Uncle Joe (Mb,inc,anal)

Uncle Joe (Mb,inc,anal)

Prologue: Five year old Jack wasn’t sure what his uncle was doing at first. But found out sometime what we think of as wrong feels so right.

Author: Lone Dog

Five year old Jack was being held by his uncle whom wouldn’t let him go. At first it seemed like a game, he was laughing and carrying on, but now his uncle was kissing over his face and neck and he felt uncomfortable about that.

“Stop uncle Joe” he whined out.

But his uncle didn’t, he tried worming from his grasp but found his uncle way too strong for that. His uncle’s large hands suddenly pulling his t-shirt up off over his head then going over his torso feeling over him. Jack could sense a change in his uncle he didn’t like.

“Let me go” he commanded, then “Please….”

Jack stood facing uncle Joe seeing that he wasn’t listening to him at all and his uncle hands were now pulling his pants down underwear and all with one swift move. He was suddenly nude his young face flushing red at being seen suddenly like this.

“What are you doing” he ask trying again to get free.

A hand from his uncle came up running through his fine light brown hair. His uncle looking at him as if getting ready to tell him something he didn’t think Jack would understand. His uncle grabbed his arm fingers going around his small arm pulling him through the house into his uncle’s bed room, locking the door behind them. He stood there in shock watching his uncle undress seeing his adult penis come free of his underwear. It was much bigger than Jack’s own penis and stiff arching into the air. Uncle Joe turned to Jack looking him over strangely. His uncle went to a dresser drawer hands searching for and then pulling out a jar of petroleum jelly.

“Were going to have sex like adult do” His uncle said suddenly. “Climb up onto the bed”

All Jack could do was stand there looking at his uncle’s stiff adult penis. He was scared, this was all to strange and confusing. But he was being given no time to work it out, his uncle moving things on much to fast. He was trembling now as he was picked up and sat on the edge of the bed. Uncle Joe kneeling down pushing him back his adult head going between his legs his mouth engulfing his entire small organ. Jack’s hand went to his uncle’s head, fingers digging in to his hair trying to pull him off all the while feeling his uncle’s tongue moving over his young organ roughly.

His uncle grabbed his hands pulling them free from his hair. Placing Jack’s smaller hands into one of his much larger strong hands, grasping them tightly in place all the while still mouthing over his small boy organ. Jack heard the lid pop off the jar of petroleum jelly his head turning toward the sound. Watching his uncle’s large finger slip into the jar coming out with some jelly on it.

“W-what are you doing” Jack cried out. Then “E-E-e-e-e”

The finger with the jelly forced its way up into his rectum his uncle having to hold him down from the sudden jab of pain. The finger held his attention making Jack writhe about as the thick finger move at will through his hugging rectal tube. In that moment he knew what his uncle had plan to do with him and wanted nothing of it. He went to trying to pull his hand free from being held but couldn’t. And still his uncle’s head stayed firmly against his groin tongue working over his organ. His uncle rose up the cool breeze drawing his groin sack up tight his small penis sticking out fully erect, an evil grin on his uncle’s face.

Jack’s world was going surreal watching uncle Joe applying the thick jelly over his own much larger adult cock. Jack stared like a deer on the road stuck staring into the headlights of an on coming car. The slick feeling around his buttocks and still tingling back hole jarred him back into the here and now, a fear raising up inside of him got him moving. He turned hands a leg flailing to get away but was grabbed by uncle Joe’s strong hands. There was nothing he could do as his uncle stood him facing the bed, kneeling down behind him. Jack’s mind raced as adult hands felt over his young body one hand going to his still stiff boy penis feeling over it and his drawn up testicles. He wasn’t comfortable with what was happening at all.

The hand roaming his body came up Jack’s bare chest cupping his face in the large hand, turning his head toward his uncle now close face. Jack found his uncle’s lips kissing over young his face before landing on his lips. Uncle Joe’s tongue slipped trying to go between his clamped lip. Jack tried pulling free but couldn’t.

“Better open up boy” uncle Joe warned, his tongue still seeking entry into Jack’s mouth.

Jack found he couldn’t open his mouth. It all felt terribly wrong, moments later the hand over his tight testicles squeezed, then squeezed even more the horrid pressure making him moan out the eagerly probing adult tongue going into his mouth feeling everywhere. The hand gripping his young testicles held tight as if in warning not to resist. He was trapped everything suddenly much too real as his young mind raced, his body trapped in this awful embrace of his uncle. Time passed as the adult tongue went through Jacks open mouth, the hand gripping his testicles held more than enough pressure to make it seem like for ever before uncle Joe pulled his face away a string of spittle going out for a few inches before snapping apart.

His uncle smoked cigarettes and the taste of it lingered in Jack’s mouth. Jack sensed a change in uncle Joe and could even see it, a focused purpose, like Jack wasn’t there at all, just a thing to be used. The look sent a chill through Jack and he tried pulling away again. He found he couldn’t pull away but instead was being guided by strong hands up against the bed, the hand on his testicles remained as if in warning, his smaller boy penis remaining stiff as a odd feeling flooded through him, catching him by surprise. He was kind of liking the conflicting rush of emotions coursing through him. He was scared of having no control of what was happening, but a tingle of excitement was creeping in he couldn’t pin down but not enough to make what was happening right. He wasn’t ready to give in. And yet his stiff young penis and small balls still held tightly in his uncle’s hand tingled with a feeling he hadn’t ever felt before.

Uncle Joe was close in behind Jack, he could feel his hot breath going through his hair. His uncle’s head came over his shoulder his head nuzzling next to his, then kissing along his neck as if tasting Jack’s flesh there. Jack’s small penis stiffen more even though his young mind revolted against the act. Jack felt Uncle Joe’s fingers finding his raging boy stiffie rubbing over it acerbating the urgent tingle coming from his young balls. His mind raced with excitement both scared and horror of liking what he was feeling. The hand pulled away from his groin with him being lifted up over the side of the bed legs dangling, toes pointing down not finding the floor. Uncle’s Joe grabbed his arms pulling them around in back of him, grasping them in one strong hand pinning them into the small of his back.

Jack jerked his head up looking back the best he could seeing his uncle grasping his adult stiff cock aiming it toward his bottom. He tried pulling his arms free but the hand grasping his arms gripped even tighter making it all but impossible to pull them free. He felt the tip of his uncle’s penis go between his buttock, finding his well lube anus with deadly accuracy, the blunt thick tip pressed hard. Pressure mounted then a stab of sharp pain had him lurching up legs mussels trembling and stiff. The sharp pain faded but his anus felt way too stretched over the adult thickness for him to come to terms. Uncle Joe still held his arms tightly, his other hand had release guiding the adult cock and Jack felt it feeling over his nude flesh again, the back of his neck, running through his hair before running down over his back grasping at his hip. Large strong fingers gripping around one side of Jack’s hip bone digging into the flesh of his abdomen.

His uncle was exercising his full control over Jack he could plainly feel that. And a push from his uncle’s loin drove home the point. His young dark eyes went wide from the unfamiliar sensation of the thick adult penis going the wrong way up through his young never sexually used rectum. He found himself pressing tightly against the bed till it could give in no more, the thick blunt adult penis forcing his rectal passage to open stretching till it hugged around the unforgiving fleshy rod. His uncle seemed relentless angling his loin this way and that till Jack felt the blunt tip lodge deep inside him unable to go in farther. He was having a horrible time coming to grip with the conflicting almost painful feeling. Uncle Joe moaned out loud with apparent pleasure the thick penis flexing stiffer. Jack groaned, moaning out too but the sound wasn’t from pleasure but the added stretching of his already tightly stretched rectal walls as the adult penis flexed, the feeling more like a burning sensation that faded much too slowly.

Uncle Joe shifted behind him the angle of his stiff adult cock changing lining up to Jack’s rectal passage with shocking accuracy with Jack sensing what was coming. The gripping hands on him tightened making him test the bounds of that grip in a sudden flurry of movement to get free himself before his uncle’s tensing loin mussels move into action.

“No.. No… No..” Jack cried out .. to late. “Arg-g-g…g-g..”

Never had he felt something so strangely intensely sensation filled in his life. His tightly hugging rectal tube resisted the sudden move with a vengeance. He was held in the clutches of the body gripping sensation unable to even resist as his uncle reversed the move now pushing to seat his stiff adult back into place at the end of his young cock hugging rectum. The hard blunt knot press hard to the end of his now trembling rectal tube bringing him, head up gasping in sharply. But his uncle was far from finished, the thick rod of adult flesh tugging back with enthusiasm.

“Son of a bitch boy” Uncle Joe cried out joyfully “That one tight virgin ass”

Jack couldn’t catch his breath, his whole body seeming to have left his control, his young mind trying in vain to anticipate the seemingly random movements of his uncle’s lunges. Each seating press of the hard blunt tip to the end of his rectum started bring a ever increasing discomfort that threatened to make him cry out. Till a final stab that didn’t stop, slipping through that block the blunt adult penis head had hammered against with so much discomfort. Jack’s bowel cramped up harshly his face going into a fierce grimace as his entire body tensed, mussels trembling through the prolong ordeal.

“Easy boy… try to relax. First time’s this deep always a shock” Uncle Joe stroked a hand through Jack’s hair soothingly “Just a little bit more to go”

Jack remained in the clenching of his young bowel his uncle thankfully remained unmoving till his insides relaxed some but not enough to let his guard down. His insides feeling sharply on edge, ready to snap back into the horrid cramping he was still recover from. He had managed to raise up some his uncle having released his arms, his body cocked slightly up on one elbow as any other way he held his body threatened to bring the cramping back with a vengeance. He could feel uncle Joe’s strong hands gripping each side of his hips keeping his cock planted deep.

“My cock has entered into your large intestine Jack” he heard his uncle explain, the cock flexed making Jack rise up the cramping trying to surge back.

“You may feel like you have to go to the bathroom soon but that’s okay” His uncle’s voice sounding lust filled barely in control “It’s okay to shout out if you have to go real bad”

The strong hands on his hips tightened pulling his bottom slowly back toward his uncle, the stiff unyielding adult cock flexing thicker pressed seeking to go even deeper. Jack cried out his entire focus now to climb away from the now worming stiffness. He plainly felt uncle Joe’s coarse hairy loin go against his buttock then felt his knees working to spread Jack’s legs open wider all the while working his loin up into Jack’s opening bass cheeks till going fully up into his bottom, the thick stiffness flexing wildly in his trembling, shuddering intestine. Leaving Jack gasping in sharply with each breath. Then with shock he did feel a growing urge of needing to go to the bathroom but he willed the urge down till it finely faded. A wet gaseous rumble went through his intestine as if in protest of the fleshy thickness that kept flexing thicker at odd times, the constant movement keeping his attention fully in focusing on the problem of his young bowel wanting to rejecting the intrusion this deep into it. The urge to go to the bathroom trying to come back.

One hand left Jack’s hip going to his shoulder gripping tightly, uncle Joe adjusting himself behind Jack. Jack remembered how the stiff cock move in his still sensation racked rectum, his young stretched rectal mussels squeezing tentatively over the fleshy adult rod Jack’s young anus hugging tight close to the the base of his uncle cock. Jack mind was focused in on the coarse hair mashed against his buttocks. He could sense the eagerness in his uncle’s movement, the unconcealed motions toward what he was planing to do with Jack, time seeming to standing still as Jack could only attempt to prepare himself mentally for something he had never experienced before. His young head came up sharply staring blankly eyes wide in frozen panic. The thick adult penis pulled back abruptly leaving Jack’s quivering large intestine with a prelude of the upcoming tempo uncle Joe had planned for him.

The fleshy thick rod sank back through the tight tube of his gut with harsh reluctance that his uncle overcame with groans of blatant unconcealed pleasure. Jack entire body lurched out of his ability control as the thick adult penis slipping back through the tight resistance of his young intestine. Planting his cock fully the thick fleshy thing flex cruelly sending a wave of a impending bowel movement through him. The urgency of the feeling came as a shock, the thick cock flexed again, his intestine rumbled loudly, he fought to suppress the intense urge but couldn’t even come close to shutting it off from his mind. One of Jack’s hands went back defensibly against his uncle Joe’s hairy abdomen with him turning his young head back looking up into the pleasure racked face of uncle Joe. He turned quickly back facing forward the image of his uncle Joe’s pleasure racked face burnt into his vision, never had he seen such a look on the face of an adult, and his heart sank. Jack realized he was going to get no reprieve, his wide eyes blinking blankly his urgent need to go to the bathroom turning all too real. The implication of it sweeping through his mind making him act, to warn his uncle before it was too late, more for himself not able to imagine what was about to take place. And uncle Joe was readying himself behind Jack again.

“No…! No…!” Jack cried out “I’ve gotta go to the bathroom… before it’s too late”

“You can hold out boy” uncle Joe’s breathed out lustfully.

But Jack’s uncle hadn’t even finished the words when Jack found out it was much to late as a nasty sensation rushed warmly through his large intestine.

“Oh.. Guess you can’t” moaned his uncle the cock flexing stiffly deep inside Jack.

Jack’s face flushed hotly his intestine now flooded with the horrid embarrassment of what was happening, what he couldn’t control. His uncle groan lustfully loud behind him, his strong hand digging into Jack’s shoulder the other still at his hip keeping Jack under full control, his young buttocks planted tightly against the adult male loin of his uncle. The cock flexed stiffly once more every move his uncle making leading up to an inevitable outcome. The fiercely stiff adult penis pulled back in a smooth planned controlled move Jack feeling all the nastiness of the act, the stiff rod reversed with him being guided accurately back, the adult thickness working in with all the eagerness of a man possessed. Jack’s mind reeled as the stiff rod of flesh made it’s way back up through his tight rectum and worked back into his large intestine.

Jack’s jaw had dropped open in shock, feeling the attempting to escape poop being forced to either move around the thick shaft or be push back. His body gave out a huge sensation filled shudder as the blunt tip move the last pit through his twitching trembling gut. The stiff thickness tugged back.

“Ug-g-g-g…” came sharply from Jack, a guttural sound even to his own young ears.

Jack collapsed down as the nasty rush of sensation flooded through him. His uncle only getting started, taking full control of Jack’s young shuddering body. He could feel uncle Joe’s aggressive stance, his strong relentless way he guided Jack’s young tight rectum over the thick unyielding adult cock. A feeling of being used in the most nastiest of ways swept over Jack, the image of uncle Joe’s pleasure racked face coming in flashes into his young impressionable mind. Wave after wave of intense sensations racked through his young body, his rectum hugging tightly his anus squeezing involuntary along the fleshy ever moving thick adult shaft. The lust filled moans of uncle Joe rang in his ears the aggressive movement escalating till his whole body lurched up in a violent body gripping surge to expel the pummeling stiff adult male organ. Uncle Joe slammed his rod up into Jack fully as Jack strained, his young face grimacing under the harsh intensity of the sudden urge.

“Son Of A Bitch” Uncle Joe yelled out.

Jack felt the thick rod swell then spit a gush of hot liquid into his intestine. With the second cock swelling gush of liquid Jack realized what it was ‘SPERM’ his uncle was making babies with him! Panic gripped him as he tried pulling free, but he was held in a tight unyielding grip as another cock swelling blast of sperm flooded into his gut. His young mind spun as his uncle’s spewing penis wound down, he found himself pulled up against his uncle’s chest, his large hands caressing over his sweat wet young body. Jack could feel the thick cock growing limp inside his tingling rectum. He realized his uncle wanted him just him to fulfill his need for sex, as uncle Joe’s hands caressed over Jack a pleasant feeling washed through him. And as the entirety of the act played out in his young mind he found he like the feeling of helplessness, like the feeling of being controlled, and his own small penis stiffened at the thought of being used by uncle Joe again.

Uncle Joe leaned down planting a open mouth kiss on his young mouth. Jack kissed back this time their tongues working together.

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