A Late Night Accident [Mg, ws]

A Late Night Accident [Mg, ws]

Prologue: An accident late at night leads seven year old Mackenzie into the arms of her grandfather, who has a little “accident” of his own.

Mackenzie woke up. It was late but for her, this was nothing new. Her younger sister was able to sleep through the night, but Mackenzie rarely did. Like usual, the girl felt the warm sensation in between her legs and pulled herself out of bed. She was dressed only in a pull-up which was now soaked with her pee. Unless it was really cold out, she rarely bothered with pajamas. Bottoms were always one extra thing to take off after she’d wet the bed at night. Sometimes she wore a gown, but usually she wore nothing but her pull-up.

Walking over to the closet, Mackenzie looked down to see the empty bag that usually housed her pull-ups. The girl knelt down to get a closer look in the dim light. Surely her parent’s hadn’t forgotten to buy pull-ups before they left town, the seven year old reasoned. Not finding any, Mackenzie returned to the side of her bed and looked in her night-stand. There were none there either.

Unable to find a fresh pull-up, she resolved to at least remove the wet one she had on. The girl’s hands moved to each side of the flexible waistband and she pulled it over her hips. Its weight caused it to quickly fall to her ankles. She stepped out of it and left it lying on the floor of her bedroom, before making her way down the hall to look for her grandfather.

The house was quiet and everyone was asleep. Mackenzie found her grandfather asleep in the guest bedroom, right by her parents room. Quietly, she walked over to where her grandfather was sleeping and began to shake his arm. It didn’t take much to wake him up. His eyes quickly opened to see his granddaughter standing there.

“Did mom and dad buy any more pull-ups?” Mackenzie asked. “I can’t find any in my room.”

“Oh no,” her grandfather started. “Your mother told me to pick some up but I completely forgot, Mackenzie. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. I can just go put on some underwear and go back to sleep.” At that moment, he realized that his granddaughter was completely naked. Not that this was some new experience for him. He frequently saw both of his granddaughters in the bath or changing on occasion. And both of them could be found quite often running around the house in their underwear. Given the state in which Mackenzie often slept however, it was much more common to see his eldest granddaughter in some state of undress. He relished the moments where he could see her run around the house in a pull-up before bedtime.

Whenever he babysat for his daughter and her husband, he would often make a point of being nearby when Mackenzie changed into a pull-up. That way he could catch an extra glimpse of her completely naked.

He had babysat many times before. This was far from his first opportunity to be alone with Mackenzie, even without any clothes on. But he had always been able to control himself. For whatever reason, this time was different.

“You can climb into bed with me,” he said, leaving it up to her.

“Okay!” This was a rather exciting prospect for Mackenzie. She knew nothing of her grandfather’s sexual perversions behind the offer and simply relished the thought of feeling warm and cozy sleeping next to him. “I’ll go put on some underwear real quick.”

“No need to worry about that,” her grandfather said, losing control slightly. He grabbed her waist with one outstretched arm and pulled her towards him. Mackenzie didn’t argue, but allowed herself to climb in between the sheets with her grandfather.

She snuggled up close to him. Meanwhile, her grandfather wrapped an arm around the girl and began to feel her bare chest.

Even though he had plenty of opportunities with his daughter when she was growing up, and again with both of his granddaughters, he had never done anything sexual with any of them. Sure, perhaps he had taken a few liberties here and there. But he had never really crossed the line.

If Mackenzie could feel her grandfather’s erect cock in the pants of his pajamas, she gave no indication. She simply lay there relaxing, enjoying the extra attention as he stoked her chest.

“I love you grandpa,” Mackenzie looked up at him.

“I love you too, sweetie.” He soon started taking liberties, moving his hands lower and lower. After several minutes spent simply taking in the girl’s smooth body, there was no delaying it any longer. Mackenzie’s grandfather was quickly losing all self-control.

The simple presence of a pre-teen girl in bed with him would have been intoxicating alone. The facts that she was also naked made her absolutely irresistible.

His hand slid down her stomach and soon reached her pussy. At that, Mackenzie looked up once again at her grandfather. She was old enough to realize that this wasn’t normal.

But before she could say anything, she felt a finger slip past the lips of her pussy and tease her clit. Mackenzie let out a sound mixed with surprise and pleasure. That encouraged her grandfather who continued moving his finger up and down along the folds of her vagina.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmhm,” the girl mumbled as her grandfather worked harder on her clit. His cock jumped. It had been years since he felt this horny.
Taking his hand off of Mackenzie, he fumbled with his pants, eventually kicking them off underneath the sheets. An instant later, his cock was rubbing against the girl’s pussy. She didn’t know what to think, but Mackenzie definitely enjoyed feeling her grandfather’s cock continue to brush against her clit. He continued his motions for several minutes, spreading pre-cum around the seven year old’s pussy, and all the way up to her navel. In that time she had reached her first orgasm, letting out soft moans as it came over her.

Things took a turn for Mackenzie when her grandfather decided to see if he could fit his cock inside her vagina. She felt the organ push against her pussy, but it slipped and lasted only a brief moment. However, his second attempt was more successful.

“Ow, that hurts,” the girl complained. His cock was pushing past the lips of her pussy and the tip was slowly slipping inside. She whined again as he pushed in harder. But it didn’t last long. A few moments later, Mackenzie heard her grandfather moan and suddenly felt a warm liquid shooting into her pussy. Finally, it was all over.

“Sorry, sweetie,” Mackenzie’s grandfather began “I didn’t mean to do all that.”

“It was just an accident,” he lied, stroking her hair. “But a lot of people would be really mad if they found out, especially your mom and dad. Can it be our secret?”

She looked up at him, “Okay, I promise I won’t tell anyone. It felt nice until the end.”

“That’s my girl,” He bent down and kissed her on the forehead. They both snuggled together and before too long, Mackenzie was fast asleep with cum still leaking out of her pussy.

Her grandfather on the other hand was still awake. As he spooned his granddaughter’s naked body and felt his cock rubbing against her thigh, he couldn’t help but wonder if he could resist fucking her again in the morning…

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