veterinarian. There was one girl at school that I was rather sweet on, she was a year younger than me. I passed to university and studied hard. I never came home in the holidays, I found work with local vets and worked as an assistant.

After I qualified, I came home. I found my brother married to the girl I was sweet on at school and they already had a six year old daughter. He’d got her pregnant at fifteen and had the good grace to marry her, but I doubted if he really loved her. I’d managed to keep hold of money, I wasn’t a gambler, but the odd flutter on the horses had paid off and I’d had a few fairly good wins on the football pools, so I decided to treat myself to a sabbatical.i went to Las Vegas and my luck was good, because I had a few very hefty wins on the slots in the form of a couple of jackpots and I took some of my wins and played blackjack. After my months holiday, I had accumulated a substantial amount of money. It was all in the bank and I’d made a few gilt edged investments.

I decided to have a real holiday and I went to Cape Town where I spent two years working for a big veterinary consultancy. It was time to return to my roots. I phoned my brother, but his wife, Alice told me that he was now a mercenary, somewhere in the world. He’d had another run in with the law and decided that rather than go to jail, he would get out of the country, just leaving his wife and daughter behind. I asked Alice if she could find me a small flat. She offered me to come and stay with her, but she was my brother’s wife still and although Alice told me that she was going to get a divorce, there was just no way that I could risk staying with her. The temptation would be too great. She saw my point I think, because she found me a nice little flat at a small rent, so a few weeks later I moved in. I told no-one that I had money, not even Alice.

I went around to visit them several times. Alice came from a fairly well off family, her dad had died and left her a fairly large sum of money. Her mother was in Australia, so Alice wasn’t exactly suffering or missing her black sheep husband. Her daughter Vicky was the spitting image of her mom when she was younger. She was now eight and a half, very athletic like her mom used to be, tall for her age, perfect legs, long dark brown wavy hair and she was doing very well at school.

Several months passed uneventfully. I bought a small car, nothing fancy. I wasn’t going to waste my money. I stood in several times for an elderly vet, to help him out when he wasn’t well. Then, I got a frantic phone call. It was Alice. She was close to tears, her mom had cancer and she was dying and asking for her. Alice wanted to go to her mom, but she didn’t want to break Vicky from her school and drag her to Australia. Would I please move in to their house and take care of Vicky whilst she was away. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being lumbered with a kid, so I pointed out that it was only a week or so to summer holidays, so why not take Vicky with her for a holiday?

She told me that she was going to be way out of town, shuttling to the tiny local hospital and she would be in a bed and breakfast and there were snakes and poisonous spiders and she wouldn’t be able to watch her – there was a long list of reasons. I capitulated, she would book a flight straight away. She called back an hour later, she was booked on a flight leaving at eight on Saturday morning from Heathrow. We would have to leave at four to get her there in time.

On Saturday morning I arrived at the house at three thirty, Alice and Vicky were ready. We saw Alice off and then drove back. Vicky had slept most of the way down but by the time we got home she was wide awake. I cooked breakfast, Vicky did her homework and then went round to one of her friends. In the early nineteen sixties, in villages, there was almost no crime, a few fights in pubs, the odd bicycle got stolen, but folks didn’t even bother to lock their doors. She was back shortly before six that evening. I had prepared a good hot meal. After dinner we played a game of chess, she was a pretty good chess player. I decided that it was bedtime.

“Now then young lady, I have strict instructions from your mom. Bath, then bed by eight-thirty. If you aren’t grubby and sweaty, I’m not going to insist on a bath, but you are grubby and sweaty tonight, so off you go.” Vicky looked at me.

“Well come on then.”

“What do you mean, come on then.”

“Mom always helps me bath, washes my back and makes sure I don’t hurt myself.” Came the swift reply.

“No ways, you’re a big girl now. You can bath by yourself. It isn’t right to have a strange man in your bathroom whilst you are in the bath.” She pouted.

“But you’re not a strange man, you’re Bert, my dad’s brother. What if I slip and fall and hit my head and drown?”

“Vicky, what if an asteroid comes through the roof and into my head, what then?” She giggled..

“That’ll never happen.”

“Nor will you fall down. Get bathed and get ready for bed, young lady, NOW.” She looked disappointed, but off she went. I turned on the TV. About twenty minutes later he came back. She had brushed her hair and she was wearing a pink shortie nightie and skimpy pink lacy panties. She pirouetted in front of me.

“How do I look?” She asked. “Do you like me uncle Bert?” She looked lovely.

“Of course I like you Vicky, you look lovely.” I told her. “Now off you go to bed.”

“Not just yet, PLEASE, let me sit with you for a while, PLEASE.” Well it was the first night she had been without her mom, so I relented.

“OK,but just for a little while then.” She jumped onto my knee. She smelled fresh and delicious, her shapely bare legs and her bum pressing against my crotch, did the inevitable. I started to get an erection. I just couldn’t stop it. She turned her head to me and kissed me softly full on the lips. It definitely didn’t help. I was very embarrassed. She stroked my face and kissed me again.

“I’m so glad you are here uncle Bert. I like you a lot. We are going to have a lot of fun, aren’t we?” I was about to respond when without warning, she put her hand on my erection. “Oh, uncle Bert, you really do like me. Why you’re getting all big and hard.” The little minx started unfastening the buttons on my fly. I grabbed her hand.

“Vicky, stop that, right now.” I said hoarsely, “it’s not right.”

“But I only want to play with it for a bit. Don’t be mean. Dad lets me play with his.” I almost choked. “Please, just for a little while.” She was still trying to undo the buttons.

“Your dad would never let you play with it.” I retorted.

“Oh he does so. And all white stuff comes out. He likes it when I play with it. Don’t be mean, uncle Bert. Pretty please.” By this time I had a raging hard on. I knew it was wrong, very wrong, but I stopped fighting her hand. She had the buttons undone and she fished me erection out of my Y-fronts.

“Ooh, it’s nice, uncle Bert, I think it’s a bit bigger than my dad’s. Hold on.” She jumped off my knee ran to a draw and came back with a ruler. She stroked it a couple of times and then carefully measured it. “I was right. It’s just over half an inch longer and I think it’s a bit fatter as well.” Slowly and gently she started to jerk me off. There was no way that I could even try to stop her. She nuzzled close to me. “There, there, see how nice it is. Now don’t rush, just lie back and enjoy it. There’s lots of time.” Not for me there wasn’t. The sight of this little miss, wanking me and the sweet smell of her had its inevitable conclusion. My balls started to rise.

“Oh Christ, Vicky.” She had undone all the buttons on my shirt as well. “Oh my God, Vicky” I almost screamed her name as a huge jet of semen spurted out it hit my neck and ended almost at my navel. Fountain after fountain spurted out. I was covered in it. All the time she kept gently massaging my dick. Her hands were covered in it as well. She kept hold of it until it softened. She licked her hand.

“Ooh, my you taste nice as well.” And she started licking the pools of sperm that were lying on my chest and tummy. Finally, she felt in my pants pocket and found a hankie and she gently cleaned me up.

“Was that good for you uncle Bert?” She asked innocently. I couldn’t help myself.

“It was fantastic, Vicky. Thank you.” She hopped off the couch, stood up and pulled her shortie nightie over her head and dropped it onto the floor. Then she hooked her thumbs into her lacy panties and wiggled them over her bum before dropping them onto the floor as well. I opened my mouth to say something, but no words came out. She lay with her legs over mine, her little hairless pussy in line with my dick which was already starting to get hard again.

“My turn now.” She told me. I looked down. Her outer labia were puffed up and slightly open. I could see the pink inside and she was sopping wet. “Come on uncle Bert. Surely you know how to do this, or should I show you?” I couldn’t speak. He propped herself up. “Give me your hand.” She demanded. She got hold of my index finger. “Now put this into my pussy. Gently.” She guided me into her hot wet love tunnel. “You can put it in all the way. Dad put it in too far once and it hurt real bad and I bled a bit, but it’s never hurt since. He said that it wouldn’t. Now rub my little clitty, be gentle it’s very sensitive.” I did as I was told. She lay back and closed her eyes. Her hips were moving as I finger fucked her and massaged her clit. She started breathing hard. “Oh Bert, it’s so nice, you do it real good. I don’t think it’s going to take very long tonight.” Her movements got faster, I could see she was very close. Then she gave a huge lurch, I could feel her little cunt and her tummy tighten. Wave after wave of spasms went through her. She groaned and cried out with each one. It took a while before she finally lay still, just looking at me with those big, brown, innocent eyes. I found it hard to believe that an eight year old girl could have such a major orgasm.

“That was a really, really nice, uncle Bert. Wow that was a big one. Thank you. Can we go to bed now?” After all that and the busy day, I was dog tired. I stood up. She left her night clothes on the floor. She took my hand and led me to the stairs, she switched off all the lights downstairs and there was just the light at the top of the stairs. I tried to push her towards her bedroom, but she resisted.

“No,uncle Bert. I want to sleep with you. I’m scared at night now mom isn’t here. Please let me sleep in your bed with you. I don’t wet the bed. I don’t snore and I promise to be good. I’m really tired now.” After all we had just done, what could I say? She climbed into bed stark naked. I took off my pants and shirt and climbed in with her. She snuggled up to me.

“I really, really like you Bert.” she mumbled sleepily. “We’re going to have a lot of fun whilst you are here.” Within minutes she was fast asleep. I wasn’t far behind.

I awoke the next morning. My sleep ridden brain was starting to remember what had happened the night before, cautiously I moved and looked around. I was alone in the bed. I relaxed. So I had been having a dream. I felt a bit ashamed that I remembered enjoying it so much, but I was relieved. I wasn’t a pervert after all. The thought didn’t hold for long. The door opened and in came Vicky, with a tray, a pot of tea, cups and saucers, sugar and milk and a rack of golden brown toast with a butter dish and a pot of marmalade. She was as naked as the day she was born. She put the tray on my bedside cabinet and hopped into bed with me. She kissed me gently on the mouth and then grinned.

“Come on, sleepy head, pour out some tea and pass me a plate and some toast. Gotta keep your strength up.” So I hadn’t been dreaming. It had all been real. I WAS.a fucking pervert after all. We ate the toast one drank our tea. She snuggled up to me. “We can have a bit of a lie in this morning.” She told me. “We need to discuss this week. Tomorrow morning, it’s school. We need to leave here at eight thirty, unless you don’t want to take me, in which case I have to catch the eight o’clock bus.” I cut her off.

“Don’t be daft, of course I’ll take you.” She carried on

“Now Tuesday is the end of term sports day. Mom always comes. I’d really like it if you would com, but you don’t have to do if you don’t want. Wednesday the school breaks up, I’m not sure what time, probably soon after lunch, but I’ll catch the bus home. Now Thursday is my birthday, I’ll be nine years old. Mom always lets me have a little sort of party and I invite my two friends over. I’m not sure what you want to do. Then the rest of the holidays, I don’t know. Depends on when mom comes back, I suppose.” How could I refuse anything for this gorgeous little creature.

“Right’ I’ll take you to school and pick you up. On Tuesday, of course I’ll come to your sports day. On Wednesday, I can come to the school after lunch just wait outside for you. On Thursday, of course you can have as many of your friends over as you like. Just tell me what food and drinks to get and what you need for after food.”

“Just some soft drinks, orange juice, lemonade, sandwiches, I’ll help with those and maybe some buns or something. I only have my two best friends, Miranda and Trish. Thanks uncle Bert, you’re the best. She kissed me. A long, lingering kiss, full of promise. She put her head on my shoulder and I held her close to me. My dick was going crazy, but I fought the urge. We lay together for about twenty minutes and then we got up. I let her dress and leave first.

The day passed uneventfully. Alice called to tell us that she had arrived safely. I gave the phone to Vicky and she chatted to mom for a while. At about eight o’clock, Vicky came over to me.

“Should I get a bath tonight, uncle Bert.” She asked.

“No, I don’t believe in bathing too often it removes the oils in your skin. You only need to bath if you are grubby or smelly, OK?”

“Great, shall we go to bed now?” I looked hard at her.

“Oh, so last night, you wanted to stay up and tonight you want to go to bed early? What’s wrong?” She rubbed my crotch.

“Play time, I think it will be much nicer in a soft bed together than on this hard old settee. Don’t ya think?” I pretended to be shocked, but inside, I was very eager.

“But it’s wrong, Vicky, you must know that. Are you sure that you want to do this?” She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the stairs.

“Oh, uncle Bert, stop pretending. You enjoy me playing as much as I do. Come on, it’s going to be great again tonight.” I stopped resisting. She giggled as she saw my erection making a bulge in my pants. She rubbed it gently. “Let’s do something about that, come on.” We couldn’t get our clothes off fast enough and we both dived onto the bed. I hugged her and we started kissing passionately. All my good intentions were gone. She slid down the bed and stroked my rock hard erection a few times before she started to gently lick it from top to bottom. She licked the head and then got it into her mouth and she started giving me a very professional blow job.

“For God’s sake Vicky, your going to make me come.” She stopped and grinned at me.

“Isn’t that the whole idea? Just let go when you’re ready. You taste good, uncle Bert.” She got my throbbing dick back into her little mouth. It was just too much. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t. She was gulping it down as fast as she could, but some of it was running down her chin. I just couldn’t believe how fucking fantastic it was. If only I could fuck this sweetie, but I had to be content with the enormous pleasure, I was getting.

“Drop the uncle, Vicky. I’m only uncle when we are outside, OK? Now come here you randy little minx, it’s your turn.” I pulled her up onto the pillows and then got my head between her legs and started to gently flick her clit with my tongue.

“Oh my God Bert, what are you doing to me?” She cried. “It feels incredible, I’ve never had it like this before.” She was writhing so much I had a problem keeping her still, I noticed for the first time how pronounced her clitoris was for such a young girl. I sucked it into my mouth and started continuous licking. She was going absolutely wild. It only took about two minutes before she grabbed my head and I thought she was trying to pull my entire head into her little hairless pussy. She gripped my head in her legs. Then she cried out.

“Oh shit, oh Bert I can’t hold it, oh God, I’m coming. Oh no, I wanted it to last, aaarrggghh.” Her whole body convulsed, spasm after spasm swept through her until eventually she lay exhausted. I held her in my arms and caressed her.

“Vicky, you are the most incredible girl that I’ve ever known.. She smiled sleepily at me.

“I’ve never had it like that before, Bert. That was the most wonderful thing ever.” Minutes later, she was fast asleep. Next morning after a big breakfast I took her to school. I cleaned around the house and then went into town to by a mixture odd cold drinks, buns, and general stuff for her little party. I bought her a gold chain in three pieces which could all clip together so that she could make it bigger when she grew up. I bought a small, simple gold pendant to hang on it.

That night we did the same again. This was one very sexy little girl. On Tuesday, I attended her sports day. She won several items. Seeing her doing so well in her little shorts, gave me serious problems and I had to keep my jacket across my legs to hide the bulge in my pants. Afterwards, she introduced me to her two friends. Miranda was very Spanish looking girl with long black hair, her mom was with her, typical English, but turned out that Miranda’s dad was Spanish. Trish was a very shy little blonde’ exceedingly pretty with beautiful golden hair which fell in waves over her shoulders. The parents were a bit off-handed when they learned that I was Vicky’s uncle, but they warmed a bit when they learned that I was a vet.

We got into the car and started home. Vicky put her hand on my crotch.

“Poor Bert, I could see that you were having a hard time.” She giggled. “But you did a good job hiding that bulge!” As soon as we got into the house she pulled me to the stairs. “Stop fighting and come with me.” She commanded. By this time I was her slave. I meekly followed her. She pushed me onto the bed, pulled my shirt up and opened my pants. She grabbed my erection.

“Come on, Bert. Time for some relief from all the afternoon you suffered, come quickly, we can do it again and take our time later.” It only took about a dozen strokes before I decorated my chest and stomach and my shirt as well, with a flood of semen. She smiled. “Poor uncle Bert, does that feel better now?” I nodded.

“How about you, sweetie? I asked.

“No, I’ll be OK until later.” Later that night, I got another amazing blow job and I used hand and tongue to bring her to another body wracking orgasm. Wednesday followed the same pattern. Alice called every second day to enquire if everything was OK. We both assured her that it was. She still had no idea how long the old lady would last, but she was sure it wouldn’t be much longer.

On Thursday afternoon Miranda and Trish with their moms came to the party. They had food, orange juice, lemonade, ice cream and then settled down to play some games. I expected noisy games from typical kids, but I was wrong. They started playing monopoly. The two mothers and I retired to the sewing room or library and we had a glass of port and some sandwiches. Even though I say it myself, I’m not a bad looking guy. I.m very fond of sports and I had a good muscular body. The two moms soon warmed to me, especially when they found that Adam was only my half brother and we weren’t close. It was obvious he was disliked in the area.

After they had all left, I put the chain that I’d bought around her neck. She was ecstatic.

“It’s the most wonderful prezzie that I’ve ever had.” She kissed me. “It must have cost you a lot of money. Thank you so much Bert.”

We watched some TV, but I could see that she was feeling very randy, so I suggested we get an early night. Instead of almost tearing off her clothes, she waited until I had undressed and then stripped, slowly before me, making sure that I savoured every inch of her wonderful body. Then she came into my arms. We kissed and cuddled, I nibbled her little nipples and stroked her body.

“Please don’t be cross and please don’t say no, Bert, but I want something different tonight.” She whispered.

“I could never be cross, sweetie. Whatever you want.”

“I want to do it properly tonight Bert. I want you to put it inside me. I want you to fuck me. It will be my first time. Dad told me that when I was nine that he would put it inside me, but I would much rather you do it.” I didn’t know what to say. This was the answer to all my prayers, but I still felt guilty.

“Are you really sure about this, Vicky my angel. I really want to do, but it’s very big to get into your tiny pussy. I would hate to hurt you. You don’t have to do this. I’d be quite happy to . . .” She put her finger on my lips.

“Shut up, Bert. I’ve wanted to do this with you since our first night, but I decided to wait until I was nine.. Dad says that if he did it slowly I would stretch and after a while, it would be fine. If it starts to REALLY hurt, I promise that I’ll tell you Bert my love and then you can stop, but I really want to do this.”

We kissed more, I played with her nipples, I stroked her body. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last for long, so I tried to get her as worked up as I possibly could. When she was almost beside herself. I got into position she held my engorged erection and guided it into the entrance of that wet little virgin pussy. I pushed very gently. Slowly millimeter by millimeter my penis was vanishing inside her little virgin body.

“Am I hurting you?” I kept asking. I could see it was uncomfortable for her. She kept shaking her head. When I was about three quarters in her, I stopped.

“How is it feeling?” I asked. “Is it still hurting?” She reared up and looked down at the sight.

“No, don’t stop now, I want it all, Bert. I want to be a woman. I want to pleasure you. It’s a bit tight and I feel, well, full, but it isn’t painful. Come on my love, keep going until it’s all inside me.” I complied. I was being very careful. It was a massive strain. Slowly but surely I kept going until my pubic hair was against her bald mound.

“How’s that my angel?” I asked. She reared up and looked again.

“Oh Bert, it’s all inside. Can we just keep still for a little while longer until I get more used to having it inside me?” I nodded. I couldn’t keep perfectly still but I moved a few millimeters at a time. It wasn’t long before she held me and looked into my eyes. “I think I’m ready now, lover. Just be a bit gentle for a while.” We started to fuck . I was watching her lovely face, it wasn’t long before the slightly strained look was replaced with a look of pleasure and satisfaction.

“Use your fingers as well my love.” I told her. Just enjoy every second. I wondered if I would be able to hold on long enough. Her hip movements got more, the tempo was getting faster. We were both sweating and clinging to each other.

“Oh Bert, I’m almost there. Fill me my love. Her body started to stiffen. I increased the tempo and stroke length. “Oh my God Bert, what’s happening. I’ve never felt anything like this. Oh Christ.” She screamed as her orgasm started and again as my first fountain of hot semen splashed inside her, decorating her little virgin womb and her vagina with rope after rope of my hot sticky semen. I thought that she was going to faint, her eyes were rolled back. It was the longest, most massive orgasm that I had ever known.. I rested on my forearms. My dick had softened. She opened her eyes.

“Oh, wow. That was the biggest ever. I thought I would die from pleasure. Oh it was the most wonderful thing ever.” Suddenly, her eyes widened. “Christ Bert, what’s happening? I can feel you getting bigger inside me. I think I’ll die if we do it again.” Slowly I started moving, semen was still running out of her, but now she was really lubricated. There were obscene squelching sounds as I plunged my prick into and out of her little body. Now I was wild with pure lust. She was grunting and mumbling unintelligibly as she slammed her hips up to meet mine. It didn’t take very long.

“Oh Christ Bert, I’m coming again, oh God.” She had another orgasm almost as big as the previous one. As I felt the muscles inside her little cunny squeeze me, I let go. I was just lost. The entire world stood still as I unloaded into her and she milked every drop out of me with her inner muscles. I lat still, just buried inside her. Those long, shapely, well muscled legs were around my waist holding me tight. Eventually she just collapsed under me. I rolled off and took her into my arms.

“Vicky, my sweet, that was the most wonderful thing that I’ve ever done. You are wonderful. What the fuck am I going to do when your mom comes back?”

“Why don’t you move in here, Bert? I heard mom tell one of her friends that she wished that she had married you and not your brother. Then we can be close.” I thought about it for a minute.

“Vicky, your mom is very nice. I had a crush on her when we were at school together, but she’s married to my brother and that’s only a part of it. How can I move in then your mom would expect me to sleep with her and all the time I’d be thinking about you and it wouldn’t be fair, because you would lie in bed thinking of me fucking your mom when I only want to do it with you. You mom would be very pissed off if she thought even for a second that we were doing what we are doing.”

“Then I’ll just come an visit you every weekend,” she retorted. “And I’m not jealous. I could live with you fucking my mom, provided that I got my share as well.” I had to laugh.

“Why, you little minx, you’re enough for me. You’d wear me out! You are so bloody hot and sexy.” I told her. We fell asleep in our own juices. When I awoke the next morning. Vicky was quickly all over me.

“Yesterday was the best birthday ever.” She whispered. I want to try some of those other positions that I saw on some of dads secret tapes.” She claimed astride me and slowly sank onto my rigid cock until she had swallowed the entire length. It took her a while to get the hang of doing most of the work, but once she mastered it, she went at it flat out. She was happy with a single orgasm. It took me a bit longer than usual, so I had to carry on for a few more minutes before I could reach my climax. I think I’d exhausted myself the night before.

“Can we try it on my knees tonight?” She asked. I nodded furiously.

Part 2 – Miranda.

On Saturday, she went around to one of her friends for the afternoon. When she came home at around five thirty, she brought her friend Miranda with her. I made food and both girls helped. Miranda was very outgoing, she was a year older than Vicky. After we had eaten, we sat on the settee. Vicky sat on one side of me and Miranda on the other. Without any warning, Vicky started to unfasten the buttons on my fly. I grabbed her hand.

“Vicky, stop that.” I hissed. “Your friend is here, or have you forgotten?” Vicky laughed.

“Don’t be such a fuddy duddy, Bert. Miranda is my friend. She’s been doing it with her dad for a long time, but he’s rarely home these days. He’s working over in Spain they want to move there when Miranda leaves school, but she gets lonely when her dad isn’t there to play with her. Isn’t that right Miranda?” While she was talking she had hauled out my dick. I already had an erection. Miranda looked at it.

“It’s fine Vicky, it’s bigger than my dad’s. It should be good. Can I touch it? Vicky handed it to her. This was insane. Here was a little ten year old, raven-haired beauty, holding my prick in her hot little hand. What the hell was I supposed to do?

“B-b-b-but Vicky,” I stammered. The two girls grabbed my hands.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs, it’s nicer on the bed. We can have some real fun. I’m not jealous, Bert. I told you, poor Miranda hasn’t had it for well over a month.”

“No Vicky, it’s been six weeks. It’s not the same when you have to give yourself a hand job. Don’t worry Bert, I’m on this new thing, it’s a pill that stops girls from getting pregnant. My mom works for a pharmaceutical company and she gets them for me. She can get some for Vicky as well.” I was speechless. I just looked at her. Miranda seemed to guess what I was thinking. “Oh mom knows that dad fucks me. She says it’s better for him to do it than some boy at school who’ll hurt me and knock me up. Dad’s very kind and gentle and Vicky says you are as well.”

We got into the bedroom, the two girls helped me shed my clothes. Then they both stripped completely naked. Little Miranda had two beautiful small developing breasts. They were very sensitive. She kissed me passionately. This was one very hot little girl.

“Miranda can go first.” Vicky told me. “I know how to make her happy. Don’t hurry, we have all night.”

“What?” I gasped. “What time must she be home?” Miranda was gently stroking my erection. Vicky was sucking Miranda’s bullet hard nipples.

“Oh, didn’t I tell you, she’s here for the weekend, her mom is going to visit friends for a few days. She’ll ring when she gets back. Probably Monday or Tuesday, so Miranda can have a bit of fun with us.” I just couldn’t believe my good luck. Not one but two beautiful young girls to fuck. What a weekend this was going to be. I started kissing little Miranda again. She was very good at it, both Vicky and I worked on her nipples an breasts. I slid down the bed and gave her a tongue job and she exploded into a very noisy orgasm. She took the lead, she got on her knees and I started fucking her doggy style. She knew how to make it last. Then she indicated that she wanted to go spoon.

“Please, not yet.” She pleaded. “It’s been such a long time.” Then were were into missionary. Then she wanted to go back to doggy. “I’m very close now, Bert” she whispered. Hold me tight and come inside me. I felt her first spasm and I just about exploded. Vicky was massaging my balls with one hand and Miranda’s flat little tummy with the other. We both climaxed together. After I had unloaded everything as deep inside her as I could, she knelt gasping. Her vaginal muscles milked my softening cock of every last drop of semen. Slowly I pulled out. There was a small waterfall of liquid spunk followed by big lumps of jelly-like creamy semen which oozed out of her little cunny and dripped onto the bed. It got me going again. I grabbed Vicky.

“Your turn now,” I got her on her knees and started to fuck her doggy style as well. Miranda knew just how to get little Vicky aroused. It was only minutes before Vicky climaxed. I kept going. We rolled over. Miranda moved out of the way. Now I was on top. Vicky was getting the works. Miranda was kissing her and playing with her tiny tits and nipples as well as working her clit. Vicky screamed as she had her second orgasm. There she lay as I continued to fuck her. Miranda was whispering to her between kisses.

“Come on Vicky, you can do it. One more time. Come on, concentrate. Do it for me.” I just couldn’t hold on.

“Vicky, I can’t hold it, Vicky oh shit I’m coming. As the jet of sperm splashed inside her, Vicky had her third orgasm. We all three just lay together in the wet bed holding each other. Poor little Vicky was completely spent. Her hair was mussed, but so was Miranda’s. We were all three drenched in sweat and covered in semen and our own juices. My dick was sore. I guessed the two girls were as well. I lay there in amazement. I would never have believed that I could fuck for so long. Then the truth hit me. That’s why I’d never followed my brothers path of womanizing. I had a thing for little girls. They turned me on so much. I knew that I could never force myself on one, but I also knew that I would never be able to enjoy sex with a woman as I was doing right now. I wondered if I would be able to enjoy it as much with either of these two darlings when they got older. I would have to wait to find out.

Eventually we managed to get up. I put fresh sheets on the bed and we all bathed. The girls climbed into bed with me. One on each side and we fell asleep. Holding each other. Next morning Miranda and Vicky got out of bed early and cooked breakfast. Then they woke me and we set at the kitchen table. Miranda was just lusting for more. Afterwards, we cleared the table and washed the dishes. Miranda came to me and hugged me.

“Yesterday was wonderful, Bert. You’re a very good lover. How do you feel this morning? Do you think we could do it again, that is, if Vicky doesn’t mind. How about it Vicky, what do you think?” Vicky grinned.

“To be honest, Miranda, I’ve only just started as I told you and after last night, I’m a bit sore. But you go ahead, I’ll come and help you, but I can wait until tonight. I grabbed Miranda and dropped her onto the rug..

“You poor deprived little thing.” I told her. “Here we go.” I fucked her for well over half an hour, she had three or was it four orgasms, before I could climax. I rolled off her. “Is that better now?” I asked. She nodded and fell asleep on the rug. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and covered her up. She slept until almost midday. That night after a good mean, we watched TV for a while and then went to bed. We all three agreed that tonight we would rest, but in the morning, I had to satisfy both of these nubile nymphettes again. It was hard work, but I enjoyed every second of it. I looked around the house and came upon a big tube tucked in the back of the drawer of the bedside table. I saw the words vaginal lubricant. The rest of the label was gone. The entire weekend was a massive fuckfest. Miranda was very demanding.

On Tuesday, Miranda’s mom called and I took her home. Miranda promised Vicky to get her a supply of this new pill. Little Miranda was well satisfied, even more so when her mom told her that daddy was coming home for a couple of weeks.

Over the next week, things settled to a more relaxed routine. Alice called every day. We both assured her that everything was fine. I took Vicky to the cinema, we went fishing, we went to the seaside. She was having a great holiday. We slept together every night, but our sex had calmed down to two or three times weekly, but it was getting more passionate and more prolonged. Several times we were both overcome and did it during the day as well. Vicky was a model companion, she helped with everything. Then she dropped one on me. We had just made love and we were lying together hugging.

Part 3 – Trish

“Bert.” She said. “Please don’t be cross I want to ask you a favour. Do you remember my friend Trish?” I nodded.

“She’s a very pretty little thing, but very shy.” I ventured. “Why, what’s the problem? Have you quarreled?”

“No, it’s not like that at all. She’s very shy. She’s tried it with her brother, but he comes almost as soon as he gets it inside her. She wants to try sex with a real man, but she’s very shy. I asked her if she liked you and she says she likes you very much. I asked her if she would let you help her, she just blushed. I know she would, but we would have to be very patient. She won’t even get undressed in front of me. I want to ask her round for a sleepover. Her mom doesn’t mind, she likes you and because you are a vet, she thinks that you are perfect. Can I ring her, please?” My heart jumped. By this time, I had qualms about having consensual sex with a little girl, especially one as pretty, sweet and innocent as her friend Trish.

“How old is her brother?” I asked.

“He’s thirteen, but she says he has a huge dick, it’s almost eight inches long.”

“So she isn’t still a virgin, I presume. Just checking.”

“If you had eight inches in your cunt, would you be a virgin?” She joked. “Seriously, Bert, would you like to fuck her a few times. I told you. I’m never jealous’ just as long as they don’t try to steal you from me. You’re mine.”

“She’s lovely, of course I would, but I would never try to force her. In my book, sex with a girl or woman, no matter how old, must be consensual.”

The following weekend, I was informed that Trish would arrive on Friday afternoon and stay until Monday morning. Her mom called me on the phone and asked me if I was sure that I didn’t mind her coming to play with Vicky for the weekend. I told her that Vicky was very well behaved and I was sure that they wouldn’t bother me as they usually played board games. Alice called, it seemed that her mom was hanging in there. She wasn’t sure what to do. She asked me if she should come home now, but I told her to stay with her mom, that everything was fine and there were no problems.

On Friday afternoon around six o’clock the doorbell rang. I went to open it and there stood this gorgeous little girl. She blushed.

“Vicky invited me over for the weekend, sir. You don’t mind, do you?” I wanted to pick her up and hug and kiss her right away, but I just smiled.

“Come in Trish, you’re very welcome.” Vicky joined us and took Trish into her room. They were there for some time. I heard voices from time to time. Eventually they both came down. I had made a really nice dinner for them, with ice cream and milk shakes. Afterwards we sat down. Trish looked very embarrassed. Vicky winked at me.

“Can we all have a small drink, Bert. A glass of port would be nice.” I smiled.

“As you don’t often have friends around, I suppose just this once it will be alright.” I poured three glasses. We drank in silence. Vicky got up and grasped Trish’s hand.

“Come on Trish, stop being so shy. Bert will never hurt you.” Trish was bright red.

“I know Vicky, but I’m scared.” She was close to tears. Vicky put her arm around her friend.

“Trish, we’ve known each other since we were four years old. Have I ever done anything bad or wrong when I was with you?” Trish shook her head. Vicky led her over to the settee and sat her down by my side. “Trish, you don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to do. I’m only trying to help. So just sit there and look. Bert, please put your arm around my friend and hug her.” I obeyed without hesitation.

“Trish, you are a very lovely girl. Believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you.” She relaxed almost imperceptively. Vicky unbuttoned my pants and hauled out my erection.

“See Trish, it isn’t bigger than your brother’s. I told you. Here touch it.” Very slowly she put out her little hand and stroked my penis.

“Are you sure Vicky?” She asked. “Don’t be silly, Trish.” She turned to me. “Bert, would you enjoy making love with Trish. You wouldn’t do anything abnormal or hurt her in any way, would you?” I turned to Trish and held her a bit closer to me.

“Trish. I think you are gorgeous. I would never ever hurt you in any way and I would be so very happy if I could make love to you and make you happy.” She gave my penis a gentle squeeze.

“I really want to, but I’m so scared. I think you’re nice and I want to try, maybe I can try tonight before we go to sleep.” She turned to Vicky. She was close to tears. “Would you mind terribly if I just tried for a little while on my own. You know how embarrassed I get. Perhaps if Bert would leave the light off . . .?” I nodded

“Vicky will sleep in her room tonight. You and I will go to my room. I’ll put the lights out and you can decide what and how far you want to go. If you decide that you want to be on your own, you can just go to Vicky’s room and she’ll come back to me. Is that alright with you?” She nodded. As we watched TV I could see that she was dreading bedtime, but a little later I took her little hand and gently led her upstairs to my bedroom. She was trembling.

“What do you want me to do?” She whispered.

“Nothing at all.” I arranged some more pillows so that she was not lying flat then I patted the bed. “Don’t be scared’ I won’t do anything that you don’t want. She climbed onto the bed and lay beside me. Every few minutes she would tremble a bit. I put the light out. She started to relax a bit. “Tell me about your brother. What happened? How did he hurt you?”

“We used to play together. He’s a lot older than me. He used to tease me a lot and try to put his hand up my skirt. One day, caught him, playing with his, his, you know. I’d never seen one before. He told me to touch it. I did and then he showed me how to hold it and pump it up and down. I only pumped it a few times and that white stuff came out. He really enjoyed it he said. After that he got me to do it quite often. Then he persuaded me to let him see my pussy. He stuck his finger in me and it felt good. Then, later he pushed me on the bed when mom was out and he pushed his great big thingy into my pussy. I screamed with pain, it hurt real bad and I was bleeding. He pushed it in and out a few times and then all that stuff came out inside me. He told me that if I told mom he would tell everyone at school that he had done me. A week or two later he came into my room whilst mom was out again and he persuaded me to let him do it again. He said it wouldn’t hurt so much. Finally I gave in and let him. He only worked for a minute or two and then it was over again. I told him that I wanted to feel good too and he promised that next time it would be better. We did it five or six times and it was always the same. Then I told him that if he did it again I would tell mom and she would take me to the police. So he never tried again.” All the time she was talking, I was holding her close and stroking her arms and the little bumps that were her budding breasts. By this time she had relaxed. I kissed her gently on the lips.

“That was very mean of him, Trish. I would never hurt you like that.” I rubbed her little nipples through her T-shirt. “You’re really beautiful , you know. I’m not hurting you, am I?” She snuggled a bit closer.

“No, you’re very gentle, not a bit like my brother. I like you very much Bert.” I slipped my hand under her T-Shirt and rubbed her little budding breasts and nipples. She tensed a bit at first and then relaxed again. “That feels nice.” She whispered softly.

“Come on sweetheart, let’s take it off, please.” I started to lift up her top.

“OK.” She helped me to take off her top. I desperately wanted to see her, but I would have to wait. I lovingly caressed and played with her buds and my hand stroked a bigger area until I got down to her tummy. We must have laid like that, just gently kissing and stroking for the best part of an hour. I moved my hand to the top of her leans and started to unfasten the buttons. She tensed a bit, but made no attempt to stop me.. I slid my hand down to top of her jeans and under her panties, just gently rubbing her.

“If at any time you want me to stop, you only have to say so,” I whispered into her ear and then kissed her again. For the very first time’ my kiss was returned.

“No, it’s OK.” She murmured. Slowly my hand went lower’ her panties were soaking wet. I found her pussy and gently moved my fingers up and down the length. She moaned.

“Don’t you think it would be better if we took them off?” I whispered. She helped me to pull off her jeans. “Lift your bottom a bit, my sweet.” She did and I got off her panties. I stroked her mound and gently stroked up and down her pussy. It was sopping wet. My finger slipped inside a little way and I moved up to her clit. She jumped as though an electric shock had hit her. I rubbed it very gently. She squirmed and suddenly she went rigid. My God, she was already climaxing. Her fingers dug into me. She tried not to make a noise, but she couldn’t help it. Wave after wave of ecstasy swept through her body. Then just as suddenly, she started crying.

“Oh Bert, I’m so sorry, now I’ve spoiled it for you. I knew I would.” I was amazed. I hugged her and kissed her. Tears were running down her face.

“Whatever’s the matter my love. You haven’t done anything wrong. Didn’t you like it?”

“I did exactly what my brother did. I couldn’t help it, honest. It just felt so good. It just happened. Now I spoilt it for you.” Her naivety was surprising.

“No Trish, it doesn’t work like that. Men are different. We can have an orgasm and then we have to wait for a while to recover. Girls can have many orgasms. You didn’t spoil it silly. I wanted you to enjoy it. We don’t have to stop now unless you want to do.” She stopped crying.

“Are you sure. I don’t want you to stop. It felt so good. It’s just that I’ve been dreaming of being with you ever since that day you came to the school. I knew I would never be able to be with you, but I used to imagine that I was. I was terrified that you might not like me. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to please you. Oh Bert. Please don’t stop. I’ll do whatever you want. I think I’m in love with you. I only want to please you.” I slid down the bed and gently opened her legs. I licked her juices and pushed my tongue into her hot little pussy as far as I could. The I started on her clit. She held my head in her hands. Within minutes she climaxed a second time. This girl was hot, hot, hot.

“Oh God, I never knew anything could be this good. Don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

“Can I put the bedside light on, my love?” I asked. “You are so incredibly beautiful. I just want to please you, so relax and let’s enjoy being together.”

“OK.” I switched on the light. I almost lost it right there. She lay naked beside me. Her golden tresses spread across the pillow, her legs spread and her knees raised. I just had to fuck her. I positioned myself between her legs. She found my rock hard erection and carefully guided it into the entrance of her vagina. I wanted to take it slow, but her brother had done the work and with very little effort, I just slid all the way inside her. She groaned. I kept very still.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No, I can’t believe how good you feel. I don’t think I’m going to last every long this time either.”

“Don’t worry about it my love.” I told her. “Just let it happen as soon as you are ready. Don’t worry about me, we have the whole night ahead of us to satisfy each other. I slowly and carefully started to fuck her. She was right, she wasn’t going to last long, neither was I. It only took a few minutes before she cried out.

“Oh Jesus, I can’t help it. Yes, yes, yes. Her spasms rocked her body. I shot my load fountain after fountain of my hot semen pumped into her wonderful little body. There was so much, it was running out of her as I pumped it in. It was amazing sex. I rested on her. My dick softened.

“Did I do it right?” She asked. “Did I please you?” I looked down at that innocent little face. It was hard to believe that a little girl was asking me if she had pleased me, when usually it was the other way round. My cock was swelling again inside her. She felt it. Her hips started to move.

“My God Trish, I’ve never felt like this in my life before. I can’t believe how good it is. Are you OK to go again.” She ground her hips against me.

“Please, just fuck me I can never get enough of this, it’s magic.” Now, we were like animals. Gone was the shyness and the uncertainty.she was hungry for it. We must have fucked for close to an hour. She had two more orgasms. We lay together in each other’s arms. I forget what we talked about, it didn’t matter. We were lost in each other. My prick rubbed against her and it started swelling yet again. She kissed me and with her hand, she quickly brought me to a full erection. I remembered the tube I had found. The label had torn, but I could read in small letters, ‘Vaginal Lubricant’. I pulled it out of the bedside drawer and squeezed out a good portion and carefully inserted it into that wonderful bald, red and swollen little pussy. I coated my dick with it. I moved her onto her side and penetrated her from the rear. Now I could caress her buds and nipples and hold her lovely little flat tummy as I fucked her. She made gasping and groaning noises. I have no idea how long we lay like that. I was lost inside her. I had no desire to climax. I wanted this to go on and on. I lost count of her orgasms. We would stop for a little while and ten start up again. Finally, I just had to come.

“I have to do it now my wonderful baby.” I gasped. She slammed back against me.

“Oh God, Bert, hold me tight, oh dear God. It’s sooooo good.” We both climaxed together. It took some time before we both recovered, my penis fell out of her. I was physically exhausted.. We hugged and talked and kissed and stroked each other’s bodies. It was unreal. Neither of us could or even wanted to sleep. I came inside her little body five times that night. I lost count of her orgasms but there were a lot. Finally, drenched in sweat, spunk and our juices, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I awoke to a knocking on the door. For a moment, I had no idea where I was. Trish was still asleep curled up beside me.

“Come in, Vicky.” I called. She opened the door and came in.

“Are you both alright?” She asked. “It’s almost ten o’clock. I’ve knocked half a dozen times already, but there was no answer. I peeked inside and you were both fast asleep.” Trish woke up. Her hand went directly to my penis. Then she realized where we were and what had happened. She sat up. Her hair was a mess. There were flakes of dried semen all over her. Vicky giggled.

“Oh my God, someone enjoyed themselves last night. And I was all alone.” Trish held out her arms to Vicky. They hugged.

“Vicky, it was wonderful. I can never thank you enough. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve never felt like this before. I don’t want to come between you and Bert, but please Vicky, let me share him with you, please. I don’t ever want anyone else to touch me. I love this guy. I want to be with him forever. I hugged Vicky as well. For the first time she looked a little bit concerned.

“You don’t have to worry Vicky, you said that you weren’t jealous. Don’t be. I love both of you and I don’t want to lose either of you. I don’t want any other boy or man to even kiss either of you’ let alone enjoy your bodies. As far as I’m concerned, I want to spend the rest of my life with both of you.

I found it difficult to keep up with them both. Little Trish couldn’t get enough of me. I was optimistic that one the stay ever ended, that we would be able to regulate outperform love making. By the time Trish had to go home’ I was a physical wreck. I just wanted to sleep for a week, but I knew that Vicky was going to want more. I gave Trish my flat address and my phone number. I made a promise that we would find a way to be together whenever possible. Two days later Alice’s mom passed away. After the funeral she was coming home. The same day I got a call. It was for Alice, but Vicky took it. She went very white and slowly put the phone down.

“Whatever’s the matter?” I asked..

“It was one of dad’s friends. He got blown up by a land mine.” Tears ran down her face. “I know he was a bad man, but I loved my dad in my own way. How am I going to tell mom?” I tried to call Alice, but she had already left. We went to the airport when Alice landed. Vicky hugged and kissed her mom. Then I told Alice the news. Instead of crying, she heaved a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t want to tell you or Vicky, but I already applied for a divorce. You know it can take years and Adam was contesting it. He wanted custody of Vicky..” When we arrived home she sent Vicky to the shop and took me aside.

“Look Bert, I’m going to be frank with you. I didn’t realize what I was getting into when I married your brother. I know he was having affairs with other women. I suspected that he was doing things with Vicky, but she didn’t complain and she seemed happy enough so I kept quiet. What I didn’t want was for him to get custody of her and abuse her. He had an awful temper. Now Vicky seems to have a thing for you. You can move in here if you like. I don’t expect anything of you. Just be good to Vicky.” I thought about the offer’ if I accepted, how would I handle Trish?.

“Alice, you know I was sweet on you at school. I really appreciate the offer, but it wouldn’t be fair to any of us if I moved in with you. I’m going to keep the flat and I’ll come around, two or three evening a week to help Vicky with her homework and I’ll take Vicki out whenever I can at weekends. We’ll work something out.”

It worked out well. I spent my time divided between the two girls we had sex whenever we could. It wasn’t ideal, but it worked. Both girls passed to the same University. I found a house witching short driving distance and we lived together so the girls could come home every day. Vicky became a specialist endocrinologist. Trish qualified as a vet and after university we moved to a different country, where Trish and I opened a surgery together. Vicky was a specialist at the main hospital, we lived together. When Trish was twenty, we married, mainly for tax reasons. I couldn’t marry Vicky, that was illegal and she was also my niece. We all slept together. When Vicky was twenty six, we decided to have a child. She pave birth to a lovely little girl, we called her Alice. I think Trish got a bit jealous, so a year later, she also got pregnant and had another baby girl. We named her Nicola or Nikki. We decided that we should school the girls ourselves at home and that they would follow the same path as Vicky and dad would start to teach them about sex when they were eight and move on the the final stage when they were nine. But that’s a whole different story.


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