A Father Pleasures His Daughter (Mg,inc,cons,pedo)

A Father Pleasures His Daughter (Mg,inc,cons,pedo)

Introduction: A twelve year old lolita is taken to her dad by the cops after catching her giving blowjobs to boys in the park.

Author: Charlie “the drifter”

Ben stood there staring at his twelve year old daughter. She was crying, tears running down her cheeks as he was told how she had been caught with a friend of hers, sucking a couple of boys cocks.

Sherry had supposedly been staying the night with her girl friend Tawny. But they had sneaked out of her house and met a couple of boys at the nearby park. The police explained that they had caught the two girls naked on their knees in front of the boys, sucking on their cocks. The police even explained how they had seen the girls swapping back and forth swapping cocks to suck on.

It sounded to Ben like the Police had stood back and watched getting a real charge out of watching the two naked girls suck both boys cocks before they actually stopped them.

Now Sherry was standing in front of her daddy the police telling him how she was sucking two cocks into her mouth and seemed to really enjoy doing it, just like her girl friend Tawny had.

Now Tawny had already been turned over to her parents. Ben knew that Tawny would not be punished much, her parents didn’t seem to even care about what she did.

After the police left, Ben stood there staring at his half dressed daughter. She didn’t have a bra on and her young pert petite tits were clearly visible through the transparent blouse she was wearing. She finally told him her bra was over and Tawny’s she had taken it off when the decided to go to the park. She admitted she liked having boys and men see her breasts, it was exciting to her.

Ben stared at his beautiful daughter, actually enjoying the sight of her bare breasts. She was developing nicely he could see.

Her skirt was so short that he could see the cheeks of her ass. They were bare, she wasn’t wearing any panties either. When he ask her where her panties were, she told him one of the boys had kept them. She also told him that no she had not let the boys fuck her. She hesitated then said, “Yet”. She had to admit that she and Tawny were going to let the boys fuck them, because they both wanted to know what it was like.

She admitted to him that they had talked about having sex, being fucked, especially after they found out that their friend, Mira, was letting boys fuck her and she loved it. She had told them that she loved sucking boys cocks and having them cum in her mouth and she would swallow it. Then they would fuck her and cum in her pussy. She told them she could even feel their hot cum in her pussy.

Then she shocked him when she told him Mira had told them that the first one to fuck her and teach and show her how good it felt was her own father. She told them he had fucked her and took her virginity and fucked her all of the time and she loved it. She also told them that it was ok with her mother for her father to fuck her and her mother even like watching them and sucking her fathers cock after he fucked her. Sherry told them that her parents didn’t even care if she sucked and fucked other men and boys, they even had her tell them about it.

Ben couldn’t believe what his daughter was telling her, especially since Mira’s father was the preacher of a local church and her mother was one of the women leaders at the church.

Ben made up his mind right there to visit Mira’s parents and let them know he knew about him fucking his own little girl and the mother watching and sucking his cock after he fucked his daughter cleaning it of her daughters juices. Mira was like his daughter, just turned twelve years old.

As Ben looked at his daughter, he suddenly made his decision. Hell if she wanted to know about sex, it should be her father that taught her and answered her questions. Ben pulled his girl to him and kissed her right on the lips.

“It’s alright honey, I’m not mad at you. In fact honey knowing what you were doing is exciting to me. I want you to tell me all about it even how it felt for you to lick and suck his cock and have him fondle and play with you. Are you still a virgin? Honey,” He ask her.

She looked at him, then told him that yes she was still a virgin, that she was going to let both of the boys fuck her but hadn’t. She told him she had never been fucked yet. But admitted she wanted too.

Looking at her Ben could now see her naked laying in his bed, his cock buried deep inside of her tight little virgin cunt.

Ben looked at her then told Her. “Honey I have to check to see that you are still a virgin. Especially after the way you were caught sucking both of those boys cocks. I hope that you liked the taste of them.” He told her .

“Daddy” she gasp, “how, how do you mean check?”

“Come with me.” he told her taking her by the hand and pulling her with him.

She let him lead her into his bedroom. “Lay down” he told her sternly. Well knowing she was in trouble already, she lay down her short skirt pulling up and she knew her pussy was exposed. She wasn’t wearing panties.

She saw her father looking at her, looking at her still hairless pussy. She wanted to cover herself but didn’t think she dared move.

He reached down and pulled her legs apart fully exposing her hairless cunt. She could see him staring at her still wet cunt. Wet from having the boys play with her titties and her sucking their cocks.

She was shocked when her father reached down and rubbed his finger up and down her slit, then slipped it up into her tight virgin opening. She cried out with the sharp pain of her opening sudden being stretched hand filled with his big finger.

“Daddy.” She gasp, starting to pull away.

“Lay still.” He ordered her. She froze.

She not only felt him rubbing her pussy slit she watched him. He tickled her little stiff clitoris, sending wave’s of pleasure through her that even sucking the boys cocks she had not felt.

Then when he slipped his finger up inside of her, she cried out with the pain but she actually didn’t want him to stop it felt so good.

Ben slipped his finger up into his daughters tight cunt slowly. He didn’t want to take her virginity if she was still a virgin like she said.

Then he felt it. He felt her hymen. She was still a virgin like she had told him. He didn’t take his finger out of her, he began finger fucking her slowly. He could tell by the way she reacted that she actually liked having his finger up inside of her.

As he finger fucked her, she stared at him and his finger slipping in and out of her. Then he startled her. He couldn’t stop himself. He leaned down and licked his tongue over her sensitive swollen clit. Still swollen from the desire she had felt when she sucked the boys cocks.

She began wiggling and squirming with the pleasure his finger and tongue was sending through her entire body. She suddenly grabbed his head and cried out “DADDY” and pulled his head up against her pussy as her first orgasm swept over her young virgin body. Ben sucked on her small swollen clit as he continued to finger fuck her. Her orgasm went on and on, until he finally pulled away from her pussy, taking his finger out of her. She didn’t want him to stop.

She didn’t resist when he unbuttoned her blouse and opened it exposing her bare breasts. She just stared at him when he cupped her breasts in his hands and fondled and squeezed them gently, sending even more waves of pleasure through out her body.

She pulled his head against her small firm breasts wanting him to keep sucking on them and playing with them.

Finally he pulled her up and had her stand up. He slipped her blouse off and then her skirt leaving her standing there naked as he took in her complete
naked body.

Sherry at that point didn’t even think about stopping her father from enjoying her naked young body. She stared as he slowly undressed him self. Then she seen his stiff cock. It was almost twice as big as the boys cocks she had been sucking.

He looked her in the eyes and then told her to suck his cock like she had been sucking those boys.

She went to her knees in front of him grasping his stiff cock. Her hand hardly wrapped all of the way around it.

She looked at her own father then almost in a daze she licked her tongue around his cock head then sucked it into her small mouth. She fucked it in and out of her mouth sucking hard on it as she did, while he squeezed and fondled her small breasts and pinched and twisted her small nipples.

God she couldn’t believe it. She was sucking her own daddy’s cock and she was loving it, loving his finger fucking and licking her and having him play with her titties.

She sucked on his cock, actually wanting him to cum in her mouth so she could taste his sperm, like that girl friend had told her about.

Ben didn’t want to cum in her mouth he wanted his first sperm in his daughter to be in her tight virginal cunt.

He finally pulled her off of his cock, hugged her and kissed her. Then he told her in almost a whisper.

“Honey, I love you and I want you to enjoy sex, making love. I’m going to make sure that your first sex is what it should be, not just sex. Honey, I, I’m going to make love to you and let you know what it is like to really have a cock in you giving you pleasure until you cum just like you did when I licked and sucked you.”

Sherry, wasn’t quite sure what her father meant but with the pleasure she had gotten from her daddy already she was ready to let him do what he wanted to her.

Ben lay her down on his bed, naked, spreading her legs wide. He leaned down again licking her now even wetter, throbbing pulsating pussy, sucking on her pussy lips and her clitoris.

Suddenly she screamed out with pleasure she had never felt before, even when he had sent the other orgasm sweeping her.

“Oh daddy, daddy, fuck me, fuck me, daddy” she cried out.

Ben moved up between his virgin daughters legs and began rubbing his big cock up and down her wet virgin pussy.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, daddy, fuck me fuck me,” She cried out.

Ben guided his cock to her tight opening that had only had fingers in it. She grabbed his cock and tried to pull him into her, holding it against her virgin opening.

Ben lunged and plunged his stiff big cock up into his own little girl. He felt her hymen rip as his big stiff cock plunged up into her. It plunged up into her so fast that he had his entire length buried inside of her before she even screamed out with the pain of her sudden penetration and the loss of her virginity.

Ben held his cock deep inside of her for a full minute before he began slowly fucking it in and out of his no longer virginal daughter.

It wasn’t long before he was fucking his little girl hard and fast and she had her legs wrapped around his waist pulling her cunt up at his cock each and every time daddy plunged it up inside of her.

On and on he fucked his little girl, loving each time he plunged his big stiff cock up inside of her driving it hard against her cervix, sending waves of pain pleasure through her body.

On and on he fucked her making sure he did not cum. He wanted to enjoy his little girls virginal cunt as long as he could.

Suddenly she cried out, her body stiffened, and then shuddered, as she used her legs to pull his cock deep inside of her.

The orgasm she had sweep over her was almost more than she could endure.

As her cunt muscles spasmed and milked his cock daddy spewed his hot fertile sperm up into his own little girls virginal womb. He didn’t think he would ever stop cumming in her.

He held his cock buried deep inside of his little girl as she took his hot sperm and big cock up inside of her.

He didn’t stop with just fucking her once. He continued fucking her spewing his hot sperm up inside of her, giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Finally both of them completely exhausted, they lay in daddy’s bed daddy hugging her tight against him, naked body against naked body.

As they lay exhausted, his little girl now a woman, totally a full grown, no longer virginal girl, but a sexually satisfied young woman, with her daddy’s hot sperm filling her womb, Ben lay holding his little girl tight against him as she slept an exhausted fully satisfied sleep.

As they lay there, she told her daddy that her girl friend Tawny wanted to know what it was like too, and she knew her parents wouldn’t do it, that was why they were doing it with those boys. She ask him if he would make love to Tawny and show her how good it was making love, not just fucking. She told him that she knew that Tawny was a virgin just like her and that she was sure Tawny would want him to fuck her and take her virginity showing her what it was supposed to be like.

Ben lay there knowing that the next day his little girl was going to invite her friend over to spend the weekend with them, so that he could show her what making love and being fucked should be like. She would let Tawny know that he would fuck her and take her virginity and make a woman of her. A woman who loved having sex and making love. He would after fucking her taking her virginity, let her know that he would fuck her anytime she could come over and wanted him too.

Yes he was going to enjoy his little girl and her girl friend even more than before.

** END **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.


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