A Lucky Miss (f,M,incest)

A Lucky Miss (f,M,incest)

Prologue: A grooming gang of youths, try to recruit a twelve year old girl into prostitution. Luckily she has an understanding father who doesn’t scare and who loves her.

Author: Uncle Tony

Julie woke up and jumped out of bed. She rushed into the kitchen and made a pot of tea, some toast, butter and marmalade and took it up to her dad in bed. Julie’s mom had died when she was ten and now she lived with her dad. She would be thirteen in five months time. She had the best dad in the world, she loved him with all her heart, but he wasn’t interested in her. She was well developed for a twelve year old. She already had two lovely breasts, long muscular legs, a six-pack tummy and long, honey blonde tresses which fell in waves over her shoulders. All in all she looked about fifteen. Her daddy was a keen bodybuilder and she wanted to be the same. Many nights she would lie in bed and masturbate, fantasizing her daddy was making passionate love to her. She’d tried plenty times to ‘turn him on. She had tried many times to get a glimpse of his penis, but all she had seen so far was one of the little boys at school who was taking a pee. This morning was no exception. She wore a blue shortie nightie and almost transparent pale blue panties, which just covered her pussy. She put the tray on the bedside table and sat provocatively on his bed.

“‘Morning daddy, wakey, wakey, I brought you some tea and toast.” He rubbed his eyes and sat up.

“Good morning, my little angel. My, you’re bright and early this morning.” Julie kissed him full on his lips. There was no response.

“I want to get everything done this morning, you know I’m going off to the park with my friend Mary and then off to her place to play some games. What would you like me to cook you for lunch before I go?”

“No, it’s OK, sweetie, I’ll get something in town after the gym. Now don’t be late tonight and make sure that you get a taxi home. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my little girl. I expect you back by ten at the very latest.” Julie did all the housework and then went up to her room to get changed. She wore a tight angora sweater which showed off her breasts and a pair of tight jeans. She felt sorry that she had lied to her dad, but the truth was, both her and Mary had dates. They had met these two boys almost a month ago. They were quite a bit older, but they were really nice. Faisal had told her how beautiful she was, she felt very flattered, he was the first boy to tell her that and his friend Hamid had fallen for Mary. The two boys were very attentive. They had lots of money. They had first taken them for ice creams, then the following week they had taken them to a fun fair in a nearby town. Faisal had a car, a BMW, he had won them two teddy bears on the shooting range. That week the boys met them almost every night after school and they had kissed and hugged. That weekend, the boys had taken them to a Disco. They were too young to get in, but Hamid had a friend there and they had got in without any problem. The boys had given them a pill each, to enable them to dance longer, then they had bought them Babychams each. They had never drunk alcohol before, but it tasted nice. The boys made sure that they were home well before the ten deadline.

This week, the boys were taking them to lunch and afterwards, they were going somewhere special. Both girls were excited. Julie met up with her friend and they both rushed to where they had arranged to meet the boys. They were waiting, they kissed and climbed into Faisal’s car and drove into the big town. Faisal had a reserved parking place behind an Indian restaurant. The girls felt very important. Even the waiters deferred to them. They had another Babycham each and lots of nice food and an ice cream. Then Hamid bought more Babycham, both girls knew they shouldn’t but the boys encouraged them.

“Don’t worry, drink up, nothing will happen to you whilst you’re with us.” They drank up. Soon after Julie started to feel dizzy and light headed. Mary was also feeling the effects

“Ooh, I think I’m drunk she giggled. The boys helped them up, still giggling. They walked out of the back of the restaurant and across some empty land. Everything seemed great, she felt great, but tired and dizzy. She giggled when Faisal started to paw at her breasts. He’d never done that before, but nothing seemed to matter. They went into a building and into an elevator. Julie’s legs were giving way, she giggled helplessly. Faisal picked her up and carried her into a room and sat her on the bed. She saw Hamid leading Mary to another room.

“I think that second Babycham was too much for you.” He said. “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you. You need to rest for a while.” He started to take off her sweater, she had a training bra underneath. He helped her off with that. “Now, lie back, he told her and just relax. She giggled helplessly when he fondled and sucked on her breasts. She tried to push him away, but she didn’t have the strength or the willpower. Nothing seemed to matter, everything was alright. Someone else came into the room. They tied something around her arm.

“Keep still.” Faisal told her. It’s OK. I’m here with you, no one will hurt you. Just relax.” There was a prick as a needle was pushed into her vein. Then there was a wonderful feeling of warmth. She felt detached from her body. It was wonderful. She felt her shoes and socks being taken off, then her jeans and finally her panties. Part of her told her that she should struggle, but it didn’t seem important. Some kind of soft cloth was put over her eyes to keep the light out. She fantasized that it was her daddy who was fondling, sucking and nibbling on her breasts. Somehow, he managed to suck both of them at the same time. Her legs were opened very gently. At last, her daddy was going to make love to her. He put his finger into her pussy and something cold and slippery was pushed into her.

“Shhh, it’s alright, just relax, no one will hurt you. You are going to enjoy this” The voice seemed to come from miles away. She knew she was alright, daddy was kneeling between her legs. She felt something being pushed into her waiting pussy. Oh this couldn’t get any better. There was a sudden sharp pain, but it was OK. She had always fantasized that her dad would take her virginity. Slowly he slid his hardness into her. She gladly received it. Then he started to fuck her. Slowly at first, oh how sweet it felt. She had wanted this for a long time. She felt her orgasm building. She tried to clutch her dad, but she couldn’t move her arms, he seemed to be holding them. Wave after wave of ecstasy swept through her body. She cried out as spasm after spasm rocked her. She heard a loud groan, then the thing inside her swelled and she felt floods of warm fluid being spurted inside her. Oh God, daddy had come inside her. She seemed to think that it was a bad time of the month, but it didn’t matter. Having daddy’s baby would be fine. She heard a voice say

“That was worth every penny of my hundred quid, fuck, that’s one hot little cunt.” That wasn’t daddy’s voice and he wouldn’t say that, would he?” She felt someone wiping her clean a finger slid inside her and there was a laugh. She heard Mary cry out, “ow, stop it, that hurt real bad.” Then she started to cry. Someone closed the door and the sounds died away.

“Shhh, it’s alright, just relax, no one will hurt you. Just lie back and enjoy it,” the disembodied voice spoke again. She tried to see who had spoken, but something was over her eyes. She tried to sit up, but strong hands held her. She felt something being pushed into her pussy again. This wasn’t her daddy. This was wrong. She tried to struggle but she seemed to have no strength. Perhaps she was dreaming. For a moment she started to panic, but the voice came again.

“Shhh, it’s alright, just relax, no one will hurt you. Everything is going to be fine. Just relax and enjoy it” Someone was fucking her. She somehow knew that it was Faisal. It didn’t seem that important, there was nothing that she could do in any case. She lay back and tried to enjoy it as he pounded away at her until she felt the warmth of his semen flood into her. She felt a bit ashamed, but she hadn’t the strength or the willpower to get away.

“Just one more.” The voice said. “Shhh, little one it’s alright, just relax, no one will hurt you.” Another penis was pushed inside her. The newcomer pumped away for what seemed hours, until finally, she felt him come inside her.

“Now, sleep a while, little one. Just lie back and relax, no one will harm you. I’m with you.” Hands stroked her body. She felt a finger in her pussy and someone was wiping her clean. Her head was lifted and she was given something to drink. It tasted a bit bitter, but she swallowed it. Then she fell asleep. She dreamed that the room was full of men. In her dream he heard men talking.

“You got a real beauty this time.” Another voice. “Yes and she enjoys it. It’s fucking good value, fifty bucks for a twelve year old cunt.” Another voice. “Nice tits, I’m going to fuck this one plenty times.” She wondered who they were talking about. Some time later she woke. Someone was shaking her.

“Time to wake up, little one. Just relax, no one will harm you. I’ll be with you all the time.” Someone was between her legs again. She felt something hard against the opening of her little pussy. It entered her, but it was bigger than any of the others. She heard the man grunt. She was being stretched wider than before. Slowly and inexorably the huge penis pushed inside her tiny pussy. Then it started to fuck her. The man grunted with each stroke. She felt something on her face. It was a man’s beard. She tried to struggle but the hands that held her arms and legs were too strong.

“Aaarrggghh.” He cried as he pumped stream after stream of his hot semen inside her. Another man took his place. She was sore now, it was starting to hurt.

“No, stop it. Let me go.” She cried.

“Shhh, it’s alright, just relax, no one will hurt you. Just enjoy it one more time, then I’ll take you home. We don’t want you to be late.” Another huge penis was roughly pushed into her. It was the biggest one yet. She was crying in pain as he pumped away at her. Then he pushed himself into her as far as he could. There was intense pain and he seemed to be coming forever as load after load of hot semen was pumped into her.

“Have some nice black baby juice you white whore.” A guttural voice said. “And there’s plenty more where that came from, bitch.” She was crying now. Flood after flood of warm liquid had been pumped into her little body. Then he was gone. She heard a door slam and she heard her friend Marty crying. Whatever was over her eyes was taken off. She was in a dimly lit room. Faisal was holding her naked body tightly to him. A river of semen was running out of her.

“Don’t cry, Julie. I’m sorry, but that made me do it. You must promise never to tell anyone about today. If you do there’ll be trouble and they’ll kill me and you and your family as well. Don’t worry as long as you behave, I’m here to protect you. I’ll make sure that no one hurts you. Promise me you won’t ever tell anyone and I’ll be able to take you home. Otherwise . . .” He left the statement unfinished.

“OK, I promise.” I don’t feel well. I feel sore and sick. Can I go home now, please?”

“Yes, come on, let me help you dress. She stood up shakily. She felt semen still dripping out of her and running down her legs. Faisal took a hankie and mopped her up. She felt sick, sore, ashamed and defiled.”

“I don’t feel very well.” She said. Faisal helped her stagger to the lift. They went down and he got her into the car. “Where’s Mary?” She asked.

“She’s fine, Hamid is taking her home. You’ll feel a bit down, but I’ll meet you after school tomorrow and I’ll bring you something to make you feel on top of the world again. Don’t worry, you’re my girl and I’ll make sure you get everything you need. Now remember your promise, I got you home early, it’s only nine fifteen. Here you get out here, you just have to walk around the corner and you’re home.” He pressed some money into her hand. “There, that’s for being such a good girl. You made seven of my friends very happy. They each gave you five Pounds and you enjoyed it as well didn’t you?” She didn’t answer. “You can earn a lot of money, and when you are old enough, you’ll have your own car and your own place and lots of fun.” She got out. She felt ill and ashamed. She had read stories about women getting into a bath of hot water and then cutting their wrists so that they could die. She wondered how it would feel. She staggered into the house and almost fell down. Her dad jumped up and caught her. He held her in his strong arms. She felt ashamed. She had lied to him and betrayed him. She was probably pregnant. The only way out was to kill herself. Sobs racked her body. The money fell out of her hand onto the floor. Her dad picked it up and counted it.

“Thirty five Pounds. Where did you get this my sweet. Did you find it somewhere?” Her sobs got louder. She was a whore she’d been paid for sex. She just wanted to die. “Whatever is the matter?” Her dad asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” Julie sobbed. Her tummy heaved. “I think I’m going to throw up.” Her dad grabbed her picked her up and rushed her too the bathroom. He held her as she vomited. When she had finished, he wiped her face and gave go her some water to wash her mouth.

“Better now?” He asked. She nodded. He picked her up as if she were a feather pillow carried her into the lounge and sat her on the settee. He put his arms around her and held her close. He stroked her hair and she sobbed against his chest. “Now come on, out with it, what has happened? You’re my precious daughter and I love you very much. Now tell me. What has happened?”

“I can’t tell you. They made me promise. If I tell you, they’ll kill me and you as well.” Julie’s dad shook her.

“After all these years and you don’t know me well enough to realize that I will never allow anyone to hurt you much less kill you and anyone who wants to kill me can have a try. It won’t be that easy. I’m asking you again. The truth. What happened?” Julie sobbed even more.

“Daddy, I lied to you. I’ve betrayed you. I feel awful. I’m filthy, I’m a slut and a whore. I just want to die. I need a bath”

“Well, my precious little girl, we are going to sit here until you tell me exactly what you have done. Whatever it is, I already forgive you, but we have to make it right. So once again, who has hurt you?” Slowly and painfully, she told her dad how Mary and her had met these two boys, what they had done the past three weekends..

“Today, I think they put something into our drinks. I was disorientated, but I felt like nothing in the world mattered. Then when he undressed me, they injected me with something.” She showed her dad the needle mark. “Then someone came and started to have sex with me. I thought it was you daddy. I’ve wanted you for so long. I was sure it was you. It felt so good. Then there was another one and I realized it wasn’t you, it was Faisal, then another one came. I think there were six or more of them and they all came inside me. It’s just the wrong time of the month. I think I might be pregnant as well. I don’t know what to do. I feel bad and it’s getting worse. I just want to die. I don’t deserve to live.” Her dad hugged her.

“Julie. I didn’t know. It’s not right for a father to love his daughter in that way, nor is it right for you to love me like that. Now I’m going to take you to the hospital, they’ll take some samples from you and we’ll call the police. No one is going to harm my little girl, I promise you. Tell the police exactly what happened, best not to tell them you were thinking of me!

They went to the hospital. A woman Doctor took samples from her vagina. A female constable interviewed her and took a statement. Julie told them everything. Afterwards, Julie’s father spoke to the constable.

“Will my daughter have to appear in court?” He asked. The policewoman looked at the floor.

“I doubt it will come to that, you heard your daughter say that she went willingly. She helped him undress her. She even had an orgasm, she let it happen, she was drunk. There are traces of heroin in her blood. She didn’t try to stop them. The Prosecution Service will say that it was consensual sex, so I doubt that they will bring charges. These people can afford the best lawyers in the country.”

“But she’s only twelve years old. That’s Statutory Rape no matter if it’s consensual or not.” Julie’s father was irate. “They also threatened to kill her and me as well. Surely that counts for something.” The policewoman looked apologetic.

“Things have changed. You see back in their countries, girls as young as nine are allowed to marry. A Civil Rights lawyer is going to argue that they didn’t know any better because it’s their custom back where they come from and she was willing. They’ll say that she even instigated it. You aren’t the first person in this situation. We tried several times before, but it never gets to Court and we get reprimanded for racism. If I were you sir, I would go home and try to forget about it. Your daughter has been given pills to prevent pregnancy. I doubt she has enough heroin to get her addicted, but you’ll need to keep her at home for a few days and watch her. We’ll open file and warn them so I wouldn’t worry about any threats. They were just empty threats to scare you rdaughter, they wouldn’t actually do anything because if they did, we would have to act and they don’t want that. Just keep your daughter away from them..”

Julie’s dad, Andrew, took her home. He sat by her bed all night. The next day she felt ill. He made her stay in bed and he brought her food in bed. She was still scared. They had put some ointment into her and given her several injections, so the soreness had almost gone completely. She took all the medication that they had given her. She really loved her daddy and she saw this as a chance to try to make ammends. That night, she refused to go to bed claiming that she was too scared. Andrew sat up with her all night. The next morning a policeman called.

“We interviewed Mary Jones, sir. She denies your daughters story. She says that they went to lunch, but during the meal, your daughter left with a man. She went shopping and then to the cinema. She was home before ten and she seemed fine. You told us that she was actually paid. So in view of this, I’m afraid we have to close the case.”

That night, Julie went to bed. She only stayed there for a few minutes. She waited until she heard her dad get into bed, she rushed into his room. Andrew switched on the light.

“Julie, what’s the matter?”

“I’m scared, daddy, I don’t want to be alone.” She sat on the side of his bed. “Please can I stay here with you daddy? Please.” Andrew moved to the other side of the bed.

“Alright, just for tonight, but this is wrong Julie. Very wrong. You know it is.” Julie started to cry.

“Alright, I’ll go back to my room. I know that I lied to you and let you down, I’m just a little slut, I know and now my own daddy doesn’t love m anymore.” Andrew put his arms around her and hugged her.

“That’s not true Julie, I love you very much, but you’re my daughter and you shouldn’t feel that kind of love for your father and I can’t allow myself to feel that kind of love for you. Not only is it wrong, it’s also illegal. It’s incest and could be locked up for that.”

“So it isn’t wrong for a man to give me drugs and then let all his friends pay him to have sex with me. He doesn’t get locked up for that, but if I love my daddy, it’s wrong. How does that work?” Andrew didn’t know ht to say. He felt her breasts pushing against his chest. Here was his lovely daughter offering him her body. She was right, she had been defiled, against her normal will, drugged and raped by six or more men and they had got away with it.

“You’re right.” He whispered. “Come here.” He pulled her to him and kissed on her lips. It was a long and lingering kiss. His hand strayed to her breast. She pulled away and took off her flimsy green shortie nightie. For the fist time since she had grown up, he was able to admire her body. Hungrily, his lips found her breasts. He licked sucked and nibbled her rock hard nipples. Julie moaned with pleasure. She almost ripped off her tiny panties whilst he was busy with her nipples. She kissed him and tore open his pajama top. Buttons flew. Andrew managed to get the rest of his pajama top off. His hands strayed down her flat tummy until he found the jewel he sought. She almost screamed as he traced along her wetness to her clit. She was beside herself with lust. She squirmed around until she could get his pajama bottoms off. She found his erection and moved down until she could kiss the head of his penis.

“I never saw one of these before.” She said. “It’s beautiful. I want it daddy, please. All I’ve been able to think about since Saturday was how awful and degraded I felt after those men defiled my body. I want to remember your love daddy. I need you. I know that you won’t be my first, but please forgive me daddy.” In reply, he fought his way down the bed until her could run his tongue along the length of her slit. He lapped her juices as wave after wave of ecstasy racked her body as she orgasmed. Andrew positioned himself between her legs and stared down at her naked body, spread before him. It was a magical moment.

“Are you sure about this?” He whispered.

“I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.” She told him. Andrew’s penis was threatening to burst. The lips of her vagina were open, like the petals of a rare pink orchid. He rubbed his sopping wet penis against the wetness of her pussy, mixing their juices. Gently he inserted the head of his penis.

“Oh God, daddy.” She groaned as slowly he slid his length inside her until his pubic hair was resting on the soft, golden down, which covered her mound. They met each other’s thrusts. For the first time Andrew took stock of the situation as he pleasured his daughter. He doubted that any man who could raise an erection, could resist the offer given freely and unconditionally of a twelve year old girls body, especially when that twelve year old was his very own daughter. The sensations that he was experiencing were incredible. She gave a loud moan as a shudder passed through her.

“Oh daddy, daddy, daddy.” She cried. Her head and shoulders came right off the bed as wave after wave of magic passed through her body. She felt Andrew swell inside her and fountain after fountain of his hot sticky seed splashed inside her waiting body. The same seed that had made her, was now inside her. She was ecstatic and another orgasm ripped through her. Andrew pushed himself deep inside her and stopped moving. His penis was softening, but it was still firm. He made to pull out, but Julie grabbed his buttocks.

“No, please daddy, please. Don’t move. It’s too beautiful.”

“But sweetie, if I don’t pull out, I’m going to have to start over.” She clutched him even tighter.

“Oh God, yes, daddy, yes please. I don’t want this to ever stop. I’ve never felt like this before. I think I’m in heaven.” Slowly and carefully’ Andrew started to move again. The flood of semen he had put inside his baby was making slurping noises and churning into a white foam. This time there was less urgency. Andrew marveled at the thought that the very same sperms which had helped to create his little angel were now swimming around inside her body. It was such an erotic thought, that he just couldn’t hold on.

“Oh, Jesus, I’m sorry, I can’t . . .” As his first eruption exploded inside her, Julie gave a loud cry.

“Dadddeeeeeeeeee.” Great shudders went through her body, her muscles milked her daddy of every last vestige of his sperms. They were welded together by some invisible force. What a wonderful thing it was to perform the ultimate act of love with your very own baby girl. They lay, locked together for some time, then Andrews flaccid penis fell out of her.

“I’m so sorry that you weren’t my first daddy. I always dreamed you bring the first to take my virginity.”

“It doesn’t matter my sweet. I should be feeling guilty, but I’m not. It was the most wonderful thing that I’ve ever done. I love you my angel.”

They clung together, exhausted from their torrid lovemaking. Julie was satisfied. Never again would she have to sleep alone at night. Never again would she have to masturbate fantasizing about her father. She would keep him satisfied for the rest of his life. She fell asleep, dreaming of their future together.