Paddy Wagon (Mbb,anal,oral,bond,semi-con?)

Paddy Wagon (Mbb,anal,oral,bond,semi-con?)

Prologue: Five year old Keely ‘KEE-lee’ and six year old Declan ‘DECK-lin’ get arrested by a man impersonating a cop and spend some time in special kind of processing.

It was Saturday morning around eight when six year old redheaded Declan slipped out of bed. His blue/gray eyes could see the sun was already flooding into his bed room. He went to pee pulling down his underwear just enough to get his average size boy penis and tight young testicular package over the top of the elastic band of his underwear. Finished he dressed in a quick blue t-shirt and shorts. Declan was heading after breakfast over to Keely’s house so both could spent time a the neighborhood playground just down the street.

Now Declan wasn’t skinny by any means, wasn’t chubby either, being of Irish ancestry he had that kind of stocky build of the people of the hill country. Freckles cover him from head to toe and light skinned. He was raised to listen to adults and respect the people over you who kept the piece. He’d seen police shows on TV with his father who watch them a lot and might one day be a policeman himself, so he said when his father asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.

Keely had been up watching cartoons as he did early Saturday mornings, he was dressed waiting on his friend Declan. Keely had dark longer hair than Declan did and his deep round brown eyes gave him a look of innocence that let him get a way with stuff. His father wasn’t fooled though and more than once he’d gotten a good whipping. He’d been told by his father that if he didn’t change his ways he’d surely in up in jail one day. But he knew that was just his dad fooling with him.

Even though Keely was younger than Declan it wasn’t by much, he’d be six next week and Declan was six and a half. Both boys were the same hight but Keely looked smaller because of his slighter build. He too needed to pee and went to the bathroom lining up to the toilet. Keely pulled up his bright red t-shirt and pulled his short and underwear down to his knees. His young boy penis was twice as long as Declan although his young sack not near as full. He wasn’t what was called circumcised either his foreskin covering the tip of his longer boy penis except when it got stiff the head just showing past the foreskin. Finished peeing Keely pulled everything up and went to the front window looking out. Declan was just finished crossing the street coming up the walkway toward his house.

“Declan’s here, mom” Keely called out “Were going to the playground now”

“Okay dear” she called from the kitchen “Be home by supper.. Okay..”

“Okay mom” he cried out going to the door tugging it open and running out.

Casey had finished the last of the touch up on the rooms. He’d installed a metal cage to house his prey. Now Casey would be thirty soon and wasn’t dumb by any means. He’d been what some referred to as abused when he was younger and, well, missed the the abuse if he were to be truthful. His uncle that had adopted Casey after his single mother abandoned him at the age of seven. He was forcefully sodomized at first by his uncle almost daily for a long while, that is till he grew use to it, then it was bondage and anything else his uncle dreamed up. And when he grew to old for his uncle’s tastes by eleven years old Casey found he missed the helpless feeling of being controlled and sexually used.

That told, his uncle did provide Casey with a good education and even paid for advanced training in the technological fields. He really was doing quite well for an abused kid. Casey was buying his own home and been there for a few years now. Long enough to start getting bored with his life in general. He found, like his uncle he liked young boys. he’d been to a few on-line sites set up for his kind of interests but he missed and craved the abuse of his younger years. If he couldn’t be young again and relive the experience he rationalized to himself he’d have to become the offender. His technical savvy and creative mindset made what he was doing almost inevitable.

Casey had set up an entire section of his house just for the deceiving young boys into thinking they’d been taken to jail. He had a fair looking outfit and a close enough badge, even his down to the dark car he drove with a cage behind the front seat. All close enough for a young mind to be totally fooled. Casey as he finished his work realized suddenly that he was at an impasse. The fantasy framework was in place but was he brave enough to act on it, a oddly scary and a twisting rush of debates went on inside of him for a couple days. Even though Casey been abused when young, he had never other than in his own thoughts done it in reality. He was somewhat a nervous wreck. But in the end his need to relive the abuse if his youth even if it would be by proxy won out.

It was Saturday morning Casey had done all of his homework staking out this one playground he’d seen many a young boy of the age he was seeking. He put on the uniform, well it was more like dark well pressed clothing that might be mistaken by a young gullible boy as a cop uniform and strapped on some small leather cases along the sides his belt, for affect. He slid a couple sets of handcuffs into his pocket. Looking into a mirror it could almost pass as a police outfit. Casey grabbed the cheesy looking badge and went standing tall out to his dark painted car.

For Keely and Declan it was only a short ways to the playground. Down the street and up another. They’d get there early enough to beat kids there, able to get dibs on what every they were interested with playing on. They turn the last turn and looked out seeing they were the first. Declan and Keely high-fived each other and took off the short way into the well kept playground.

“Halt” an adult authoritative voice rung out bringing Keely and Declan to an abrupt stop and looking back.

There was a tall policeman standing at the entrance to the playground and Keely and Declan both could see his police car behind him.

“I’m officer William O’reilly” The policeman said “I need to talk to you both, come with me”

Not knowing what else to do both Keely and Declan followed wide eyed as the tall police man went to his squad car and opened the back door.

“Face the car with your hands behind your heads” he said to them.

Keely and Declan both were too overwhelmed by his commanding presence and remaining quiet both having seen cop shows faced the car not sure what else to do. The policeman grabbed one of Keely’s arms clipping a handcuff on his wrist and brought it around in back of him, his other arm was brought around and the other end of the cuff clamped over his other wrist behind him. Declan was done the same way.

“Need to take you to the police station for some questioning” He told them, helping them into the back seat of the police car.

The door shut and the policeman got into the squad car and took off Keely and Declan looking about scared and confused as to what they might have done.

“Officer William” Keely asked

“That’s officer O’reilly to you boys” the policeman said.

“Off.. officer O’reilly what did we do” Keely asked timidly.

“Lets get you through processing first” the policeman said “Were over booked at the main station and we’ll be going to the substation”

Casey could believe how well it worked. Know one about and not even a fight to get the two intriguing young boys cuffed and into the car. Casey was settling into his role as the cop with two young criminals, only they would be processed his way, they way he worked out and set his humble home up as.

“I’m going to take you boys in the the side way so you won’t have to mingle with the older criminals” He said keeping his voice commanding like a cop would.

Both Keely and Declan shook their young heads ‘yes’ together Casey seeing them do so in the rear view mirror.

“I’ll be calling your parents after processing to talk to them about the situation” Casey told them.

It never dawned on either one of the young boys that policeman had never even asked for their names. Declan knew he was in real trouble but didn’t know what he’d really done, adults were like that, like thinking kids should know about everything. He was more afraid of looking dumb or stupid than speaking up. He was sure though if his father was told a spanking or being grounded would happen. Declan had seen enough police shows to know this is how it was done and was scared as to how much trouble he was in.

Keely sat wide eyed letting his young face go into the innocent look he knew got him out of trouble at home, he also knew if his father heard about it he’d be whipped to an inch of his life. Yes, he was scared but a lie was better than the truth if it meant you didn’t get whipped.

Casey pulled into his garage pressing the button that closed the garage door. He’d spent some time out here too making the first impressions seem like a police substations back entrance seem legit. There were images of decorated police officers to be seen and a sign leading into the house that said ‘Police Substation Kitchen Entrance’ for the modern kid that could read. He’d had too much time on his hands and had fine tuned some things as an afterthought trying to cover all the bases. Casey was right now kind of proud of his work as he opened the door of his car and let the handcuffed young boys slip out of the back seat.

“Come with me” Casey said shoving them ahead of him “We’ll get you fingerprinted and photographed”

Keely and Declan were brought through a small kitchen their hands still handcuffed behind them to a room that had a small table and a solid bar across the wall on one side. Officer William O’reilly removed a handcuff from one hand of Declan snapping the other end to the solid bar going along the wall. Keely was brought to the small table. His handcuffs were removed and officer O’reilly went about placing each of his fingers onto an ink pad and placing them onto a paper. After cleaning the ink from his hands officer O’reilly placed the cuff over one wrist and took Keely to the bar snapping the other end onto it.

Declan was next to be finger printed. He’d seen Keely go through it and let himself be brought over to the table. Once Declan’s hands were clean officer O’reilly looked sternly at the two young boys.

“Time to get your mug shots for the database and stripped searched” he told them.

Both Keely was left handcuffed to the bar and Declan found his wrists handcuffed back behind him.

“We are only able to do one at a time one of you will wait here” officer O’reilly said.

Young Declan was guided out of the room down a short hallway into another room.

“Ever been stripped search boy” Casey asked the young redheaded boy.

“N-no” Declan stuttered, policeman O’reilly commanding presence overwhelming to him. Declan didn’t know what a strip search was.

“This is a safe place, no drugs, no weapons allowed” Casey keeping up the facade of being a policeman “People like to hide things in their bodies, in their mouths and butts. We have to check”

Declan looked about the room seeing mirrors on the side walls, a couple cameras on stands for taking pictures in the middle of the room. A small table with paper towels and petroleum jelly. A bar ran along the wall between the mirrors about head height to Declan. There was a step of sorts that was about a foot high i-bolts with handcuff were on it spread about three foot apart. The bar on the wall had handcuff on them space wide enough he’d have to spread his arms wide to touch either one.

“We have to record everything for our records” Casey told the redhead boy.

Casey remembered well his forceful uncle’s advances, there was no denying the man. He seemed a mix of contradictions, one moment he was holding young Casey down and sodomizing him hard, the next buying him the best gifts a young boy could want. Casey loved the gift buying uncle but for some reason he needed the abusive one. Casey missed the forced sex, the memory of being scared and even the pain he had felt. He looked longingly at the desirable redhead boy. He could sense his sexual innocence and needed to recapture that moment in his life when his uncle took that from him. Casey had two boys here and now, both vastly different in ancestry and his cock swelled stiffly knowing he come to far to turn back. It was like a revenge, like getting back at his uncle, and like reliving a moment in his life he’d like to do again. He imagined he was this little redhead boy who didn’t have a clue and let himself absorb his mind into fulfilling with this young boy what he really wanted to have happened to him when he was young.

“Strip naked and step up onto the elevated area facing the wall” Casey was wondering just how far he could get before the boy would balk “Please fold your clothes and place them on the table”

Officer O’reilly removed Declan’s handcuffs and he trembled with fear at what was happening all at once. What had him and Keely done wrong that placed him here? Declan felt he had no choice and started removing his clothes. He wasn’t good at folding but dutifully place each item he remove on the small table till he stood red faced naked not sure what else to do. Officer O’reilly knelt down.

“Open your mouth wide” he told Declan.

Declan opened his mouth, the officer placed a finger into his mouth feeling around like he was looking for something.

Casey’s cock was trying to lifting into full stiffness wanting to be released from the confines of his fake uniform pants. He’d never seen a naked redhead boy of apparent Irish ancestry. Casey let his eyes take in the intriguing exotic form that country produced. The boy was light of skin with random groupings of freckles everywhere over his young boy body, his young groin held a young boy organ Casey wanted to get his mouth over, the boy had well shaped tight testicles and an average for his age soft penis Casey could spend all day fondling. But he didn’t have all day the plan was for only a few hours, that is till he could think of a better plan than what he needed to stick with right now.

The ‘Wall of Sodomy’ as Casey had named it was deviously thought out and built by him to fool young boys into not knowing they were really being ass fuck. If it worked then he had free rein to do any young boy he wanted. If not, well.. he’d go back to the drawing board. The wall had a couple finished wooden protrusions up on the wall and far enough apart that a young boy would have to place his head between them after stepping up onto the elevated platform Casey had build against the wall. Inside the protruding blinders was a two way mirror he had a video camera secreted away inside to be recording the boy face through out the event. Casey had installed a padded chin rest and even had a small dark curtain that could be drawn across the back side to keep wondering young eyes from seeing what was really going on, a neck strap if it all went wrong and more restraint was needed.

Casey had in his teen years at home found some old video of his uncles and played them. He was shocked to see it was of himself much younger being sodomized by his uncle. One was of him looking drugged and out of it. Another was something similar to what he was going to do to these boys here. It show Casey at a young age being looked over by a doctor, but the doctor was his uncle. It ended with a then very young Casey bent over a cold table finger up his ass and his uncle pulling down his pants and slipping his cock up Casey’s backside all the while telling Casey it was a probe checking him for something that might be wrong and to remain still. Even though Casey didn’t remember it the video stuck in his mind and now Casey was the one in control, the one to get a revenge of sorts. But to be truthful with himself Casey wanted to be young and gullible again, he wanted to be one of these two boys, that was really his fantasy. This was second best that he could do and he was going to get it all on video just like his uncle did, but maybe he’d one up his uncle this time, he had two young boy’s to work with. That alone made Casey chin come up with a strange kind of pride. Casey picked up a note pad and pen looking sternly at the wide eyes young naked boy in front of him”

“For the record.. First Name” Casey asked

“D-Declan” was the boys nervous reply.

“Last Name” Casey look up from the note pad for effect.

“Ah.. O’Sullivan” Declan replied.

“Okay young mister O’Sullivan” Casey told Declan “Step up and place your chin on the padded area in front of the small mirror with your arms out wide along the metal hand hold”

Declan looked up at the where the policeman wanted him and was kind of afraid of the way it looked. But his young feet obeyed what the adult law man told him and placing one bare foot then the other up on to the step he found himself facing the small mirror his head now inbetween the painted wooden protrusions on each side of it.

“Okay young lad hands out wide with your chin firmly on the padded area” Officer O’reilly told him.

Declan with a surreal wave of anxiety slowly rose his arms out having to lean forward some to get his chin firmly on the soft pad his face just inches from the mirror reflecting back at him his freckled faced and blue/gray eyes looking back at himself.

“For our safety and yours we have to hand cuff you in place through out the search for contraband” Declan heard from the officer.

Casey took one of the young red head boy’s out stretched arm and brought the the close handcuff to it on that side clamping it in place. Moving over to the other side he did the same. His job half done he moved on to the young boy’s ankles. When his Casey hand touched Declan’s ankle to slip it over to the ankle cuffs he’d installed the young boy flinched.

“Am I going to have to bring in another officer to hold you down” Casey warned Declan.

Declan hadn’t meant to flinch, he just didn’t expect his foot to be touched. His chin had come off the pad too and Declan lowered his chin back before the man had to warn him about that too.

“N-No..” Declan stuttered out looking into his own freckled face “I’m sorry”

“The judge might just give you extra time for resisting” Office O’reilly warned Declan.

Casey could feel the boy shaking as he slipped his ankle over the twelve inches to the ankle cuff and clamped it around the boy’s ankle. The other side was much easier and Casey rose stepping back his hand having to go to the bulge of his cock on his pants rubbing over it. Casey own body gave out a pleasurable Adrenalin filled shudder of triumph, one way or another he’d achieved his goal to this point. Pre-cum leaked into his underwear making a bit of a mess there, his hands shook with the excitement of anticipation. Casey turned on a small light over where Declan had his young head the camera needing the extra light and pulled the small dark curtain covering the young boy’s view that might be reflected behind or to the side of him in the mirror. As a last thing Casey felt he needed to be done, he had two inch wide double sided Velcro he wrapped around around the boy’s upper arms and the three inch metal rod that ran the length of the wall the boy was facing effectively pinning the boy almost firmly in place.

“Okay try to relax as we get you through this body cavity search” Casey inform the young lad “The first time can be distressful”

Casey quickly relocated and adjusted some of the video cameras placing one low enough to get that view from between the boy’s legs and made sure the overhead was on. He was ready himself and slipped out of his pants and underwear letting his nine inches of stiff cock spring free. He popped the top of the jar of petroleum jelly and scooped out a finger full.

“You will feel a finger go into your rectum… Please remain calm till the check is over” Casey informed Declan.

Declan felt trapped and still wondering what he and Keely had done. The step he climbed onto was a little high and he had to bend over to place his chin on the padded place the policeman point out. Now he was strapped into place fully naked feeling embarrassingly exposed to anyone who might come into the room. Declan hope the ‘cavity search’ would be over quickly and he could get redressed. The cold metal now clamped over each of his appendages a constant reminder that he was in trouble with the law and hoped that he could somehow avoid a whipping from his father also. A cool hand went onto his back and a finger slipped between his slightly parted buttocks and pressed onto his anus. It was slick with something and his anus was forced to open up around the adult digit his anus involuntary clamping down over the sudden intrusion into his rectum.

Casey’s finger went pushing up into young Declan’s snug rectum worming around spreading the lube freely around. The boy would need it Casey was sure of that one fact as he wormed it in deep slowly adding an extra finger hearing the young boy groan out from the discomfort.

“Looks like you may be ready for the deep probe” Casey informed the young boy “Need to make sure you are clean of contraband”

Casey couldn’t help but to admire young Declan’s backside. He was low enough right now to see his tight boy sack between his spread legs his semi-stiff boy cock also drawn by gravity pointing downward. He slowly removed his two fingers enjoying the tight grip of his young virginal anal muscle’s hugging grip. Standing Casey had the jar of petroleum jelly at the ready in his hand again.

“You will feel some movement coming from the probe” Casey grinned as he told the young boy “What you will feel is a normal part of the the probes function so just try to remain calm and it will be over soon”

Casey stepped up, the boy from well thought out planning was at just the right hight standing on the elevated platform and Casey guided his freshly lube stiff cock threw the young boy’s freckled light skinned buttocks onto where Casey could just see the boy’s pink young lube coated anus. Casey had a feeling he wasn’t going to last long and just hoped to get fully up into the boy before getting off. The blunt tip of Casey’s cock went onto the back passage of the boy known as Declan O’Sullivan pressing firmly to get in, he slowly added pressure feeling the ring of guarding muscle trembling for a bit just before giving in with Casey’s cock head popping up into the boy’s tight rectum Casey’s hands slipping around instinctually to each side of Declan’s hips Casey’s loin going into making the moves needed to urge his thick cock deeper still.

“Huh-h.. Huh..” Duclan cried out then “It hurts.. huH.. Huh.. it hurts.. huh..”

“Remain calm boy” Casey urged the boy “It will be over soon, try to relax”

Casey was only rewarded with the sight of the boy’s young arm muscles tugging against the cuffs and Velcro that held him in place, the muscles of his light skinned freckled boy back coming into play also in his distress, the whole time Casey still urging his cock to slip in deeper till he settled to the end of the tight rectal passage posed to enter into the tighter curve of Declan’s young colon. Even though Casey’s cock felt like it could go no farther he knew from his own experience as a young boy his own uncle had always got his cock fully up into Casey and this young boy he was now with was going to get the same. Casey could hardly remember the first time his uncle had entered him deeply but knew he always had to mentally come to grips with the deeper opening of his own colon and entry into his young intestine, let alone trying to handle what always came after.

Declan’s young reflected face was contorted up in the mirror before him. His chin had come off the pad and even though the probe the Officer was using hurt as it was pushed deeper into his rectum he managed to placed his chin back onto the pad. He hoped the procedure would be over soon knowing he’d put nothing up inside of him to hide. Declan had cried out but now with his rectum stretched and aching around the odd feeling probe he swallowed hard and pressed his chin down into the pad bucking up, he’d not cry out again, he told himself. Officer William O’reilly had probably done this a lot of times with Declan one of many. So Declan did as instructed willing his tense muscles to relax so the officer could continue to check inside young Declan deeper.

Casey still pressing could feel the boy’s tense snugger colon passage relaxing allowing his cock head to ease slowly deeper, his cock having to conform the snug curve that would end at the boy’s large intestine. Casey’s ears were rewarded with the pleasant sounds of the young boy groaning with discomfort but remaining obediently in place, his snug young rectal passage quivered in distress over Casey’s adult cock. And Casey’s adult balls clenched up with him in a half hearted attempt to keep them from slipping over that edge too soon. He did loved that on edge feeling letting his adult mind slip into taking in the fantastic sight, even though he was recording it all he’d would still like to relive it as if it was still fresh in his mind.

Declan felt the passage of the probe going way too deep up inside of him, his bowel sending a almost nauseous feeling through him along with the deepening ache that followed the thick rod like thing. Then in a shudder of weakness the probe went passed the resistance it was being force through into an area of his young body that sent a sensation of an impending need to go to the bathroom soon his young mind trying to suppress the horrid sensation. And with legs wobbling weakly he felt a press of something that had to be what ever the probe was affixed to go against his spread buttocks.

“Ah-H-hh-hAh..” Declan groaned out with legs almost buckling “D-d-did y-you find a-anything”

“The test is only just beginning, boy” Declan heard “We’ll have to make some rabid movement from the probe to be sure, you may feel some discomfort or odd sensation from the movement”

“O-oKay” Declan groaned hoping it wasn’t to much movement.

Casey’s cock sensing he was ripe for action stiffened with readiness of anticipation. His balls oozed pre-cum and his adult balls squeeze out sperm too, he could plainly feel that barely keeping his impending release at bay. His adult hands gripped tighter into each side of Declan’s warm hips his thumbs urging the young boy’s buttocks farther apart for a better view of his loin tucked up deeply. Without any more warning he tugged his cock back and rammed it in fully deep tugging back again before the young boy’s body reacted with his legs giving out suddenly Casey having to hold him up by his dug in fingers going around Declan’s young hips. Casey wasn’t going for the long haul having another boy to be pleasured with and let his tedious hold on restraining his ejaculation from happening to soon snap in a flash from his thoughts. His goal now was to see Declan take his load deep in his young boy gut.

Declan felt the probe tug back much to fast, his rectum feeling almost like it wanted to follow the thick rod. His legs had already given out as the thick probe was sent back the end where the probe was anchored going against his young buttock hard and pull back again before the harsh reality of what his rectum was feeling flooded through his young body his immature mind unable to process the intense sensations sweeping him up. The worse of them was a urgent and uncontrollable feeling that he was pooping.

Casey pulled the young boy back up into place, adjusting the boy to his liking, his adult loin working in earnest as his thoughts were split between the intense pleasurable sensation of his cock finding its way threw the tight love tunnel of the light freckled skinned young boy’s backside and being rewarded seeing the boy coming up forming the unmistakable pose of needing to use the bathroom right here and now. Casey’s balls lurched tight sending a load out before his natural reflex to plant his loin up in place could take place. But when he did planted up into Declan’s beautiful buttocks working to get all his thick goodness up into the boy’s gut a hand of his slipping around in a need to be also feeling over the boy’s perfect hairless package. Casey balls unloaded fiercely as his fingers felt over the cute boy’s young penis and tight sack with Casey knees almost giving out in the uncontrollable effort of ejaculation his eyes locked onto the boy’s young backside about where he knew his cock head to be, knowing his seed was being sprayed somewhere deep into the young boy’s spasming large intestine.

Declan was too far absorbed into the violent mix of ghastly sensation his bowel was going through to even noticed Casey hand feeling over his young groin. But he plainly felt the probe as it was finely push in for the last time and the warm liquid that came from the end. Declan’s rectum was so sensitive right now he could swear he felt the probe swelling thicker with each time the liquid was squirted deep into his young bowel. Moment later Declan could feel the probe being pulled back and out of his rectum. A strange wash of something, a strange kind of pleasure flooded shamefully through his body. His young penis going embarrassingly stiff as he stood panting trying to catch his breath.

“Okay your clean” Declan heard from the officer “We’ll take you down in a few minutes and take you to holding”

Casey did a quick wipe over his cock and slipped back into his underwear and pants before attending to young Declan. Wiping the excess jelly and browneye ring from around where Casey’s cock had been just moving. He tossed the evidence of his use of the boy into a small trash basket under the table then went to work with the cuff keys removing the first the ankle holds, Velcroed upper arm holds and moving onto the wrists.

“Step down and get dressed” Declan heard officer O’reilly say “When finished face the wall and place your hand behind you”

Declan got dressed his rectum ached and he might need to use the bathroom soon. But he dutifully did as the law officer told him as his father words to respect the law was moving fresh inside his young mind as something you just did. Finished dressing he moved over to the wall facing it. Officer O’reilly came over placing handcuff back on his wrists and he was guided out. He was brought to another room that had a large metal cage in it, a small porta potty was thankfully in it. The door was open by officer O’reilly and Declan’s handcuffs removed.

“You’ll wait here till we process your friend” Officer O’reilly said locking the door of the large cage in front of Declan.

Declan watched as the office left the room and closed the door leaving Declan alone. He listen hearing his footsteps fade away and turned his attention to the porta potty and getting to it just quickly enough.

Casey with his balls still tingling pleasantly from the aftermath of an intense orgasm checked on the video he’d just taken. It was all streamed to one server he’d set up and he went to the room where the interface and keyboard was. He needed a break to recoup for the next round and got a beer and maybe hit on a little weed he had there. Casey sat down in front of the terminal, mouse in hand going through the folder the videos were streamed to. All of it was there and he couldn’t help but to review some of it as he leaned back sucking on his beer and firing up a small bowl of weed. Twenty minutes later and two beers in Casey’s nine inches of cock was in need of attention again. The video was perfect and he set up another folder for the next young boy still need of attended to. He rose, adjusting his fake uniform and settled into his cop persona.

Keely’s one hand had been cuffed to the bar for some time as they processed his friend Declan. He’d had too much time to think, his level of anxiety and fear only rose as time went on. But finely the door swung open officer William O’reilly stepped in looking sternly at Keely.

“Looks like your so called friend gave you up” He informed Keely “Looks like you may be the one with the contraband, we’ll have to give you the deep search”

Keely didn’t have anything he was sure of that. What Declan told officer O’reilly was wrong, someone had made a mistake. But the demanding presence of the policeman in front of him had Keely speechless. All he could do was watch as the authoritative man came over and placed a key in the handcuff holding him at the metal rod running along the wall.

Casey played his part well as he removed the cuff. He made all the moves that an officer of the law would make keeping the young boy’s hands under full control, bringing them around and placing handcuffs back on the boy behind him.

“Come with me” Casey instructed.

Like the redhead boy Casey brought this boy to the room before the wall of sodomy. Everything already laid out at the ready. He removed Keely’s cuffs and turned and picked up the note pad and pen still on the small table.

“First name and last” Casey demanded pen ready close to the notepad.

“K-Keely Carby” Keely got out his young big dark eyes looking up at Casey.

Casey made a show of writing it down.

“Remove your clothes, all of them, place them on the table and step up onto the platform facing the wall with your chin on the padded chin rest under the small mirror” Casey said still making a show of writing on the notepad.

Keely was somewhat confused at to what officer O’reilly want him to do and was slow to move.

“Listen to me boy” Casey raising his voice to sound upset and pointing to the small table “Remove all your clothes even your under clothes and place them on the table there”

Keely’s small nervous hands went to work dutifully doing what he was instructed to do till placing his clothes in a bunch on top of the table he turned toward the officer.

Casey watched enjoying the sight of the young boy as he went about exposing his youthful flesh to him. His cock was bulging the front of his fake uniform but the boy’s big scared eyes were on Casey face waiting for more instructions. Casey stared down at the dark haired boy’s much different body type than young Declan’s. This boy was much slimmer built and although his young cock was more ample his tight nutsack was less fuller than the redhead boy’s but no less intoxicating to look upon.

“Okay young… Keely Carby” Casey said almost stuttering “Up onto the step facing the wall”

Keely stepped up Casey guiding young Keely into position with guiding hands, some kids are just unable to work thing out under stress and Casey could tell this boy was under a lot stress. He was more than will to heap it on.

“You know it will go hard on you if what your friend tells us is true” Casey look sternly down onto Kelly “He said you put it real deep up your rectum, that will be ‘butt’ to you, what do you have to say”

“He’s wrong, s-sir, I-I” Keely was lost as to what to say.

“Now is not the time to talk, boy” Casey informed him, helping him by placing his small chin onto the pad and moving away. Casey first pulled one arm over to the first cuff on the metal rod telling the boy “Please… Try to keep your chin on the pad at all times”

Ratcheting the cuff around Keely’s one wrist Casey slipped quickly to the other side bringing Keely’s other arm up and over to the that cuff with it zipping snugly into place. The young slender boy’s arm now out wide. Casey knelt down positioning the Keely’s ankles near the ankle cuffs and clamping them tightly around his bare young ankles leaving this young boy’s less ample buttocks opened to view. Keely’s darker anus even more easily seen than young Declan’s.

Casey wasn’t in any mood to be gentile with this boy, he pushed Keely’s chest closer till touching the metal bar before rapped the Velcro tightly around his upper arms and the bar. Poor Keely young head was pressed in closer to the mirror than Casey had done Declan and the boy was forced to hunch over a little more. Casey had placed a strap under the chin rest that he could pull around the back of the boys neck if there were to be too much resistance. He didn’t use it on Declan but opted to with Keely right at the start and pulled the strap over making it all but impossible for Keely to pull his head from the chin rest. Casey pulled the small curtain closed blocking off the boy from looking behind him in the two way mirror. He did feel the need to see the boy’s face this time and left the room moving quickly for the touch screen tablet he had sinked up to video. Coming back he already had the young boy Keely’s face filling the screen of the tablet behind the two way mirror. Casey propped the tablet facing him on top of the wooden projections the young boy’s head that was now pinned in giving the image showing on the tablet knowing a wink, knowing the cute young boy couldn’t see him or knowing his intent.

Casey’s hands were already at his belt undoing the fastenings, unzipping his pants letting them drop stepping out shoes and all his eyes locked onto the young boy backside. He scanned the room checking that all was in order and found some his cameras in need of some adjusting. He took care of that in a quickly and in a timely manner.

“If your friend was lying to me we’ll find out soon enough” Keely heard from officer O’reilly “We’ll check your rectum first then we’ll have to use the probe”

Keely could sense a kind of anger coming from officer O’reilly as he was prepared to be cavity searched. His upper arms were tightly held against the cool metal rod going across the wall and the strap that went around the back of his neck anchored his chin deep into the padded area of the chin rest. He could only look at the reflection of himself a mere two inches from his nose, his breath making condensation come and go on the surface of the mirror from his nose and mouth. The box like thing his head was in felt claustrophobic and he instinctively tried to pull his head back some but the strap going around the back of his neck was unyielding, his shoulders worked to see if he could raise any at all and found he was pinned firmly in place. The only movement was his feet and that wasn’t much as the cold cuffs just let him step about in place.

Keely couldn’t rightly describe the mix of emotions he had right now, it was kind of a fear, and… and… well somehow erotic to be exposed to who ever might come in the door. He knew officer O’reilly was there and able to see his nakedness, his young face flushed red in the mirror at the thought of maybe being seen by others, strangers like officer O’reilly right now. Kelly’s young penis started stiffening on its own making his young face flushing brighter still with shame of it being seen. He felt a strong hand on the small of his back just before he lurched up with a surprisingly thick finger slipping up into his suddenly clenched up young rectum.

Casey eyes were going everywhere at once, mostly turning toward the tablet showing the young boy’s flushed face. He got the thick lube, getting a finger full, he knelt down placing a resting hand on Keely’s young warm back he brought his other hand up lining his finger up to the young boy’s exposed anus. From Casey vantage point his eyes could plainly see his young but for his age ample stiff penis pointing rigidly at the wall. The thought of maybe fondling the young organ while sodomizing the young boy flood Casey with a perverse kind of excitement that left him trembling in its wake. Unknown to the boy Casey would be staring into his cute young face real time as it was streamed to the tablet just in front of him. Looking up Casey slipped his forefinger up into his tight rectal passage watching Keely’s eyes go wide and moving about as if trapped. Pre-cum oozed freely from Casey’s own stiff cock as he took it all in, worming his finger around spreading the needed lube deep into the young virgin boy rectal passage. Casey’s eyes hardly leaving the tablet that was proof that his recording of the event was going well.

“Nothing here but that’s to be expected” Casey said flatly rising and removing his finger from Keely’s tight backside “Your friend said you hid it deeper though, we’ll have to use the probe”

Casey picked up the lube and with his eyes staring into the young boy’s cute face he applied a fair amount of it over the entire throbbing organ. He purposely didn’t use two fingers on Keely not wanting to ruin the snugness of that first entry for the boy, or him.

“This may be uncomfortable but necessary” Casey was having trouble staying on script “If I find you free of contraband we’ll see about getting you two released, but you’ll have to take up with your friend why he said you were hiding something”

Frankly Casey was almost giving up on the role he was playing. He had a young vulnerable young boy strapped down in front of him. Right now all Casey was wanting, needed was to have his cock up inside the young boy’s tight back passage with his hand feeling around that stiff little boy cock. Casey wondered it would go soft or remain stiff when he started humping the boy like a stallion, he bet it would be like Casey himself was that when young. He remembered hating his uncle while being abused but through it all his young boy cock would stiffen up when the abuse was at it’s worse his uncle grinning and pumping over his little penis making it dry cum as he was being sodomized harshly by the older man. Casey wanted to do that with this boy his own excitement making his entire body tremble with the barely contained lust of the likes his uncle must have felt doing it with him.

Casey stepped up boldly behind young Keely, the boy up just high enough on the step. Casey had the probe ‘his own stiff cock’ in hand guiding it at the plainly visible target that was exposed between the young boy’s ass cheeks. Placing it onto the tight ring of young guarding muscle he press forward till he felt it starting to give in.

“Try to relax the best you can so the probe can do its job” Casey breath out hearing his own voice shaking with lust.

“O-Ookay..” Casey heard his eyes staring into the wide eye face of the young boy’s image on the tablet propped up in front of him.

Casey was drawn into the boy’s big brown eyes and innocent oval flushed face all the while his adult cock’s blunt head slowly opening the young boy’s anus. Each micro-expression the young boy’s face made, a delight to behold. Casey would be spending hours going over the video in slo-mo split screen for sure.

Keely could feel the blunt tip of the warm probe pressing against his anus that resisted opening enough for it to move up inside of him. It felt almost to big to do so but as the pressure continued Keely could feel his anus giving in to the consent pressure and the probe slipping in to his young rectum.

“Hug-g-h..” Keely grunted his young body lurching up in place, his young feet scuffling about.

His young face flush brighter still flushing hotly. Keely was glad the officer couldn’t see his blatant embarrassment letting himself grimace too from the discomfort of the overly thick feel of the probe. His own little cock was now fiercely stiff the odd feeling of the probe and his young penis senting his young mind mixed messages. The probe eased up going into Keely’s rectum the stretching of his rectal walls around the probe giving him a full kind of intense erotic sensation his young mind had never felt before, he became totally absorbed by the deepening feeling, his young mind closing off everything but the sensation of the probe slipping deeper as if the probe had a life of its own. Keely became so absorbed he never felt Casey’s hand come around feeling over his almost four inches of little boy erection.

‘Damn’ Casey thought to himself ‘This boy will be hung when older’

But for now the boy was his to use. Casey started slowly humping in place urging his cock deeper, always deeper. His thick pre-cum mixing with the thick greasy lube till Casey’s cock started reluctantly entering the tighter short curve of young Keely’s colon. Casey humped more aggressively forcing his cock to move through the tighter resistance all the while enjoying the grunts, groans and shocked grimacing expressions moving over Keely’s innocent looking young face. The boy’s cock went soft in his hand Casey grinning knowing this part was far from enjoyable for anyone his age.

Keely felt the constantly moving probe deepen into an area of his bowel that became intensely uncomfortable, aching till it even hurt some but the probe did force through that painful part slipping deep his whole body shuddering as his knees went so weak he started sagging down, officer O’reilly having to grabbing strongly Keely by the hips to keep him from collapsing down all the way as a soft warm pad went against his buttocks. But he was so absorbed by the almost nauseatingly deep entry into his bowel he couldn’t place the padded surface going against his bottom as a man’s hairy loin. Keely was told it was a probe and firmly believed it, having seen all the stuff on the small table that the officer would use.

“Okay Keely” Officer William O’reilly said “Were going to have to move the probe around a bit so bare with it, it soon be over”

“O-o-okay..” Keely breathed out… just.

Casey felt powerful a type of sadistic control that held every cell of his body in it sway. He’d forgiven his uncle years ago for his abuse of him but now finely at last he knew why his uncle did it. Casey stared into the big young brown eyes of Keely on the near tablet placed over the boy’s arched back on the wooden blinders, the poor young boy hadn’t a clue what was about to happen. And that was the appeal, what made Casey’s cock suddenly flex stiffly with him becoming mentally that dominate stallion ready to move into sexual action.

But deep inside of Casey he was this young boy too, not knowing, not expecting the abuse to come. A masochistic desire to be young and have that first shocking experience all over again. He dreamed of it almost every night in fact everything he’d done led up to this very day. Casey could never be young and scared again, this was just the next best thing. He sometime wondered if his uncle started this way, if he too had being abused when younger and just wanted to be abused again.

Keely world was that was this walled off claustrophobic small box his head was trapped in, except for his own face looking back at himself he couldn’t see anything else. The thick probe that the officer had pushed deep up inside him had his legs weak and the longer it was as deep as it was he could feel a tinge of maybe soon needing to go the the bathroom. The feeling was rapidly coming to the fore of his young mind the need now showing on his reflected face. Officer O’reilly said he was going to have to move it around but the way Keely’s insides felt he wasn’t sure that was a good idea and thought maybe he should speak up and say something.

“O-officer O’reilly… Officer O-O’reilly…” Keely got out his breathing becoming panicked “I really need to use use the bathroom. I d-don’t think I c-can hold it”

“You kind of should have thought about that sooner don’t you think” Keely heard the probe inside of him feeling like it was swelling and getting harder making Keely groan out “You’ll just have to hold it for now”

Keely was rapidly moving into a panicked state of embarrassment but hunkered down and through just shear will power tried to make the escalating urge to poop abate. His erratic breathing giving it all away the struggle inside of him going on but he remained determined hoping the use of the probe would be over soon, real soon.

“Here we go boy” Officer O’reilly voice sounding like a warning “Just do your best to remain in place”

The thick probe tugged back suddenly, quicker than Keely expected his knees giving out. Officer O’reilly’s hand gripping his hips keeping Keely up from completely collapsing all the way down. The probe shot back in deep, feeling like it had swelled thicker and gotten longer. Keely’s struggling will over his urge to go was all but lost as the entirety of his rectal passage welled up with the unstoppable deep muscle contractions that performed the act of defecation. The probe continued moving, pulling back only to be pushed up into him again with the unthinkable happening. The end of the probe went pushing into some deep poop inside of Keely, the horrid feeling unmistakable. But even more shocking was his young penis that had gone stiff again.

“Huh-h-h….” Keely young voice groaned out “I.. I.. you.. I.. Huh-h..”

“The cavity check will be over in a few minutes boy” Casey breathed out plainly feeling too with the head of his cock the crux of the young boy’s problem “Try to go with it till the probe finishes its search”

Casey had his cock jammed fully up into the boy, his blunt bulbous cock head acting as a block at one end of young Keely’s snug large intestine. Casey was taking in the entirety of the scene before him, his eyes roaming over the boy’s undulating distressed torso for just a moment longer before having to look back up to the tablet into the horror stricken face of the young dark haired boy. Casey lifted the boy by his hips settling him firmly on his wobbly legs. He slipped one of his strong forearm arms around Keely’s abdomen to keep him from collapsing again just so his other hand could feel around for his young penis and tight hairless testicular sack. Casey’s hand found what his hand sought for finding the young boy’s penis almost fully stiff, his hand rubbing over the smaller organ like it was his own but smaller, a pleasant decadent feeling came with doing it as his adult hip started humping again with short ever lengthening and increasing strokes. The boy’s deep gut starting to make intriguing gastric sounds that ebbed with ever changing sounds that one would be shock to hear at any other time.

Casey eyes were locked onto the tablet, his cock now finely moving like the dominate stallion he envisioned himself. Casey hand stroked the young boy’s ample penis like he jacked over his own cock, feeling the young cock become rock hard in his moving hand, at time’s Casey grasping the two small testicular nuggets needing to enjoy all the strangeness of what sodomizing a young boy had to offer. Young Keely started gasping, grunting in his young boy voice his breathing sounding like a panting dog at times making Casey glad he’d placed a mike in with the two way mirror, he’d be spending time later just replaying the sound, he was sure of that.

Keely was horrified, he could feel his poop trying to make its way past the moving probe, some of it did but most was being kept at bay deep up inside of him or even more ghastly being force back up into his bowel. Keely reflected face was almost flushed blood red as his entire body came up in an all consuming strain as if he was pooping and couldn’t stop. Sweat formed over his shocked stressed and straining wrinkled young face. The probe seem to have problems being pushed up into his straining rectum. But the strain finely subsided.

“I-I’m s-s-sorry” Keely gasp out with some effort.

Casey with some effort kept humping up into the straining boy his adult balls tingling as Casey took in the glorious sight till he had to plant his cock letting the boy’s overly sensitive bowel slowly relax. But the boy’s deep thicker pasty stool was forced to move around the head of Casey’s fully planted cock locking him in place. Casey gave a tentative tug that made the young boy Keely deeply and guttural sounding grunts his big brown eyes going wide with shock Casey’s cock hardly budging at all. The boy amazingly even apologized for it Casey cock flexed at the ready to finish this, just as nasty as he could possibly do it, his tongue licking greedily around his adult lips wetting them as he eyed the young distressed face before him being streamed to the tablet in real time.

Casey uncle also was the kind of deviant that love to do this very same thing to Casey when he was young. Casey knew just what the boy was going through having been there himself. He’d never done it before but the thought of the young boy under his complete control right now about to endure the very thing he’d experienced long ago had Casey’s adult cock rock hard, balls up tight cocked and ready to explode here and now, so he had to will his excitement under a tedious barely contained mental hold that was difficult to maintain. He grasped the young boy’s small stiff penis one more time, the young throbbing organ giving him the encouragement to move into the devious acted set before him. Casey’s hands went slipping back to each side of young Keely’s slender boy hips. Adjusting himself Casey could feel thick the resistance his deep cock would be overcoming. An odd feeling that his uncle must have experienced just this same kind of dominance he felt right now over the young boy Casey had right now swept him up and with finger digging in tightly around the boy’s slight hipbone, Casey tugged cruelly back and charged his cock forward starting the seemingly slow at first long resisting strokes toward another intense release of seed into this young boy’s never before fucked rectal passage.

Adding to his excitement Casey knew the lower camera was picking up everything of young Keely’s young cock bobbing stiffly around in the air under his slender boy body, even getting the now forming brown-eye around the boy’s tight cock shaft hugging anus with long brown streaks forming along the shaft of Casey continually moving adult cock. The boy’s bowel now sensation racked rose up onto his toes Casey following still humping as forcibly and as rapidly as the boy rectal passage would allow everything coming together sending Casey’s balls into the sought for orgasm. Casey adult loin humping hard up into the young boy that was now high up onto his toes his young rectal passage hugging his cock like a hot fleshy vacuum tube sucking the sperm directly from Casey hard squirting balls. Each squirt having Casey pull out a little in anticipation before ramming home to empty more into the young large intestine of the boy. Casey’s eyes glued the streaming image of the young boy shocked contorted face.

Keely was horrified at what the probe was doing, his entire body was in distress, if this is what the police did with people doing bad things he was sure going to not get caught next time. He still didn’t know what Declan and him did and was kind of angry that Declan had told officer O’reilly about him hiding something inside of him. But the probe came to an abrupt end, leaving his anus and rectum stinging hotly with him high up onto his toes still recovering from the aftermath of what the cavity search just done. The probe was still deep inside him his young penis embarrassingly stiff, exposed, he knew easily seen by officer O’reilly and anyone else that might come in. Keely hoped to be released and dressed soon and for good or bad go home to what ever punishment awaited from his father and mother.

Casey was spent, his adult balls pleasantly aching from two fantastic orgasms his cock actually placed inside a young body of two young boys. His cock although spent remained half hard as if he really might be able to do more. He had to stick to his plan, just had to of releasing the boys quickly, as much as he’d like to keep them around for a few days. If he didn’t hear of anything on the news he’d know he’d be able to take his decadence farther with other kids. A young girl maybe.. or two.. or boy and girl.. two more boys. He was heading down the rabbit hole rabidly. Casey let his cop persona come back to the fore.

“Stay calm, be right back with the results” Casey said and left to clean up and get back into his fake police uniform.

Coming back Casey wiped through the cleft of Keely’s buttocks the a few time in order to clean the evidence of his abuse the items he had attached to his belt rattling around loudly taking the opportunity to clean over the young boy’s young tight testicular sack just to get that last feel of the boy.

“Okay your clean of contraband” Keely heard as officer O’reilly went about removing the cuffs with him slipping naked off the step to get dress.

“For your safety and mine I have to handcuff your hands behind you again” Officer O’reilly told him.

Keely was turned, handcuff again and led back to the room where he and Declan were fingerprinted.

“Wait here” Officer O’reilly said and left for a few minutes.

When the door open it was Declan standing there officer William O’reilly guiding him in.

“Okay boys here’s the deal” the office looked sternly at them “The judge says there’s not enough to hold you on so were going to release you, is there any reason your parents should called in. I can drop you off at the park where you were caught”

“No don’t tell my parents” Keely was first to speak.

“Don’t tell mine either” Declan said.

“Then drop you off at the park it is” Officer O’reilly said to them.

Both shook their head ‘yes’ in unison looking up at the officer.

“I can only release you from the cuffs at the park… Follow me”

Both dutifully followed the officer though the small sub-station and to the car that brought them here.

Casey made sure he drove around enough that the young boys wouldn’t be able to locate his home and made his way back to the park. The were too many people around the area where he was going to release the two kids so he made a show of warning them to obey the law.

“Now you know we have your names on file” Casey warned “You got a by this time but may not be so lucky next time… understand”

Casey turned in his seat looking back as seriously as he could. Both boys nodding ‘yes’ at him.

“Next time a cavity search may be the least of your problems” Casey said at both kids looked wide eyed at him.

The people around had left and Casey pulled up got out and opened up the back door removing the cuffs before letting both kids out.

“Remember obey the law” Casey told them before climbing in the drivers seat and getting out of there quickly.

Declan turn to Keely who looked mad.

“What did we do” Declan asked.

Keely didn’t say anything but just turned and took off running home with Declan wondering why. They were never best friends after that.

Keely was still mad about Declan telling the officer he’d hid something inside his butt. Why would he do that, he was no longer a friend of his. But Keely’s rectum still hummed with sensations he’d never felt before, his young penis kept getting stiff at the thought of something thick moving in his young rectum. He was starting to realize that his body wanted more of that feeling and his young mind racing thinking of things he had around his room he could to use like the probe the police man used on him. His life changing after that.

Casey headed home his balls aching from over use but he still went straight to the computer that saved all the streamed video of the two young boys. It was hours before he came back to earth. He’d wait a few week to see if there was any repercussions from what he just done. He learned a lot about how gullible young boys were, how gullible as a boy he probably was. Deep inside he knew he was heading down a path of no return. He’d stick to his plan and wait out a few more weeks, the video of today would carry him through. But he was already eager to do it all over again with another young unsuspecting victim or victim’s, boys he preferred, young girls in a pinch.


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