Preteen boy arrest (FFb,nc,pedo,humil)

Preteen boy arrest (FFb,nc,pedo,humil)

Introduction: Two preteen boys are arrested by two policewomen and strip searched.

Author: Child Erotica Freedom Party

I was a twelve years old boy little rascal and my brother was nine at the time when the cops caught us stealing sweets at the local corner shop.

The policewomen took us to the station and put my brother and me together in the same room, then one of them said:

-“Ok, take off your clothes kids”

-“But I thought I only could be searched by other male officer” – I protested

-“You are only a little boy, there is no need for that, come on hurry up before I get angry!”

Me and my little bro took off out t-shirts, shoes and trousers and stood up looking down red faced wearing only socks and underwear in front of those two grow up women.


-“Everything? No I can’t, please!”

One of the policewomen took out her truncheon and looked menacingly too us.

-“Maybe you need some help after all!”

Grabbing my little bro by his arm one of the policewomen pulled down his shorts leaving his small hairless dick uncovered then laughed looking at her sidekick.

-“Look at how small his penis is Angela! I hope his brother has a bigger thing!”

I held onto my underwear with a tight grip on the waistband but the policewoman teared it apart ripping out its side and held my arms on my back displaying my dick and first pubic hairs to display.

-“Look at that Angela! The little preteen boy is growing some hair down there!”

-“Let’s see what the others think of his size” – she said calling another female police officer who came in laughing, at that point I got a small erection.

-“What a pig! Look what the kid is doing” – the policewoman behind me quickly slapping my ass cheeks with her bare hand.

– “Put it down! Put it down!” – but the more I tried the more difficult it was, the two policewomen took me by my arms and naked dragged me outside the room without too much resistance. I thought they would give a prison uniform or something instead they opened a big grey heavy door and took me inside holding my wrists while I realised I was in the cells corridor all full of men staring at me and making lewd comments.

At the end of the corridor they opened another door taking me into the shower, the policewomen turned on a very cold water stream coming out and they pushed me inside the shower, my dick came down like a sand castle in between their laughs.

“Look at how small the little boy dick gets now Angela! I bet the 12yo boy can’t hold it for more than two minutes” – saying this one of the policewomen approached with a fluffy towel and softly started to rub my naked body everywhere for my own and her own enjoyment until I had a dry orgasm on her soft hands, the policewoman laughed and smiled at me while I blushed.

** E N D **

Disclaimer: Story based on fantasy and protected by European free speech law.

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